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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 15, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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images, video and stories of the devastation that thousands are still waking up to on this seventh day of fire fighting by crews across the country. >> thanks for joining us on this special edition of "today in the bay." overnight, reaching out to counties and fire fighting agencies. here are the top headlines at this hour. the death toll stands at 40, 22 in sonoma county alone. more than 200 people remain missing. more than 6,000 homes and structures have been confirmed destroyed. we got brand-new numbers. the atlas fire is now 56% contained. that has gone up. the tubbs fire, which ravaged parts of santa rosa, 60%. the tubbs fire is 50% contained and the pocket fire near geyserville. road closures and mandatory evacuations remain in effect. all week long, we have been bringing you live team coverage on air and online.
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our commitment to this story continues with reporters across the north bay as well as vianey arana tracking the conditions while you were sleeping. this morning, let's go to anser hassan who is in sonoma and has been there for the last 24 hours. what are you seeing this morning, anser? >> reporter: yeah, there has been a big difference from the past 24 hours. the heat is less intense, less chaotic. yesterday, 30 feet flames threatening the city. there are still mandatory evacuations. the damage has been done. this is one of the homes that caught fire yesterday. several homes, in fact, caught fire. you can see some of the smoldering smoke behind it, you can see a tractor, what used to be a car and behind that, obviously, what used to be a house. let's show video from yesterday morning. this is saturday morning around 4:00 a.m. when this entire neighborhood was evacuated and this house fully engulfed in flames. the county issued 500 mandatory
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evacuation orders for this area. somehow, this is the only house that caught fire on this street. just another reminder of how erratic and unpredictable this fire has been. i spoke with fire officials a short while ago. there has been significant progress made over the past 24 hours. firefighters continue to monitor hot spots. but, the fight to contain this fire is far from over. i want to show you new numbers that were released overnight. since monday, when the fires began, aircraft across the state dropped over 2 million gallons of retardant to help firefighters on the ground. many of these have been taking off in sacramento. wednesday and thursday had the heaviest workload because the weather conditions were most favorable for fighting fires from above. to give you a better idea of the resources cal fire is using, new this morning, we have these aerial shots for you. these are cal fire fire crews in
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action over the nuns fire in santa rosa. these pictures are near highway 12. just goes to show how massive this operation has been for the crews on the ground to the fire crews fighting the fire up above. now, we spoke to police officials this morning who are monitoring this area. they say evacuation, mandatory evacuation orders are still in place and advising residents it looks like the fire is gone, but it is still unsafe. they don't want residents to return home until they are clear to do so. resident n residents that are returning home, have your ids. reporting live in sonoma, anser hassan, "today in the bay." >> don't want those looters to come in. thank you for the update there. a red flag warning is in effect. the wind is a concern for firefighters and homeowners around the fire zones. >> let's bring in vianey arana who has been tracking the
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conditions and you say this red flag warning will only last another hour or so. >> thankfully, it looks like it is not going to be extended. we want to be on alert because of the changing weather conditions. the conditions right now, ideal for fighting this fire. the reason is we have cooler temperatures in the wind gusts are really starting to die down. i just want to put in perspective the active fire that is are still burning. we have that tubbs fire at over 35,000 acres, the pocket fire, 1,000 acres and the atlas fire, over 50,000 acres. the atlas fire is the nuns fire and partridge fire. with all the acreage of the fires burning, they need the wind to work in their favor. it will. however, we are expecting to keep relatively low humidity and the temperatures will be jumping into the 80s. that's why they still are going to remain on a bit of an alert. the red flag warning, as of now, i have not seen anything
