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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 14, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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the bay tonight. new fires popping up this evening. the shifting winds forcing a lot of people out of their homes. this video just into the newsroom over sonoma county. this video shows the huge plumes of smoke behind a winery. we have new video to show you from napa county of the air attack under way right now along napa road. helicopters are putting out the small fires that seem to be popping up everywhere. cal fire confirms 40 people are dead bosth in the bay area and across california. 42 are in sonoma.
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we begin live from santa rosa. a new evacuation order in effect there now. >> reporter: it was 24 hours ago on this very air that the sonoma county sheriff warned people around here this fire remains unpredictable and dangerous. the evidence of that you can see behind us. this is the battle to save this winery. it has been going on all day as an offshoot of the fire has been creeping down this hillside. another flash point in an ever changing disaster. after a week of watching their city burn around them, the folks who live along this stretch of highway 12 had to have in the back of their minds an idea that their turn might be around the corner or once the weather changed over that hill. >> i can't say i was surprised. >> reporter: still, when the
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loud speaker calling for evacuation is outside your house. >> it's unnerving. >> reporter: for kevin lester he lost his home in coffee park. you now must stress about his girlfriend's place in the new evacuation zone. >> i figured things would be safe here the way the winds were going and the fact that most of it had burned the other direction already, but i guess none of it is safe. >> reporter: if her place is saved, it will be due to overwhelming response from firefighters. so much equipment and so many bodies have come from all over the west it seemed as if each home along this sparsely populated hillside neighborhood had its own protection crew. and when the sun rose and the planes and helicopters joined in. >> finally. that's the first time i saw it
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today. >> reporter: willie began to think her corner of the city might live to fight another day. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: we mentioned those flames and helicopters. they have been going nonstop since this morning. you see two of them out there right now. a large helicopter and a large plane. that large plume of smoke is the one you mentioned earlier behind the saint francis winery. the dark color of that smoke seems like there's something serious burning underneath it. that's going to be one like so many other spots firefighters have to keep a constant watch on morning, noon and night around here. reporting live from santa rosa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. stay safe. the air quality did improve a bit today after several days of dangerous air condition. >> we have a live shot of the golden gate bridge right there where conditions are generally smooth and the air generally clean, not so much the case
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lately. here are the conditions we can expect from here on. >> we've been watching the wind speeds and the direction which helped to push some of that smoke offshore. you saw those wind speeds this morning up to 52 miles an hour. 61 miles an hour at atlas peek. winds are offshore which gives us a dry pattern across the bay. after sundown for the hills, low humidity levels and that offshore breeze. interesting wind direction. you can see across the bay from space looking down at the view. you can see a lot of smoke was sent away from areas around san francisco and the east bay. this has been the most clear we've been in quite some time thanks to the strong northeast winds. one of the smoke computer models we look at for tomorrow morning shows what happens when those winds start to back off from the
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evening into tonight and the morning. chances are we'll begin to see more smoke creep back into the central bay. what will happen around sunrise is we think another round of offshore breezes, but that looks to be centered around santa rosa. tomorrow another spare the air day, but with offshore breezes areas around san francisco and south will not see the air quality we had two days ago. unhealthy for all groups and dangerous at times. the air quality index above 150. coming up in the seven-day forecast, cooler temperatures and the most rain we've seen in the north bay since april. that would help firefighting efforts. the timing coming up. we'll be tracking the latest on the wind conditions throughout the night. rob has been tweeting about it all night long. you can use our nbc bay area weather app to get the latest
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conditions. some good news to report this evening out of the fire zone. santa rosa is expected to reopen within the next 24 hours according to the sheriff's office. likely you've seen this video, dramatic rescues from the hospital at the peak of the wildfires. about 130 patients and hospital staff had to rush to safety, some in their own cars. other hospitals in the area shutdown because of the fires as well as. it will be a while before that one is ready to reopen. more homes burned in the city of sonoma and more people are under evacuation orders. you can see the new zone here on the map. we have been following the danger and destruction unfolding in sonoma and has this report. >> reporter: water drops continued much of saturday afternoon over the hills above the city of sonoma with crews
