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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 23, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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halloween." >> the character is facing her demons, quite literally. earned $22 million in the debut this weekend. >> second place goes to another debut, geo storm. disastrous numbers for the disaster flick starring gerard butler. the horror movie, happy death day lands in third place with $10 million. college student relives the day of her murder over and over again, dying a different way every time until she discovered her killer's identity. it's like a bad groundhog day. >> it was funny. >> you saw it? >> yeah, i did. >> oh. at 6:00, breaking overnight, terrifying moments on a freeway. an uber driver shot next to san francisco international airport. the search under way this morning for the gunman. returning to a new normal. more people headed home after wildfires ravaged neighborhoods
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in the north bay. the recovery process just starting to begin. bring on the heat. a live look at san jose this morning. just when we thought fall was in full swing, the temperatures are creeping in. we'll check in with meteorologist, kari hall with how long the heat will stick around. "today in the bay" continues right now. good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. we should mention this morning, all napa valley schools resume classes today two weeks after the wildfires tore through parts of the north bay. hopefully kids can get a normalcy. >> they are probably already up because they have a hard time sleeping when you know school is going to begin. they are really excited about getting back to normalcy. as we get a look at what we are feeling as you get ready to head out this morning, fairly mild compared to the mornings recently. look at the tri-valley on the right side of the screen.
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65 degrees with upper 50s elsewhere. in the north bay, 49 degrees and 58 in san francisco. let's check out the temperatures today. we are back to summer with upper 80s and lower 90s. well above average temperatures. we'll talk ability how long this lasts coming up. mike is tracking a third crash for dublin. >> a third crash in the same stretch. the cameras showed a crash here. i thought it was the second crash. i think that may have been a distraction for folks just past that. this crash here, the fire crew as well as the number of chp vehicles blocking the fast lane. a motorcycle ran into the back of it. maybe the car stopped and caused the jam. this stretch to the dublin interchange. the rest of the bay moves smoothly, that includes the peninsula. there was a big issue. you are following that story. >> it's been all morning. a chaotic scene. an uber driver was shot just
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after leaving san francisco international airport. you see the damage to the car. kris sanchez is live where it happened off interstate 380 in san bruno with more on the search for the suspect. good morning, kris. >> reporter: good morning. we don't know if the uber driver was specifically targeted or whether it was a random act of violence. we can say it triggered a chain reaction that could have been deadly. officers arrived on scene just after 11:00 last night. they were called because of reports of gunfire on the freeway. they found the uber driver shot in the neck. the passenger in the backseat was not injured. not far from there, another injured in a car crash that happened because of the shooting. officers also found a third car with the whole back window shot out, bullet holes in the front window and the rear mirror. now, we don't know the status of that driver, but we know the uber driver and a second driver
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were transported to the hospital and officers say they are going to talk with all of them. >> we have our investigators talking to not just the driver, but also the two passengers that were in there. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: now, we saw the crime scene on 380 as we arrived here this morning. chp estimates the crime scene is about a mile long and you can imagine the difficulty of trying to gather clues in the dark. if you are on 380 near elcamino real, near the san francisco international airport around 11:00 last night and happened to see something, no matter how small, chp would like to talk to you. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> police have still not released a description of two suspects in a different shooting involving a different uber driver over the weekend. this was saturday night in san
