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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 29, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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test. . >> get back. get back. >> right now at 11. chaos at a popular southbound amusement park. the news at 11:00 starts right now. i am terry mcsweeney. concern over what happened at great america. the park was packed when the fights broke out. tonight there is more security. answerer hassan is live with that. >> reporter: police are increased patrol inside the park. the park wouldn't get specific on security policies but all guests go through security and
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had their bags checked. >> he is tasing him. >> he said he saw multiple fights. police also said several people are injured in the fighting and multiple cell phones stolen throughout the night. bracamonte says he is upset that the amusement park didn't do more to control the clouds. >> they could have separated them or do like a whistle. >> reporter: we still saw thousands of people come out to want for great america's haul l -- halloween park. police say so far no fights
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tonight. the park says they acknowledge the fights but the safety of their customers is the first priority. thanks so much. for continuing coverage head to our website. we posted a link to the video of the alteration. a neighborhood is on edge tonight after a deadly shooting. happened on wilde drive. sergio quintana is there tonight. >> reporter: that memorial is for a resident who lived here. this is a neighborhood of well manicured yards. right there is the memorial that marks the spot where the resident was killed early this
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morning. deputies called out for reports of some kind of disturbance in the neighborhood. and then people called 911 about gun shots. >> units responded to a person giving cpr to the victim. >> reporter: sometimes told people speeding through the streets to slow down and that is what neighbors may have said led to this confrontation. >> he is a really good friend. >> reporter: her friend leaves behind a wife and two children. >> very odd. it is a pretty relaxed calm neighborhood in a great community. definitely isn't the norm. >> reporter: sheriff detectives canvassing the neighborhood looking for witness or surveillance video. they released description of two
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vehicles with drivers and passengers in their late teens or early 20s. one of the cars may be a dodge challenger and red mittsu beneficiaryi eclipse. >> thank you. the first indictment is expected to be made public tomorrow. a federal grand jury has approved the first criminal charges. who and how many people remains a mystery. republicans and democrats are calling on the white house to let robert mueller to do his job. >> we know the russian
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government was reefiaching out the campaign. >> i have not seen any definitive evidence of collusion. i have seen lots of evidence that the russians were active and trying to influence the election. >> a new "wall street journal" pole shows the president's approval rating the lowest yet. bruce maxwell was arrested for allegedly pointing a gun. officers booked maxwell on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. maxwell became the first and only major league baseball player to kneel during the national anthem. the a's released a statement saying we were disappointed to
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learn of the allegations. we take the situation and ongoing investigation seriously. we are gathering information from the proper authorities and do not have comment. several motorcycle side shoes that took place across the area. chp found out about a show when roughly 200 motorcycles along the truck film their stunt was reported in oakland. four people were eventually arrested for reckless driving and evading officers. one person is dead and another injured after a fire in san francisco sent flames shooting out of a home. it happened in the city's mount davidson neighborhood. thom jensen reports. >> i heard someone yelling get
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out. get out. >> reporter: he says he heard those shouts just after 4:00 in the morning. >> we ran down here to see what we could do to help. >> you saw the front windows blow open. the whole front of the house had flames coming out from the front. people had firehouses in every direction trying to suppress the fire. >> reporter: a second person was killed while trying to escape through the front. despite the danger, homesy says firefighters went back inside. >> it was like walking into a wall of fire and they did it. >> reporter: the identity of the
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man who was killed has not yet been released. continuing coverage now of the north bay wildfires. tubs fires which has been designated the most destructive wildfire in california history is now 97% contained. full containment on all of the fires expected tuesday. also, the long road to recovery, it continues. as of tomorrow, all schools in the santa rosa school district will be re-opened. >> still to come, an apple engineer let go from the company. what his daughter posted online that cost him his job. >> a new hike that impacts california drivers.
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open enrollment of obamacare is about to begin. >> looking at a sneak preview of tomorrow's commute. tracking bigger changes. ahead in the seven-day forecast that will bring significant rain and snow. the time line on that when we come back. apple ha
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apple has fired an engineer after his daughter showed off the new iphone x. showed her dad's new phone. and the video quickly became one of youtube's top ten videos. it was shot within the apple cafeteria. she then released another video saying apple fired her father. >> apple asked me to take it down. and i had no idea that this was a violation.
