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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 16, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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here the updated fire map process. the atlas fire, the nuns fire which merge with others near glen he will and the tubbs fire decimated parts of santa rosa. crews have the atlas and tubbs fire mostly handled but still plenty of work on the nuns, pocket fire and the redwood valley fire in mend o county. our team of reporter remains in place the second straight week. let's begin with jodi hernandez, live in oak dale where the active fire fight goes on now. jodi. >> reporter: that's right. despite the progress people still are very much on edge. that's because there are still hot spots here in napa county. the smoky hillside is one of the areas of concern. we've been watching a massive aerial attack on it all day. one full week after the deadly fire started, the fire fight is
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still in full force in parts of the north bay. tonight choppers dropping water targeting rutherford, the hills above this winery. >> as the fire comes down and progresses down towards the rutherford area above the winery we are working to slow the spread of that fire. >> reporter: this morning, a tragic loss in the fire fight. a water tender driver working the area of the napa hills lost control of his truck wg rolling it over down the side of the hill where he died. >> our hearts go out to obviously the family and the friends that are impacted by this as it has an impact on all of us. >> reporter: one more reminder how dangerous the fire fight continues to be. those who have homes and businesses still in harm's way say they are grateful to all those putting lives on the line. >> yes it's nerve-racking. i have complete confidence in
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them. they are get going in hand under control. >> nick not only owns a business at the base of the hillside that's a hot spot. he is a volunteer firefighter who has been out on the line himself. >> i helped saved my houses, my -- my area. >> reporter: and we are back here live where you are looking at the smoky hillside again, where the nuns fire has been burning today. we have seen active flame out here today. again, so far this fire is only 50% contained. so crews still have a long way to go. this is the eastern edge of the nuns fire. folks are hoping to get back to normal soon and really hopeful with rain in the forecast. reporting live in napa county i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. right from the vineyards. after a week of worst-case
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scenario sonoma county is seeing signs of recovery, including calistoga. people are moving back in tonight. nbc bay area damian truly yoe owe joins news calistoga. we see smiles and hugs where you are. >> reporter: all over the place. all smiles here in calistoga. a lot of businesses on the main drag are open for business today. some might take a day or two. but all are glad they have a town to come back to. street sweepers are back in business in calistoga cleaning up a week's worth of trash and debris. the flag is back up. and the mayor welcoming locals back to town. little signs of normalcy after a week of hell. while people are happy to be back no one here is ready to celebrate. >> welcome back home, get settled and let's be ready to help friends and neighbors from down in southern napa county and over in our neighbors over in
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sonoma county. >> reporter: down the road in napa a local assistance center is open for those without a home to come back to. victims can get help with things like car and rent payments and government loans. >> reporter: ms. chavez tells us her husband hasn't worked in a week. simon also spent his day at the assistance center but looking for missing people. so far he is reunited by a dozen families, some he found in shelters. >> i called his brother and said someone wants to talk to you. i couldn't stand up. i had to sit down. it was amazing. >> reporter: back in calistoga, the message is clear, get in and settled, get ready to help. all hoping visitors don't forget about them. >> at the end of the day when everyone needs a rest or break come back up to calistoga. we'll take care of you. >> i'm looking at the mud bath
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facilities including willingkin processes. mostly oels no visitor but give it time. over in santa rosa, memorial hospitals dealing with a the baby boom. the wildfires forced evacuations of two other hospitals which meant expectant mothers were evacuated other places. rose is one of the new mothers. >> you know there were 36 babies born here in the past week. that three times the normal rate they see. today we got to meet one of them, this little baby born monday morning 8 pounds 5 ounces rafrg 11 days early. her mom is actually a labor and delivery nurse at sutter hospital. when she went into labor sunday night she learned that sutter
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was ee vabted. they went to memorial. she was worried about the trip about tu turned out okay. >> she is here ou house is okay. so we are able to bring her home and we're able to be a family. so that's -- we're very fortunate. >> reporter: now santa rosa also got eight babies transferred here from other hospitals, neonatal intensive care units. those baby we're told are fine. in the meantime now as little raihle she is on her way home with her mom, dad and two older berries. live in santa roos. roz plater nbc bay area news. >> nice to see the plms. >> and the babies so healthy. so much has been the air quality. better than it was the last we can. this is a live picture over san jose. right now there is another smoke advisory elderly people,
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children and those with respiratory problems should limit time outdoors. rob is with us now what do we have. the view in san jose interesting, the air quality not bad in san jose but north from san francisco up to the north bay hills you see they disappear into the smoke and ash still falling. in the north bay. complex even on the satellite. we have a combination of high clouds in addition to smoke plumes out of the north bay. the shift in wind now we begin to see smoke which for the most part was sent off shore moving to the central bay. the worst of the air quality here in red, this is unhealthy. it has been a spare the air day day and probably similar conditions tomorrow but watch the future cast here as we put it into motion overnight as winds turn on shore, notice where that smoke goes, more towards the east bay valleys into tomorrow morning. not as dense or thick but kind of fanned out towards the east