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francisco heights neighborhood. the victim is a driver. the company says he was not giving a ride at the time. the victim was not seriously hurt. new this morning, vallejo police on the hunt for a hit and run that injured two children. it happened on turner parkway near foothill drive. a mother was pushing a stroller when a car struck the stroller and kept going. the children were air lifted to the hospital. the mother was not injured. the car may be a white acura tl. this morning, in san ramon, children are on alert. a flasher was targeting kids. over the weekend, they released a sketch of the suspect. he is in his late 20s or early 30s, 5'6", weighing 150 pounds. a scar on his right cheek. several reports of lewd
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behavior. the most recent monday as a girl walked home from high school. 6:05. happening today, a live look at santa rosa's coffey park where homes were destroyed in the fire. the process of letting families back is continuing today. friday, residents got a firgs chance to return to homes. right now, only people who live there are allowed in. they have to receive entree passes. they are issued between 8:00 this morning and 5:00 p.m. pg&e delayed mapping the most dangerous power lines two days before the start of the deadly wildfires. for years, state regulators said they have to have detailed maps creating wildfire risks. according to mercury news, pg&e delayed those efforts. the utility and cal fire are looking at whether power equipment was partially
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responsible for the fire that is started two weeks ago. some north bay families ice time allowed them the previous chance to briefly escape hardship caused by the fire. >> the melting ice threatened to cancel a hockey tournament in santa rosa. volunteers and donations brought everything together. the game went on as planned. parents say this is great for their children, some of whom lost everything. >> to not be on the ice for a couple weeks has been hard on them. my daughter could barely go to sleep she was so excited to get out there. >> 19 families of the children's tournament lost homes in that fire. the san jose sharks pitched in, donating skates and gear to those families. as we approach 6:08 on this monday morning, let's take a look at some of the rainfall
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totals we have had so far. it's been such a dry month. we only got a little less than a quarter inch of rain in santa rosa. at this point, we should have over an inch of rain. san francisco, .3 inch of rain. we should have double that. oakland barely measuring rain there. in livermore, mountainview and san jose, we are well below where we should be. unfortunately, nothing but warm temperatures and no rain in the forecast. we will continue on with the high fire danger as we go into the day tomorrow for the inland valleys. highs reaching 92 degrees. we'll talk more about this coming up. mike, you have a traffic alert? >> yeah, i just got the update from chp. the crash we showed you is a sig-alert. a significant impact. three lanes blocked, west 580 after the overcrossing. we'll show the map that involved a motorcycle. no word on jishryes. it was the motorcycle that hit a
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car. at least it was not -- the car was not running over anybody driving the motorcycle. we are looking at back up approaching el charo. a break for the second crash there. the first happened and started the slowing in the zone. a tough drive-through the dublin interchange. one crash south of 680 in sunol. a typical flow of traffic and watching the injuries and a crash here, west 580 right pastel charo. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:09. more allegations rocking hollywood this morning. the well-known director facing dozens of sexual harassment allegations. the apple store is not in the big apple or the big.
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a clear and mild morning. at 6:12, take a live look outside in san jose. it starts out nice and cool. look at the temperature trend for the neighborhood of evergreen. we'll be at 66 degrees at 10:00. this is where we should be for a high temperature. it continues to go up from there. it's going to be in the upper 80s this afternoon. this kind of weather sticks around for a while. we'll take a look at that in the forecast in five minutes.
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>> kari, we are looking at fewer flashing lights. i see flares, but i think they cleared a sig-alert. this is west 580 through dublin. we are going to talk about the area and the dublin interchange. >> thanks so much, kari and mike. it is 6:13. developing story, another hollywood film maker is accused of sexually harassing women who believed they were being interviewed for a job. an explosive article calling out james toback. he wrote "bugsby" and directed a dozen films. 38 women said toback promised them stardom. he is denying the allegations. the sentencing hearing begins for army agent bo bergdahl. he pleaded guilty.
