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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 19, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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it is 5:00 on this thursday morning. take a live look outside at the transamerica pyramid and you can see some of the fog hanging there in the distance, cooler temperatures today and rain in the forecast. kari hall is your best friend today. thanks so much for joining us, i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. really as long as we've been talking about the wildfires here in the bay area we have been talking about the need for rain and today we will see some of that. >> some rain today, but, kris, i thought i was your best friend every day. >> that is true. that is true. >> called you out. >> yeah. >> you are my care bear. >> we will have some rain, good news all around, but we could use a little bit more. it's been all dry through the
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month of october. here we are with our first chance of showers, still well to the north of us, you don't see it until later on this evening but we have been so anticipating this rain for at least a week now, really glad to see it on the radar. then looking at the timeline at 3:30 we could start to see light sprinkles moving into the north pay with the heavier rain arriving around 10:00 or 11:00 tonight, the south bay may not see it until about midnight. we will be tracking the timing and how much you can see coming up in a few minutes. mike says the freeways are looking great. >> they are pretty much sparsely populated with no crashes now. the crash involving the deer thank goodness they were not able to find an injured deer near the scene where that was reported, 588 castro valley boulevard. green, even out of the altamonte pass, mild commute right now. over toward the dublin interchange no slowing here for that earlier car fire that has cleared north 680 heading over toward the walnut creek interchange as well.
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a smooth drive toward the bay bridge with no delays. 14 minutes from the highway 4 interchange to the bay bridge where the backups for those cash lanes have cleared. back to you. a developing story now, so-called bear fire in the santa cruz mountains is now 15% contained. that's the good news. it is now 300 acres. so it did grow. it is proving to be a tough battle for fire crews. seven firefighters have been injured in this fire fight so far. evacuation orders are still in effect for some folks. some people, though, did get to go back to check on their homes. >> now to the north bay fires where this morning the containment of those fires is going up. all of which ignited a week ago, here are those numbers and they are looking good right now, the atlas fire is 83% contained, the tubbs fire 91% contained, the nuns fire is sitting at 80% containment with the red wood fire at 76% containment and the pocket fire is 63% contained.
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we added the acreage from those fire together and it amounts to a little under 160 acres burned, cal fire puts the number of confirmed dead at 42. authorities in sonoma county say that there are now at least 50 active missing persons reports. a follow-up now, kaiser permanente will reopen tomorrow, it's been a week and a half since this frightening scene we brought to you during "today in the bay," nurses rushing patients from the hospital, those embers were falling from the sky. in all kaiser evacuated 120 patients, fortunately the flames never reached the building. the hospital officials say they look forward to reopening and continuing to serve their community. open for business is the message that napa leaders are working hard to get out in the wake of the fires that brought business to a crawl. october is traditionally the busiest time of the year for wine country but hotels and restaurants are experiencing
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massive cancellations. they are launching a spend it don't send it campaign, it calls for customers not donations. >> there is concern that the entire valley has burned up and it's just not true. >> there is a lot of people who work at the wineries and work at the hotels and restaurants and many have suffered great losses, the last thing we want now is for them to lose their jobs. >> among the dig event coming up in the napa valley -- in napa is the napa valley film festival in three weeks, organizers want everyone to know that the event is going on as planned. it hopes for a large turnout. >> help that local committee. now to a story that won't stop developing in washington. president trump continues to push back against criticism that he disrespected a military widow. the policy front he is walking back support for a potential bipartisan breakthrough on healthcare as well. nbc's edward lawrence is following it all. >> reporter: this morning a grieving widow makes preparations to bury her
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husband, la david johnson, a father of two kids with a third on the way. clouding this moment of sorrow an accusation by congresswoman frederica wilson that president trump was insensitive during a condolence call. >> he said, well, i guess you knew -- something to the fact that he knew what he was getting into when he signed up, but i guess it hurts anyway. you know, just matter of factually. that this is what happened. >> reporter: wilson heard the call on speakerphone while consoling johnson's widow on the way to get his body. the president denying any intense ift. >> i had a very nice conversation with the woman, with the wife, who sounded like a lovely woman. did not say what the congresswoman said and most people aren't too surprised to hear that. >> he went to the golf course like five times from the time that those soldiers died in niger to the time that he called the families. >> i think that general kelly is disgusted by the way that this has been politicized and that the focus has become on the
