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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 10, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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you can watch on the website. for now we will is send it over to lester holt on nbc nightly news." see you back here at 6:00 for further coverage. tonight, out of control. entire neighborhoods gone as the toll of dead and missing soars in california. >> the destruction and devastation just makes me so upset. i pray these people will be okay. sg firefighters racing to save more homes. bombshell new allegationsgainst harvey weinstein. angelina jolie accuse him of sexual misconduct in hotel rooms. this has audio emerges of weinstein during a police sting. trump's iq challenge after his own secretary of state calls him a moron. the president boasts he has a higher iq and
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suggests a battle of wits. the the nfl about to require players to stand for the national anthe anthem? what the commissioner just revealed. "nightly news" begins now. good evening to our viewers in the west and thank you for being here. the danger is not letting up in northern california tonight where 15 people have now died amid a blitz of wildfires on a scale not seen there in decades. the fire is taking out entire neighborhoods like santa rosa's coff coffee park. before and after photos show how much has been lost. wildfires smoth ere eered cities in blanket of ash and smoke. firefighters work to take advantage of calmer winds. our joe frier is on
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the fire lines with the latest. >> reporter: the massive foot print is only growing tonight. >> let's go. >> reporter: as the death toll rises to at least 15. >> folks did not have chance. they did not have the time to escape. >> reporter: among the victims, charles and sarah ripey of napa county. she was 100. he was 98. >> always windows started to explode and smoke and heat and all that everywhere. she just couldn't find him. >> my god. >> reporter: 17 large explosive wildfires are burning scorching more than 115,000 acres prompting the federal government to declare a major disaster. in northern california 2,000 homes and businesses are gone. the city of santa rosa lost a mcdonald's, a hilton, a mobile home park for senior and entire naibeighborhoods. we found bryan who lost everything yet in the rubble found his mother's ruby ring. >> everything else is devastated. the things she asked
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for, amazingly are still here. >> reporter: vineyards and wineries were damaged including paradise ridge that lost its wine making building. >> i guess have to look for silver lining. for us it's the vineyard survived. >> reporter: with a thick blanket of smoke stifling the region, the demand for masks is growing tlou ining througho the state. santa ana winds push flames across nine square miles burning two dozen structures. >> my front porch is on fire but seeing the devastation over here makes me so upset. >> reporter: amid the blocks of bufferined debris, a bright sign of hope. >> we're americans. we will survive. we'll rebuild and move on. all of us. >> reporter: some have described the scene as apocalyptic. you can see why as far as the eye can see. not a single house left standing.
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something else we noticed, a number of burn cars left behind. a sign of how quickly evacuees had to get out as the fire moved in. lester. >> it's amazing. everything gone. thank you. major developments in the scandal around harvey weinstein. several more hollywood stars including gwyneth paltro and angelina jolie saying he sexually harassed them too. here is ann thompson. >> reporter: another seismic shock in hollywood. they said they were sexually harassed by harvey adding to a growing list of women. >> i'll tell you something in return. >> reporter: paltrow had been hired for the movie emma. she said he put his hands on her and suggested they go to
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the bedroom for massages. i was a kid. i was petrified. she left and told her then boyfriend brad pitt. j jolie said she never worked with him again and warned others. there's among 13 women who say they were harassed or assaulted by weinstein including three who say they were raped. any allegations of non-consensual sex are denied by mr. weinstein and never any acts of retaliation for refusing his advances. ronan wrote the story. >> uncanny similarities exist between each of these women's stories. they talk about a pretext of a professional meeting that is moved to a hotel in a hotel room. many refer to offers for massage. >> reporter: former
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actress telling a familiar story. >> he returned in nothing but a robe with the front open and he was buck naked. >> reporter: in 2015 after model claimed weinstein inappropriately touched her, new york police set up a sting which was recorded. >> why yesterday you touch my breast. >> please. i'm sorry. just come on. i'm used to that. >> you're used to that. >> come in. >> i'm not used to that. >> the new york district attorney declined to press charges. >> 16 assistant and executives former and current taulked about a culture of silence in the company. talked about how they witnessed inappropriate activity. the weinstein company did not respond today. such an open secret it was a joke at the 2013 oscar nominations. >> congratulations you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to harvey weinstein. >> reporter: tonight former president obama
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and hillary clinton breaking their silence. obama, disgusted. clinton appalled. the president of the united states has challenged his own secretary of state to something of a battle of wits. the president responding to exclusive reporting that rex tillerson called him a moron. the president boasting his i.q. is higher and he would win an i.q. competition between the two. here is white house correspondent kristen we welker. >> reporter: the president growing increasingly isolated from his own team and party. hosting his secretary of state for lunch just hours after slamming him. tillerson called him a moron. i think it's fake news mr. trump told forbes magazine. if he did that, i guess we'll have to compare i.q. tests and i can tell you is going to win. the president sounding off while sitting next
