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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 14, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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communities. strong winds... forcing thousands in santa rosa to . right now at 5:00 new challenges for north bay communities, strong winter forcing thousands in santa rosa to wrap and run, as flames quickly approached. we're living day-to-day wondering what's going to happen next. in sonoma new homes destroyed and the historic town square under threat while firefighters scram ble to save it. people need to move when they're told. they need to take it seriously. >> the governor praising firefighters and telling people to do what they tell you. >> a unpredictable and dangerous situation shifting winds forcing many more people out of their
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homes. a new look over the past few hours the flame that is intensified, attacking the fire from the air and the ground. >> what are new evacuation orders in effect for santa rosa and a area near downtown sonoma. we'll show you the detail map in a moment. 38 people are now confirmed dead in the wildfires burning in wine country and across northern california. 20 people died in sonoma county alone, six people died in napa county. and while the winds are a big problem, the air quality all around the bay area is vastly improved. meteorologists say the air quality has been the best since the fires started a week ago. >> here's a look at the fire lines, the atlas fire the largest at 50,000 acres, the nuns fire 6,000, the pocket fire at 10. firefighters beginning to gain
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ground. containment encouraging, the tubs and atlas more than 40% contained tonight. we gill with thomas who were on the fire lines this morning as those new evacuation orders forced people from their homes. were they ready? >> reporter: yeah, actually, they were. this has obviously been happening all over town, many people said they had a bag packed. we're coming to you from long side highway 12 right in the middle of that new evacuation zone map you see on your screen. what's happening behind us right now, though, that's the battle to save the winery. it has been going on all day long. the fire came over that hillside early this morning and has been creeping down the hillside continually throughout the day. firefighters are trying to stop it here and in other places making sure the fire goes no
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further. the glow in the sky early this morning in santa rosa was not the sun coming up, it was fire coming over the hill. there was a sudden shift in the weather overnight and locals who said they were beginning to think they might be in the clear were once again staring at fire in their backyards and being told to leave. >> there's police car making all kind of noise waking up the neighborhood already to evacuate. >> that's what woke me up. that's when i was like oe [ bleep ] we gotta go. >> a little bit oh, boy, i figured things were going to be safe here with the way the winds were going and the fact most of it had burned the other direction already. i guess none of its really safe. >> if there were a silver lining to this gray smoke is that over the past week so many firefighters have been gathering in santa rosa from all over the west, there was no shortage of equipment to throw at this fire in this sparsely populated
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hillside neighborhood east of downtown, it seems every single structure had its own personal protection detail in the form of a engine and firefighters at the ready. in early morning darkness, one team saved almost over structure on had ranch by beating back the flames from what seemed like every direction. >> the wind changing direction several times, fire wrapping around, being driven different directs. >> reporter: just to give a idea of how volatile the situation, the plume of smoke over there, that wasn't there about 20 minutes ago. so the firefighters are on their toes. we are happy to report we heard from cal fire later this evening, as far as this offshoot of the nunones fire, no one los their life that they know of. >> more homes have burned in the
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city of sonoma, more people under evacuation. you can see the new evacuation zone on the mop off to your right. crews are trying to hold back the fire after it came within a half mile of downtown sonoma this morning. residents are trying to keep up with the changing situation. >> stressful. real stressful. yeah. we're trying to keep up with everything and still try to take care of our property also. >> in the face of this terrible destruction is a growing sense of community. hand made scienigns remind resis love is thicker than smoke. lot of people saying the conditions outside were similar to sunday. >> the red flag warning is in effect until 11:00 tonight. let's check in on the wind conditions. we heard the firefighters say it was a problem. >> we saw some of the strongest
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wind gust, up to 607 miles an hour, in northern napa county, 52 miles per hour gust. east of san jose, 40 miles an hour, atlas peek, 24 miles an hour. it's the wind direction, strong onshore breezes dropping humidity, only 17% in the bay. dry offshore breezes, temperatures in the 70s and 80s, with the offshore breezes, we got the red flag morning up through about 11:00 tonight. the wind direction is interesting. when you take a look at the humidity levels as the wind backs off, toward midnight, the humidity levels recovering, temperatures close to 80 will drop down to 50.
