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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 21, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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a shooting investigation in san francisco. police on scene... and searching for suspects. right now at 11:00, a shooting investigation in san francisco. police on scene and searching for suspects. ♪ >> the news at 11:00 starts now. good evening and thank for joining us. i'm garvin thomas in for terry sweeney. unfolding in pacific heights neighborhood, it happened just a few minutes before 9:00 at clay and laguna. police say the victim was taken to the hospital and is expected
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to survive. the car involved has an uber sticker on it but it is unclear if an uber driver was actually involved. two suspects are still on the loose. police have not released a description. we will continue to follow the story and bring you any developments in this broadcast or on our website, more breaking news tonight, a deadly crash forcing a section of a highway to close in both directions in san mateo county. it happened just before 9:00 on highway 92 a quarter mile west of 280. both directions of 92 are closed as investigators try to find out what happened. uc berkley students are on alert tonight after police say someone sexually assaulted a student on a nearby hiking trail. it happened yesterday on the upper fire trail. now students say they're taking precautions and going with strength in numbers. nbc bay area sevio cantana. >> reporter: some students say they will be hiking on a poplar
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trail in pairs or groups after the campus-wide alert of an attempted sexual assault. graduate institute says she runs on the upper fire trail and says she usually feels sar here. >> i run here two or three times a week. >> reporter: by yourself or with people? >> i try to run with other people, but owe kashlaloccasion go by myself. generally i go after work at 5:00. >> reporter: the trail near uc berkley campus is a scenic for some but a student was attacked friday evening. she was running on the trail when a man jumped at her and pulled her to the ground. the alert says the man tried to pull off her running shorts and fondled her before she broke free and ran away. rolf said she plans to change her plans. >> all of my runs this week i'm planning with friends because of this. exactly, that's why we're hiking together. >> we both like to go outside and experience the outdoors, but
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definitely something that's concerning if i chose to do it alone. >> reporter: the suspect is scribbled as a man in his 50s with graying beard and graying shoulder length hair. the attack happened around 5:00 saturday evening. i'm sergio quintana, "nbc bay area news" two cyclists hospitalized after a hit-and-run driver crashed into them in danville on a road some call dangerous. nbc bay areas roz plater is in danville with details. >> reporter: investigators are still searching for that hit-and-run driver. they do not have a lot to go on except for the vehicle that's is a silver ford escape. a driver who would not even help to help this critically injured cyclist. this accident happened about 2:00 this afternoon on diablo road near clydesdale.
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when the driver of a silver ford escape struck the group and kept going. two cyclists were critically injured and taken to the hospital. neighbors tell us this is not first time it happened and they know they have to navigate this stretch of road carefully. >> not surprised. it is the second time it has happened this summertime, a car hitting bikes. >> reporter: the part of the road has been the source of controversy for years. some danville residents advocated for widening the highway to include a bike path, another called sos danville sued to put a proposed housing development on hold until city planners could figure out a way to make it safer for bikes with all of the added traffic those homes would bring. >> i'm okay slowing down and waiting. it doesn't really take that much time. it doesn't slow me down that much to be patient and keep them safe and keep ourselves safe. >> reporter: now, here is the
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latest update on those cyclists. we are told one cyclist's injuries are still lk evaluated, the other has a broken arm. both remain in the hospital. live in danville, i'm roz plater, "nbc bay area news." >> thank you, roz. a wild and dangerous scene on an east bay highway. the driver of a stolen struck ended up crashing head on into an suv. the crash happened on highway 4 near willow pass road in concord around 1:30 this afternoon. you can see it ended in a lot of flames. sheriff's deputies were pursuing the truck when the driver went the wrong way down the highway and crashed. the suspect got out and ran from the scene. several people in the suv the driver hit were taken to the hospital, but they are all expected to survive. now to our continuing coverage of the north bay wild fairs. the night fire crews continue to make progress. it has been nearly two weeks since the fires broke out. here are the latest numbers. five major fires, all now more
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than 80% contained. the focus now is shifting to the rebuilding effort. governor jerry brown issued an executive order today that will allow the environmental protection agency to help with removal of hazardous waste from charred homes. this includes hazard us debris such as batteries, flammable liquids and asbestos siding. the governor visited the fire-ravaged areas last weekend evacuees from one of the neighborhoods hardest hit by the fires in santa rosa were allowed to go home for the first time today. nbc bay area's tom jensen is live in the fountain grove area. tom, you met someone from the neighborhood the morning these fires started. >> reporter: i did, garvin. as the hospital was being evacuated, he and his wife evacuated to the hospital from their home, and now his home and all of the neighbors' homes in this neighborhood, all of them look exactly like this. he was lucky enough to get out. today is the first time they were able to come back in, and they're going through the rubble
