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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 26, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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here is a look at those high temperatures in the north bay reaching into the upper 80s, another day to crank up the ac and maybe go swimming like i took my son yesterday kim swimming. it's going to be in the low 80s in the san francisco and you can see that we will be heading towards some cooler temperatures over the next several days, inland areas will still be in the upper 80s today, tomorrow mid 80s on saturday, sunday is the day that we will start to feel the difference. so we will talk more about that, mike now you have a new crash this concord? >> i do. the speed sensors look great around most of the bay. i want to take you to some slowing, highway 4, where we typically see slowing build out of antioch but right now it's approaching port chicago highway and highway 242, a crash involving four or five vehicles reported there, should be out of the lanes but a distraction as it happened and moved to the shoulder. i'm going to track that. so far, though, things south of the sent is that bridge 680 are moving slowly over toward the walnut creek interchange.
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over toward the bay bridge you are at the minimums of course through the maze right now. 5:00, new this morning san francisco 49ers are making a pledge to team up with law enforcement to call for the ban of bump stocks on guns. and to foster better relations between the police and the community. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is live outside of levi stadium. what is motivating the team to reach out to law enforcement on this issue? >> well, good morning to you, marcus and laura. i'm still waiting to hear back from the san francisco 49ers. this pledge comes in the wake of the controversy surrounding players kneeling during the national anthem. this is a movement that was started by former quarterback colin kaepernick here at levi stadium and it's a movement that critics see not only as disrespectful to the flag but to the military and law enforcement as well. later this morning the 49ers, the san jose police officers association and several other poas from the west coast and new york will sign a so-called
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pledge for a more understanding and safer america, all who sign will promise to push for legislation that bans the bump stock mechanism that turns semi-automatic weapons into fully automatic like what the shooter used to kill all those people in las vegas, additionally the pledge will call for a ban on armor piercing bullets and silencers, will advocate for better mental health services and the 49ers will also team up with police to create public service announcements to foster better relations between officers and the community. >> when you talked about players talking and players kneeling we're asking you not to kneel, some take a seat at the table, be a leader like some of the associations that have come across the nation, be a leader like the executive team that he is truly one of the only owners that has reached out to law enforcement to sit down and make a pledge on concrete issues. >> reporter: the eight law
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enforcement organizations signing today's pledge obviously you've got the san francisco police officers association, unions representing officers for portland, santa clara county, sacramento, long beach and oakland and the sergeant's benevolence association of the nypd. that signing of the pledge taking place later this morning around 11:45 right here at levi stadium, behind me. bob redell, "today in the bay." what's also new this morning and interesting, opinion is shifting in favor of athletes protesting during the national anthem. it's according to a new poll out early this morning, it's from hbo real sports and maris. 51% say they oppose rules requiring players to stand during the anthem. 47% support the rules. statistically speaking that is a tie, but it is a shift in favor of athletes from the results of the same poll a year ago. when only 43% thought players should be allowed to protest. happening today addressing the opioid crisis sweeping
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america. today president trump will make a formal declaration and give a major speech on the issue. when the president gives his recommendations governors in several states will join him. a substance abuse lobbyist says an emergency declaration without funding will lack the punch to fight the problem, but some health advocates are concerned that devoting more public health resources to opioids would deflect funding for other health problems such as cancers, diabetes and heart disease. international travelers beware, starting today airports across the u.s. are enforcing stricter security measures for those flying into the country. >> it's the latest decision by the trump administration that could affect global travel. "today in the bay's" pete suratos live at sfo this morning with what we all need to know. >> reporter: good morning. yes, this was a deadline set by the trump administration for the implementation of these new security measures. as you mentioned it's going to affect specifically those international travelers coming into the u.s. we are talking about all travel
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coming into the u.s., you're going to see new security measures starting today. as far as how it will work, there's going to be closer inspections of personal electronic devices, more security in passage areas around around the airport and more thorough interviews with nas injuries checking in with the hopes of identifying terrorists. these changes were announced after it was suggested isis was able to smuggle explosives into laptops. one of the top concerns for homeland security are that terrorists can travel through multiple countries before boarding a light flight to the u.s. security measures larger than that laptop ban we saw that affected only certain countries in the middle east. certain domestic airlines such as delta airlines are telling folks to get to their flights earlier, maybe even as much as three hours earlier, but tsa says a lot of the security measures have been put in place by the airlines so there might not be much a difference. it remains to be seen how much longer this will be for people coming back into the u.s.
