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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 11, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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sky ranger right above the north bay. we're looking right now at the area of geyserville. the so kn285 reports of missing persons. doesn't mean they are all missing. the tubbs fire forcing new evacuation orders. that fire now 28,000 acres large and at this point crews have it at 10% containment. that shot is on both sides from geyserville a geyserville. this is the neighborhood we have been talking so much about. coffey park. decimated by the flames on sunday night. for all those people who lost their homes and thousands down there, this is the only way to see their neighborhood really through the photos and video. the hope moving forward to prevent this from happening to more neighborhoods.
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we have another nbc helicopter over the atlas fire. this is in napa and solona county. the hot spots are engulfed in flames. this is happening within the hour. >> yesterday we were talking about the lack of resources because of the density of the smoke. just a few moments ago our cameras caught the image of the 747 making a retardant drop. at this point the air is still clear enough that they are able to use some air force materials up there to be able to go through the smoke. >> that's very good news actually there. >> we have team of reporters in place ready to bring the latest. kim, at 5:00 we knew that was the cut off time for everyone to be out of town. >> reporter: that's right. what a difference an hour even
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makes. we're only seeing the occasional car with somebody in it trying to leave. what we are seeing more of police and fire as they come back into to calistoga, checking the streets to make sure that no one is left behind. about two hours ago all critical resources in napa county shifted to focus on calistoga with winds picking up and the threat of embers blowing this way. a mandatory evacuation for the entire town. this morning one was issued just for residents north of grant street. that action prompted other residents like virginia to pack up and be ready to go at a moment's notice. >> time to go. >> were you ready? >> we were. yeah we were ready. we had a truck full and now we have our stuff here. >> now that you're going, how you doing? >> better be safe than sorry. >> hello? >> reporter: police and fire hit the pavement going from one door
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to the next. if no one answered, a notice was left behind along with a symbol marked in spray paint. >> ask if they are choosing to stay. a check mark if they are packing up and on their way out. then zero if no answer. >> reporter: now by doing that, they are hopefully saving valuable time for other responders who come back through and can see that symbol and know what's already been done here add they go back through and recheck the neighborhoods. we want to show you this flag because an hour ago it was blowing. it is a little bit but we feel like the wind has died down. i'm sure jeff can give you more information on that. mandatory evacuation is in place. looks like it's very quiet here. can't say for sure that everybody is out. looks like the majority of people have left this town. reporting live i'm kim yonenaka,
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nbc bay area news. >> remember two years ago calistoga received evacuees from middletown. now the 5,000 people there being evacuated. they will need to go to a lot of different parts of sonoma. let's get back to the atlas fire. this ravaged parts of napa county. it's moving in different directions north toward lake berry and southeast towards fairfield. thousands of people either evacuated or preparing to be evacuated with the ready bag as this fire moves closer to so many communities. >> nbc bay area jodi hernandez is joining us live. what are you hearing about the trajectory of this fire? >> reporter: it is very unpredictable. that's what we have been hearing over and over begin with the winds moving in different directions. we're standing on rockville road. this is where some water tenders
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have staged fire engines. fire engines have been coming in and filling up and going out. the fire is actively burning about a mile up green valley road. it's also burning up this direction in the highland area of green valley. we are told that it is creeping at this moment but the winds are expected to kick up and that's the big worry. fire crews have their hands full as they try to keep the atlas fire from destroying more homes. the fire has made its way into solano county. a handful of houses have been destroyed there. this man had a close call losing barn and a garage but not his home. >> we want to thank all these fire people that were up here taking care of our property. >> reporter: the fire is nowhere close to being contained. choppers have been dropping water on the flames amongst the road. >> to see this race all the way
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over to napa and keep coming this way incredible. >> reporter: this man owns a vineyard and lost 17 tons of cabernet and 12 dtons of merlot. >> they will be cooked and so stressed out that they won't be able to recover. they'll have to be ripped out. >> reporter: as fire crews work to protect homes and property, the wind is what's making things very unpredictable. >> that's why it's been hard to contain this fire and stop its spread. >> reporter: folks who live in lower green valley have been add ti vised to leave and they are. sgh if what happens in napa could easily happen here, we wouldn't have time to react. >> reporter: now we are in the mandatory evacuation area but parts of lower green valley, folks have been urged to evacuate as well.
