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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 13, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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hours for firefighters in the north bay.. and the danger isn another gruelling 24 hours for firefighters in the north bay and the danger is far from over. flames continue to spread in napa, sonoma, solano counties as crews continue to struggle to get ground on the stubborn wildfires. overnight, a new evacuation advisory in napa county as the escalating threat to more homes and world famous wineries continue this morning. nbc's coverage of the wildfires continues now. thank you for joining us on this friday morning. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. this is the deadliest week for wildfires in history. firefighters are masking a full on or making a full-on assault
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to knock down the raging fires. conditions, again, take a turn for the worse. there are 31 fire related deaths in northern california. the number dead in sonoma county is 17. some were identified last night. the fires, meanwhile, have burned 100,000 acres in the north bay. none is more than 10% contained. new evacuation orders are issued. the latest advisory covers what some call the heart of wine country. this is the area around highway 29 and includes the robert winery. the evacuation order is not mandatory. officials said, be ready to go at a moment's notice. concerns because a new red flag warning is taking place today. we want to go to vianey arana with what's next for firefighters on the ground when dealing with these wind conditions. >> you know, overnight, they had
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good conditions, calm winds and relatively cool temperatures, even at this hour, if you notice in the north bay, temperatures in the 30s, 35 for napa and concord, 48. that entire area, seeing cooler temperatures and still seeing cooler temperatures. we saw recovery in that humidity. if you notice, that humidity will go down at 10:00 a.m. from what was 75% and we will once again see relatively dry conditions as we head into the overnight hours. then we are going to start seeing a kick up in those winds. when we compare that relatively low humidity with the winds blowing from the north/northeast, the red flag warning will be in place for 5:00 p.m. through 11:00 p.m. saturday. we are expecting the gustiest conditions in the north bay mountains and the bay area hills. we are talking gusts 35-40 miles per hour. unfortunately, right now, the timing is looking like the strongest gust will be right around 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. when
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people are sleeping. that will carry over through the early morning. i will go through that time line closer coming up in a bit. back to you. breaking overnight, a new evacuation advisory in napa county. >> the impacted areas, home to famous wineries, maybe you visited them and not far from the famous french laundry. take a look at the map here. the advisory includes the western side of highway 29 from oakville grade road to rutherford road and you can see how many wineries are in that area. this is the area between yountville. "today in the bay's", sharon katsuda is live there this morning. what are you seeing? >> reporter: kris and marcus, we are here at the very end of the robberty of robert mondavi winery. people are on edge. the security guards told us, they are giving themselves two hours to get out of here if they
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are given the mandatory evacuation notice. on this ridge line, he has seen it since 10:00 last night edging closer to highway 29 and we just saw a flair up minutes ago. this is the nuns fire that we are looking at. you can see the flair up. basically, this is what's edging toward this area, napa valley, the heart of wine country. people are packed up and ready to go. but, again, they are waiting to hear if this is going to be mandatory evacuation. now, another fire that we checked out yesterday, that is the tubbs fire. we saw a lot of flames on the ridge line there. we have learned that since then, since yesterday, when we were there along highway 29, that had jumped the highway and edging closer to downtown calistoga. fortunately, the winds are working with us. that tubbs fire is only 3% or 10% contained. the fire behind me is only 3%
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contained. so, we are seeing this all spread out, firefighters doing their best. the sheriff's deputy i ran into at the oakville grade closure, he's the same one i ran into at the tubbs fire yesterday. he's saying they are trying to keep this all together and monitor all these fires to keep the people safe out here. reporting live, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> sharon, i know they say they are giving themselves two hours to get out, i think they should cut that time in more than half. i mean, they have got to be ready to get out. thank you, sharon. >> reporter: you have been out here and you have seen it yourself. they told us, enter at your own risk coming back here. they are ready to get out. >> thank you very much. be safe out there. relentless days of fighting flames, firefighters are on their last leg. the fires are far from over for all these communities. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in napa county
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with what firefighters are up against this morning. good morning, bob. >>reporter: good morning to you, marcus and kris. we are at the napa county expo. with the exception of us, it is dead quiet. this is the staging area behind me. this is where a lot of fire departments and crews have their trucks parks. this is where the firefighters come to sleep, as you can see in the tents behind me and eat before being sent on the front lines. as we enter another day and night of red flag warnings, many of these men and women are battling fatigue. these picks were posted on facebook from guys collapsed from exhaustion resting with a rock as a pillow or a lounge chair on the back of a home they saved from a fire. we know it is normal for firefighters to do 24 hours on, 24 hours off. that hasn't always been the case with these fires burning in wine country, one, because the fires have been overwhelming and two, resources are stretched thin.