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extended, which is great news for all of us. judging by the models, it looks like the winds already died down at 11 miles per hour in napa. san francisco might see gustier conditions. so far, over the next couple days, in terms of weather, we have nothing but good news ahead. back to you. >> thanks so much. santa rosa has seen the most damage and destruction so far. entire neighborhoods have been completely wiped from the map. this morning, we have video of crews battling the flames back from other homes. >> "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda is live in santa rosa with the latest now that day is breaking out there. sharon? >> reporter: right. with the daylight, we can see more of what's going on behind us. we can see the ridge line better. you can see that we have a new shift of officers here at the road closure. that's what firefighters and safety officers out here are so grateful for, back-up help coming into this area. you can see this unit is from the san mateo county sheriff's
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department. let's look at video from overnight. we were up highway 12, just about an hour ago. you could see flames going up high over the ridge line thchlt is the tubbs fire. there's a mandatory evacuation order in place for this area between adobe canyon road and here, where we are at, at calistoga road. over the weekend, firefighters made progress with the north bay fires but more structures were lost in sonoma county because of the fires with low humidity and gusty wind conditions. firefighters, overnight, battled the flames near santa rosa to keep that fire from heading back to the areas that were already ravaged earlier this week, at the beginning of the fires. some residents say this time, they are going to stay to try to save their homes. firefighters advise the residents to leave and stay safe. back here live, we have been watching this ridge line. fortunately, we have calm winds here. the smoke is very thick and dense. we are definitely wearing our
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masks out here. again, back-up units here to help with the road closures and we have residents coming up asking us how is the fire looking. the most we can tell them is it is still on that ridge line with flair ups continuing. live in sonoma county, sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> sharon, you pointed out that that san mateo county sheriff is behind you. they are far away on the peninsula. is that what you are seeing, response from across the bay area? >> reporter: yes. when we arrived here earlier, there was a chp officer and he looked very fresh and, you know, not too tired. he said that is what is so good about this whole system now. there's so much back up help and he knew this new unit was coming, so he was in a good mood and letting firefighters through, chp officers, everyone working together to help battle these fires. >> thank goodness for that.
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sharon in santa rosa for us, thank you. >> it takes a team. breaking news out of oakland, our first video in of a fire burning near the oakland zoo. it was unfomding on the east side of 580 at gulf links road. it started when that car there caught fire. firefighters rushed to the scene to try to get a handle of it. we have a crew on the scene, gatheri gatheri gathering information, talking to people. things seem to be calming down at this hour. our nbc bay area sky ranger will fly overhead in a few minutes now that the sun is up to give us a better vantage pounlt. >> we have more breaking news overnight from oakland. chp officer is being treated after being hit by a car. officials say it happened around 2:30 this morning near the 98th avenue off ramp from southbound 880. no word on what led up to that incident. we are working to find more
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information. the officer suffered only minor injuries. much more ahead on "today in the bay." the coverage of the wildfires continue. we are talking to fire officials about the tough road ahead. hear from them live, next. the wine harvest is not stopping because of the fires. look at this photo. shows farm workers with flashlights wearing masks. we'll be back in two minutes.
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power outages are another big issue of the wildfires but pg-e welcome back. 7:11 on your sunday morning. a live look at the damage and destruction. other devastation in sonoma. the good news today is the red flag warning is going to expire about 49 minutes from now. that means the wind, hopefully, will not push and spread the fire like we saw at this time yesterday morning. the bad news, all that smoke you see lingering won't be pushed out of the way because the wind won't be there. the air quality will be bad.
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>> power outages are another big issue. pg&e thinks they are making a lot of progress getting the lights back on for people. more than 300,000 customers lost power once that fire started. by 8:00 tonight, the utility hopes to announce 23,000 people won't have power. 18,000 in sonoma and 5,000 in napa county. new this morning, dispatchers are badly needed in the north bay. police tweeted 93 shifts of dispatchers have been filled by 24 outside agencies. it's part of the mutual aid resources. some of the dispatchers came from memo park, san jose, redwood city. it is 7:12. there is much more ahead on "today in the bay." a story of hope and survival in the north bay. how pets survived the neighborhoods. where this little kitten was found.
