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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 27, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the east bay. a suspect behind bars, accused of impersonating a police officer. the advice for anyone getting behind the wheel this morning. plus, new overnight. an early morning pursuit in a crash. the moment that led up to this mangled mess. trying to get back to normal. in santa rosa, 13,000 students are heading back to class following the deadly and catastrophic fires. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good friday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. it is friday for. kari, you have been tracking the weather. >> it is going to be nice for the coast. warm inland. we are talking about the heat in the inland valleys. just a little bit of a change for some parts of the bay area. san francisco and the seven day forecast is going to be in the upper 70s today. very warm, but you feel cooler air by tomorrow.
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as we look at the inland area, mid-80s today. well above normal, but looking more like fall in time for halloween. we will talk more about that coming up. mike, is there trouble heading into fremont? >> we have the typical friday light for the bay. the south bay hasn't had an issue for speed. southbound 880, we saw slowing suddenly building up at fremont. there's metal debris reported in the left lanes, the fast lanes coming into the area. there may be a traffic break. meanwhile, heading west or south down to east shore freeway toward the bay bridge, 22 minutes from high way 4. there's the build as well as the toll plaza. back to you. thank you, mike. in san leandro, a police stop that wasn't. a man called 911 after someone
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tried to pull him over. the man behind the wheel wasn't an officer at all. >> kris sanchez joins us live from san leandro with how they impersonated a police officer. >> reporter: this is unnerving for anybody who drives around alone. because that victim trusted his gut and called 911, the suspect, who was a teenager, by the way, was put under arrest and the victim got away safely. this is the car the suspects were in. a silver crown victoria, it looks legitimate. when a suspect used something to simulate the sound of a siren, they thought it was a real traffic stop. this is bankrocroft. once the fake officer got out of the car, the victim knew it was not real. >> the victim noticed that the person getting out of the car
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actually was wearing a sweatshirt with a hood and the person put the hood over his head. the victim realized this was not a police officer and fearing for his safety, the victim drove away. >> reporter: the lieutenant says the suspect took a u-turn and the victim trailed trying to get a license plate number. in the end, the fake cop was busted in an unrelated traffic stop at 159th avenue. the victim was able to positively identify that suspect. the driver is a teenager who faces a felony charge for impersonating a police officer. an 18-year-old was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. what do i do if i suspect a fake cop is pulling me over?
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call 911 before you stop. explain the situation to the dispatcher so they can track to see if it is a real police officer. if you are being pulled over by an unmark ld car, ask that a marked patrol car join you at the scene. signal that you are going to stop. don't speed off and drive away. chances are, it is a real police officer. drive to a well-lit, public area. if you are being pulled over by a plain clothes officer, ask to see a badge. police impieersonators are not common. because it erodes a trust between the public and the police, these officers say when they get a chance to nail a suspect for impersonating a police officer, they do their best to do that. in san leandro, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you so much for that. so glad that person was able to get away. new this morning, chp is investigating a crash during a
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high-speed chase that ejected two people from in the car. officers say it started when they tried to pull over that vehicle on southbound 880 near otto mall, when the car took off. the car crashed five minutes later near warm spring in fremont. the two people in the car have been hospitalized. 6:05. more wildfires breaking out in california. this is breaking news and live pictures in riverside county of a wildfire burning until the cleveland national forest. it scorched 350 acres so far and is just 15% contained. of course, it's been extremely hot in southern california with 100 degree temperatures. high winds as well. sadly, conditions are right for wildfires. back here at home, it's been more than two weeks since a string of wildfires ravaged communities in the south bay. thousands of students at several schools will finally be heading back to class. >> pete suratos is live in santa rosa.
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no doubt the staff and students are coming back dealing with their own personal losses. >> reporter: yeah, no doubt about it, laura and marcus. you can expect an emotional time for students and staff members as they return to school starting today. half of the schools in the santa rosa district are turning to school. you are talking 27,000 students in this district that haven't been in school for a couple weeks due to the north bay wildfires. we are in front of piner high. they were affected by the wildfires. the crews were there as teachers were prepping for stundents coming back today. they are saying 80 students lost their homes as a result of the wildfires as well as four staff members. they are saying nearly 70 staff members in all the district and 200 student's families lost their homes as a result of the fires. a list of the schools that are reopening today.