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>> apple has unveiled the apple ten and it is available now for pre order. however, tech insiders note the video revealed. starting wednesday, going to cost considerably more for those drivers and anyone else to fill up their tanks. $0.12 increase tax headache goes into effect wednesday. the new law will raise more than 52 billion bucks over the next decade. opponents of the tax are trying to get a repeal measure on the 2018 ballot. open enrollment for obamacare starts this week. a lot of people are confused
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when, how and if they can get coverage. the move obamacare supporters see as a move by trump administration to reduce the enrollment. health care advocates say with this much confusion surrounding obamacare outreach is more important than ever. developments tonight in puerto rico after the head of the nation's power company announced, the contract with the montana company is now canceled. gabe gutierrez reports from san juan. >> reporter: the controversial $300 million contract will soon be canceled. just hours after the governor
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said he wanted to pull the plug. >> there are people out there on a witch hunt looking for something that does not exist. >> reporter: he says he first contacted the puerto rico electric power company. i found them on linked in. >> yeah. >> reporter: he strongly denies that u.s. secretary administrator zinke had anything to do with the contract. preppa which is $9 billion in debt signed off on the deal. but ceo carlos ramos admits including the portion about fema was a mistake.
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>> everybody is doing same thing at the same time. those things happen. >> reporter: crapping the contract could delay power restoration by ten to 12 weeks. white fish industry says it is disappointed with the decision. 39 days after hurricane maria about 70% of the island is still in the dark. gabe gutierrez, nbc news san juan puerto rico. powerful storm bearing down on the east coast. 4 inches of rain could pound the region. rain hammered the mid at lalant coast and new england today. >> significant conditions certainly not to be under mated. people need to take it seriously. >> today is the five year anniversary of super storm
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sandy. sandy caused billions of dollars and killed dozens of people. >> strange story back there going all the way up the north east. >> and similar evolution. we are watching that storm closely having that impact on the northeast. bit of a storm surge along long island. there is the storm right now. last night it was a tropical system moving away from florida. tornado warnings. stormy weather off to the east. off the west, things are calm right now. we begin our storm door opening up towards the end of the week. belvedere, fog and mist out
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there. face to face five degrees, wet roadways out there tonight. and 54 in dublin. 58 degrees now looking at low clouds and misty skies coupled with that onshore breeze. 21 miles per hour right now in fairfield. now notice hour by hour, low clouds peel back to the coastline. partly to mostly cloudy skies. all day sea breeze. that is going to keep our after nan temperatures down. what will be different tomorrow is a little more wind and those cooler temperatures. numbers in the mid-60 for hays around san jose. only low 60s here in oakland, hayward, and fremont.
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for the morning commute you will find wet roadways. out towards the coast, half moon bay. close to 60 in san francisco tomorrow and mid to upper sects across the north bay. we will see a repeat performance for the low clouds. notice what happens as we head towards the afternoon. couldn't order better weather for tuesday. we may begin to see northwest winds mixed in with dryer air. no signs of any rain and chilly temperatures. mostly clear skies. cooling quickly to the 40s and 50s as things wrap up. you saw in the seattle view all the clear skies. the ridge of high pressure will begin to flatten out and then a cold system out of the gulf of
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alaska drops down pulling in cool air from the north. moderate rain coming in saturday and sunday. dropping our snow levels down. plan on a winter storm warning type conditions being up at the sierra. rainfall projections still expecting to see the highest total here. local spots may see two to 3 inches there. other per expespective, the gfs model, similar for rainfall. timing of the heaviest rain looks to be saturday and sunday. so you see the second half of the second day forecast cools temperatures down with drizzle at times for the next few mornings. but substantial rain holds off.