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during the day tomorrow. as the on shore winds pick up. the good news it brings cooler temperatures. increases humidity. but the best news the weather helping the fire fight with a good chance of rain making a coming back the second half of the week. how much and when, the answers in eight minutes with the forecast. >> thank you. a big part of the fires is pg&e. today they acknowledged eight equipment incidents in the past eight days. that's significant because cal fire is investigating the possibility that downed power lines started one of the fires. we discovered state regulators have been concerned about the strength and rely bltd of the power poles for some time here is jaxon van derbeken. what's the condition of the pole. >> that's public utility commission president michael picker talking today about the challenges in dealing with the risk from millions of power
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poles. while no cause has pointed for the fire storm. our investigation shows that regulators have warned about the risk from faulty or overloaded utility poles. problems cause serious injures to the public and damage to properties. one regulator stressed last year in a briefing to the public utilities commission. one danger is that poles rot from the inside out. like these. another is that poles can be overloaded with unaccounted for equipment weighing them down. >> that's a lot of weight. on a pole that's in a windy area. >> such overloaded poles snap causing lines to break and spark. that's what happened with the edison utility pole in a 2007 fire here in malibu. that fire was fueled by high winds like those that whipped through the north bay.
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when pg&e was asked by regulators earlier thissier, the utility had trouble accounting for what's on the power lines. complete information on all attachments and equipment on poles is unattainable so long as joint owners are not required to provide all parties information on attachment and equipment installations qb the company told regulators mark tony executive director of the rate payer advocacy group turn says it's too early to say power poles are to blame. >> yes just don't know. what we know is that pole safety is incredibly critical right now. and that the safe and all the utility companies both the telephone and energy companies need to work together to make sure that we have safer poles all throughout california. >> reporter: jaxon van derbeken nbc bay area news. late today pg&e e-mailed us
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a comment saying it welcomes a state database that would let everyone know how much equipment other utilities are putting on power poles. you have seen it on the facebook feed, the viral me too movement and how it's sparking change. wrapping up a warm day around the bay area. mid-80s still 79 in san jose as we see a welcome change including rain and huge drop in temperatures. the time line of when you expect the rain to make a comeback when we come back in a couple minutes. and this chilling perspective racing toward the flames. the first responder shows us the video and zwiebs what it's like within the fire fight. imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain,
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imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. we are the generation that had the music and the moves. imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. we are the generation that had a dream. we came together to feed the world's children. we came together to protect them, and in this dangerous world we have to keep on saving them and protecting them, even when we're gone. if we remember unicef in our will, we'll be the generation who left a better world for children. visit
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movement that )s expanding well beyond hollywood .. e the harvey weinstein sex scandal that triggered a new movement spanked well beyond hollywood. the me too movement was allowed to design women to acknowledge sexual harassment or assault and has turned into a nationwide rallying cry. nbc bay area robert handa joins us to show how it might lead to changes. robert. >> reporter: we are here at the government center where the commission on the status of women is meeting. and we know the commission will be addressing the topic because
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we were with the commissioner joining the movement. >> it is a simple step to type me too but with implications. this commissioner on the existing on the status of women allowed us to be there as she acknowledged publicly scherr victimization including assault on a date. >> i've been assaulted and harassed more times than i can think of. but i must share and let everybody know they are not alone. >> it's posted. >> posted you just joined the movement. >> just joined the movement. >> what are you thinking about right now? >> that i'm joining my friends and my sisters in stepping up and speaking out this is how movements get started nowia days. >> on brooks is one of many women and girls joining the social media movement. salina also post-ed on facebook today and joined a group at san jose university that addresses sexual harassment like her
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experience with a supervisor on a volunteer group. >> at the time i just thought like maybe i shouldn't speak out about it. and i think the biggest reason why we need to talk about it is because when so many people sit and not talk about it and feel like you know they're causing a problem when someone is harassing them or abusing them, that's -- that's what's actually the problem. >> there willie will there be change out of it zblung i think legs might happen. so many things can happen. >> reporter: and brooke says it's hard to say yet specifically what will happen as women's rights groups address the issue especially with a social movement on social media that is growing by the minute. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. get back to the fire coverage now. the coverage in mendocino county has hit a milestone today. all 8,000 evacuees allowed to return to the homes. some of them didn't have homes to return to.
