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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 12, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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facing at this hour. good morning and thank you for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we're keeping a close eye on the shifting winds as firefighters stretched thin try to knock down more than half a dozen bay area wildfires. >> the red flag warning is in effect through this afternoon with smoke and ashes, unavoidable wherever you are this morning. calistoga still a ghost town this morning with a new set of evacuation orders in effect. >> the headlines at this half hour, the new evacuations include residents in parts of geyserville and sonoma, the number of confirmed fire-related deaths in northern california is now at 23, including 13 in sonoma county, some 20,000 evacuees are in temporary shaelters and at least 3,500 homes and businesses are destroyed. it's not just schools in the fire zone that are closed today, classes are canceled elsewhere due to unhealthy air quality. eight different fires in napa, sonoma and sloan in a counties are burning, more than 100,000
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acres have been destroyed. in this map you can see how far it is expanded into three areas counties. also mandatory evacuations are in effect for parts of geyserville, calistoga, sonoma and santa rosa. sharon katsuda continues our coverage this morning. we understand you have had to change locations, it's even quiet there behind you. >> reporter: that's right, marcus and laura. definitely we saw for ourselves why there's concern about this fire, it's not too far away, but here in the downtown area right now pretty eerily quiet, you can see some smoky haze behind me, but fortunately firefighters tell me the strong winds never really materialized overnight, so that's what kept the fire from reaching this downtown area. now, just up along highway 29 where we just came from, less than ten minutes away it's very dark, but you could see the fire line and the orange glow along the ridge line.
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we got out of there because cellphone service was very spotty, we didn't see any chp officers, basically they said you can go at your own risk, no fire trucks around because they were all fighting the fire right along that ridge line, but we definitely decided to stay out of that area once we saw that we couldn't stay in the location much longer because of the stronger winds. now, last night 5,000 residents in calistoga got the mandatory evacuation notice and packed up and left. >> working our way through these residential streets and we're notifying citizens of the evacuation order. >> and police are stopping anyone who has chosen to stay behind, asking them for id to show they're calistoga residents and that's why we're seeing a lot of chp officers out here. we've seen oakland police officers out here, at least 20 units or so cruising by here, making sure they're keeping people out of this area, especially, they tell me, looters.
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they don't want to see any looters in this area. looks like they are doing a good job because it has been quiet in the downtown area, reporting live, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> let's hope it stays that way and people see the need to not loot. it's really horrible. in the meantime those winds are escalating and this situation for firefighters. >> we want to check in with meteorologist rob mayeda who continues our live coverage with some of the conditions in the north bay. >> wind speeds have not picked up as much as we expected overnight, right now wind speeds around santa rosa 10 miles per hour, relatively light in petaluma and novato but chances are that's going to be changing as we approach sunrise, on the future cast you see out towards napa and solano counties wind gusts approaching 30 miles per hour, staying up through about 10:00, 11:00, once we move into the afternoon we should begin to see those wind speeds even in the hills begin to back off. the wind direction today is out of the north, here is a model looking at the smoke plume
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forecast for the bay area from morning to midday, right around the central bay worst air quality alameda county northward, evening heading out into the tri-valley and east bay locations, tomorrow morning you can still see smoke a big part of our weather story for tomorrow. today spare the air day, worse of the air quality in napa and solano county, very unhealthy if you have asthma or respiratory issues, best advice today is to stay indoors. as the atlas fire grows there are evacuation advisories in solano county. >> let's get a check of conditions on the ground there. >> reporter: good morning, laura, i spoke to fairfield police just a few hours ago they say the good news is that the atlas fire has not reached the city limits. they say that the winds may be blowing the fire away from the city. that's the good news. if you look above me you can see that's the fire line which is
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less than three miles away right now. this atlas fire has burned over 42,000 acres, it's just 3% contained. now, we are at the east ridge green valley area where marcus mentioned that a voluntary evacuation order was issued for this area and residents on the west side of interstate 80 are also advised to be prepared to evacuate soon if it comes to that point. we spent the morning going to some of the shelters, there's three of them set up right now, one is at the solano county community center. we spoke to one of the volunteers there. he said, look, it's not five star accommodations but they're trying to make it a five star experience, trying to keep the mood light, trying to keep the people upbeat, so many people finding the situation to be completely surreal, not knowing what's happening to their house, not knowing what this fire is going to do. now, also, some parents have been concerned about schools. schools for the -- or for the fairfield suisan valley school district have been canceled through friday, no classes in light of how bad the air
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conditions have been out and they don't want the students to become sick. that's the latest. coming up at 5:00 we will talk to some of the volunteers and share what they have to say. reporting live in fairfield, anser hassan, "today in the bay." >> coming up on "today in the bay," our breaking news coverage of the north bay wildfires continues, it's a situation changing by the minute, the evacuations and where those flames are headed next.
