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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 24, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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5:00 on tuesday morning. already october 24th. we are a week away from halloween. look at the orange glow. right? very nice. golden gate bridge in san francisco this morning. we are looking alt possible record temperatures in san francisco. it might hit 90 degrees. kari's closet is getting out the bikini. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. the bay area could shatter the temperature records. we have been looking at this. it gets scary. it is going to be hot out there. >> it is going to be hot. we haven't had to deal with it for a while. time to crank the air conditioners back up and deal with this heat for one more day. let's talk about the records and where we may be setting records. livermore, the forecast is 90. the record is 91.
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we may stay just below the record. we may tie it in san jose. santa rosa may set a new record along with napa and oakland. san francisco will be very close. we'll see if we hit that 90 degree mark. we'll talk about this and the cooldown for the weekend. mike, a truck is having trouble near the carquinez bridge. >> yeah. we'll look at the speed sensors. tuesday, a late start out of the altamont pass and slowing in eastern livermore. across the carquinez bridge, blocking the connecter at highway 29 through vallejo. sounds like a flat tire on one of the many tires for the tractor trailer. we'll track this. hopefully they can move it quickly. traffic to the bay bridge, we give you the live look. we have a cash lane starting to back up now. all cash lanes just opened for business. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. another scare in the sky and
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the ground at san francisco international. >> yeah, this morning, laura, the audio recordings of the communications between air traffic controllers and pilots of the same airline that almost cause a disaster on the runway months ago. "today in the bay's" bob redell has recordings as well as the last ditch efforts on everyone on the runway. bob, these are recordings we have obtained overnight. >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus and laura. in those recordings, you can hear sfo air traffic controller order an air canada aircraft to thwart their landing. why did they fail to heed the commands? this happened sundays before 9:30. air flight 781 cleared to land on runway 28r here at sfo as the airbus 320 approached. air traffic control became worried a preceding arrival
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might not clear the run way in time. they ordered air canada five times to go around. >> air canada 780, go around. air canada 781, go around. [ inaudible ] >> that's pretty evident. air canada 781 -- >> reporter: the end was hard to decipher. it was the air canada pilots acknowledging they have a radio problem. the air canada flight did land safely. faa says the preceding flight cleared the runway in time. air traffic control shined a red flashing bright light at air con da to get the plane to heed the warning. they never did heed it. they have light guns to shine different colors at aircraft when radios fail.
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flashing red, which was shown on sunday night, that indicates it is not safe to land. it's a signal that is rarely used, according to an aviation expert. faa is investigating another incident that took place in july with that airline that nearly hit four other loaded passenger airlines on a taxiway. it came within 59 feet of the ground, according to a preliminary faa airport and endangered the lives of thousands of passengers. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> certainly, another scary one at the airport. glad everyone is okay. 5:04. happening today, president trump heads to capitol hill. this will be the first visit to congress to meet with lawmakers. past gatherings have been at the white house. >> tracie potts is live in washington. what's on the agenda today?
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>> reporter: well, the idea is that the president is coming here to try to nudge things along because he said he wants that tax reform bill on his desk by thanksgiving. now, he says they are not going to touch 401(k)s, the rekirtiret accounts, but lawmakers have been talking ability it. this afternoon, president trump heads to capitol hill. he will dine with senate republicans to jump start their efforts to overhaul american tax code. >> we are working very hard to get the tax cuts. >> first daughter, ivanka trump in pennsylvania, selling tax reform to get rid of red tape for businesses. >> that, coupled with tax reform will be a game changer. >> reporter: how would the republican tax plan affect working families? one idea, dropping 401(k) retirement contributions from
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$18,000 to $2400. >> when you go down to $2400, you are whacking the heck out of the middle class. >> they are looking for money. >> reporter: money to pay for a tax cut built into the senate's budget. now, keep in mind that the senate's budget is not the budget. it's not a done deal. the house thohas to vote on tha. back to you. >> tracie potts, thank you so much. it is 5:06 right now. happening today, the murder trial continues for the man accused of killing kate steinle. yesterday, opening statements were given. for hours, jose sat quietly in court, showing little reaction to descriptions of how steinle died in july, 2015. steinle's mother closed her eyes and wiped away tears. the bullets that killed steinle
