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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 18, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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hundreds of people living in the santa cruz mountains are breaking news this morning. hundreds of people living in the santa cruz mountains are out of their homes. the wildfire forcing mandatory evacuations. good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. weather has been critical for the fire as we enter the second day. let's talk to meteorologist, kari hall. >> we start with cooler temperatures around the bay area. look at where we are now, 54 degrees in san jose, 49 in santa cruz. we mostly have upper 40s. san francisco is much cooler. look how much cooler it is this morning compared to yesterday at this time. 12 degrees in san francisco and 10 in oakland.
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we continue to monitor the humidity because that also keeps those wildfires from spreading as rapidly. look at that, 100% humidity in the north bay as well as san jose, we are close to that. we are starting out also with calm winds. that, also working in the favor of trying to get those wildfires under control. the winds will stay light. we'll talk about temperatures and the rain that's ahead in a few minutes. mike says the freeways are moving well. >> they are moving well right now. there was a fire in dublin off 580. 580 is open this morning. over here, north of the golden gate bridge, yesterday, midday, where we had the fire blocking all lanes southbound. they have cleared and traffic moves through the area. following the south bay into santa cruz, highway 17 open for business. same thing for highway 9. we have the local closures in the area because they are fighting that bear fire.
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for more on the fires, back to you. >> thank you, mike. back to our breaking news, people in the santa cruz mountains are eagerly awaiting the news on the fire burning near their homes. 250 homes are under evacuation orders. we brought live coverage yesterday during "today in the bay." >> bob redell is live in the santa cruz mountains. those folks had to spend the night elsewhere. bob? >> reporter: good morning to you, kris and marcus. cal fire will be holding a news conference later this morning at 7:00. we hope and expect to hear firefighters have been able to extend the perimeter, the protection pr protection perimeter around bear creek. these are the latest numbers from cal fire, 5% contained, burned over 270 acres and destroyed four structures. it's not clear if those structures are homes, outbuildings or something else.
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it is threatening 150 structures and that forced the evacuation of 150 homes. this challenge is the steep terrain, which is why cal fire has to rely on hand crews that had to hike their way in and aircraft dropping retardant from above. the weather has cooperated for the most part. the air is cool, i can tell you that, standing out here. oddly enough, firefighters wouldn't mind a touch more wind. >> obviously, you don't want that big wind, we don't want a big wind, but a breeze to blow the smoke out makes it easier to fly in there. >> reporter: there are 600 men and women fighting the fire here. five were hurt, one fell 50 feet, he broke his wrist, another treated and released for smoke inhilation. the others were minor injuries.
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we will stream the press con krens live on our website, live in the santa cruz mountains, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> a lot of people are anxious to hear what is going to happen in the news conference. a santa rosa couple is filing a lawsuit against pg&e. the couple lost their home in the tubbs fire. that lawsuit alleged that the utility company was negligent. pg&e broke federal and state regulations by not doing enough to prevent equipment from sparking the dry grass. pg&e says they will not speculate. pg&e does acknowledge they had eight equipment incidents in the past eight days. our investigative unit says it is significant. they are investigating whether downed power lines are responszable for the fires. the north bay wildfires, the
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death toll stands at 41. flames burned 213,000 acres statewide. 5700 homes and businesses are destroyed. pg&e says it has restored 97% power to customers. cal fire granted crews access to 6,000 new homes yesterday. officials expect gas service restored to all by today. senators dianne feinstein and harris are warning people about the emergency system in light of the deadly wildfires. the two sent a letter to the fcc arguing the current wireless emergency alert system is inadequate when it comes to targeting specific locations. sonoma county leaders suggested they did not send that alert in the early moments of the tubbs fire because the coverage was too wide and did not want to create mass panic. in the letter, the senators argue a timely alert may mean
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the difference between life and death. following breaking news in south san jose. a deadly stabbing near davis intermediate school. we are gathering details about what happened. we are learning from the scene, the victim is a man and he died at the hospital. "today in the bay's" thom jensen is there and will join us live with details. >> the search is on for a man wanted for murder in san jose. this happened nearly a year ago last fall. they have identified 31-year-old joseph miller. they think miller killed al fred perez. at that time, police didn't know what led up to the killing. now, police say they may have been a fight that turned deadly. attorneys in the kate steinle case may give a hint of legal strategies. questioning of jurors continued for a second day yesterday.
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the chronical says that asked about their stance on gun control and politics. the suspect is an undocumented immigrant. authorities say he fired a gun stolen from a federal agents car, though, he is not accused of stealing it. steinle was shot and killed on pier 14. coming up, breaking records on the stock market. what investors are looking for to keep the bull market going. google selling stuff online. now it's going backwards. brick and mortar. ♪ ooh ooh ooh. ♪ making it ♪ thick, carved turkey breast. the autumn carved turkey is back for a limited time at subway. so much turkey.