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piner high is on that list. hidden valley elementary are opening today. a couple days ago, their satellite campus burned down in santa rosa as a result of the wildfires. they are returning, trying to get back to normal. counseling services will be provided to students. for students who may have lost their computers, they may be eligible for replacements. expect an emotional time. piner high opens at 7:45 a.m. pete suratos, for "today in the bay." >> hopefully it will bring normalcy to the kids. 6:07 now. now on the peninsula, hateful graffiti at stanford, once again. police are investigating a swastika on the building. a security officer found it over the weekend. this is the second time in a matter of months a swastika was
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discovered on campus. smith is taking heat. some believe her insensitive remarks in response to inmates hunger strike. suggested some inmates could stand to lose weight. she made the comments to san jose inside, then reported by the chronicle. the deputy, this week, tweeted that untouched food has been, in fact, donated to the salvation army. the hunger strike is supposed to end today. the murder trial for the man accused of killing kate steinle takes a day off. both sides set to be in court on monday. the agent whose gun was used took the stand. he talked about where the weapon was in his car as he visited san francisco with his family in 2015. he says the gun was in a holster in a backpack, zippered, but not locked under the driver's seat. he was asked if he should bear responsibility for what happened. here is what lawyers from both
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side said about that. >> there's no question he acted negligently and triggered the events at the death of kate steinle. >> at the end of the conclusion, the jury is going to make a determination on whether or not the defendant intended to pull that trigger. every day, there's a new piece of evidence that comes into play. >> the agent testified that the gun never discharged accidentally and he never had issues with it. the man accused of killing steinle says the gun went off accidentally. 6:09, happening today, hayward city hall is closed for an emergency drill. it's happening from 8:00 this morning until 1:00 this afternoon. that is to prepare for real-life emergency scenarios. they are warning people there will be heavy police and first responder presence in the area today. coming up on 6:10. starting out with chilly temperatures in the north bay. we talked about the kids in
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santa rosa heading back to school with temperatures in the upper 40s. the need for a nice, warm sweater. then it warms up quickly in the day. 48 degrees by the time they go to school to 81 degrees by the time they get out of school. another very warm day for the interior valleys and upper 80s from napa to concord and morgan hill. mid-80s for the peninsula and san jose. san francisco, 79 degrees. we'll have a look at today's temperature trend for san jose coming up in four minutes. mike is checking in on what's happening with the bus. >> enrichment may not be far from the bushes on the side of the road. we have a look at the commute. a smooth drive. expected pattern for the sensors. i have talked about the flat tire on the bus and the school bus on the shoulder at central avenue. now, here, the drivers trying to address the tire. it will be a distraction. i don't know if the passengers are inside or outside the bus. if they are outside, it will be
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a distraction and hazard. so far, no lanes blocked. we'll track that mild friday build there. a hit and run crash reported. everything is on the shoulder. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:11. coming up next on "today in the bay," an alarming report overnight. what equifax knew before the data breach hit the company. iphone x goes on sale. ♪
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it's 6:14. another cool start, but a warm afternoon on the way. let's take a live look in san jose, before you head out the door, grab the jacket. the rest of the day, you are taking it off. wear something that will be comfortable. mostly layers. we'll be in the upper 50s at 9:00. see how the temperatures make it to the low 80s today and it continues to go up from there. we'll talk about cooler temperatures and that weekend forecast coming up at 6:19. looking at the travel times, 880 slows at the dumbarton because of crashes into and out of the city. >> thank you very much, kari and mike. 6:14 right now. his attorneys are pouring over 2900 files released last
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night surrounding the assassination of president kennedy. the national archive posted the documents online to meet that 25-year-old deadline mandating the release. some files are still being withheld due to concerns voised by the fbi and cia. they will be likely redacted. they understand why some items are still kept under wraps. >> people are still alive. a couple things are going on that were involved and going to be hurt by it if they didn't redact them. >> all but 300 files were released last night. one n one nugget coming to life, the plan to -- they are going to sift through the documents this morning. they will bring an update at
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7:00, right after "today in the bay." at 6:15, a report saying equifax was warned of vulnerablibilities. an unidentified researcher found a security hole. they took data from 145 million americans. that included some 200,000 credit card numbers. equifax has not responded to the report. 6:16. twitter says it will ban two russian channels, russia today and social network. >> scott mcgrew joins us now. the u.s. government considers those to be propaganda. >> it does. they are mouthpieces for the kremlin. there's controversy brewing on how the two channels used twitter during our presidential election. rt is an english channel on directv and the internet. they used twitter extensively.