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process and not the fact that american lives were lost. >> reporter: while dealing with this fallout the president backed off support for a bipartisan deal to stabilize obamacare markets. >> i am not going to do anything to enrich the insurance companies. >> reporter: the deal includes subsidies to insurance companies to keep premiums low. white house press secretary says the president will not support the deal in its current form because of those payments to the insurance companies. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. happening today we will learn the punishment for a pleasanton woman who pleaded guilty to killing a three-year-old. she faced vehicular manslaughter charges. police say she was driving drunk when she crashed along 680 in san ramone last year. three-year-old elijah dunn died, his mom and sibling were hurt. the family wanted malahan to face murder charges because this was not her first dui offense. she is married to an alameda
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county deputies sheriff and the victim's family say they think that played a role in her charges. >> i feel it got brushed under the rug. >> the fact that she's married to a police officer i don't think swayed the da's office to give her any preferential treatment she is looking at a significant prison sentence. >> that is our legal analyst steven clark. he also says it would have been hard for the da to bring murder charges because the first dui case was still pending. the trial for the man accused in the deadly shooting of kate steinle will officially begin next week now that a jury has been seated. he faces murder charges for the shooting which happened on san francisco's pier 14. it sparked a nationwide debate on immigration and sanctuary cities. the judge yesterday swore in 12 jurors and five alternates. opening statements are scheduled for monday. new this morning did facebook and google work closely with a radical right wing group
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to promote anti-muslim and anti-refugee ads? bloomberg reports both companies worked with secure america now to help target voters in swing states. this morning the mercury news is reporting facebook claims it did not directly work with the right wing group, but with a third party. google which later blocked some ads did not deny the allegations. social media companies especially facebook are under intense scrutiny for helping push fake news during last year's presidential election. right now at 5:08, we wake up to cloudy skies and light winds, higher humidity around the bay area and, yes, we know some rain is on the way, but as we look at these high temperatures this afternoon, it's going to be much cooler than it was yesterday and it's going to only reach up to 68 degrees today in napa, some upper 60s for the inland areas and san jose expect a high of 69 degrees there, 60 in san francisco as well as half-moon
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bay. and the rain arrives late tonight into the morning tomorrow and we will talk about that timeline and how much coming up in just a few minutes, but mike is tracking how the roads are looking and a potential hazard near concord. >> we are looking over here sketchy on the details from chp but we will show you a good flow, green sensors around most of the bay. here is where we have a spill reported basically from what i can tell westbound highway 4 on the southbound 680 right there at the connector. you see concord traffic coming out of bay point. this is noncritical, this doesn't have a closure for that connector as far as i can tell and most folks will cut down 242 that's a great option for you. i will continue to track this and also let you know if they have to send flashing lights and crews, that may be a distraction for 680 coming off the benicia bridge. so far no slowing and it's been there for ten minutes. or the car key das bridge, no
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delays under the party, the bart tunnel, the transbay tune, muni, ac transit, vta no delays for their buses or trains. coming up, stopping sexual harassment, tritter just announced new guidelines, the changes coming to the social media site. >> also kengting san francisco, the amount of money it would take to provide super fast internet service to everyone in the city. >> and amazon looking for a prime location for its new headquarters. san jose not interested, i will tell you why when "today in the bay" continues.
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a cloudy start as we take a live look outside in san jose and at times we are still going to have some drips of smoke coming by and the rain doesn't arrive until later on tonight. so only some peeks of sunshine, school temperatures. we should be at 74 but we will stay well below that today. cooler air and some rain tonight, some pretty good news there, but what about the weekend? we will talk about that coming up at about 5:18. we are look at these great travel times. we are starting to see slowing coming out of livermore into the altamonte pass, smoothly down towards pleasanton and 680. uc berkeley campus police are investigating a reported dorm room sexual assault. the report was called in early monday about an incident that happened sometime saturday. the female victim says she met her attacker at a frat party.
