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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 19, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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jeff. >> yes things picking up from the north bay to san francisco. mainly light scattered activity in the form of drizzle for a lot of the bay. the more consistent rainfall is still 165 miles to the north. so a closer look shows multiple reports in marchen and napa and sonoma of the drizzle and also some light spotty rain. the future cast shows 7:00 tonight shows scattered in terms ofway we expect once we hit 10:00 this evening. it's more consistent with possibly a few heavier pockets. then eventually it moves to the south bay. we have the full time line of that coming up at 6:20. i want to let you know on the heels of the storm system right now the brand new winter outlook does show wetter than average for the pacific northwest, drier for southern california. the bay area has the chance as we head into winter of possibly average to above average rain and near average temperatures. again the full time line of the storm system coming in how much we pick up at 6:20.
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>> see you then thank you. the right now rain will be a welcome site for the crews fighting fires. they expect full containment tomato but the fires burning within thet( containment lines. more people allowed home this evening. dry creek reopened in napa county. only 15,000 people remain evacuated. down from 100,000 last saturday. now that's because all five of the north bay fires are more than 70% contained. authorities today though increased the number of homes and other building destroyed to nearly 7,000 now. >> a lot of the attention is turning to the cleanup and recovery for thousands of families beginning with the removal of tons of toxic debris. seni senior investigative rohrer vicky nguyen is asking what residents expect next and when it's safe to rebuild. >> reporter: really important questions as we turn the corner on this, janelle and people focus on the recovery.
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we are here here in coffey park and i want to show you some new signs we are seeing popping up. the red tags saying to stay away keep out and also warning people to watch out for unstable structures. as people are anxious to come back and a salvage what they can. they're dealing with a toxic mix of debris. i want to show you the water with the a little bit of rain in santa rosa you can see how contaminated the water is getting, which means it's all the more reason the cleanup needs to begin as quickly as possible. >> we were in the coffey park area. >> we met in woman outside of the local assistance center downtown. the lifelong resident spent the last seven years in this home. her family escaped through the flames. >> it was scarey because i thought that my parents weren't making it out. i grabbed my son. threw him in the car. >> she left with nothing but hopes to find something when she is allowed back in.
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>> my wedding ring is still there. >> yvette who has asthma worries about the long-term health of her family. more than 6500 structures burn here leaving behind toxic kokt the. >> it will have to go into a toxic dump somewhere. >> john buchanan is a retired fire chief with 50 years of service working with statewide a contractor specializing in did he contamination and fire damage. he says it will take several months to clear the home siting. the city leaders hope to finish by the beginning of 2018. >> working working on the time zblien sean smith is with california emergency services. he says cleanup efforts will be prioritized based on location. >> we are looking at other facilities out there. if there is a day care center a school, hospital, elderly folks home. we want to clean around the properties first. >> i would like to stay here because i've been here my whole
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life. >> reporter: we'll learn more tonight. santa rosa city leaders are meeting now to discuss the cleanup efforts. we are told that it will be a few weeks before contractors arrive and that it is likely to take until at least the beginning of next year, 2018, before in cleanup effort is done. we will stay on this tracking the recovery and rebuilding. for now live in santa rosa, vicky nguyen nbc bay area. that's the kind of reaction people were getting at a meeting packed with people. not as much closure as folks hoped for. the kind of town meeting vicky talked about dressing homes, financial relief and preparation for the folks trying to get back into homes. sam brock is at the meeting and some of the folks don't have a home to go to and it's confusing to figure out the next step. and even get ago straight answer, sam. >> reporter: yeah, they're trying to plan the next day ahead let alone the next few
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weeks. lots of folks came out here wanted to find out when they're getting financial assistance. as you were talking about a time line, when will i get back into my home? when will the fema aid come in by the way the answer to that is 5 to 7 business day ifs you qualify. it doesn't look this way right now. earlier this parking lot was full of people just wanting answers to questions. there is lots of love in sonoma these days for first responders. relief coordinators anyone in the thick of the emergency response. but home owners waiting to see damaged property would also love some resolution. >> registering for fema was a real experience for us. but i felt a sense of compassion today. i felt that they are doing everything they can, that they just can't do it as fast as we wish. >> fema assistance will pour in sons for affected whom rns anywhere of tens of thousands to millions of dollars depending on property. but reentry is not imminent.