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twitter will ban them from advertising, but they are allowed to tweet. readit banned discussion groups who organized nazi organizations like this from its site. it is full of interesting and unusual discussions, but some are not so nice. they are banned this morning. the iphone x available for preorder. already, the delivery date is pushed back for some people who were not quick enough to hit buy, right away. they are making fewer iphone x's than anticipated. they say it's because of production troubles. they say releasing iphone 8 at practically the same time, they cannibalized the iphone x. on halloween night, shadow. >> well, there goes your
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weekend. "stranger things" is back on netflix. this is the second season of the hit show about a group of preteens fighting monsters set in the 1980s. good cultural references. i got huge respect from my kids when i told them, see those kids z in the 1980s, i was a little older, but not much. there's my childhood right there. there's my childhood. they said, really? >> gave them that perspective. this is a crazy video. a high-speed chase. look at it. you see a lot of them. this is a 10-year-old driver. yeah, 10 years old. ohio state highway patrol released the video of that pursuit. the child took officers on a wild ride, reaching speeds of 100 miles per hour. the boy in the driver's seat took off with his mother's car. it was a 50 mile pursuit, slowed
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down when the boy drove into a ditch, but he kept ongoing. quite dangerous. you can see the back of the car there. the tiny driver eventually got out, after crashing into that sign. everyone is okay. the thing is, it turns out, this wasn't his first time doing this. it's the second incident involving that same kid. you need to find different activities. >> send him to jail tharks will straighten him out. >> i don't think i could see -- well, i can barely now. the temperatures, are they coming down? >> finally, toward the end of the weekend. today, you will see a little bit of a difference here in san francisco and along the coast. the inland areas are still going to be a summer-like day. a live look outside in oakland
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this morning, you are getting started with clear skies. we started to see the fog returning back at the golden gate bridge. a day when you want to call up a friend, car pool, unhealthy air quality. the south bay, unhealthy air quality. limit your time outside. we are trying to reduce the amount of ozone. we are advising you catch public transportation. inland valleys, it is pretty much like yesterday, upper 80s, low 90s. very warm. we should be in the low 70s. we are not even close to that. daly city, 74 degrees. bring down the temperatures a few degrees there. san francisco, the upper 70s. the north bay in the upper 80s for today. as you get ready to head out the door, going to school in the tri-valley, livermore, the mid-50s. then another day when those temperatures ramp up quickly by early afternoon, and a big heads up if you are planning to head to the beach today. we will have the risk of sneaker waves and rip currents.
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the temperatures are going to be very nice. then, we are talking about a cooldown in the forecast. 60s in san francisco. starting tomorrow and continuing through next week and the inland areas in the mid-80s for today and tomorrow and much cooler on sunday. looks good, mike, but how about that commute? >> we have the slowing at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are looking over here as well for 880. most of the rest of the map is mostly in the green, including the south bay and peninsula. 880 slows. the crash is on the shoulder. it's a distraction. then, debris and slowing pastal alva alvarado. we'll show you waze and how things are timing out. castro to redwood city, an easy drive. jackson and the san mateo bridge is 50 minutes. look, even if you come to 680,
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so clear, only adds 20 minutes. you don't want to add 20 min you have thes. >> unless it gets you closer to the weekend, then maybe. thank you. more top stories coming up. bringing joy to a community hit by tragedy. how police are trying to bring smiles to young victims from the wildfire on this halloween. a store tells him he is no longer allowed to return items, even with a receipt. it could happen to you. i'm consumer investigator, chris chmura, nbc bay area responds, next. san jose man who says a national
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chain labeled him a nbc bay area responds to a san jose man who says a national chain labeled him a cheat. >> a store banned him from returning merchandise, so he called our consumer investigator, chris chmura. >> he was frustrated because he couldn't get anszs. his home has a wall of pricey electronics, hinting he is a loyal best buy customer. they denied him a small, $8 refund, even though the date was within the return period and he had the receipt. >> they said my name was blacklisted from returning stuff. i was freaking out. i didn't make a lot of returns to best buy. i thought someone stole by identity. >> we reviewed the return policy and found at the bottom a section that says we use a third party to help prevent losses by
6:26 am
detecting improper returns. next, we contacted the store's home office. best buy credited him $8 and allowed him to resume returning merchandise. they said we are pleased to work with him to resolve the issue. we want all customers to know our return policy. what about the third party best buy uses? who is that middleman and what do they know about you? coming up tonight at 11:00, we answer those questions. we'll explain why they label some shoppers bulimic. call us, 888-996-tips. see you tonight at 11:00. >> thank you very much, chris. 6:26. halloween weekend is almost upon us. >> north bay fire victims costumes are the last things they are thinking about. luckily, they don't have to
6:27 am
think about that at all. look at this picture, hundreds of costumes donated. in fact, there are so many outfits the police department says, stop. we don't need anymore. stop sending them. that is good news for the kids that lost so much during the wildfires. at least it will give them a sort of normalcy. that's beautiful to see. all those costumes. >> kids love to dress up. >> don't they? >> always a kid. 6:27 right now. coming up on "today in the bay," an east bay father behind bars over an incident that left many parents shocked. what his son brought to school that has police getting involved. >> reporter: the sheriff's office set to release information about the bear fire in the mountains. the reason investigators are suspicious about the cause z.