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we have some good news. those winds are significantly dying down and we are tracking rain in the forecast. i'll give you an exact time line of when it will make its arrival in a bit. stay with us. our collaboration with pg&e is centered around public safety. without pg&e's assistance, without their training we could not do our mission to keep our community safe. anytime we are responding to a structure fire, one of the first calls you make is for pg&e for gas and electric safety. it's my job to make sure that they have the training that they need to make the scene safe for themselves and for the public.
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it's hands-on training actually turning valves, turning systems off, looking at different wire systems all that training is crucial to keeping our community safe and our firefighters safe. together, we're building a better california.
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welcome back to a special edition of "today in the bay" on this sunday morning. a live look outside, this is sonoma county. some of the fire ravaged areas up there. the good news, the red flag warning will be lifted in 45 minutes from now, meaning the winds died down. the smoke is very thick in there. it could hamper firefighters efforts by air. we'll continue to monitor everything going on this morning. with so many fires burning, it can be confusing where they all are. this is a new map we put together showing the tubbs, atlas and nuns fire are burning. we hope this gives you a better lay of the land. the tubbs fire is between
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calistoga and santa rosa in napa and sonoma county, crosses highway 128 to the east and comes all the way to highway 101 in the west. the nuns fire, what's confusing is it's three fires all merged into one. it is north and east of glen ellen in sonoma county. that's down here. it grew 550 acres yesterday morning when the fire spread to the oak lawn neighborhood off highway 12. remember, we brought that to you live on "today in the bay" yesterday morning, the new mandatory evacuation. now, to the atlas fire. that is the largest one burning right now. it is in napa and solano counties. it goes to the north and the east of napa. it reaches as far west as the silverado trail, the famous silverado trail, popular for wine tasting and goes north, to
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lake berryessa here, not quite to the lake, but close. we hope that picture gives you a better idea of the fires burning right now. back to you, laura. >> hard to see how they have all went. very sad. they have the efforts going there. this morning, a heart warming story. pets are being found as people and police return to the burned out neighborhoods. look at the photos from the santa rosa police department. they posted officer miller and sergeant millerton were patrolling dennis and coffey lane and came across this kitten under an abandoned car. he was taken to a local vet and will soon be adopted, if not by one of the officers. they are looking for name suggestions. nice to bring the happy stories amist all the sad ones. >> we have another one of an
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animal that survived. you'll want to stay tuned for that. >> it gives you chills. let's check in with vianey arana with a look of the weekend forecast. the winds dying down? >> i have good news on my end, which is nice for a change. i have been bringing you the gusty conditions. we are finally catching relief. the temperatures remain cool. temperatures between 40 and 50 range down to the south bay, san jose at 49. the coastline, between the 40s and 50s. they did extend this original red flag warning from yesterday to the 8:00 a.m. hour because we were tracking the possibility of seeing gusts, especially through the higher elevation areas. i have good news. the wind levels, the latest update is showing nonexistent wind after the 8:00, 9:00 hour. at 8:30 a.m., 11-mile-per-hour winds in napa. we have seen that on and off. then it really dies down.
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look, we go from 11 to 15, then pretty much nothing into the later portion of today, which is fantastic news. not even breezy. much better than originally forecasted. that smoke pollution, because it's not going to be blowing the wind as much coming from the north-northeast, it is going to keep that dense fog really sitting over the north bay. this is the latest forecast. yesterday, this was originally all red because of the offshore winds cleared out some of the smoke. with the return of the winds thar, that is going to keep a lot over the north bay. dangerous. clear skies. remember they are very much active. the fire danger, in terms of humidity, we are expecting much better conditions recovering humidity in the next couple hours. still fairly low in areas along the north bay, but much, much better. navato, 32%. santa rosa, 26%.