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police have not provided a suspect description. authorities in florida are bracing for possible violent confrontations when a prominent white supremacist appears today at the university of florida. that speaker is white nationalist leader richard spencer. police are being deployed. a state of emergency is already declared not the speech is supposed to happen at a student center on the edge of campus. school leaders are not certain what to expect. >> i think in terms of law enforcement we're prepared. what we just don't know is what is actually going to happen. >> school leaders say they've spent weeks preparing and even went to the cal catch us to talk with authorities about how we handle recent altercations here. twitter says it's adding new guidelines to crack down on sexuality harassment. the changes are aimed at protecting women who have nude photos sent to them without consent. twitter says it's better than
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suspending offender users. jack dorsey says twitter doesn't do enough to protect people. we're pouring through a new report on bringing high speed internet to every home in san francisco. the cost, nearly $2 billion. the report by a consulting company calls for laying fiber-optic cables throughout the city, then the city through a utility would provide low cost internet service. companies can also lease the infrastructure to sell computing services. next month the report will be presented to companies in that industry and if it happens it would be the first such utility in the nation. today is the last day for cities to turn in their proposal to amazon into they're trying to lure the tech giant into building a massive second headquarters in their hometown, scott mcgrew, some cities offering sweetheart deals. >> from what i've seen the biggest tax breaks, other incentives are really coming from places that are honestly
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least likely to win this bid. amazon announced it wanted to build a second headquarters somewhere other than this one in seattle they will call it h q2. all kinds of cities have returned in proposals. the city of georgia offered to remain itself amazon, georgia. here in the bay area concord and vallejo have said they will give it a try. san jose is fine with getting the headquarters but won't make any special effort. here is san jose's mayor talking to cnbc. >> these companies, big companies like amazon want to be where tech talent is and there is no amount of public subsidy, whether it's in the form of a tax break, a fee reduction or anything else that is going to suddenly make a $5 billion investment happen. if the workers are not in the city with the stills, ready to roll. >> the bottom line for san jose is with 3.8% unemployment san jose doesn't need the jobs. the truth is amazon probably
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will not pick some small town like the one in georgia which does need the jobs, the jobs and the new headquarters will be for engineers and mbas and it's something a big city is honestly more likely to supply. today is the 30th anniversary of black monday, the moment in 1987 where the dow fell 22%. to this day there is no perfect explanation as to what happened. panic selling maybe, early days of computers, were that to happen today it would be the equivalent of a 5,000 point drop on the dow. 22% loss on the nasdaq would be 1336. what you're seeing on the screen is an example of what would happen if it were today. if you're watching the tv with the sound down you're having a heart attack right now. it is actually now impossible thanks to circuit breakers that have been put in place to stop trading. yesterday the dow closed at yet another high, it touched 23,000 for a little bit. i think we will see a little bit of money coming off the table today because, why not? there has been such a rally. >> thank you very much, scott.
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>> amazon, georgia. a new study says that the historically taboo question of how much money do you make actually isn't a big secret with some people. millennials are most likely to share their salaries with others, they say they share that information with immediate family. neither half have revealed their salary to a friend, 30% talk openly about their salaries with coworkers. >> we don't even have to talk about that because we get paid -- they tell me i get coffee and water, so it's great. >> you get the free water. >> we all get that, so it's good. >> don't have for much more. no iced coffee today, kari, a nice cool start. >> it's going to be a great day for the hot coffee which marcus saw me walking in with my mug this morning. it's a good morning for that and also making sure that you have a little bit of some rain gear ready for the next 24 hours. as we get a look at these temperatures out there right now, starts out in the mid 50s, but this is actually warmer than
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we have had it the past several days. look at napa, it's 16 degrees warmer now than it was 24 hours ago, that is all thanks to the cloud cover that greets us as you walk out the door. mostly cloudy skies, it acts as a blanket and keeps some of that warmth trapped near the surface, as we go through the day not much a warm up so it will be cooler later this afternoon. we are going to reach into the upper 60s in san jose, that's cooler than where we should be for mid-october, some lower 70s for morgan hill and then as we go over towards the east bay, walnut creek, expect a high of 68 degrees, also 68 in hayward and for the peninsula, san mateo, 65, san francisco some upper 50s to low 60s today and 64 degrees today in santa rosa. looking at that rain that's starting to move now into oregon and it's going to move into the bay area later this afternoon, now, it may start out with light showers in time for the evening commute for napa as well as sonoma counties, but as we go
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through the day it covers san francisco, look at the timeline, 10:30 tonight. it won't be until very late if you will be gone all day you might want to grb that rain gear but you will most likely be home by the time it starts to move in. it will also bring this breezy winds as we go into tonight and starting out the day tomorrow as we get an on-shore flow keeping our temperatures cool. as far as how much rain we could see, some m models showing the potential of a good soaking in the north bay although we could use a lot more, we could see a quarter of an inch of rain north of the golden gate bridge and san francisco expect showers tonight, cool temperatures leading us into the weekend and a quick warm up next week. for the inland areas upper 60s today, upper 80s by tuesday. we will talk more about that. mike tracking that mysterious spill near concord. >> it's still mysterious but still in the same location. we will show you the big look at the bay and traffic flows very nicely for your commute but i am
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concerned about westbound highway 4 at the 680 southbound connector, to making that corner, told you about that spill reported. chp has dispatched cruisers over there, we are trying to get more word interest them and my friend sean at the desk is making calls. make the cut down to 680 and everything seems to be moving smoothly. we will move you up to the north bay, we continue to track the progress on the fire, marcus told you the new numbers there. highway 12 that fire zone and over in calistoga as well. avoid those local closures as well throughout but 101, 37 and 80 continue to move smoothly as we have all week. we are looking over towards waze as well. i want to make sure you're looking at the drive from san francisco and down toward maybe sand hill, menlo park, looking at this as a typical drive and 101 is the easiest, the quickest route not only in purple. this is why we need that 380 connector. it cuts down all the time.