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one more round of dry wind picks up early tomorrow morning. we'll have a forecast hour by hour. >> we'll be tracking the latest in the wind conditions throughout the night. rob's been tweeting out updates, you can use our nbc weather app to see the conditions. >> on a major hospital in the fire zone, the kaiser permanente in santa rosa is expected to reopen within the next 24 hours. you might reremember this traumatic video, 130 patients and hospital staff had to rush to safety. the other main hospital in the area southern santa rosa regional had to shut down, it is going to be a while before that hospital is ready to open. >> governor brown on the ground in the fire zone, meeting with
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fire victims. nbc bay area christy smith live in santa rosa with more on governor's message. >> reporter: the governor talked about the magnitude of the devastation that he saw. he also praised the response from first responders and the community here who've come together in the worst of circumstances. afterwards there was a community meeting here with many questions surrounding housing, communication, and what's next. governor brown, senators feinstein and harris came to santa rosa to address the series of deadly and destructive wildfires. on social media there was pictures of governor's survey of the fire zone. this week he issued emergency declarations and secured a major presidential disaster declaration, a additional federal aid for those suffering losses. feinstein talked about how members of congress would have to be helpful with fund, a fema representative spoke and governor brown assured the crowd
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he would do all he could with the fire fight and recovery. >> i can say this is truly one of the greatest tragedies california areas ever faced. the devastation is unbelievable. but we're here to do what we can. >> i've watched fema grow over the last 20 years. and they now have a program for individual assistance which they didn't some time ago. >> late this afternoon the governor's office released video of that aerial survey over the fire zone with senator harris. today in addition to thanking the first responders, they reminded folks still here in the fire zone that these fires very much active and that it is critical to evacuate and listen to those in charge when that evacuation order is given. reporting live in santa rosa.
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>> we'll stay in santa rosa in the coffee park neighborhood which was leveled by the tubs fire. now another threat, looters, police officers out in force. these looters are showing up before folks have gone to see their homes, sam. >> reporter: it is so frustrating. these families have been through so much already. you know, there's lots of ways to gauge how people are feeling emotionally. one of them certainly the signs on their face. i stood out here this afternoon with a man who had his daughter and son in one arm and his wife right next to him and he was smiling, grinning ear to ear. this as 500 yards away are the rub are you abl rubble of his house, all of the homes have been absolutely wiped away as neighbors are digesting
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that information they're appreciative for what they have but they're riding out physical signs of disgust by some of the behavior you're alluding to. a portrait of people unfolding before us on this coffee park corner. >> grabbed him by the shoulder, said you have to get out. >> these guys are the heros that saved our street, they woke us up. >> he saved a lot of people have losing more than what we could have. >> the story sounds familiar theme, neighbors who've risked everything to preserve the one thing you can't get back, human life. at the same time -- suspicions of looting in spaces where people have lost all of their earthly possessions. we saw santa rosa police investigating loss of these items beforehand cuffing this man. >> i think they are the worst
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part of humanity. i don't want them in our neighborhood. >> to think that they can do that and just violates the most sensitive parts of people right now. i mean, we have nothing. >> we're home and we're armed. of course those are the signs again. but as much frustration has there has been expressed over the looters, there is as much appreciation for the police and what they have done. i talked to a police officer today who lost everything, his home, his possessings, he came back out here, what we're seeing from first responders all over this area. >> hopefully the looters will get the message. our wildfire coverage continues. a look at flames forever sugar loaf ridge. you can see east the santa rosa. >> with all the fires there's a big impact on wine tasting in the region this weekend. some people are looking elsewhere, the bay area seeing a
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boom in business because of those fires. some residents in mendocino
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county were allowed back into their homes today. the wildfires in the redwood valley have killed at least 8 some residents were allowed back in their homes today. this hasn't been getting the attention that sonoma and napa have been getting. the fires have fill at least 8 people, all died the first night of the fire, systems 250 homes
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destroyed. fire victims are doing their best to stay positive. >> i lost my home, but i have my community and i have my home with my friends. i'm very grateful. >> pictures are also letting some evacuees. >> as the fire continues to burn, people looking for the wine tasting experience have been heading to places like the liver more winery. this weekend places like mcgral winery are bustling. napa and sonoma are the usual stop for tourists, many had to change their plans. >> we came here, then found out about the wildfires, they said too much in napa so we came to liver more. wine wrist are each participating in fund raisers through the weekend. all money raised will be donate today relief funds for napa,
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sonoma and mendocino valley. >> that is a great idea. >> the view across the golden gate bridge shows a slight improvement in the air quality thanks to the breezes. can we see a renewed threat of fires over the weekend. east of santa rosa from our
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skyranger chopper. you heard it from the governor... even though here's year live look east of santa rosa from our sky
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ranger chopper. as you zoom in, you can see such a long range of fire. you heard from the governor earlier, even though fires getting the upper hand, the emergency is far from over. you can see that there. there are new evacuation orders. the wind very dry conditions making this a volatile situation this weekend. more than 10,000 firefighters are now in the north bay the combined death toll stands at 38 but that is expected to rise. >> we have been choked by the smoke even 100 miles away from the fires. but a little bit of improvement out of the fire zone. >> it's been a mix bag. we had the stronger offshore winds that took a lot of the smoke and sent it offshore. as the winds back off tonight, we may begin to see a little of that smoke creeping back into the bay area. that's the view right now in san
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francisco. the satellite views, you can see the smoke bloom, sonoma and napa not much of a break but areas south of san francisco seeing conditions improving slightly. one of the models we look at, showing you the impact of the offshore breezes, keeping most of the smoke away from the south bay. tonight winds back off a little, we could see smoke creeping back into the east bay overnight and during the day tomorrow. another round of offshore wind should keep the smoke centered in the north bay. we're looking at a spare the air day tomorrow. we'll have unhealth area in the north bay, not quite so at as east bay. but we're watching the air quality very carefully. 79 in san jose with these offshore winds, less hazy, you see 77 degrees.
