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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 27, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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way. >> finally, inland areas not much help for this afternoon, but it is in our sight. we are going to have cooler weather on the way, but only for san francisco and half-moon bay. areas along the immediate coastline, the temperatures are coming down. the inferior valley, the 80s. we are making progress. we'll talk about the weekend coming up. mike, who is going on at the bay bridge? >> the bay bridge? oh, yeah, the cash lanes. these two are not open yet. they should be opening these two and another on the other side. that's why there is a back up. now, let's get to the maps. that one shot we showed you a dozen yards there with the slowing, everything else is moving smoothly. the bay bridge, the number of cars headed to the cash lane. the north bay, we have right
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lanes blocked. northbound 101 off 580, that may be an issue or a traffic break. i'll track those areas. an easy drive around the bay. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. 5:01. in san leandro, a police stop. a man called 911 after someone in an unmarked police cruiser tried to pull him over. the man behind the wheel wasn't an officer at all. kris sanchez is live from san leandro. kris, we know the person was able to get away. how were they able to impersonate police officers? that's the question. >> reporter: this is an unnerving story because a lot of us drive alone at night, in the morning, at dark. it is certainly a cause for concern. because this driver, this victim trusted his gut and called 911, he was able to get away and those suspects are now in custody. the state cop busted, along with three others including two
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juveniles. this is the car. a silver, crown victoria, which looks legitimate. the suspect used something to simulate the sound of a siren. the victim pulled over thinkinging the traffic stop was the real deal. it happened at bancroft and 136th avenue in san leandro. san leandro police said once the fake officer got out of the car, the victim knew he had to get away. >> the victims noticed that the person getting out of the car was wearing a sweatshirt with a hood and the person put the hood up over his head. the victim realized that was not a police officer. fearing for his safety, the victim drove away. >> they say the suspect flipped a u-turn, drove out of san leandro with the victim trailing. the victim was trying to get a license plate number. the fake cop was busted by a
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real deputy in an unrelated traffic stop and positively identified by the victim. what should you do if you suspect a fake cop is pulling you over? call 911 before you stop, explain the situation with the dispatcher to see if it is a real police officer and a real stop. if you are being pulled over by an unmarked car, request a marked car join you. signal you are going to stop, don't take off, drive through a well lit area. if a plain clothes officer is pulling you over, ask for a badge. officers take these cases very seriously. again, that one suspect facing charges for impersonating a police officer and the other contributing to the delinquency of a minor. the juveniles are going to be in
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trouble, too. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you so much for that one. new this morning, chp is investigating a crash during a high-speed chase this is, excuse me, a crash that ejected two people from inside the car. officers say it started when they tried to pull over that vehicle on southbound 880 near the mall. that's when they say the car took off. the driver crashed five minutes later near warm spring and fremont. the two people inside that car are hospitalized. 5:04. getting back to normal in the north bay. today, many schools are reopening to students. the step to get the community back on thir feet. pete suratos is live in santa rosa. you have been there through all of this. this is really a big day for the students. >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus and laura. yes, a big day for the students. we are talking 27,000 students all together in the santa rosa unified that have been affected by this. half of them returning to school
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this morning. we are starting on piner high. the doors are set to reopen at 7:45 a.m. the crews are actually there a couple days ago as the teachers prep for them to come back later today. plenty of students and teachers were affected by the wildfires, some of them losing their homes in the process. now, according to the school district, 70 staff members in all the district as well as more than 200 students family's lost their homes due to the fires. i want to show a list of the schools reopening this morning. hidden valley elementary. we were there a couple days ago. we know their satellite campus burned down as a result of the north bay fires as well as piner high, which we are standing in front of right now. the district is doing a lot to help the students dur thg emotionduring this emotional time.