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saves you ten minutes instead of cutting through menlo park and getting over toward 101 in that area again. >> you can join our team. nbc bay area wazers. check the drive before you leave. coming up, studying screen time. we are sorting through the new research out overnight. the reason kids in lower income families spend more time using devices. and today a big meeting between president trump and the governor of puerto rico, i've tweeted a link to that story, you can follow me for details.
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coming up, studying screen you can follow me for details.
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this morning - a warninou 5:45 now. looking live at the golden gate bridge, traffic moving smoothly so far on this thursday, but if you have weekend plans you might be wondering what the forecast is like. we will check with kari hall in just a bit. this morning a warning about what doctors call a silent epidemic among men. the new study showing an alarming rise in hpv-related cancers among men. researchers say more than 11 million men suffer from oral hpv but the symptoms are often unnoticeable at first. the virus is typically thought of as impacting women mostly. doctors say girls and poise should be vaccinated starting at about 11 years old. a new report out overnight sheds some light on how much time children spend watching tv or using electronic devices.
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we are also learning who their parents are. we went through the research by the nonprofit common sense media and it finds that less affluent youngsters under eight spend nearly 3 1/2 hours watching tv or using devices. affluent children spend 1.5 hours. children of higher educated parents spend even less time. a quick programming note for you, a little girl from santa rosa is appearing on ellen today. lily biagini and family lost everything in that fire including her prosthetic legs. thanks to the generosity of strangers lily got a new pair of legs and she will talk about that on ellen today. you can watch that on nbc bay area at 4:00. >> i can't think of a better story for ellen than highlighting the best of santa rosa. coming up continuing coverage of the north bay wildfires. >> pete suratos, what are you seeing this morning? >> reporter: we're seeing neighborhoods designacimated by wildfires in sonoma county as
5:27 am
folks begin that rebuilding process. i will explain what one city is doing to make sure they to it safely. also ahead, how would you react to an earthquake? the preparation today to get people ready. also google may be buying up even moreland in san jose. we are looking at that location for you.
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♪ ♪ hi! leaving a career to follow a calling takes courage. a personalized financial strategy can give you confidence to take the next step. hi guys! aw yeah! see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. a good thursday morning to you on this october 19th day as we look right now live out in
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palo alto. this is highway 101 as people get on the move on this friday eve. good morning and thanks for joining us, i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking a chance of rain and what welcome words, kari, for those firefighters on the line. >> yes, much anticipated rain for the bay area. it's still well to the north of us, doesn't get here until overnight, but we are awaiting for higher humidity, cooler temperatures and we will have that today as we look at san francisco's forecast, 60 degrees this afternoon and more of the same tomorrow, once that rain moves out. and for the weekend looking at some mid to upper 60s but warming up quickly early next week, you better enjoy those cooler temperatures for the weekend, look at next week, it's going back to summer and very quickly. we will talk just about the weekend forecast coming up in about seven minutes. mike has an update to that mystery spill on the bay bridge. two things, a mystery spill
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and the bay bridge. i want to make sure we separate the two. the mystery spill a mystery and it cleared away now, chp never had much detail, 60 at highway 4 is clear. we move to the bay bridge, this one is a concern, we see the effects of a disabled vehicle stuck in the middle lanes right here just before you get to treasure island and the exit there. my hope is that the bridge crew can help them push off of the roadway on to the exit. we have the backup as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights are on and a gradual build especially for these lights on the left crash approach. back to you. developing this morning, fire officials say they expect full containment on the wine country wildfires in the north bay by tomorrow. these are the latest containment numbers, the atlas fire 83 rs, the tubbs fire 91% contained, the nuns fire sits at 80% containment with the red wood fire at 75%. the pocket fire is 63% contained.