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he walked away from the post in afghanistan in 2009 and then captured by the taliban. president obama brought him home in 2014 in a controversial prison swap. any day now, we could get new insight into the jfk assassination. they have until thursday to release documents. they will be thousands of never publicly seen government documents related to president kennedy's killing in 1963. over the weekend, president trump said he would not stop the release of the documents. listen as a historian explain what is will happen when the files are released. >> at the same moment, all around the world, millions of people will have access to the documents on a turning point in american history. >> they found lee harvey oswald was solely responsible. that hasn't stopped conspiracy theorists from investigating since. the apple flagship store
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opened over the weekend, but not in the bay area. >> in chicago. >> in chicago. it's one apple thinks will be the future of stores. less about retail, more about hanging out, a town square. take a look. it's on michigan avenue in chicago overlooking the chicago river and steps down to the river. there will be lectures and music concerts at this new store as well. you can see tim cook there. other news, lots of improvements to by phone happen today. venmo is like papal. you can use it anywhere that takes pay pool. boop it on the card reader. tesla reached an agreement to build a factory in china. a few hundred rolling off the assembly line. stock analysts from jpmorgan says tesla may have to raise
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prices to make up for low production. the markets will open at all-time highs this morning. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500. we have very few details about how the regular america is going to be affected by tax breaks. moments ago, the president tweeted republicans would not make changes to your 401(k). there was a republican plan to reduce the amount you would be allowed to save tax free by thousands of dollars. this morning, the president tweeted there will be no change to your 401(k). this has always been a great and popular middle class tax break that works and it stays. this is actually the second time the president has said something against the gop tax plan. we are going to talk more about taxes. i promise to make it interesting. it really does affect how much money is coming into your family. we'll talk about that when we talk politics in a half hour.
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>> sounds good. we look forward to it. houston, we have lift off. at least when it comes to the sale of gear. astro fans are snatching up merchandise in a part of texas where football is usually king. this is only the second time the astros have played in the world series. they take on the dodgers in game one tomorrow night in los angeles. houston will host games three, four and five, if necessary. >> this morning, the rumors are confirmed, justin timberlake returning to the halftime super bowl show. the grammy singer will make his third appearance this february. the now 36-year-old performed 16 years ago as a member of insync. then remember 2004? yeah, he appeared alongside janet jackson and the wardrobe malfunction. super bowl lii airs on sunday, february 4th. you can watch it right here on nbc bay area.
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>> he also has, the insync guys came back. maybe they will go back to the mickey mouse club. >> he was on the new mickey mouse club. >> he asked me to perform. i had to work. i'm a dancer. i'm from memphis. he's from the memphis area. >> i'd pay to see that. >> he did not. he did not ask. >> back to baseball. we are talking the dodgers. they may be playing in some record heat. talking about triple digits down there. we are going to be heating up as well. as we start out this morning, enjoy the nice, cool weather. this does not last long. check out livermore. you are really warm to start out, 65 degrees. morgan hills, 48. what's going on there? you are preparing yourselves for what's ahead for the day. it's 19 degrees warmer now than it was 24 hours ago. and, as we look at some of those temperatures and where we are headed for today, up to 90
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degrees when our normal high temperature should be in the mid-70s. we are going to be up to 88 in concord. oakland, 85 degrees. napa, 87. santa rosa, 91 degrees. so, as you head out this morning for that commute in the east bay, you may start out with the heater on and also, a nice, warm jacket. as the day goes along, getting back in the car may be a time to roll down the windows, let in fresh breezes before temperatures heat up later on this afternoon. starting out the school day in oakland, it will be in the upper 50s, low 60s throughout much of the morning. kids heading out to recess, 68 degrees and walking home to the mid-70s for today. as we look at the seven day forecast for san francisco, a breezy day today as the temperatures go up a few more degrees. the peak of the warmth will be tomorrow, 85 degrees and cooling down as the week goes along. that cooldown will be much more
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gradual for the inland valleys. low 90s tomorrow. by the end of the week, 80 degrees. a nice weekend ahead. as we head over to mike, an update on what's happening in the tri-valley? >> as we look at the commute, most travel is pleasant here. not so pleasant as dublin. looking over here toward the city, we talk about the floor. it just popped up there. we have clearing here for west 580. there is still a crash. hopefully they will clear those cars out of the road quickly. look at the live camera in dublin where they cleared the motorcycle crash. it looks like there's one lane blocked here. westbound coming across the screen, that is one of the issues as you travel through that portion. as you get that through the area -- traffic. i guess we had more debris to clear from the roadway. the back up here, as well as 680 southbound calculated best time as you cut through and highway
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84. just long enough to get it. looks like everything is on the shoulder again. traveling west 580, that motorcycle trash has cleared from most of the lanes here. we'll track it. back to you. >> thanks, mike. next, making hyperloop a reality. social media this morning, we are talking about the weather. were you looking forward to all the fog temps? or are you glad it feels like summer? join our conversation. follow me on twitter. you are watching "today in the bay."