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there are many agency boxes to get checked off. >> everyone from law enforcement to fire, power companies, telephone, road crews, everyone that -- every agency it takes to make the area safe. >> the parties are producing hourly plans. though cal fire calls the task monumental. >> our mortgage was $$1,529 now we have with insurance 380 oh dollars. that's a big difference. >> vladimir afrlz says keeping his wife and kids sheltered is a monumental task. as he waits to fill out paperwork, the coffey park resident wants clarity and less bureaucracy. >> hopefully the government will do something for us. we are taxpayers just like the majority of the people without a home. help us. hope us that's all we ask. help us. >> as many of you know it's so expensive to live here. afrlz bought his house in santa
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rosa in 1999. the rent he pays now will be more than 2 and a half timesway what his mortgage payments were. local officials say we need to think outside the box in terms of trying to figure out where all of these people are going to go. reporting live in santa rosa, some brock, nbc bay area news. well sam has been tweeting video and updates from the fire zone. can you follow some at his twitter account. from the north bay we are heading down to the south bay and a santa cruz mountains and the bear fire where mandatory evacuation orders were lifted today, including the lass cumbres neighborhood. damian trujillo was with deb ostgard when residents were allowed back in. promising news for those folks today? >> reporter: it is but not out of the woods yet. some areas up area still remain under evacuation. not an area known as lass
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cumbres. >> the mail man is back and the mailboxes are full. >> i'm excited to go home. >> kathleen says her family spent the last few days on opinions and needles not knowing if the flames reached her home. today she returned to good news. >> we are lucky to have our home. i'm right on lower faber in the thick of the a flames. it was scarey to leave. >> the neighborhood is tucked away on the sky line boulevard in the mountains. >> it was eerie up here hearing the people -- the sirens and hearing them -- the cops calling everybody to get out. >> this is where mike pace was standing the night the fire broke out. he was staring at the flames realizing it was time to get out. >> it was bad. i woke up the family said we've got to pack and be ready to go. about two hours later we got the notice to evacuate. >> he says if the bear fire hit
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the same time last week when the winds were up to 50-mile-per-hour up here their fate might have been different. >> after seeing the horror up north they have gone through far worse. we were lucky with the weather. >> the evacuees got lucky the large response. fire crews already stretched thin with all the other fires worked day and night to minimize the damage. >> they saved us. what can you say? >> reporter: and tonight i don't see a lot of smoke in the mountains but i see a lot of cloud rain clouds. live in the santa cruz mountains damian truly yoe nbc bay area. a 5:30 and the fight is not over yet. the words from the san francisco police chief about an officer injured yesterday. during a news conference within the last hour. the police chief is asking for support and good thoughts and prayers from the public. nbc bay area kristy smith joins us live at sf jern where the officer is in critical condition
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after being run down yesterday in the tender line, kristy. >> reporter: that's right the chief was out here speaking with the media. he said the officer's family is here. parents high pressure he read a statement from the officer's wife and described him as a fighter in every sense of the word. 32-year-old elia lewin-tankel an officer with san francisco police since 2012 injured yesterday on bike patrol as officers were out looking for a suspect who police say ran him over in an suv on turk street. there is an intense manhunt and the suspect was taken into custody hours later. sources say that suspect actually hit the officer twice. police shared more about the officer and said he was recognized for his outstanding police work, even received the department's purple heart where he was injured helping others. he worked at the tender line station and chose the assignment one of the tougher departments. today the chief sfoek about him and the family's wish for people to send good energy and prayers.
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>> his family is very positive. and they're doing better today than he was doing yesterday. that was a tremendous sign for us that we have hope. and we are going to be by his side and help him fight through this. >> reporter: now he also discussed charges against that suspect, 50-year-old maurice a. johnson who apparently uses a number of aliases and there was a long list of charges including attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon on a paez officer, possession of a stolen auto and reckless driving. the command staff was out mere. and officers have been in and out around#:t the clock at the officer's bedside. one of the things the chief remarked on is all the support that they've received from the city and the community. reporting live in san francisco, kristy smith, nbc bay area news. >> a difficult time for the sf pd for sure. following breaking news in san francisco. search and rescue crews looking for a man who disappeared in the water at ocean beach.
