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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 17, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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within the last 30 minutes the mandatory evacuations were lifted. the 180-acre fire now 75% contained process. it started at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. here are the neighborhoods evacuated but again people can return to homes. this comes as fires in the north by and south bay are testing the metal of crews. evacuation orders have been reduced. but dozen sees not allowed back in the homes in the santa cruz mountains. all the fires making for terrible air quality as well. the smoke covering san francisco and cities across the bay area. we have a team of reporters in all three fire zones. start with nbc bay area roz plater in the dublin area. >> reporter: this may be the only part of the bay area with good news. those folks are allowed to go back to homes. the mandatory evacuations lifted. let's show you the pictures from sky ranger you can see what we are talking about. all it started as a small
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vegetation fire around 2:00 this afternoon and grew. spreading out over hilly terrain as the winds picked up. the mandatory evacuations followed. at the time the folks leaving homes thought it looked dire. here is what they had to say. >> it looked a lot closer than i think it was. it was a little hard to tell. but definitely very scarey. >> to hear the helicopters, and in two minutes i have seen like six fire trucks coming from all over, not just dublin but you can see them but basically smoke. >> reporter: the fire chief says some of the area drops helped in all of this. in fact they had dozens of crews on the ground and that really helped, the people power if getting it again 75% containment at this point. we are told the crews stay in place for several hours and some overnight to make sure they keep
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it contained and folks can stay in homes. live in dublin roz plater nbc bay area news. >> thank you roz. the santa cruz mountain firefighters preparing for a long night. tough terrain battling the bear fire. flames broke out at 10:00 last night when the a home caught fire. that sparked a brush fire. damian trujillo joins with us the latest there. damian. >> reporter: jessica, it's been a relentless attack by the air here in the santa cruz mountains. but they're taking advantage because any lose daylight in a few minutes and then have to ground the helicopters. the big question remains how much help will they receive tomorrow? the hand crews have been at it all day. trekking through rugged terrain to get right at the flames. the mounensides are steep and slippery. this team of prisoners was lighting back fires to keep the
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fire from spreading. >> we got three out of a camp. >> the fire broke out at a home here in the mountains and spread to the wild land area. >> i got everything loaded up right now and we're getting the evac, get my stuff out and get going. >> they are telling everybody to get out. >> reporter: the air drops are relentless. the crews have been at it all day. they will need relief tomorrow. but with so many fires throughout the bay and the state all the commanders here know is that they're getting some reenforcements they aren't sure how many. >> we were set for basic initial attack but when you get beyond that attack phase into extended attack like now you got to pull more resources. >> the air drops continue until it becomes dark. then it's up to the hand crews to keep up the night at night. >> reporter: a couple of helicopters still in the air right now. and the good news is that there
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is still no wind up here in the santa cruz mountains. that has really helped in the firefight here. there are a couple of wineries here on bear creek road both appear to be okay for now. but it's getting dark out here getting ready to ground the helicopter crews. then it's up to the hand crews to see what they can do overnight. live in the santa cruz mountains. >> thank you damian. for a few days things were getting better. today we took a big step backward. the air quality is bad. in fact right now it's the worst spot in the country. the smoke from the santa cruz mountains funneling into san jose and silicon vafl. in fremont, the air quality index there unhealthy. the same can be said for the tri-valley, a live picture in dublin here. our meteorologist rob mayeda joins you now. when does it clear up we've been going through it two weeks now. >> really backing off of the strong gusty on shore winds with
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helped. the winds were light and the smoke pooled down through the central bay area. most of the bay area under unhealthy air and spare the air day. we saw dangerous levels right in middle of the napa. aqi levels of 250. 100 above the areas in orange which would typically trigger the spare the air day. two tiers higher than we typically get. still the areas in red we pointed out unhealthy air across the bay area. that may be helped by the strengthening sea breeze. look at the smoke model future cast taking more dense smoke and push going away from the bay area as we head towards tomorrow morning. air quality should start to improve. increasing humidity levels thanks to the ocean breeze and two chances now for rain in the forecast over the next 48 hours. the time line on the two storms in the full forecasts coming up in 10 minutes. >> rob is constantly tweeting updates about the air quality.