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6:24 right now. good question to ask yourself, do you have a home inventory? you should? if you ever are a victim of a disaster like wildfires it is vital. chris chmura filed this reminder from napa. >> reporter: this is why you do a home inventory. this is the aftermath of the fires in the silverado area. if you file an insurance claim after a disaster, you might be asked to explain everything you had in your home, in every room, down to the individual item. before there's a disaster like this, it's important to go from room to room to room documents everything in it. it might be as simple as photos
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in the room, lots and lots and lots of them, but also taking down the list of everything in every drawer in every piece of furniture and everything on the walls. >> it's so important to do that before the disaster strike because i can tell you, having a home inventory, having that ready to go when you file a claim is helpful. >> it sounds like a lot of work. it's nothing compared to the work of trying to remember everything in your home, when that is all that's left of it. if you have a consumer complaint for us, call us, 888-996-tips or new this morning, there's emerging evidence about the benefit of medical marijuana for some children. research suggests marijuana might help nausea and vomiting effects of chemotherapy. they support research from medical marijuana among children
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with severe illnesses. a study just released also says marijuana can also reduce or decrease seizures of children with epilepsy. there was not enough proof to support the use of marijuana for pain, ptsd or turrets in children. 6:26 right now. hyperloop is a step closer to reality. they are thinking of digging tunnels to cut travel time from d.c. to new york to less than 30 minutes. >> actually build a working hyperloop between washington d.c. and new york city is huge. you are talking going through five or six states, going under several rivers, environmentally protected areas. >> musk talked of connecting san francisco to los angeles. the hyperloop pod technology is being developed. the "today" show will have a
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closer look at 7:00. next on "today in the bay," presenting another tragedy. the steps california will take to save the lives and homes from wildfires. >> reporter: opening statements to begin in the trial surrounding the murder of kate steinle. the defense argument that her death was accidental. you are watching "today in the bay." ♪
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san jose a very good monday morning
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to you. let's make the most of a monday, right? take a live look outside overlooking san jose. a nice start to the morning. things are going to continue to heat up. summer just kind of hanging on out there. good morning to you, thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. as you said, it is hanging on. >> it is. >> it's going to be around for a minute. kari, you have been tracking this. >> yeah, we have been talking about the return of summer, and yes, in the middle of fall. look at san francisco in the forecast over the next several days reaching the peak of 85 degrees. then we gradually cooldown. the cooldown will be much more slow to come about as we look at the inland areas. look at tomorrow, 92 degrees. are you ready for that? then the weekend looks nice. more on that weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. mike has been tracking a traffic alert for the tri-valley. >> as we look toward the tri-valley, the bulk of the red
6:31 am
sensors here. everything else is pretty smooth except the back up at the bay bridge toll plaza. we talked about that. the break going on, all clear. the sig-alert has been canceled. the advisory for west 580 is the crash at daugherty. sunol southbound 680, watch for that slowing. as we move out, a crash reported at the san mateo bridge toll plaza. the dumbarton bridge may be a possibility for you. check 84. back to you, marcus. 6:31. in a few hours, opening statements will begin in san francisco in the case that has become the flash point over immigration. a man who entered the country illegally will go on trial for the murder of kate steinle. bob redell is live outside the court in san francisco with how
6:32 am
we got here. bob? >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus. president trump and conservatives have used this case, pointed to it as an example of why this country needs tougher immigration laws. the defendant is an undocumented immigrant who was deported five times from this country before he allegedly shot and killed kate steinle while she walks with her father on pier 14 on july of 2015. steinle, from pleasanton was 32 years old. his defense is expected to argue that the shooting was accidental. he claims he found the gun on a nearby bench, that it went off and as the bullet ricochet into steinle. turns out the gun was stolen from a federal agent. defense is expected to argue that type of gun has a history of misfiring. the prosecution is likely to argue, who cares? why is that relevant?