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ricochet from 80 feet away. they contend he fired the gun deliberately. >> he's not interested in admitting he was there, but eventually he does and he talks and tells them what happened. what happened was an accident. >> it is about the steinle family and the incredible resolve they have shown through this entire process. we are going to do everything we can to bring this family justice. >> kate's father, jim, gave tearful testimony for ten minutes yesterday. the defense declined to ask him questions. we will have a crew in the courtroom today and send out updates. a lake county man is talking about staring down the barrel of a gun in a rampage that left two dead. the violence unfolded ned in clear lake. it shows the armed suspect walking into a convenience store after firing multiple rounds
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near his home. it's where two died and chp officer was hit. when the suspect arrived at a second convenience store, he briefly held the manager at gunpoint. here is what they had to say. >> on the top shelf. kind of turned, looked at him and he's turned toward me and pointing a gun. literally looking at the gun. >> that suspect eventually walked out the door. they arrested him at a winery down the road without further incident. palo alto school board members take the first step in bringing new leader on board. the previous superintendent abruptly resigned. palo alto weekly reports that board members will meet to go over the application and interview process, including deciding on a search firm to weed out potential candidates. new this morning, good and
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bad news for some of the millions of americans living with diabetes. a new john hopkins study shows diabetes rates doubled between 1998 and 2015. the portion of undiagnosed cases dropped from 16% to 11%. better screening by primary care doctors is helping diagnose more patients. untreated, it leads to heart disease and kidney damage. more details looked at overnight and a closer look at the diabetes rate in california. a studiest maited 2.5 million adults in california were diagnose nosed with diabetes. that's close to 10%. of the 13 million adults in california undiagnosed pre-diabet pre-diabetes. that's less than half of the population. one out of three adults under 40 have pre-diabetes. as we approach 5:10, you get
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ready head out the door, feels mild. you don't need a jacket. it's 66 degrees in san francisco. san jose, 61 degrees and 53 now in fairfield. so, cool in a few spots. as we go through the day, we are all going to be feeling this heat. look at these high temperatures for today, reaching into the low to mid-90s for the inland valleys. napa, 94 degrees. oakland and san francisco in the upper 80s and san jose, up to 90 degrees. we may be setting new records here. we will take a closer look at the numbers coming up. mike is tracking a big rig in vallejo. >> most moves smoothly. 50,000 pounds of big rig was blocking i-80 to 129 because of a flat tire. then it was cleared. they must have moved it quickly. no longer a concern for chp. to the bay bridge, 15 minutes. a smooth, easy drive.
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tri-valley showing slowing in altamont. a typical pattern, nice pattern for tuesday z. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up, the search for answers in a hepatitis a outbreak. the testing state health officials say they won't do. also, fighting harassment. the review california lawmakers will have. a peculiar problem in the bay area. too many jobs, not enough people to take them. we'll take a look when "today in the bay" continues.
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it's almost 5:14. time to get up and moving. we made it past monday as we take a live look outside. a clear start and mild temperatures. let's go to santa teresa. 9:00, 65 degrees. whatever you have to do outside today, do it before noon. then, after that, it quickly heats up. are you ready for upper 80s to low 90s today? we will have cooler temperatures moving in, eventually. we'll talk about that in five minutes. we are talking about the san mateo bridge, showing a good volume of traffic. we are going to show you both sides of the bay and show you how that tuesday commute is shaping up. >> thanks so much, kari and mike. new this morning, dialogue about sexual harassment and the harvey weinstein scandal that rocked hollywood. lawmakers are now taking on the issue. state senate is hiring two
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outside firms to investigate allegations of harassment and sexual assault. the move comes in an open letter crafted by nearly 150 women calling out legislatures for what they say is a culture of sexual harassment and intimidation. legal consultants will review current policies for addressing harassment incidents. we could learn details in the case against hollywood producer, harvey weinstein. gloria allred will release another victim this afternoon. many have come forward with allegations against weinstein. new york's top prosecutor started a civil rights investigation into the weinstein company. we are learning more details about allegations against film maker, james toback. 38 women are accusing toback.