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students could be eligible for replacement computers if they lost them during the fire. half of the schools are reopening today. the other half will reopen on monday. live in santa rosa, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> so good to see so many students get that before they head back to school. >> the entire community needs it. new this morning, hateful graffiti discovered at stanford, once again. police investigating a swastika drawn on the campus building. a security officer found it this past weekend, actually, a second time this month a swastika has been discovered on campus. taking a live look at the nation's capital. president trump will meet today with key cabinet members in the wake of declaring the opioid crisis an emergency. during the declaration at the white house, he got personal
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when he talked about his own brother's alcoholism. some leaders, including nancy pelosi wonder if it is a smoke screen. >> show me the money. >> stop trying to reduce funding for medicaid. that is the single most important way to fight this illness. >> the public health emergency would allow funds for treatment. critics say the president's actions fall short of the national emergency he promised to issue, which would have provided millions of dollars. historians and conspiracy theorists alike are pouring over 2900 files last night surrounding the assassination of president kennedy. the national archive posted many of the documents online to meet a 25-year-old deadline mandating the release. some files are still withheld due to concerns with the fbi and
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cia. they are under a six month review and likely redacted. they understand why some items are still kept under wraps. >> people are still alive. investigations are going on. they are going to be hurt by it if they didn't redact them. >> one nugget coming to light today, the fbi was ticked off to it before ruby shot and killed him. smith is taking heat for what some believe are insensitive remarks to an inmate hunger strike. they suggest some inmates could stand to lose a little weight. he made those comments inside, then reported by the chronicle. uncut fresh food had been donated to theal vacation army. the hunger strike is supposed to end today.
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5:08. the man accused of killing kate steinle takes a day off. the federal agent whose gun was used took the stand. he talked about where the weapon was in his car, he he visited san francisco with his family in 2015. he says the gun was in a holster in a backpack, not lost. ift was underneath the driver's seat. the agent was asked if he should bear responsibility for what happened? here is what the lawyers said. >> there's no question he acted negligently and led to the death of kate steinle. >> at the end of the conclusion, the jury is going to make a determination on whether or not the defendant intended to pull that trigger. every day, there's a new piece of evidence that comes into play. >> the agent testified the gun
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never disclarnharged accidental. the man accused of killing steinle says the gun went off accidentally. hayward city hall will be closed all morning for an emergency drill. that drill is to prepare for live emergency scenarios. city officials are warning people there will be heavy police and first responders present in the downtown area. halloween weekend is upon us. i hope your costumes are ready. >> costumes are probably the last thing people are thinking about. this is a picture, hundreds of costume that is were donated. there's so many of these outfits they are telling people, please, stop. don't send anymore. there's good news. those little kids who lost so much, they have their costumes.
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at least halloween will be somewhat normal. it's great to see so many people come together. >> kids love dress zing up, which is why my garage looks like that. >> it feels good to call up a friend, say, hey, can you come pick me up? that's what we are advising people to do in dublin. as you head out to work, a spare the air alert day for the east bay and south bay. air quality is unhealthy. limit your time outside. car pool or get public transportation as we look at the commute throughout the morning, starting out in the mid-50s. cool, but warming up nicely by noon. we'll talk about what is ahead for the weekend. mike, is the toll plaza clear, yet? >> yeah, it's looking better. we told you the cash lanes would open. on the left approach, all cash lanes open and everything cleared out. we have one closed on the right approach, a typical pattern on a friday. we will see a lighter commute
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over the time we typically see the back up form. we'll look at the map and see the easy drive-through the maze. 15 minutes from highway 4 to the slight back up there. as we look at the rest of the bay, no problems for the speed sensors, that's a great drive. a crash at 101. i'm going to get more details from chp and report that. back to you. >> thank you, mike. one city is costing low cost spaying and neutering fees. the reason and where you can go to get your pets treated. iphone x goes on sale and net flicks takes us to the upside down when "today in the bay" continues.
