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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 30, 2017 3:30am-4:01am PDT

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washington rattled. the russia probe reaches a new faze as it is set to be public this morning five months into the investigation. lights out. the contract between puerto rico and a montana power company is canceled, setting back recovery for months. >> kevin spacey apologizes. an exciting world series game ever played. the nail biter that kept millions up past their bedtime. "early today" starts right now. >> i'm frances rivera. >> i'm phillip mena. we begin with the game everyone
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will be talking about this morning, game five between the astros and dodgers. to houston, the dodgers up, 3-0. dallas out of the game in the fourth inning. 4-0, l.a. the astros down, 4-1, a three-run shot tieing the game. did not stay tied for long. the next inning, bellinger with a three-run bomb of his own, l.a. back on top, 7-4. astros did not give up. two on, two out, mvp altuve at the plate launches deep to center field. that would tie the game again, seven a piece. the lead changes five times. the seventh inning. tied. scores alex all the way from first base. then the astros are up, 11-8.
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top of the ninth, the astros up, 12-9, two outs away from taking the game. they would not die. puig blasts a home run to pull within one. taylor up to the plate, right up the middle. this game would be tied again and extra innings. bottom of the tenth, two on, two out with alex at the plate. here is the call. >> two on, two out. tenth inning. here comes fisher. astros win it. >> coming away with a walk-off win after 5:17. they are now just one win away from the first championship. it is far from over yet. the series is headed to los angeles. this crazy game left players worse for the wear. check out justin verlander tweeting before and after photos saying the game took 40ish years
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off my life. >> the next game is coming up. to washington where the white house is scrambling after news outlets, including nbc news confirmed robert mueller, the man at the helm of the russian investigation will issue his first indictment five months into the investigation. the news comes as the president hits his lowest approval numbers, yet. 38% of voters approve of the job he is doing in office. 58% disapprove thachlt is down from september making the lowest numbers of modern times. still, 81% of republicans continue to have faith in this president. mr. trump's base continue to throw their support behind him as the indictments come to light? that could explain why he tweeted up a storm. he urged democrats to do something claiming they are waging a witch hunt for evil politics. the question this morning, who has mueller targeted and for
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what kind of alleged crime. kelly o'donnell has more from the white house. >> reporter: on a dreary, gray sunday, president trump stayed inside the white house. but, active like a cloud burst on twitter. venting broadly about the russia investigation, blaming democrats for a, quote, witch hunt for evil politics. while washington, a town that thrives on being in the know, waits in the dark for special counsel robert mueller's first indictment. >> we haven't been informed of who it is and it's not appropriate to tell us. >> reporter: secrecy is a factor itself. investigators, and by law, grand juries work behind closed doors. >> you have to be careful. it is very important to the effectiveness of a grand jury investigation. >> reporter: the unknowns? who has mueller targeted and for what kind of crime? >> it is important whether this
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involv involves 15-year-old business transactions or 15-day-old conversations with russia. >> reporter: among those under scrutiny, lobbying work by paul manafort and national security adviser, michael flynn who had not disclosed ties to russia. they deny wrong doing. others, who received less public attention could be in jeopardy. >> it is possible they are charging a number of people at once. they want to see who is the first through the door. >> a lawyer said the tweets are not a reaction to anything involving the special counsel with whom the white house continues to cooperate. president trump claimed on twitter that all the so-called russia talk is an intentional distraction from his agenda. no coincidence, he says, that it's coming at a time republicans are pushing hard for tax cuts.