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love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. downtown san jose this right now at 6:30, we are taking a live look outside downtown san jose this morning. out is friday as we get on with the day, another cooler than we have seen all week, but still a warm, beautiful day out there. good morning and thanks for joining us, i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. let's get to the forecast with meteorologist kari hall. a nice start to the day. >> temperatures low 60s. as we look outside, 60 degrees. it's 54 degrees in the tri-valley.
6:31 am
the north bay, 49 degrees. it will be another really warm day for the inland valleys. napa, a high of 88 degrees. 89 in concord. oakland, 89 degrees. mid-80s for the south bay, as well as palo alto. we'll talk act the weekend forecast with all the weekend plans coming up at 6:38. mike takes us back with another report for hayward. >> we had an issue north of the crash and debris to the south of there. they have cleared. it's right in the middle there, south 880 at the 92 interchange. we have a garden hose, it sounds like, in the roadway. that will be an issue. we don't want it tangled up in anyone's tires. slowing there. meanwhile, the rest of the drive looks nice. back to you. >> thank you very much. we are keeping our eye on breaking news out of south california. live pictures, in fact, another wildfire. this is in riverside county,
6:32 am
burning in the cleveland national forest. so far, it scorched 350 acres, 15% contained. it started yesterday afternoon. it's been hot in southern california with temperatures hovering about 100 degrees and high winds in that area as well. conditions right for wildfires. meantime, back to our own fires happening in the bay area as that wildfire threat continues here. happening today in santa cruz county, an update on the bear fire investigation. dral fire officials are holding a news conference later this morning. bob redell joins us live in the mountains. investigators are now calling it a criminal investigation. >> reporter: correct. good morning to you, laura. we expect to learn more details about the bear fire that burned through the santa cruz mountains at a news conference at 11:30 this morning. they believe it was a criminal investigation, the cause of the
6:33 am
fire is suspicious. according to the santa cruz sental, deputies are expected to arrest one person who they believe is responsible for the fire. the paper suggesting the fire was started over a vehicle theft. again, more details expected at the news conference. apparently, the first people to respond to the fire back on october 16th knew immediately that something was not right, this fire was possibly intentionally set t. bear fire forced the evacuation of 150 people, burned almost 400 acres, destroyed six structures, injured several firefighters who had to battle those flames in very steep terrain. it was not fully contained until 5:30 last night, ten days after it started. live outside the santa cruz sheriff's office, bob redell, "today in the bay." 6:33. now happening today, full containment is expected on the deadly north bay fires. we should hear from the fire officials later this morning.
6:34 am
at last check, the tubbs fire was 95% contain. the atlas fire, 98% contained. firefighters are moving out and the resident who is live in the area are moving back in. for many who lost their homes, a lot of work is ahead. the mayor is asking for patience. >> it's not going to get easy for a long time. we can do this if we stick together. >> today, clean up continues of toxic debris. they must clear propane canisters, batteries and chemicals from 5,000 properties. back to breaking news we have been bringing you since 5:30 this morning. live pictures, in fact, firefighters at the scene of a kfc is gutted by fire and within the past 30 minutes or so, they told us they are considering it suspicious. you can see the roof right now. parts of it are actually
6:35 am
smoking. the fire was near north capitol, not far from 680. this is video just into the news room earlier this morning when it was fully ablaze. fire crews say it was a two-alarm fire that starpted at 5:30 in the dining room of the kfc. investigators are looking into a report that a device may have been thrown into the restaurant by a person seen riding away on a bike. we'll bring you more as soon as we know. so far, no one injured, which is good news there. a father is facing serious charges after an incident that left many injured. >> 30-year-old anthony o'donnell is facing multiple charges, including child endangerment. his third grade son brought a .9 millimeter handgun to school. he never pointed it at anyone.
