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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 20, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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from us the scene with an update. scott. >> reporter: jae, jessica. this is the nearby neighborhood. the enof the lynn for the driver. arrested here on 5th and foothill driving the red car down the street. they have closed off some of the streets in this area as they continue to investigate the hit-and-run. it seems that the red car hit the white mustang in the street and that's what brought the chase to a close. the whole thing started at 1:30 this afternoon when the driver of the red car hit a minor on east 15th street and then fled the scene. we're told the victim was taken to a local hospital where that young person is currently in critical condition. now, back here, the red car hitting the white car, slowing down and then the arrest was made. and at this point, again, some of the traffic is moving a little more slowly than usual in the area of 5th and foothill. other than that, again, one
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woman arrested, one young person in critical condition at a local hospital and the investigation continues. reporting live in oakland, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cot. >> we'll continue to follow the story throughout the evening both on air and online. you can get updates at now to continuing coverage of the north bay wildfires. for the first time since skapg the raging infern orr the people living in coffey park and orchard park and journeys end. the tubbs fire leveled neighborhoods. today residents sifted through rubble to see if they could find anything. >> in the meantime cal fire announced the tubbs fire is the most devastating in california history. all five major wieflds burning in northern california are near fully contained. jodi hernandez live in calistogas are starting to zero in on the cause jodi. >> reporter: they are focusing on several spots here on bennett
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lane. where the tubbs fire was first reported. now here is the spot where standing in front of crime scene tape surrounds a pg&e power pole there and also what appears to be a transformer casing. these are some of the items investigators are looking at as they search for a cause. >> this was pretty much what started. there was a big north wind and sent everything over to santa rosa. >> jim and pat pence say it's scarey to think the deadly fire may have started in their neighborhood. the calistoga couple says fire investigators have been on bennett lab lane since the fire started. several areas are cordoned off and a security guard has been watching the area around the clock. >> the fire starts somewhere if it starts here like i say it's a scarey situation. >> crime scene tape is up around a power pole and what looks like a canister from a transformer. cal fireway only confirm the
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fire was reported near bennett lane and tubbs lane. as investigators look for the cause, firefighters are still waging battle. focusing on hot spots across the north bay. some residents remain evacuated. hoping fire crews fully contain it. >> to just put out the rest of the fire and we can move forward. everyone wants to go home. >> tonight the pence's say they feel lucky. while the tubbs fire may have started on their street the house is still standing. it burnt bund right up to a statue of the virgin mary in their backyard. >> it was about 10 feet from the house. burned all around here. we feel fortunate that's all i can say. >> reporter: we are back live one of four spots on bennett lane that are taped off. the security guard confirmed that he is watching over the areas around the clock. now, in addition to collecting evidence we are told
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investigators are also interviewing witnesses. it could take weeks, even months for them to determine a cause. reporting live in calistoga, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, jodi. kaiser santa rosa is working to reopen doors again. the hospital was hoping to open today. but as of now it's still closed. kaiser said the hospital needed to be cleaned extensively because the flames got so close they don't have a new target time yet of when they will reopen. sutter regional that santa rosa reopened earlier this week. of course the recovery is underway. pg&e restored electricity to almost all skpers in the north bay. the company says more than 350,000 people lost power. another 42,000 had the power cut for safety issues. a few thousand people are left. still without power. but pg&e says it's become the homes and businesses are in restricted areas. imprisonments a tough does of