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since the article was published, 200 more women reached out to tell their stories. toback is denying the allegations. new this morning, san diego health leaders are turning down the request to have the waters in the san diego river tested for hepatitis a. the river runs through san diego. they admit there's a high level of raw, human waste in those waters. according to the san diego union tribune, local legislatures fear river contamination is contributing to the country's highest level of hepatitis a in two deck kalds. they say the transmission of hepatitis a is not likely linked to the river water and testing it would be a waste of resources. we look closer at san diego's hepatitis a outbreak and a link to cases here in northern california. over the past six months, 69
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hepatitis case a cases reported. santa collar ra reported two cases last month, both among inmates. a bus chariot service is back on the road. >> some of the banned drivers did not have the proper licenses, according to the california public utilities commission. it is a private bus service. anyone can use it. it makes stops around the city, like a bus, but users say it's easier and faster and cleaner than muni. shorter routes mean you get where you want to go faster, as well. it's made by ford, the car company. the bay area lost jobs for the second straight month. the job losses were very small. economists say it's not a sign of recession as much as it is a sign we just simply don't have enough workers to fill the jobs. the unemployment rate in the bay
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area is between 2% and 3%, depending on the county you are talking about. that is so low, they call it full employment. that means some jobs are going to vanish because there is nobody available to fill them. markets were treated from the record highs on monday as we reported to you monday morning. president donald trump, threw a wrench in republican plans to cut the taxes after the president said he would not accept changes to your 401(k) as part of that deal. here is the weird story of the day. a twitter user, reinhold niebuhr is james comey. he confirmed it posting a picture of himself you saw yesterday. of course, he is the former head of the fbi. he's accused donald trump of trying to quash the russia investigation. he's never posted anything controversial to his secret twitter account. he may be using it, we look at
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past interviews with him, to watch his kids on twitter. >> oh, okay. when your dad is a former fbi investigator. there was a great reporter who figured it out, and was suspicious. >> all eyes on the kids. >> there you go. a unique story. look at this one, mcgrew. new that taco bell is selling kit kat stuffed tacos. it is a flour tortilla with melted kit kat. the dessert could go nationwide, depending on customer feedback. looking at the moans and groans here -- >> it's early, but give that away free. a dollar, really? >> they should have -- this is a regular flour tortilla.
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>> make it cinnamon. that's what i was thinking. exactly. >> chocolate kit kat. >> all right. okay. it's breakfast time. i don't want to think about that. so, no. let's get on with this forecast today because it is going to start out nice and cool this morning. then, it warms up quickly once that sunrises today. let's take a live look outside fremont, getting you out the door with a live look out there. it is very nice. still, we have cool mornings where we can cool off and then the hot afternoon. so, we kind of like that, right, when we are not starting out with warm temperatures. it's already, though, 68 degrees in napa. then, we have the surrounding areas in the low 50s. i don't know what's going on there. 61 degrees right now in san jose and 65 degrees in oakland. then, as we look at the high temperatures today, a little
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hotter than it was yesterday. so, if you were out there during the middle of the day, you felt those hot breezes, imagine a few degrees more than that for today. morgan hill, up to 93 degrees. low 90s for the tri-valley. 91 degrees there. 91 in fremont today. in san mateo, 88 degrees. we have to really take it easy. it's a good day for eating the salad and drinking ice coffee. even in san francisco, it's going to be hot. the north bay reaching the low to mid-90s. if you are making plans to go out jogging, sunrise at 7:25, as you head out, in the low 60s. as we go through the day, the temperatures making it to the mid-70s. anything before noon will be good then you have to wait until after sunset before it cools off tonight. if you are planning to go golfing in the tri-valley, today, it's going to be in the
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low 60s at 6:00. still really good. noon, 80 degrees and continues to go up from there into the upper 80s by this afternoon. we will have to watch the kids out there at football practice today in the north bay, a hot and sunny day. low 90s. maybe a good day to have ball practice. in the gym, it cools off a bit. it's not until 6:00. looking at the forecast for san francisco, still will be a nice weekend. we have to make it through the next couple days. inland areas, low 90s, for the weekend, mid-80s on saturday. mike, you are saying the commute looks good? >> yeah, it's great. thinking about that choco taco is already taken. the bay is a nice easy drive no matter which route you take. no problems here. you are at speed through the dublin interchange and castro valley. it's a great drive to the dumbarton. no delays there on either of those toll plazas.
5:23 am
the bay bridge, another minute or less to add into the drive to get to the maze and the east shore freeway. not a big volume of traffic. live shots on the peninsula. palo alto shows how light it is coming up. shots at ravenswood. there's a taco bell not far from there. 880 is smoothing. a lot of volume heading down. back to you. >> you know traffic is light when you point out where the taco bell is. all right. thanks. 5:23 right now. coming up, botox for kids? not for health benefits. they say botox may have health benefits for kids. >> mobile devices at a younger and younger age. that's coming up this morning.