6:36 am
>> i don't know if i should bring my student to school. >> police say investigators later determined the gun was stolen in a home burglary. this is the latest in several incidents this week alone, involving guns. our investigative unit uncovered numbers of how many brought guns on campus. the incidents are said to be decreasing. data from 2014-2015 school year, more than 1700 stunlts were suspended or expelled for bringing a weapon on campus. it's been a steady decline in recent years. new this morning, drinking water at one oakland elementary school contained four times the allowable lead levels. the chronicle obtained the results and they tested positive for lead contamination. they tested school taps in august. they say the problem is a result of leeching in the pipes, but
6:37 am
not part of the actual water supply. 6:36 this morning. new, you are going to have the chance to get rid of unused or unwanted drugs without them ending up in the wrong hands or in the waterways. local law enforcement agencies are participating during the drug drop off event in may. people turned in 900,000 pounds of pills and other prescriptions. according to a 2013 survey on drug use, 6.4 million americans abuse prescription medications, most obtained from family and friends. we tweeted links to the website so you can find a drop-off location near you. always helpful information. here toward the roadways, no major problems. that's a friday pattern. a couple spots, this new crash reported in sunniville west, 237, involves a toyota pick-up truck with an issue with the
6:38 am
water pump. west 237 at 101 quickly building up. this is right when we are seeing the first signs of the commute for the south bay. 880 toward 92, the crash looks like it's on the shoulder and debris. that garden hose, not a fire hose, a much bigger issue. there's a track that breaks as well down through san leandro. the bay bridge, we have hit that 41 minute mark at highway 4 because of a bus reported. it was over at university. the bus did move. >> yeah. the traffic is not -- >> there you go. >> every day kari has a look at the weekend weather. you always have good -- >> take notes. warm on saturday, cool on
6:39 am
sunday. at the coast, mid-60s. for tomorrow, the bay, 77, warm inland. check out sunday's forecast. we bring it down to the mid-70s for the inland valleys. nice and mild near the coast. how about the farms this weekend. it is going to be really nice there. at least to start out the day. if you want to go in the middle of the day, it is going to be very warm. hey, maybe you won't have to deal with as many crowds, then it cools down quickly with lower 80s at 5:00. sunday, the children's discovery museum at bill's backyard opens sunday from 12:00 to 5:00. a nice event to check out with the kids. temperatures cooler with sunny skies and highs in the upper 70s. if you are planning to go to russian river valley, warm today. low 80s. 79 degrees on saturday. that cooling trend continues on sunday with mid-70s and thinking about making it a beach weekend, santa cruz will have the warmest
6:40 am
weather today and still really comfortable tomorrow, starting to cool off on sunday, maybe wearing the long sleeves all day. this weekend in heavenly, a nice one for the hiking. temperatures in the mid-70s or low 70s, rather. next weekend, we may be tracking snow. depending on what you would like to do, this weekend is going to be nice and warm. we'll take a look at today's temperature trend. still warm here. it's coming up in three minutes. >> sounds good. thanks, kari. 6:40. coming up next on "today in the bay," the unnerving kals in the east bay. the investigation under way after a person impersonated an officer, then tried to pull someone over. it looks like the path is wide open for tax reform, but will you win or lose? we'll take a look, coming up. following the stock market, the dow down 37 points. the nasdaq 100 leads to record
6:41 am
highs after a blowout earnings for amazon. you are watching "today in the bay."
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6:43 am
it's 6:43. good morning, cupertino, cool temperatures and we will feel temperatures warming up quickly as we go through the morning. by 10:00, upper 60s. then look at the highs today in the mid-80s. not much of a wind. we are still well above normal as we start out the weekend. the cooler air on the way.