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the fire up north of us destroyed 250 homes in the neighborhood of redwood valley. all missing people are accounted for now. good news. the death toll stands at eight. an assistance center opens tomorrow to get back on their feet. >> the containment looks better and it's the focus on getting residents back in, critical infrastructure restored to things can happen again. >> again in mendocino county. the fire 50% contained. they are warned to brace for long recovery. the images here are powerful and haunting. berkeley firefighters posting the video on facebook showing the first few hours of the fire in santa rosa. members of engine 6 said they had no idea what was awaiting them. kim yonenaka spoke to the man
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behind the camera about the viral video and tells us how the department said they had a personal connection to the fire storm. >> apolk liptakic is some of the terms that have been used. >> mike was one of the first responders in santa rosa last monday. he was on engine 6 forming a strike team with firefighters from san francisco. >> the areas we arrived at were eliminated at safe areas for stages we kept having to push forward. >> reporter: with flames swallowing up everything they ended up in coffey park. >> do we turn right, left? keep going straight stop and defend this portion of the neighborhood? you're losing one house every 5 to 10 seconds. the fire is jumping from home to home. the whole idea is to get a little bit ahead of it and to stop that progression. >> >> reporter: the team managed to make the defensive stand on
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the 1800 blockaóñ of tohee stre. homes destroyed including one of the firefighters'. >> one of our firefighters lost his home. he had the same experience that many many of the victims did, which was they are able to escape with little or nothing. and he basically had what he had brought to work with him. >> reporter: firefighters says the video will not only help other respondners a natural disaster but also show the rest of us what it was really like on the front lines of the devastating fire. in the north bay, kim yonenaka nbc bay area news. >> thanks keim kim. the viewers constantly give us a unique view of the fire zones. patrick sent this video of a helicopter gathering water. the drops are so crucial and critical in fighting the fires. lee anne paterson took this picture showing the smoky sunset over the mountains with a
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vinyard it the foreground. send us your photos and videos. we may post them on the home page, even show them on the air. you can see a bunch on the website now. meteorologist rob maid aa back with good news. it seems like we're breathing easier. >> the winds changed in terms of nicer air quality and right now we are talking about cooling and finally a chance of rain back in the forecast going through the week. as we show you temperatures outside maybe feels a bit more like summer. but the pictures that had a lot of smoke here is another. san francisco to the north and west, 77 degrees, warm temperatures, still off shore wind pattern in place. you can see dublin 79, hazy skois. tri-valley cc finding more smoke with the change in wind direction. san jose 79 dregs after 85 degrees earlier. evening plans look mild. a last jacket should be fine.