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30s to the south bay, 43%. this is what we want to see, especially as you have been hearing about the fires and the officials saying the wind is what really helps them or sets them back. today, it is going to help them. the conditions will be warmer in the south bay, east bay also looking at 80s. oakland, 82, walnut creek, 84. along the peninsula, 70s and 80s. san francisco, upper 70s and low 80s. the wildfire area, mid to upper 80s. yeah, the temperatures are going to be warmer today. but we have a bit of a cooling trend on the way. the seven day outlook, this is what we have been monitoring. look at thursday. we see the arrival of a system. as we fast forward through friday, the entire bay area has a really, really good shot at getting rain, possibly the most we have seen since april, which is exactly what we need. mother nature's own fire extinguisher. the temperatures drop as early as tuesday. wednesday and thursday, the
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arrival of the system and of course the rain, that's really going to help clear out the nasty gunk in the air, that smoke in the air, making for much better weather conditions. the later portion of the week. as of now, the models are aligning for rain and a cooling trend as we head into the workweek ahead. all good news. back to you. >> we'll search for the good news. thank you. still ahead, one family finds their 150 pound four-legged baby at home. >> here, baby. >> one family went back to see what was left of their home and they got the surprise of a lifetime. the emotional reunion that has gone viral. fire crews from across california are showing up to help battle the blazes in the bay area. this photo posted shows the crew from down in pasadena in santa rosa. the firefighter is holding a sign that reads, sonoma county proud. take a live look outside at san
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francisco from san bruno. welcome back. on a sunday morning, taking a live look outside, this is a look at san francisco from the distance of the san bruno mountain. you can see the haze and smoke over the city by the bay. that will remain over many parts of the bay area today as a red flag warning is now a fire that will actually help firefighters in the north bay battling the flames as it should contain at least some of the fires they are trying to fight from the ground and the air. 7:24 this morning. this is a cool story. the journey to find a loved one as the fires rage monday turn into an incredible uplifting story. >> "today in the bay's" sam brock went to santa rosa where flames nearly stole a family's beloved dog. >> anticipation is killing me. >> reporter: the walk of jack weaver's childhood driveway is
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about a half mile. on tuesday morning, he conquered three miles of rugged terrain, unsure of what he might find. >> at that point, we knew the house was gone, we were sure of it. we didn't know what was left. it's gone. >> reporter: jack and his brother-in-law ventured on, hoping against hope that somehow the family's 115 pound, 9-year-old bernese mountain dog might surface. a night where the flames forced his parents to flee, izzy the dog bolted. >> she was gone in the darkness. they yelled. they got out with minutes. [ inaudible ] >> no, i didn't think so. >> reporter: in this horror story, featuring an escape from a dreamhouse going up in flames, there is a happy ending. >> the tractor is totally fine. izzy is here. izzy, come here, baby.
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izzy. here, baby. >> how did this dog do it? >> i have no idea. she's a miracle dog. she survived cancer twice, now the sonoma county fires, the worst the state has seen. she's a miracle dog. >> reporter: some brock, nbc bay area news. >> we watched that video in the news room before the newscast. we saw it in the 6:00 hour. it does not get old. >> no, that moment you see the dog come around the bend. >> it's a miracle. >> it is. it's good to see the stories of hope. >> yeah. much more ahead on this essential edition of "today in the bay." breaking coverage continues. we have live reports with new information on the fire fight. >> reporter: i'm sharon katsuda live in sonoma county where mandatory evacuations are now in place. i'll show you what's going on here at highway 12, coming up. >> reporter: i'm anser hassan in sonoma. mandatory evacuation orders are
7:27 am
in place. police telling residents to stay out until it's safe to come home. you are watching "today in the bay."
