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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 30, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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off the back of a big rig. the good news, the big rig on the wheels but the debris across lanes two, three and four causes the back up. i'm told cal trans is picking up that debris to get a lane open. right now, northbound 85 just after you start the slowing, you should be able to get to the off ramp to the rest of the northbound direction moving smoothly. here is where the back up is. here is the rest of silicon valley. an easy drive toward the bay bridge. it cleared from the east shore freeway. kari, we have mist. i have it on my windshield as well. >> you may have to do a couple swipes with the windshield wipers. you will need them as the week goes on. it is mostly cloudy and cool temperatures, too. as we look at the highs for today, it's going to be much lower than where we should be for this time of year, reaching
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the low to mid-60s for the inner bay and upper 60s for the valley. we'll talk more about this and the rain in the forecast coming up. as we head over to the news, i'll have a look at that later. >> thanks, kari. a live look at capitol hill where a development of the russia investigation could be revealed today. nbc news confirmed special counsel robert mueller will announce an indictment. someone is being charged, but who and for what? tracie potts is live in washington and tracking what is next this morning. at this point, there are a lot of unanswered questions. >> reporter: a lot of unanswered questions about who this person is. we have not confirmed the identity of the person enindicted, as of this moment. but, once we do or once we hear from robert mueller later today, it will give us a better idea where the investigation is headed.
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two sources tell nbc fbi special counsel robert mueller will announce a federal grand jury indictment, charges against someone in the russia investigation. most of washington is in the dark. >> make no mistake disclosing the material is a violation of the law. >> we have to have confidence in the pact the grand jury sits in a secret and fair. >> reporter: previously, they named former national security adviser mike flynn and former trump chair paul manafort as targets of the investigation into alleged russian interference and possible collusion in the presidential election. both deny it. the president exploded on twitter calling this a witch hunt. >> much speculation about whether or not donald trump will use the pardon power to get out of power. >> reporter: an indictment will provide information for congressional committees
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conducting their own investigation. >> we continue the hard work of getting to the bottom of what happened. >> i have not yet seen definitive evidence of collusion. >> reporter: the president's pleading, do something. today, the special counsel will. here, lawmakers are concerned that all of this is going to distract from what they have really been working on and trying to get it done quickly, tax reform. >> a lot of people paying attention to that as well. thank you so much. at 5:03, continuing coverage of the norpt bay wildfires. firefighters expected to have full containment by tomorrow. the tubbs fire, the most destructive wildfire in california history is now 98% contained. sadly, it killed 22 people and destroyed 5300 structures in sonoma county. the long road to recovery continues. today, the remaining schools in santa rosa will reep. continuing coverage, the
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case of the man accused of killing kate steinle is back under way. the defendant, jose gar zsee ya zarate. they saw video appearing to show the moment the gun went off. nbc bay area exclusively obtained that footage that can be viewed on our website. we are learning more college students are having second thoughts about the night before will be turning to vending machines for help. bob redell is live at stanford university and a new way students can get that birth control. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. not just stanford, but we learned several other campuses are looking into taking stanford's lead, installing vending machines that sell so-called morning after pills. the campus recently installed
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this high-tech kiosk inside a restroom inside the old building that dispenses my way, the over-the-counter medicine that presents them. my way was sold out when we visited last week. the student government pushed them to allow the machine on campus for women who need access specifically on the weekend when the health center is closed and the nearest pharmacy is a 20-30 minute walk away. >> i think of it as wonderful for women to have the opportunity to buy contraception at their earliest convenience. >> the best choice is to use protection before you have sex. best case scenario, you are not going to have an unplanned pregnancy. >> reporter: we reached out to the company behind the high-tech
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kiosk installed at stanford. they were in talks with 15 other campuses, including ivy league schools interested in selling the machines. at least one other california school installed the emergency contraceptive. reporting live in stanford, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. now, to continuing coverage of the first homicide in 2015. the search is on for the suspect who shot and killed a man. contra costa sheriff's deputies say it happened sunday morning not far from ravenwood park. the victim died blocks from his home. the victim walks his dog in the neighborhood and tells speeders to slow down. >> didn't want to start trouble or anything like that. it's just sad that that happened. he's a really good friend. >> the victim leaves behind a wife and children. the suspects are in their late teens or early 20s.
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they were seen driving a gray dodge challenger or mustang. they are looking for a red mitsubishi eclipse. >> details on the arrest of an oakland athletics player. bruce maxwell is facing charges after pointing a gun to a food delivery person. police arrived at his home after getting a call about a person with a gun. they booked him an charges of aggravated assault and disorderly assault. last month, maxwell was the first and only major league player to kneel during the national anthem. the a's released a statement saying we were disappointed to learn of the allegations. we take the situation and ongoing investigation seriously. we are gathering information from the proper authorities and do not have further comment at this time. new this morning, parking changings in palo alto. they might change regulations
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for housing developments according to a memo by the palo alto weekly. we checked with the zoning laws and currently the housing developments are required to have a certain amount of parking. counselors say that the housing rules, especially near places near mass transit, they might build more housing developments. a live look outside as the commute is getting under way. starting wednesday, it will cost considerably more for drivers to fill up their tanks. november 1st, a 12 cent increase goes into effect statewide. the tax going up 20 cents a gallon. the law will raise more than $52 billion to pay for road improvements and other transportation projects. they are trying to get a repeal of the measure on the 2018 ballot. don't stop now. as you head out to the gas station this morning, right now, as we approach 5:09, something
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nice and warm to wear. mostly cloudy skies. it's misting and drizzling in oakland. it will stay in the 50s and early this afternoon in the low 60s. then we check out the day planner for san jose. 53 degrees at 8:00. noon, 62 degrees and only making it to the mid-60s today. san francisco, keeps those clouds and we will mostly be in the upper 50s today and we will talk about what's ahead as the temperatures stay cool and then rain moves in. that's in the forecast. mike starts out with what's happening on the east shore freeway. >> we go north to the east shore freeway. behind this 580 shield. we have a build at the bay bridge toll plaza, traditional for the cash lanes. west 80, unknown object. we don't know what's in the middle of the roadway. it's not a car or a moving car. we are going get an update from chp based on the activity of the car. it's going to clear quickly. we'll track that and the rest of
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the bay. this known object. i'm going to get on this side, northbound 101 just north of the 85 split. reports of metal debris on northbound 101. one open. we are tracking that. i'll try to get another update from chp. back to you. breaking news into the news room right now. we are getting word that paul manafort has been indicted in connection with the fbi's investigation into russian meddling in our presidential election. manafort and his former business associate were told to surrender to authorities this morning. we has been under investigation for violation of federal tax law, money laundering and whether he disclosed foreign lobbying. no doubt, big word this morning, manafort indicted. the apple employee without a job over what his daughter posted online. we'll show you the controversial
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and viral video. facebook and twitter try to crack down on russian influence and the light hearted hamburger controversy. let us talk about it when "today in the bay" continues.