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reality for people in the coffey park neighborhood of santa rosa. for the first time some families were allowed to return homes. and many found out nearly nothing is left. sam brock joins us live from could havety park. it's one thing to know it's burned it's another thing to wonk and actually see it. >> reporter: yeah, there is nothing jessica that can quite simulate what you are experiencing the first few moments when you come out today. that was absolutely the case for many folks. they will have until 7:00 to be here. they are still milling around. as far as the eye could see on the fire ravaged blocks there were people standing on top of the rubble trying to find their personal mementos in many cases covered up but not gone. >> it's burned but you know. >> in ordinary times the sight of mickey mouse wouldn't ee vocation emotional response. but for kelly these aren't ordinary times and mickey meant
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a serious morrell boost. >> any part of that collection i can can still have i want. they found a few pieces i'll be able to salvage. >> reporter: many people plugging through ashes had a forewarning. kelly and her partner found themselves in arizona the night of the fire getting the updates through the home alarm system. >> we started getting alarming about 40 in the morning. pretty soon up to seven that's it our house went up. >> eviscerated, the house still holds the scattered treasures of life and a haunting connection to another tragedy she survived as a child. >> we had a house fire in the the middle of the night. my father died and my mom badly burned. all six kids i'm the youngstown we got out safely. our parents got us out and they lost each other when this that happened. >> ever the optimist are the
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kelly cease the brighter side of everything. she survived that ordeal and sees signs of new beginnings. . and good news for kelly. she said she has home insurance and it covers comparable housing for her. the problem is where is housing? in santa rosa before the fire there was one% availability on rentals. we are told that the fire here, the tubbs fire wiped out 5% of all housing here. this is a problem many people are coping with moving forward. reporting live from coffey park. sam brock nbc bay area news. >> thank you sam. so emotional. we continue the coverage of the north bay fires. we have posted a slide show on the website so you can see some of the victims. we are putting -- you can put the cursor over the pictures to find out more about that person. again, you can find it at the rain overnight certainly helped firefighters both in the north bay and santa cruz mount zbloons but the rain is gone and
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things heating up again. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us. here we go again with increased fire danger because the temperatures go up. it definitely looks like it. we'll be in the stretch of potentially more upper 80s returning. we have cloud cover right now and the colder temperatures in place. the bulk of the storm system that brought the rainfall is moving to the east. the storm track looks impressive as we've been noting. but all of the activity, all of it is moving to the pacific northwest and canada over the efrl next several days. high pressure builds in through the early part of next week, increasing fire threat. a dry north wind 10 to 20-mile-per-hour builds in sunday. that stays into next thursday's forecast. dry normal winds keeping humidity low and warmer 80s back in the mix. we'll detail it at 6:20. >> thank you so much. cal fire is slowly but surely getting a handle on the bear fire in the santa cruz mountains. the fire charred more than 300
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acres 40% contained. cal fire is confident in the progress they've made. they are starting to send some crews home. full containment is expected tuesday. in other news two bay area high school students have been expelled for writing and reading aloud a list of racial slurs in class. monday during uncles in monroe catholic high in hayward. one student wrote this list with a slur for every letter of the alphabet. posted on social media. the second student read it loud enough for others to hear. both expelled. the school released a statement apologizing for the incident and taking too long to take action. parents declined to comment. new details about a sexual assault case involving students at two contra costa da filed charges against two high school football players. one is a stund at delasalle the other from a high school in
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walnut creek. the student from the all girls cat like school aacross the street from delasalle process told a counselor she was assaulted last month by the players. the schools sent home letters to parents addressing the alleged sexual assault. still to come the man accused of running over a san francisco police officer appearing in court. the latest on the investigation and what's next. and the city of oakland welcome a new fire chief, the concern being expressed by the community, though as he takes the helm. >> a few clouds other san francisco right now. visible from the belvedere the camera. we have the hotter weather forecast ahead at 6:20.
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if you encounter a downed power line, you need to stay away from it. call 911. let our first responders come out and handle it. police and fire will respond as well as pg&e. pg&e will make the scene safe. ♪
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aimmediately get everyone out of the building.