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♪ our special ed breaking news coverage of the north bay wildfires. our special edition of "today in the bay" continues right now. at 7:29, i'm kira klapper. >> i'm laura garcia. we are on this morning because of the fires in the north bay. overnight, we have been reaching out to counties and fire fighting agencies for new information. here are the top headlines at the hour. sadly, the death toll stands at 40. 22 in sonoma county, alone. more than 200 people are still missing, also, over 6,000 homes and structures have now been confirmed destroyed. >> we just got an update minutes ago. good news, the atlas fire in napa and solano counties is 56% contained. the tubbs fire, which ravaged parts of santa rosa is now 60%
7:30 am
contained. great news there. the nuns fire, remains at 15% containment as does the pocket fire near geyserville at 15% containment. live pictures for you now in sonoma. other devastation. all week, nbc bay area has been bringing you live team coverage on the fire lines both on air and online. our commitment to the story continues with our reporters. vianey arana is tracking conditions and what has progressed while you have been sleeping. a red flag warning in effect for 30 more minutes. right now, let's go to "today in the bay," sharon katsuda live in santa rosa. you are in front of a major road closure. >> reporter: that's right. we are here at calistoga road along highway 12 and we are definitely wearing our masks. we see dense smoke in morning. we are feeling it in our throats, for sure. definitely wearing the masks this morning.
7:31 am
you can see back-up units have arrived to help out with the road closure. we saw san jose police go through this road closure to help out the line here up highway 12. let's take a look at video we shot from overnight along the ridge line. we had to back up from highway 12 where we were earlier because we thought the flames were getting too close, shooting up high on the ridge line, so we came back to calistoga road. this is a mandatory evacuation area. we talked to one resident who said he is definitely on edge, but is back here to keep an eye on the fire. >> we left four times already. we have been back. we go down to the civic or the veterans center. once they clear us, we come back. you know? i have been to pacifica a couple times to mom's house. we are here now. i just want my dad.
7:32 am
>> reporter: firefighters overnight battled the flames near santa rosa to try to keep the fire from heading back to the areas that were already ravaged this week. some residents are going to try to stay home to fight the fires on their own. but, of course, firefighters are highly advising against that. back here live, i want to show you the community effort here. now in daylight, we can see down here, there's food and water left for all of the patrols who come here and change shifts. the patrol officers say, yes, they can dig into that. they offered us some coming into the story. you need that all day long. people trying to help out, out here for sure. reporting live in sonoma county, sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> that's that bay area giving spirit. i love it. >> so good to see. we have plentiful good news coming. great news continues with our
7:33 am
vianey arana. there is a red flag warning in effect until 8:00, 28 more minutes. we are hopeful once that appears conditions are good for firefighters. >> right. it's nice to tell you the weather is working in favor of the fight against this wildfire. current temperatures are on the cooler side. chillier for parts of the napa up and down north bay area. napa 48. santa rosa, 37. the cooler conditions help. the fact that the forecast winds are lighter than expected is better. as of now, the red flag warning is expected to expire in 30 minutes. it was extended overnight to 8:00 a.m. the reason is some of the models were showing the possibility of seeing gusts from on shore winds. as of now, looking at the models, look at this. the hour-by-hour outlook shows nothing but the winds dying down. santa rosa, 8 miles per hour. 8 miles per hour in napa.
7:34 am
breezy in san francisco. so, this is fantastic news. now, we see a bit of a pick up at 10:00 a.m. nothing too serious, not breezy expected throughout the entire day. we are going to be monitoring that smoke pollution. unfortunately, with the wind kind of not being strong, it is going to keep a lot of that smog sitting right over the north bay. this is the latest forecast. so, still, even though it is going to be nice and clear for the most part and still fairly dangerous to be outside, unhealthy air quality continues. rain coming up at 7:45. tune in for that. back to you. >> good news is coming. that will be refreshing break from everything. thanks. the fight to contain and extinguish those flames far from over. crews are working on the ground and in the air. we want to show the new numbers from overnight. >> anser hassan is live in sonoma with those numbers. really interesting look at all
7:35 am
the fire retardant that's been dropped. first, anser you have a great perspective because you were in snow that yesterday morning and now in the same place and seeing how conditions have changed. >> reporter: yeah, they really have. the air is much better, not as much smoke. the power is still out and the curfew still remains. those 30 foot flames that threatened the city, that threat seems to be cleared. you can see the damage has been done. if we head this way, you can see this used to be a house, smoldering smoke. you can see you have a better viewpoint now that it is out. you see burnt out trucks, a tractor, what looks like may have been the same. pictures of this place 24 hours ago. this is saturday morning, around 4:00 a.m. when this house was fully engulfed in flames. the county issued 500 mandatory evacuation calls to residents in this area. somehow, this was the only house that was burned.