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pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> coverage of this story continues at 7:00 a.m. that's on the "today" show. gabe gutierrez will report from atlanta, home of one of the busiest airports in the country. this morning exclusive details in the kate steinle murder trial. we've obtained this video from the day of that tragic shooting. footage was shown to jurors yesterday. it's from a fire boat, shows the minutes before the shooting at san francisco pier 14. the images are grainy as you can tell but that green arrow that you see there highlights a chair that the defendant, josé ines garcia zarate reportedly sat on. several people were hovering around the chair and may have left that weapon used in the shooting. the point being the video may cast doubt that he stole the gun at the car of a federal agent. >> we looked at that and
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identified a grouping of six people gathered at that very seat, not in the general vicinity, but at that very seat. >> people in the courtroom gasped as the video was shown. testimony continues this morning. 5:07. the suspect accused in the shooting of four people in lake county this week is expected to enter a plea. police say this this is surveillance video you will see right here, there he is, of 61-year-old alan ashmore, he answered to 22 charges in court yesterday, accused of shooting and killing his father and another man near his clearlake home on monday. two other victims including a chp officer suffered minor injuries. ashmore will be back in court in two weeks. teachers, students and staff at san francisco will head back to school this morning worried about their water. concerns about lead contamination are prompting school leaders to shut drinking fountains at three schools. samples from taps at westportel and malcolm x elementary schools along with international high school actually contained elevated lead levels.
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the district says the problem is due to plumbing and metal leaching into the water. the actual water supply is considered safe. lead was discovered during voluntary testing and the schools will provide bottled water until those problems are fixed. a surge in mumps cases across the united states is prompting new vaccine recommendations. they're calling it an outbreak -- they're not calling it an outbreak just yet but the immunization advisory committee is recommending people at high risk of catching mumps get a booster dose of the vaccine, that's even if you have already had the vaccination. had year 4600 mumps cases have been reported, the same committee is also endorsing a new vaccine for shingles, they say better protects people than the old version. the centers for disease control will now review those recommendations. it's 5:08 on this thursday morning. we wake up to clear skies, i want to show you how these temperatures trend as we go through the day in san jose. we will be in the low 60s at 8:00, as many more people get up
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and out the door and on the way to start out this thursday. it will be in the upper 70s already by noon and it doesn't stop there, we will be up to 87 degrees by 4:00 and then as we check out how those temperatures trend in napa valley today it's going to be at 54 degrees at 8:00, a much cooler start but a hotter afternoon. we will talk about what's ahead with a gradual cooldown in that forecast coming up. mike is checking back in on that truck fire on 580. >> coming out of the altamonte pass, the peninsula side, south bay move well, even the east bay, green all over the sensors. i've been watching the sensor reads out of the altamonte pass, we talked about the earlier truck fire and maybe a grass fire on the shoulder, these sensors come up to orange and the slowing off of 205 where is merges from 580. i think everything is clear from the shoulder. mean while travel through the
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dublin interchange a 24 minutes drive and 84, a little slowing through pleasanton, typical. anger in one east bay school district, the return that has some parents so upset with piedmont high school. and uber says it has a super uber offer, tell tell you with it.
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coming up on 5:13 with a clear and cool start this morning as we take a live look
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outside in san jose. as we check out the temperature trend for the neighborhood of santa theresa we will be in the mid 60s at 9:00 and look at these temperatures warming up quickly again today into the upper 80s this afternoon, not much of a wind, either. we will have more weather like this for the next couple of days and then finally a cooldown. we will talk about that cooldown coming up at about 5:18. and a quick check of your transit agencies, no delays 45 options -- well, 45 trains for bart. 5:13 now and new this morning parents in peed mo nt will reportedly voicing concerns about a piedmont high school teacher who was recently investigated for inappropriate behavior. the east bay times reports administrators and police have looked into the teachers' actions and complaints from some female students. so far they have determined that those actions did not amount to abuse or misconduct. the district allowed the teacher to return to work after a three
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week leave of absence outraging some parents. >> a recent shootout at a san francisco house party is putting new pressure on short term rental companies to follow regulations, that shootout happened two weeks ago at this home in bernal heights. police say gang members fired at each other during a crowded party leaving two people injured. the house was being listed illegally on sites like airbnb. the homeowner lives overseas and the home was not registered. one supervisor says the city has regulations that should have prevented it from being offered as a short term rental. >> had airbnb not sued the city preventing it from being implemented with he would have prevented this horrific incident in the city. >> airbnb recently settled that lawsuit and is now starting to comply, but at a meeting in bernal heights neighbors argued it is not happening fast enough. continuing coverage now of a story our scott mcgrew first reported at this time yesterday on "today in the bay." the amazon key, now, the company