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my neighborhood is right down the street and u hauls everywhere. people packing up and going. we made a decision to send our children out with their grandparents tonight and our zusuv is packed with our belongings. a lot of people on pins and needles. very alarming, very unnerving. we're all hanging in there. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area. >> that's in her home turf. yesterday there was some possible threats and tonight real threats moving forward. thank you. we'll check back in with you throughout this evening. the fire is really started sunday night and today seemed to be the worst area quality. almost like the fires were on the peninsula or in the east bay. right now live look in san jose. this looks like a winter storm or actually it's the smoke. let's take you to san francisco. also hazy. a lot of schools in the area around the bay area closing because of a precaution.
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>> hazy conditions in dublin as well. i want to show you video from novato. lots of people wearing masks. a lot of people going around handing off masks. when you're in that haze you can really feel it filling up your lungs. is it just because of days and days of bad area quality or the wind has shifted so dramatically? >> it's due to the wind shifting so dramatically from 24 hours ago. we have seen a mean or overall wind shift. it had been coming out of the west for a little bit. now it's primarily coming out of the north.
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that's why people well away from these fires need to limit your out door exposure. winds picking up now. we have them at 13 miles an hour in santa rosa. it's going to get a lot guts gu than that. red flag fire warnings for the hill. winds could gust 20 to 40 miles an hour. that's the gustiest. >> should be an active night. thank you. in napa long lines of people waiting to be escorted back to their homes. this isn't down in napa proper but the surrounding areas on the
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silverado trail. some people lucky to find their homes okay. many discovered the unimaginable. their homes reduced to nothing. >> it's heartbreaking when the folks go back in to see their homes. >> reporter: i talked to one women who knew her house was burned down. when she got there she broke down because she was so upset about it to see it firsthand. all that's left of this house is a fireplace. if you look behind you see the family's swimming pool. to give you an idea of just how random the fires path is, i want to show you this over here. just a few feet away across the street, this house is untouched. in is the reality that so many
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people hope to find when they return home. >> step out of line. it's going be a while. >> reporter: more than 150 people waited in line hoping to end the uncertainty they lived with for more than two days. one by one sheriff deputies and police escorted families back to see if their homes are standing. ora lopez returned to heartbreak. >> it's unrecognizable. it's devastating for me. >> reporter: she tried to look for her bed but couldn't find it in the scorched debris. they all died along with one sheep. seven other sheet survived. most of her neighbors returned to find burned shells, a stair way to nowhere or a fireplace. harold lives in silverado high
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lands. >> it was nothing there but ashes. >> reporter: kathleen gordon felt overwhelming relief. >> you don't know what it felt like just coming around the corner with them. it was standing. there it was. all in one piece. >> reporter: inside her house her three beloved cats. family reunited. those who were not able to find their pets in that short amount of time left them plenty of food and water and hoping that will iss survivor until they can get back to their homes again. >> we saw the same scene in sonoma county. log onto we have posted a running list of oe vakuation ordsers and also evacuation centers where you can
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go for a respite. doctors, nurses, firefighters and volunteers. a lot of people in the same boat helping the cause that also being victimized themselves. the story of one fire volunteer who came back to find her home no longer there.
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mandatory evacuation order tonight. this is has been a triple hit. sunday night...last night..and possibly the community remains under
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a mandatory evacuation order tonight. glen ellen has been hit three times. it never seems to end for this town. >> reporter: they are bracing for it again. they are expecting the winds to pick back up. this is the devastation we found. we found one volunteer firefighter who rescued her family and went out for the past 24 hours plus and has been fiel fighting fires and evacuating other people even while her home burned. the loss just setting if nor glen ellen volunteer firefighter kristin johnson. her home of 22 years gone in a flash when the fire blew through her neighborhood. >> we grabbed what we could. >> reporter: she made sure her
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3-year-old child and husband got to safety monday when the fire reached her neighborhood. she went door to door e vvacuatg families and battling the flames.devastating. people are okay. stuff is gone. we'll replace it. >> reporter: every place where there's a home destroyed, you find the vehicles inside the garages. the garages completely burned to the ground. it looks like people just tried to get out as quickly as they could. inside her garage her husband's classic camaro torched. in her dad's garage two more classic cars gone in the attached shop next door his livelihoods wiped out. all of his tools burned and melted. uncertainty about the future. >> i don't think it covers everything we lost. >> reporter: more uncertainty about what tomorrow will hold as winds kick back up again blowing the fire right back into the glen ellen.