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"device time" for the little ones should definitely be 5:26 now. parents take note. device time for the little ones should be monitored. >> that's what experts are saying after a study finding young children more and more connected to tablets and tones. 48% of children under the age of 8 have their own tablet device. it is up 1% in 2011. experts say parnlts have to take
5:27 am
an active role in controlling their kids appetite. >> don't let your younger children take a cell phone or a tablet into the bedroom. make sure when and if you give them permission to use something like that, it's in a common area and for a limited time period. >> the study finds 95% of young children have access to a smartphone. nearly half of children under 8 under consume media in the hour before bedtime. new this morning, research out of california suggesting botox may help kids. it may help them with hard-to-treat migraines. they were given injections in the back, head and neck for 12 weeks. research teams enroll patients in the clinical trial. right now, botox is only approved to treat migraines in adults. coming up, continued coverage of the california
5:28 am
wildfires. the help for five victims today. plus -- >> devastated. tears. >> the search for answers continues in vallejo as police try to figure out who ran down two kids and drove away. >> reporter: the planned google village in downtown san jose is in full swing. you may not see construction here for a while. when we could see action downtown. you are watching "today in the bay." everywhere across the bay this
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morning. good morning. it is 5:31. our crews are everywhere across the bay. these are live pictures from walnut creek that put me in the mood of fall. >> i'm glad the picture does. >> the temperatures here, not so much. they will be in the 90s from walnut creek to san francisco. a hot one. >> you might want your pumpkin spiced cool. >> i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. kari, it's going to be a hot one today. >> yeah, we have been talking about setting new records. it is the middle of october and thinking about fall and all that stuff. look at these temperatures, not even close. today is the peak of the heat, then it cools off after this. 93 today in santa rosa. napa, 94 degrees.
5:32 am
livermore, 90 and 90 in san jose. upper 80s in san francisco. we may briefly hit 90 degrees in the city and tomorrow, down to 80 degrees. yes, down to 80 degrees. then it continues to cool off from there, looking like a nice weekend ahead. the inland areas cool off more gradually, looking at mid-80s, in time for the weekend. we'll talk more about that. mike, you are checking a crash at the bridge? >> i am. not the westbound commute. it was the eastern side, getting off the bridge. all the activity moved to the center parking lot. i don't see it, chp says don't worry anymore. westbound, this is just the typical back up. fills in as the metering lights are turned on. no problems through the maze z. there's the congestion. the toll plaza, heading up to the metering lights. the rest of the bay, a nice start. a build, a burst of traffic on 101 and san jose. we'll track that. nothing unusual. back to you. >> thank you, mike.
5:33 am
this is a move that may forever change downtown san jose and impact the entire city. details about when google could begin construction to bring in tens of thousands of people. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live in downtown san jose with the time line. kris, this impact of the project really may make a huge difference here in the south bay. >> reporter: yeah, we have been talking ant that. as somebody who lives and works in the south bay, this is the talk of the town. now we know the ultimate transformation, as they are calling it, the google village, will not happen until bart is done where we are this morning according to the city's director of economic development, kim wallish. she wrote that in a statement obtained by mercury news. it will happen around 2025. that will include the transit village here around the 20,000
5:34 am
employee google campus as well. the land purchases are in full swing. the area in color is the planned google footprint. the red areas of properties acquired by the development partner to the tune of 1$146 million. the areas in blue are city and government owned properties that google has its eyes on, would like to acquire. we have reported previously on community outreach and how that is supposed to be a part of this whole development. that was supposed to start last week on friday. it has been pushed back because of complexities, kim wallace says of negotiating sales in different entities like this one. you can expect we will see the community meetings coming up closer to the holidays and we'll let you know about that as well. i did look at the city council agenda. there is no item geared toward