6:44 am
we'll talk about what's ahead in the forecast. it's about 6:48. the travel times, yeah, the south bay, despite the slowing. we have west 237, the crash, i'll show you how that is stacking up in sunniville. >> thank you very much, kari and mike. it is nearly a quarter to 7:00 this morning. breaking news we continue to follow in a live look at san leandro where authorities arrested someone they say was impersonating a police officer. it happened overnight at bancroft and 236th avenue. a suspect was driving a ford, crown victoria with three other people. the driver used some kind of siren and managed to get another driver to pull over. that driver was suspicious, quickly realizing the suspect were not police officers. here are police describing what happened. >> the victim noticed that the person getting out of the car actually was wearing, like a
6:45 am
sweatshirt with a hood. the person put the hood over his head. the victim realized this was not a police officer and fearing for his z safety, the victim drove away. >> that's when he called 911. officers found the car, arrested the suspect. two of the four people arrested were juveniles. >> new this morning, the chp is investigating a crash during a high-speed chase that ejected two people from inside the car. officers say when it started, they tried to pull over the car on southbound 880. that's when the driver took off. the driver actually crashed about five minutes later near warm springs and fremont. those two people inside that car were hospitalized. months later, the community coming together to help victims of the san jose flooding. victims like gregory and donna. they had to flee as the water rose 18 inches underneath their house in a mobile home park.
6:46 am
the flood damage has been repaired for them by a nonprofit. the agency is coming back saturday to finish other repairs not related to the floods like furnace and give the house a coat of paint. [ inaudible question ] >> where we were before, which is depressed and kind of miserable because after the flood everything just was so overwhelming and donna and i aren't physically capable of doing such a big job as this. with all the help that we have received, our lives have improved incredibly. >> that's good. it's bringing them some cheer. saturday, rebuilding silicon valley and hundreds of volunteers will be repairing 40 homes in the valley. much of the work is on stair repairs as the homeowners are
6:47 am
elderly. coming into focus for a new, major development at nasa research center. they posted preliminary designs but what may include nearly 2,000 living units. here is a preview of what the units will look like. the project has been in the works for some time. nasa says people that work there will likely have first access. construction should get under way sometime next year. 6:47. come of what you are about to hear may be disturbing. a shocking admission from bay area lawmaker joining the me, too movement. >> posted a video saying she was harassed when she was a young, congressional staffer. >> the chief of staff held my faith, kissed me and stuck his
6:48 am
tongue in my mouth. i know what it is like to keep this hidden. you lie awake in bed at night wondering if i had done something wrong. >> she hopes coming forward will inspire others in congress an staffers to share their own stories. time is 6:48. it's go time. the path is clear for republicans. >> scott mcgrew, we are trying to figure out whose taxes? >> we haven't seen the details. it is clear for the tax reform that the republicans promised after the house passed the budget yesterday. the way the budget was written allows the senate to vote on tax cuts with a simple majority making those cuts much more likely. listen, i know, taxes are boring, particularly on a friday morning. but, it may not feel like it when the mortgage or the rent bill comes due.
6:49 am
people in the bay area make a lot of money. the median family income in san mateo county is $91,000. for many bay area families, changes in the tax code could cost thousands of dollars because it looks like the plan will end the salt exemption, that state and local tax exemption and lower 401(k) caps. that's still part of the plan. a reporter specifically asked the speaker of the house, paul ryan, will you protect the 401(k) tax deferment, yes or no. is it safe? here is the answer to the yes/no question. >> i agree with tax reform and i agree with giving the ways and means committee the latitude they need to write it. remember what we are trying to achieve here. trying to achieve giving people a break on taxes, making it easier to plan and save for the future. that's the purpose of this. we have many ways of
6:50 am
accomplishing that. >> we are no more clear on what's going to happen. democrats see an opportunity. here is california's, nancy employee si. >> to this assault. it's an assault. a rip off, a shakedown, a looting of the middle class z. >> what may happen to you? "the washington post" has a useful tool. type in your income. we p don't know what the new plan is, but it can tell you which exemptions save you the most money. i tweeted that link out. by now, you know my twitter handle. that's where you can reach me. back to you. >> thanks, scott. this is something you wouldn't expect -- >> you like football? stick around. how about a cat? >> a cat on the field. you don't hear about that. last night was the moment caught on camera during the miami dolphins/baltimore ravens game. they put the finishing touches
6:51 am
on it. look at that. the cat gone. social media pointed that kit yy gained more yards than the dolphins did most of the evening. >> didn't know where to go. >> sign him up for a contract. >> how many people bring their pets to the game. oops. how does a cat get on a football field. >> don't they check your bags for even water bottles? a cat? that's fine, go ahead. >> a perfect forecast coming our way. >> purfect. looking forward to going back to fall. we have been setting record high temperatures. we are about to put in for that. let's take a live look outside san francisco. thanks to the fog returning, it's been so long since we have
6:52 am
had fog around san francisco and the golden gate bridge. a shallow layer of fog, but will do help in cooling down the temperatures in san francisco upper 70s. inland areas, not so much. still a hot day with upper 80s. getting dressed, looking out the window, what to wear, short sleeves and shorts. as we go into the weekend to start, very warm. as you get ready to head out for school this morning, excited for the kids in santa rosa heading back to school. look how the temperatures go from the upper 40s to low 80s by the time you get out of class. a wide range in temperatures today. san francisco really warm with upper 70s today. cooler tomorrow. the return of the fog will bring in cooler temperatures as well for the inland areas. still going to be warm today and tomorrow. sunday, you will feel the difference. mike has an update for the crash in sunny veil. >> lighter than normal friday.