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a big concern if the winds pick up and get the flames going again. >> it's been such a repetition in that area. yesterday at this time you were reporting about the glen ellen sparking up and by 11:00 we were back out there and they said the area was safe. we can see it changing. the nature of the fire keeps. many of the crews working 40 consecutive hours. a lot of things just to get break. they go back on a to the front lines. cal fire not just fighting flames but looking into what started all these fires.
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>> our investigative unit has been digging through fire dispatch records to see if they can find any clues. what have you found, liz? >> we found numerous reports of downed electrical equipment starting around 9:20 sunday evening. cal fire and pg&e are taking a closer look at we're all beginning to get a better picture of what led to an all out panic sunday night. this was one of the first calls that came into sonoma county fire dispatchers sunday. 9:22 p.m. reports of a vegetation fire in santa rosa. >> electrical investigation 47 maverick court. >> reporter: less than a minute later an electrical investigation on maverick court. >> possible transformer explosion. >> reporter: a minute after that reports of transformer explosion in santa rosa's lark field
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neighborhood. dispatchers sent crews to ten locations with blown transformers or down power lines and recorded 14 instances of falling trees. >> there's numerous limbs all over the place. >> reporter: in some cases trees into power lines. >> we need to find out what the cause of the fires were. >> reporter: state senator jerry hill has been critical of the way pg&e maintains power equipment and trims trees around power lines. >> you tillty is supposed to make sure the lines are safe and the trees are safe and there's no contact or possibly for that. if this proves to be the case then we have serious problems. >> reporter: cal fire doesn't know for certain if the electrical equipment played a role but the agency says investigators are fanned out across the region looking for causes including possible links to power lines. dozens of fires ignibasiignited winds fanned the flames. >> we have multiple 911 ringing.
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>> reporter: at 10:51 the sheriff's office sent first alerts to residents warning of multiple fires. ten minutes later at 11:03 p.m. law enforcement sent out the first mandatory evacuation order. it's requiring pg&e to preserve evidence. we post add timeline of those calls on our website. >> we want to get in now. we have been talking about geyserville on 101 from santa rosa. earlier throughout the afternoon there were voluntary evacuati s evacuations. that's changed to mandatory evacuations. jeff, the big concern.
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red flag warning coming up and also concern about the wind. you say the critical time will be overnight. >> that's right. 2:00 to 7:00 a.m. on thursday morning. that's when the winds could gust up yet again producing some of these embers to fly off towards the south. right now here is where we stand. seven fires burning across the immediate north bay. the two largest would be the atlas fire at 42,000 plus acres and the tubbs fire at 28,000. in terms of the wind. it's still 10 to 15 miles an hour coming out of north pushing the poor air quality all the wau down towards san jose, morganville and gilroy. things start to pick up. possibly some gusts 20 to 25 miles an hour maybe even higher and that continues right into 7:00 in the morning. 2:00 to 7:00 is when things could help these fires to unfortunately spread throughout the bay.
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the other thing we have been monitoring is the air quality. you can see the smoke plumes today. no area was safe from this smoke here that filtered throughout the bay area. worst area quality within the north bay. it will continue to be like that the next three days and still some unhealthy levels of air from the east bay right on towards the south bay. you can put your air on recirculate. get mask and limit your out door exposure. those are the top three ways that you're going to be able to help yourself out with this smoke. on the extended forecast, we might have another gusty wind event that firefighters are watching closely. biggest change in the forecast to help with the smoke and fires might be by next tuesday and wednesday as we could be tracking the storm system to the north. more on this coming up after the break. on our twitter feed...
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p-g-and-e says about 50k customers are still without power.. most are in santa rosa but plenty in napa too. and on our website... we )ve posted information on evacuation orders, and the shelters you can go. the latest mandatory evacuation -- in geyserville. we )re back in a moment.
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breaking news with the wildfires in the north bay. mandatory evacuations for the entire town of calistoga... thag )s about 5k people. and just now...geyersvill e.
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evacuations here. this is right along 101. this is the tubbs fire. that's what's impacting santa rosa over the weekend on sunday night and then calistoga and now geyserville. she left everything behind including her prosthetic leg. the local company helping an 11-year-old girl whose home burned down in these wildfires.