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wind speed by 11:00 tonight back off, but 7:30 tomorrow morning around sunrise or before that, we'll see another push of those offshore breezes and the wind speeds do begin to slow down by late in the weekend. so dry conditions will linger probably into tomorrow morning, one more boost of those wind speeds from 9:00 tomorrow and later winds as we finish off the weekend. temperatures will feel like customer. mifd 80s around san jose, upper 70s, the best news we've been able to say is in your seven day forecast, thursday into friday, rain could make a come back into the bay area, for san francisco and our inland locations we'll take a closer look. by wednesday and thursday, what could be the most rain the north bay has seen bins april 16th is showing up in the long range models, it would be more than a half inch of water, something to look forward to towards the
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middle and end of the next week. in the meantime, dry conditions, then we wait the chance of seeing rain returning to the bay area on thursday. more news after our break. can ♪ with the alaska airlines visa signature card you get a companion ticket every year. so why not take someone that you see all the time. someone like, i dunno, me? i mean i always spell your name right and put a little unicorn in your foam. no pressure but i really need to get out of here. they've been playing the same playlist for three months and i'm pretty sure you're not supposed to eat scones for dinner this many days in a row. mexico, hawaii, costa rica, i don't really know.
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i'm a quick packer. ♪ east of santa rosa from our
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skyranger chopper. . live look over sugar oak ridge as you can see the flames are roaring. there was trouble there more evacuations east of santa rosa today pictures from our sky ranger chopper and we've received a update.
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>> the death toll is up to 22 confirmed deaths. we can tell you that that's in sonoma county alone. six people killed in napa county, 8 in minimum douendocin. there's total 40, 220 people are still under active missing persons reports. there are new evacuation orders in some spots as well. we can tell you more homes burned overnight. the wind and very dry conditions make for a volatile situation and more than 10,000 firefighters are in the other day, 6 million gallons of retar dant has fallin over the area since monday. tragic images from the wildfires
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-- sent to us by our viewers. thousands of people coming back to scenesde all week long we've seen powerful images from the wildfires sent to us by our viewers, thousands of people coming back to scenes of destruction, here's a car burned
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in half. she said this was part of the aftermath of the nuns fire in sonoma county. entire buildings gutted. nuns fire is the most active even now. a look at this photo sent to us by ken lindsay shows the iconic welcome to napa sign with the wildfire burning in the background, you can send us yours at i see at nbc bay >> talking about the conditions not being in the firefighters favor today. >> winds still gusty around fair field and so lonea county, northeast 16 miles an hour, the smoke has been pushed right across marin county away from areas south of san francisco or tri valley today. you can see the humidity levels, down to 14, hayward, near the
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water's edge of the pay, this is the offshore wind partner where you see the wind level drop to the teens. as you head to 7:30 tonight, humidity areas closer to the bay begin to recover and we see the numbers we think for the morning in the hills still saying fairly try in the north bay. >> we want to leave you with a lock from sky ranger and just spectacular and frightening pictures from east of santa rosa, a area where they had trouble again this morning. it had been trouble before and things calmed down, rob's been talking about the wind's blowing and the humidity staying low, that's what you get as a result of that. i know that the environmental protection agency ranked the worst air locations in the united states in the top four were in the bay area, san raw fell was number one. this is part of the reason. >> we'll be back live at 6:00, you can keep up to date on our
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social immediate platforms, stay safe and we'll see you in a half hour. . saturday night, state of disaster, the rising toll in california in lives and property. the wildfires forcing 100,000 to evacuate, destroying almost 6,000 homes and businesses. breaking news, the motion picture academy overwhelmingly votes to expel harvey weinstein. hostages' ordeal, the harring exclusive new details of years in captivity for an american woman and her family. season of war, the declaration for former white house adviser, steve bannon as he steps up his attacks on the republican establishment. cold case arrests, five people charged in connection with a murder 34 years ago. flying high, a program that helps young people soar in the air and in l


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