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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 16, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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more than a week later, the firefight continues. tonight t . right now at 11:00, more than a week later, the fire fight continues. tonight as the flames rage on, some people are returning to the rubble. >> it's just unbelievable. this is such a beautiful place. >> families who have nothing to come home to. north bay neighborhoods changed forever. good evening thanks for joining us.
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i'm ja mel wang. >> i'm raj mathai. the end of these historic fires could be near. let's get to the fire zone. k conan nolan joins us. >> reporter: they're hoping in the early morning hours tomorrow morning, if conditions are right, they will set a major backfire here. there are no homes that will be in any danger but they believe this will be an effort -- a perfect effort for them to rob this fire of its fuel. they've been after this situation for over a week. it's not over. the main flank of the nuns fire over 50,000 acres continue to burn in the sugarloaf ridge park area of sonoma county.
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the now familiar and haunting orange glow off the hillside lighting up the sky. >> currently the fire is hung up in steep, rocky terrain. >> reporter: mutual aid strike teams have positioned along roads. meanwhile, disappointment below. jordan was one of thousands who were expecting to return to glen allen. he had received a blast text. >> mandatory evacuation lifted. >> reporter: it was wrong. >> they're giving us the round about. >> because the town was mentioned, people got hopeful and came up to check and unfortunately only some of the town is available. >> reporter: a few were escorted to get prescription drug medication, some officers feeling bad enough to offer to feed pets that were left behind. gestures of findness in a region still in harms away.
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the tide has finally turned. >> today was a good day. we're cautiously optimistic. >> optimistic the backfire they hope to light tomorrow morning will work. conditions have to be perfect and they're not letting any of the mutual units across the west to return home just in case. in kenwood, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, conan. let's bring in the meteorologist who is tracking rain in the forecast. >> really two chances of rain. this will help cool temperatures along the fire line. the first area we're watching is off the coast of southern california before dawn we'll see an increase that the first chance of rain staying south, mainly directed across central
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california but the system behind it, developing out of the gulf of alaska will have cooler air to work with and along the north bay fire line there is potential for the hill tops to see a quarter inch to half inch of rainfall starting thursday. we'll take you through that in our forecast coming up in 12 minutes. >> rob, we'll see you shortly. one of the hardest hits neighborhoods, fountain grove, this pa part of santa rosa, cameron richardson shot this video while racing to get out sunday night. neighbors still not allowed to return home. it's off limits without an official escorts. terry mcsweeney accompanied a family whose life has been forever changed. >> reporter: what you see behind me is what it looks like everywhere in the fountain grove neighborhood. homes burned down to the foundation. tonight the manning family came
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back to what was their home and amidst the rubble they found some pressures. >> that's worse shape than i thought it would be in. it's just crazy. >> reporter: we escorted david and gnatly manning back home where they and their son fled eight days ago. >> you could hear the explosions getting closer and closer. >> this 2,000 square foot home is now just gone. >> we had a whole barbecue area here. wow, this is insane. >> reporter: tonight, little things mean so much. >> things like this, you know, this stupid little crane that's still standing there means a lot to us. it survived and for some reason it's a sign of perseverance. >> reporter: the sheriff's office said it's getting people back in the neighborhood with homes still standing. >> i just want them to be able
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to open this up so we can start dealing with it and start claiming a little bit of what we had. it's just unbelievable. >> reporter: and then david made a discovery. >> a couple of these little made it. >> no way? >> yeah. >> grab them. >> reporter: no sign of david's life long collection of fishing rods. >> at this point every little thing will give us a little bit of happiness, to rebuild and make it all good again. >> reporter: in santa rosa, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> we appreciate the manning family letting us spend time with them this afternoon. after a week of worse case scenarios calistoga is seeing signs of recovery. that's the mayor welcoming back people into town.