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call 911. the fire department and pg&e will respond immediately and figure out what the issue is and keep you safe. ♪ plead not guilty... and the driver accused of running over a san francisco police officer made his first court appearance today. he pled not guilty to attempted murder. and then complained that the bail was set too high. nbc bay area kristy smith joins us live outside sf general where the officer is in critical condition. have we heard any updates about how he is doing? >> reporter: well, the latest statement that we have from san francisco police today says that he is still in critical condition in intensive care. here in san francisco. we are told that officers have been coming here around the clock. as you said the suspect made his
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first court appearance with some unexpected statements at one point calling the bail extreme, even racist. outside the courtroom, san francisco police showed their support for their fellow officer as the man accused of running over officer elia lewin-tankel appeared in court. >> you have the right to presumption of innocence and fair trial in this country. it's hard to keep that in mind as the information comes out in drips. >> inside he asked to be called willie flanagan but has been known as maurice johnson. he at himes blurted out statements saying he hoped the fbi and justice department would come forward. he called the $10 million bail extreme. >> this is a tragic thing. >> over the at george and lennys there is a picture out taken of officer lewin-tankel. they say he always treats people with respect and kindness. >> he was trying to steer people in a way that helped put the
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right foot forward. >> they say he stopped by when off and shared stories became a friend, an officer who does his job well. >> we are trying to send him as many thoughts and prayers and wishes that we can. >> reporter: the suspect entered a not guilty plea and is expected back in court in november. reporting live in san francisco, kristy smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, kristy. the murder trial of a beloved south bay woman has been continued. she was beaten to deegt during a a home invasion last year. . two people including her neighbor are face charges. the chief in oakland at 20-year veteran of the fire department he took the helm of the department today. nbc bay area laura malport was there and got the chance to ask the chief about the priorities
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for oakland. >> i do. >> >> reporter: interim fire chief darin white received a standing oinnovation as he is sworn in. >> we have had a challenging year during the past year like none i've seen. any other organization in the state or in the country have to enduring. >> the ceremony took place as smoke from recent north bay fires still lingers in the air. fred perkins of hiller highlands isn't too concerned. >> i think a lot of good things are done if they can keep it going that's good. >> perkins's neighborhood was gutted during the oakland hills fire but the heavily wooded erria of montclair was spared. mary gull it's believes many residents aren't following defensible space guidelines. >> it's expensive to maintain the trees up here. and i think naturally people are going to put it off. >> within city limits fire
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technician barn hart says he sees noncompliance every day. >> upon a daily basis i see infractions. >> he says he fears another ghost ship warehouse fire and hopes the fire chief will tougheren up. >> i hope to crack down upon the laws as a fire technician i've seen a lot of things slip through the cracks. >> reporter: chief white assumes his role immediately. reporting from oakland laura malport, nbc bay area news. >> drivers stuck on 80 in the sierra this morning, this is video of the road head willing to donner lake. about an inch of snow in the area. chain controls were lift bid 7:00 this morning. but caltrans is warning drivers about keeping chains with you. >> you need the nbc bay area app. >> yes they would have known. >> we had been warning about that. nonetheless. >> you said it yesterday. nice to see the snowfall. >> a good change throughout the bare not only the snow colder
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temperatures also the rainfall which came down hard for a quick amount of time earlier this morning. now things cleared out. some nice crisp fall air in place. and we want you to be prepared for you star gazer, the meet your shower happening ton. best viewing saturday night to early sunday morning. 10 to 20 meet years per hour possible. get away from the city lights and look up. coming from all directions check it out. we're linking an article to that at to the morning forecast if you are heading out to get a look get the jacket. down to 45 in the tri-valley. 49 for the south bay. under mostly clear sky into the early morning hour for the north bay 43 degrees san francisco at 51. as we head through the day tomorrow temperatures warming up a little bit but not too hot. 74 in concord. 71 in livermore. 69 san jose and over to san
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francisco 63. temperatures really start to wrm up under a dryer normal wind by sunday. 10 to 20-mile-per-hour. again that's a fire wind. lowers humidity 79 degrees by monday, tuesday, wednesday. we're back to mid-to upper 80s. next friday into low 80s. if you're looking for something to do the spot is half moon bay. known for some of the largest pumpkins in the world. 50s to about 60s. half moon bay that's the spot this weekend. >> thanks so much, jeff. still to come what's in a name for an airport in stockton, possibly the bay area, the proposal that could put san francisco in that title. and meet the family of the year how they went above and beyond in the redwood city community to win a special award. a california law firm has opened
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an investigation into the cause of the northern california fires. the firm set up a happening now, california law firm has opened an investigation in the cause of the northern california fires. the firm has set up a hot line. also on the website, the federal judge in hawaii who stopped president trump's ban from taking effect has now extended the order. the travel ban was announced back in september. we're back with more news in a moment. people who live in stockton -
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say - a lot. city leaders want to promote "stockton metropolitan airport" what's in a name for people living in stockton quite a bit it could be. city leader want to promote the
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metropolitan airport by changing the name. they want to call it the san francisco stockton regional airport. only problem, san francisco is 80 miles away from the airport. that might confuse people flying into the bay area. consultants apparently told city leaders that adding the title could bring more business. the board of supervisor decides the change tuesday. every year the historic foundation of silicon valley recognizes one family as family of the year. they must exelverum mri fie hard work and today this family exceeded requirements. damian trujillo caught up with the family. >> reporter: they gather every afternoon learning the fundamentals of martial arts. and he is a master in twie kwoen dough. >> everybody things things.