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and continuing coverage of the north bay wildfires. right now we know speaking with sonoma county spokesperson that the tufs fire there 10% contained. still many shelters opened and evacuations, mandatory evacuations, in order in many areas in the north bay. also schools, many of the districts deciding to close schools not just because of the fear of the fire, but air quality bad. some of that seen as far as san jose. >> even further south into morgan hill and the gilroy area as well. you know that smoke is not just a problem for schools. sfo had to cancel 80 flights yesterday because of low visibility. so far no delays or cancellations in oakland or san jose. coming up on "today in the bay," we're going to go to robert, he is looking at what's going on with this weather and keeping track of it all. >> a cool start to the morning in dublin, 40s for now, mid 70s this afternoon, around the hills of the tri-valley today we're watching that red flag warning extending into the north bay and
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santa cruz mountains. a live look at the san mateo bridge, can't make out those lights on the high-rise, a lot of haze and smoke is in the air. we will talk about the changes that have happened overnight. ate on the air quality in your area we will check nin with aran for a check on the air quality. north bay wildfires..
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ad lib latest
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coverage on the north bay fires this morning as we continue to take a look at just all the devastation. it is amazing to see so many people without homes, so many people evacuated as well this morning. the missing continues. we are going to have live updates and reports from the areas continuing to be evacuated coming up in just moments. 4:43 right now. not to mention the air quality that now across the bay area very concerning. >> it was tough teaching up at cal state east bay concord, contra costa county we had the worst air quality, you couldn't see walnut creek looking down from the top of the hill. right now the source of all the smoke, those north bay wildfires, wind speeds haven't picked up a whole lot just yet. notice santa rosa winds out of the north at 10 miles per hour, novato beginning to see the winds pick up at 15. it's the gusts above 30 miles per hour that will be the prime concern after sunrise today approaching midday which will take our humidity levels which right now aren't all that bad,
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but really start to dry things out after sunrise. you see by 11:00 in the morning 14 to 19% humidity, out there towards napa and fairfield that is a top concern and it does get a bit worse by early afternoon and those north bay and east bay hills especially and then humidity starts to make a recovery as we head towards the evening. high temperatures today with the north winds staying in the 60s from san francisco to half-moon bay, low 70s into san jose. our temperature forecast moving forward, san francisco will start to see a little bit of a warm up for the weekend but notice the word breezy again stamped on saturday. that's going to be another north wind event that will be picking up which will again unfortunately increase fire danger as we get into saturday and then one item to watch as we get towards use tuesday and wednesday the potential for some rain ahead. that is what we really need weather wise to bring an end to this wildfire pattern, we hope that materializes, but in the meantime areas of smoke will continue to drift south with
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those north winds. >> my kids are talking about the gray wall, when they go outside for recess they look up and see this gray wall behind all the buildings, it's just that smoke and haze. definitely all the schools around the area giving notices about we are not sure about the after school sports, that air quality a concern. all these fires burning up in the north bay. the latest changes, we do have more off ramps closed, at 101 is open through santa rosa but closed many of the off ramps, almost all the off ramps through santa rosa are closed because of fire related activity. a fire popping up on the chp report as well individually being reported in addition to the huge fires over here coming over atlas and calistoga was evacuated yesterday. in addition to that we had folks driving through sonoma and this closure from highway 12 down to highway 31, lake view highway closed in portions of that roadway, don't count on that, don't even try to drive through that area. 101 is your path to the north bay over on that side of 37,