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we could be at this time looking at two to three feet of snow in the sierra. >> yeah. all you can think about is enough something up there. >> watching the runoff closely. >> thank you very much. still to come, taking a knee, the football team sending a unified message to their owner following his controversial comments. university students in the bay
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area with second thoughts about the night before. vending machines on more california campuses selling the )morning after pill ). when you join us monday morning
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>> as a protest in the nfl continues, the houston texans had another reason to protest. owners met in new york this past friday. the houston texan owners said quote, we can't have inmates running the prison and he apologized and said he was sorry about that. before the game today, almost all players took a knee in response and protest to his comments. fines given out today. warriors draymond green. draymond is not doing anything, kind of dragged around. nba fined green.
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two widard players suspended because they left the game.
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and i'm pretty sure you're not supposed to eat scones for dinner this many days in a row. mexico, hawaii, costa rica, i don't really know. i'm a quick packer. ♪ if you are not exhausted after watching game five of the world series, you are seeteithe incredible shape or drinking cups you have coffee. it turned into an exhilarating 5.5-hour slug fest. we are going to take you to the bottom of the seven with the astros leading by one. score is now 11-8. but the dodgers not done.
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top of the ninth, puig, this two run shot cuts the lead to just two-1. taylor, hits single to center. this game is tied. bottom of the tenth with two on and two out. it is houston bregman, he is the hero. the astros go up three games to two. 13-12 the final. seven home runs hit in total. joe staly stayed with philadelphia. this game was a painful one all arnold. the 49ers hit a franchise low. we go to the second carter and finding tight end all alone. mike trout gives him a game
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trophy. cj besser intercepted by mills. it was on this play that staly received a blind side hit by cox. staly left the game and needed stitches near his right eye. the 49ers. the raiders travel to buffalo where the bills have yet to lose this season. in the second quarter tied at seven, derrick carr. mol lanno snares it and picks up an easy six. owned had four turnovers which buffalo turned into 13 free points.
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the dchefense was giving away yards. the raiders dropped to 3-5. warriors closing out their three game home game. this is creepy, stephen curry arriving as jigsaw. kevin durant finds the open lane and finishes nicely. clay thompson hits the three. and then 45 seconds remaining, warriors down eight. durant for three and then curry grabs a rebound but drops it out of bounds. warriors lost 115 to one 0 seven. painful day. more news after the break.
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recapping our top stories tonight, violence at santa clara's great america. one of the weapons used has people concerned about security there. witnesses say they saw multiple fights across the park last night. santa clara police confirmed that a taser was used in this confrontation caught on camera. multiple cell phones were stolen lu throughout the night. >> they could have, at least, tried to separate them or something like try or tear them away or something like that. do like a whistle.
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>> members of the security staff are unarmed. the park wouldn't comment. but all guests would have to go through security. and have their bags checked. it should have gone off if someone walked through there with a taser. for continuing coverage, head to a neighborhood in discovery rattled after a man shot and killed. minutes later, calls about shots fired. when officers arrived at the scene, they found a 48-year-old man wounded on the street and he didn't survive. >> he didn't want to start any trouble or anything like that. and it is just sad that that
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happened because he is a really good friend. >> the suspects in their late teens or early 20s. police say they were driving a grey dodge challenger or ford mustang also looking from a red mitsubishi eclipse. a house fire in san francisco. this happened in the city's mount davidson area. the owner is in the hospital to want and unfortunately another man who tried to escape through the front did not survive. >> it was pretty intense. it was like walking into a wall of fire and they did it. >> the cause of the fire remains under investigation this happened hours after a public fire safety event in that same neighborhood.