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on wednesday morning, we spoke with a firefighter at the nun's fire who had been on the front line since sunday night. that was 36 hours straight. i don't know when and if he has been relieved. we read a report about crews that have been out here 80 hours, a testament to the special kind of person it takes to do the job. cal fire is bringing in reinforcements from northern california and socal and nevada and oregon. there are almost 4,000 firefighters working to put out the seven fires burning over 120,000 acres here in napa, sonoma and solano counties. the atlas fire burning closest to us in the largest, only 7% contained. live in napa, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. be safe out there as well. you know, for so many people, they are wondering, is my house okay? in macases they are not allowedo
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go back to their home. >> there is a new tool out that shows the truth, even if it's not what they want to see. >> painful truth. satellite imagery you can see on your phone or computer. the areas in red on the map are not fire, they are vegetation. it gives a picture taken in infrared. we are zooming down to the fof fooe park area. you can see the gray areas are the destruction, it takes you into the neighborhood and see those homes that have just absolutely been leveled, home after home after home. now, we can also zoom out and move off to the northeast. that will take us into the forest grove neighborhood as well. as we kind of zoom away there, we can see now, this is from drone video. you can find that map at drone video of the areas that have been so hard hit. as we were talking earlier this week, if you don't have a home anymore, you do not have to pay
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your property tax bill. i tweeted out instructions on how to apply for relief. we know county assessors will start their work, helping residents lower their tax bills. the county assessor in sonoma county is planning to get out there and help anyone with just $10,000 in damage lower their property taxes. this is the way the law works. if your house burns to the ground, your property is worth far less. you shouldn't have to pay that much. this is going to hurt counties at a time they are spending so much money. they are going to have less coming in. marcus and kris. >> so true. >> going to be a struggle. our coverage continues online. there you can find the latest evacuations, school closures and power outages all on nbc bay area's home page. we were talking about the weary firefighters, some sleeping on lawn chairs they can find where they are. vianey arana, it's not easy for
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them. >> not for the overnight hours. last night, calm winds, we had the humidity that recovered. right now, a decent humidity in napa, 61%. we are going to see those dry, northerly winds come into play tonight. that's going to dry out that air mass, bringing that relatively low, dangerous humidity, again. if you notice, by 11:00 a.m., look at the humidity. we went from 60 plus percent to 20%. now, as we head into the overnight hours, we are talking possibly less than 15 in the north bay. that is why a red flag warning will be in place from 5:00 p.m. tonight to 11:00 tomorrow. the gusts will be in the north bay and east bay hills, a big area of concern as people are sleeping, yet again, at 1:00, 2:00 a.m. we'll keep a close eye on that. let's get a traffic check with
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mike. mike, how are the roads? >> we are going to the garbage truck fire. the rig and truck had to be cleared. this was inside eastbound highway 24, the caldecott tunnel. that has just cleared. they pulled this out of the tunnel. the sweepers have gone through. let's get to the map, eebds highway 24 has full capacity from ode land to orinda from the bay bridge to the caldecott. they have reopened after the earlier garbage truck fire. the tri-valley, we have another issue now. a bus crash, a tour bus on the shoulder. two lanes are blocked. no major injuries. we'll continue to follow that as well. there's the commute. we follow the north bay and the evacuation zones, stay clear of these areas. of course, i-80 and 101, highway 37 remains open. they are the major roadways. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike.