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into tomorrow morning, the prime concern will be the smoke we think that will spill into the central bay. wind speed light through 7:00 a.m. and the wind direction has the on shore see sea breeze. sending that smoke to the east bay valleys. in a addition to cooling highs be cooling about 10 degrees in san francisco and 5 degrees cool ner san jose. pass forward to thursday. the areas that see the most rain mendocino county, northern lake county, the area you see in blue may pick up a half inch. into the bay area, here the time line 9:00 p.m. thursday to 9:00 a.m. friday to santa rosa napa picking up.1. northern napa county we could see more than that. good news. higher humidity levels, big dr. platz in temperatures and rain thursday and friday coming up in the next half hour we'll let you know if we'll see more into the upcoming weekend as well.
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a look at that in the next half hour. >> looking forward to that. questioning potential jurors, the new developments in the kate steinle murder trial. police and fire will respond as well as pg&e. pg&e will make the scene safe. ♪
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aimmediately get everyone out of the building. call 911. the fire department and pg&e will respond immediately and figure out what the issue is and keep you safe. ♪ we continue to share stories of people who escaped the fire in s happening now on our website we continue to share stories of people who escaped the fire in santa rosa. one pregnant woman fled on a bike hauling two toddlers we posted per story. on the twitter feed we shared
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some of the video of the first moments in the coffey park. the videos taken by residents as they evacuated. back in a moment. the beginning of a landmark
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case. opening statements could begin as early as next monday in the trial of the san francisco is edging closer to the large case. opening statements beginning as early as next monday in the trial of the undocumented man accused of killing kate steinle along the embarcadero. roughly 150 potential jurors were called to the halls justice in the trial. the defense attorney says he hopes to find enough jurors. he believes it's tough because it's so high-profile. >> i think we have given up the idea we'll have a jury that doesn't know anything- or hasn't heard anything about the case. and i think we are looking for jurors that have heard about the case but will base their decision on the evidence presented to them. >> the court called in a huge jury pool for the case, so big
6:26 pm
reporters are not allowed to enter the courtroom to hear the questioning of the jurors. the judge says there is a lack of space. >> five teenagers blamed for a south bay burglary spree, including one shooting. it happened last wednesday in san jose. you can see the map of the locations. the teenagers have been arrested wsh, each accused of multiple car thefts and stalling from a walgreen's and several homes. one of them is also accused of shooting and routing a home owner. claims of racism on the job. up next we investigate what former tesla workers say they were subjected to at the bay area car plant. and an unlikely meeting spot how people impacted by the fires are reconnecting and showing that they are sonoma strong. many lives have been changed
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forever. but one week later -- other people are trying to get right now at 6:30, many  lives have been changed forever. but one week later other people are trying to get back to a somewhat normal life. basic things like getting the mail is not easy. one post office in pete lum has been a hub. >> anser hassan joins us live from pete lum where something we take for granted has become a challenge. anser. >> reporter: so many come to the post office get the mail and
6:30 pm
head home. but for the fire victims it's their paycheck, medications, care packages things they need. it's also the first step in getting life back on track. at aej 72 judy is starting all over. >> all of our building, house, big adobe shop, barns, are just ash. like, nothing. >> reporter: nothing left on the 25 acre farm in kenwood. she and her partner escaped after a neighbor called warning them the property was on fire. 15 minutes was all she had to grab what was at hand and get out. >> the photograph albums, two pairs of underwear what i'm wearing. and that was it. >> she came to petaluma to purchase an rv as a temporary home. but she came to the petaluma post office as another step in
6:31 pm
getting life back on rack. >> property tax, the tax bill. >> there were bills but not the care package expecting from from her family process another minor setback. but she says the fire may have taken her home but not her fighting spirit. >> to me it's more like okay this wasn't what i was planning to do at age 72, have the house burn down. that's what it is. that's my life. i'm not gifting up on making a life. >> with that fighting spirit it sounds like she is going to be okay. as for the post office they are asking people to please come pick up mail. they are dealing with backlog they see the sooner they get it out they'll be able to help oerps. a santa rosa family says the o yesterday four days after he told people he was having étzrt.