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says that this is a way of letting you unlock your door remotely and let a delivery person leave that package inside your home. well, the reaction from many has been one of concern. this is over safety. this morning on "today" jo ling kent has that story about the safety issues. >> the idea here is to prevent porch pirates from stealing your stuff but of course this convenience is a double-edged sword. coming up this morning on the "today" show we are going to talk about that, what that means to have someone you don't know enter your home and drof off a package. all the cyber security threats that come along with this. >> it's all coming up later on the "today" show. there is some confusion about how much you will be able to put into your 401(k). >> scott mcgrew has been on the phone with congress people in washington. a big fight ahead. >> a big fight but we thought this fight had been settled. a few days ago the president declared there was no way the republican tax plan would slash the amount of money you would be allowed to put in your 401(k)
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tax deferred. right now it's $18,000, republican tax proposal wants to drop that to about $2,000 to which the president said, absolutely not. that would be an increase on middle class taxes. we thought it was a done deal, so did the president. take a listen. >> i wanted to end that quickly. 401(k)s to me are very important and they are important because that's one of the great benefits to the middle class. i didn't want that to go too far. that's why i ended it very quickly. >> he says he ended it, but it's still in the plan. we're going to talk more about this coming up in a half an hour when we talk politics. tesla has reportedly laid off hundreds of workers from solar city. you will recall tesla bought solar city late last year. this comes after hundreds of workers at tesla lost their job, tesla said it's letting poor performers go. tesla ceo elon musk was scheduled to show off a new truck today but has delayed that to concentrate on increasing production of the model 3. thousands of people have put down a deposit for that new car, but tesla hasn't made very many
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of them. tesla has to explain itself to investors in its next quarterly report on november 1st. some good news out of twitter, the san francisco based company says it's closer to making a profit, shares are up 9% premarket. the company also says it's accidentally been overcounting its users. uber has a credit card. it gives you money back on purchases which you can dump that money back into your uber account and get some free rides. now, what uber gets out of this is even more data about what you do, right? it knows you like to be dropped off at a certain place, a restaurant, whatnot. >> what you spend. >> now what you spend on top of that. there are a lot of cash back cards, compare t i'm not saying uber is better or worse, but go on a website like nerd wallet, something like that, compare it, see if it's the best cash back offer. >> you see colleges, for example, have your -- don't they get a kickback as well. >> uber does, yes, absolutely. american airlines has done. >> businesses. >> for sure.
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>> that interest rate. >> that, too. >> pay it off. came on for baseball fans, game two of the world series last night houston evened things out now, one game apiece with a wild 11 inning win. the home run capped a record eight home runs in world series games. final score astros took it 7, dodgers 6. that's not the only thing fans are talking and tweeting about today. even rival giants fans could appreciate last night's first pitch which included legendary dodgers broadcaster vince gully. >> it's time for dodger baseb l baseball. >> you know, you've got to love vin. i don't care who you root for. you may recall the nearly 90-year-old retired from broadcasting last year. he called dodgers games since 1950. he's still got that great voice.
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>> he does. andres gal rag ga. >> just classic. >> i'm so glad he joined them. >> got to love baseball. i really do. it's feeling like baseball weather. >> it's been really hot and definitely an extension of summer around the bay area. we are still setting some new records around the -- yesterday we had san jose and concord setting new records. well, we will still be on record watch again today. here is where we begin, nice and cool, at least we do have still these cool mornings where you can open up the windows and let the house cool down for a little while. it's 59 degrees as we take a live look outside now on the peninsula, it's 62 degrees in san francisco and look at the north bay, 50 degrees right now, but then as we look at these high temperatures pretty much like yesterday some upper 80s to low 90 0s no major changes here. up to 89 in walnut creek and for
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the peninsula 85 degrees. san francisco still radio etching into the low 80s we may have a couple degrees cooler than it was yesterday, maybe one of the few spots where you feel the difference for this afternoon. north bay we're still going to be in the upper 80s today, as we check out the temperature trend for the tri-valley and livermore, we will be in the upper 50s as you head out for that morning drive and dropping the kids off, you may have the heater on, but then by the time you come back to pick them up it's going to be in the low 80s so you will go from heater to air conditioning. we have had a lot of these days, a wide range in temperatures and then for after school activities like football practice on the peninsula at 3:00 it is going to be hot once again. so you want to make sure you take lots of breaks, drink lots of water and maybe put on that sunscreen. there will be mostly sunny skies and a light wind, it won't be until about 6:00 when we will feel those temperatures coming down just a bit. let me know what do you think of this heat? is it too warm? i had linda on facebook saying i like this extension of summer.