5:35 am
google on the table for today. that won't be a topic of conversation, at least formally. we know people will talk about it at the city council meeting, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> 5:35. now, to the wildfires in the north bay. we remember scenes like this. happening today, a new red cross service center opens in napa. people impacted by the pocket, tubbs and nun's fire can stop by. they will be able to meet one-on-one with trained caseworkers to address needs and possibly provide financial assistance. they need proof of address. they are at the united methodist church on randolph street. it opens from saturday, from now until saturday and starts from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. in santa cruz, the santa cruz mountains, this morning, there are no longer evacuations in place for the bear fire. orders were lifted on monday. nearly 400 acres burned and four
5:36 am
homes destroyed. at last check, the fire remains 85% contained. the cause is still under investigation. new this morning, the search is on for a serial hit and run suspect who crashed into five cyclists in the east bay. danville police are looking for a driver involved in two separate incidents on diablo road. three cyclists were hit at 1:30. then a half hour later, two more hit on diablo road near clydesdale drive. the suspect's vehicle is described as a silver or white ford escape. a follow up to a story we told you about on "today in the bay." a hit and run driver hit two toddlers on turner parkway near foothill driver. the vehicle struck a stroller hurting the 2-year-old boy and 3-year-old girl. the mother pushing the stroller
5:37 am
was not injured. neighbors say cars speed through that area all the time. >> these people speed up and down this street. they have no idea about, you know, the consequences. >> police have released surveillance images of the car. take a look. it is a white acura tl. if you know whose car it is, contact vallejo police. 5:37. new this morning, four people are facing in san francisco. they are accused of operating illegal gambling devices out of a store front in the district. four suspects entered a not guilty plea. the world is looking forward to the 2018 olympics. look at this. the official torch was lit in
5:38 am
athens, greece at 2:00 a.m. our time. the summer games will be held in south korea. you can watch the games here. garvin thomas is going over. head to we have all the profiles on the athletes. you can get to know the names. happening today, the world series begins. things are expected to sizzle. bay area dodger fans are heading to l.a. for game one. it will be a hot one in l.a. today. i'm not talking about the game, i'm talking the headlines, which is the temperature hitting nearly 100 degrees. this is at first pitch. the dodgers are playing the houston astros. it is the dodgers first appearance since the '80s. >> the dodger dogs on the hot sidewalk. >> oh, yeah. >> over here, a smooth drive. we are talking the pavement. it is moving well with the speed sensors. green all over the place. getting to the tri-valley, just saw it on the map, slowing out
5:39 am
of the altamont. no delays for the travel times. this is great for the tri-valley, especially early on a tuesday. shaping up on the bay bridge. 18 minutes from highway 4. under 20 minutes to east shore freeway. no delays for the rails. there's the north bay drive at 101 southbound with the curves. it's moving smoothly through san rafael. >> you know, a little sense of normalcy, as much as you can. routine? yeah, we sometimes get warm temperatures in october. >> this is not routine at all. >> are we going to break records today? >> i think so. once we get to the weekend, we will have cooler air moving in. it will be much needed relief. inland areas are going to be warm for this time of year, reaching the mid-80s. a lot of halloween celebrations, kids will be outd with the costumes on.
5:40 am
for the bay, it's going to be in the upper 70s, while the coast will be in the mid-60s. on sunday, we make more progress here working toward cooler temperatures in the upper 70s inland. if you are heading to russian river valley, the best day will be sunday. i think with the most comfortable weather. still nice on saturday. friday will be the warmest, up to 81 degrees. if you are thinking of heading to carmel valley, mid-80s. saturday, 81 degrees. look at how much nicer it will be on sunday with the low 70s. let me know what you are doing this weekend. send itd to me on facebook and twitter. you may see it features here at 5:38. i'll have a look alt the day's temperature trend in three minutes. >> look forward to it. coming up, daredevil diversion. details on the agreement for the two men who scaled the golden gate bridge and filmed the whole thing. what exactly happened to
5:41 am
american forces in niger? we'll take a look when "today in the bay" continues.