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including maps showing which areas are the worst. you can follow him at rob mayeda. in the north bay firefighters making progress on multiple fronts. but the focus now is trying to locate 53 people still presumed missing. most of them reported missing after the tubbs fire. 26 people in santa rosa. 27 others in sonoma county. meanwhile firefighters continue to gain ground on containment. the atlas fire and tubbs fire both around 80% contained. nuns fire 68% containment. and the fokt fire 58% contained. lots of people are forming bonds in the face of tragedy all across sonoma and napa county strangers are coming together to try to help one another. today the boundary of the bonds slipped way across the state. sam brock joins us live from coffey park. many families lost homes now
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they are likely a ben he factor. they also share a common fate which is they lost home. a woman in southern california saw her house go up in flames last week and also nearly lost her life in las vegas all of in given her new found perspective. she says she is one of the blessed ones and wants to come out and help people in santa rosa. in the anaheim hills the flames fanned out arbitrarilyism claims dozens of homes. families still reel from the same feeling. watching worldly possessions transformed to orange. find agnew friend seemed far-fetched but not in sonoma and. >> i have never met these people. but they've offered their home to me. i think what we see right now, humanity, it's amazing we need it right now. we need to to see. >> sister.
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>> frankly before her son trey step out of the way. valerie box didn't no ernie. this shot taken by the orange county register shows the home going up in flames. displaced by the canyon 2 foor williamson says she is blessed for being a survivor and has reached out to families in need in santa rosa where in her words the need is greater. >> on monday i lost my home. it pales in comparison to what other people have lost. i have seven different friends that have family members or friends that didn't make it home from vegas. i can't sit around and cry about my house burning down. >> reporter: ernie's campaign to generate donations is called fire to fire from anaheim to santa rosa and she was out here with several of her colleagues today handing out gift card and school supplies and food to residents here in need in santa rosa. just an amazing touch as we see
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these people connecting from all over the state of california, experiencing the same fates. reporting live in santa rosa this evening sam brock nbc bay area news. >> she brings up a god point from the las vegas to the fires has been emotional difficult weeks. in the past nine days we have had plenty of aerial footage from sky ranger. what you are looking at here in the sky with national guard. vicky nguyen embedded with the national guard. she took the aerial tour and joins us from the airport what stood out to you. >> reporter: raj a little loud out here what i want to tell you is that california national guard has 22 aircraft helping to fight the fires, including two drones they've been dealing with heavy winds, thick smoke in the air. today was the first time it was safe enough for them to take us on cameras into the sky so we could show you what santa rosa looks like from above. >> we are continuing on the
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ridge line. >> from the air a scarf scorched earth across santa rosa that will take years to heel. from the homes still standing in coffey park to the rows of hillside neighborhoods in fountaingrove now destroyed. if the smoke doesn't take your breath away, the sights might. once colorful rooftops now crumbled ash. fields of ash across wine country. a fire starting somewhere in calistoga and jumped 101, overpowering everything in its path. >> 2400 national guard troops have been dplad to help the north by fires. . we flu today with a crew of four from the 129th rescue wing based at mountain view move it field. senior airman aaron on his first mission. unlikely to forgot the disaster that ranks as the most destructive fire in california
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history. burning an area the size of new york city taking down more than 3500 homes and businesses and killing at least 40. >> the toughest part is seeing and knowing how many people have been displaced and lost homes and everything. >> pilot carolyn white is flying recognizance missions to help crews in the air and on the ground. in ten years she has never experienced one like 2017. >> we just got off from hurricane irma and harvey. with that it was heart breaking seeing the destruction in our backyard. some squadron members had houses burned down. >> what do you think of the area. >> pretty devastating how much it came into the at the. they didn't have time to prepare much. >> now surveying what's left veteran responders say these sights in the home state will be seared into their memories. >> reporter: today officials from fema, helmed and the
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california office of emergency services also surveyed the damage. they are using what they saw today to help them plan for the rebuilding not just here in sonoma county but all across the north bay. reporting live in santa rosa, vicki fiegen nbc bay area news. >> up next at 6:00 taking a knee or standing up nfl owners and players meeting to find common ground on the protest during the national anthem. rob mayeda tracking two opportunities for rainfall around the bay area. the time line of what to expect and how much when we come back. >> okay we are out of here. waiting to get become home. we check in with evacuees hoping for the best in the santa cruz mountains. that )s exactly what hundreds of
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people who live in the santa cruz mountains are doing watching and worrying. that's exactly what hundreds of people living in the santa cruz mountains are doing this evening. they were forced from homes by fire. many spent the day looking for a place to watch the battle as they tried to save their homes. nbc bay area garvin thomas has been watching with them. he joins us live from santa clara. santa cruz border with the latest on the evacuations. we can see the people behind threw watching the rinl to see what happens garvin. >> reporter: jessica they have been here all day. it's a contradiction that a lot
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of people face. last thing you want to see is fire. but once your home is evacuated you want to keep an eye on it. for most people they're happy doing it on tv or online. but for some people they want to see in person how much danger their home is in. they couldn't have found a better spot to watch the fire. they couldn't be in a worst predicament because of it. somewhere between this spot on sky line boulevard and the barre bear fire a mile and a half away sit their homes. more than 100 household have been evacuated. some told to leave. others not waiting to be asked. >> i woke up about midnight -- my wife woke me up, oh, you know, blankety blank. >> he snapped a few pictures before leaving his home in the neighborhood. his house stayed on the right side of the flames all day. but he and others watch and wonder if it will stay that way.