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heart wrenching moments in napa county. >> help me, man. he said you can save my house. you are my heroes. >> people begging firefighters to risk it all and save their homes, save their lives. we are live in napa to continue our team coverage on these devastating and heart breaking wildfires this morning. the show must go on. country music star, jason aldean returns for the first time since the vegas shooting. %$4ll
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good morning. it is 5:15. we are waking up to cooler temperatures across the area. 47 in san jose. 35 in napa. we have changes ahead that could bring a big wind event for the overnight hours. i'll break down exactly what we are expecting in a bit. >> you weren't expecting this, this crash blocking 680. the tow truck that is going to clear it is stuck at highway 84. you are increased travel times for 680 as well as the north bay. another part of the old eastern span of the bay bridge will soon be gone. this weekend, caltrans will demolish the 13 marine foundations from the span of the
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bridge. this is video of the implosion two weeks ago. a lot of folks wanted to see that. work is expekted to happen around 9:20 in the morning. at that time, you can expect brief delays if you are crossing the bridge because you can't be on the bridge during those implosions. tesla is recalling 11,000 suvs, worldwide because the rear seats might not lock properly in place. recall involves model x vehicles with the fold flat second row seat. cables might not have been installed properly. tesla says they believe only 3% of the recalled vehicles have that problem and you will get a notification if your vehicle is one of those affected. country star, jason aldean is back on tour. this show in tulsa, oklahoma is the first since the deadly mass shooting in las vegas this
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month. concert goers went through medal detectors. aldean gave a speech honoring those killed and told fans to resist living in fear, calling for more national unity. last weekend, aldean performed a special set on "saturday night live." continuing coverage on the wildfires burning the north bay right now. it has been an emotional week for thousands of people who have nothing to go home to. >> "today in the bay's" jay gray is live at the resort and spa in napa with some of their tragic stories. good morning, jay. >> reporter: good morning, marcus. good morning, kris. you are absolutely right. a tough go for so many people right now. let's talk about the numbers. 31 people now confirmed dead as a result of the fires. that number expected to climb. 300,000 acres burned. more than 4,000 structures. tens of thousands left homeless like the family that lived here.
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take a look. you can see. this is a scene playing out across the entire area. neighborhoods, dozens left as rubble and ash. they are making progress. firefighters are, along the front lines of the blaze, beginning to get a bit of a hold, containment still a ways away. putting out the fires is going to take much longer. conditions not looking good going into the weekend for the teams along the front line. there is a significant wind event forecasters say, strong winds for several hours that will begin saturday morning. that is going to make it much more difficult for those teams that had a bit of a break the last couple days. now the wind will pick up again, kris and marcus, just a very difficult time. >> it is very difficult. we know a lot of folks won't have anything to go home to. thank you so much. we have been talking about the weather conditions out there. a red flag warning coming up. you talked about the gusts, the
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winds on the coast. how is that going to affect what's going on in the north bay? >> we have been looking at the models. it's gusty along the coast. if it is along the coast, it is going to be in the hill tops and mountain areas. of course, those overnight, cooler temperatures, relative humidity did help. however, we have a number of active fires actively burning. unfortunately, the direction of the winds will once again come from the north/northeast. that's going to bring a threat to the fires, possibly spreading south, much like they did initially on sunday night. right now, the temperatures in the 30s and 40s. the calm winds will help with the fight against the fire the next couple hours. if you notice in the north bay t humidity that recovered overnight, above 70%. anything above 40% of humidity really helps. however, we are going to start see thag quickly decline by 11:00 a.m. once again, we see
