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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 27, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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he has a shot pup sergio what are you seeing? what are the firefighters telling. >> reporter: firefighters are concentrating making sure the fire does not get out of that compound that you were describing just a little bit earlier. as we arrived we saw the firefighters actually spraying down some of the houses next door to that -- though that yard. you were mentioning quite a few items in the yard. i notice that there are some old rvs was old cars. there is an old boat. we can hear the soun of popping constantly. i asked very briefly i talked with a battalion chief out here what the popping sound it. he says our concern is that might be propane tanks. there is obviously quite a lot to burn in this property. we usually kind of gauge the progress of a fire based on the color of smoke. and when we first saw this fire about an hour and a half -- or
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about an hour ago or so we noticed it was thick and black. it never changed to gray which is usually a signal that perhaps the firefighters have been able to get a better handle on it. right now as you can see the fire is still continuing to burn pretty thick and dark. i talked with a couple of residents out here whose main concern was that the fire was no the going to spread. and then also to try to make sure that the neighbors nearby to this property were not home and were going to be safe. that was one of the things i was talking with with the resident just a little while ago. she made sure to get some of the pets out of the neighbors' home. the cat is safe thanks to her she says. obviously we will keep tabs on the fire and the continuing firefight as we continue to see fire crews arriving. reporting live in san jose, sergio quintana. >> sergio while we have you we are checking in with jeff ranieri about the wind direction. while we have you on-site are
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you seeing embers spreading because right now the nbc chopper is showing a place maybe 20 to 30 yards away from the source of the fire also catching fire in an open field. >> i'm showing you -- jim a going to follow me over here. these black flex here are some of the charred embers of some of the house as we continue to see, kind of wafting through the sky. that's one of the concerns obviously that -- in fact one of the residents told us that they wanted to make sure that everyone was out of the neighboring homes so that in case this fire did start to grow people were going to be safe. i have actually seen a cal fire helicopter fly by to see if they're going to need air support. clearly the fire crews are taking it seriously. they are trying to knock this fire down as quickly as possible. >> okay, yes, sergio we can see the firefighters in a defensive mode. it looks like a field next to
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the home maybe two properties over there is fire. the smoke is so intense and the flames are still going yet right now. >> reporter: as we arrived, we noticed that the fire was actually -- it was going pretty strong. and so we -- we made sure that we ourselves took a little bit of a distance because one of our concerns was when we arrived i could hear some of the popping. i can tell you that the firefighters right now they are being very cautious and being very deliberate as well. >> sergio quintana there for us. if you're tuning in just now the sky ranger in east san jose. a property on fire. kind of a backyard with a lot of trailers. the fear is it's spreading and it is. because ten minutes ago it was just on the left side now it's hop scotched over the neighbors' home in the adjacent yard. we saw sergio talking about the embers. this is close to the every green
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islamic center and the elementary school. this is a populated area even though in the foothills. >> you can see the firefighters rushing they unleashed the hose on the hot to the lo spot to the right-hand side. let's bring in jeff ranieri. another warm day temperatures are dropping but not until tomorrow. >> you can see in the individual as you guys mentioning, the smoke is moving to the south. we have a pretty persistent wind right now out of the north coming at 10-mile-per-hour. and that continues to blow the smoke towards the south. we'll show you location of the fire on the weather map here. and wind is a little bit gusty at 9-mile-per-hour we have had gusts up to 15-mile-per-hour. it's in east san jose. klein road and pleasant acres drive. again a north wind pushing the smoke towards the south. what i've done is zoomed in on this map to give you a closer view of some areas nearby.