6:33 am
the gun was fired. legalage iszs say it's likely the prosecution won't be able to prove premeditation and will have to prove he was reckless. >> have to show his conduct was reckless and caused that harm. that's going to be somewhat difficult with the evidence that we have heard about so far. >> reporter: as a result of the steinle case, the u.s. house of representatives passed kate's law to increase prison sentences for deported immigrants who enter the united states illegally. opening statements set to start at san francisco superior court behind me. according to one report, the trial is expected to start in seven weeks. live in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." we will cover every update from this trial on air and our team will also post updates at
6:34 am and on facebook and twitter. download the nbc bay area app. we'll send you notifications. fremont police is saying little about the arrest of three people in connection with a deadly shooting in an extended stay shooting on farwell drive. a 48-year-old man died. investigators do not believe the shooting was random. they are not saying what led up to the confrontation. this is fremont's first homicide of the year. a chaotic night leads to seven citations and four cars impounded. it happened when chp says side shows caused traffic back ups. the cameras spotted some side shows. one took place on highway 101, another on highway 87. chp says there were more than 100 cars involved and triggers big slclosures. things like this, this kind of
6:35 am
activity, will get you in trouble. >> get in trouble and go to jail. we want to remind people, we know what is going on. we are in the areas. we are going to be there to protect the motoring public and stop these events from occurring. >> in one case, chp seays the rear window of a patrol car was smashed as it drove through the area. that officer was not injured. at 6:35, happening today, the largest coordinated clean up effort in california begins with the removal of this. look at the debris from the fire storm thchlt is just one area. california leaders are calling it the state's largest ever wildfire clean up. it will take months to complete. the first phase of the clean up is hazardous waste, propane tanks, burned out cars and appliances. multiple agencies will be involved. later today, leaders will hold a news conference on what residents can expect over the months to come. wildfire evacuations in
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boulder creek are expected to be lifted later this morning, where the bear wildfire has been burning since early last week. it destroyed four structures and nearly 400 acres. firefighters say it is now about 80% contained. in a new survey finds contagious sudden oak death disease is spreading deeper into urban areas. we looked at results from cal researchers 2007 sudden oak death list. 16% of trees in eastern contra costa county are infected. on the eastern side of the peninsula, 30% of the tree samples were found to be infected. those percentages have skyrocketed in the past year. a live look at the golden gate bridge this morning where transit officials are working to make sure the iconic bridge could with stand a natural disaster. the marine independent journal is reporting a miniature
6:37 am
midsection of the bridge is being tested by intense winds in a canadian lab. they will make sure the real thing won't get damaged in a storm. they are working to strengthen a portion of it right now. the 80-year-old bridge was given a good rating last year. right now, that golden gate bridge is moving smoothly, no problems there. the back up at the bay bridge, we see the south bay starting with the build. the problem has been the last half hour, west 580, the crash cleared. that was a sig-alert. we have west 580 at daugherty with vehicles in a lane. there may be a distraction slowing. the traffic is because of a burst of traffic into pleasanton. we are going to zoom out and talk about the crash reported westbound 92 near the san mateo bridge toll plaza. we may have one lane blocked. traffic moving slowly.