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that decrease. as the northerly winds kick up, what's going to happen, dry out that air mass that is keeping that humidity high overnight. that is why there's a red flag warn thag will come into play tonight from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. saturday. the gusts are expected to be the strongest. unfortunately, in the north bay mountains and hills. anything above 1500 feet. let's look at the time line. this is going to be important. pay attention to this. calm, no major wind event. we are going keep the winds nice and calm. the next couple hours, that is working in their favor. look at the time line. 2:00 a.m., between 1:00, 2:00, 3:00. napa, 30 miles per hour. fairfield, 34. santa rosa, 23 miles per hour. unfortunately, that is right in the middle of when people are sleeping. of course, that air quality is once again going to be poor. we have something to look forward to in terms of the weather change. the next seven days, if you look
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ahead, there is a chance of rain between, as of right now, next thursday into friday. we really need this because not only is that going to figure out that air quality, but it's going to help as the fires continue to grow and burn. so, for the next seven days, the big threat is going to come into play tonight and early saturday morning. we are going to keep that fire danger at least through the entire day saturday and as we head into sunday, the winds calm down. we have a chance of seeing rain as early as thursday. so, we definitely have a lot to look out for. let's check in with mike. >> we continue to have evacuations. they have been expanding. freeway closures continue to expand as well. 29 closures. 128 through calistoga. here at the atlas peak area, fire alongside 221. that has remained open. so has i-80. a couple days ago, fires came close to fairfield. we'll follow, i-80 moves well. 37 is completely open and 101,
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the off ramps are closed getting to santa rosa but the freeway, itself, has been open for a few days. now, options for folks in the area. you might be able to use sonoma county transit, limited service there as well as santa rosa city bus and the napa vine. an easy drive throughout the rest of the bay. here is the san mateo bridge. tracking crash in fremont for southbound 684 and 84. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up, getting away from the smoke. the places people are traveling to get fresh air this weekend. the bay area - are choosing
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5:25 now. several school districts across the bay area have chosen to stay closed until next week and beyond. >> some schools can't operate. others near the fire can't, either. ten schools farther away are worried about poor air quality. the department of education says nearly 600 schools shut down on thursday. specifics now, several districts on your screen are set to resume classes on wednesday of next week. calistoga, joint unified school district will remain cloesed all of next week. they are under evacuation.
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napa valley college will resume classes on tuesday. that's been the place of a shelter. santa rosa junior college postponed until tuesday. marin county schools closed today. dominican university are closed today. >> air quality is a huge problem in the fire ravaged areas and all over the bay area. everywhere you turn there are smokey skies overhead. people are looking for ways to get away from the haze. people going south to santa cruz. the smoke from the fire hasn't made it that way, yet. hotels are getting phone calls and people are looking for places to spend the weekend. some are coming from the fire zone in the north bay. >> we took pictures and everything, grabbed our cats and came down here. her asthma is acting up. >> it was time to get out of the smoke for a few days. >> we realize the different in air quality. hazy and dark.
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you can feel it in your throughout. you inhale the smoke. >> air quality officials say breathing the smokey air is a bad thing for you. if you can wear those masks or avoid outdoor activity, do that. >> don't forget, you have to look for that n-95. that's going to keep that particular matter from getting in. some have a fancy vent. that makes it most comfortable. the thing that is most important is the n-95. i'll tweet a picture of what you are looking for. coming up, breaking coverage on the north bay napa fires as well as the death toll. that is rising. the firefighters continue to battle and save the homes and lives. the fire is slowly making its way toward the heart of wine country. i'm sharon katsuda live in napa valley. i'll tell you the latest on the evacuation advisories.