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5:43 am
it's 5:43. we talked about some summer heat. doesn't feel like we are a week away from halloween. as we get a look at the forecast for cupertino, 65 degrees at 9:00 in the morning. we should be in the mid-70s this time of year. we are going to hit the low 90s today. as we go into the forecast,
5:44 am
cooling down gradually. we'll talk about what to expect for halloween in a few minutes. this is a treat. a smooth flowing dublin interchange. westbound in the foreground to the dublin interchange. the dublin grade, a smooth flow. a lot of company. we'll show you how the times a tracking. new this morning, san francisco is considering a fee on uber and lyft rides to pay for local transportation. the san francisco examiner is reporting the fee could be up to $1 per ride. it's part of a new proposed ballot measure. they are not sure when it could become reality because of changes in the state law. two men who filmed themselves scaling the golden gate bridge are taking a plea deal. they both initially faced criminal charges for climbing on the toll bridge. the d.a. offered the misdemeanor diversion program and their
5:45 am
going to take it. if they complete the program, it includes fines and community service. senator bob corker is not the only republican speaking out against donald trump. john mccain is becoming more and more vocal. >> scott mcgrew joins us now. they give their strong opinion. >> corker will be on the "today" show and will be very critical of trump on a number of issues. corker is ending his political career. he can speak out, he's not running again. mccain because he is fighting his toughest fight ever with brain cancer. donald trump said bob corker who helped president obama give us the bads iran deal and couldn't get elected dogcatcher in tennessee is now fighting tax cuts. that tweet came a short time after the "today" show interview with corker took place on the east coast feed, the one the president watches. he's also been on the attack against john mccain. in the last couple days, mccain
5:46 am
has been fighting back, making references to the president of avoiding the vietnam draft. mccain is senate of the armed committee is asking what went wrong for four soldiers in niger. he will get more on later. >> we owe the families as much information as we can find out about what happened. we owe the american people an explanation of what their men and women were doing at this particular time. when i say that, i mean men and women anywhere in the world, they should know what the mission is and what we are trying to accomplish when we are there. >> in that press conference, we learned the fire fight lasted far longer than we thought. 12 american soldiers, 30 nigerian forces waited an hour to call support from french
5:47 am
forces. it's not clear why they waited. the general speculated they thought they could handle it on their own. of course we lost four americans. we pay attention to what is happening in the white house each morning. we'd like to know what you think of our coverage. tweet me. 5:47, happening today, going back to the wild. the marine mammal center releasing an otter. it was rescued in july and successfully rehabilitated. it is the second otter they have treated. you are a dandy. have a nice life. >> you will see a lot of sea otters at the beach today. a lot of people will be making it a beach day. join them. maybe go for a little dip today. at the beaches, the temperatures will be heating up. we are talking ability the potential of setting new records
5:48 am
today as we take a live look outside in san francisco. you may be seeing that record fall today, but the forecast is for 89 degrees. we'll see if we hit that 90 degree mark that was set back in 1965. these are long-standing records. some of them, looking at livermore, the record was 91 degrees, we are forecasting 90. we will be really close. we may be tieing the record in san jose of 90 degrees in santa rosa. we could be setting a new record in napa. oakland looks like we could set a new record high there as well. we start this morning with mild weather. temperatures upper 50s to lower 60s for the most part. san francisco, already 66 degrees. cooler in the north bay at 51. so, looking at the high temperatures today, we'll be in the low 90s for the south bay. gilroy, 92 degrees. cupertino, expect a high of 90 today. east bay, low 90s as well.
5:49 am
walnut creek, 91. 91 in fremont. the peninsula, 88 in san mateo and also, look at half-moon bay with the winds blowing from the north. you are going to heat up as well. san francisco, 89 in the mission district and 90 in navato with the winds from the north. as you start out today, getting dressed and we talked about this earlier. laura and i were laughing. yes, it's a beach day, but don't walk into the office wearing a bikini. a good day for sunglasses. if it is a beach day or workday, rather, short sleeves and shorts type weather. into the weekend, we will be cooling off as well. so, it's going to be more layers after today. but, the beach day is going to be very warm. look at that. santa cruz, up to 88 degrees. then the next several days, we are going back to fall. now, we will have more cooler weather for the weekend. san francisco in the mid-60s.