7:36 am
just shows how erratic this fire has been throughout. i spoke with fire officials a short while ago. they say significant progress has been made in containing the lines over the past 24 hours. firefighters continue to monitor hot spots. the fight to contain the fire is far from over. as we were talking, the retardant that's been used, since last monday when the fires began, aircraft across the state dropped 2 million gallons of retar dant to help firefighters. wednesday and thursday was the heaviest load because they had the most favorable weather conditions. to give you a better idea of the resources cal fire is use zing, new this morning, aerial shots from cal fire showing their crews in action over the nun fire in santa rosa. cal fire bringing out the big guns, the dc-10 tankers near highway 12. it shows how massive the
7:37 am
operation has been from the ground crews to the fire crews up above. sonoma county officials will be out here later on today to assess the damage. they know people want to come home, but it may seem like the fire threat has subsided a bit, but it is still dangerous conditions out here. we have police monitoring the road. now, when the green light is given for people to return home, city officials want people to have their ids ready. you may be required to show your identification before you are allowed back home. live in sonoma, anser hassan, "today in the bay." >> all those extra precautions we need to take. thank you very much. as the fires rage in the north bay, families that lost loved ones are beginning their long journey toward healing. veronica died in her home alone sunday night. her son told us her home is the hub of countless get togethers for years. his mom was a caring person, would have been one of the
7:38 am
people volunteering to help evacuees. >> she was the first person to, whether it was within the community or family, offer her assistance to those in need. >> he says his mother was known as ronnie. she loved caring for her new granddaughter and was enjoying retirement. breaking news out of oakland. this is the fire burning near the oakland zoo. it all unfolded on the east side of 580 as gulf lanes road. it was started because that car there caught fire. firefighters were quickly on the scene to contain that fire. we have a crew on the scene talking to authorities right now. we are told there are roadblocks in that area. things seem to be calming down at this hour. we don't need another fire. sky ranger is overhead hoping to bring live pictures knew daylight is upon us this morning. at 7:38, still ahead, governor jerry brown visits the
7:39 am
ravaged fire area. we'll tell you about the help he is promising for the survivors and victims. a photo posted to instagram showing sign thanking firefighters and police officers. a lot of hard work going on up there. this is from nassau this morning. a lot more new this is morning. stick around.
7:40 am
7:41 am
take a live look outside at san francisco from san bruno. you can see the haze over the city. welcome back. a special edition of today until the bay on sunday morning. a live look outside. the sun's arrival over the city by the bay. this is taken from up by san bruno mountains. you can see the smoke, the haze remains this morning. hopefully a break in the winds will give firefighters the upper hand. the thick smoke could make it tough for aerial drops. we are monitoring the situation for you. more ahead, including words from the governor. >> governor jerry brown was at some of the worst hit areas of santa rosa in the air and on the
7:42 am
ground. he spoke to people who lost everything. senator dianne feinstein was with him, then they spoke at a meeting. they addressed concerns directly from victims about what happens next? >> i can say that this is truly one of the greatest, if not the greatest tragedy california ever faced. the devastation is unbelievable. it ee it's a horror that no one could have imagined. we are here to do what we can. >> the governor and senators promised to keep seeking more federal aid to help the counties recover from the disaster. utility crews expand out across mendocino county as residents were let back into the burned out neighborhoods. >> joe rosato jr. was there as one woman visited what had been her home. >> it was definitely, by far,
7:43 am
the most terrifying night of my life. >> reporter: the terror, still fresh. a narrow escape from the wind swept fires of monday morning. >> the flames were coming from this way and this way, too. >> reporter: days after the fire, ashley is now staring down the reality of today. >> this was my door. >> reporter: surveying the ashes of her home in redwood valley. >> i had, like a big, giant crystal this big. oh, there's pieces of it. here is a chunk of it. my son's motorcycle there. >> reporter: nearly 250 of her neighbors lost homes in the fire. at least eight of her neighbors parrished. >> my friend saved my life. i almost burnt to death in this house and i didn't. >> reporter: like most here, the next steps seem daunting. >> i'm not sure what to do. >> reporter: there are things she is sure of. >> i'm the kind of person that, i'll never be kept down.