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the battle cones
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. burned like a wick, straight down the fence. s >> the battle continues. firefighters struggling to contain the raging wildfires across the north bay. this morning, evacuation advisories are expanding and thousands more homes are threatened. nbc bay area breaking coverage
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continues now. good morning, i'm marcus washington. thank you for joining us. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. a firefighter this morning hoping to build on some of the momentum and gaining ground as they did yesterday in the north bay. the conditions are expected to turn severe again today. some of the developments, a new evacuation advisory is issued for what many call the heart of wine country. flames are moving to the best known napa wineries including robert and cape. is tear ya where the french laundry threat is below the evacuation order. so far, not mandatory. that could change. >> the number of fire-related deaths is now 31 making it the deadliest week for wildfires in the state's history. authorities identified some of those victims last night. here is a detailed look at the
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front line firefighters are covering for five wildfires that burned more than 100,000 acres in three counties. >> some evacuees are being allowed to return to their homes. this person was lucky, walked in. there are new concerns about red flag warning that is are coming up later tonight and into tomorrow. >> breaking team coverage on the north bay fires continue this morning. first we want to go to vianey arana for the unpredictable conditions this weekend. >> i heard you mention favorable conditions last night and yesterday in terms of fighting the fire. this is the reason why. we had calmer winds yesterday at night and relatively favorable humidity. we saw a recovery in the humidity. anything above 40% helps. however, the winds picking up this afternoon and that's going to dry up that air mass. that's going to lower that humidity, once again, and even though these cooler temperatures
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played a large role, we'll see that climb. the winds will be picking up into the overnight hours, which is when the red flag warning kicks in at 5:00 p.m. tonight. i'll take you through the time line of when you can expect to see the gustiest conditions coming up in a bit. back to you. >> thank you. breaking overnight, a new evacuation advisory in napa county where some world famous wineries are under threat. you can stee flames glowing. this is the map of the area we are talking about. the area west of highway 29. these wineries are included. the evacuation zone, robert mondavi is the main one. and the famous restaurant that people wait forever to get reservations for. "today in the bay's" karen karen joins us now from this area. sharon, you were telling us earlier this morning that the folks there, saying this is a voluntary evacuation, so they
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are giving themselves two hours. two hours might be too long to wait. >> reporter: yeah, they are definitely taking this very seriously but they are on standby mode. they are not taking off yet. that is what i'm hearing from the general manager. i just ran into him here at the robert mondavi winery. they are on stand by mode. let me show you why. they are looking at this hill behind me. this is what you are looking at. this is the nun's fire. it is only 3% contained. we saw flair ups earlier this morning and we are seeing some right now. they are concerned this fire may approach highway 29, which is the heart of napa valley wine country. we also check out yesterday, the tub's fire. that has grown overnight. we are told it jumped highway 29. that is the tubbs fire. it's 10% contained. that is near downtown calistoga.
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fortunately, the calm winds the past 24 hours or so kept it from getting closer to downtown calistoga. so, they are managing that fire. it has jumped highway 29. back here live, when we first got here, we heard a lot of activity in the vineyard. we are told that people, the workers are out here right now harvesting grapes. to save what they can. apparently, those grapes are ready and they are picking them right now, harvesting as we speak. live in napa valley, sharon katsu katsuda, "today in the bay." >> unbelievable. the work continues. thank you, sharon. we are seeing new images from the heart of the zone thchlt is the scene in coffey park a few hours after the first fire broke out sunday night. this video was posted with a caption, unreal. this is as every house is on fire and embers flying across the street.
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it is as if the residents didn't have enough on their plate right now, there are looting concerns happening in neighborhoods that are impacted by those wildfires. overnight, we learned of more arrests in santa rosa. this happened off san miguel avenue. anser hassan is live with the efforts police are taking to stop the folks trying to take advantage of folks who lost almost everything. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, kris. sheriff officials say at least five people have been arrested for allegedly trying to steal from people. it may be hard to see, but these neighborhoods are completely evacuated, making the homes easy targets. one of the arrests was of this man, morgan, he's seen stealing from a car in an evacuated area. sheriff's officials say one resident saw him stealing and called 911. another person followed him to the park, confronted him and waited for deputies to arrive.