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>> this is no ordinary studio. this studio in redwood is a place where people gather to tell stories learn a craft and celebrate culture. they do art. music and radio here. theater and many of the simple yet cultural things that bring a community together. in typical silicon valley fashion they started in the garage. >> we were noisy and they called the police. ke can't have classes in there because we were very noisy. >> now the studio is located in a spacious industrial park where they bring bright lights and colors to life to a plea dominateny immigrant community. >> i like seeing them confident and doing a lot of stuff. when you are doing something you know how to do it, you are very confident. >> erica is by trade a school
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teacher. she had a classroom in mexico city but the real life lessons outside her window in the dump. the school children were the children of the parents who spent the day looking for scraps to eat or sell in the dump. >> veronica says in this country people throw away food. there they are picking it up. >> the poverty, the people without opportunity still there. >> how sad is it. >> it's unbelievable because if you've never done tu don't even believe that what they do. >> veronica later left the job and moved to the united states. her adult children soon followed. veronica started cleaning houses and later went back to school to become a paralegal, now in her spare time this is all she wants
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to do serve the community here. >> as for hiptsices that's something we are wanting to serve. to feel we are somebody. we are not just here to clean houses or do the garden. we have a very rich culture. >> the center is a family affair. her sons are hands on. henderson o is a set designer at the center. . one teaches family fitness helping fight obesity among children and adults in redwood city. in mexico city one is copy editor for plays and books written by the students. when he isn't running his company. he is helping build self-esteem one kick at a time. >> to give the opportunity to the kids to stand up in the middle of everybody and show whatever they have learned. and that's helping with
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confidence. >> the center is now preparing for day of the dead celebrations in redwood city. and this kbreer their talents will be on zpli at san francisco's davy symphony hall for their passion, devotion, tireless community service, the hispanic foundation of silicon valley honors the family as the family of the year. >> a well deserved honor. the hispanic foundation ball is this saturday. the event is sold out. just ahead investigating pg&e why tough questions are aimed at the utility company following the fires that started in the north bay. and failure to deliver. millions of californians living with contaminated drinking water. how the state has failed in its promise to provide clean drinking water to every resident. we investigate next.
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>> by all indications this is cj rook of the soonz. this ke lead at home against the oukz? a tall task in the first nfl start. the approach same as personal low key np pretty mellow because i know the game of football has a lot of ups and downs. you never want to get too mad when you have a bad play or too high when you have a good one. it's about staying mellow and staying the same through it. right now at 6-30: the cause of
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the wildfires. where investigators are focusing their attention, right now at 6:30, getting to the root of the cause of the wildfires, where investigators are focusing attention on the utility company feeling the heat ton. as evacuees go back to homes and try to rebuild lives investigators are working to get answers as to what happened. >> the biggest question how did the fires start? there's been lots of speculation but no determination yet by investigators.