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imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. his drive through the i want to show you this video. this is a sonoma county deputy who recorded his drive right through the middle of those flames. the stretch of road is the area in sonoma county. a harrowing ride for that sheriff. >> imagine driving through that. that's some of the roadways we're experiencing right now. this is the tubds fire and it's spreading. what's changed and it looks a lot more smoky and hazy behind you now. >> reporter: it does. it seems like it's spreading and we're seeing it pop up in different spots now. it seems like two separate fires at this point. you can see the patches of thick smoke and flames. we're seeing cal fire step up
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its attack in the air and on the ground. kalg fi cal fire air crews sweeped in conducting a relentless attack on flames that seemed to spread quickly this afternoon. a mandatory evacuation was ordered for homes around california 128 and river road. many homeowners who didn't have to leave were leaving. >> i'm worried the embers are going to hop the hill. it's scary for everyone here. this is a tight knit community. if we lose a business or two it will hurt the economy for us. >> reporter: she had good reason to be worried. this fire is a lot tougher to fight on the ground than it is in the air with dry, steep terrain everywhere. it's the unpredictable wind that has everyone worried. >> it's pretty scary.
6:32 pm
at this point i know what would stop it other than rain. it's too much activity out there. >> reporter: firefighters got a boost when cal fire brought in a 747 air tanker which had a definite impact on flames. residents are also concerned the fire will cut off communication. nbc bay area news. >> we want to tell you that evacuation that robert is talking about extends 128 to the river rock casino east.
6:33 pm
>> the death toll had risen to 21. we're also known last couple of hours emergency officials and local leaders giving us other information on these fires. >> one sonoma county supervisor spoke about the need to get those donation. >> i would encourage you to give. give until it hurts because there's a lot of people hurting now. if you're lucky enough to have a home, please consider donating to those less fortunate. >> very good message. we know the salvation army and red cross taking online donations or if you have the ability and time to do it looking for volunteers. >> we were up there in that area. people were coming up to us asking what can they give. we were at a panera and the
6:34 pm
waitress asked us what can i do to help out. there's a great sense of community. >> salvation army and the red cross. calistoga we've been talking about a ghost town. evacuations started last thiegt. >> we really saw that when we were up there yesterday. pleasanton police. >> reporter: police and fire crews that are here from other parts of the county whether it's the peninsula or even alameda. it was kind of surprising to see opd right here in their backyard helping out. on a normal day this area would be packed with people but not tonight. it's very empty. it's mandatory evacuations under way. it's all about safety and no one is taking chances with that
6:35 pm
tubbs fire. it's way to let everyone know the homes have been checked. >> we are working our way through these residential streets and we're notifying citizens of the evacuation order. >> reporter: it's a mandatory order. no exceptions. >> we have mutual aid from opd, napa county sheriff's department, city of napa police department. >> it's insane. never seen anything like it. >> reporter: he's packing up his family, wife, two children, a dog and cat. >> we got alert on the phone and mandatory evacuation. i think it's time go. >> reporter: they are heading to lake county to stay with family. they are taking everything that will fit inthree cars. >> just some tvs, some bikes,
6:36 pm
fishing polls. we got pictures, paper work, things like that. >> frightened? >> yeah, social securitydeaf - it's definitely scary. >> reporter: animal services are here making sure the animals and livestock are safe. you can see this truck right here. they are here to pick up some of the livestock. i even saw animal services from alameda county. everyone is helping out. >> it's good to see that. the people and the livestock getting out of town. >> let's turn things over to jeff. let's focus on calistoga. now we're seeing emphasize again in calistoga. >> that's all due to these erratic wind shifts we had. the wind was out of north and in the past few days it had come
6:37 pm
out of the west and switched direction and now the wind is coming back out of the north. that's pushing what would be some of these embers closer to calistoga. as we get a closer look, some of flare ups and some of those hot spots really close to bennett lane. that's not too far from the downtown area and the big fear of why there's evacuations in place is this new northerly wind could push the embers from the north right on down into the city towards the south. you want to heed these warnings. when the winds pick up early tomorrow morning it's going to be dark. it's going to be very hard to see the roadways and where to go if things do turn into that worse case scenario. hopefully you're doing what people are asking of you. red flag fire warning in effect.