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>> i'm really hopeful. i mean the wind is going the right direction for us. i don't know who it's not going in the right direction for. >> all day they stood and tracked the fire progress. routing against the flames and for cal fire. in fact the first tanker run of the day brought a cheer from the crowd. >> if anybody can fut out and save our house it's cal far fire. we watched them do miracles. they do miracles. >> reporter: virginia becker who you just heard from has quite an story. she is not just an evacuee petition works as a red cross volunteer. she was in the north bay counseling fire victims up there. a couple days later she is in there their shoes. garvin thompson, nbc bay area news. >> we see all the people behind you. now to mendocino county where 8,000 evacuate the residents are being allowed to go home. but for many the only thing they are finding are the memories.
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nbc bay area joe rose eta jr. has the latest from mendocino. >> the winds came up and came down the hill so fast it was in our backyard if 15 minutes. >> reporter: the last time she saw her house was in a moment of terror. >> it's the scareyest thing i've done in my life. driving through flames i had an oak tree fall in front of me. >> but for the first time since the inferno they laid eyes on the home again. >> that's the house right here. there is the pool. you can see the pool melted down to the water. still has water. >> they lifted the evacuation orders in redwood county and mendocino lowering them to come back. >> we are here seeing what's left. kind of surreal. >> ahmed ashes and debris small reminders of life before the flame. >> pottery survived. our cast iron survived in the
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stove. shot putt balls i used in high school. >> it's something that i can always remember that part of my life with. >> residents will tell you the flames may have consumed things and homes but in redwood valley the sense of community as sturdy as ever. >> there is nothing we can do about what happened we are just moving forward. >> nbc bay area news. >> it hit hart up north especially in the bay area too. >> tragic. it seems relentless can't get away from the fire. even if you weren't impacted it seems you're impacted by the smoke and the air quality is so bad all across the bay area. we woke up to it again today. >> the air pollution it's tough to maintain the good air quality with the fires burning all around. across the bay area, the thick veil of smoke more intense as the winds were light during the day. some of the pollution levels got to the dangerous category at times around the north bay. unhealthy for all groups.
