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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 20, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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an unspeakable accusation. tonight, disturbing new details are emerging about right now at 11:00, an unspeakable accusation. tonight disturbing new details emerging about the criminal investigation that landed a silicone valley ceo behind bars. good evening and thanks for joining us i'm jessica aguirre. raj mathai has the night off. those details tonight, the allegations are heinous and almost unspeakable in this. the former ceo of a san francisco media startup remains
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in jail after being charged with sexually assaulting a minor. sergio quintana joins us tonight. this arrest is troubling. >>. >> reporter: very troubling. the district attorney's office said they were immediately able to charge that former ceo. the da himself tells me they didn't have to conduct a lengthy investigation because they caught him in the act. until this week zain jaffer was a well known ceo of a startup he founded. tonight he's in jail charged with crimes. police were called to his home early sunday morning. jaffer's father answered the dwo door and told the officers to go to the back yard. >> police saw him attempting to commit sexual assault of a victim. >> the the victim a 3-year-old
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child and the assault didn't stop when the police arrived. he. >> he rolled over and had the victim wrapped in his legs. he was resisting them, fighting them and spitting on them. >> a 1-year-old at the home had bruises so he's also charged with assault on that infant. after his arrest he was remove add ceo of vungle. the ceo released this statement we are aware of the serious allegations levelled against our former ceo, we are shocked beyond words. >> they're looking into the possibility that jaffer may have been using lsd at the time of the assault. >> reporter: his attorney said his client cannot talk about the
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case. he's scheduled to be in court november 1st, and he's going to plead not guilty likely. new information about a plane crash. federal aviation officials tell us there were two people on board and they are okay. the crash was break news at 6:00. the pi pilot appears to have overshot the runway barrelling through a fence. tonight the city of santa rosa announced that the controlled access reentry period for coffey park has been extended. it's designed to allow people who live there time to assess and grieve the loss of their homes. today residents in the coffey park neighborhood drug through to find things that bring them comfort. >> i found one of them. it's hope moving forward.
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>> the the controlled access period is in effect until sunday. there's another sign of progress as well. thousands of people remain -- only a few thousand remain in the dark tonight. homes and businesses in the restricted area are still without power. you may remember that more than 350,000 people lost power during the fire. another 42,000 had their power cut off for safety concerns. tonight security guards are keeping watch over one particular spot in the fire zone. the question is, could this be where it started? we have that story coming up in about 10 minutes. the sfpd officer run down wednesday remains in critical condition tonight. elia lewin-tankel was patrolling in the tender loin when officers say a man hit him trying to flee a crime scene. today that driver entered a not guilty plea in court.
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officers showed their support for elia lewin-tankel outside of court. >> we understand there is danger in our profession, but this is something we did not expect. we did not see this coming. >> johnson is due back in court next month. the city of oakland has a new fire chief, darin white, a 20 year veteran was sworn in today to a standing ovation. he had been serving as the city interim chief for almost a year. the former chief retired in the wake of the deadly ghost ship fire that killed 36 people. white will take over immediately. a former white house adviser, steve bannon delivered the keynote note speech which opens next week in anaheim, the speech is tonight. >> we have a $400 billion trade deficit, we'd have over 500 if
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we didn't ship over coal, gas, soybeans, beef. >> he left the white house in august after the press secretary and him and president trump mutually agreed to end his service. about 50 protesters gathered outside to protest his appearan appearance. suspended for one game without pay. that was handed down to marshawn lynch today. they said because of unsportsman like conduct. the shoving match broke out between the two teams and lynch sprinted off the sidelines into the field and shoved a referee. if he isn't successful in his appeal, he'll miss the october 29th game against the bills. let's go back to the fire coverage. we will survive was the message in santa rosa to remember those
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lost in the wildfires. the theme we're moving on and ready for whatever comes our way. roz platter is life with that uplifting message. >> reporter: the santa rosa mom who organized this said what they needed was a group hug and then they can move forward. it may be hard to believe that in this crowd are people who have lost everything. and yet, on this night they've come together to encourage each other and declare they will survive. ♪ i will survive >> we are strong and we are going to get through this. >> man dy organized this at the old courthouse square. >> we're looking at moving forward and rebuilding. >> kathy wrangle is one that had to rebuild. she lost her home to the fire and yet somehow she still has a smile. >> it's hard. it really is.