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hoping to find some valuables. california national guard troops, hundreds of them work through the night protecting santa rosa properties from looters. >> i mean anybody tooling around that shouldn't be there, knows they shouldn't be there and they're going to have to deal with the consequences. these are some serious individuals. mps don't take no for an answer. >> reporter: many who live here left in a hurry when winds pushed walls of fire toward their homes. how far from your house? >> about 300 yards or so, it was coming down, the wind was very strong. >> reporter: joe constantino are safe as are the neighbors on his street, but every single home is burned to the ground. >> reporter: what did you find? >> yard decorations. >> reporter: did you find -- were you able to retrieve anything else that was valuable that you didn't -- >> no. >> reporter: they came to search through the rubble and look for what they didn't take with them. as you guys go through, are there special items you are hoping to find? >> sure, sure, certainly jewelry and so forth. >> reporter: and they're
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thankful for the security to protect what little they can salvage from the ash and debris. >> fabulous in terms of what they've done to get people in here, and the check point has done a fabulous job. >> reporter: and the fire information officer we spoke to today says that show of force may be really working. they have definitely seen a decrease in the looting attempts out here. live in santa rosa, tom generje "nbc bay area news" thank you. you can find information on the website. we posted a photo tribute to the victims. you can find information about how to help with the relief effort. that's a brush fire sparks an arson investigation in the south bay. this is a picture of the flames at the santa teresa golf club in san jose. this happened just after 4:30 this afternoon. sheriff's deputies say they took a man into custody after he was seen starting the fire and acting erratically. no injuries were reported.
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the fire burned about two acres a car theft led to a police shooting in the south bay early this morning. shortly after 1:00 a.m. sunnyvale police asked for help in finding a stolen car. half an hour later, santa clara stopped the car near el camino real and scott boulevard. when the officers got out the driver allegedly rammed into the patrol car. one officer op-ed fire. the suspect is in stable condition in the hospital after surgery. police say he was on parole for burglary and does not have a driver's license. ♪ and our rain chances going away here at the start of the weekend, and in its place strong warming and hot temperatures on the way in the next seven days. what you can expect in your sunday forecast when we come right back plus, five former presidents uniting for a common cause on stage. what they're trying to do and what president trump had to say about their message. and lifting the veil on a classified piece of history. the potential new information
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involving the assassination of john f. kennedy. >> nbc bay area respond. >> will help solve your consumer problems. of the "bear fire" burning in
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the santa cruz mountains. it seems crews are in control of the bear fire burning in the santa cruz mountain. the nearly 400-acre fire started monday night and evacuations remain in place for neighborhoods near bear creek canyon road, but cal fire says the flames are calming and the fire is 60% contained. as for what started the fire? investigators have yet to determine a cause and just miles away, another fire prompted crews to close the northbound lanes of highway 1. this just north of santa kruds near western drive.
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it happened just before 1:00 p.m. no word on what caused that fire to start. santa cruz police reopened the highway two hours later president trump appears poised the release thousands of documents never before seen by the public related to the assassination of president john f. kennedy. in 1992 congress set a 25-year block on about 3,000 pages of classified files related to the kennedy investigation. well, that block is set to be lifted next thursday. granted, the president gives his approval. today mr. trump indicated that approval by tweeting he is planning to along the long-blocked files to be op-ed. the warren commission investigating kennedy's killing found lee harvey oswald acted alone in assassinating the 35th president five former u.s. presidents were all in one place tonight to help raise money for hurricane relief efforts. president barack obama, become, jimmy carter, george h.w. bush
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and george w. bush attended a concert in austin tonight. the money raised will go to communities in texas, florida, puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands, hilt hard by recent storms. hairliners include sam moore, lyle lovett and robert earl keen, but the loudest applause was reserved for the former presidents and their message. >> make no mistake about it, these were grievous storms back to back. >> i'm here to urge you to give to this fine fund, and i want to thank all of the volunteers. >> when they see their neighbors and they see their friends, they see strangers in need, americans step up. >> president trump did appear in a video message and expressed deep gratitude for the efforts of the former presidents. it seems it is going to take a little longer than expected for space flight company virgin ga lactic to send first astronauts into space despite
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the company revealing it will accomplish a big launch by the end of this year, founder says virgin will send astronauts into space in about four months. the company still needs to subject its space craft to a series of test flights before launch. a letter written aboard the doomed titanic sold for a record price today. it was written by alexander holverson, a minnesota-born salesman and addressed to his mother. the man's family sold the letter at an auction in southern england for $166,000. that's the most of any letter from the titanic. he tells his mother about the weather, the food, the music and a famous millionaire sharing the voyage. the letter made it to his mother. his wife who was also on board survived the sinking. even dogs need a beach day it appears. these are pictures from the northern california corgi con in