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trying to hold the gains made this morning as wildfires came within half a mile of the city's downtown. fire ravaged parts of neighborhoods which came under mandatory evacuation. mike and his family of five were on standby should they be forced to leave as well. >> stressful. real stressful. yeah. we're trying to keep up with everything and still try to care of our property also. >> reporter: as day broke, crews were able to assess the damage along with small hot spots and smoke, remains of people's homes, another victim to the fire's furry. >> we're living day-to-day wondering what's going to happen next. >> reporter: what has emerged is a strong sense of community at least in sonoma where love is thicker than smoke. nbc bay area news. here is a look at the current fire lines. the atlas fire remains the
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biggest one. it's at 50,000 acres right now. the nunn fire is 56,000 acres followed by the tubs fire up north at 35,000. the pocket fire, a little smaller, but still 10,000 acres. despite the increased winds today firefighters did make progress on containment. tubs and atlas is more than 40% contained. the tubs fire levelled santa rosa's coffee pot neighborhood. today more roadblocks for neighbors anxious to see what's left of their homes. sam, there's a good reason they're not being let back in. >> reporter: that's right. there are multiple reasons why you can't get through this dividing line right here. you see the barrier. i'm on san miguel avenue right now. west residents can access what's
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left of their homes, but east you cannot get back here. one reason is all of the gas leaks that are present in this neighborhood and the downed power lines. you see at least one or two pge trucks right there. so a lot of work to be done on that. residents i'm finding do have patience for this kind of thing. what they don't have patience for is this, looting. we're seeing signs popping up we're home and armed. any nonresidents past this point are considered to be a threat. as we bring up this sign, let me show you some video right now that we shot earlier today as we were out on piner avenue. you see several items that could have belonged to a man there. cell phones, watches, jewelry, a gun in one case. they were investigating in whether or not he was involved in acquiring those items through looting. we spoke with neighbors out here who feel like they're being
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taken advantage of right now in their most vulnerable position. >> the lack of sympathy that exists among people in our community that think they can do that it violates the most sensitive parts of people right now. we have nothing. >> reporter: that man was frustrated about the looting, but he was grateful for his friends and his neighbors and police officers. we have heard countless stories of people like ryan knocking on doors and waking people up in the middle of the night at the height of the flames to make sure they're safe. as far as the police officers are concerned, i can tell you i spoke with several officers who say they lost their homes and possessions, but they came back out to keep people safe. i'm told there are at least ten active duty santa rosa police officers who left everything and at least ten firefighters who lost everything. they're auout here on the front
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lines. truly an inspiring effort. reporting live this evening. back to you. >> so willing to leave their families behind so they can continue to help their community. thank you, sam. governor brown was on the ground in the fire zone today and over the area. the chopper getting a firsthand look at the devastation. he met with fire victims as well. nbc is live in santa rosa tonight with more on the governor's message. one was listen to first responders and get out if you have to, right? >> reporter: absolutely. that's what he said. the governor called this one of the greatest tragedies if not the greatest tragedy that california has praised, but he praised the hard work of first responders who have been helping people on the front lines and the community, the people who have come together to help each other. as you said, the governor's office released video late this afternoon of that aerial survey over that burned area before he
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came to santa rosa high school. they talked about the devastation that they saw and also the hard work that they saw happening. they talked about working with federal officials, securing more resources and work ing on the recovery effort, fema assistance and trying to find additional funds. residents had questions about what's happening on the fire lines, housing, evacuations and what's next. the governor pledged to do all he can to help. >> we drove by the houses, hundreds of houses that were totally destroyed, and it just brings home just what a horrible situation this is, but at a time like this, we all pull together. >> so senator harris and i will be available to be as helpful as we possibly can. i spoke with the democratic leader in the house and she indicated that there is more money being added. >> reporter: she said they're
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working on securing more. more photos were also released on social media of the governor's survey today. again, another message today as, of course, these fires continue threatening and burning. this was repeated over and over again and that is, of course, evacuate as soon as you are told to. reporting live in santa rosa, nbc bay area news. still to come, the fires force one bride to make a last minute decision to save her special day. we're going to hear from her. the local wine region seeing a boom in business because of those wildfires. we're monitoring any shifts in the wind that could bring a change in our air quality and an increase in rain with the spread of fires in the north bay. where rain could make a positive change in the seven-day forecast ahead when we come back. to wine country.... have had to