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and mean while rebuilding process begins in santa rosa following the devastating north bay wildfires and now city officials are working with residents directly to get them back on their feet. >> pete sewer tas joining us live from santa rosa with what the city is doing starting later today. >> reporter: good morning. the city of santa rosa they do want to help folks get back on their feet and they will hold two community meetings later tonight. when folks reenter their neighborhoods it's similar to what you're seeing behind me off of old red wood highway, their neighborhoods devastated by these wildfires, but it's important when they begin their pro building process to exercise some safety. >> dealing with toxics first, dealing with recycle -- recyclables second and then extricating out the ash to a
5:33 am
certain depth. >> reporter: that's the mayor of santa rosa sharing that important message and that's one of the many topics that's going to be discussed at those community meetings, specifically the safety hazards when it comes to handling the ash, the debris, these hazardous materials when/ they're returned to their neighborhoods which can be very harmful to the public. now, residents will also get a chance to talk about housing options. i want to point out this was an issue before the fire similar to many cities around the bay area with a city dealing with a housing shortage but the city is presented with an opportunity to blue new homes and maybe even improve on its cable and broadband infrastructure among others things. now, i want to show you guys some information on your television screen about the meetings that will take place, the first one will be at 1:00 p.m. today it will last from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. at the sonoma veterans memorial building, the second one will take place at 6:00 p.m. from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the santa rosa high school south gym in santa rosa. you can expect a lot of information to be covered at
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these meetings with plenty of time for residents to ask questions and get some help as they try to return to some form of normalcy following all the devastation in their neighborhoods following these wildfires. we're live in santa rosa, pete suratos. and the bear fire is still burning in santa cruz mountains. some people are starting to come back to their homes. our tom jensen joins us live with a new report. that's at 6:00. a san francisco police bicycle officer is in critical condition this morning after he was struck by a hit and run driver. happened a little after noon yesterday in the tenderloin district on turk near van ness. police say officers were closing in on the suspect's car, believing he was armed, when that suspect took off and struck the officer in the process. police later found the vehicle empty near buena vista park, arrested the suspect nearby on ellis street about 3:30 and that's where a neighbor took this video of the arrest. >> it's sad, you know, because, you know, they are out here to
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save us, to help us and keep the peace and people are just reckless. >> sources tell our investigative unit that the suspect is named maurquise johnson, the officer is still in intensive care this morning. police say his family is traveling here from out of state to be by his side. new this morning, google eights plan to expand into san jose appears to be taking another step. a growing one. google now working to develop a sort of google village in the area around sap center, the shark tank and diridon station. about one year ago the company started snapping up properties in the area and now the mercury news reports that google struck a new deal to buy another property in the same area. that lot located on west julian street currently a vacant. breaking news a 3.8 quake near san benito it struck around 4:45 this morning 14 miles northeast of soledad. no reports of any injuries or damage. a 3.8 quake near san benito.
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you can check out our shake map on also happening today, around the world it's the annual great shake out. an estimated 18 million americans will take part in this shake out drill. that includes google where we have a crew covering the drill planned for later today. stakeout organizers set up a global count down and the drill is supposed to take place in about four and a half hours from now. all right. so you're prepared, we're looking over here preparing for a backup at the bay bridge as well. we see these lanes all filled in which is different than just a few minutes ago, more gradual here, but they may slow down the metering lights because look at your map, we are marking out the slow drive from treasure island back down the incline to the toll plaza itself. a disabled vehicle still reported in the middle lane as you travel into the treasure island tunnel approaching the treasure island. the bridge crew has yet to get
5:37 am
there. until they can push this car hopefully off at that treasure island exit they will have that lane restriction and that's what's causing the big backup that results in slower metering lights and that could cause the maze to back up more. you will see the rest of the bay including the maze moves smoothly right now but anything on the bay bridge as it is right now with that stall could ripple back out through the approaches. fortunately you have an option, this would be bart going underwater and through a tube so you stay dry and muni is no problem, either. i think you might have other issues staying dry because kari has a look at today and the weekend. >> absolutely. as we look ahead to the weekend, napa is still open for business, a lot of them say spend it don't send it. a lot of those businesses, support napa and the weather. >> it is going to be a nice weekend, too, as far as the cooler temperatures, after that rain moves out, now, that's not expected until late tonight. so as we look ahead to the weekend all clear and look at the coast, 64 degrees. so if you're going there, bring a nice warm sweater, it will be