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san francisco this morning. they took over ocean beach for the event, competing in obstacle courses and contest contests, all the while looking incredibly fashionable. i don't know, in corgi competitions you don't suspect high jump as one, do you? >> no, that's not on the list. >> but they were having a good time out there. you saw the sunshine, too. >> fantastic today. what is coming up? >> the weekend has been interesting. we had some rain that came in, sierra snow, too. while it was nice as quickly as it arrived, we may not see much for a while. let's look at the rainfall totals in context of what we get this time of year. always you see around the bay area most places less than half an inch of rain from san francisco to the north bay, san jose about a quarter inch of rain, courtesy of what happen thursday night and early friday. we are below average. when you keep in mind last october we had a considerable amount of rain by october standards. one of the reasons our fire season seems extended this year,
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a very hot summer, one of the hotter septembers we've had in recent times for the bay area, and it's been relatively dry october. one storm clearly not suppressing fire danger as we see temperatures start to rise again. 57 degrees, fog free. san francisco. oakland 55 degrees, cooling into the 40s later on tonight, in dublin 54 degrees. in san jose currently 59. we will be waking up to mostly clear skies and cool temperatures. valleys dipping into the 40s in some of the wind-sheltered spots and 50s closer to inner bay. big sports day around santa clara vad. you have earthquakes and minnesota united get into the playoffs. temperature also in the mid 70s around san jose airport. cowboys, about the same time. expect a lot of traffic north of the airport and near the airport tomorrow. temperatures looking pretty good, in the 70s. air quality, by the way, good to moderate around the bay area thanks to the recent storm and winds pushing smoke to the east.
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77 for high in san jose. closer to 80 south of downtown. valley temperature also ranging near 80. peninsula temperature also in the 70s for now. always you see the seven day forecast the temperature also climbing early next week. close to 70 in san francisco, and upper 70s to low 80s around north bay. winds from tomorrow out of the north, but they will trend off-shore on monday. we will have to watch the wind speeds because of off-shore winds with lowering humidity levels. high pressure moving the storm track away from the west coast. tuesday through wednesday the temperatures climbing in the valleys as much as 15 to 20 degrees above average. for san francisco, the off-shore breezes mean you will probably see temperatures approaching 80 for the start of the week, trending cooler towards thursday and friday. for the valleys could be getting close to record territory on tuesday. really wish we could get more rain in the forecast right now, but through the next seven days the opposite of that unfortunately. >> keep an eye on that.
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thank you very much, rob. let's turn it to sports now. here is mindi bach . >> the warriors picked up their first win of the season friday night. tonight they look to make it two in a row. the doves in the grind house for the second game of a back-to-back, an appropriate nickname for an arena as the warriors had to work to avoid falling to one and two for the first time since 2009. highlights coming in sports. a bay area murder trial set to spark more debate on illegal immigration. next week: insight into the kate steinle killing. plus, the simple thing you can do at home right now - to prevent
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extra (stress ( if disaster evr strikes.
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hi, everyone. mindi bach here at the community sports desk. when steph curry and kevin durant combine to score 66 points you usually think that the warriors win. instead, both were ejected and the dubs had a very, very rough night. back end of a back-to-back for the warriors, and the third quarter james innis goes coast-to-coast for layup with a 15-0 run by memphis put them up by 18. late in the fourth, stephan curry drive in for the layup.
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furious about the no call, he throws his mouth piece. kevin durant adds a few choice words. both are eject. as you see, the warriors lose 111-101 the final there. sharks at the islanders, down two goals in the third. yes, beard luck is what the sharks are looking for. logan got a little of that luck. he picked up third goal of the game. that's a hat trick. the second of his career. the sharks have to pull the goalie. they could not find that equalizer. instead, john savaris shoots at the empty net and scores. the hat trick not enough. the shark lose 5-3. the final game of the alcs between the yankees and astros, bottom of fourth, scoreless game. evan gat advertise gets the big hit he has been looking for all series. the solo shot put the astros up 1-0. in the bottom of the fifth, one of the most dynamic players in the game, jose altuve.
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this is a home run to right. the astros tack on two more home runs in the inning. top of the ninth. all he needs is to get greg byrd for the final out, and he does just that. he gets byrd to pop up. the astros are headed to the world series for first siem tinls 2005. they will face the los angeles dodgers. one final note, a shakeup of the coaching staff for the giants as they reassigned dave vergetti after he spent past 18 seasons as pitching coach. he will serve as special assist and to the general manager. that's all for sports. more news after the break.
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>> tomorrow looks good. take advantage of it. thanks for joining us. "saturday night live" is up next. have a good night. ♪
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>> welcome back from bedminster, mr. president. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, sarah. i had to come back.


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