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inald, north bay, south bay, santa clara. fast forward to the tomorrow air quality outlook. as the on shore winds pick up unhealthy levels linger. but for the rest of the bay area we should see improvement as the wind speeds pick up. still 75 degreed under the hazy skies. dublin unhealthy till. into san francisco look at the change we see now with the temperatures just two days ago close to 80 degrees in san francisco now 58. and you can see the low clouds sweeping back in. and a pleasant evening for warrior basketball. 63 at elbowed. and low clouds approach at 10:00 tonight. wind speeds up 15 to to. good news for air quality tomorrow for the central bay but notice the inland highs now moviely in the 70s, 60s for highs tomorrow. around san francisco. so our incoming storm will bring maybe about a third of an inches of rain for mendocino county and
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lake county. less into the bay area as you can see most places picking up the .1 irj or less. and snow across the sierra friday afternoon. a big change in the seven-day forecast not us just rain change. but. >> up next what do they plan to do about the national anthem, the proses, the results of a meeting between the nfl owners and the players association. we )re sharing stories of
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coffey park homeowners returning homes afterhe happening now on nbc bay we are sharing stories of coffey park home owners going back to houses after the tubbs fire devastated the neighborhood. also on twitter novato police need help find ago man and woman who may have got gone a shopping spree with stolen credit cards. we have tweeted out surveillance photos. back with more news. f-l players kneeling during the
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anthem... owners and the playe a as the debate rages on about nfl players kneeling during the national anthem. owners and the players association met today. they want to find common ground. protesters lined up outside the meeting as the owners arrived. nfl commissioner roger goodell sat down with the two sides to discuss the protests that started last year. here in the bay area with former
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49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. today the two sides talked about using the unique positions and platforms to create equality and change. >> this is not anything -- it's not against the military, not against the values of our country but in support of the values of our country and exercising the very things that the military went and fought for. >> after the meeting a joint statement was released calling the meetings productive and pledging to meet again to continue to work together. now 49ers owner jed york and safety eric reed were part of the meeting. reed said he will continue to kneel for the anthem doesn't think the nfl can force players to stand. >> president trump welcomed the prime minister of greece to a the white house as the meeting took place the president signalled support for a new bipartisan plan to replace a key piece of obamacare. the proposed plan would replace the insurance subsidies.
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the president halted those last week if you remember. with the subsidies gone many insurance companies were expected to pull from the obamacare network effectively killing the program. meanwhile republican senator john mccain offered harsh words for the president during an awards ceremony. >> some half baked spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find escape goats than solve problems. >> the sppt responded saying at some point he would fight back and it wouldn't be pretty. despite the back and forth senator mccain says i plans to work with the president to get things done. up next hughesing history to prepare for the future. the advice from a victim from the oakland hills fire storm. the advice they had for thousands of people burned out of homes in the north by. plus we continue to keep an eye on the wildfire burning in the santa cruz mountains. update from the front lines. why night brings new worries for firefighters there.
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we are the generation that had it all. we are the generation that had the music and the moves. we are the generation that had a dream. we came together to feed the world's children. we came together to protect them, and in this dangerous world we have to keep on saving them and protecting them, even when we're gone. if we remember unicef in our will, we'll be the generation who left a better world for children. visit at stanford health care, we can now use a blood sample to detect lung cancer.
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if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. worries are rising on the front lines near los ga right now at 6:30 as the sun goes down, there are new worries that are rising along the front lines near los gatos. the planes and helicopters that are key to knocking the fire down cannot fly at night. it's steep and treacherous terrain hard to access for the ground crews. this evening the fire could spread. this started late last night about 150 homes threatened. hundreds of people have been evacuated many of the kids go to los gatos schools.
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>> containment only at 5%. scott budman joins us along bear creek road with the latest. and people watching this closely at this point, scott. >> reporter: you are right jessica. a lot of evacuations here. nobody is coming back tonight. to our right one of the homes evacuated here along bear creek road in the santa cruz mountains. to our left the bowl that was on fire this morning and after dozens and dozens of air drops you can perhaps see that there is still a lot of smoke rising. i'll tell you a lot of homes on the hillside you aring looking at were saved. they fought it all day long despite being understaffed because so many kr cruise were in other northern california fire lines. from the air. >> we have a lot of air resources on the fire now. >> reporter: and on the ground. fire crews attacked the bear fire all day but not before making sure local residents were safely evacuated. >> that was our primary goal was
6:31 pm
life and property. and then once we got them out we started putting more resources in. >> reporter: and they were needed. with flare-ups near houses, helicopters dropped water by the minnesota. cal fire admitting they are short-staffed and working hard. >> most of the our firefighters from this area have been up since 10:00, 11:30 at night we are double shifting today. >> hoping other needs will be met as they continue to fight. >> we put a request in for tomorrow for resources tomorrow and i hear we are getting them. >> reporter: so still not not all that much of the fires is contained backup but there is good news they can get reenforcements. also some of the crews in places like napa and santa rosa who are done with duty up there and will come down here to help. reporting live in santa cruz mountains, scott budman nbc bay area news. >> thank you scott. as you have seen over and over again.