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the autumn carved turkey is back for a limited time at subway. so much turkey. good morning. i'm kate rogers live at cnbc's local headquarters. here are the top business headlines. wall street could trend upwards today. the dow broke above 23,0 00 for the first time. it took just 53 trading sessions for the dow to go from 22,000 to 23,000. look at data on housing starts. the dow closing 40 points to 22,997. the nasdaq 6623. apple responded to concerns from senator al franken about the security of the safe id feature on the new iphone x. apple says the chance of a random person unlocking your phone is 1 in a million.
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after five unsuccessful scans, you need to enter a pass code. it will not be sent to apple or backed up on icloud. google doesn't have a store like microsoft, but has a store where they can test products before buying them online. that's about the change. google will start selling pixel phones and home devices at pop-up locations this year, starting tomorrow with stores in new york city and los angeles. they will be open through the holiday shopping season. back to you. >> back to the list. >> we like to see things in person. thank you very much. 4:41. new this morning, after eight decades pacific steel casting in berkeley is closing. about 70 people will lose their jobs. the company says the closure will be final as of december 17th. in 2011, pacific steel was forced to lay off 200 people because i.c.e. found there were
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undocumented immigrants. the company never really recovered after that. on "today in the bay," we are watching the forecast critical for the fire fight. >> looking at the bear fire and the temperature trend, cool. a lot of humidity and very light winds. looks good for more containment. we'll talk about what's ahead for the rest of the bay area coming up next. plus, we are looking at dublin 580. we are talking about what's going on, however, through the tri-valley. 682. higher education break in. the problem that's happening on campus. who are these people?
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good wednesday morning. hump day here as we get the day started. i know it's been a week. >> it has. >> a couple of weeks. so, we are looking forward to the weekend. hopefully we'll start to see calmer conditions in the weather department as well as all the wildfires around the bay area. as we take a live look outside in san francisco, hey, the fog is back. at least a very shallow layer of it. we are at 500 feet with that marine layer this morning. we will see that quickly clearing out, with this mixing with smoke, it is going to make for unhealthy air quality. live right now in san jose, you start out the morning with a mostly clear sky, but it is going to be unhealthy to be out there today.
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moderate air quality, though, for the santa clara valley. elsewhere, unhealthy air at certain points of the day because of the drifts of smoke. this morning in the north bay, temperatures lower 40s. a very cool start to the day. we are in the mid-50s in san jose and livermore. the temperature now at 48 degrees with our high temperatures in the south bay. this afternoon, much cooler than we had yesterday, up to 76 degrees downtown. in gilroy, expect a high of 82 degrees for the east bay. highs reaching the lower 80s. we are going to feel, at times, temperatures ten degrees cooler in spots. yesterday, oakland, expect a high of 70 degrees and 70 in redwood city. san francisco, reaching the upper 60s today with breezy winds coming from the west. at 10-15 miles per hour today, picking up a bit also in the north bay, but not a strong wind gust expected. as we look at the wind forecast, it will stay mostly light, we
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continue to watch how the winds will shape up around the bear creek canyon area, the santa cruz mountains. it is going to come from the north and turn more westerly for the day. we are already seeing much higher humidity starting out this morning. that will lead us into the next system that's approaching from the north. that will bring us showers by late tomorrow night into early friday morning. right now, as it moves closer to oregon, it is producing light wind and move into the bay area, once again, by tomorrow evening. clouds tomorrow and rain late thursday night for the north bay. that's where we'll have the highest chance of rain with the possibility of seeing in spots a tenth to a quarter inch of rain in a few areas. we'll talk more about that. mike is tracking how it looks as you head out for the roadways. >> we have a couple issues for i-680. we show them here.