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we are learning that investigators are guarding 17 suspected points of origin for the northern california wildfires. many of knows spots turn out to be the same location where pg&e reported downed power poles or electrical lines during the same time period the fire started. our nbc bay area investigative unit has been poring over audits of vfrgtss by the pg&e low back manile to me snm the recent audit showed a backlog of 35 oh oh repairs jobs in sonoma county alone. >> pg&e own records indicate a power pole problem at the origin of the massive tubbs fire. we know that pg&e separately reported eight problems like this to state regulators. our view of state inspection records show regulators raised a red flag back in late 2015 about a massive maintenance backlog in pg&e sonoma division the area
6:32 pm
hard et hit by the fire. in a december 2015 letter to the utility a supervisor with the california public utilities commission concluded the company was late in performing some 3527 repairs to equipment in santa rosa and sonoma over just a five-year period. late work orders included overhead and underground utilities, the regulators said. the puc candidate issue fines. even though regulators found other laps such as know annual inspections on at least 50 pieces of electrical gear, including pole mounted transformers. and power poles improperly bolstered against wind. >> particularly alarming because the citations are where the fires happened. >> brit is an attorney for the county of a ajd by the san bruno pipeline fire and the massive butte fire in 2015. she says the audit reflects a troubling pattern. >> pg&e has a history of
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neglecting infrastructure this is more evidence. >> we took the finding to senator jerry hill who has been a critic of the pg&e and regulators. >> 3500 jobs not completed was a surprise because they are getting the money for these. they are getting the funds to do the work in a timely manner. >> we reached out to pg&e for comment about the audit results. they did not get back to us. jackson van derrick be nbc bay area news. we are hearing yet about another black eye from the pg&e from the investigative unit. they found paige j e is to blame for a house blowing up in the sacramento area. you're looking at the aftermath of the blast, a gas line blue injuring two people. regulators blame pg&e for the faulty installation of a pipeline. in 2014 a ray blast destroyed a
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cottage in caramel and a condo in cupertino. a and the deadly pipeline explosion in. pg&e replaced a mile of pipeline where in the yuba city neighborhood where the recent blast happens. they perform regular leak inspections across the entire pipeline system and the public safety is its highest priority. >> following some breaking news on the peninsula. a small plane crashed right outside the sand carlos airport. you are look at a photo and now video sent to us by a viewer via twitter. roint we don't know much about who was onboard if anyone was hurt. the plane is registered to an owner in menlo park. of course we will follow and give you updates threw the newscasts and tonight at 11:00. problems to being daca and now problems for a the communities behind another immigration program which may be
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in jeopardy. news conference today at 12:30 outside of san francisco city hafl was the aim to support immigrants currently under temporary protected status. it's a program that saves undocumented immigrants from deportation after fleeing countries in turmoil. organizers say the trump administration did not renew tpa for haitian immigrants this year. others fear the same fated expirgs dates approaches for more countries. it impacts more than 1 million undocument the immigrants. >> water too contaminated to drink but no money to clean it up. that's the reality for hundreds of communities. >> stephen stock and his deem have been digging into the issue for more than a year. he joins us with the findings. >> reporter: five years ago state lawmakers agreed that every citizen in california had a right to clean affordable drinking water. since then millions of your tax dollars have gone to build treatment systems around the state to clean the contaminated water. but we found that even if the
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state pays for these facilities many poor communities can't afford to maintain and run them. every month the delivery man brings bottled water paid for by taxpayers to the 600 or so residents living in the rural unincorporated town locate 9:45 east fresno county the water since 2002 has contained some of the highest levels of ars knicks in the state. >> >> translator: we are forgotten. >> a $1.3 million water treatment plan that can clean arsenic and other impurities out of drinking water zbrt initial tli looked like a good idea and a really good plan. >> but within six months of going online that treatment plan was moth balled. while the development grant covered the cost of building it back in 2006 there was no money to maintain and run the plant >> translator: even if the
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community wanted to we can't afford to treat the water. >> 12 years after completion the plant still idle while bottled water continues to be delivered to residents instead. >> translator: the operation of the plant even led the community to significant debt that we are paying off today. >> they can't drink the water with arsenic. >> veronica is a cofounder and codirector of leadership counsel for justice and accountability. >> this serves as a symbolic remind whaer it could be in the community and it isn't. >> her group represents poor communities throughout the central valley. communities she says remain forgotten by the rest of california. >> this issue isn't new we have known about it we decided to turn the other way. >> it's not just le near. >> we found 300 communities in situations similar. including 129 systems with high levels of arsenic in them.
6:38 pm
more than 100 other systems with nitrates or uranium. like le near many communities couldn't afford to run the treatment plan even with funds to build it. >> how is it possible. >> because water has always been seen as a very local -- a very local thing. >> flesia marquise chair of the water resources control board says the communities that can't afford to run it are the biggest challenge to getting safe affordable drinking water to every californian. >> the missing ingredient is just financial and money i think that's if the legislature can come up with a way to deal with that we'll be off to the races. >> why hasn't that happened before now. >> well i think sometimes you get to it when you get to it. >> we went to state senator bill monniy of caramel. senate bill 6239 is his solution which would provide state funding to run water systems in small rural poor communities
6:39 pm
like le near a bill paid if for by a dollar a month fee added to every california water customer bill. >> it underscores a shared recognition that the problem is unsustainable. it's a human rights issue. and by coming together we have a solution. >> has the legislature failed in its promise to deliver that because we still have these communities who can't drink their water. >> in retrospect five years one could say we fail because we didn't achieve it. i tend to look forward as an optimist we're in a position to do that. >> his proposed bill has broad support from activists to the agricultural community. but right now the bill remains stuck in the assembly rules committee in sacramento. in the meantime work has begun in le near on a new well that the state hopes to deliver clean fresh water by the end of 2018 and nearly one million other residents in california still live with contaminated drinking
6:40 pm
water in their communities. i'm stephen stock. nbc bay area news. >> thank you stephen. now if you have a story for stephen or anyone in the investigative unit you can reach them by calling 1-888-996-tips or you can send stephen an email at the unit at we have a reporter that just arrived at the site of the plain cabrera. a live update when we come back.