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but i got to be strong for everybody around me, you know. she is helped she said by her neighbors' support. >> it's amazing how we've all come together. >> a popular t-shirt here read the love in the air is thicker than the smoke. it's that feeling of community they hope will get them through the tough times. >> you have to stand tall and walk forward. and that's what's going to make sonoma county heal. all for one, and one for all. >> reporter: now a lot of those same folks will be at the fairgrounds tomorrow morning at 8:00 to say good buy and thank the fire crews, another sign this tragedy may be turning a corner. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri, a cool 56 right now in san jose. we'll talk more about the spots that reached down to the 40s
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tomorrow morning and increased fire danger back in the seven-day forecast, that's at 11:20 tonight. it is a case that caught the nation's attention. tonight the challenges facing the prosecution and defense as the kate stanley murder trial gets under way. the flames spread so fast we investigate a deadly disease that may have fuelled those fires. now the 12-member jury will
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decide the fate of the man the jury has been seated now 12 men and women will decide the fate of a man accused of killing kate stainly. he allegedly shot 32-year-old stinely. the case quickly became a national political issue when then candidate donald trump used it as an argument for tougher immigrations. the mexican national had been
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released from jail rather than deported, whibecause of the sanctuary city policy. an ser hassan has more. >> reporter: the trial is set to begin, but both sides face challenges. emotions will be high in the murder trial of kate stinely says christianpy cone. >> they want justice. >> what happened is the defendant, who's been deported five times is accused of killing stinely on the peer, it was used as then candidate trump as the problem with illegal immigration. his defense team is likely to argue the shooting is a accident
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and prevent evidence that the bullet ricochetted before hitting stinely. >> those facts do not negate a second degree murder. >> reporter: one big issue will be the weapon. the gun used was stolen from a car of the federal agent, which the defendant said he found. the defense lawyers will say the gun has a history of misfiring. >> regardless of whether the gun was stolen, it was fired. >> as for the prosecution, because they cannot show premed designation. >> they have to show his conduct was reckless, it caused that harm. it's going to be difficult with the evidence we have heard about so far. >> reporter: the defendant's immigration status likely will not be an issue at the trial. we did reach out to the public defender's office, they did not respond to us. but they did say they are
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pleased with jury selection. that trial set to begin here 10:00 a.m. monday morning. thank you. a follow up now to a deadly stabbing investigation in the south bay. san jose police issued a warrant for this man here, he's wanted for allegedly killing a man in san jose. they say var guess and the victim were arguing and the victim died in the hospital. two bay area high school students have been expelled for writing and reading out loud a list of racist slurs. one student wrote the slur with every letter of the alpha beet and posted it on social media. another student read it out loud. both students were expelled.
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the school apologized for the incident and said it took too long to handle. cal fire announced today that the tubbs fire is the most devastating fire in state history. thousands of structures were destroyed. tonight the search for what sparked that fire and others may have struck the north bay. investigators are starting to zero in on a cause. >> this was pretty much what started, a big north wind and then sent everything over to santa rosa. >> gjim and pat pents says it's scary to think the fire started in their neighborhood. several areas are taped off and a security guard has been watching the area around the
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clock. >> fire starts somewhere. if it starts here, it's a scary situation. >> crime scene tape is up around the the pole and what looks like a canister from a trance fosforp as investigators look for a cause, firefighters are still waging battles, focussing on hot spots throughout the north bay. some residents remain evacuated. >> just put out the rest of the fires and we can move forward from there. >> reporter: tonight the pentss say they feel lucky. while the fire may have started on their street, their house is still standing. it burned up to a statue of the virgin mary in their back yard. >> we feel very fortunate that's a all i can see. a deadly disease that affects trees may have fuelled
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those fires. our unit reviewed the study that showed dead trees are spreading throughout northern california. the new research finds that a high number of trees in the fire zones were invested with sudden oak death. the disease dries out the trees making them burn hotter and easier. the map shows areas with high levels of trees. the number of affected trees grew by more than 25% in the last year. the study's author said it was like lighting match sticks. a little girl is in the hospital after a hit and run crash. the girl was struck in oakland. police say the driver left the accident scene but then crashed a second time a few blocks away.