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sky ranger was above the search a few minutes ago. coast guard and firefighters are on the scene looking for the man. fire department says the original call was for a fully clothed man in distress off ocean beach. he was last scene around 4:00 this afternoon. rescue teams are on the beach and in the water right now. see fudge they can locate that man. still ahead accusations of rape by a couple of students from a well-known catholic high school in the east bay. and a decision tonight in san francisco about whether you have to keep your dog on a leash in one of the national parks. and the first rain of the season moving in right now with a little bit of drizzle. spotty shower in san francisco at 63. i'll let you noy how much rain and look at the full time line 6:20 tonight. sexual assault tonight...coming
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from a prestigious private school in concord i--the a stunning accusation of sexual assault tonight coming from a prestigious private coo school in conning order, did he lasalle, the victim at the sister school an y'all-girl catholic school. tonight two young men in custody. roz joins us with more. roz. >> reporter: the sexual assault allegation involved students from neighboring schools. the victim a student of the all girl high school one of the
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students she accused a studenty did he lasalle high school across the street .. the news left the community stun theed. >> i don't know what to say. terrifying. >> horrible. i'm sorry to hear that. >> you'll era all three are juveniles and the sheriff investigators are releasing few details. they do say the incident happened off campus in walnut creek some time in late september. the young woman told a counselor just this week. >> you're talking about christian kids. and there should be respect for the boys and just as importantly respect for the girls. and i don't understand you know why it's lacking in two great catholic schools. >> sadly this is not the first time. a delasalle convicted of raping a student from the other high school in november last year. both schools sent letters home to parents. the principle of the girls school says in part we have had ongoing conversations with students and implemented programs in partnership with
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delasalle to educate our students around the global issues of sexual assault and creating an environment of mutual respect and will continue to do so. >> that was roz plater reporting thank you roz. >> there is a new chief in oakland. darron white has been named permanent chief. he skeeds the chief that came under pressure and fired under the ghost ship warehouse fire. the new chief has 30 years of service, 20 in oakland. luck let your dog run free. the national park service dropped the fight to require leashes for dogs. that means there will be no leash rules in the golden gate national recreation area in san francisco and marin. they have been arguing for 4 years now that keeping the dogs on leeches protect wildlife and keep people safer. but doing owners unfiled
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lawsuit. >> let's get a check of the forecast. the rain drops moving in. >> san francisco a little bit of drizzle activity and spotty activity through marin napa and he sonoma county. a welcome relief for the firefighters. look at the forecast, the live high definition view in sand rafael 37 reys just a little bit slick as the traffic heads towards san francisco, a little bit heavier on the southbound lanes. right now 63 degrees. and notice the window of best opportunity for the north bay for the rainfall is going to be here from 8:00 through about 11:00 p.m. tonight. and temperatures dropping into the 50s. again, please be careful with this first rain of the season, a lot of brought up on the roadways definitely slicker. cold front to the north as that continues to push down that's where we get the best chance of some consistent rainfall into the bay area. the only thing perhaps happening
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around 10:30 tonight from calistoga through san francisco. this should hold up to san jose about 1:00 in the morning. hold on we still have a chance. but tough wait for it. then by 6:00 in the morning we see the rainfall move out. hold on to lingering cloud cover. in terms of how much rain we are good for about .05 of an inches. andy inches through santa rosa and close to that spelkted in napa. temperatures momi will be cool in response to the storm system. even though clearing out from the storm the chilly air lirng. 67 in napa. 67 in san francisco and 67 in san jose. have your jacket. another big change coming our way. by monday 86 degrees inland. also a dry fire wind returning. that's what firefighters are looking ahead towards next for the big change in the buerre. i'll have a longer look at 6:48.