6:38 pm
expecting to beginning to ramp up once we hit about 2 d:30 in e morning. i'll have a longer look at this plus more details. >> that is something we could use. thank you, jeff. she lost more than just her home. she lost her prosthetic legs in fire. now she'll be walking again thanks to the generosity and good will of others. we are the generation that had it all.
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we are the generation that had the music and the moves. we are the generation that had a dream. we came together to feed the world's children. we came together to protect them, and in this dangerous world we have to keep on saving them and protecting them, even when we're gone. if we remember unicef in our will, we'll be the generation who left a better world for children. visit
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-- but also, their daughter )s prosthetic legs. their daughter is gonna be just fine... this is one of the countless stories -- of community. and goodwill. here )s nbc bay area s christie smith adlib toss to wx
6:41 pm
the picture of the devastation. she left quickly with her mom overnight to help a relative thinking they would be home soon. now she's just relieved they are safe. >> i was trying like to calm myself down. i don't feel safe if i'm not, don't have my family right on me. >> reporter: her prosthetic legs are gone. >> it was absolutely heartbreaking to her. >> she literally just got them last month. it's a big fancy word that means she lacks joints in her lower extremities. her hips were dislocated. >> reporter: a few years ago she had her legs voluntary amputated above the knee to allow for mobility and independence. today they were at the clinic for prosthetics casting for long prosthetics afterreceiving shorties. >> if we can get her back up on her feet and make her life simpler then asbestos luts least we can do wrp at no charge as
6:42 pm
manufacturing partners jumped in too. she's been with them for three years. >> we have travelled with them and spoken on their behalf. >> reporter: soon the girl who likes to swim, ride horses and run plans to be back at it. >> the biggest thing in my life was my legs that are gone now. they are going to come back. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> she's the very definition of resilience that little girl. >> i can't get over her dimples. she's so cute. it's one of the things that's making us smile as we cover all this. >> let's talk about jeff now. we're talking about the weather but not just in the fire zones but impact for all of us around the bay area. >> today in pleasanton all the recesses and pe cancelled aftercool basafter school activities.
6:43 pm
>> we have seven fires burn ng the north bay. it's pushing all that smoke throughout the entire bay area. there's not one area untuouched. we'll have more and when some rain, yes, rain could mover in to help the situation out in a few minutes. we are live in santa rosa. our consumer team has deployed here. i'll show you how nbc bay area responds, next. ♪ with the alaska airlines visa signature card
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we continue to follow our breaking news. the multiple fires across the bay area. what you're seeing is one of many helicopter drops by cal fire aircraft. we had a cal fire spokesperson joining us a couple hours ago saying the aerial attack was much more effective because of the lack of inversion and smoke in the air. yesterday they were limited but today the aerial attack is great news. we're seeing the three different
6:46 pm
fires around the north bay that has the potential to merge into one fire but right now they are just watching the wind direction and where these are. the mandatory and voluntary evacuation. >> nbc bay area consumer team is responding to the fire zone to help consumers. the most difficult thing is the lack of communication and the basics. >> the basics is what we're handing out now. among them free masks for people so they can breathe properly. our consumer investigator joining us at one of the many shelters. this one in santa rosa. >> reporter: this is the finley community center. the red cross is helping as many as 250 people. a steady stream of supplies and donations rolling in today. lots of water, lots of it. we're talking gallons of water here. food by the plate full. bags upon bags of clothes. people told us over and over again these masks were really
6:47 pm
hard to come by. we heard that yesterday over in napa too. we scoured our resources and stores and gathered up as many mask s as possible. we have been distributing them since noon. we have given out 150 at this point. maybe we're approaching 200 and over and over again we had people expressing incredible gratitude because the stores here are empty and have been empty for days. at the same time doctors are saying this is really bad air for the lungs and meteorologists are saying it's probably not going to get better any time soon. there's a dire need for these masks. that's why we're giving them out here at the finley community center. anything to that we have a recharging station for electronics. we know that communication is vital right now. in the flurry to get out of homes a lot of people forgot their chargers and draining
6:48 pm
their batteries. there aren't very many plugs inside. we have charging station that's been in use throughout day. it's a bit quiet because dinner is being served inside the shelter. this is the kind of thing that you really begin to appreciate when you have to run out of your home and you end up sleeping in the community center. it's a very small thing that makes life comfortable and at the same time very much thankful. the most common words we heard today were thank you. >> totally. those masks are so critical. the smoke was so heavy and not only is it the smoke from the fires but it's the off gassing of different materials that are happening there of even the clothing. it's just the smoke is pervasive. >> we're seeing parts of the bay area wearing masks who aren't in the fire zone that aren't close to the fire zone. thank you. >> if you want to help the fire victims you can help to our website, nbcbayarea.cwenbcbayar. we posted a link to help with relief efforts. jeff is back with us.