5:38 am
breezy and the inland areas in the mid 70s. on sunday expect highs a little bit warmer for the inland valleys up to 86 degrees, the bay at 78 and the coast at 67 degrees. and this weekend we have the j.d. rs one walk happening at green meadow. on saturday at 11:00 once that kicks off it will be in the upper 50s, not much change as we go into the next several hours, that three mile walk a great event to check out. now, if you are going to wine country, russian river valley will be in the low 60s, so still cool on friday, but gradually warming up for the weekend and a lot of sunshine so it is going to be very pleasant. as we take a live look outside in the sierra and squaw valley it will be snowing. if you can get there between this afternoon and early tomorrow you will be able to sit and watch the snow fall, but you don't want to have to drive through all of that mess. the high temperature 35 degrees
5:39 am
and then the rest of the weekend once that moves out it will be warming up and perhaps a lot of that snow melting, too. so you will want to get there before it starts falling. looking at santa cruz if you're making it a beach week and it's going to be chilly tomorrow and a little bit better on saturday. i think sunday will be the best day as far as the more comfortable weather, but also mostly sunny skies. as we take a look at the san francisco seven-day forecast mid 60s for saturday and sunday and warming up next week. enjoy the cooler temperatures over the next couple of days. let me know where you're going, i will post it right here on facebook or also on twitter and you may see it featured right here. i will have a look at that forecast for today coming up in a few minutes. thank you very much. here is a look at what's coming up, a landslide lawsuit, the claim san francisco a making against pg&e. and those condolence calls the president made continue to generate controversy.
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we will take a look when "today in the bay" continues.
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it's 5:42 on this thursday morning, a cloudy start and looking forward to some cooler temperatures and higher humidity, too. that rain doesn't get here until later on tonight. as we check out the temperature trend for santa clara, a chilly morning, only in the low 50s and a lot of clouds throughout the day. only some peeks of sunshine, you can probably just leave the sunglasses at home, but pick up the umbrella.
5:43 am
we will talk about that rain coming up in five minutes. and we're talking about that middle number, you just saw it jump up from 20 to 23 minutes across the bay bridge, this is because of a stalled vehicle in the middle of the roadway mid span westbound into san francisco, it's tough. we will map out your alternates in addition to these bridges. new this morning, results for a new type of crash test are out that weigh the passenger's side safety for any midsized car. the test looks at the results of direct impact when it is on the front passenger's side. testers looked at 13 new midsize cars. out of the 13 ten got good ratings, one was acceptable, two are marginal ratings. the researchers say the biggest problem is that the air bag protection is inconsistent which puts your passengers head at risk. >> the restraint system didn't do a good job of protecting the dummy's heads from contacting the dash. >> the two cars that cord the
5:44 am
lowest were the voluntarily, wag ban passat and chevy malibu. san francisco city attorney is filing a lawsuit against pg&e in connection with a landslide that ended with the dem mission of a luxury home. you may remember last year that home mysteriously started to slide off of its foundation. initially rains were thought to have triggered that landslide. an investigation pinpointed a broken water main. the suit claims pg&e crews relocating a gas line caused the main to can you please tour. the city wants the utility to cover $8 million in damages to six homes. pg&e issued a statement saying right now it is focused on the north bay fires but they are aware of the lawsuit. also new this morning, uc berkeley police are investigating a violent laptop robbery that happened at the crossroads student dining haul hall. police say two robbers took a laptop from a young woman, punched her in the face when she fought back. the robbers then ran into the
5:45 am
park and police did not find them. continuing coverage now, the congressional probe into russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. google has briefed the house and the senate intelligence committees. this morning we know that the staff on both panels privately interviewed officials from google in recent weeks. the briefing comes ahead of two hearings on november 1st. google has declared to publicly confirm reports that has discovered russia-linked ads in its platform likes youtube and google search. the controversy continues this morning over the condolence call that the president made to a family of a soldier killed in action. >> more people are coming forward claiming that the president was disrespectful. >> the mother of the soldier, chris, joins a u.s. congresswoman who was also on the call in saying the president had said that soldier knew what he had signed up for and the family took that as disrespectful. now, we didn't expect condolence calls to become the latest controversy but they have. four soldiers were killed in
5:46 am
niger back on october 4th. during an impromptu press conference on monday 12 days after the attack the president was asked why he hadn't called or written letters to any of the families and that is when the white house really ran into problems. the president claimed past presidents didn't call families, that's not true. he then made the calls and then one of the families said the president was disrespectful during the call. an allegation backed up by at least three people on the call. the president said he had proof he hadn't been disrespectful but then the white house yesterday said there was no such proof. in other news the president asked an interesting question this morning, on twitter, workers of firm involved with the discredited and fake dossier take the fifth. who paid for it? russia, the fbi or the dems or all? the president is talking about a report that includes alleged details of when he was in russia for a miss universe contest. i will answer the president's