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marilla ave, pepper drive, klein road, ridge grove court, rolling side drive, also woodly drive. nerch living near or around those streets we just listed you may have some embers moving close by your house. you need to be on alert for possibly evacuations. and we may have some air quality you know issues. they may warrant you to stay inside the home due to the smoke that's blowing around. we can show you the sky camera network as well looking towards east san jose it seems like some of the smoke plume is beginning to dissipate with firefighters getting maybe a better handle on it. but a lot of the smoke blowing towards the south at this point and the fire location, klein road and pleasant acres drive. winds right now out of the north at 9-mile-per-hour. >> okay. thank you so much, jeff. we'll keep an eye on the fire. one last look before we check in with some other news .large fire burning in the backyard of a
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home in san jose off pleasant acres and klein witness three alarms firefighters attacking the fire from the perimeter of the property as you can see. dousing with hoses. we saw several pets on the property. one cat was saved. at this time it appears the home owners were not at home at the time of the fire. neighbors around this area have been evacuated. and it seems to have spread to an adjacent property and firefighters are really being aggressive right now to try and prevent it from catching another home on fire. so we're keeping an eye on the situation. i think we're probably streaming this on the website,, we'll check back in with the story throughout the newscasts and give you updates on twitter. >> okay. the other headlines tonight the a troubling trend the fifth time this week a student brought a gun to a local school. we have a map now of all the schools where it's happened the last several days from santa cruz to san ramon. the new case at the middle school in san jose. the district leaders say the student brought an unloaded gun to school yesterday and showed
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it to group of other students. administrators were arted and kwivg called the police. >> i was just shock because given what's happened -- been happening with all the school shootings and i just thought that the student should know better, especially you know in middle school. they should know better than bringing a gun to school. >> we also have a follow-up and milpitas a student brought a gun to school yesterday. the administrators say they will hold bi monthly drills to prepare for situations like that. here are the five campuses targeted. the cases have been rattling a lot of nerves among students and parents and staff members. for a closer look at the time lines of all the guns brought just this week alone we have process post-ed on the website, website ebts. another high profile woman joining the me too campaign.
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california congresswoman jackie speier dman being changes in washington. her attack happened as a congressional aid decade ago. she told the story in a one minute video on twitter. >> i was working a as a congressional staffer. the chief of staff held my face, kissed me, and steak his tongue in my mouth. so i know what it's like to keep these thing hidden. >> representative speiers says it's time to expos the behavior and top it from happening. she says current rules discourage reporting. she is browsing sexual harassment legislation for workers oh on capitol hill. >> back to breakingnous we've been following the fire in the east residential neighborhood. the chopper remains over the scene. we have two crews on the ground level and of course the chopper, east san jose near the raging waters water park. also also near via vista elementary school. started about an hour ago.
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you can see the thick plume in the air. still thick and heavy black meaning a lot of things continue to burn on the property. it started in the backyard of a property. we saw a lot of flames. it jumped over to nearby properties so far though not seeing damage to homes. but it's hard to access what's happening right there inside. we have several cameras there and crews we are staying on the story as it develops in the next hour or two. still to come at 5:00 we have an update on the fire we will keep on following process on twitter and jeff will have the latest on the forecast. and the hot weather and when we have cooler temps coming our way. we'll be right back. drrp a brush fire, sparking in east
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san jose in the last hour. we're going to update update on the breg news. a large fire burning in east san jose. in the foothills east of 101 near rarjing water. it looks like a structure is burning right now at this time. i can see a chimney and the remnants of many so sort of structure. the fire was started in the backyard of one property. it seems to have spread to at least two other properties nearby. there are evacuations underway right now. and sergio quintana on scene. what are you seeing right now, sergio? smoke turning white at this time
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but active at this time. >> the smoke is turning white because the fire crew managed to put several water canons on it. i want to show you the backyard near where the fire is burning. you can see all the items. the cars, boats. thick smoke coming from there. i believe that it's in a structure beyond that smoke. >> sergio stand by we'll get back to you where we can fix the audio problems. you can hear, almost feel the power of the water hoses from the trucks. this is a live camera from sergio quint owe on the grand are ground level in east san jose. you can see the active firefight. he was saying he was trying to access the backyard. it started on one property started spread oh other properties. >> we'll keep following this. we'll post updates on twitter and post you on updates. . moving to other news right now. a big step forward for some
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north bay fire victims. today for the first time many students in sonoma county returned to school. it was an emotional welcome back for students and families that lost homes. nbc bay area kristy smith is live outside the high school in santa rosa. with how students and staff are coping today. kristy. >> reporter: signs like this behind me were up around the school today to make sure that students received a warm welcome back. there were students who lost homes, students who helped provide shelter and today many told us it was the teachers who helped with the transition today to coming back. it was back to class at piner hiesz. this student says it was a quiet day but glad to be back. >> the teachers were guiding us through the day which really helped. it was really quiet. >> he did not lose his home but says friends did. the principal says roughly 80 students lost homes in the fire. >> i didn't know how it was going to feel going to my classes and just knowing that