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first indictment into russian election interference is expected to be made public tomorrow. approving the first criminal charges. but who or how many people will be indicted that remains a mystery. a barrage of tweet from president trump. saying it is not -- republican and democrats calling on the white house to allow mueller to do his job. >> we know that the russian government through intermediaries was reaching out to the trump campaign. >> i have not seen any definitive evidence of collusion and i have seen lots of evidence that the russians were active in trying to influence the election. >> now nbc news "wall street journal" poll showing president trump's job ratings down to the
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lowest level yet. once again making headlines this time for all the wrong residence. bruce maxwell arrested in arizona after he allegedly pointed a gun at a food delivery person. officers eventually booked maxwell on charges of aggravated assault of a deadly weapon. maxwell became nationally famous as he became the first baseball player kneeling at the national anthem. take a look at the video from haywood. showing a side show. chp found out about all that was going on when 200 motorcycles
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along with a truck filming their stunts. officers arrive in oakland. four people eventually arrested for reckless driving. coming up, a police training drill. critics say it is a myth. threats to police officers and suspects carrying knives other sharp objects. >> drizzle around the bay area tonight. this before more substantial rain opportunities head our way and will be companied by sierra snow and gusty winds. cool down ahead in our forecast when we come right back.
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we investigate a training drill meant to saves the lives of police officers instead it may be causing the unnecessary deaths of thousands of americans. an nbc bay area exclusive investigation. >> in police training academies it is called the 21-foot rule. to help officers safely deal with suspects armed.
11:41 pm
this cell phone video caused an uproar in the bay area. it shows mario wood holding a knife and refusing to put it down. the five police officers were -- they could be legally justified in shooting woods even though he did not have a gun. at a firing range in corona california, a team is studying what happens when suspects with knives attack a police officer. a former san jose police officer now a criminologist. in the past year, mart nelli has
11:42 pm
run hundreds of tests with a variety of officer skill tests from rookie cops to navy seals. showing how quickly a suspect can close the gap. the 21-foot rule has been taught to law enforcement throughout the country in the late 90 fifties. ever since it was demonstrated that a suspect armed with a knife or edged weapon could be on top of an officer with a holster weapons in 1.5 seconds or less. instead martinelli say police officers should slow down. he warns shooting an attacker even in the chest may not help them. >> that person can cop the to attack you for two or three minutes and kill you. >> reporter: that might be true in theory, but in reality, on
11:43 pm
the streets of america, where an average of five thousand thousand police officers are attacked a year. that it does not happen >> the rule exists only as an urban legend. >> reporter: 275 direct encounters between police officers and citizen armed with knives or sharp objects. >> the threats that the police officer faces is not a threat to the police officer's life. >> reporter: zimmering has written a book about this data. >> the number of cases we found of somebody with a visible weapon charging at a police officer actually killing the police officer in the united states was zero. >> reporter: and law enforcement
11:44 pm
data back him up. out of the 509 total police officers killed during the last five years in america, only two died of knife attacks. the law enforcement officer memorial data show that 12 attacks in the last ten years. there was not a single case of a knife yielding attacker rushing and killing an officer from a distance. should the rule be done away with? >> if i were a police chief, i would erase it from the weapons training manual today. >> reporter: three agencies told us they continue to teach the 21 feet training.
11:45 pm
>> this is the safe distance thaw need under a certain skill set. >> reporter: after we shared the data with him. you would concede that that data influences and you how you teach going forward. >> yeah. and do i want to take that chance to be those two guys? i don't know. are we taking the steps in the right direction as a law enforcement agency? we are in san francisco. >> drop the machete. >> reporter: reminding officers to slow down, create distance and find cover when dealing with armed suspects. >> doing stuff correctly to minimize. >> you are finding the 21-foot rule a myth. >> it is. >> reporter: for a while
11:46 pm
martinelli is finding focus at different academies. >> watching videos such as yours, we can save some lives. >> reporter: dr. zimmering says as many as 150 citizen carrying knives or sharp objects in the u.s. are killed every year by the law enforcement. our data shows that here in the bay area, some 30 people wielding knives or other sharp objects have been killed by officers since 2001. zimmering says it is up to police chiefs to change the training and dispel the myth of the 21-foot rule. i am stephen stock, nbc bay area news. >> rob mayeda here now, talking about drizzle now.