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the flames stayed away, thankfully. >> thousands of people putting their lives on the line to help save homes and residents and one of those people died today a water tend erdriver lost control of the truck. it was about two miles west of 29. the cause of why he lost control is under investigation. they're looking into fatigue as a possible factor. these images haunting. firefighters responded the first night and posted this photo of what they showed up to. cheryl hurd is live in santa rosa with unbelievable stories from the front line. cheryl. >> reporter: well engine company 11 is one of the busiest stations in santa rosa. on that night, they were jumping
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from fire to fire and quickly determined they were in the fire fight of their lives. >> the play book went out the window and you had to use what materials you had around you. >> that's because this northern california fire is something engine company 11 has never seen before. brian reed has been a santa rosa firefighter for 18 years. >> there were times we were definitely surrounded by fire, 360 degrees. you have commercial structures to your right, multiple trailers in front of you. >> reporter: surrounded and desperate to save homes and lives. there was no water there. firefighter reed was forced to impro vice. >> couldn't find any water so we opened the refrinl ray or the, got a gallon of milk and were using that to extinguish the fire. >> reporter: reed soon realized his city got help from the
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surrounding agencies in the bay area. this was released by berkley firefighters of what they experienced that night. >> apock liptic is some of the terms than used and that's what it felt like when we showed up. >> reporter: the aid to battle this inferno will never be forgotten. cheryl hurd nbc bay area news. >> a firsthand account. this was the body cam footage from the sonoma county sheriff's deputy who was among the first people on the scene. tonight he talks to us and describes what he was thinking while trying to get people to evacuate. >> i'm not a fireman, never been trained to be a fireman, so it was shocking to me. in hindsight i looked back and don't know how we didn't catch
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fire. we were getting hit with the embers. >> the grief and mimages are haunting. it still weighs on him whether he could have helped more people. the death toll in sonoma county alone stands at 22. >> an update on the investigation of what sparked the fires. pg & e acknowledged it had 8 incidents in the last days. cal fire is investigating the possibility that downed pg&e fire lines started one or more of these fires. we've discovered they 'been concerned about the strength and reliability of pg&e's poles now. you can watch the full report on line at >> the flames aren't on t only deadly threat. it's the smoke. a man's family believes he died because of breathing problems
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related to the fires. he died yesterday four days after he started to complain about shortness of breath. his girlfriend said he used asthma medication but believes it stopped working on thursday. a hospital spokesperson said they cannot confirm the exact cause of death. you can still see unhealthy air quality across the north bay but that may change tomorrow as we see a shift in the wind. how that will impact politician coming up. it happened again, another inmate released from the bay area jail. it's all over facebook and twitter this evening but will it have a lasting impact, the me too movement that has women across the country speaking out. mendocino county has hit a
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milestone. all 8 thousand evacuees were allowed to return to their the rover effort in men doe
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see know county has hit a milestone all evacuees were allowed to return to their homes. it destroyed 250 homes in redwood valley. all the missing have been accounted for, it claimed eight lives, though. this shows roommates escaping the fire. you can see the fires chasing the men as they get away in their suv. the men made it out okay but lost everything in the fire. the fire claimed four lives in ewe bah county. >> an inmate who had been sentenced to years behind bars was released by mistake. t the inmate, whose name is not being released, is serving a sentence for car theft. he was released last week because of a clerk cal error. officials are looking for him and he's not considered to be dangerous. this is the second time in less than a month a bay area inmate
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has been released. the indicate stienly case is back in the national spotlight. the undocumented man accused of killing her could go to trial as early next week. jury selection began today. around 150 potential jurors were called to the hall of justice to answer the standard questions. the attorney says he hopes to find enough jurors in today's group but believes it's going to be stuff because the case is high pro file. >> me, too. those two little words are flooding social media and making a big impact. women are telling the world they are victims of sexual harassment or assault. we have more on the social media trend and how it can make a difference. >> reporter: victims are sexual harassment are speaking up on social media.
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the question is will they take it the next step and speak up at work or court? >> i would say surprise. a lot of people i know had put that on. >> reporter: like so many women, so many feeds are the words me twoob. it's a growing reaction to the scandal surrounding harvey weinstein, women are feeling safe on social media saying it happened to me too. >> it's illegal to retaliate or fire someone for reporting sexual assault harassment and it happens all the time. >> she says the me too trend should be eye opening and it can create change if the momentum carries over into the work place. >> how many of the me tooers are going to file a complaint, get a lawyer, go to court? and if that do, are they going to succeed? be retaliated against? >> reporter: tough questions. >> it's time to get the wheels
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in motion to have people feel comfortable and have a voice. >> they say there are attorneys who will represent victims of sexual harassment with no money upfront. jean el jean elle. >> netflix is willing to go deeper into debt. they're borrowing billions of dollars to get exclusive series. so far it's working, netflix has more than tripled itsd global audience over the last four y r yea years. back to our coverage. the national guard has been in santa rosa for several days. it shows guard members searching through the rubbles for victims and collecting valuables and taking them to the sheriff's department. it's to ease the anxiety of
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property being looted. >> firefighters from australia are helping to fight these, fires. >> one little girl is taking a step forward. you may remember this from last week. we told you about her last week, her home was destroyed with prosthetics inside. and today thanks to the generosity of strangers she got a new pair of legs. >> i feel powerful in them and i feel free in them. >> the cutest dimple ever in there. the prosthetics would have cost $40,000 without health insurance. her mom said she was ready to pay for it. >> but the hanger clinic stepped in and donated the legs. lel let's talk about the forecast and the rain coming a few days away. >> something to look forward to. the first chance of seeing a few
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showers could come in later on tonight for areas south of san jose. we have hazy sky iesskies, smok looking off to san francisco. you can see it's cooler in dublin, 58. but hazy skies and smoke filters into the trivalley. morning temperatures, 40s to 50s. mid 40s around santa rosa. the story of the morning will be smoke which will settle in from north bay to parts of the east bay for the morning. when you look at the smoke model as we head toward the afternoon, specifically in the north bay as the winds pick up you can see the smoke from the fires. the winds picking up out of the south and west. if that's true, areas in the north bay may see better air
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quality tuesday evening into wednesday as rain chances help the air quality as well. one thing we have to watch, southwest winds picking up during the afternoon, which helps to clear the skies late in the day but may send the fires running off toward it is north. high temperatures tomorrow, we'll be trending cooler, 85 today in san jose, tomorrow loserser to 80 degrees. heading up to concord in the low to mid 80s. oakland 80s, 75 in the forecast today. increasing high clouds, san francisco down from 80 today to 70. so late tonight increasing clouds to the south but this first system looks like the main impact is across central california, the system behind it though it has more promise. this will be during the day thursday into thursday night. areas north of santa rosa will see a third of an inch of rain.