5:50 am
i put halloween on the wrong day, didn't i. that's next tuesday. we'll call it halloween eve. 93 degrees today for the inland valleys. we'll talk more about that weekend forecast coming up. mike says the commute is very well behaved, so far. >> so far. not to jinx things, but if it has changes, it's my fault. look at the speed sensors looking great. mostly green. we'll get a big change over the latter part of the commute. the upper east shore under 20 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic shapes up nicely. just filled in, of course going back to west grand. here is slowing for pleasanton and castro valley wide. the sensors take you to the waze system as well, which you can get on your phone. make sure you are a member of the team. we are timing out three routes. notice the purple here, the quickest takes you down jackson, cutting off the slowdown of
5:51 am
castro valley. that's one option for you. of course that will change. change to this profile if you are not already a member of nbc bay area wazers. that's where we share our information. >> thanks, mike. a neighborhood on high alert. a neighborhood looking for a killer. first, at 5:51, happening now, a santa cruz surfer is riding a big wave after winning a recycled surf board contest. he covered his board with 10,000 cigarette butts. that's the most common thing found on the beach. companies in the euro zone are hiring at the fastest rate in a decade. we are back in two minutes with more news. stick around. taking a live look outside from
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our dublin camera.. welcome back. it is 5:54 as we get started on this tuesday morning. a live look at the dublin camera. if you are just waking up, good morning. if you have been up with us, thanks for sticking around. >> going to have a hot day ahead. 5:45 right now. new video to show you of a high speed chase in southern california. the driver leading authorities through downtown l.a., at times driving on the wrong side of the
5:55 am
road, nearly hitting pedestrians. the driver eventually abandoned that pick-up truck and took off on foot. he was taken into custody shortly after. a story watched closely out of florida. a community remains on edge after a series of murders that may be linked to a serial killer. investigators continue to score for the clues in tampa and the neighborhood. officers are escorting children home from school. this comes after three victims were shot and killed in a little over a week. none had obvious links to each other. white ribbons are lining the street in their memory. finding out that she had been shot randomly by a lunatic is just more than somebody can bear. what kind of person shoots someone and walks away? >> detectives say they have this
5:56 am
video of someone they are calling a person of interest. they are telling residents to turn their porch light on at night and don't walk alone. new video of an iconic monument restored when hurricane irma blew through the trees. the four ton concrete monument is shaped like a marine buoy that sits alongside the ocean. the iconic marker took quite a beating in the september hurricane. local artists restored the monument to its former glory. turns out climate change is costing taxpayers billions of dollars in disaster relief. the tab is expected to increase as extreme weather events become more common. this is according to a government study. this year's unusually destructive hurricane season is draining fema's budget. the wildfires are expected to cost even more. they will approve an additional
5:57 am
36.5 billion dlarls in disaster relief efforts. happening today. an eroding road in palo alto is expected to receive temporary repairs. a portion of the road near alpine road near palo alto will close as crews complete road work this morning. they are trying to get it finished before the rainy season begins. that road was undercut by floodwaters from the creek last winter. transit officials say they expect the road work to be completed in the week. there's a follow up in the time line for bart to roll out sleek new rail cars. you may see them as soon as thanksgiving. the first ten new bart cars passed the final safety test. the cuc needs to green light the transition to passenger service. it should take three weeks and the ten cars will likely initially run as a single train. the rest of the fleet is on track for some time next year. amazon is making a push to the crafting world.
5:58 am
alaunched a handmade gift shot, which launched in 2015. the gift shop celebrates sell bra tore gifts. you can find personalized jewelry to custom decor. at 5:58. now to an investigative unit exclusive. hundreds of children across the area openly identify as transgender. where schools plan to teach and support those students. >> we have an investigation coming up tonight and we have the preview this morning. good morning. the number of children who identify as transgender is expected to rise because of medical guidelines. we reported on it in may and open the door for transgender children and teens to begin physically changing their bodies at younger ages. tonight at 11:00, the two-month
5:59 am
investigation of teacher training. we'll introduce you to cal, who doesn't identify as male or female. trans kids can feel depressed, lonely and suicidal. teachers don't know what to do when they have a transgender student in the classroom. >> when they say this isn't necessary, what they really mean is you trans are not necessary. we don't want to take the time to help you as a student. >> which schools are educating their educators and which aren't? you can watch the full investigation tonight at 11:00. if you have a story for our investigative unit, call 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to the unit at right now at 6:00, a close call at sfo. >> 781 go around.
6:00 am
>> this morning, the brand-new audio of another event that may have ended in disaster. it involves an airline already under investigation. day two of trial. a preview of what to expect inside the courtroom as the kate steinle murder case moves forward. where is fall? we are on record watch. live look from the golden gate bridge. beautiful look. even san francisco will get in on the sizzling temperatures. "today in the bay" continues right now. enjoy the cool of the morning. things are going to heat up. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. kari, you have been talking about this all week. we are expecting possibly record temperatures. >> yes, today is the peak of the heat. after this, a gradual cooldown. we cannot make it through soon enough. >> as we look at where we are going as you head out the door on this tuesday morning, it is nice, with the temperatures dipping back to the upper 50s t


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