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before that we'll be back at 6:30 for another check of the radar. >> thank you jeff. coming up next, only on nbc bay area, a different tech battle. getting ugly in silicon valley. scott budman has a story of software engineers changing jobs and getting sued. >> a little bit later firefighters from around the world are helping the fight in the north bay. but how much will it cost and who pays for it? our investigative unit has some answers. the city of santa rosa says
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schools will begin reopening in phases. "cardinal newman high school" in santa rosa -- which was happening now the city of santa rosa says schools will begin reopening in phases pl. cardinal neumann high heavily damaged is expected to start class on monday. course material will be available online. a pros two ring bust in sand brunn orr. they received complaint about an apartment on come door drive and found a brothel in the location. suing each other .. over seven
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employees. one is worried about sensitive information leaving with prostitution. two tech companies suing each other over seven employees. one is worried about sensitive information leaving with those employees. the other thing it wants to grow and hire good people. well trapped in the middle tech workers saying they just want to get on with the new jobs. in a story only on nbc bay area our business reporter scott budman is outside one of those companies caught up in the legal
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battle. scott. >> reporter: good evening, janelle. citrix is a 129.5 billion software company in a legal battle with a silicon valley competitor over employees. accused of taking information from here to the new company. the latest high tech boxing match is on. citrix systems with the headquarters in santa clara taking on ignite over seven employees and the knowledge and skills they left with. ignite hired them away from the much larger citrix and lawsuits have been filed by both companies. >> they have the customers and we respect. >> that the ignite cofounder insisting he is not trying to steal property, just hire sales people. among them jessica bell who has been at ignite for a month and is now part of the lawsuit against egnyte.
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>> it was surprising to have someone pound on the door and serve you papers. essentially feel threatened. >> in the tech world both hardware and software competitors sue each other regularly appear apple and sam running. >> there is precedent for this happening. but to be perfectly honest we are happy to sit down with them and say, look, let's ensure that you are comfortable that we have no designs on any of the stuff you are concerned about. and we would welcome a dialogue. >> each company says its right. jessica says she wants to keep her new job. >> as a single mom to a kid who is just starting college it was really important to me that i provided for her and be able to pay her tuition. >> reporter: for its part citrix says it doesn't comment on litigation instead referring me to the complaint which accusing the former employees of taking sensitive information with enemy when they went over to egnyte.
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scott budman. >> thank you scott. drop cover and hold on. that's the earthquake drill. millions practice across the state today, including google workers. you're looking at video of the worker running drug drills. they cook cover during the simulated earthquake. experts were there to give advise on how to keep safe in a real earthquake. >> a lot of people thinking of earthquakes think they're big and scarey that we don't have control over. the truth is we have control over how well we can be prepared. >> the state program started in 2008 to spread information on quake safety in california. an estimated 18 million people participated in shakeout drills on the west coast just today. still to come happy and relieved to have survived the tubbs fire but devastatesed at the same time after losing close
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friends. a heart wrefrmging story of appreciation and guilt. former president obama back on the campaign trail. the message he wants out in this divisive political landscape. if you are in your home or business and you smell gas, your first step is to get out, travel to a safe distance until you can't smell the gas anymore and then call 911. the first responders will come out and they'll make it safe for you and your community.
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if youdon't touch it,downed keep everyone back. call 911 immediately. the fire department will respond with law enforcement and pg&e to figure out what the issue is to keep you safe and there are no hazards to the public. ♪ a couple struggles after losing their longtime right now at 6:30, grieving after the fire. the couple struggles emotionally after losing long-term neighbors and friends to the deadly blazes. they were friends for life.
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now separated forever by sudden and insurmountable outbreak of glams. >> santa rosa family is speaking the first time after surviving the tubbs fire by seconds and losing more than house possessions and childhood memories. sam brock has the story. >> reporter: their two homes are separated by a matter of feet. some fencing and footprints from constant trips back and forth. >> they weren't -- they weren't just our neighbors. they -- we knew them for a long time. you know, we saw them on a we cannily basis or every -- every few days for 30 years. >> rachel forbis says her childhood wouldn't have been the same without the neighbors. in a once enchanted neighborhood covered in ashlee roy and dona had a nack for making them feel loved. >> they brought us wick o cakes as a welcome to the neighborhood.
6:31 pm
they are loving and generous. and i can't believe we lost them. that's what haunts me. >> haunted not just by the horror of the fierce fire but the tiny window the wright family had to escape and the fate of the neighbors, the 80-year-old accountant and his lovely wife who couldn't make it out. >> i try not to blame myself. but we could have called them. it's hard not to feel guilty when we're alive. >> the loss for the family is worn owner their faces but comfort comes in the form of still having one another and informing others from the experience. >> my message is, just don't take it for granted. and -- and alert your neighbors. alert your neighbors. >> reporting in santa rosa, sam brock, nbc bay area news. >> so devastating for so many.