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when deputies did a search of his vehicle, they found some of the stolen items, which you are looking at now, that were located in his car. stuff was stolen from a local vineyard and a safety device stolen from firefighters. he was arrested for looting, possession of stolen property and violation of probation. police and law enforcement have been called in from around the state to patrol the neighborhoods, which are under curfew. the city police, helping out here, spotted people driving around in an evacuated neighborhood that was also under curfew. the two men from vallejo said they were checking in on family members but couldn't come up with a name or add drez where they were going. they did a search of the car and found two empty backpacks, gloves and tools used in residential burglaries. they were arrested and booked into jail. we have been told there's over 60 phone calls of people reporting looting happening in
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evacuated neighborhoods. the sonoma county district attorney's office issued a statement saying they will crack down on the looters and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. anser hassan, "today in the bay." >> thank you. napa county people from the silverado country club neighborhood can now go home. the atlas peak fire skipped some homes, but destroyed others nearby. we were there as some evacuees returned. >> very thankful that we have a house. we feel blessed. so, really hard when your neighbors are going through such a hard time. >> other people we talked with said they won't try to go home until the power is back on and smoke damage can be addressed. there's no time line for that. people also tell us they have concerns about those looters we were talking about. we want to head over to
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vianey arana. you have been following the weather and the conditions wekds see going into the weekend. >> exactly. that's what's raising a flag of concern and a red flag warning will come into play into the overnight hours. right now, we are seeing favorable humidity right now, low winds, calm winds. 60% is expected to drop in the next couple of hours. by 11:30 a.m. hour, already in the 20% range and that red flag warning is expected to kick in at 5:00 p.m. the winds are going to dry up that air mass that's been keeping us cool. the gusts are above the mountain hill tops, above 1500 feet. the biggest threat is going to be the timing, too. not only are the gusts expected to be in the 30 mile range, the timing is about 5:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. i'll give you a closer look at the time line in a bit. let's check in with mike. >> i'm tracking the roadways around the bay. the caldecott tunnel had a dump
5:40 am
truck fire that cleared. all lanes are clear for 24. the morning commute for westbound 80 across the bay bridge, metering lights. a larger vehicle is making his way through there. there's a caltrans vehicle on the side. i want to show you what else is going on for the bay. the trisenior high scho-valley, heading toward highway 84 out of pleasanton through sonoma and fremont. the bus crash blocks two right lanes. no major injuries. the tow truck is stuck in the back up. that's why it's taking so long to clear. stay out of e vkuation zones unless you are told to go there. 80, 101 and 37 remain open. back to you. 5:40. coming up, signs of hope in the middle of destruction. the movement that keeps spirits up in the north bay as the
5:41 am
wildfires continue. meanwhile, the action continues in washington. two major move that is you need to hear about when "today in the bay" continues.
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good morning. it is 5:43. cooler temperatures and calm winds are favorable right now in the fight against that fire. we have big changes on the way that will, once again, raise a threat. >> looking over here, zoomed in from emeryville camera. a crash approaching the bay
5:44 am
bridge toll plaza. should be off to the shoulder. i'll give you an update for the tri-valley. the week may be coming to an end, but the heart ache is just in the north bay is just beginning. we have breaking news coverage of the deadly north bay fires is continuing now. >> our investigative unit shows why there is speculation the fire may have started after trees fell on the power lines and transformers. they are investigating pg&e's tree cutting and maintenance program. they have been under scrutiny for which trees they cut near power lines. the falling tree that started the butte fire. pg&e preserved all potential evidence. we have been looking into this story. log on to our website,, click on the investigative tab. it's the top story right there.