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you see the green sensors. the freeways are moving well. multiple fires tracking. over here, we are looking at southbound 680. a traffic break over the last couple minutes. there may be all lanes blocked for a short period of time, cones in the roadway, equipment there. we are going to watch for issues. know that may be there at walnut creek. here is southbound 680 at highway 84. the sunol area, looking at slowing and reports that a number of vehicles, four, five vehicles on the shoulder with flat tires, maybe comment debris, too. chp is going to find out what the cause of that is. meanwhile, toward the bay bridge, an easy drive. look at that, 15 minutes from highway 4 to the berkeley bridge. no back up and a smooth drive between san francisco and the east bay. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. we are checking conditions at sfo this morning where all this
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smoke from the north bay wildfires canceled 31 flights there yesterday. dozens more were canceled last week. not a lot of air traffic right now. you should check your flight status way in advance if you are flying out or expecting someone today. the news room is checking conditions at sfo. we will have another update in a half hour. by the way, sonoma county airport is only operating on a limited basis today. air quality concerns because of the smoke continues to literally be front and center for people visiting or living in wine country. experts say the smoke from what is more than ten days of fire is creating the worst air quality anywhere on the planet right now. napa winery workers told us all the ash and soot can make these simple acts of breathing a challenge. >> the air is really heavy, smoke filled. feels like the barbecue is two feet away from you. >> it definitely gives you a strange feeling. >> it is more than just fears
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about breathing that smoke's toxicity. the soot and ash is becoming embedded in people's clothes. 4:49. new this morning, palo alto police believe a recent spike in car break-ins may be linked. 20 car break-ins on stanford's campus this month alone. the police also say witnesses provided similar suspect and vehicle descriptions for a half dozen break ins thursday and friday. one of the cases, witnesses described the car as a black honda with a dent in the trunk. the san jose city council approved rules requiring gun owners to lock up firearms when they leave their home. the final vote was 6-5. the gun must be locked in a box or disabled with a trigger lock. cities including san francisco have similar rules. >> san francisco leaders approve a ban on the sale of furniture
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and children's products treated with fire retardants. for four years, ending in 2013, california required fire retardant for furniture and children's products. i remember it was children's jammies. the ban was approved yesterday and applies to sales in store and online. san francisco is the first city in the nation to have such a ban. coming up on "today in the bay," making potentially life saving pleas off the field. the way two 49er players kept from being robbed after a game. happening now, a well known olympic gold medalist adds her name to the growing me too, movement. former u.s. gymnast mckayla maroney says a coach assaulted her for years. taking to the skies to fly. l.a. is the first city in the
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u.s. to test police use of drones. a civilian panel approved it last night. we'll be right back.
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it is 4:54 right now. you can see our camera bouncing around a little bit. a little breezy along 880 in oakland. we'll get a look at kari's forecast and a look into kari's closet in a bit. new this morning, a breakthrough in the fight against isis. u.s. backed forces seize complete control of what is the isis capitol. richard engel reports the forces raise their flag over the base in raqqah. that is where isis filmed itself
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celebrating three years ago. this is what you are seeing on the screen. that victory really weakened isis. >> isis still maintains an ability to launch smaller scare terrorist attacks. i think their future is a large scale fighting force and will largely end with the fall of raqqah. >> isis does remain dangerous, but is less effective without a safe haven to train and plot. >> the population is growing in america. overnight, we pour through the data of the center for immigration studies. immigration population hit 43 million people last year, not including children. in 2010, there were 40 million immigrants and 31 million in 2000. the data includes legal and illegal immigrants. that means 1 in every 5 people in the u.s. are immigrants. by the way, there are more than 373 million people living in this country. thor authorities are
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targeting a napa valley victim that nearly lost his home. a parlor owned in hayward. surveilness cameras show three men breaking in. last week, he was ordered to evacuate. instead, he stayed and had his wife take his treasured "star wars" collection to the hayward store thach store. that is where the business collected $12,000 to help the north bay fire victims. now, that money and most of the "star wars" figures, which are valuable, are gone. >> it's tough. i thought i was doing the right thing. still haven't seen my family. you know, i get robbed. you know? it's heart breaking. >> he says he posted fire and fund raise zing things on social media and wonders if that drew too much attention.
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alameda sheriff's deputies are investigating. quicklying may have saved two san francisco 49ers from being robbed monday. after their game in d.c., two linebackers were reportedly at a san francisco nightclub in union square. the players apparently got bad vibes from a car driving nearby. they headed off to a friends and had security guards escort them out. that's when the men approached them with guns drawn. they ran off and got away unharmed. this is what they are saying from the 49ers. we are aware of the reports regarding the robbery and are very thankful no one was harmed. ruben and ray-ray will continue to cooperate with investigations. the golden state warriors are looking to rebound after the team's first loss this season. the team thought kevin durant
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won with the last shot. then the replay showed his hand still on the ball as time expired. final score, rockets 122, warriors, 121. the warriors next game is friday in new orleans. you just saw it on kevin durant's face. they got their 11 karat gold rings and the championship banner. it is going to be a cooler day. we'll talk about what's ahead, next. 880 moves well through fremont. we are talking 680 into the area. we have issues. >> reporter: we are live at the command for the bear fire still burning here in the santa cruz mountains. the latest numbers on the fire fight from cal fire. start the interview with a firm handshake.
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