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let's talk about the forecast now we have rain falling in the north bay, a big help to the fire. they're hoping to get full containment tomorrow. let's bring in jeff with the forecast. the rain is scattered in nate with drizzle. picking up in intensity once we see the cold front move across the bay area still 160 miles to the north. within the next couple hours we expect things again to become a lot more consistent. you can see in the future cast by 10:30 tonight the system is over marin, napa and sonoma county. the green is more of a light to moderate rain. then you can see possibly yellow here which means a few isolated heavier pockets. 10:30 tonight over the north bay. and then eventually by 1:00 a.m. on friday down towards san jose in the south bay. clearing out at 6:00 in the morning for the commute. any rainfall will be good news as we are running a deficit for the rain season starting october 1. running action .39 to .07.
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you can see up in the north bay. moderate levels. still watch out with asthma or rest pierer to problems. best air quality east bay and peninsula. more fire danger increases next we can. we'll talk about the winds and the 7-day forecast at 7:45ever 48. sierra snow on the way. fires in the north bay end up being the state's most costly catastrophe. >> the investigative unit has been digging in the price tag. liz wagner with our investigative unit is here with the astronomical numbers liz. >> so far the price tag is more than $100 million. that's just for all of the extra crews helping cal fire here in northern california. more than 350 fire agencies from 17 states and australia joined the firefight in the north bay. we listen to ends up footing the bill. of course the taxpayers which
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ones? we nound in situations like this where outside crews answered the call for mutual aid each agency pays its way initially. local taxpayers in phoenix for example are paying the price of sending firefighters here to is help us. the california office of emergency management estimates all together the cost of the aid is $6 million to $8 million. but california officials apply for federal grants from fema and reimburse outside agencies for 75% of the costs down the road. now, back to you, jess and janelle. >> okay that's interesting to know really good information. well san francisco firefighters are become home after battling the north bay wildfires. strike team roll flews station seven on follow some and 13th a few hours ago. they spent ten days fighting fires in napa county including the nuns fire. firefighters worked long shifts for days on end. but they all made it back to san francisco.
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we are happy to tell you safely. oregon wineries offering help for the wine ris. one winery founder putting up workers who lost homes in fires. for three weeks he says he will give them room and board and pay them. >> one of the greatest gifts anyone can give is productive work. >> some of the oregon wineries are donating a personal of sales to help the north bay, hosting fund raisers as a way of giving back. >> chief of staff john kelly defended president trump today for the way he handled talking to a widow of a special forces solar. he was killed in an ambush patrolling the border of maly. the president called his widow and a a florida congressman says trump was insensitive on the phone. today john kelly said the presidented handled the call the sail way all other presidents have in the past. >> he was where he wanted to be exactly where he wanted to be with exactly the people he wanted to be with when his life
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was taken. that was the message. >> the pentagon has not released many details yet of the ambush. the defense department is still investigating. former president obama back on the campaign trail stumping for the democratic candidate in new jersey. the two men worked before phil murphys served as u.s. ambassador to germany during the first term in office. mr. obama told a packed ballroom that people can send a message with the vote. >> we are rejecting a politics of division. we are rejecting a politics of fear. that we are embracing a politics that says everybody counts. >> the election is november 7th. >> former vice president joe biden will in the bay area tonight speaking at the college in couper toin. part of the celebrity forum speaker series. the speech starts at 8:00 held
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in the flint center. hundreds of people on the streets in the university of campus florida tonight to protest richtd spencer. spencer advocates for a kwhiet ethnic state. . fear of violence spurred a state of emergency at the university of florida. officials originally kmied his request to speak but relented when he threatened to speech. >> hate speech cannot be band from a public university the government cannot censer speech. >> controversial speakers something we are familiar with after clashes on the cal campus this year. the florida protests were mostly peaceful. police say only one arrest. still ahead a popular spot having a named removed and wrie the name sidekick stripped. looking to buy a new home. click on amazon we'll find one. we'll explain.