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when it was time to go home i wasn't going to my old home. i'm going somewhere else. >> today teachers took it slow, allowing the kids a chance to just be with friends, teachers and classmates. >> try to be present and tri to make sure students know they're safe and that you're glad they returned. >> reporter: there were counselors and support services available. he says in the days ahead the staff will try to get a better sense what have kids need going forward. >> schools are places and learning and intellectualism but before that they're human places. >> this is one of the schools reopening today and skids weren't the only one impacted. 70 staff across the district lost homes too. one message we heard about sticking together. >> i'm there for them if they need anything i'll tell them i'm right here for you. >> reporter: now administrators told us they will continue working to connect students with
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services they might need. 11 more schools open up in the district on monday. reporting live in santa rosa, kristy smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. from the north bay let's go back to the south bay. unfortunately we're covering another fire here. we've been covering this since we got on the air about 15 minutes ago in east san jose near the every green islamic center. let's bring in jeff ranieri. in the last five minutes it looks like things have been getting a little bit better. but we can see the smoke. can you tell us the direction that's going. >> the smoke right now is coming from the north and blog towards the south. anyone that is to the south of this location you're seeing that smoke blowing towards you right now. and as raj just mentioned it looks like firefighters are getting lant more of a handle on it. but it's still hot and active fire. we have been embers blowing around. you need to be on high alert if you can see and smell the smoke you may be asked to evacuate.
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the other thing we have been noting with the black smoke there are some materials down there burning that may be hazardous to breathe it in. there may be some shelter in places issued for the fire. urcht make sure you get the app, nbc bay area we'll give you the full armistice as it continues to hopefully be extinguished here shortly. because it has been hot and dry. as you can look at the sky camera network you can see it pointed towards east san jose, the location of the fair. we have noticed in the past 15 to 20 minutes the smoke plume becoming a little bit less dark and also less in overall size. a good sign here that hopefully this is starting to get extinguished and they'll have control of it. winds right now at about 9-mile-per-hour. sustained again coming from the north moving off towards the south. location of the fire klein rood and pleasant acres drive. what i've done is zoom this into
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the area most immediately of concern downwind of the embers, includes skrierps ridge ave, mt. pleasant road. marlow ave. towards gross beck hill drive. anyone living near those locations i just mentioned you maybe asked to evacuate if some of the embers spark fires. please follow advice of the local officials you may be getting on phones. you can see how many homes downwind of the fire. you may smelling the smoke near morewood and also back towards rolling side drive. also under high alert for possibly smoke and also embers moving your way. of course we continue to have full updates on this as we continue throughout this afternoon and this evening. as we move into tomorrow morning's forecast it's starting off cool. fog returning to the coastline. the big change and 57 for the peninsula. also fog and?
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in san francisco and 54 droergs as the cloud cover returning back tomorrow morning that helps temperatures drop. looking into the microclimate forecast for saturday still warm but not as hot. 82 in cupertino 83 in san jose. gradually we'll see the numbers push town tlount contra costa alameda counties 79 in vallejo, 75 for oakland. the beaches beginning to get the chilly ocean air back wp 60 over in half moon bay. san francisco starting to see the numbers drop. pushing down to 70 along the embarcadero and cooler 65 in the outer sunset. the north bay you have a cold 60 in point reyes. cooler than it has been lately as we push toward saturday, 81 expected in sonoma. we think there will be additional drops in temperatures for the weekend. we're going to have to wait until sunday and then see another 5 to 10 degree drop in temperatures as the cool foggy breeze takes over. and the hot air we've had moves
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to the east. what about the possibility of rainfall? well i think heading through next week everything points towards rain moving in by next friday and saturday. november 3rd and 4th. the good news on the update is that the forecast models are aligning on the timing and intensity of the storm system. it's certainly upping our confidence on this event happening. moderate strength storm again next friday and saturday. average rain half inches to one inch. wind 15 to 25 miles an hour and sierra snow likely. six inches to a foot if everything stays on track. if it stays on track you can expect the microclimate weather alert day for us. full coverage on tven and at nbc bay extended fork temperatures in the 60s for san francisco the next seven days. two important things dry and wahl hein and again possible rainfall heading into friday. and you'll see here for the inland valleys we drop down to
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78 on sunday. and 66 for next friday. the last thing we need is the fire for this afternoon. thankfully we have rain next week and hopefully stops the fire danger. >> you brought up the good point, not just the smoke but the toxins in the air. the nbc sky ranger again in east san jose. the public foernls are telling us propane tanks, a trar, cars and boats. two elementary schools are nearby. via vista appear also cedar grove. there are afternoon school programs and sports practices. a lot of kids will be impacted here. we're updating the story when we return. stay with us. the plan to split california
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into seperate states is back. happening now, still very unlikely to get congressional approval but the plan to split california is back. only this time it calls for three separate california states here. it's been spear headed by the same silicon valley bill air who floated the original plan process on the twitter feed. also on the twitter feed, the first time ever the win kmefrt mystery house is host ago trick orr treat event through halloween. accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress
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once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it.