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5:15. happy friday. a cool start as we take a live look outside in san jose. let's get a look at that temperature trend for campbell today. anything you have to do, get it done early before those temperatures heat up. we'll be in the mid-80s by 3:00 and well above normal for this time of year. as we get closer to halloween, it is going to cool off. we'll look at that in the forecast coming up at about 5:20. looking at great travel times for the tri-valley. starting to see slowing through livermore, not that we want to, but we expected it. >> new this morning, palo alto animal services no longer
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offering low cost spay and neuter clinics. the spay and neuter services is in transition toward a public/private partnership. spaying and neutering is just as important as ever for controlling the pet population. >> it's critical. people have pets, they certainly need to spay and neuter them so we don't have more animals in our shelters. >> there are other options of low cost spay and neutering, including pets in need in redwood city, the humane society in burling game, silicon valley in santa clara, san jose animal care and services. you can find a link to the locations on our twitter feed. 5:16. wells fargo had a rough go with fake accounts skal dal. n they are having a career fair
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today at san jose east ridge branch. it starts at 1:00 this afternoon. a new report indicates equifax was warned of vulnerables. the text site mother board reports some six months before the data breach was announced. unidentified researchers show the security goal. that included some 200,000 credit card numbers. equifax has not responded to mother board's report. twitter says they banned two russian channels from advertising on the social network. scott mcgrew, the u.s. government considering those to be propaganda? >> they are mouthpieces for the kremlin. there's controversy brewing over how those two channels used twitter during the presidential election. russia, known as rt is an english language channel on
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directv and the internet. they used twitter extensively. twitter says it will ban the two from advertising, but they are allowed to tweet. red it warned of not azis from their site. the iphone x, available for preorder as of midnight last night. already, the delivery day has been pushed back for those who weren't the first to click buy. apple is making fewer iphone x's than predicted. iphone 8 came out when they anibalized the iphone x. >> on halloween night, shadow. >> really, the most important thing of the day, stranger
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things is back on netflix. it is posted as of now. once i get my work done, i can get started. the second season for the hit show about the preteens fighting monsters, set in the 1980s. there are a lot of good pop culture things. i think a lot of people just got their weekend planned. >> i think you will be busy, though. >> my president tweet screen and the stranger things screen. >> there are stranger things. >> 5:19. let's head outside. did we mention it's friday? yep, live pictures from oakland. been so warm this week. not really warm for air quality. officially, it's spare the air day. take the bus, catch a ride with a friend or telecommute. start your weekend early like
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mr. mcgrew and stranger things. >> monitoring it all. >> exactly. >> monitoring the weather. >> yeah, still really warm today. we have the high levels of ozone. the reason why we have that unhealthy air quality in the east bay and the south bay. limit your time outside. as we take another live look outside in oakland, all clear. we started to see a little fog rolling into the golden gate bridge. i don't think that will last long there. it will cool down the temperatures. the marine layer is back. we start out this morning at 57 degrees in san francisco. 47 degrees in napa and 60s as you walk out the door now in san jose. as we look at the high temperatures today, 86 degrees in san jose and palo alto. 86 in antioch and upper 80s for the north bay and half-moon bay today, 74 degrees. if you are thinking of making it a beach day, santa cruz, half-moon bay, the temperatures will be fairly warm. a major heads up that we will have long period swells in the
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risk of rip currents today and the sneaker waves. never turn your back to the beach. we will have dangerous wave conditions today and tomorrow. if you are going up to the wine country, low 50s. maybe a light jacket to start. take the jacket off as the day goes along and the temperatures make it to the mid-80s. today, the tri-valley is going to be warm this afternoon. best to get out there early with the temperatures and 60s and 70s. san francisco getting ready for a cooldown. we have to make it through today. inland, a couple more days of well above average temperatures, but we'll start to feel the cooldown by sunday. mike, what is happening now? >> i showed folks a crash that popped up. it's right there, south of sfo. we have a little more detail from chp. we don't see slowing over the last five minutes. it does block the slow lane southbound 101 at the off ramp. easy drive as well as 380 to and
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from or between 280 and 101. a smooth drive between 880 and 101 as well. highway 92 might get more congested. 92 takes dwrou half-moon bay and the pumpkin farms, last weekend for that. we'll show you traffic with the mass transit. as laura was telling you, it's a spare the air day. use these options. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up, one of the biggest shows in the bay area. a concert for the victims of the north bay wildfires. who is performing at the show?
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where two young kids were 5:25. more clues emerging from that hit and run crash in vallejo where two young kids were hurt. new video of the car involved. after reviewing this surveillance, they believe this acura tl is the car that struck the kids and took off. the victims, a 2-year-old boy and 3-year-old girl, both in their stroller. the boy had already undergone two surgeries and expected to need additional procedures. the car has doonamage to the le bumper. call police if you have information. tickets for the hottest
5:26 am
concert of the year go on sale. it's at at&t park, for the north bay fire victims. metallica, dave matthews and remaining members of the grateful deed are there. go to and click on get your tickets tab. we'll try to tweet the tickets for you. sonoma county organizers remember those who died in the fires. it takes place at baily field in santa rosa junior college. it starts at 11:00 a.m. and the gates open at 10:00. if you can't make it to the show, but would like to help, the city hall is making it easy to do. you can drop off gift cards at city hall. it starts at 5:00 and ends at 7:00. here is a happy friday story. a dog went from train tracks to a loving home. >> the dog who gained pop lairly
5:27 am
for the morning bark commute has been adopted. after running the stray on the tracks, bart, the dog, was taken to oakland animal services. the new owners say he is easy go ainge never makes a peep. by the way, looking at this, you can see everyone seems to be extremely happy, especially rubbing on his tummy. >> it's the adopt an animal week. 5:27 right now. breaking news we are covering out of san jose. a kfc goes up in flames. new video from the scene shows the fire and crews working to contain it. what we know, coming up.