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and then lisa was like, i cannot wait to put on my hoodie. so let me know what you think. it's going to cool down over the next few days and in time for hallowe halloween, yes, lisa, you will be putting on your hoodie and san francisco will be in the upper 60s and then for the inland areas it's going to be in the lower 70s so just a few more days of this summerlike wave as we head over to mike updating us on a few issues out there for the commute. i'm going to check your facebook page as well for that hoodie battle between linda and lisa. we were battle through this slower drive, let me show you overall the view, mostly green, that's great stuff, but back to the area where i showed you that slowing, west highway 4 at port chicago highway, that's where they've been able to clear off all four or five vehicles involved in that earlier crash. now, even though lanes are clear, there's no real congestion right now getting to 242 or 680 but you see the slowing and we were concerned, that's why we were concerned, all that traffic heading out of antioch, pittsburg and bay point. all lanes clear for highway 4.
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a nice drive getting over toward the bay bridge. the bay bridge toll plaza the live shot shows you these lanes have already packed in. we may have had those metering lights turned on two minutes early. i will get back to the chp report and see if there's anything going on in the span because this is a little early, especially for a thursday. >> thanks for watching. it's 5:22 right now. we may get new information in a decades long search for answers. the key question that researchers say new documents reveal about the jfk assassination. and all new overnight, we look through a new report detailing rents in the bay area, we will tell you about those communities that cost the most. the much anticipated release of
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long-sealed 5:25. happening today, a much anticipated release of long sealed government documents tied to the assassination of president john f. kennedy. the warren commission ordered those documents sealed after investigating the kennedy assassination in the 1960s. president trump says he is allowing the release of those files which congress approved 25 years ago for the year 2017. the hope is that the files will clear up conspiracy theories that lee harvey oswald may not have acted alone. one expert says that it may unearth other twists. >> the real story maybe is that the cia knew only seven weeks before the assassination that
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oswald may have threatened the president, he returned to america in early october and they did what the cia always does, they told no one. >> you can see more of that interview on the "today" show. on it's website the national archives will release more than 3,000 top secret documents. new this morning sales of new homes in the u.s. has soared to the highest level in a decade. new home sales jumped 18.9% in september to an adjusted rate of $667,000, that is the most since october of 2007. it's a sign americans who have been unable to find existing homes are turning to new construction. here in the bay area a new study is showing the bare cities with the fastest rising rents. according to data we uncovered from rent in mountain view, met luma and walnut creek continue to soar. skroo coming up, big news for
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beachgoers, the legal battle is over at martins beach, the new decision by the california supreme court. and an immigration change from the trump administration that could have a big impact on silicon valley and its highly skilled workers. i will show you what the impact would be. you're watching "today in the bay."
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a very good thursday morning to you. taking a live look outside. who wants to go to loopleasanto
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this morning? >> i do. >> get a nice hot cup of coffee in that cute downtown. good morning in the east bay and everywhere else. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. it's a beautiful sight, but later in the day it's going to start heating up. >> we go from hot coffee to iced coffee all in one day. we've been starting out with cool temperatures and we set a couple of records again yesterday. in concord and san jose after hitting 90 degrees we're still going to be hot this afternoon, up to 82 degrees in oakland and san francisco, some low 90s for livermore, 91 in concord and also 91 in morgan hill today with santa rosa and napa up to 88 degrees. so we will talk about that weekend, looks a little bit cooler toward the end that's coming up in seven minutes. mike has good and bad news if you're on your way to the bay bridge. >> no crashes on the bay bridge, bad news, that's still behind me, the backup at the bay bridge, the metering lights were turned on a few minutes later
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but the backup formed quicker. the approach on our speed sensors doesn't show any problem. the slowing that you see at the toll plaza built up quickly but our speed sensors are showing green down the east shore freeway coming out of the maze. that's a smooth flow of traffic. around the bay we don't have any major slowing. from here this live shot i will send it right over back to you. >> we have breaking news overnight out of the east bay. police in pleasant hill are looking for a driver who hit an 80-year-old man sending him to the hospital. he was sadly found bleeding from his head on the sidewalk over on gregory lane and contra cost can a boulevard. >> we checked in with investigators who say they are running a few leads but that vehicle may have some minor damage to it. that victim is expected to survive. now to a story we've been highly watching this morning across the bay area, the trump administration is making an immigration policy change that could have a big impact on silicon valley companies and those highly skilled employees.
