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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 10, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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- acceptance. and boooyah! wait for it. boooyah has three "o's". ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ - this week, classico extra virgin olive oil is just $3.99. video from the fire lines tonight. ferocious flames... triggering over. new video from the fire lines tonigh you see the ferocious flame crews are trying to dig in, but multip fires and the incoming we are live across three bay good evening and thanks for i'm raj mathai.
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>> let's bring in jessica from they are on high alert. new flare-ups and evacuations. >> repyes, they are. what are seeing behind me, the nuns fire. aptly after nuns canyon road. i am right along highway 12 east of highway 12 at hem krpalek. this i kenwood and i'm it flairs up and the fire starts that's what we have been you ha 1,000 firefighter some o them have been working they are setting the backfires. they are trying to use the break in the weather. it's much cooler and moist. we don't have a lot of windings
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the appears to be laying down, but this is no time to let their guard down. >> no one had a crystal ball. obviou that's going to be a i can tell you from chatting commun and family members have been affect everyb heart is in this and they doing it as >> that's jonathan cox from cal fire. earlie this evening about four raged in glen ellen. these are the numbers for where cal fire said 15 people dead. they are working 17 fires
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we have team coverage for you report all across northern califo let's begin with bay area's fairfi it got hairy there for a minute. >> rep it did indeed. we are on twin sisters road this iwhy. there a lot of shock in the by nightfall that glow is making its way towards solano county. the fire moving fast and the >> how dangerous is it right now.
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>> about an 8 or a 9 out of 10. >> towards twin sisters road in surrou by trees and >> we are just defending the are going down the mountain. >> at this point firefighter >> you don't know what the wind >> putting firefighter at a disadv just before nightfall, the flame caught up with us. at one point the fire jumped the road and we headed down the it was really scary earlier today. being up there surrounded by the
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flame, it was really no joke. there a fire truck right here that will be here all night long. they will be there to protect can do right now. back to you. >> thank you, shawn. we are happy that you are okay let's talk about tomorrow. the fear is that this thing you have red flag warnings an again. the don't want to see nor the firefighter on the frontl when the sun comes up, it could >> what we are expecting. we wil keep you in place and >> the weather is not doing any a dangerous turn in the wind. >> that's the last thing we need
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as we have been hearing on the winds are light from about 3 to overal it did help firefighter at least that lower wind today. a key change in the wind that we are closely tracking as we head we will get to it. winds out of the west and this it's moving over the land from i want to put it into fires. who sh concerned? if you can see a fire off to the north, you need to stay on high
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i have a full detail of that in >> it to be a dangerous 36 hours. a dig chunk at about five miles the oak mond neighborhood and >> as we have been seeing major anxiet the town burned yesterday. they are keeping a close eye on
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bay area spent the day there and >> i can tell you that highway late this afternoon we saw a ellen because of that flair up, ca brought in it. these thick clouds of smoke >> thi moving towards us. >> came here to feed home. tonigh there are several
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the of fewer than 800 today ricardo returned home to and only the foundation of his house. >> i know we lost everything, >> this stuffed animal is the today we saw a lot of people who were somehow able to get past tonigh they may be at risk if forwar report live in sonoma, nbc >> we are seeing it firsthand. this i clearly a dangerous area.
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jean elle is in the oakmont neighb >> they want to make sure no one gets inside. the fire is on the ridge above we saw wind whipping it into >> fire crews raced to save struct to help. >> it flaired up in the last >> crews worked to save his neighb rental. >> older folks in their 80s who >> up the street, he said this days. >> it was pretty emotional.
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last is burned down to the probab a couple of hours ago >> flame roared through the trees. firefi arrived just in time. >> got the truck backed up and neighb up the road lost everyt firefi an exhausting three- battle is personal. >> my mom lives here. >> mike is proud his crew saved homes. >> one thing i wanted to point lost homes. those guys are on duty working. his heart is going out to his
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up fire line to fight. live in santa rosa, nbc bay area news. >> the tough battle still ahead. thank you. coming up, plenty of questions federa state, and local >> brand-new fire warning # blap.
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stubbo wildfires forcing >> we have been on fast. betwee glen ellen and santa jessic >> it is the vastness of this
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the multitude of fires is so multip as they are working the nuns fire, evacuations are taking earlie continued to see i will show the in santa rosa. this w at an old folks home at a retirement home. you can see the mountain roaring behind it. volunt evacuations at the dozens of people being taken out of whes and put into buses. the elderly people that need to we had 80 people evacuated here they started getting people out
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it continues t ebb and flow and presen challenges for we hav only seen so many firefi but from alameda, # we have been seeing so much someth remarkable to see. .
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evacue face-t with their local the questions were direct and ? what answers are they getting? it seemed like a lot of people neighb meetin >> a spontaneous standing they a vowing to fight for the fire-r districts. we have never done taxed like we are being taxed right now. >> choking up and talking about
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first night. >> lot of people lost a lot we don't know. we are here to fight the fire. the number is to get people back into their home. >> i feel happy and like they >> they are not talking about >> terry mcsweeney, fbc news. >> the city of santa rosa hit multip neighborhoods levelled. coffey park. not one home left standing. hiddenvalley, homes here burned where terry mcsweeney is, the
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neighb >> still very difficult to look not surprisingly all schools of the week. the big question is no all schools in napa, solano county and fairfield district this i a complete list of the >> the firefight going to be we will go to jeff ranieri. >> wit continuing to burn across the north bay, the it pushed in at 27,000 acres. more on the fire locations. just follow me on my twitter
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page. be prepared for the red flag and the eastern sid of san jose. winds at 20 to 40. anothe dry event with poor air qualit we will pinpoint the winds and foreca the good news for firefighters smoke haze. be aware if you have allergies, exposu napa sonoma in the north bay where the fires are, we will recove at least in the morning hours.
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reby tomorrow. in terms of when things start to pickup, you can see in the wind future the colors indicate it corresponds with the wind and you can see the arrows which is look at the time bar. out of a dry direction. by the afternoon, it's still what are eying for the big mornin we have up to 24 in napa. 22 in san francisco. not have been touched yet. thursd is the focus
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evenin it's n too hot. it's mainly the wind that we are focuseon. throug north bay, winds 10 to 20. on again off again situation the main thing i want to stress with the wind change for tomorr look out your windows at your embers may move fast and off to it. >> it can change direction in an instan we have to be on the look out. still ahead, a new look at the
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we will show you notable #. >> and happening now on our websit more evacuations this i triggered by the fire the zone along highway 128 and we have a full list of ba being in a moment. # blap.
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proper grapev either damaged or destro >> more images coming in from
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ian? >> you can see the depth of the many wine country landmarks you may recognize the picture on the left. this i along the silverado winery they were 37 years the a common stop for tourists and wiped away and showing how how relentless the fires have been. many more pictures including stay wus.
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# blap.
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>> they were there talking to
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clay thompson was evacuated in >> the sharks took to social relief effort. >> games in san jose a good way for everyone to check as well. new drone video from the fire .
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of the santa rosa area. you ca see the destruction down below. we want to be clear we obtained the drone was not firing in any the hilton among the many areas destro coffey park and it's eerie.
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we have seen this on this upper destru >> it's like endless block after block. neighb devoured when victim we pos with ideas. you ca go to and the link is under the top box. >> we could see this rekindle >> the big wind change. that'spossible. thanks for joining us tonight. # blap


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