6:38 am
dumbarton bridge is moving traditional at this time. no delays for most of our transit but between here and sacramento, capitol corridor system wide delays because of track work. you can't go around the track work. >> right there in the middle. monday morning. >> a good weekend. you are thinking about the next weekend. >> right. why not? it's going to be hot this week. we will be looking forward to cooler temperatures. as we look at what we are going to expect for this saturday coming up. for the inland valleys, upper 70s. the bay 70 degrees and the coast at 69. not bad, right? sunday, more of the same. cooler in spots and the cooling trend is what ek expect. napa valley, mid-80s. 83 degrees on saturday and sunday, 76 degrees.
6:39 am
santa cruz is going to be cooling down as well. friday is the best beach day. by the end of the weekend, wearing a jacket all day long on the beach. only 65 degrees and going hiking in the woods, 73 on friday. saturday, upper 60s, 66 on sunday. we'll take a look at today's temperature trend that's coming up in three minutes. >> sounds great. we look forward to it, kari. coming up next on "today in the bay," breaking news recovering this morning. terrifying moments near san francisco international airport. an uber driver picking up passengers shot on the freeway. the search for a gunman this morning. a tax revolt this morning. a powerful person is speaking out against the republicans tax plan.
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it's 6:42. as you get the kids dressed for school this morning in san jose, it's going to start out with jacket weather. then, shorts weather for this afternoon rising into the low 80 ds. this is what we have to deal with for several more days. cool mornings and hot afternoons. more on that coming up in five minutes. >> jacket and shorts, that's exactly what my kids wear. 680 slow. a crash in sunol. recovery for 580. we talk about what's going on for the tri-valley and more. >> thanks, kari and mike. 6:42. breaking news, a live look at interstate 380 in san bruno.
6:43 am
that is where chp is investigating a freeway shooting that left and uber driver with a gunshot wound to the neck. a second call was involved in the shooting. it unfolded before midnight not far from sfo. chp says there were two passengers in the uber car picked up at the airport, they were not injured. chp is asking them about what happened. >> we are out of investigators talking to not just the driver. also to -- [ inaudible ] >> the gunman also shot out the windows of a second car, which rear ended a third car. the person in that car is also being treated. >> police have still not released the description of two suspects in a different shooting involved in a different shooting over the weekend. it happened in san francisco's pacific heights neighborhood.
6:44 am
the victim is the driver but the company says he was not given a ride at the time. the victim was not seriously hurt. new this morning, san francisco state university denying allegations of age discrimination and the firing of a school's wrestling coach. over the summer, the school told the coach lars jenson, his contract would not be renewed. they report a 27-year-old coach filled that position. an attorney for jenson filed a claim saying the school let him go because he didn't bring in enough minority athletes. the school says several reasons factored into the firing and discrimination did not play a role. recent cancellations from the north bay wildfires are putting san francisco's biggest high school game in jeopardy. the saddest of this year's turkey day remains uncertain. leaders will have to decide what to do about the game postponed two weekends ago. if the school decides to make up
6:45 am
the games, the league has to wave the current make-up policy to fit the playoff schedule. wine country establishment looking up a steep slope when it comes to what keeps them running. the return of business during a pivotal time of year. this is typically the busiest time of year. the wildfires kept many away and prompted a lot of tourists to cancel plans. wine country groups are coming together to get the industry up and running again. >> we are really all working together right now to find the messaging the way we can encourage people to come back to sonoma. >> people are coming back, i'm grateful for that but we need a lot more. >> many stores in sonoma are offering deep sales and providing a ser sen taj of proceeds to victims. here at home, two peninsula cities will review rules for regulating marijuana. according to the san mateo
6:46 am