7:44 am
like, i'll rebuild. i'm going to have to make the most of it. i'm going to stand here and clean this up. >> reporter: up and down the hard hit road, the repairs were just beginning. so was the long journey of what will come next. >> i saved everything i could. there's nothing that i can do except move forward, one foot in front of the other. >> reporter: joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> heart breaking. >> it really is. that's one of so many stories. >> in fact, much more ahead on "today in the bay." we have breathtaking video that shows more victims, row after row of homes destroyed by these wildfires. >> we are seeing amazing photos from viewers on instagram. this shows the smoke over a vineyard in napa. look at the brightness in it. wine country needs your help. the impact on lives and property is clear and enormous. something we know and share. more is ahead, stick around.
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welcome back. thanks for joining us on your sunday morning. here is a really bright, clear look at the golden gate bridge. probably the best visibility we have had in the past week as the sunshines over the bay. we are under a red flag warning for 13 more minutes, hoping that once that expires at 8:00 a.m., it will help firefighters battling the fires in the north bay. laura? >> it's remarkable to see the brightness of that photo compared to this. it looks like black and write drone video. this is the damage in sonoma county in santa rosa, in fact. this is that coffey park area where the area was just decimated, just destroyed. people are trying to return to this area to pick out and find what little they can in some of these homes. right now, some of the sonoma county officials are taking ids.
7:48 am
they are not letting people back in because they are afraid looting is going to happen. for many people, they have nothing to go back to. >> laura, you knew what i was about to talk about or predicted it for people returning home after all the flames. they are dealing with another threat. they are dealing with thieves. our familiar ras happened to be there. take a look at this as police arrested an alleged looter in the coffey park neighborhood of santa rosa. officers laid out several pieces of evidence, cell phone, jewelry and a b.b. gun. one man who lost his entire home can't believe someone would take advantage of the victims. some put up signs around the sfi saying would be looters need to stay away. we want to tell you about two more community meetings in napa coming up for spanish speakers. 1:00 p.m. at the st. john catholic church, then 3:30, the
7:49 am
na napa valley june fied school district is in english with spanish translation and sign language for hearing-impaired. we are about ready to get out of the red flag warning. the high winds, hopefully, are dying down. rain in the long range forecast? >> indeed. all looking favorable in terms of the fight against the fire. the conditions remain chilly. santa rosa, 37 degrees. napa, 48. down to the east, temperatures in the 50s and 40s in san jose. now, along the coastline, we saw a shift in the winds. that's why that red flag warning was extended originally from last night to 8:00 a.m. 7:49 a.m. as of right now, i do not see this being extended. the reason is if i take you through wind models, look at this. by 9:00 a.m., nonexistent winds 8 miles per hour. there could be a period it seems like the winds pick up.