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so far, the white house has not commented directly on any anticipated indictment from the mueller investigation. francis? >> thank you. puerto rico's power authority is cancelling a contract with a small montana energy company. it came hours after the governor asked the power authority to pull the plug. the $300 million deal with whitefish energy came under scrutiny about the ties to the interior secretary. whitefish energy says no one from the trump administration had anything to do with the contract. the ceo says he is somewhat disappointed with having to cancel the contract, but thinks it is necessary. >> we are managing risk. there's a perception risk, our reputation at risk and a delay risk. >> over 70% of puerto rico remains without power five weeks
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after hurricane maria devastated the island. the cancellation could delay power for months. oscar award winning actor, kevin spacey makes news of his own. while he and spacey were on broadway, spacey placed the 14-year-old on his bed and lays on top of him. he was trying to seduce me. spacey was 26 years old at the time. rapp told no one about the experience. the scandal about harvey weinstein forced him to act. spacey says i do not remember the encounter. it would you say 30 years ago. if i did, i owe him the sincerest apology for drunken behavior. this story encouraged me to address other things about my life. i know there are other stories. i have had relationships with men and women. i have loved and had encounters
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with men throughout my life and choose to live as a gay man. i want to deal with this honestly and openly and that starts with examining my own behavior. rose mcgowan said bye bye spacey, good-bye. it's your turn to cry. she's been at the center of a sexual allegation against harvey weinstein. she says through her lawyer, someone offered her hush money before exposes would bring to light reports of sexual misconduct. she says it weinstein contact offered her $1 million in exchange for a nondisclosure agreement. she responded by asking for $6 million. then she was like, oww, you are gross, i don't want your money. she reached a $100,000 settlement in 1997. that never included a
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confidentiality clause. a spokesman says he denies all allegations of nonconsensual sex. we are hearing from two women being rescued by the navy after five months at sea. they were in good spirits aboard the "uss ashland" that rescued them. they thanked the crew for saving their lives. >> these fine men and women behind us took us into their care, brought us under their wing, gave us safety, took care of our animals, gave us toothbrushes, things we didn't even think about bringing with us when we left. i have never been on a navy ship before. this place blew my mind. >> the two rescue dogs were adrift with them the whole time. they credit the animals for giving them strength to survive. having that entire ordeal, tiger sharks they had to fend off.
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wow! >> an incredible story. i can no believe that. rafael is joining us with a look at the monday forecast. good morning. >> good morning. we are going to see travel delays dealing with the coastal storm, a powerful one at that tracking rain across the region. downed trees and power lines with winds gusting 70 miles per hour. the wind warnings and advisories continue for the big cities in philadelphia and boston and currently, windsthe northwest s. sunshine in seattle, down to portland with temperatures in the 60s. we'll have the halloween forecast coming up. >> looking forward to it. thank you. fast forwarding into the week ahead, republicans release
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details of tax reform on wednesday. pay for massive tax cuts is slash the amount americans can save pretax in 401(k) plans. the first play di- will hand out treats on the south lawn. children from d.c. as well as military families and community organizations have been invited. savannah guthrie sits down with sa lino gomez after her kidney transplant. keep it here on "early today." okay, okay careful not to get it in her eyes i know what a bath is... smile honey this thing is like... first kid here we go second kid you coming in mommy? ahh not a chance! by their second kid, every parent is an expert and more likely to choose luvs than first time parents. luvs with nightlockplus absorbs wetness faster than huggies snug and dry. for outstanding overnight protection at a fraction of the cost. live, learn and get luvs
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can't have the inmates running the prison. that spurred outrage among players. they tweeted, don't apologize, you meant what you said. showing true colors allows people to say what you are. he was not referring to the athletes saying, i am truly sorry for how it impacted them and the perception it created of me. some were unconvinced by the apology before the game. according to "the washington post," players are proposing to meet with nfl commissioner, roger goodell to discuss the protesting issue. however, an espn source says the meeting has not been postponed. saudi arabia will allow women to come to sports arenas. the crown prince seeks to modernize the kingdom. how soon will this go into
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effect? >> thanks, frances. the time line is vague t. saudis announced this will go into effect early next year. apparently authorities in the kingdom have to make changes in the stadiums themselves before they can allow women and children to attend games. this would be only in three cities in saudi arabia. it follows allowing women to legally drive beginning in june. the very new, very young new crown prince announced a return to what he called modern islam. this shows the changes we are seeing in saudi arabia under the new crown prinls. he is only 32 years old. there's a slow drum beat of liberalizing change. to be fair, these are changes that, in the west or anywhere else in the muslim world would seem glacial. by the standards of saudi
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arabia, they are very dramatic and show how crown prince sees social changes as part of the broader shift in the kingdom's direction. he calls this plan, vision 23. under the plan, it is more economic diversity. oil prices have been down for years now. saudi arabia can no longer rely on the oil. to him, that means empowering women. philip? >> matt, thank you. anyone ordering an apple iphone x better pack their patience. we'll tell you what your neighbors will be spending on holiday gifts this year. much more ahead. to have cancer. i beat it. i did. not alone. i used to have no idea what the american cancer society did. research? yeah. but also free rides to chemo and free lodging near hospitals.