5:32 am
it said that the renewal process for the h-1b visa program will be more time consuming and complicated. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live from san jose with the impact that it could have on local companies and communities. we will check in with her coming up in just moments. it's 5:32. a lot more ahead. .
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home... not just something you can see or touch. a feeling. it's the place where you feel safe to have those little moments that mean everything. at adt, we believe that feeling should always be there. whether it's at your house, or your business, we help keep you safe. so you can have those moments that make you feel at home. ♪you are loved wherever you are. bay area: 5:34. right here in the bay area we know a lot of those workers in silicon valley they are here on
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that h-1b visa. they could be impacted as well as a lot of the companies from the trump administration looking to change the immigration policy. >> that's right. it could have a certainly big impact here. let's check in with "today in the bay" kris sanchez this morning. she has been tooling this story how it could affect not only people but some of these local companies as well. >> reporter: i want to put this in terms we can all empathize with. this is a change that would be like asking the dmv -- rather the dmv asking you to take the written test and the drivers test every time you wanted to renew your driver's license instead of just renewing it based on the fact that you passed those requirements the first time around. according to the customs and immigration service as of this week h-1b visa holders will face the same level of scrutiny for a visa renewal as they did for their initial application, only 65,000 work visas are granted every year, h-1b 1s. here is look at what the sees is
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a holders have to provide, a job with the sponsoring company, copy of their passports, proof of degrees and transcripts, a letter of current and previous employment and the renewal can be three years or one year and there will be no fast track for h-1b visas, that was a policy that changed a few week ago. tech companies like google and apple depend on those visas for some of the highly skilled workers that they need. this is going to be stressful for the visa holder but also a burden for those companies which often do a lot of the legwork for the employees they want to bring here. i'm reaching out to the silicon valley leadership group to see what this means in their opinion for the silicon valley specifically. stay tuned for that. if we are not on the air i will post it on facebook and on twitter. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." 5:36 right now. now to a big development joe every night in a story we've been following really for years. it looks like martins boo etch in san mateo county will remain open to the public.
5:37 am
california supreme court has declined to hear an appeal from the beach's billionaire owner. that means the lower court ruling requiring the beach to be open to the public will stand. for years it was a public beach. the owner bought it in 2008 and closed it off to the public. it should be now open to the public. the search is on this morning for two men suspected of killing a man an at upscale north san jose apartment. police reveesed this video showing those suspects. they say they are part of a criminal group targeting high end brothels across the bay area. three other members of this group have been arrested in los angeles county, there they are. the police say that this group is responsible for a string of violent crimes that includes the execution style shooting last month in elon apartments off of montague expressway. they targeted both else in san jose, milpitas, treatment and south san francisco all within about 48 hours. uc berkeley working to
5:38 am
address concerns raised in a recent audit that it hasn't met its own fair wage plan. two years ago president janet napolitano announced plans to guarantee minimum wage at $15 an hour. the university hasn't met its own targets. uns that work with the school question whether the whole idea was a publicity stunt. right now there is more purpose behind klay thompson scoring duringup coming games. for every point he scores money will go to the north bay fire victims. he is donating $1,000 per point he scores for the three games during the warriors current home stand. last night he dropped 22, that's $22,000 in a donation. he will also do it again tomorrow as well as sunday. thompson says that this is his way of giving back. i know a lot of people in the north bay come to watch us play, a lot of them lost their homes and everything they had.