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the biggest worry on the fire lines is always the wind. let's look at the fire conditions now. rob, wind really is the enemy of firefighters. >> on one front things improving. cooler temperatures around the bear fire np into the mid-50s at midnight humidity levels closer to 6 0% by tonight. temperatures drop in the north bay to the upper 40s. and humidity levels soaring closer to 78% by 1:00 a.m. but there is a difference between what's happening down at sea level versus the fires burning up on ridge lines. we do have on shore breezes which helps to bring in cooler marine air but mainly for areas below 1,000 feet. as you can see on the map it shows relevant till humidity approaching midnight. some of the areas mountains be above 1,000 feet things dry and
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breezy. what we could use is rain to make a dent in some of the dry conditions on the hill tops. coming up we have other systems tracking to bringing a chance of rain and perhaps we will look at that in 15 minutes. >> we need that. in the north bay we are looking at how the hospitals evacuated patient as flames ripped through santa rosa. we have new time laps video to show you. released today by sutter santa rosa regional hospital. if you can make it out people scurry away from the hospital with hot spots scattered all around. you can see embers blowing everywhere, sparking new fires. now in the midst of all this, sutter and nearby kaiser permanente made the decision to evacuate hundreds of patients. an erie scene as they evacuate the patients. in total 77 people evacuated in the early hours of that fire. today we were there sutter santa
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rosa reopened. we spoke with the hospital krae are ceo about how important it is for everyone to get back to work. >> they're here for the community, the patients and they are ready to serve. and they're glad to be back on the job. and it's been a very, very difficult week. and they're happy. >> many of the doctors and rns lost their homes yet continue to work. the hospital has a well water system which came in handy. more than 500,000 gallons from that well was used to battle the wildfires. well it was 26 years ago this woke that fire leveled the entire neighborhood in the oakland hills. now survivors of fire are on the ground in santa rosa using what they learned two decades ago to help thousands who is homes were destroyed. nbc bay area kim yonenaka is live in that neighborhood, the coffey park neighborhood that has seen so much tragedy there, kim what are they learning.
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>> reporter: jess, if you look around it's easy to see how this would be overwhelming for anyone living here. many of the people tell us they don't know where to begin. now who better to help provide support than someone who knows exactly what they're going through. >> and i'm here to tell that you there is light at the end of the tunnel. >> at the local assistance center fire victims like jason mitchell are taking steps towards recovery and getting support from people like sue piper, a survivor of the oakland hills fire. >> it's encouraging. they bonused back we can. sonoma strong. >> that's what they need to hear. they need to know has been through it before. >> piper is drawing on personal experience. one stop shops lie this center were born out of lessons learned when her home burned during the oakland hills fire. anything victims need can be found here. checklists are used to mark off individual needs and steer people where to go whether a
6:36 pm
stop at the dmv station or visiting with federal oh or local attentions. >> originally they sit you down see what you need. different systems you go, go it took me 20 minutes to get through the systems it was awesome. >> we had to wait on the cleanup. but the planning convention and everything they're in here helping as well it's the next step for rebuilding which we plan to do. we are just one step at a time. >> another local assistance center is opening tomorrow at the hannah boys center and 1700 around drive in sonoma. oh open from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. 77 days a we can. there are other resources for fire victims. you can find that on our website and my twitter feed. report live in santa rosa. kim yonenaka. there is a warning for people who are rebuilding after the north bay fires. officials with the contractor state license board are touring
6:37 pm
the neighborhoods. phoney contractors will try to push services to desperate home owners after a large disaster. congressman john garamandy has advice. >> don't go for it. take your time. your home isn't getting rebuilt tomorrow. and the cleanup will take a while. make sure that that contractor knows what that -- they're doing and that they have a license and insurance. >> he went on to say the rebuilding process could happen faster if they worked together to clean up then have insurance companies offer reimbursement later. >> we have seen powerful photos over the last we can. connie sending us this photo of the sun rise as the nuns fire moves over mount st. john in st. helena. you can see more photos on the okay los angeles has the olympics but who picks up the tab if it goes over budget in a
6:38 pm
move by governor brown to answer that question.
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today - crossing the 23-thousand a lot of cheers, a lot of smiles. the dow continues to shatter records. today krotsing the 23,000 mark for the first time in its 121 history. the stock market has seen a 25% spike since president trump's election despite the administration's struggle to get his economic agenda pushed through congress. even if you don't own stocks there is a good chance you're making money with your 401(k) accounts also growing. three law enforcement officers who draugd the doctor offer the united airlines flight are no longer on the job. it's the video that quick went viral. dr. dave dao forcibly taken off the flight back in april. today officials say an officer and aviation security sergeant have been fired for their roles in the incident.