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david gonzalez joins us with more details. >> reporter: the authorities have yet to confirm the victim's identity, whether she's here at the children's hospital, but they say she's okay and is expected to survive. the driver on the other hand she's now behind bars. it happened just before 2:00 this afternoon in the 800 block of east 15th street. police say the little girl was struck by a car driven by a woman who left her laying on the pavement and then crashed a couple blocks away. >> there has to be something wrong with you to leave a child in the street like that. i know no one in their right mind would do it. my heart goes out to the parents and the family. >> the little girl was taken to the hospital initially believed to be in critical condition. however her condition was upgraded after being examined by
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medical staff. reporting from oakland, david gonzalez nbc bay area news. >> the battle to contain the ba bear fire is ongoing. it's 45% contained. it broke out monday night, close to 4,000 acres have burned. traffic is moving along i-80 after a fall storm caught some drivers off guard. this is what it looked like in king vail, storms brought an inch of snow to the area. tonight cal tran is warning drivers you should probably keep those chains with you because we could see more storms like this? >> we may get more weather by the first week of november. still a little bit of a break between the activity. i know it was welcome by everyone here across the bay area, especially the
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firefighters in the north bay. let's look at our forecast tonight. for all of you stargazers we do not want you to miss out on this incase you've been out of tune with this. the meteor shower is happening now into saturday night. we have some cloud cover this moment. the best viewing is throughout saturday nigh. 10 to 20 meteors per hour. look away from the city lights and look up anywhere in the sky and you'll be able to see something. it's not going to be in one particular direction. tomorrow morning's forecast. chilly to start. an early go on your week en, you'll need the jacket. a little bit of layering going for the south bay with your clothes and 49 degree. the north bay at 43 and san francisco just a little bit of fog near the coastline and 51. temperatures warm up by tomorrow but by no means is it going to be a warm day. it's going to be comfortable,
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feel like fall, 69 in san jose, 72 in gill roy. you'll feel some of the heat with 74 in concord, by the bay a cooler breeze has us at 66 in oakland. perfect weather towards redwood city, 70 tomorrow. up towards san francisco, we have our ocean breeze out of the west at 13 miles per hour and sunny skies. and the north bay, more enjoyable temperatures here with temperatures in the 70s. this helps firefighters that are still battling hot spots. the system that brought us rainfall this weekend and cooler temperatures is going to be moving out as we go through saturday's forecast. that makes way for high pressure to build in by sunday. not only does this bring in the warmer air, but it's also going to drive down dryer northerly
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winds. these are the gusts we could see, 10 to 20 miles per hour coming out of the north. so sunday through thursday, a dry north wind, lower humidity and that's where we get to the fire danger. highest fire danger on tuesday in san francisco up to the 80 degrees. then we see numbers drop back down by thursday. fire danger ramps up by sunday with the dry north wind. we'll stay with 80s back into monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday's forecast. firefighters watching out for that. for right now take it easy and enjoy saturday. >> we're getting a round robin of weather. every bit smashed into one. things did not go as planned. the story behind this car stuck between a rock and a hard place. we have jimmy. >> hillary clinton is here tonight. plus we have thank you notes
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from miley cyrus. and miley performs tonight. happening now, holy water an obama christmas card and a potato peeler. we posted some of the random items people grabbed when attempting to escape from the fires in the north bay. you won't believe what's on the list. a bay area murder trial set to spark more debate on illegal immigration. next week: insight into the kate steinle killing. plus, the simple thing you can do at home right now - to prevent extra (stress ( if disaster evr strikes.
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suspects tried to steal this car, and some how go it stuck on a big rock. they got out, and took off they found themselves between a rock and a hard place. police say three suspects tried to steal the car and they got stuck on the rock.
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they got out and took off before police responded. the car was returned to its owner. >> google's parent company said it's balloons are now delivering internet to the certain areas in puerto rico. googles project lune which was made in 2013, the solar powered high altitude balloons is the key to bringing internet connections to places like puerto rico and these remote areas. is 80 miles too far away to the adopt the name of the city. people in stockton don't think so. they want to adopt the airport and decided to call it san francisco stockton airport regional airport even though san francisco is 80 miles away. they told city leaders adding the name will bring more
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to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. start to the season -- the the warriors back in action tonight in new orleans after an uncharacteristic start to the season. they were determined for a win
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though. draymond green cleared to play after experiencing a left knee strain. klay thompson was the star, he had 33 points. san jose sharks in action on the road taking on the devils in nnl no, judg new jersey. >> the goalie had 13 saves in the first period alone. the sharks get the shutout within 3-0. an update with the change in the forecast in a moment.
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to be a thing of the past as well. a live look over san jose. it didn't last long, the chilly weather is about to be a thing of the past as well. we're talking about the rain. this is a live look over san jose. the weather is about to warm up. look at the forecast, first we had the rain, chilly temperatures, now hooed heat. >> it's a slow warmup here, this weekend looks comfortable, mid to upper 70s. but the fire danger increase
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with a wind, and then we get to the upper 80s on tuesday and wednesday. and we slide back down when we get to friday's forecast. we'll look for the dry wind and humidity. san francisco is in the 60ss for the weekend then up to 80 and back down to 60s so like you said. >> all the seasons in one week. >> why n one week. go to pumpkin farms in half moon bay. they're known for growing the largest pumpkins take your jacket you're going to need it. >> have a good weekend. bye-bye. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- hillary rodham clinton, musical guest miley cyrus.


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