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the hill tops in sonoma county, from about 9:00 p.m. thursday to 8:00 a.m. friday could pick up a quarter inch of rain. one more system could follow for the north bay coastline as we get into saturday though high pressure starts to take it off the track to the north, so maybe a chance of a few more showers. but the rest of the bay area will see temperatures rebounding again. increasing humidity, decreasing temperatures, increasing rain chances, and then we trend warmer for the weekend. thanks, rob. still ahead panic in the cabin. passengers texting good-bye. the terrifying scene that flayed out more than 30,000 feet in the air. we have jimmy. >> demi low va toe is here. sorry not sorry.
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see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. chase. to the hund . take a look, the lights of the eiffel tower went dark at midnight. a tribute to the hundreds of people who lost their lives in this weekend's bombing of somalia. truck bombs went off in the nation's capital on saturday.
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the blast killed at least 300 people and injured close to 400 others. some of those victims were flown to turkey. the government says it expects the death toll to rise. no group has claimed responsibility. but officials blame al-shabaab for the attack. >> a flightening scene more than 30,000 feet in the air. chaos erupts after the plane looses cabin pressure. it dropped more than 20,000 feet. the incident happened just 25 minutes into the flight. the plane returned to australia and landed safely. no one is hurt. an investigation is under way. california is the first to recognize a third option for
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gender. people who don't identify as male or female can now choose nonbinary. it adds the option on licenses, birth certificates and other forms of identification. governor brown signing it into law today. it goes into effect in 2019. a notable change for the warriors as we head into tomorrow's hoopening night. oakland.
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the former )heart and soul ) of the 49ers...has found a new home w/ the raiders. from santa clara to oakland, the former heart and soul of the 9ers. >> a few days after being released navaro bowman is joining the raiders, signing a one year deal worth $3 million, he says bowman could play as early as this thursday night when the raiders host the chiefs. are you ready for some bling? tomorrow night the warriors tip off the season. they'll receive their rings and raise their third championship banner since coming to the bay area in 1962. the pregame introductions will be a bit different. not the usual hype and the pyro
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tech nicks. they'll skip the explosions and fires out of what happened in the north bay. it's against the houston rockets. >> there are so many stories of people helping out and giving what they can to the victims. among them is a major league all-star, kevin uk lis. >> i couldn't tell you how proud i am of this community. they ral lid. there was an rv that took the stuff up and then we had extra stuff. >> he owns a local brewery and he encouraged people to bring whatever they can. he's going to take them up north to those in need. >> we're going to tell you about a baby boom in santa rosa. stay with us.
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hospital is dealing with a wildfire related baby boom. rs santa rosa memorial hospital is dealing with a wildfire related baby boom. no kidding. nurses say 36 babies were born there in the past week. another 14 babies were born at their sister hospital. that's at least three time it is usual number of births they see. a big reason why, two other hops in the santa rosa area have been
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evacuated and shut down. we're told all the babies are doing well. a tearful ree yun unin the north bay. this tell it is story of the robinsons who couldn't find their dog bill. they assumed he died, but it turns out a police officer found him and took him to the shelter and thanks to a chip they were able to find bill's family. >> look at him jumping up and down. >> i'm home. >> and the babies are a great story as well. thanks for joining us tonight. >> hope to see you at "today on the bay" starting at 4:30. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- demi lovato, john cleese,


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