6:41 pm
a third offers resigned. an investigation determined the officers use of force he broke his nose and a and lost two teeth and sustained a concussion. i refused to leave after he was told his seat was needed for a crew member. >> repairs for the boat ramp law firm long the oroville spillway. but once fixed perhaps no one will use it. the ramp may remain closed indfrlt. because of security concerns. boaters may actually be asked to take a new route or be directed to a irreverent launch point. whether the rap is put back into use or not the department wants to make sure access to the lake is the same if not better they say than it was before. the spillway was damaged. well the 2028 summer olympics in los angeles may prove pricey. governor brown signed a bill requiring taxpayers to pay any potential overdraft bill. so the bill sets aside $270 million to cover the cost of any potential overrun. event organizers say it's
6:42 pm
unlikely the games go over the projected 5.3 the billion dollar cost but it's happened. they expect to cover all costs with sponsorships and ticket sales. but we have been to olympic events where it has run over. well see what happens. our meteorologist rob mayeda back with us tell us good news please. there is rain in the seven-day. good news. also we see the sea breeze picking up which should help with the air quality. full look coming up. thousand of people face a mount unof paperwork after the fire. nbc bay area responds to answers to insurance questions next. homes were damaged are entering
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
new territory: the insurance realm. well thousands of people who is homes are danld are entering new territory. and it's confusing and difficult territory. we are talking about the insurance realm. >> our consumer team is fielding a lot of questions. chris chumara is within the fire zone much of the week. back in studio now a lot of people need guidance. >> everybody will.
6:45 pm
it's foreign territory for most. complete with its own language. let's address a few universal questions minus the jargon. how long will insurance cover the cost of temporary housing? well because the fires triggered a state of emergency state law requires 24 months. generally speaking home owners policies usually will cover housing that is similar in size to yours as well as the fees associatewood move in like application fees, credit check charges, utility hookup and renter insurance but even though the state requires insurance company to pay for 24 months of the tempary housing some policy cap the amount of money can you spend. theoretically you could run out of coverage before the 24-month window ends. here what you have to do get ahold of the policy figure out what you're entitled to and look for a section outlining additional living expenses when you find that look at the numbers and please budget accordingly. here is a question that applies to almost every insurance kplam
6:46 pm
small or large. what do i do? well while the claim is processed? it's vital you keep a journal document every meeting phone call email and letter from the insurance company. keep track of dates, times and names, and promises. agents and adjusters are human. they will be overwhelmed handling claims and some are working out of tents. it's possible mistakes will be made. you can correct the errors by keeping good notes about every step of the process, beginning with the moment you first make contact. keep a running record of who is handling what and when. if you have a question for us we are here to answer it for you. 1-888-996-tips, or online at this is an emotional time. but insurance claims really need to be treated like a business negotiation. >> that's why you need a complete copy of that insurance someplace safe where it doesn't get damaged. >> i suggest putting in the cloud scan it and then send it to the cloud.
6:47 pm
you have it anywhere even if the house and safe burn down you have it in the cloud. >> we can learn a lot from what's happening thanks, chris. >> you're welcome. >> the coffey park looks like this tonight. new drone video which provides a different look at the destruction. this is caused by the tubbs fire. we posted the video on the website. you can see it at nbc bay >> rob mayeda back with us. the north bay, east bay, south bay. we need a break hopefully the rain helps. >> we are looking for the time frame thursday into friday. even by october standards it's been unusually dry especially compared to last year and what we should see through this time of year things not stacking up well for the bay area. it has been all-time record hot summer one of the warmest septembers last month. look at the rain totals, nothing, we should see more than nothing in the forecast. you can see the average this time of year should be a half inch in the north bay. nothing so far. and last october many spots around the bay area already had an inch of rain.