journal, redwood and san carlos are expected to introduce ordinances limiting retail marijuana stores. they are expected to propose a ban on retail marijuana but allow them within the city's industrial zone. meantime, redwood city will ban commercial use except for deliveries. they are trying to narrow down the pot rules by the start of next year when the portion of the state law will take effect. 6:46, parents in berkeley no longer have to worry about keeping goldfish alive. they banned the goldfish as a carnival ride. they passed that legislation last week. the bill targets carnivals and fairs where you could win fish. an intern for a councilwoman is behind the plan. she says the goal is to protect fish from atrocious and barbaric treatment. new this morning, the
6:47 am
president says he is against a key part of the republican tax plan. scott mcgrew, the plan would have cut the amount of money you could save for retirement tax free. >> that's right. it would have reduced the permissible amount of tax you can set aside from $18,000 a year to $2400 a year. the president doesn't like that at all. he said there will be no change to your 401(k). this has always been a great and popular middle class tax break that works and it stays. this is actually the second time the president had issue with his own party's tax plan. earlier this month, bloomburg says the president lashed out after they explained their plan would take away the ability for people to deduct what they pay in state taxes from the federal tax. that's a salt deduction, state and local tax deduction. right now, the feds don't tax you on money you pay the state
6:48 am
of california in tax. you never saw it, right? why should it be considered income? this would change under the republican plan. the politically neutral tax policy center says a third of americans who earn between $50,000 and $150,000 and 60% of americans who earn between 150 and 300 would see their taxes go up. tax breaks are not free. people trying to cut taxes have to find another place to pay for it. part of the plan was to pay for that by reducing your tax break on your 401(k) and adding a tax on your taxes. we cover death taxes and all kind of things on "today in the bay." you can reach me on twitter. happening today, a veteran will be awarded the medal of honor. president trump will award it to gary rose at the white house.
6:49 am
rose risked his life multiple times serving as a combat medic in the special forces group airborne during the battle in louse. he exposed himself to enmy fire to reach the wounded even after he was injured. >> wonderful to hear that story. >> wow, we can tell. >> very nice to celebrate that. okay. a lot of people celebrating the weather. they like the warm temperatures. others are saying bring on the fall. >> i'm trying to make everyone happy here. we have cool weather to start, then warm weather as we go into the rest of the workweek. we are going to feel the heat ramping up today and let's talk about some record highs that may be in jeopardy. today, we are going to be up to 90 degrees in livermore. that is just one degree below a long-standing record there. 91 degrees. so, we should be in the mid-70s. we are talking 80s and 90s here.
6:50 am
two places to watch are santa rosa and napa. we may see new records today and tomorrow there may be a lot more records in jeopardy. as we start out the morning, walking out the door in livermore to 65 degrees. fairfield, 60 degrees. a wide range in temperatures already from the upper 40s to mid-60s with highs today in half-moon bay of 78 degrees. that's going to be the coolest place. the rest of us are going to be feeling 80s and 90s for this afternoon. so, as you get dressed this morning with the cool start, you do need a nice warm jacket. then, under that, maybe short sleeves because after you take off that jacket, it's going to be really warm later today. also, a great idea to have the shorts and sunglasses, too. there's nothing but shine in the sky for today. as you head out, going to the hiking trails or enjoying time at the park in the south bay, a chilly morning at 56 degrees.
6:51 am
warming up quickly. make sure you stay hydrated today. 85 degrees at 3:00, then a clear sunset. if it's a beach day, we talked about half-moon bay. starts at 50 degrees. 80 degrees in san francisco today and the warmest day will be tomorrow. we are cranking up the ac once again. you will be able to turn it off for the weekend. inland areas, it's going to take a while longer before we have more comfortable weather all week long, well above average temperatures. mike, you are now looking at a bridge, the build up on the san mateo bridge? >> that's right. let me show you why we are seeing it. the south bay seeing standard delays. west 92 is jammed up. there was a big problem, a series of crashes through dublin. it's clear and a burst slowing south through pleasanton through 680 and castro valley.