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i-80 still moves slowly. we had some control, traffic control yesterday evening for i-80 but this morning it does look like everything is moving smoothly through fairfield and in towards the cashing nas bridge. the benicia bridge has not been affected. there are still transit agencies that are own but sonoma county soco transit is not open. they said they will suspend service indefinitely because of the changing conditions. we have the santa rosa city bus, we have vine the napa county line they have limited services, make sure you check on that on their website if you do have web connection, help your friends out, folks. smart train continues to run a modified schedule south of that north santa rosa station. this is going to continue through sunday. they are able to get through the
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area but this runs right alongside highway 101, if there are any changes in those fire continues at the freeway they may be affecting the smart train lines as well. highway 37 is open and, again, the cashing nas and benicia bridges are moving smoostly. i-80 down towards the bay bridge anywhere south of the fire zone everything is moving smoothly, a nice easy drive getting you down through the area. smoke and haze in the air definitely but no problems as far as visibility of the roadway for these folks traveling across the bay bridge. we did have a delay for bart, that was a ten minute delay, some equipment problems out of the bay fair station in oakland but they're recovering right now, minor delays and the rest of your agencies include capital corridor no days. they saw some delays through the davis area i think it was not related to the fire but we will track that as well. coming up on "today in the bay," finding a way out. our breaking coverage continues. the safest route for sonoma county residents to escape the flames.
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right now as it stands the tubbs fire 10% contained, 25,000 people have evacuated from sonoma county, 3,800 in shelters and many of those schools have decided to close not only because of the threat of the flames but because of the air quality caused by the wildfires. at 4:51 this morning in napa a lot of people have questions about where they should even be going. many who escape the fire just a couple days ago are now under another evacuation advisory. at a community meeting on wednesday some say they just want to know the safest escape route so they need to leave in a hurry they can. >> i originally was planning to go to calistoga because i have a ranch up there, however, calistoga has been evacuated. >> the location where we're living as our evacuation point is going to need to be evacuated. >> just so hard. we've posted the updates up to the minute evacuation information all on
4:52 am a curfew continues in effect in the mandatory evacuation areas of santa rosa. no one is allowed in the area from sun down to sunrise. our nbc bay area sky ranger over coffey park, the area that was just devastated. evacuated residents should not try to return home until they are told it is safe to do so. and you can see and smell that smoke, just about everywhere. a live look right here in san francisco. even with the sun down, you can see the haze blanketing the city. nbc bay area's ian cole has more on the unhealthy air conditions in the bay area right now. >> reporter: smoke from wildfire blanketing the bay area drowning out the sun, if it seems particularly bad, it is. >> we're seeing elevated levels of particulate matter that are higher than we have ever seen since we began measuring it. >> reporter: soccer practice in
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redwood city canceled. >> we have kids from seven years old all the way up to 19 so we always try to keep the best interest of the children in mind. >> reporter: all quality specialists say it is unhealthy for sensitive groups like people with asthma, the elderly and kids. parents waiting for it to clear up. >> i didn't want to venture out at all. >> reporter: the draft thursday and over the weekend, unhealthy for everyone and it could take several days to clear out. >> and this is not the kind of thing that you want to have people out running and breathing in. it's very -- it's very hazardous. >> and those officials say to try to stay inside of a place with filtered air and if you have to be outside get one of these masks that has an n 95 on the side of it, it will protect you from that particulates. ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> good advice because that air quality is going to be a problem today and for the next few days.