5:39 am
pretty cool thing he's doing there, isn't it, mike? >> klay thompson talking about why he wants to give back to the community because the community supports them so well, great stuff. i think he also hosted a family there last night. let's go over to the roadways, travel past oakland 880 past the coliseum smooth drive. there is a little build for upper east shore freeway but nothing dramatic. we see isolated to the bay bridge that was a quick whether at the toll plaza back to west grand, but holding steady for the rest of thursday. green sensors, a little slowing concord out of antioch and pittsburg, the earlier crash set things off at port chicago highway is clear for highway 4. one more thing to call out here, we have a crash north 880 at whipple road, it's on the shoulder, maybe a little slowing, not enough of a distraction to slow the southbound which has a more major commute volume. out to the peninsula side we're looking at a smooth flow of traffic. i turn the camera north of
5:40 am
university toward willow. slowing a little bit northbound with the volume build. who is ready for the weekend? >> i am. one, two, three, four -- >> i don't even have to put my hand up, you know i'm already ready for the weekend. >> bags packed. >> it's going to be a great one. we will have cooler temperatures and that's part of the reason why i'm so ready for the weekend. it is going to be cooling off and let's take a look at what to expect on saturday, 85 degrees, warm in the valleys, the bay at 77 degrees, will you make it a beach weekend, it's going to be 66 degrees, checking out sunday a little cooler, especially for the valleys, 76 degrees, the bay at 74 and the coast in the mid 60s. if you are planning to go to the pumpkin patch in santa rosa and that's the largest pumpkin patch in sonoma county it's going to be in the upper 60s at 11:00 in the morning, now our high temperatures that day will reach into the low 80s so it's still going to be really pleasant, but i think if you go a little bit later in the evening, especially if you will be wearing your
5:41 am
costumes it will be a little bit more comfortable but it will be a perfect day. going to mir woods it will be the mid 70s on friday, much cooler by sunday. that will be the type of weather you will be have to wear long sleeves and pants if you're heading into warmer weather you want to go town to paso robles. it will be cooling off as well on saturday so more comfortable for sitting out on the patio during your wine tasting. if you're heading to santa barbara it will be in the upper 70s on friday, saturday 80 degrees, also some nice beach weather and cooling off a bit for sunday but still really comfortable. let me know what you're doing this weekend, i will give you a personalized forecast for the place you're heading to or the events you want to go to. let me know @kari hall weather on twitter. >> i'm doing a lot of laundry. that's what i'm doing.
5:42 am
5:41. new details on that new 680 express lanes in contra costa county. it's been a couple weeks since the lanes opened and this morning we are taking a closer look at how it's going. according to a new report by the metropolitan transportation commission more than 22,000 new flex tags have been activated since those lanes opened. this is about the same amount activated when the 580 express lanes opened back in february of 2016. solo drivers with fast track can now use the lanes for a fee, that actually adjusts depending on the traffic levels. a follow-up on a breaking news story that we brought you a couple weeks ago. today a 21-year-old man will face a judge for the t. irs time suspected of a hit and run crash which injured four bicyclists. this happened back on october 7th during the genesee grand fundo of marin. according to the ma inn are ij aaron michael path of novato could face up to five years in prison if convicted.
5:43 am
new this morning san francisco city leaders are reportedly questioning the work habits of a key emergency service worker and whether it contributed to problems during the intense september heat wave. you may remember triple digit heat left much of the city paralyzed and emergency workers overwhelmed. the examiner reports the department of emergency management deputy director leaves nowhere -- lives nowhere near san francisco. he telecommuted through most of the heat wave from his sacramento home 87 miles away. the mayor is calling that unacceptable. and new this morning, talk about a ride. a two major tahoe ski resorts may be connected by way of a 13,000 foot gondola. if you want to stop to do the math we did that overnight for you, that's about two and a half miles in length. the group owns the squaw valley and alpine meadows is talking about constructing that would be
5:44 am
called the california express. if regulators approve it may be up and running by the start of the 2019 season. but likely the run there will be some gates to clear that first. for one, environmental groups, this he say they are already reportedly coming out against that plan. >> time so check in with scott mcgrew this morning. the president making new claims about a strange dossier we were talking about yesterday. >> that research was paid for by a republican mark us and laura in an attempt to disrupt trump's run for the party nomination, then when trump got the no, ma'am tags the file became useless to republicans. democrats paid for further research. the "washington post" ran an article earlier this week and the president has latched on to the new connection to democrats. here is the president this morning. >> we're thinking of something that's unique -- they didn't know what to say so they made up
5:45 am
the whole russia hoax. now it's turning out that the hoax has turned around and you look at what's happened with russia and you look at the ur ain't yum deal and the bake dossier so that's all turned around. >> the dossier is not fake, it absolutely exists. a couple other things to look out for when the president talks about the dossier, he has tweeted that it has been dis kreted but parts have been found true. he said it's a plan by the democrats but it was created by republicans. the last thing to keep in mind when the president talks about dossiers is it's normal for candidates for opposition research to find out what the other guy might use. >> the house might try to take the next step in tax reform as soon as today. the idea that they're going to reduce the amount of money you can set aside tax free from your