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"justin herman plaza" -- next to
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the city )s embarcadero cente a new name for a well nope spot in san francisco. justin hermann plaszcz next for the embarcadero center will be renamed. the parks commission took the narrow vote. the plan to rename began more than a decade ago. he was a powerful official in the 19 sixth who drew harsh criticism which destroyed. a largely african-american and japanese american community. the plaza will be named embarked of plaza until a name is chosen. >> are you in the market for a new house. try amazon. thanks in part to the growing popular airtime of small space living thp they sell tiny houses. 320 square feet, it's a residence made out of shipping container. it has one bathroom, a bathroom. little livingston room and kitchenette. appliances heating and
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air-conditioning. the price tag $36,000 plus the shipping of course. a you new treatment for aggressive blood cancer coming soon. however it comes with a hefty price tag. this week the fda approved the gene therapy. it works by removing a patient's immune cells and engineering cells to fight. the latch ditch effort used after other treatments are have failed. the treatment costs more than $350,000. >> okay a change in weather we might see some rain a little bit. >> just a few drops in san francisco also the north bay. san jose is cloudy at this point. we look at our forecast and you can see it starts to pick up around 10:00 with scattered showers. more consistent rain at 1:00 a.m. we have more details on this for the friday commute. plus if you're heading to tahoe we have the snow report. >> after a disaster like this do you have to take the insurance company first offer?
6:42 pm
no. >> consumer investigator chris chumara i'll show you how when nbc bay area responds next. workers swooping into the north
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
bay to assist with wifi well it's badly needed but some insurance companies have workers swooping into the north bay to assist with wildfire damage claims. now as a result the paperwork is moving faster. >> but chris chumara cautions us moving too quick might short change us. >> reporter: if you're filing of an insurance claim after a disaster like this. there is no rush to take the first offer from the insurance company. they'll send out the adjuster who will assess how much the home and contents were worth. if you disagree with that number, you don't have to accept it. in california you have the option of hiring a public adjuster. someone who can come out to the remains of the home and provide their own assessment of how much
6:45 pm
the home and belongings were worth. then you can compare that against the insurance adjuster claim and begin to negotiate. it's your right under california law. if you have a consumer complaint for us call us 8 st 1-888-996-tips. online at >> okay thanks good reminder. let's check the forecast. so excited we have been looking forward to this for a week. >> and the firefighters couldn't get anything better than the rainfall happening. increased moisture all good news. let's look at the microclimate forecast. i want to start off with something that we are seeing in the atmosphere. it's what looks to be a classic la nina pattern with the latest storm moving in. that's when the heaviest rainfall is centered right up here to vancouver to portland. and we get the bottom edge of the storm system. so we know there is about a 60% chance of la nina continuing to develop heading through fall
6:46 pm
also winter. and this is surely a sign of maybe the pattern showing. la nina can usually mean near average to potentially slightly would have average rain. we'll be following that through the season. let's look at the storm system that's bringing the possibility of more consist nlt rain. the cold front is situated here, 150 miles away. when that moves over the bay area obviously our chances increase. so let's give you a close look a at that. and we are hours away from seeing things pick up from the light rain and drizzle we've had to more of heavy carrier rainfall at times. by 9:00 p.m. it's still scattered activity around santa rosa and napa and point reyes. a little bit slow moving in. but eventually this wet weather also pushes down to san jose we think by early tomorrow morning 1:00 a.m. it's a quick blast of wet from 10:00 p.m. into 1:00 a.m. tomorrow.
6:47 pm
by 6:00 in the morning for the morning compute on friday we'll clear out and just left with the cloud cover. rainfall totals becoming a lot more aligned with different forecast models. . .05 for san jose. and what about the forecast for tomorrow in rainfall moves out. but we have the cloud cover holding on. a low to mid-50s south bay to tri-valley. over towards the north bay looking at 49 degrees. heading through tomorrow find the thing called a jacket. we haven't had to wear that throughout the day in a long time. look for it now because check this out. in the south bay just 67 for a high. 65 in couper toin. that's jacket weather. gilroy looking at 67. for the east bay very comfortable. feeling like fall and october outside. 65 in livermore. 64 in vallejo and 62 in oakland. peninsula redwood city at 65.