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news in san carlos -- where a small plane has crashed. nbc bay area )s se we have an update on the breaking news in sand carlos with a small plane crashed. >> nbc bay area sergio quintana just arrived. what do you know about who was potentially in the plane and their status? >> reporter: so we -- we just arrived on scene and realized that this plane looks as if it basically overshot the runway. you can see it right there. the nose has plowed into the -- what is actually a road that passes right in front of the runway as it ends here at the sand carlos airport.
6:43 pm
i talked briefly with a sheriffs department on scene. the deputy says the pilot was safely taken out of the plane. as i walked over there -- i meanky tell you that the plane is basically surrounded -- they put a whole bunch of foam on it to make sure there wasn't any chance of it sparking on fire or anything to that effect. but right now the fire department is out here. the sheriffs department is out there. there is no word on anyone transported just yet. but of course they are still assessing exactly thousand happened, why that plane happened to have overrun the airport. obviously we are trying to get more details and will be passing them along as soon as they are available. reporting live in sand carlos pb i'm sergio quintet that. >> we look for that update and we'll have that from sergio tonight at 11:00. a check of the forecasts now on the warmer weather. >> it's definitely heating up. i checked the wints out at the isn't carlos airport.
6:44 pm
not gusty out there. as you look at the san jose the clouds lirng at this hour. 61 degree. 50s for tonight. tracking the heat janelle mentioned. well let you know how much hotter in 25 minutes. >> so many families touched by the north bay fires. so complicated questions to answer. nbc bay area responds next. our consumer team is
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
continuing to field important fire-related questions. a lot of than our consumer team is continuing to field important fire related questions. >> let a lot of answer attention apply to all of us really. consume are investigator chris chumara is here with tax questions. >> they are inevitable. lots of lessons basically for everyone. really any of us could become disaster victims and be forced to confront thorny questions such as my home is now unliveable. do i have to pay my tax bills? the answer issy he but you might be able to apply for a delay or a deferment from paying the property and income taxes. for property tax you should contact the county assessor to
6:47 pm
see how they're gin handling requests from fire victims. this is especially important covering tax lienlt in installments. the board of equalization says relief may be help. he can call at 8008525711. if you stop paying the tax bill without approval you can face late fees and fines. back to property taxes here is question. will the property taxes be adjusted to account for the fire storm? the answer is yes if you apply. relief and even refunds might be in your neighborhood. the state board of equalization says that applies to home owners who is homes have $10,000 or more in damage. those are the people who might reply. here is what happens. the property needs to be reassessed nona new tax bill generated. the state says you have to apply within 12 months. but already sonoma and napa county assessors have posted
6:48 pm
forms for what's call calamity reassessment right now on the home page that's the first step. we have posted all questions and our answers on our website it's you can also send us a question while there. please do. otherwise you can call us, 1-888-996-tips. we are anning these questions for months and years. >> there are so many questions because when you take one step another question comes up. this is a long haul. >> nobody ever goes through more than once but we are here for you have a good weekend see you. >> you too. >> after a devastating couple of weeks a young oakland fan got a baseball lovers dream surprise. lauren smith huge a's fan. he and his family lost everything in the wildfires last week including all of his a's memory bealia. he wrote a letter to the team which surprised him and friends today in santa rosa. a's are letting lauren throw out the ceremonial pitch. >> i'm going to be happy because
6:49 pm
it's -- i never had an experience to get on the field. >> a's catcher bruce maxwell visited santa rosa to meet some of the kids. the a's gave the family season tickets for aier and autographed items. uno cued os to the a's for stepping up and being supportive to the people in santa rosa. all our hometown teams are stepping up and helping out. >> they definitely need some cheer. >> so great. >> the firefighters celebrating seeing the rain overnight really helped with getting cane containment. >> we had heavy downpours that helped get the containment to 7585% for a lot of the large fires in the north bay. that's the great news. we have increased fire danger weather coming our way. i want to look though as where we are for the rainfall season which begins october 1st. we did add up on some rainfall here in the past 24 hours. with you we are still running a little deficit. you can see anywhere from .29 of
6:50 pm
an inch to .74 of an irmg in santa rosa. it's early on. we can catch up it's no sign of a drought at this point. let's take you oud right now to the live view in oakland home of the a's. we have cloud cover this evening. temperature right now at 58. we are dropping to the low 50s the next couple of hours. please take the jacket as youhead on out. the big thing bringing the rainfall early this morning and that chilly air is the huge trough of low pressure. unfortunately it's kicking out over the next couple days. making way for hotter high pressure building in. staying the next five days. that's going to increase the temperatures. let's bring you into saturday morning. we're not necessarily starting off warm here for saturday. it's in fact chilly just to the fact we are still having some of the cooler air lingering. 45 in the tri-valley and 49 in the south bay.