5:45 am
>> 5:44. in other news, facebook says it supports the public relief of political ads backed by russia that appeared during the 2016 campaign. the facebook coo has been meeting with lawmakers in d.c. she supports the details about who the ads targeted. >> things happened on our platform that should not have happened. we know we have a responsibility to do everything we can to prevent this kind of abuse. none of us should want this foreign interference. to prevent it, we all have to cooperate with each other, government. >> the mid low park company is hiring 4,000 people to weed them out. this is as congress investigates the russian influence in the investigation. we have been paying attention to the local news, but while the north bay burns, the president has been fiddling with health care. >> scott mcgrew he could do what
5:46 am
congress could not. >> he signed an executive order to end government subsidies of insurance plans, particularly for low income people. that may result in health insurance companies pulling out of obamacare. so, an end to obamacare plan, which congress wanted, without the replacement plan, congress could never settle on. the president tweeting this morning, the democrats obamacare is imploding. massive subsidy payments to their pet insurance companies has stopped. dems should call me to fix. the reason subsidy payments have stopped or will stop is because the president just stopped them. the subsidies help low income people pay out of pocket expenses. california threatened to stop the president from pulling the money. the other thing happening today is the president is expected to desert fi the iran nuclear deal. iran had not lived up to its end
5:47 am
and argued the u.s. should pull out of the agreement. we suspect he will not take actual action, leaving it up to congress to slap new sanctions on iran. the president is ignoring advice from his own defense secretary. there we go. not only that, the chairman of joint chief of staff says the president should keep the deal and all other signatories. it's a deal between iran, the united states, germany, britain, france, russia, china, all of whom support it and don't want to re-negotiate it. we have been forced to step away from our coverage of the president because of the disaster in the north bay. generally, we talk about it each day look k at the tweets, executive orders and speeches. we want to hear from you. you can reach me directly on twitter. messages of hope when things seem dark. posters and images popping up like these.
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this one in sonoma says the love in the air is thicker than the smoke. #sonomaproud. take a look at this. this is a police badge. itis all the retired santa rosa police officer says is left after flames destroyed his home. so many officers and firefighters lost their homes during the fires. police department is sharing this picture with #santarosa strong. this may be the biggest symbol of hope, the old glory hanging from a charred treat or who used to be someone's home. the american flag that promises better days ahead. >> better days ahead, but not for firefighters dealing with a red flag warning. >> yeah, they have a little bit of a break from the winds and they got a cool down in the temperatures. the humidity went up. thankfully, yesterday's main weather event wasn't as great as we thought. that really helped. the temperatures remain in the 30s and 40s.
5:49 am
napa, 35 degrees. oakland, 35. south bay, 40s. we have the relative humidity that recovers typically overnight. it is fairly good. the next couple hours, they have a little time to take on the fire before the winds kick in and the humidity goes down. as the winds begin to dry up the air mass, the red flag warning, i want to point out, this is a new red flag warning. this is the third. an initial one on sunday that got extended. then another one yesterday that did expire and we have a new one that will take place from 5:00 p.m. tonight through 11:00 p.m. saturday with the strongest gusts expected in the hillside area. let's look at the time line. i really want to take you through this. this is going to be a very important time line. 5:30 a.m., the winds remain calm and stay calm. that will help. this will be around daylight hours. if you notice, 10:00 p.m., we see a shift. increase in the wind speeds from the no, sir-northeast at 15
5:50 am
miles per hour. take a look at this. unfortunately, into the overnight hours, between the 2:00 a.m. hours, 2:30 hour, fairfield, we are talking 32-mile-per-hour gusts, possibly. napa, 30 miles per hour. then it will remain that way the next couple hours. unfortunately, with all these active fires burning, if you are south of that, be on high alert. why is that? you can see the fire is off to the north. the embers tend to move south as a northerly wind kicks in. that will be a very, very high threat. if you could see the fires just over the hillside, please be on high alert. we'll keep you updated. as of now, possibly next thursday we could catch a break in the form of much needed rain. mike? >> we don't need flashing lights at the toll plaza. i noticed from a number of angles, it's a distraction off the berkeley curve. the back-up causes them to slow
5:51 am
down anyway. a disabled vehicle is just getting cleared. better news a@toll plaza. look at the maps. that's the only back-up you have in this area. the crash has cleared to the shoulder. this is cleared, south 680, a bus involved crash cleared out of the area. no injuries to the passengers. there were only 30 on board. they are fine. all lanes cleared. southbound 680 recovery. clear by the time we goat fremont. that's the bulk of the commute. following the closures, 80 and 37, 101, they are all open for business. 29, 128 and sections of calistoga. alice peak as well. 121 coming down through lakeville. the highway is closed. prepare for traffic control. guys, back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. we are following those new evacuation advisories for napa. also, are you doing the right
5:52 am
thing when it comes to strapping in your baby in the car seat? they are impossible. a lot of us are getting it wrong. what you need to know. first, happening now, life shaking in the south bay. a 3.0 earthquake hit gilroy. no reports of injury or damage. the u.s. and canadian family releaseed from the taliban left. they were kidnapped backpacking in afghanistan in 2012. they had their three children in captivity. we'll be back with more news. continuing wildfire coverage
5:53 am
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5:55 am
this morning the week maybe coming to welcome back. continuing wildfire coverage this morning. the week may be coming to an end but the heart ache in the north bay is just beginning. hundreds of firefighters and fire crews, including inmates are on the front lines trying to contain these fires. many concerned now that the winds are going pick back up. crews are slowly gaining control of the cascade fire. 10,000 acres have burned, but the containment is up 45%. the sad news, at least four people have died in that fire. crews are desperately searching for people who are missing. one woman lost her 20-year-old daughter walking her dog on the day the fire came into the neighborhood. she had no cell phone on her at the time.