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we know a lot of folks come to the bay area hoping to head to wine country. they've had to make alternate plans which is leading to big business for smaller wine regions in the bay area. >> not only are people changing their plans, a bride also forced to come up with a backup plan. >> reporter: i'm going to be speaking in a hushed tone because the ceremony is going on
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now. this ceremony was supposed to take place in st. helena, but they had to move here to the livermore valley. the couple's family found this spot on thursday and they were able to shift the event 70 miles south and east to this venue. they got a lot of help from a lot of their vendors like florists and caters who are based in the napa valley. >> it's been amazing. our friends and family traveled here from all across the world. all of our vendors from napa were able to come down. we were able to get a dinner and fitting in the venue and getting set up in two days and everybody has been so amazing and supportive in spite of what they're going through and dealing with at home. it's been wonderful. >> reporter: vendors say they have seen a surge since tuesday
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and this weekend places have bun bustling. businesses that are part of the wine grower's association are participating in fundraisers over the weekend. this wedding we were asking if it was going to happen at all. family and friends had flown in from the east coast, germany and new zealand. thank to last minute rearrangements, they were able to have everything come together and the wedding seems like it's coming off without a hitch. nbc bay area news. >> amazing. >> unbelievable. that is something that those guests will talk about forever having come here, but it's a tale of resillansy. new information is coming
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into the newsroom. >> i understand you were with the governor as he was surveying some of the damage. we can't hear the councilman right now. >> is that better? >> yes. we're on the air right now. i understand you were with the governor as he was touring some of the areas and talking with residents of your city. >> yes. so the governor was kind enough to come out with senators to meet with our emergency operations staff to really receive an update on what's been happening on the ground. his office has been particularly key in assessing damage, getting everything in order to get the emergency declarations from the state and federal government lined up so our community cannot just fight this fire, but to begin the process of rebuilding. >> i was stunned that the governor said that according to fema, at least on the list of natural disasters on fema, a
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wildfire is not a natural disaster and they'll have to change that around to make things better for your area. did you hear about that? >> that is true. there will be fema assistance and individual assistance grants related to the loss of homes, property, and loss of time at work. that is correct, a wildfire is not considered a natural disaster. to my understanding there is legislation working through the senate to change that designation. >> we know that a lot of folks have been frustrated. they've been out of their homes, some of them in shelters for almost a week now, even some of the law enforcement officers at chp are feeling like they're getting pushback. i know you've been able to get about 26,000 people back into their homes. what has their response been at this point? >> i think you're right. i think there is a lack of communication that goes on
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sometimes on the back end of tragedies like this. as we've been able to push out information about what the process to repopulate an area is, we've seen some of that frustration ease. just so you know, what's going on right now is in the areas that have been affected by the fire that were evacuated, that becomes a cal fire issue to lift the evacuation, but before we can do so pg&e and safety groups have to go in and assess for downed power lines and leaks to make sure it's safe for families to move in. because we've not been able to contain the fire yet, there's a continued threat to life. all the resources have been thrown at blocking the fire off from the city. we're just now starting to be able to repopulate as pg&e and other groups have brought in literally hundreds of people to do the assessment work to allow those to get back into their homes. >> you're right there in santa
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rosa right now. is there concern for the city on the eastern side. we keep seeing flames. how close are they to the city right now? >> they've been getting pretty close. the side of the town that you're talking is a section called oakmont. it's a senior citizen center and about 4,000 homes there. one of the great things about firefighting is it's not just about putting a hose on a flame. what's been going on for the last couple of days in preparation for increased winds last night was some additional work around oakmont and other parts of the city to dig in and create fire breaks that prevent the fire from traveling into city limits. we were expecting additional damage last night with 50 mile an hour wind and with the fire breaks and the way the firefighters prepared for the night actually ended up doing was stopping the fire from reaching within the city limits and damaging any additional structures. >> great work.