5:46 am
401(k) is still part of that [nq plan. republican lawmakers are not backing down, even though the president specifically said he does not approve of that plan. this fellow, kevin brady of the house ways and means committee a republican is writing that tax code and he says that that idea to reduce your 401(k) shelter is still in. so there are two take a ways, if he gets his way the taxes on your retirement will go up in the near term. two, an important republican is not listening to the president. >> well, we take a look at your presidential news every day on "today in the bay." you can reach me directly on twitter, i'm @scottmcgrew. do you remember that snake from yesterday? >> how could you forget it? >> the good news for you all here this morning that snake has been adopted. this is a picture of brianna she adopted that snake and she's taking it home but the snake won't be alone. get what else she has? >> i don't know, a possum or something? >> no, she actually has three
5:47 am
other snakes, a cat and a dog. >> she's like a snake whisperer. >> actually, i heard that pythons are actually cuddly. >> i had a friend with a python and i talked to him yesterday, i said do you want this one called rumpelsnakeskin. >> you wouldn't have got it for him. what are you talking about? i keep teasing him for years to get that kid a dog. >> she has three kids. >> and two dogs. i'm the crazy house. all right. looking for something fun to do, maybe later today, weather going to cooperate? >> it's going to be nice for the start of the day, it will heat up again pretty much like it was yesterday so if you are out there enjoying it, you are going to love today. if you are a recluse like me when it gets this hot, yeah, you will be -- >> you went swimming yesterday what are you talking about? >> inside. we went to the y. it's one of those days again you're trying to stay cool, it's
5:48 am
going to be in the upper 50s as you get ready to head out the door in the south bay, tri-valley 55 degrees, right now 62 degrees in the middle of the screen looking at san francisco and a nice cool start in the north bay it is 50 degrees. so, yeah, you may be making plans to go swimming once again. it will be in the upper 80s in the north bay, 91 degrees in dock cord and also 91 in morgan hill, in san jose 89 degrees and lower 80s for san francisco. so getting dressed this morning you will want to start out with something lightweight and light colored clothing to keep you cool like a summer dress. if you are like me you like to bring your own shade wherever you go so a big floppy hat always works, especially at the beach. and then if you are going to head out for the day, for this afternoon short sleeves and sandals also in order. so it's another day where we're breaking out the summer gear and as you're heading out the door for school this morning in san francisco maybe a light jacket, it starts out mild, though, we're going to be in the low 60s walking to school and as the
5:49 am
kids read out to recess already starting to warm up, we will be at 70. thattel be perfect and in the upper 70s later on this afternoon. and then for that morning commute into the south bay it's going to be in the upper 50s and we start to see that commute building and in the upper 50s by 8:00 and then windows down, i think, through at least your lunch hour and windows up with the air conditioning on. we're going to be in the low 80s again in san francisco, upper 70s tomorrow, we are going to make some progress here toward some fall-like weather just in time for halloween. for the inland areas in the upper 80s both today and tomorrow, a little cooler on saturday, but sunday is the day when that cooldown really starts to kick in. we will talk more about that coming up but mike has found something on the oakland camera. >> i did. the live look from oakland our coliseum camera shows us over there on the shoulder, the concern even though this is over on the right shoulder out of lanes, look, just a few hundred yards north we have the exit toward high street where it's very popular right now.
5:50 am
so that was a concern, but just note that it's there, the flashing lights should be enough of a warning to focus on the road. we will look at the map and show you past that same area the speed sensors don't have any slowing, there is a little red, that's the bay bridge toll plaza with the backup and the metering lights. over here -- let's get a look at the rest of your bay, i will call out hayward action. northbound at whipple, the overturned vehicle off of the roadway, no major injuries around no slowing there. southbound off the castro valley y, typical pattern into union city. south bay a disabled vehicle 280. also a crash north 101 past mckee. you see slowing on the sensors here. our san jose camera shows the backup here. we do see that build as well. there may be additional slowing because of that crash which may be blocking your slow down.
5:51 am
coming up on "today in the bay," an over the county dose of a potentially lifesaving drug will be readily available at one local pharmacy. big changes you could see at your local wall greens. first happening now, breaking news, an explosion and inferno at a firecracker factory in indonesia's capital leaves at least 47 people dead and dozens others injured. also the first person sentenced over the corruption scandal surrounding world football governing body fifa has been given eight months in prison. he admitted to accepting hundreds of thousand of dollars this bribes.
5:52 am
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chase. without pg&e's assistance, without their training our collaboration with pg&e is centered around public safety. we could not do our mission to keep our community safe. anytime we are responding to a structure fire, one of the first calls you make is for pg&e for gas and electric safety. it's my job to make sure that they have the training that they need to make the scene safe for themselves and for the public. it's hands-on training actually turning valves, turning systems off, looking at different wire systems all that training is crucial to keeping our community safe and our firefighters safe. together, we're building a better california.