6:52 am
a lot of folks heading past the crash there at the toll plaza. i believe everything is off to the shoulder there and the build for the dumbarton bridge. north, slowing down to the bay bridge. we have these speeds coming down and 37 under 40 minutes. 37 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge. i talked about the south bay. show you waze as the traffic flows northbound and the push through san jose. i want to call out one crash. we hear about this an waze first. the back up on 247 is because of this crash, north 101 in sunny vail. reported by a mysterious waze zer. nbc bay area wazers. join our team to get your thank you. back to you. >> don't be a mystery wazer. 6:52. thanks, mike. a quick look at the stories we are following. the search for a person who
6:53 am
slammed into a stroller, critically injuring two young children. first, happening now, a developing story out of japan. at least two are dead after a powerful typhoon. residents are dealing with flooding and landslides. breaking records in yosemite. two hikers set a new speed record on the route in el capitan. they climbed the nearly 90 degree, 2900 foot in two hours and 19 minutes. that's four minutes faster than the record set five years ago. in the bay--
6:54 am
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6:56 am
welcome back on this monday morning. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on "today in the bay." >> a live look at superior court in san francisco where opening statements will begin in the kate steinle murder case. it will be followed nationwide. jose garcia is accused of killing steinle on pier 14 in july. he is an undocumented immigrant with a criminal record. he had been released under custody under the sanctuary city policy. the gun used in the crime was stolen from a federal agents car. the defense team is likely to argue the shooting was accident. the trial starts today in san francisco hall. new this morning, vallejo
6:57 am
police are on the hunt for a driver that injured two young children. it happened on turner parkway. a mother was pushing her stroller, holding her 2 and 3-year-old children. the children were air lifted to the hospital. the mother was not injured. police believe the car may be a white acura tl. happening today, a live look in santa rosa's coffey park where many homes were destroyed in a deadly fire. it's a slow process of letting them back in the neighborhood. friday, some of the residents got a first chance to return to home. right now, only people who live there are allowed in and starting today, residents will have to receive passes at the santa rosa city offices. they are issued between 8:00 this morning and 5:00 p.m. pg&e delayed mapping the most dangerous power line two days before the start of the
6:58 am
deadly wildfires. for years, they demanded utilities create detailed maps creating the risks from power lines. according to the news pg&e delayed those efforts. they are looking into whether power was partially responsible for the fire that is started two weeks ago. happening today, the sentencing hearing begins for bowe bergdahl. he pleaded guilty on desertion and misbehavior of the enemy. he was captured by the taliban. president obama brought him home in 2014 in a controversial prison swap. stay tuned for the "today" show. coming up in a minute, at 7:00, the american woman held hostage is breaking her silence. what she is revealing to nbc news. let's take a peek outside this morning. a nice start to the day,
6:59 am
overlooking downtown san jose. kari has a look at the temperatures. >> 25 minutes away from sunrise, then the temperatures go up quickly for the day. get ready for a big warm up in the forecast as we go into the next several days. san francisco, 80 degrees today. 85 tomorrow. then, look ahead to the weekend. it's going to cool down quite a bit. we will have sefveral days of well above temperatures. i'll track the potential of records between today and tomorrow. >> that's something. >> mike is tracking a possible traffic problem. >> here we go. university heading south, the taillights are bogged down. they are moving smoother now south of university. there may be a break because at this time we start the construction crews running. i'm going to guess they are moving a crane. >> you know, we have a local news update coming up in 25
7:00 am
minutes. that's what's happening "today in the bay." >> don't forget to join us at 11:00 for the news. have a great monday. good morning. hunt for a serial killer. a florida community on edge. three murders in the same neighborhood in ten days. this morning, the race to find this person of interest, captured on surveillance video near one of the scenes. speaking out. eight years after deserting his post in afghanistan, a sentencing hearing for disgraced army sergeant and former hostage, bowe bergdahl, under way today. bergdahl taking on his critics. >> people saying just shoot him. you'll never convince those people to change their minds. >> will he spend the rest of his life behind bars? deadly mistake?


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