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a very good friday morning. let's take a peek outside this morning. at&t park. mccovey this morning. we'll have tickets to benefit for the fires. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. as we get ready for friday, we want to know what it's going to look like outside. kari, what's going on? >> it looks good starting out this friday morning, nice, cool temperatures. it is going to heat up. pretty much what we have seen all week long with mid to upper 80s for the area.
5:31 am
concord, 89 degrees. cooler in san francisco. for the weekend, the cooling trend continues, mid-60s. seasonable weather. it's going to feel like fall. inland areas warm today and tomorrow. sunday, a drop in those temperatures. we will talk about the weekend forecast coming up at 5:38. now, mike takes us to the bay bridge toll plaza. >> we have been hitting this shot. the back up, then cleared. now everybody in the lanes. the last five minutes gone from the parking lot to the 880. we have the build. look at the map. it's friday so a lighter build. you stau movemeaw the movement. the berkeley curve, on the approach is the typical pattern. a smooth flow out of altamont pass. the tri-valley, a build here for 580. at the bottom of the screen, 84 slows a bit. back to you. >> breaking news to tell you.
5:32 am
kfc is gutted by a fire. these are live pictures from the scene. you can still see some smoke in some of those areas as we zoom in there. firefighters still on the scene. this was on copeley avenue near north avenue not far from 680. this is new video that was just into the news room. fire crews say it was on fire. 4:30 in the morning, you can see those flames whipping into the air. no reports of injuries so far. you know, we continue to follow wildfires happening in southern california. these are live pictures out of riverside county this morning. there's a wildfire burning there in the cleveland national forest. it scorched 350 acres so far. there are evacuation warnings. it is 15% contained. it's been extremely hot in
5:33 am
southern california, which is not helping firefighter efforts. very dry, rough terrain that they are dealing with. we'll keep tabs on what is going on in southern california this morning, in riverside county. meantime, back to the fires here in the bay area. the wildfire threat continues. happening today, santa cruz u county, we are expecting to hear an update on the bear fire investigation. officials are holding a news conference later. bob redell is live in santa cruz mountains. bob, what's interesting here is the investigation or those investigators are calling it a criminal investigation at this point. >> reporter: correct. good morning to you, marcus. santa cruz county sheriff's office indicated this is, in fact, a criminal investigation. the cause of the bear fire in the santa cruz mountains is suspicious. according to the santa cruz sental, deputies expect to arrest one person who they believe is responsible for the
5:34 am
fire. the paper suggested the fire was started over a vehicle theft. more details expected at 11:30. a news conference here at the sheriff's office in santa cruz. the first people to respond to the fire on october 16th knew immediately something wasn't right, this fire was suspicious. the bear fire forced the evacuation of 150 people. it burned almost 400 acres, destroyed six structures, injured several firefighters who had to battle the flames in very steep terrain. it was not fully contained until 5:30 last night, ten days after it started. live here in santa cruz, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the latest there, bob. 5:34 now. full containment is expected today on the deadly north bay fires. we should hear from fire officials later this morning. at last check, the tubbs fire was 95% contained and the atlas fire was 98% contained. firefighters are moving out and
5:35 am
residents moving in. for many who lost their homes, there's a lot of work ahead. the mayor is asking for patience. >> it's not going to get easy for a long time. i'm telling people, we can do this if we stick together. >> clean up continues. the environmental protection agency has to clear propane canisters, batteries and chemicals to more than 5,000 properties. schools that were closed during the fires are reopening today. congress is expected to vote on a bill to make it easier to cut down trees in national forests. the republican leaders say to reduce wildfire risk. it would weigh environmental reviews for up to 30,000 acres. authorities in berkeley investigating a violent incident triggered by road rage. police are looking for this man, accused of assaulting a driver and punching his passenger. the driver and passenger spoke
5:36 am
to us on the condition we didn't reveal their identity. the man in the other car got out after an altercation. then, after screaming, turned violent. >> i rolled my window down to tell him he was driving illegally, that's not a lane. he's going to hurt somebody by driving like that. >> police are looking for him. he was driving a white mercedes that you see there. a brief picture of it there. 5:36 now. the brother of the las vegas mass shooter will face a judge today in connection to child pornography charges. he is expected to be arraigned. he was arrested on charges stemming from an investigation that predates the las vegas massacre. a felony complaint said he had more than 600 explicit images of minors in 2014 on his computer.