6:32 pm
his girlfriend says he took his medication but she says it stopped working on thursday. that's when they say he suffered a deadly attack. his 5-year-old son could only watch as his mom tried to save his father. >> he remembers everything, one, two, three, four, mommy. >> we're i was trying to help your daddy. >> the hospital can't yet confirm his exact cause of death. new video shows the destruction in the fountaingrove neighborhood of santa rosa. this is the view as they evacuated. you can see the homes around them. cameron richardson shot this video and shared it with us. more new video, wayne sims use ago hose to save his and his neighbor's homes in the coffey park there in santa rosa. his friends are so thankful for him taking action as he saved both homes. and this video capturing two roommates escaping from the
6:33 pm
growing cascade fire in uba county. you can see the two men get away in the suv from the fire. the men made it out okay but lost everything. the effort to fight the flames is worldwide. crews from 17 states and one other country came to help. firefighters and equipment coming from as far east as new york and florida. help even came from australia. the images from santa rosa streskly are straesk. we posted 360 degree views to the website. there are new allegations ton of racist language at tesla. in a lawsuit filed today throe former works black men being claimed coworkers and supervisors routinely call them in the n word. >> liz wagner has been following problems inside the fremont factory all year and has new
6:34 pm
details of the development. >> owen diaz couldn't wait to work at tesla. a staffing agency got him a job at a elevator operator inside the factory in junl of 2016. he says almost immediately the coworkers began to harass him. >> they started calling him. [ bleep ]. >> and telling me to go back to africa which i found funny because i was born in pasadena. >> he says he found signed like this depicting droger to images of african-americans. >> he tried to ignore it but what happened to his son nearly breck him. dmitri diaz 19 at the time worked on the production line. >> turning the corner i was coming down to give my son his lunch. and the supervisor started calling him the f-ing [ believe ]. >> i saw this. >> i saw it. it hurt.
6:35 pm
>> how did you deal with that? >> it's my son. and any time it happened. >> i'm letting someone know. >> both men complained to the staffing agencies and supervisors. owen sent the email to the boss saying he didn't feel safe around a coworker he says harassed him. but they say nothing changed. until democraticry was let go a few months after he started and owen quit. >> you walked away. >> yes. >> couldn't take it anymore. >> couldn't take it anymore. >> a 13 complainant is named in a suit in the staffing agencies and these aren't the first workers to make allegations of harassment. earlier this man came forward after employees made a threatening video. >> you will take your. >> tesla's managing council told us the company started an investigation but failed to see it through until months later when tesla finally took action against the men in the video
6:36 pm
this time around the company declined an interview request but says it takes every form of discrimination and harass mtd extremely seriously. in this case they say they found no evidence they made complaints about racist language and says no workers brought a claim until now. the company is questioning why they didn't make the amgsss to regulators and the attorney is handling a negative media kban against tesla. >> the attorney is representing the workers. >> i think there is a failure to educate the workers at the tesla plant about what conduct is acceptable and what conduct is not acceptable. >> owen diaz says he hopes his voice will force a culture change at tesla. >> to help help them go to work and be able to go home happy. >> nbc bay area news.
6:37 pm
>> tesla ace is it requires all employees to complete online anti-harassment training and recently create add team to investigate the concerns. a note about the former kbe. the state judge ordered the case to arbitration. his attorney brought it to federal court, a move tesla says followed a demand for 7-figure payout. if you have a tip, give us a call at 1-888-996-tips or send us an email to the uprety at >>. a a lot of questions for people returning to the fire zone. consumer team has the answers when it comes to things like mortgage payments and debris cleanup. next.
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my name is cynthia haynes and i am a senior public safety specialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. today, a national gun reform campaign came to a san francisco a promise to do better in protecting children. today a national gun reform campaign to a san francisco school. it's called say something. speakers from the group called sandy hook promise.