6:53 am
that crash moved to the shoulder. now we are seeing recovery. that can react because that volume, again, lighter on a friday and monday through thursday z. still, we have the san jose build. looking at 87, slowing northbound. san mateo bridge, good volume away from the east bay over to the peninsula side. a smooth flow of traffic. still, under 40 minutes. that's an improvement. the activity moved to the shoulder at university. check waze to see how things shape up. berkeley to san francisco, looking at a little bit more time as you travel through the richland bridge. consider it, guys. back to you. >> thanks, mike. next, a quick look at the stories on "today in the bay," including a fresh start for students in the north bay. the wildfires ravaged community. the schools finally reopening
6:54 am
this morning. 6:53, happening now, the defense secretary visiting dmz near north korea meant to show american solidarity with south korea. they imposed sanctions on ten officials and organizations. two women and their dog rescued by the u.s. navy after months at see. they were headed to tahiti from hawaii. they were able to survive packing a year's worth of food. i understand it was pasta and oatmeal. back in two minutes. before you head out the door,
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
at 6:57 on your friday morning, welcome back. before you head out the door, here are the top stories we are covering on "today in the bay." kfc gutted by a fire. these are live pictures. it was near north capital avenue not far from 680. new video into the news room, this is a two-alarm fire that started around 4:30. no word on the cause. more breaking news as wildfires continue to break out in southern california. live pictures from riverside county where there was a fire burning in the cleveland national forest. it's 15% contained. it's been more than two
6:58 am
weeks since wildfires ravaged communities in the north bay. thousands of students will finally head back to class. here is a live look. you can see santa rosa unified plans to reopen half of its schools today. one is piner high school. our cameras were there a couple days ago when the teachers began prepping for today. some teachers there lost their homes as a result of the fires. in fact, nearly 70 staff members in the district and more than 200 student's families lost their homes due to the fires. >> nice to comfort each other. 6:58, live in santa cruz. we are expecting an update on the bear fire investigation later today. cal fire officials are holding a news conference later this morning on what the agency is causing a criminal investigation. you may recall the fire started as a house fire, then spread to nearly 400 acres destroying six
6:59 am
acres. several firefighters were injured fighting the blaze. we'll have a news conference at 11:30 this morning. you can join us for the midday show. now, a look at the weather. >> it will be cool to start. upper 70s, which is well above normal in san francisco. cooling off for the weekend. inland areas, a couple more days of high heat, mid-80s today. by sunday, you will feel the cooler air starting to move in. >> a taste of fall there. a crash on 101 this morning? >> i tried to move the camera arnds. it's not the greatest shot. we are looking at the taillights traveling north where i was trying to get a shot of the taillights backing up. a crash at 101 and marsh. blocking one lane. the map is in the area north of where the dumbarton bridge comes across. the rest of the commute is moving well. >> not bad. that's what's happening on "today in the bay."
7:00 am
it is friday. >> yeah! >> there you go. stay with us for the midday news at 11:00. good morning. good morning. breaking overnight, defense secretary james mattis travels to the north korean border. his message, war is not the goal with the rogue nation. >> we're doing everything we can to solve this diplomatically. everything we can. >> but this morning, new threats from kim jong-un. released. thousands of files tied to jfk's assassination made public. today, exclusive. two women lost at sea for five months before finally being


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