5:37 am
months later, the community is coming together to help victims of the san jose floods. victims that had to flee when the water rose 18 inches under their home. you can see here, the flood damage has already been repaired by the nonprofit called rebuild together silicon valley. excuse me. the agency is coming back saturday with volunteers to finish other repairs, not related to the flood. like the furnace and give their home a new coat of paint. >> where we were before, which is depressed and kind of miserable, because, after the flood, everything just, it was so overwhelming. donna and i aren't physically capable of doing such a big job as this and with all the help we have received, our lives
5:38 am
improved incredibly. >> on saturday, rebuilding together silicon valley and hundreds of volunteers will prepare 40 homes in the valley. much of the work will focus on stair repair since many of the homes are owned by the elderly. >> that's good stuff to help people with daily lives. over here, not a lot of impact. it's a friday commute. 5:38. a smooth drive. we are going to zoom to the east shore freeway. coming down toward the merge, folks coming off the richland bridge and central avenue. there's a bus reported on the shoulder. i don't know if it was a private bus or county transit bus, none of the agencies reporting delays. people have to be off loaded. we'll watch for issues. the travel time, 17 minutes down from highway 4 on the shoulder to the bay bridge toll plaza.
5:39 am
i hope no one else has anything like that. >> looking forward to the weekend. love you guys. the weekends are fun, too. >> we have plans to get out. kari, you have that list of things we can look at doing. >> or places you are headed to get away from the crowd. let's take a look at the overall saturday forecast in the mid-60s for the coast. the bay, 77 degrees. then mid-80s, and probably get a look at sunday's forecast, nice but cooler from the coast to the valley. maybe making plans to head out to the pumpkin farms in san martin. tomorrow, if you go early in the day, in the 70s. if you don't want the crowd, and you can stand the heat, upper 80s for the middle of the afternoon. as it cools off, more people heading back to the pumpkin farm. it closes at 9:00 p.m. sunday, head to the children's discovery museum. it opens on sunday.
5:40 am
that's going to be a cool event for the kids. it's going to be in the upper 70s. a lot of sunshine for the middle of the day. that's from 12:00 to 5:00. russian river valley, the warmest temperatures today and tomorrow, cooling off on sunday. it's going to be the most comfortable by the end of the weekend. if you are planning to make it a beach weekend, santa cruz is warm today and tomorrow. then much cooler, you will be wearing long sleeves sunday, especially once those breezes kick in. if you want to get away, how about heavenly? this weekend is good for hiking. next weekend may be a good one for seeing snow. we will talk about that. also, today's forecast coming up in about three minutes. >> that's why you love california. 81 degrees on the beach and head to the snow. thanks a lot. coming up, concerns about guns and schools after another incident. we are looking at the scariest moments for students and go in-depth with the numbers. the path is wide open for
5:41 am
tax cuts. who wins? who loses? we will try to figure it out.