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to a former secretary of state. >> did you undercut your secretary of state with the i.q. comment? >> no. i didn't undercut anybody. >> he was wasn't questioning the secretary of state's intelligence. >> he said he had a higher i.q. >> he made a joke. might be you should get a sense of humor and try it sometimes. >> reporter: the white house isn't laughing about the president's escalating face off with tennessee republican snaeenator. the president took to twitter calling him little and a fool. this after corker said the president is putting the u.s. on path to world war iii. >> did senator corker write you're putting the u.s. on the path to world war iii? >> we were on the wrong path before. >> reporter: party leaders are urging both sides to cool it. concerning it could derail the entire fall gop agenda. steve bannon raising
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stakes. >> if bob corker has any honor, he should resign immediately. >> reporter: also tonight the environmental protection agency proposed to reverse obama era regular ratio -- regulations. the white house hopes the move will boost the coal industry but there will be legal challenges. lester. >> all right. thank you. now to an nbc news exclusive. while the world is focused on the nuclear threat from north korea, our team has learned the north koreans are striking at the u.s. in a different way targeting our power grid. trying to infiltrate u.s. e llectric companies with cyber attacks that cause havoc. andr andrea mitchell has details. >> reporter: documents obtained by nbc news show kim jong-un has targeted the u.s. power grid with cyber attacks against multiple electric companies trying to break in with e-mails
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contained malware. >> they have the capability to infiltrate but destroy data and systems. >> reporter: north korea attacked sony three years ago. revenge for a hollywood movie mocking kimjong-un. >> one is to strike at the financial sector. >> reporter: it was new york that pulled off a cyber heist at the central bank of bangladesh. netting kim jong-un $81 million. this detector says the regime has embedded 6,000 cyber warriors in china, south korea and other neighboring countries. >> it's documented cyber attacks against south korea's military, its power plants and aviation. all appearing to come from north korea. now new fears those
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north korean hackers could soon target the u.s. with a devastating attack. >> they want very much to have the capability to shut down our power grids, utility systems, our banking, our air traffic control. >> reporter: tonight the industry says north korea has not yet penetrated the energy grid but are on alert for a growing north korea threat. now to an you are jents new wake up call about the youngest victims of a deadly crisis. the impact of the opioid em demonstrapidemic on r nation's schools. we go into one eleme elementary school touched by tragedy after tragedy. >> reporter: at east elementary. the lessons for a young generation caught in the grip of america's opioid kri sis start at the front door. high fives from police officers to reenforce that if come kids have
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seen their parents arrested, police aren't the bad guys. >> i'm glad you came to school. >> reporter: in this new kind of war zone. >> what were your first clues that we have a really bad crisis here. >> reporter: i think wh when we started having parent deaths and tell students that their classmate has lost a parent and to have to do that again and to do it again. >> reporter: in this historic cape cod town & country the opioid toll is staggering. six parents have died. 12 parents across the whole school. >> we are having students come to school, if they come to school, late. they are traumatized but what they have experienced over the weekend or in that evening and lash out at people or with draw. >> or the opposite, get quiet. >> find a corner anywhere and get into the fetal position. >> when that happens, what do you do?
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>> we wrap our arms around them and bring them in. >> i might have to go home. >> reporter: he's one of those children. when he first started school he was out of control. s s >> i used to be a fighting machine. >> reporter: his mom started using heroin when he was a toddler. >> i was not a nice mom. >> were you so deep in the addiction that you just didn't have time to parent him? >> no. i just didn't want to because i was too busy doing what i had to do. it's a full time job being a drug addict. >> what made you stop using heroin? >> the last day i used it was when i overdosed in front of my kids. it's the last day i used. >> can you do something? >> reporter: the school district is teaching kids how to control their
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emotions. >> what feels are in the blue zone? >> bored, depressed. >> reporter: every day the whole school starts with music. >> i want you to inhale and feel your lungs with oxygen. >> reporter: there are breathing exercises to stay calm. >> do this five times. i'll show you. >> reporter: there's a special room where kids can blow off steam if they feel aag agita agitated. with the help of his teachers, he's like a new kid. his mom now 20 months sober. >> i'm a mom now. i have lovely children now. i don't want to live anymore days with regrets. i want to enjoy my time with my children. >> okay. we can do high fives at the door. >> reporter: as another school day ends, justin worries about what some students face at home. >> i can manage my school day and keep that wonderful place for children and they are happy and safe. >> bye, guys. >> i worry about what
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happens after 3:30. >> they have weekly teleconferences with the hospital so teachers can ask experts for advice on individual kids. lester. >> so many kids strike me in that report. these teachers are going above and beyond. >> absolutely. some of the teachers have taken kids into their own homes because the foster system is so overwhelmed. >> these reports give a sense of how wide the circle of those affected by addiction is. thank you. still ahead, changing the rules. the nfl commissioner says players should stand for the national anthem. could team owners force them to? caught on camera. they hadn't seen each other in two years. see their emotional surprise reunion. we'll be back.