6:51 pm
down to cold 43 in the north bay and san francisco at 51. we start to see temperatures warm up from the area of high pressure once we hit the afternoon hours. you can see down in the south bay in brings us to 72 in gilroy. not uncomfortable. 69? san jose and 70 in los gatos. numbers bumping up in the east way to 74 in concord. 70 in pleasanton. throughout the peninsula 70 expected in redwood city and san francisco we have cool 65 in the mission. wind kicks up feeling like the 50s. jacket weather through the day. up near here for are the north bay. 72 in napa. still great weather on the fire lines for firefighters at least tomorrow. but let's get back to that area of high pressure. it's evenly going to help the temperatures to heat back up in that 7-day forecast. the primary thing that firefighters are worried about is as that area of high pressure moves on top of california we see the dry normal winds, 10 to 20-mile-per-hour from sunday into thursday. that's lowering the humidity and
6:52 pm
again increase our conditions. so let's get a low back in san francisco up to a very warm for sf standards 80 by tuesday. and then eventually back down to 60s by next thursday and friday. it's not a heat wave, just making it tough on the fire lines going up to 86 monday, 89 on tuesday and 89 wednesday's forecast. so a nice weekend overall but that fire danger is going to keep in the start of next week. >> okay, jeff thank you for the update. exciting win but now some repercussions the move by the nfl in response to the actions of one raiders player. sports next. fans are still buzzing about the
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
last minute win against the kansas city chiefs. it quite the game for the raiders last night fans still buzzing about the last minute win process it was a spirit the contest between the teams but it ended in the suspension of a raiders star. the nfl announced today running back marshawn lynch will face a one-game suspension for this the altercation that ended with him shochg a referee. he is cited for unsportsman like conduct. zbloirjts san jose sharks in action on the road taking on devils in new jersey. san jose a power house on oefz up 3-0 through the second period. sharks get it done on defense as
6:56 pm
well goally martin jones 13 saves in the first period. the game just ended, the sharks win 3-0. >> all right sharkies. >> yeah! >> okay the weather, the rain is already gone, jeff too soon. >> i know i wish we had another couple storms come our way the next seven days. not happening. temperatures this weekend comfortable. mid-and upper sefrts on saturday and sunday but notice by sunday fire danger starts to increase, dryer north wint 10 to 20-mile-per-hour. eventually the north wind pushes back to the 80s. monday, tuesday and wednesday. firefighters will watch that closely. hopefully no more fires spread across the bay area. right now it looks dry into hal went. good for the kids and cost tombs. maybe keep that at least halloween dry for now. >> that's important too thanks, jeff. >> sure. >> that's going to do it for us. we hope to see you tonight at 11:00. >> bye-bye, folks.
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♪ "extra" "extra" maria carey robbed of 50 grand now on "extra." >> may recognize >> it new video where mariah was when her l.a. mansion was being hit by thieves. how they got in. what they took. then -- >> more pop divas making headlines. >> taylor swift's first song about her new boyfriend. we decode the lyrics. and how katy perry is inspiring julia louis-dreyfus in her breast cancer battle. ellen


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