5:56 am
>> i can't find my daughter. [ inaudible ] flames came so fast, i swear they were 90 miles per hour. >> as crews search for those who are missing, more than a thousand people are without power. pg&e hopes to have power restored by tomorrow. napa police looking for three men who robbed a cvs store. it happened wednesday evening at the cvs. they stold $4,000 of items from the store. they believe they were involved in a similar robbery attempt at cvs in el dorado county. 5:56. the bridge in big sir is set to open. the new bridge will open today, after crews worked around the clock to make repairs. the new $24 million bridge replaces one that was damaged by
5:57 am
the mudslides during the intense rain earlier this year. that old bridge was dmemolished in march. highway one is blacked because of another slide. the new road is being built on top of the slide and expected to open next summer. new moms and dads fail the first test of parenthood, installing that infant car seat. parents make mistakes with three out of four car seats. what can you do to keep it safe? make sure it fits in the car. they allow you to take it out to make sure it fits before you buy it. once you get it in, make sure the base does not budge more than one inch in any direction. i used to sit on mine and cinch it kigter. babies should face the back of the car until at least age 2, even if they complain about it. experts explain why. >> in a rear-facing car seat, a
5:58 am
frontal impact, the rear facing car seat will cradle the child's head, neck and spinal cord. >> you don't want anything flying during a crash and hit your baby. register your car seat with the manufacturer so you get alerts about recalls. if a car seat has been in a car accident, it is no longer effective and you need to replace it. tesla is recalling 11,000 suvs worldwide because the rear seats might not lock into place properly. it includes model x vehicles with fold flat second row seats. the cables might not have been tightened problemerly. that would cause it to move forward during a crash. tesla believes only 3% of the recalled vehicles will have that issue, but you will get a notification if your vehicle is affected. equifax says its security team is looking into another
5:59 am
possible cyber breach. it's been one month since they revealed a massive breach. more recently, visitors to the website were directed to download a fraudulent update. equifax is taking the help page offline while they investigate the issue. a tradition continues this weekend. the 47th annual half-moon bay pumpkin festival runs through sunday. there are four stages of live music, a haunted house. admission is free. >> nice. >> the festival is held on main street between mill and spruce street in half-moon bay. coming up an 6:00, evacuation advisories expand a new threat in the heart of napa valley's world famous wine region. firefighters desperately try to get the upper hand on the north bay wildfire. mean whim, a lot of firefighters on their last leg.
6:00 am
the battle against flames and fatigue. satellite images into the news room showing the scope of the devastation in the fire ravaged santa rosa area. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> the threat is still not over this morning. flames continue to spread in napa, sonoma and solano county at this hour as crews try to gain the upper hand on these wildfires. >> this morning, evacuation advisories expanding more homes and some of the world famous wineries are under threat as we head into the weekend, concern that is winds could pick up once again. thanks for joining us on this friday morning, i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm marcus washington. let's bring you up to speed this morning. there are 31 confirmed fire related deaths in northern california. the number in sonoma is at 17. some of the victims were identified last night. those fires, meanwhile, have


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