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♪ ♪ we're back now with new developments in the saga over nfl players standing or kneeling during the national anthem. it's sparked a national debate far beyond football fans. players saying silently protesting racial injustice, critics saying being unpatriotic. tonight indications that the league might be about to make a move. >> the pittsburgh penguins. >> reporter: talking hockey but tackling football as roger goodell speaks out. memo to team presidents. we believe that everyone should stand for national anthem. we want to honor the
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flag and country and fans expect that. and care deeply about the players and respect their concerns about social issues. saying that controversy will be front and center when league owners meet next week to try to come up with game plan. unclear whether standing will be written into the rules. white house weighing in. >> we would support the nfl coming out to ask the players to stand as the president has done. >> dallas cowboys owner jerry jones enforcing it. >> my actions will be if you don't honor and stand for the flag, you won't play. >> president trump trying to capitalize on what he sees as political winner. demanding that u.s. change tax law to punish the nfl for disrespecting our anthem. the league gave up tax exempt status a few years ago. defending vice president's taxpayer funded trip to los angeles, including the walkout.
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insisting we need to move past this controversy. peter alexander, white house. back in a moment with duchess of cambridge showing off baby bump.
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it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges. back now with news about the health of our children. world health organization issuing a new alert showing ten-fold increase since 1975 in childhood obesity. according to w.h.o., nearly 125 million children worldwide who suffer from obesity. our first look at royal baby bump number three. first appearance since announced they were expecting. staying out of the public eye dealing with morning sickness. appearing with prince harry highlighting mental health day.
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you've seen reunions before but maybe not like this. marine corporal appearing at family reunion to surprise his mother. began running around him before giving him a big tearful hug. hadn't seen each other since he was deployed overseas in 2015. she was totally blown away. unique emotional bond inspiring a pair of runners to take on a marathon. this hour.
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and there are new evacuation orders in the north bay. oakmont and the bennett valley are some of the neighborhoods being evacuated... and fire fighters struggling to get flames under control. why the weather is working against them... next. finally tonight, more than 40,000 people ran the chicago marathon this year, but two share a bond like no other. life-saving gift inspiring both to reach for the finish line. nbc's kevin tibbles. >> staring down a marathon is daunting but for fred miller and shay brown this race is about life itself. a life lived, a life lost, a life saved. >> alyssa was delightful, spunky,
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super bright. >> reporter: fred lost his 24-year-old daughter to illness in 2013. alyssa chose to donate her organs and one day the woman who received her heart sent a letter. it was shay. >> i can't even begin to fathom the pain and grieve you have endured losing her. >> reporter: her heart was damaged battling cancer. >> gave me a new life. my miracle. >> wanted to help somebody else have the life unfortunately she could not have. >> reporter: shay said she wanted to tackling the chicago marathon, she and fred decided to run together. and run they did, mile after magnificent mile. >> congratulations. >> tough lady. >> reporter: while she's still terribly missed, alyssa was there with them at the finish line. >> i can't believe i did it. >> reporter: nbc news chicago. >> a bond that won't
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be broken. appreciate you spending part of your evening with us. that's "nightly news" for this tuesday night, i'm lester holt, for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. . right now at 6:30, we are following breaking news, winds fanning the flames in the north bay once again. new evacuation orders for both sonoma, napa and solano counties. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening, thanks for joining us i'm janelle wang. >> i'm raj mathai. we are not in the clear. more homes and businesses are burning at this hour. a live look from the nbc bay area sky ranger. over sonoma county in or near the town of glen ellen.
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we want to be accurate in the reporting. what we are seeing now the flames ignited 60 minutes ago, 15 miles southeast of santa rosa. >> we want to show you a map of all the fires in the north bay. more than 60,000 acres burned in sonoma and napa counties. and nearly 40 hours later new mandatory evacuations under way right now in the neighborhoods of bennett valley and oakmont in seats santa rosa. solano county, there are mandate evacuations in the hills above fairfield. and take a low back at the video sky ranger just captured about 15 minutes ago. you can see a propane tank or gas line on fire igniting the flame. fortunately it went out within a few minutes. sky ranger also got this image in the past hour. unfortunately another home being dwoud by the flames, racing up


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