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salvation can be yours. an offering of blood will set you free. i want to play a game. >> the horror sequel jigsaw debuted at the box office. the eighth film scared $16 million. >> so creepy. stocks kick off the day again in record territory. apple is investigating among investors. landon dowdy has more. >> the markets will try to build on a record setting week. futures are low.
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friday, closing up. nasdaq to 6701. plenty to watch on wall street. the federal reserve begins the two day policy meeting tomorrow. wall street, hoping for additional guidance on the latest interest rate policy plans. they may appear in stores friday, but getting the iphone x could be a big challenge chlgt it's in such a big demand, there's a five-six week backlog of the device. it cost a record setting $999. consumers plan to open their wallets wider this holiday season. a national retail federation finding consumers spend $967 this year. that's 3.4% higher than last year. back to you. >> certainly helps that you have that one extra weekend. christmas is on monday this year. just ahead, a surprising
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2015. experts point to school budget cuts, bullying and immigrant status. it's a bummer to hear that when you know these kids depend on these teachers so much and how they mold them. you know, hopefully it will take a better turn. >> it is disheartening. you want your teachers to be in a positive mind set while teaching. we have a question for you, what does jigsaw from the saw movies and steph curry have in common? they want to play a game thachlt is curry under the mask. he's rolling through security. there's his teammate getting a kick out of it. he joked steph has way too much time on his hands. >> no scares, just laughs. this is "early today." the unique formula with nourishing almond oil leaves skin smoother moisturized for 24 hours.
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facebook announced stricter rules after admitting thousands of ads linked to russia appeared on the platform. >> bottoms, bogus, automated accounts affected the election. >> we show how they work and how they can sway the conversation. >> inside the intelligence lab for the institute for the future, sam wooley has been tracking how bots affect the 2016 election. >> fake news can have world consequences. >> fake news are fake. >> reporter: bots can post, retweet and share thousands of times faster than a real person. >> politicians, journalists, people that spread and make news
3:57 am
were actually sharing bot content online, sharing fake stories because like us, they didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: bots can add fake followers. they retweet posts to spread information quickly and widely using popular hashtags and trending topics to get users to engage in a disinformation attack. it helps real people see that stuff and engage in it, right? >> yes. >> reporter: nick found that russians were buying armies of bots that were difficult to trace. >> i'm buying retweets. >> one of the things the russians did is they use bots to get bmomentum. >> they retweeted our tweet 5,000 times. twitter catches 450,000
3:58 am
suspicious accounts every day and will continue to strengthen against manipulation. experts say the 2018 election is under threat as russian bots have confusion among the american voters. >> if the person that speaks loudest wins, we look thor tear yan. >> reporter: the truth is at stake. nbc news, palo alto, california. let's check in with nbc meteorologist rafael. >> good morning. mostly quiet. light snow in denver. los angeles, sunshine and clouds, temperatures low 70s. seattle looking good. dry in the pacific northwest with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. the trick or treat forecast, warming up in denver, cool in los angeles. lots of clouds. temperatures, upper 60s. we stay dry up and down the west coast for halloween. back to you. >> layer it. >> that will do it for us, i'm phillip mena. >> i'm frances rivera.
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thanks for watching "early today." your news tonights here on nbc and your nbc stations.
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this morning high winds and heavy rains across the northeast leave a half million people without power. >> the mueller investigation, a trump twitter storm unleashed over the weekend blaming the democrats for a witch hunt. >> the second longest game in world histories, 25 combined runs, the tenth winning walk off and blurry eyed baseball fans coast to coast. >> brand-new eye opening poles on president trump. "early today" starts right now. >> good to be with you on a monday morning. i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm phillip mena. millions are at risk this morning as a powerful storm batters the northeast. heavy winds are whipping


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