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santa crua mountains on purpose. we first reported this on ouid a man in jail accused of starting the ber correct fire on purpose. >> we first reported this on the mid-tai newscasts. the man living near the proper where the fire started. marlon coy been charged with multiple counts of arson. nbc bay area robert handa joins us near the flash point with the business czar trail that led to coy. >> it's a strange evidence trail. coy was stopped earlier for possibly loot ago home and then was caught wearing clothes and jewelry that were stolen. after that. even more leads began piling up. it took ten days for firefighters to fully contain the bear fire. now investigators say they believe they know who started. 54-year-old marlon dale coy of the area was in custody. he was reported will i in jail for allegedly loot ago home the day after the fire started.
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the earlier arrest helped lead investigators to coy who had been seen with several oh so skauld associates in the diane way and boweled are creek canyon area where the fire started and where they lived. the associates pointed finger at coy. >> they witnessed marlon coy lighting this fire, a fire which spread and then became bigger and caused what we are now calling the bear fire. >> mr. coy denied actually starting the fire. and as far as the we are concern it's reported he had a dispute with someone on the property. >> the dispute was with his girlfriend who family owned the property. >> i want him to rot in jail. >> do you know him. >> no, no. >> do you know of that property where it started. >> yeah, there's been all the sliem balls have been living there for years. >> reporter: now investigators aren't saying yet how coy allegedly started the fire and
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say they're looking for witnesses. but he is the only suspect at this time. coy is expected to be in court early next week to face numerous arson related as well as the burglary charges. live in boulderer creek, robert handa nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much. we have an update on the fire in east san jose when we come back. stay with us.
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woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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first off, we're going to give you all... news. a brush fire, sparking in east san jose in the last hour. i want to get back to the breaking news we've been talking about trout the newscasts. the nbc sky ranger overhead in east san jose on pleasant acres drive and klein road. the god news all the black smoke is going away and tourng white smoke. firefighters appear to have the upper hand and they have done a remarkable job at least from our perspective where they've saved the surroundings homes of neighbors. at one point they were in true danger. right now no flames or small flames and hot spots. >> our reporter is on scene and he said he saw a cal fire water drop earlier last 15 minutes that certainly changed it around in favor of help for the firefighters. and it seems like they are getting more control of the fire because it was just thick black smoke about ten minutes ago. we know a trailer is on fire, a bunch of cars, and a possible
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boat. we are keeping ray eye on the situation. we'll have another live report coming up at 6:00. >> thanks for joining us. tonight, the jfk mystery deepens. what those newly released files reveal about a possibly critical missed warning and what's in the top secret documents still locked away. a rousing call to action. >> we are pure. we are strong. we are brave. and we will fight! >> a hollywood star whose bombshell allegations opened the floodgates against harvey weinstein makes her first public appearance since the scandal broke. to the streets. an escalating crisis as spain's richest region declares it's breaking away. survivor story. two women rescued after months drifting at sea tell us how they endured aggressive sharks and violent storms. wild chase. at speeds up to 100 miles an hour. wait till you hear who was behind the wheel. and the show must go on. the inspiring second act after the hurricane in houston. also, an nfl owner under


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