6:40 pm
spoke to middle schoolers. they are here to help kids recognize signs something is wrong with a fellow student or community member and then teach them how to report it. nicole hockly. lost her son during the shooting at new town elementary in connecticut. she says her goal is to make sure no parent has to go through what she went through. >> nobody snaps. there is no such thing pops people give off signs and signals. there were plenty of opportunities for intervention. that's why i kept thinking if more people knew how to recognize the signs how many more lives could be saved. >> they dubbed this say something weak. since 2014 the organization has visited more than 4,000 schools and trained more than 2 million students. a showing of solidarity between president trump and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. they recently feuded but now
6:41 pm
united advancing the gop agenda. theoriesing against the clock to get things done. a spending budget, tax reform, health care, and the iran nuclear deal. contrary to what some may have reported, we are together totally on this agenda to move america forward. >> the president lashed out at democrats on twitter slamming them as obstructionist. he called on hillary clinton to run again. he said he would love for her to jump into the 2020 presidential race and predicts he would beat her again. >> the fight to protect dreamers came to the doorstep of the bay area lawmaker today. a folk vocal group garrett at nancy pelosi's office in san francisco, delivering 325,000 petition signature. culling for a path to citizen ip
6:42 pm
for those brought to the united states illegally when children. leader pelosi said he is committed to passing the act before december. >> we are here to show her if she keeps herward, she does stand strong we will have her back. and if she does not we will also be here to hold her accountable. >> today's rally is part of a nationwood week of action. >> let's get a check of the forecast and changes on the way and we are looking forward to it. >> welcome changes for air quality and firefightering. the in san francisco 7 degrees but the time lines for return to rain coming up in a couple of minutes. mortgages insurance, taxes, so many complex consumer questions in the wake of the fire storm. .(r. nbc bay area responds with answers next.
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their lis. we have a difficult several months ahead of us here. a lot of questions. so many people trying to rebuild lives, taxes, insurance,
6:45 pm
mortgages. the list goes on. if you need help, the nbc bay area responds team here for you. the chris has a lot of expertise to help assist all of you. >> and we want to we've been argument fire victims with helpful information and we will continue. let's work through a couple of common questions here. first my home is gone can i stop making mortgage payments the answer is maybe but not forever. definitely contact the lender now. and ideally before the next payment is due. you can request a pause. now it's possible you will hear this term. forbearance agreement. don't worry that's bank jargon for the paperwork let's you temporarily make reduced payments or no payments at all. the department of housing and urban development can help you find a counselor to guide you through. the number there 800-569-4287. don't just assume you automatically qualify to stop making payments. if you skip a payment without
6:46 pm
talking to the lender you first late fees, a stain on the credit report and the possibility of foreclosure proceedings. here is another question. many people are asking how long will it take for my insurance company to process my claim? the answer. it might take longer than a month. first an adjuster visits the property. then you kpreet a form called a proof of claim. after that, state law gives insurance companies 40 calendar days to respond in writing. now, your insurance company can accept the claim, reject it or do a combination of both. if any part of your claim is rejected, the law requires a statement of the amount plus an explanation why. p.s. if there is a day at the 40-day deadline, the insurance company must tell you about it in writing and then keep you updated every 30 days. another good question. who pays for debris removal? well your insurance company
6:47 pm
could cover that cost for you. we commonly find coverage for debris removal in home owner policies. sometimes it's under a head like additional coverage or other coverage. check your policy to be sure. and before spending any of your own money ask an agent about the process to follow. also, don't rush into cleaning up. the insurance information institute tells us that victims shouldn't remove anything from the disaster site until after an adjuster visits the property. why? because tossing things in the trash too quickly could disrupt your claim. we have posted more question and answers on the website. can you visit we are also committed to answering your questions so please call us, 1-888-996-tips. so many questions in the days weeks months ahead. >> and so many details. >> that's what it comes down,
6:48 pm
the details. >> great information, chris thank you. the bay area scientist has create add tool to help people determine if the home was one of the thousands destroyed. if you want to see this interactive map for yourself we have it on the website at meteorologist rob mayeda here now. rain on the way not a lot but anything will be helpful for the firefighters on the front lines. >> anything better than dry and gusty. the hills still dry even othe wind speeds backed off. but ahead not just one but a couple of chances to see rain. first take you outside, picture perfect evening looking suggest from tiburon. a warm night. 77 close to downtown san francisco. we had highs close to 80 degrees. in san jose current 79 degrees. one of the things we see tomorrow morning more of the hazy skies, pockets of smoke we think drop out of the north bay
6:49 pm
into the central bay for the morning with morning temperatures in the 40s and sifts. one major change tomorrow will be the wind direction and the speed. a strong on shore push of cooler marine air around 5:00 tomorrow. you see the impact on humidity levels, still 19% to 28% from fairfield to napa at this hour. fast forward to the same time tomorrow look at napa up to 70% humidity. a combination of the sea breeze picking up and also cooling temperatures helping out as we head towards another part of the week. speaking of cooling, today's high in san jose mid-to upper 80s. tomorrow upper 70s to low 80s around santa clara. and increasing clouds during the afternoon. the tri-valley highs in the mid-80s. 70s oakland in hayward. peninsula temperatures into the mid-70s. san francisco not near 80 but close to 70 tomorrow. cooling somewhat in the north by. low 80s in the forecast tuesday.