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council member, thank you for your time this afternoon. >> thank you. take care. we are joined now to talk more about these fires. i was in that oakmont neighborhood and the hillside was still on fire, but the winds were low. it didn't spread at that point, but that changed today. >> that changes as the wind speeds go up. the strongest wind event since the start of these north bay fires, it looks like we're passing the peak of those winds which was midday today. how with this view? 72 degrees. you can see san francisco right now. speaking of san francisco, there's the smoke layer there off to the west. mainly off to the north of the golden gate bridge thanks to those dry offshore winds which took a lot of smoke away from the bay area. tomorrow unhealthy for all
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groups. dangerous conditions can be expected as the winds will be out of the northeast. another spare the air day around the bay area. south of san francisco, east bay and south bay it changed thanks to the strong northeasterly winds. now our short-term high resolution smoke model here looking at near surface smoke. we'll show you what happens when those offshore breezes back off a little bit. you notice around the central bay, oakland tonight into tomorrow morning we may see a little smoke push south and the offshore winds pick up and the thicker smoke should be redirected out to the north bay counties. between now and 11:00, wind speeds should start to lighten up. when the regular flag warning expires, i want you to look at
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7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. east bay hills and north bay may briefly see the offshore breezes pick up close to sun rise from 7:00 to 8:00 in the morning and decrease through the afternoon. but that wind direction means it will feel like summer tomorrow. we're talking highs in the mid to upper 80s around san jose. 85 degrees in san francisco and 82 in oakland. big changes coming up in the seven-day forecast as we pass the middle part of the week, not only cooler temperatures, but a chance of rain thursday and friday if this pattern holds and if we can manage more than a half inch of rain, this pattern might bring us the most rain for places like napa and santa rosa going back to april 17th. a big drop in temperatures too. going from summer like levels around san francisco and less gusty offshore winds.
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that's good news, but better news could be the chance of an early season storm coming in on thursday and friday right now. progressively weather conditions will get better for fighting north bay fires, but still warm and dry sunday into monday. breezy at times in the hills. >> thanks very much. the north bay fires impacting the production of a hit tv show and fipifilming her bay area. we'll have details in two minutes. across the hardest hit areas of
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mendocino county today. this as. more residents were allowed back into some of utility crews fanned out across the hardest hit parts today as residents were allowed back into burned out neighborhoods. >> nbc was there as one woman
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visited what had been her home. >> it was definitely by far the most terrifying night of my entire life. >> reporter: the terror still fresh. a narrow escape from the wind swept fires of monday morning. >> the flames were coming from this way and this way too. >> reporter: days after the fire ashley is now staring down the reality of today. >> this was my door. >> reporter: surveying the ashes of her home in the redwood valley. >> i had like a big giant crystal like this big. there's pieces of it. this is a chunk of it. i found my son's motorcycle over there. >> reporter: nearly 250 neighbors lost home in the fire and at least eight of her neighbors perished. >> my friend saved my life. i almost burnt to death in this house and i didn't. >> reporter: like most the next steps seem daunting. >> i'm not sure what to do.
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>> reporter: there are things she's sure of. >> i'll never be kept down. i'll rebuild and i'm going to have to make the most of it and i'm going to stand here and clean this up. >> reporter: up and down the road the repairs were just beginning and so was the long journey of what will come next. >> i saved everything that i could and there's nothing that i can do except move forward one foot in front of the other. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. the fires also halted production on a netflix drama. the series "13 reasons why" had to shut down this week. the show films in areas effected by the fire and many members of the crew live in the bay. season two of the show is set to debut next year. still to come, new evacuation orders. we'll take to you santa rosa where strong windos forced
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thousands to leave their homes. the search for a dog lost in the fire that has gone viral.


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