11:47 pm
>> last weekend we were talking about a forecast of 90s ahead. instead we are talking mostly 60s. and an increasing chance of good rain totals coming in for next with could and sierra snow. right now ha is a super size marine layer for you. 55 degrees in san francisco with drizzle and mist at times. signs of low clouds out in the distance there. 54 degrees we will likely have low clouds through the tri-valley. 58 currently in san jose. let me show you what we'll see you next weekend. right now, looks to be about two to three feet of snow about 5,000 feet. likely we can find our first winter storm warnings. heavy snow fall comes in friday
11:48 pm
night saturday. starting off the day with 40s and dbif50s and areas of drizzl. and partly to mostly cloudy skies through 5:00 tomorrow. all day sea breeze. 40s and 50s to start the day and not a lot of warming tomorrow instead of 70s and 80s. expecting highs only to the low to mid-60s. lore 60s into oakland. low 60s to near sect in san francisco tomorrow with again areas of drizzle. both tonight into tomorrow morning and again tuesday morning. north bay temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. clearing skies after more drizzle tuesday morning. pretty nice trick or treat forecast. the only concern would be
11:49 pm
chilling temperatures cooling quickly. no signs of rain. at least, substantial rain. you see the chance of rain on the increase there. lighter rain to start. and moderate rain saturday and sunday following by chilly air. so rainfall projection highest in the north bay. some of these areas in purposing maybe picking up an inch to 2 inches. a trend in this european model which is updating right now is pulling back on some of the north bay rain totals which is good news. colder storm system and potentially little less rainfall. notice the impact on temperatures. 70s will be the warmest we see on halloween. and cooler next weekend maybe a
11:50 pm
big come back for snow. >> still liking the summer we had next week. no pausing just bursting into the cold weather. >> just changing the page on the calendar right there. >> thanks, rob. how about hunting for happiness? a ceo journey that will make you bay area proud.
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silicon valley moves at warped speed and one of the areas most successful ceo starts each day slowing things down. he says it is all part of his journey to find happiness. a journey that has taken him halfway around the world. gar vin thomas has bay area proud. >> they help other companies keep their employees happy. it is not by chance because
11:53 pm
happiness is at the root of both jim's professional and charitable work >> how we bring back pieces of it so the people in the company -- >> reporter: over the past 20 years, jim barnett has run a variety of silicon valley ventures. no matter where jim works, his day starts in the exact same way. >> monday through friday, i get up every morning and meditate from 6:00 to 7:00 in the morning. >> reporter: a result to a quest to find happiness starting. he long ago learned where not to find it. >> i worked for successful people that were not happy at all and i had this insight at a young age that happiness wasn't necessarily material success or promotions. >> reporter: glint, the company jim runs is a platform which
11:54 pm
helps organizations track their employee engagement. while the work is professionally gratifying, jim knew there was still more to his personal happiness mission. >> i realized over the years that people that live their lives in service of others are often just genuinely happier than other people. >> reporter: which is how jim and his wife ann found themselves here. founding a residence in the south east asian. >> aids is a particular problem because not only is there great health care but people living with aids are shunned by the community. >> reporter: the community houses 40 people. they help pregnant women with hiv deliver healthy babies and others get healthy enough to re-enter society. jim says he has witnessed numerous stories of lives saved
11:55 pm
and turned around. he believes that thinking of others first can do wonders for yourself. >> to see the impact you can have on other lives is satisfying. >> reporter: he and his wife traveled to south east asia looking for opportunities to help when he discovered the one. once you know exactly what you want to do there, is no stopping you. g garvin thomas. >> great story. celebrating halloween going in peru. going to the dogs. we are going to show you more when we come back.
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wait a minute, who let the dogs out in peru? owners dressed up their pets for the trick or treat. there is a banana split. i think we have a pirate somewhere. three dogs with the most creative costume took home dog food and treats. have a wonderful happy and safe halloween. have a great week.
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decorated u.s. male all bind skier of all time and now a newcomer in the world of horse racing. >> you said somewhere winning the derby would mean more than winning olympic gold. >> the best horses. so many variables. it would be an equal or bigger accomplishment. >> this week we spend two days with miller from his maryland barn to california's renowned santa anita park as he plans to revolutionize the sport. >> i want to win races. i want a positive impact on the sport. >> we revisit our 2014 interview known for his reckless skiing style and unapologetic public image. >> despite being the most successful skier, he's the


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