5:54 am
our downtown san jose camera.. welcome back. taking a live look outside from our downtown san jose camera. getting started with a day, it is 5:54. and a good thursday to you. training drill meant to save police officers lives may instead be causing unnecessary deaths of thousands of americans. >> coming up tonight at 11:00 on our investigative unit they raise serious questions about the drill. senior investigative reporter steven sock is here with a sneak peek of what the team found. >> it's called the 21 foot rule and it's been taught by police academies around the country for decades including here in the
5:55 am
bay area. this research shows that a suspect with a knife or other sharp object can charge a police officer from 21 feet away or even further and be on top of that officer in less than two seconds. but we examined the last ten years of fbi and u.s. justice department data and we found that in the real world this scenario has never resulted in the death of a police officer. >> the number of cases we've found of somebody with a visible weapon charging at a police officer, actually killing the police officer, in the united states was zero. >> tonight we take you behind the scenes to see this research in action and we go to one local police academy where they're changing their training to reflect this new reality. that's all tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. we will see you then. and if you have a story for our investigative unit you can always give us a call.
5:56 am
888-996-tips or visit our website investigate. a developing story out of ukraine this morning. an explosion rocked the country's capital late last night killing five people including a police officer. that blast happened near the entrance of the internet television station. it's in a statement released on facebook the internet ministry said the blast injured lawmaker with the nationalist radical party. the officer killed was the lawmaker's bodyguard. right now they are investigating this as terrorism. wild new video into our newsroom this morning showing the momenten a out of control driver smashed through the wall of a maryland restaurant. it happened during lunch rush hour. the car came barreling into the crowded bar, ten people were hurt, two seriously. when it came just barreling through a brick wall into what was called the babes and boys tavern. the tavern's owner who used to work in law enforcement says he is relieved the accident wasn't worse. >> all the events i've been at,
5:57 am
it's amazing people aren't dead. i just can't believe it. police have still investigating why that car -- the driver crashed into the building in the first place. there are new questions this morning about how the orange county fire authority handled the so-called canyon fire that burned earlier this month in southern california. right now there are concerns about the timeline of action and some fire agencies. the canyon fire began on october 9th and burned more than 9,000 acres before it was contained more than a week later. during that time 25 structures were destroyed and 55 more were damaged. in all four people were injured. now, despite concerns the orange county interim fire chief says he's proud of the work firefighters did on the front line. >> we're devastated homes were lost. i'm devastated, but the number that were saved, the 300 to 400 is because of people like this. >> today he's expected to call for an independent and unbiased
5:58 am
review to help learn if they could have done things differently. at 5:57 happening today if you ride bart you've probably seen them, people jumping the gate to avoid paying the tairs but now bart police are considering taking another step to crack down on the fare evaders. at a tax force meeting officials will discuss an ordinance that would implement a proof of payment fare checking system. it would impose fines on those caught on trains without paying. in response to the opioid crisis walgreens is stocking lifesaving medication used to reverse heroin overdoses in all of its 8,000 pharmacies. they announced they will stock narcan, that drug can be used to reverse the effects of an overdose of heroin as well as opioid painkillers. wall green will sell narcan without a prescription in california and 44 other states that allow it. new this morning new young hockey players may take longer
5:59 am
to recovery from a concussion than previously thought. three months later brain scans shown signed of damage long after those other symptoms had cleared and they are returned back to the ice. experts say young players may be more vulnerable to a second and more serious concussion if they are not fully recovered. right now at 6:00 coming together to combat gun violence. new this morning how the 49ers and local law enforcement agencies are pledging to save lives. >> and tightened security, the big changes coming to airports that you should know about starting today. another round of hot weather, a little bit of cooling but will you feel it? a live look outside at dublin where traffic is picking up. when is it going to finally feel like fall? we will check in with meteorologist kari hall in just movements and a mike with a look at that traffic. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. as we start the day on a thursday we get things started
6:00 am
and today we are still thinking about the heat. >> it's still going to be hot again today, not much cooling unless you're right there along the coast and the beach. half-moon bay you've been hot the past couple days, expect it to come down a little bit more, also in san francisco, but the valleys are still going to be reaching into the upper 80s and low 90s. with he set a record yesterday in san jose. we're going to still be close to a record today, also a record set in nk could cord today up to 91 degrees, oakland 82 today, 87 redwood city, san francisco low 80s in the mission district and the north bay upper 80s in napa and santa rosa. we will talk more about this and when it does finally cool off, but mike has another car fire, this time on the peninsula. >> that's right, kari. we have had about three vehicle fires over the course of the morning, the first one was on the peninsula overnight and now this one as well. your speed sensors are looking great around the bay, 101 south of 9 the 2 around the harbor


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