5:47 am
question, it was a republican who first paid for the dossier. "the new york times" and others have reported repeatedly the dossier was first requested by a gop donor who wanted trump to lose. the contents of that dossier were published by buzzfeed, the allegations in it have never been proven. each day we try to answer the question the president poses us on twitter and let you know what's going on in the white house as well. if you have questions of your own or comments you can reach me directly, i'm @scottmcgrew. thank you, scott. happening today, a big divisional match up for the oakland raiders. we are looking live at the oakland coliseum dark now, but raucous later on today as the raiders host the kansas city chiefs. the chiefs are one of the hottest teams in the league so far this season, they have lost one game, the raiders have lost four in a row, i say that quietly. tonight's game kicks off at 5:25 this evening so you can expect maybe a little traffic high why up along the 880 corridor.
5:48 am
>> that's right. >> just a little bit of traffic. >> still got to get in there for the game. >> and we have some good weather. i think the rain will hold off for this game this evening, that's good news for the raiders fans that will be out there in the coliseum. we are also going to have more on that rain moving in tonight and it is looking good as far as some of the totals, especially for the north bay, as we continue to get some containment on the wildfires, but as we take a live look outside in palo alto this morning, still tracking that air quality and it is going to be unhealthy throughout the day in the north bay, east bay a little bit better so it won't be as smoky and the peninsula and the south bay still some moderate air quality. so if you do have some breathing sensitivities, if you have asthma, you still need to limit your time outside, but the north bay stays unhealthy the next three days. as you walk out the door this morning it is 54 degrees in the tri-valley as we take a live
5:49 am
look outside and in san francisco 54 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. looking at those high temperatures today much cooler, only in the mid to upper 60s in the north bay, 69 degrees concord, antioch, livermore as well as san jose, palo alto 68 degrees and san francisco today at 60 degrees. so getting dressed this morning if you're going to be gone all day long you want to make sure you have the umbrella, just keep it somewhere in the back seat of the car in the trunk, it's something we haven't had to lug around recently. and also a jacket because it will be cool, especially this morning. we talked about how it doesn't warm up that much throughout the afternoon and then as we track the rain it's still well to the north of here and as it starts to work its way into the bay area it may start out with light spotty showers in the north bay, moving into northern sonoma county, possibly by 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon. some of the heavier lane holds off until later on tonight so you may make it through that evening commute with no rain whatsoever and then here we are
5:50 am
at 10:30, this may be around the time some of the fans are leaving the stadium in oakland and we will start to see some of that rain moving in, some breezy winds coming in and at times some pockets of heavy rain making it into the south bay, once it moves over to the sierra light snow before this weekend. all of this clears out by tomorrow. during that time frame we will have the potential of getting a quarter inch of rain nurt to the north and lesser rain further to the south. looking at that air quality that will be unhealthy starting out with that once again, will be unhealthy for the next three days and it's something we will continue to monitor as that rain falls. mike, you are still tracking a hazard on the bay bridge. >> i am, i'm tracking it as it clears, that's the good news. we will look at the bay and overall these speed sensors do show a smooth drive. we are looking over toward the bay bridge westbound 80 things are starting to clear up as far
5:51 am
as these speed sensors go, in the last ten minutes that disabled vehicle was cleared from the roadway. those metering lights never looked like they took much impact as far as slowing it down. the maze moves slowly going over toward the bay bridge. some folks may have headed north to the richmond san rafael bridge. bart still reports no delays. i want to show you waze because also we are talking about alternates that have been mapped up via waze, the bay bridge is moving smoothly. we had a crash reported southbound 880 right around whipple and look at this little icon, that's the nbc bay area wazers, brian 95123, we will say, thank you, brine, for helping us out. you have to join our team to get that kind of connection. so nbc bay area wazers, guys, back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> i might have picked a cooler name if i had known it would have been on tv. coming up, a multi-million
5:52 am
dollar house goes up in flames. a quick reaction by a four-legged friend that saved its owner's life. first happening now japan reeling this morning from a magnitude 6.1 earthquake which struck about 400 miles off the country's southern coast. so far no reports of damages or injuries. plus, india's prime minister is celebrating diwali, the festival of lights with indian troops. many people here in the bay area of course and hundreds of millions of people all around the globe are also celebrating. the festival honors of goddess of health and wealth. the news continues in two minutes.