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via nay arena is live in fremo fremont. >> reporter: we're noticing the air quality and smelling that thick smoke that's been carrying on throughout the entire bay area not just kpefk specifically where the wildfires are burning. i want to pop up a video we shot yesterday. this video really shows that thick haze blanketing pretty much the entire bay area all the way from the north bay moving down through san francisco and in the san jose area. i myself just even leaving work the station is located in downtown san jose, i could smell that thick smoke even that far down and the reason for that also the spread of that air quality, bad smoke, is because of those dry northerly winds and that's what we are going to be keeping a close eye on for today. i know rob has been talking about t but the big concern with the dry northerly winds is as they begin to push down from the north it's going to carry all of that smoke further south, spreading it further throughout
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metropolitan areas. close those windows, limit outdoor activities, anything that has to do with being outdoors, whether you're close to the fire or not, you definitely have to be within an area where you keep a close eye and a close shot in mind. i want to talk about those wind speeds. i want to take you through a bit of a timeline of what we can expect heading into the later portion of the morning. if we look at today at about 7:00 a.m., pay attention to napa, we are talking about 22 miles per hour, the fairfield area, 29 miles per hour, orinda 19 miles per hour, as the winds pushing in from that speed coming from the north it's going to push all of that smog and poor air quality further down. if we fast forward ahead to about 12:00, right around noon, you really start noticing a decrease in those wind speeds at about 10 miles per hour in napa, orinda 6 miles per hour and take a look at the santa rosa area which could also definitely use some help at about 3 miles per hour. we are going to notice a significant change in those wind
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speeds, definitely dropping, but then we will kind of start seeing them picking back up tonight by tonight, by 5:00 p.m., in santa rosa we are talking about 9 miles per hour, napa 5 miles per hour and even along the coastline also expect to see a boost in those winds. as those winds begin to -- or continue to push from the north, that's what's really spreading all of this poor air quality really blanketing the bay area with that thick smog and those hazy skies that we've been seeing from viewer photos even showing us just how that orange haze kind of overlooks the bay area. so if you can, again, just limit outdoor activity and we will continue to monitor these winds, a red flag warning is in place and has been in place since yesterday at 5:00 p.m. and the winds are expected to be the strongest especially for the higher elevated mountainous areas. so we will keep a close eye on that, but for now i will send it back to you in the studio. >> thank you very much. 4:56 coming up on "today in the bay" we continue to track
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not only the fire but those winds. rob mayeda is in for kari. >> the fire conditions changing in the north bay as wind speeds starting to pick up, north at 15 in novato. a closer look hour by hour at air pollution around the bay area and when we can see some help in the form of rain in the seven-day forecast. mike tease plus-- team coverage out of no this live look here, yeah, we're looking at those cash lanes starting to stack up. we should see the metering lights turn on in the next 20 minutes. the cash lanes not all being open. we are also looking at the haze in the air, the effect of that smoke being blown down. we talked about air quality, we will talk about the quality of traffic flow for 101 coming through santa rosa. plus team coverage out of the north bay this morning continues and you're looking right now from the san mateo bridge. you can see the haze that just covers our area this thorning. the san mateo bridge. you )re watching today in the bay. that is that live look at the san mateo bridge as you had mentioned. that haze is out there. mike is keeping tabs on the
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morning commute out there. all the evacuation orders, people that have had to leave one area for another, we will have the latest. nats of flames
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fueling the flames, a dangerous turn of events is causing wind driven wildfires burning in the north bay to intensify this morning. >> we're not out of the woods and we are not going to be out of the woods for a long -- a number of days, for a great number of days to come. >> once thriving neighborhoods
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now ghost towns with thousands left with nothing but ash. >> it takes your life away, the things that you worked for, the things that you cherished. >> and the fight to contain these fast moving flames is just beginning. we are live on the front lives as more people flee their homes and firefighters struggle to keep up. nbc bay area's coverage on the north bay wildfires continues right now. >> good morning, and thank you for joining us, i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. no matter where you are you will likely experience part of this event as you walk out the door as smoke and ash bill lows over the entire bay area. in sonoma county this is new video from geyserville, shifting winds are atting new urgency for firefighters desperately trying to hold the line. the headlines for this half hour, mandatory evacuations have been ordered for a number of communities including residents in parts of geyserville and sonoma. the number of confirmed fire-related deaths in northern californias


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