6:48 pm
and look at this daly city 59. san francisco 60 along the embarcadero. winds gusty here out of the west at 17-mile-per-hour. that's certainly keeping the chill in the air and up the north bay 65 in santa rosa and 68 in novato. rainfall late tonight early tomorrow morning drying out throughout the day with cool temps. heading up to the sierra winter. et highway 50 about 610 oh feet king veil looking at 2 to 4 inches. 11:00 a.m. on friday. get ready for that if you are headed up to lake tahoe. extended forecast more changes. you are sick and tired of the up and down but we are stuck in it it the next soef days. 64 for tomorrow the high. 79 on tuesday. and down next thursday. same up and down pattern for the
6:49 pm
inland valleys. back up to 86 on monday with increased fire danger. dry northeastly wind, up to 89 on tuesday. and then gradually see numbers sliding down. so excited to see the rainfall. it's just going to wash things clean. what a big help. >> for sure. thank you jeff. a special moment at the coliseum. colin resch the story of one of our fire zone heroes, up next. a live look at the coliseum,
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where the raiders are playing the kansas city chiefs tonight. a live look at the oakland coliseum where the raiders host kansas city right now. after starting season 2-0 they have lost four straight. they need a win. the chiefs have the best rod record in the nfl. pretty close game, chiefs lead 20-14 with less than 2 minutes to halftime p. >> one of the countless heroes out of the north bay fire getting well deserved recognition on the feel. colin resch was there. a very special hometown hero honored during the third quarter of the tonight's game. a gentleman we spoke about a few
6:53 pm
days ago. wayne sims he and his friends helped preserve six homes in the coffey park neighborhood. >> do you feel like a hero. >> no i'm here because i wanted to thank cal fire. those guys are the heroes. i need to make that clear those guys are my fire. >> cal fire their representation for doing what they have done in our area. >> sims gave the raiders one condition. that he be able to bring the guys who helped him that night. friends like kirk richardson, a san francisco fire department battalion chief lived six minutes from sims. >> i've seeing guys i've never seen up close before. this is fantastic a greem. >> all because you basically picked up the phone and helped him fight. >> well, you know a friend in need, you know. i know this guy. i know he has my back. i'll always have his back. and it was just a given. he said i needed help. i was coming. and i guess the best part of
6:54 pm
this night would be if the raiders get a win. >> that would be great. i'll take that as icing on the cake. that would be great. >> in oakland colin resch, nbc bay area. coming up tonight at 11:00 millions of tax dollars spent to build a water purification plant in the central valley and never used. we investigate how the state hit this it happen. tonight on bay area news at 11:00. >> before we go a last look at the weather because we are excited to see the rain. >> yes. >> and starting to sprinkle already. >> it is. a little bit of activity right now up in the marin napa and sonoma county. you can see by 11:00 p.m. the cold front bringing more consistent rainfall is likely to arrive by 11:00 p.m. so the bulk of the activity through the evening will remain over the fire lines. and that is great news as firefighters still work really hard to get full containment. we'll he want eventually see the cold front march to the south off san jose by 1:00 in the morning. a little bit of really showing
6:55 pm
pup. generally light to moderate for us. by 6:00 in the morning for the commute we'll see we start off dry. roadways may be slick. you want to watch out for oil on the roadway. and cloud covering lingering. the extended forecast, san francisco aba little bit breezy through the day tomorrow. average of 60 degrees. winds coming out of the northwest 10 to 20-mile-per-hour. when it picks up it will feel like 50s. through the upcoming weekend still comfortable. tuesday up to warmer 79. that's a dry fire winds moving back in. we want to stress that monday, tuesday and wednesday things get trier and warmer out there with low humidity coming back. in the clear right now with the fire danger. but things do spike up back up early next week. look at the inland valley forecast also breezy. anywhere from 5 to 15-mile-per-hour from most of the interior valley through the
6:56 pm
northeast and south bay. things warm up 79 on sunday. there is a 10 degree jump friday to sunday. things really heat up monday. that's when winds turn more from the northeast 5 to 10-mile-per-hour. that's increasing the fire danger, lower the humidity up to 89 by tuesday and then eventually start to see temperatures beginning to taper off for us. >> i'm raising my hand because i have a question. >> you do. >> i ask this question everywhere halloween. >> right now -- good question. looks dry for halloween right now. >> which will be unique because every year it rains. >> every year. >> yes. >> i harass poor jeff on that. >> i looked toward that. first person i thought of was you. >> i'm taking the cooler temperatures i have to say. >> see you tonight at 11:00 bye-bye. >> bye. good night.
6:57 pm
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