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5:43 am
a clear start at 5:43 on this friday morning. another look outside in san jose. the neighborhood of santa teresa where we will be in the mid-60s at 9:00. a warm finish this afternoon, reaching 85 degrees by 3:00 this afternoon. looking at another day like this
5:44 am
tomorrow, then a cooldown on sunday. a look at that and what's ahead, coming up at 5:48. headlights coming toward us, this is 101. that burst we expect on schedule. 101 at 680 in san jose. we'll follow the rest of your friday as it builds. 5:44. a father is facing serious charges after an incident that left many shocked. san ramon police arrested anthony o'donnell. police say his third grade son brought a .9 millimeters gun to school but the boy never pointed the gun at anyone. >> i don't know if i should bring my student to school. >> police say that investigation later determined that gun was stolen in a home burglary. this is the latest in several incidents. in our investigative unit
5:45 am
uncovered data on the number of students who brought weapons on california campuses, despite what we have seen, the incidents are decreasing. the data from 2014-2015 school year, more than 1700 students were suspended or expelled for bringing a weapon on campus. you can see, it has been a steady decline in recent years. the go time. the path is clear for republicans to cut taxes. scott mcgrew trying to figure out whose taxes? >> whose taxes because we haven't seen the details. marcus is right, the path is open for the big tax reform the republicans promised. after the house passed the budget yesterday. the way the budget was written, it allows the senate to vote on tax cuts with a simple majority, making those tax cuts more likely. who gets what? corporations, though we don't know how much. lower wage earners will benefit from expanded tax credits. people in the bay area, it's
5:46 am
harder to say. the plan to end the salt tax exemption and lower 401(k) caps are still in the plan. that hurts higher wage families and it may not feel like it, but with the high cost of living, it doesn't feel like mathematically, we make a lot of money in the area. will the republican plan lower the amount of money we can save in our 401(k)? a reporter asked that very specific question at a press conference thursday z. paul ryan definitely did not answer. >> on principle, do you agree with the president the retirement account should not be touch snd. >> i agree with giving them the way to write the legislation. remember what we are trying to achieve here. we are trying to achieve giving people a break on taxes, making it easier for people to plan and save for the future. that's the purpose of this. there are many ways of accomplishing that. >> that was a yes or no question. he didn't say yes or no.
5:47 am
democrats see an opportunity here. here is california's nancy pelosi. >> what the republicans did today was to give, was to give an open pass to this assault. an assault. it's a rip off, a shakedown. >> "the washington post" has a useful tool. type in your income and it can tell you how much you will gain or lose. we don't know what the plan is. it will tell you which exemptions save you the most. i tweeted that link out. if you don't know by now, my twitter handle is@scottmcgrew. the ski resort is opening today. it's the first lake tahoe area resort to do so. only one trail is opening. we will all take turns. it is only through saturday at noon. they need a lot more snow.
5:48 am
>> is the baby slope open? i need that one. >> the bunny hill. you would be the biggest guy on the bunny hill. >> mt. rose is pretty high up there. >> they got that dusting, but we need more. that's not in the forecast, right? >> not until next wooekd. for the next several days, really dry. that's, of course, the start of november. we are seeing some well above average temperatures, not only here, but in the sierra. as you head out the door this morning, 60 degrees. we have had cooler temperatures in the tri-valley. 54 degrees. right now, the right side of your screen, it's 49 degrees now in the north bay. it's 57 in san francisco and check that out, we have a little bit of fog. it's been a while since we have seen that. a very shallow layer at the golden gate bridge and the immediate coast. as we look at the high temperatures, nothing to cool us off. upper 80s and a few 90s, like in
5:49 am
gilroy, 91 degrees. 88 degrees in danville and pleasanton. fremont 86 degrees. half-moon bay, 74 degrees. palo alto, 86. embarcadero, 77 degrees. some upper 80s for the north bay. sonoma, today, 85 degrees. getting dressed, you need the summer gear. short sleeves and shorts, once again. mike, my old navy shorts, the plaid ones. it's going to be a nice, cool day to start. as you head out to take the kids to school this morning in palo alto, upper 50s, warming up quickly, recess in the mid-70s. neu neu nice and comfortable. the east bay, we start with chilly temperatures, mid-50s. a day to catch public transportation or car pool because it is a spare the air alert day. let me know what you are doing this weekend.
5:50 am
the weekend forecast is coming up at 6:38. we are looking at temperatures much cooler in san francisco. looks good on halloween, 64 degrees. inland areas for halloween will be in the lower 70s. cooling down a lot at night. we have what's happening at the golden gate bridge. >> the zipper truck got to work this morning. hanging around, trust me, tgoldn gate bridge. an issue reported higher, along the stretch approaching the golden gate bridge. keep that in mind, there may be a quick traffic break. nothing specific. meanwhile, the bay bridge plaza, that's the only slowdown we see aside from the approach in san francisco. the off ramp there, getting on to the city exit. >> slowing here, a bus on the shoulder. that was a distraction. now, the commute started to slow and the typical pattern coming from the upper east shore freeway and the drive through
5:51 am
berkeley. i showed that earlier camera shot, 101 in san jose, slowing around 680. here are some of the mass transit agencies. no delays. looking great on these lines. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up, a police training drill. critics say it's a myth that cost the lives of thousands, unnecessarily. we investigate the reality behind threats to police officers from suspects carrying knives and other sharp objects. the defense secretary is visiting the dmz between north and south korea. it's meant to show american solidarity with south korea. plus, back on solid ground. two women and their dogs are rescued by the u.s. navy after months at sea. they were heading to ta hee ta from hawaii when their sailboat drifted off course. they were able to survive
5:52 am
packing a year's worth of food. we are back in ten minutes with more news. taking a live look outside from
5:53 am
5:54 am
the embarcadero in welcome back to you. a good morning to you, if you are just joining us. 5: 5:54, taking a live look outside z. you can see the difference there in san francisco, a nice start to friday morning.