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our golden gate bridge and welcome back. the time 5:55 as we take a look outside from the golden gate bridge as you can see people getting on their way on this thursday morning. you're watching "today in the bay." 5:55 now. continuing coverage, today marks one month since the massive 7.1 earthquake shook mexico. more than 200 people were killed and this morning efforts to rebuild are only beginning. right now crews are working to demolish any remaining damaged buildings and to clear the debris there. it is expected to cost more than a billion dollars to rebuild mexico city. a develop story out of maryland now, a man wanted for
5:56 am
shooting six people in two states is in custody this morning. 37-year-old radee labeeb prince was captured last night in delaware. police say he went on a shooting in a maryland business park where police say prince was scheduled to work. when police arrived five employees were shot, three of them now dead. two hours later in delaware police say prince shot another victim, investigators believe that victim knew the suspect while authorities don't yet have a motive and that the shooting there -- or the shooters [ inaudible ]. new details on a story we brought you as breaking news yesterday morning in "today in the bay." we have new information about an overnight house fire in atherton. it turns out that the owner's dog jumped into action to save his owner's life. firefighters say the dog woke up the homeowner to alert him to the fire. both of them made it out okay but the resident was hospitalized with smoke
5:57 am
inhalation. >> keeping roadways safe. oakland police department is receiving a special grant to prevent car accidents. the money will go towards special enforcement operations and public awareness efforts. we did research overnight and found since 2010 the number of people killed on california roadways has gone up 17%. most of those were drivers hitting pedestrians or bicycles. happening today amid the nationwide opioid crisis san francisco city leaders are launching a new network of safe disposal dee os. res accidents can drop off unwanted or unused medication, since 2003 there have been more drug overdoses annually from prescription medicines than from cocaine and heroin combined. new this morning some hospitals are giving patients audio recordings so that they can play back conversations with doctors. the hope is that those patients will do a better job following doctors orders. the doctors say the recorder gives patients the power to understand the treatment plan because everything they couldn't remember they can reference to
5:58 am
at any time. it will also help patience remember questions they may have for their next visit. >> the more patients understand about what's going on the easier it is for them to interact with us. when you know why i'm concerned about something and why it's important you can often feedback to me more appropriately and more timely. >> there is hope every hospital will soon have the capability to provide these audio recordings to their patients. >> i think it's a great idea. >> it is. >> i can never remember what my doctors -- all of it anyway. a recall this morning before you eat your breakfast or pack the kids lunches. stonyfield is pulling yogurts with a specific date code off the store shelves. take a look at this label. we are talking about a recall involving stonyfield's o'soy yogurt, november 4th, 2017, the date code is on the lid. the product may contain an undeclared milk aller jen which
5:59 am
could cause a life-threatening or allergic reaction for some folks. the soy yogurts were sold at natural food stores and grocery retailers nationwide. >> water too contaminated to drink. >> steven sock found community after community where this is their reality. >> we found one stark example of that in the central valley, in the community of lanare in east fresno county. they built a $1.3 million water treatment plant to filter out high levels of arsenic, it was paid for with state grant money but the water plant sits idle because the community where it sits cannot afford to operate it. >> this is a symbolic reminder of what could be in lanare and it isn't because so many people have failed lanare. the county failed, the state failed, the engineering company who did an analysis failed. >> and it's not just lanare, we found hundreds of communities throughout california with similar issues.
6:00 am
tonight we go to sacramento to find out from state leaders why this is allowed to happen in the first place and what they're going to do to fix it. that's tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. if you have a story for our investigative unit give us at a call at 888-996 tips or tend an e-mail to the unit at right now at 6:00, gaining ground, firefighters across the bay area continue to press on this morning, we are live in the santa cruz mountains where the fight to contain the bear fire lingers on. the long journey ahead for thousands of victims in the north bay as crews finally gain the upper hand. plus rain on the way. when you will finally see some of those rain drops on your windshield. "today in the bay" continues right now. and good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. today we were talking about those rain drops on the


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