6:48 pm
so this is the time of year we get our off shore wind events but also usually at least get a little bit of rain and so far the month really hasn't shone that. instead we see dry conditions. and for the moment a pretty sunset view looking to the west of san francisco. a cool 58 as the sea breeze picks up. 76 into dublin. there is the sunset view in san jose. notice the skies cleared out. we see the sea breeze pushing the surface snoek out. currently 75 in san jose. air quality still unhealthy around the bay area but thanks to the sea breeze look at air quality levels tomorrow. except for the north bay where it's unhealthy. spare the air day for the north bay. but the rest of the bay area more moderate air quality levels as the on shore winds help to push smoke away. we had light wind today under high pressure that tends to act like a dome over the bay area and traps smoke. but at least underneath that you have the surface winds pushing
6:49 pm
more smoke out during the day tomorrow really it's around the north bay fires which are showing up and the high resolution model there and also the fire in the santa cruz mountains locally spilling smoke down into sand martin and gilroy and santa cruz. morning chilly, 40s to 50s morning. high touchstone cooler than today. mid-70s in the forecast for san jose. close to 80 in livermore. only 70 in oakland with low clouds at times. for the morning. peninsula temperatures in the 60s to low 70s. san francisco seeing the highs in the upper 60s. notice the humidity back up to 78%, west wind at 13 and areas into the north bay, santa rosa 78 as the southwest wind picks up. keeping the humanity higher during the day tomorrow. right now it's making for the gorgeous sunset are the high clouds crossing the bay area. but two systems watching closery, the first one likely will send rain just to the south. we get clouds out of it but any
6:50 pm
chances of showers staying south. it's right around midnight thursday night to friday morning we see the best chance for rainfall. again rain totals relatively light around the bay area. south of santa rosa looks like less than .1 inches of rain. notice through friday and saturday storm track moves to the north and high pressure will build in midway through the weekend. we get one chance for rain and look next week that's a pattern we have seen too much this month. high pressure building in warming things up. short-term cooling better air quality i think. especially thursday and friday as the winds pick up and the chance of rain but that weekend forecast trending warmer again. so this could be the one weather system we watch for rain and things turn dry and warm again. >> not raining at the oracle tonight on the court. >> indoors, yes. >> thanks, rob. >> show time opening night for the warriors. colin resch joins us courtside next. tonight...
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
we have smiles...and diamonds. it )s opening night for all right we need some reasons to mile around here. tonight we have some smiles and some diamonds. opening night for the warriors which includes the ring
6:54 pm
ceremony. >> little bling tonight. colin resch joins us courtside. and it's almost show time. so many of the teams have been so active in helping out victims of the fire. warriors included. >> reporter: exactly. exactly right. so i'm starting with a couple of notes. first of all pie roe tech nick usually begins the season and pregame ceremony doing that out of sensitivity not the time or place on opening night tonight. secondly the players, the shirts she they wore in the pregame warm jum will be auctioned off the proceeds going to the victim of the north bay fire. info for that go to auctions d.o.t. i welcome in larry harris he tells me the reason for the auction was brought on by who. >> the players. they've been affected by the -- you know some personally but certainly emotionally for the north bay area and everybody the
6:55 pm
families and loved ones affected by the fires. and they wanted to do something to represent the bay area and the team. and hopefully this is just a little part we can do and help bring back the families and the comfort they need to back on their feet. >> we are talking about putting smiles on people's facing nothing like ring ceremony this is the second ring with the warriors in three years. >> exciting night people here. probably 20,000 people here. but a lot of people see on tv as well all over the world. we are excited to not only you know see the team that we're bringing out to get the rings and get -- receive the rings but also the team that we're going to present for the 17-18 season as well. >> lastlily you are the assist general manager on the nba team what do you do stay out of the way. >> i pinch myself. i try to -- you know i'm bob myers bodyguard try to protect him but just enjoy the life.
6:56 pm
i'm fortunate. i know there is only three of these jobs in the world. to work with this organization rest our group it's just a pleasure every day to come to work. >> let's have as many of these for as many years as possible. >> we got one right now two out of three we might as well continue the ride. >> keep it going. >> larry thanks for taking the time. warriors rock it tonight maybe about 7:30, 7:40. ring ceremony at 7:15 for for the champs. life at oracle arena. >> we are all enjoying the ride see you later on tonight as well. in the south bay the sharks as home motivating the month real canadians. the sharks are off to shaky 1-3 start. >> we can use the distraction. we need the bling, all good. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening. >> see you at 11:00. bye-bye.
6:57 pm
if you encounter a downed power line, you need to stay away from it. call 911. let our first responders come out and handle it. police and fire will respond as well as pg&e. pg&e will make the scene safe. ♪
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aimmediately get everyone out of the building. call 911. the fire department and pg&e will respond immediately
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