7:50 am
all in all, the winds dying down significantly, not even breezy. another point, it may look clear and beautiful, which is a welcome sight, but that doesn't mean it is not dangerous in terms of that air quality we are seeing dangerous conditions in the north bay area and the remainder of the bay area. fairly unhealthy. the relative humidity, we are seeing a big improvement, but low in areas like napa between 20, 19 and 17%. it might drop lower. we have to keep our guard up because the temperatures will be in the 80s. let's talk about the much welcome rain. the seven day outlook, thursday, we see the arrival of a system that's going to kick up rain in the early morning commuting hours. between 6:00 and 7:00 a.m. so far. as we fast forward through friday, look at this. potentially could see the most rain we have seen since april. judging by the graphicings and the models, it looks like we are going to see rain throughout the
7:51 am
entire bay area and down to southern california, which is also seeing a series of its own fire. seven days, favorable conditions ahead. by monday, we stee smokey skies, temperatures are warm. tuesday and wednesday, some good news. we have a cooling trend on the way. in addition to the rain, we are talking the cooling trend on the way. we have a lot of great things to look forward to. a nice change because i have been warning folks about how dangerous the conditions can get. now, it looks like finally the weather will work in the fight against the wildfires. i'm ready for the change ahead. >> it will finally seem like fall. >> definitely. >> like the weather gods knew exactly what we needed. we wish the rain would be here sooner. better late than never. >> as long as the winds are calm, that makes a big difference. >> thanks. still ahead on "today in the bay," good news for the fire lines. an increase in the containment numbers for most of the fires in
7:52 am
the north bay. firefighters are doing a good
7:53 am
7:54 am
job getting around the fires. we continue to cover our breaking news tho morning. good news to report, firefighters are doing a great job getting around the fires new numbers. >> new numbers this morning, the latdest update came down a half hour ago. the atlas fire is 56% contained. the tubbs fire, 60% contained and the pocket and nuns fires are both 25% contained. so, great progress on all of those fires.
7:55 am
"today in the bay's" sharon katsuda is live in santa rosa with the latest there. where you are, sharon, are the mandatory evacuations are still in effect. >> reporter: yes, they are. we are seeing a lot of relief out here from residents. there are calm winds. all of us that are wearing our masks because the smoke is so thick in this area. you can see behind me, this is basically what's been going on all morning. you can see a resident here, basically asking how close is this fire getting? earlier this morning, you can see the flames along the ridge line. that is what we shot. we were up along highway 12, closer, about five minutes up highway 12 to the fire. you could see that it was definitely active and then santa rosa firefighters out there were fighting flames overnight. basically, they are just trying to get a hands l on this fire but residents still coming out at this hour, trying to find out how close is the fire getting to
7:56 am
their home? still, mandatory evacuations in place. live in sonoma county, sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> thank you, sharon. let's go to "today in the bay's" anser hassan. he is live in sonoma for us. you have painted a picture all morning of very different days, yesterday to today, anser. >> reporter: that's rilgt. power is still out. mandatory evacuation orders are in place. what a difference from 24 hours ago. this city was threatened by 30-foot flames. you can see now, the damage has been done. smoldering smoke still smoldering from the ashes here. you can see a burnt out car over there. i spoke to fire officials ermier this morning. they say significant progress has been made in maintaining the fire. firefighters continue to monitor hot spots. sonoma county officials will be back out here today to monitor
7:57 am
the sight and evaluate if residents can come home. stay out until you get the green light. anser hassan, "today in the bay." >> thank you. we want to check one last time with vianey arana before we go. >> good news. we have the calmer winds. reporters are in person at the scene. they are noticing the change in the help that will bring toward the firefighters and better news on the way. today will be another warm and hot day. we have a cooling trend on the way. that will arrive as early as tomorrow. if you look ahead at wednesday and thursday, that's when we get the biggest change in the weather forecast. we get a system that makes the arrival, bringing much needed rain, not just to the north bay, but the entire bay area. if all models align correctly, we have rain on the way. >> thanks. >> thanks for making us part of your morning. at 9:00, a news conference held by napa county leaders. you can watch it here on nbc bay area and online. >> instead of the 5:00 and 6:00
7:58 am
news, we will air sunday night in football night. have a great day. you could save energy by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california.
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8:00 am
. this sunday, trying to undo the obama presidency, on obamacare, president trump moves to eliminate subsidies to help low-income americans. >> that money is going to insurance companies to lift up their stock price, and that's not what i'm about. >> many see thiss an attempt to sabotage the affordable care act. >> obamacare is not perfect. but it doesn't mean you take it away and hurt people. >> the president threatens to end the nuclear deal. >> iran is not living up to the spirit of the deal. >> mr. trump taking aim at president obama chief domestic and foreign achievements. >>


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