5:55 am
the full forecast, coming up. police training academies is called the 21-foot rule. this means it protects the lives of officers who encounter suspects with knives and other objects. stephen uncovers facts that show the rule is causing unnecessary deaths, instead. >> reporter: the 21-foot rule has been taught for decades across the country. it trains officers to train a suspect from 21 feet away because the suspect can close the gap with a knife in less than two seconds. we went behind the scenes to see firsthand scientific testing on the rule or theory. the criminologists conducting the tests, dr. ron, a former san jose police officer calls the 21-foot rule a myth and is pushing to end training across the country. we dug into the numbers. over the last decade, there were
5:56 am
more than 50,000 assaults on police officers nationwide every year. but, there was not a single case of a fatal assault on an officer by a suspect charging with a knife or any sharp object from any kind of distance away. we talked to a uc berkeley law professor who confirmed the findings. to see the interviews and behind-the-scenes training, watch the story tonight at 11:00 or go to i i'm stephen stalk. >> you can visit investigate. new this morning, san mateo deputies are searching for a man suspected of approaching two young girls this week. take a look at the sketch. this is of the suspect. it happened 9:00 wednesday.
5:57 am
a similar incident happened hours later on east hillcrest boulevard east of elcamino real. the suspect drove up to the teenage girls and attempted to have a conversation with her. sheriffs are increasing patrol in the area. a pharmaceutical company founder is behind bars trying to bribe doctors for overprescribing op overprescribing opioids. >> this is not the story. >> this man was caught driving through protesters. you can see he was actually driving through. it was a 57-year-old and he has been arrested. >> okay. let's move on. pharmaceutical company founder is behind bars accused of
5:58 am
overprescribing oup opioidings. they gave kickbacks to practitioners who wrote prescriptions for patients, most of whom were not diagnosed with cancer. 5:58. we are getting our first glimpse at the prototype of board wallings. they unveiled eight prototypes. take a look. each chunk of concrete and steel is 30 feet tall and 25 feet wide. they toured the site and reiterated the importance of strong border infrastructure. >> border security relies on border infrastructure, technology and personnel. we have to have partnerships with federal, state and locals. they are an extremely effective part of the strategy to prevent the illegal migration of people and drugs over many years. >> officials say they will wait 30 days for the concrete to set,
5:59 am
then 30-60 days testing and evaluating each prototype for breaching. a hiker who disappeared nearly a week ago in oregon's mt. hood has been found alive. >> the family is speaking out about how he survived. the 34-year-old spent days with a single bottle of water and no food. he was caught up in a storm shortly after he began the hike and couldn't find his way back to the trail. his friends found him. >> a beautiful moment. so happy he is okay. you know, you can tell he is in a lot of pain with his feet, but he refused to let us help him and he walked out by himself. >> his family says that he is doing well. he is in good spirits, recovering. the first thing he asked for, get this, was a cheese burger. >> not surprise zing. good thing he is all right. breaking at 6:00, a crime in
6:00 am
the east bay. a suspect behind bars, accused of impersonating a police officer. the advice for anyone getting behind the wheel this morning. plus, new overnight. an early morning pursuit in a crash. the moment that led up to this mangled mess. trying to get back to normal. in santa rosa, 13,000 students are heading back to class following the deadly and catastrophic fires. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good friday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. it is friday for. kari, you have been tracking the weather. >> it is going to be nice for the coast. warm inland. we are talking about the heat in the inland valleys. just a little bit of a change for some parts of the bay area. san francisco and the seven day forecast is going to be in the upper 70s today. very warm, b


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