6:49 pm
we're talking about the air quality when it might improve. we're talking about the various meteorologists trying to pinpoint now moving forward in these next 24 to 48 hours. >> my forecast really looks like sunday, monday, tuesday. we might see the winds really starting to kind of slide downwards quite a bit. all the way up until sunday we're looking at the winds that will keep the air quality on and off hazy and smoky. the top weather headline i want to start off with is the red flag fire warning. that's impacting the north, east and south bay hills. winds could gust 20 to 40 miles an hour. humidity 5 to 15% and the hill will be under the highest threat of this fire danger. in terms of when thing will pick up, we have seen the wind change direction and that's why we had these new evacuations today. we're still dealing with winds 10 to 15 miles an hour. everything is still pinpoints
6:50 pm
things ramping up with the highest fire danger once we hit thursday morning. you can see the time bar up here. 2:30 in the morning. likely gusts up to 24 in napa. 24 in san jose. this is what could blow embers to the south starting more fires. we'll be under a zone of this gustier wind likely to about 7:00 many the morning where we could see gusts of 29 in napa. this is a general idea. i think in the hills when you have 29 in napa we could have those 40, maybe 50 miles an hour wind gusts for tomorrow morning. in terms of what we can expect by the afternoon, it looks like by thursday things will start to le lessen up. what i want folks to do if you're near the fires look off to the north out your windows. those are the people that need to be on high alert.
6:51 pm
those flames could blow embers off towards the south and very fast in the early morning hours and you have to be on high alert. thursday morning will be the worst of that potential wind moving our way. air quality has been poor. obviously the worst in the north bay. i think it's going to stay unhealthy here off and on throughout the next three days. like we heard from chris who is p passing out those free masks. put your ac on recirculate. it's a masmall button on your c. it's has a arrow on it. stay in the 70s tomorrow. on the extended forecast, we may have a second wind event wi saturday. that's what also firefighters are keying in on. check this out. maybe by next wednesday a storm system is off to the north. that could bring us some wet weather by thursday. this is very preliminary but check it out.
6:52 pm
by next thursday we may see .1 of an inch of rainfall. this is the american model. the european model is starting to latch onto this. >> we could use that even if it's a little bit. thank you. what the raiders were forced to do because of fires and how our local bay area teams are helping the fire victims. my name is cynthia haynes
6:53 pm
and i am a senior public safety specialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california.
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6:55 pm
we've been telling you about recess, afterschool activity, after school pe. all those things cancelled. even schools because of the bad air quality being cancelled for tomorrow and friday. >> not just students. even pro teams cutting practice short. the raiders host the chargers sunday in oakland. we're also talking not just the raiders but a lot of local teams. the raiders joining forces with the 49ers, a's, giants, warriors, sharks and earthquakes teaming up to donate 450,000 bucks to the fire victims this this relief.
6:56 pm
the team is starting a you caring site. plenty of ways to jump in and help the victims in the north bay. >> this is going to be a long, long process to rebuild this. look at what they are dealing with. you're looking a ining at the c park neighborhood. probably one of the hardest hit areas we have seen. we were in the neighborhood monday. we're talking about hundreds of homes literally reduced to ashes in this area. people coming back being able to salvage nothing, nothing from their homes. >> you're looking at now is live pictures from geyserville. this is latest monday toir evacuation order. when the sunsets you can see the flames there illuminating the night sky as we move toward with this increased wind coming in. we're going to take a short break but we are going to continue our coverage at 7:00. we invite you to stay with us. >> we'll be back in a few minutes. good evening and thanks for
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7:00 pm
joining us. it's unrecognizable. it's defr stavastating. >> it's been very unpredictable. that's why it's been hard to contain this fire. >> we don't want to watch our city burn. >> we're kpoopt kpexpecting ext behavior. that will lead us to challenges. good evening. thanks for being with us. we continue our coverage here on nbc bay area. >> we're extending our 6:00 newscast for another hour so we can bring you the very latest on these wildfires. let's give you some numbers. there's still 285 missing people


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