6:50 pm
one change hour by hour pretty interesting. central coast areas south of sand martin 40 tomorrow could see showers. the as the upper level system passes through .. the main event for thursday and friday. kurt soy of dropping out of alaska. we may see as much as a third of an inch or more around mendocino. zooming to the beau, the time line will be from late thursday from 9:30 until 9:00 a.m. friday. probably less than a tenth of an inches. but the hills around sonoma could see a quarter inches. friday afternoon looks dry. one more system perhaps the third chance of showers for areas far northern sonoma county or mendocino county. that's early saturday. and high pressure continues to send the storm to the north over the weak. if you're not ready to say goodbye to 80 degrees we've got
6:51 pm
you covered. san francisco, the kohldown under way. on shore winds pick up up thursday evening into the early friday, the best chance of rain and then temperatures rebound over the weekend. highs in the upper 80s only upper 60s thursday as they work to contain the fires. maybe the quarter inch to half inch of rainfall could bring the numbers up to 80 or hundred% by the end of the week. >> thanks rob. up next the former champion baseball player will help the recovery in the north bay. colin resch tells us about it. part of all this...
6:52 pm
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so many people -- stepping up to help the fire victims. the heart warming part of all this, so many people stepping up to help victims. >> that include as two-time world series champion. colin resch has more from los gatos. it's a brewery. it's a coffee bar. the last five days it's been a donation location. former red sox slugger here is the owner here at loma brewing company. he and the team heading north on tuesday with all this. >> i couldn't tell you how proud i am of the community. they rallied filled up the entire coffee bar and luckily
6:55 pm
there was a review that took up stuff. we had left over stuff we'll get a 26-foot u haul. and ride around all day and try to find places need going. a lot are turning people away. we're working all day get it wherever we need. >> is that it? four more beautiful. >> with some assistance brian delivered his share of goods this morning for ke. fle it's personal. >> my daughter goes to the state university. and 5:00, monday morning i get a call saying dad there is a huge fire in santa rosa and we're being told to evacuate. and you're the closest place i know we can go. which is bodega bay. we had a motor home out there. approximately 45 minutes hour later i get three carloads of 15 girls. >> he has a business in los gatos and frequented the brewery since it opened isn't surprised
6:56 pm
by what the orion is doing one bit. >>s in a standout guy he could write a check and do nothing. but yet he has taken his time and effort and resources to make this drive a happening thing here. >> in los gatos, colin resch nbc bay area. >> cool to see him. another inmate accidentally released from a local jail ton. tonight he is on the loose. the mistake that set him free comes up on the 11:00 newscasts. >> a final check of the forecast and the rain showers a few days away. >> it's flies to have pleasant things in the forecast. the sea breeze makes a comeback but the headlines, thursday and friday chance of rain. >> might rain during the raiders game. >> if it goes to overtime good. >> thanks for joining us here. >> be back at 11:00. .
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appearance since her secret surgery. all new video behind the scenes as jlo pulls together an a list night to raise money for puerto rico. "game of thrones" star sophia turner engaged in joe jonas. >> we got the first look at her diamond rock. >> plus michael secretly married in ibiza harvey weinstein's brother breaks his silence. his oh moeshl new interview calling his brother depraved. >> and hollywood legend joan


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