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good monday morning, it is 5:13. as you get ready to head out the door, it is misting and drizzling as we take a live look outside in palo alto, we are getting the day started with cloudy skies and cool temperatures, too. we'll stay in the 50s throughout
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much of the morning and make it to the mid-60s today. we'll talk about slightly warmer temperatures for the middle of the week and rain. all of that in the forecast coming up at 5:19. we are still looking at this unusually unexpected slowing with metal in the roadway northbound 101. we'll give you the south bay update, coming up. apple reportedly fired an engineer after his daughter showed off the iphone x online. self-proclaimed youtube blogger showed the phone. that video quickly became a top trending video. in that video, reportedly she shot at an apple cafeteria and displayed various features of the phone. she released another video where she said apple fired her father for the incident. >> apple, of course, asked me to take it down. i took it down when they asked me to because i respect apple. i had no idea this is a
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violation. he takes full responsibility for letting me film his iphone x. >> apple unveiled the iphone x at a media event. it is available now. tech insiders note the video revealed employee only codes and code names for unreleased apple products. tomorrow, facebook, google and twitter will hold hearings on content in russian disinformation online. all three bay area tech companies under heavy scrutiny for failing to unveil the fake news. across the capitol in the house, marcus. the house wants it, too. not just the senate. both sides of the capital will ask tech executives to testify. you are not going to see mark zuckerberg, they are sending a
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top lawyer, instead. moments after congressional investigators announced they would start the questions on november 1st, facebook announced it would make the quarterly financial announcement the very same day. that requires zuckerburg to stay home and not go to washington. facebook announced they would show who buys political ads and other ads on the site. they have been pressuring them to do it for years. >> i could use some cat food. >> the cat is almost out of food. >> we might need cat food. >> buy cat food. >> cat food. they listen to you talk and send ads based on what you say. if you talk about cat food and you don't have a cat, you will see cat food all day. facebook denies the claim. laura said we tried this just this morning. >> in the news room all the
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time. facebook said we don't and have never used your microphone for ads, just not true. >> hmmm. >> roger stone has been kicked off twitter for threatening journalists. he attacked don lemon calling him dumbing than dog droppings, but he did not use droppings. then, finally, on a much lighter note, where do you put the lettuce, where do you put the cheese in a cheeseburger? this is quite a discussion after someone noticed the the emoji puts the lettuce ton bottom. no, on the top and the cheese on the bottom. you can't put the cheese on the bottom. the ceo tweeted this morning, this would be their top priority when they come back to work to fix it. >> he leaves it open. if folks can agree on the correct way. i guess there isn't a correct way.
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you put the cheese on top of the meat. >> you are grilling it that way. >> then the tomato an lettuce, right? >> there is only one way. >> i can fix that. i don't like cheese on mine. take it off. >> have it your way. yeah. >> anyway you want. halloween comes early for the golden state warriors and a star. take a look here. it's scary. look closely. look. i'm pretty sure this is steph curry yesterday. the team put this video on twitter. he was dressed as the puppet from a movie. he was riding the tricycle used in those movies. somehow he makes it past security. >> that's scary. do you want to play a game? how about basketball?
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>> scary. we should all warm up like that. >> yeah, they could do it. >> golden state warriors. if they make the win, i'm all for it. >> there you go. >> a win for the weather? >> i think so. everyone is focused on halloween and whether or not it's going to rain. it's going to be nice. no worries what so ever. we start with clouds and drizzle this morning as you get ready head out. the temperatures are cooler. we are in for a pattern change as we go through the week. it starts out in the mid-50s as you get ready to head out the door. clouds and also watching low visibility in spots. as we look at the high temperatures today, clearing as we go into the afternoon. now, the seven day forecast is coming up on the bottom of the screen. you will see we have rain in the forecast as we go toward the weekend. it's going to be nice and comfortable as far as the high temperatures this week, reaching up to 67 degrees today in concord and in danville. hayward, 63.
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62 degrees in san mateo. san francisco, mostly some upper 50s, a few spots like embarcadero up to 60s. sonoma, 66. if you are planning to go out, the tri-valley today is going to be mostly cloudy and going to be nice and cool. we have to watch out for that fog throughout the morning. it looks like it stays foggy throughout the day at half-moon bay. if you were there over the weekend, it was nice and warm. clearing. we are not going to see much of that today. then, after school, football practice, the after school activities will be nice, much cooler today with highs in the mid-60s by 3:00. the dropping temperatures fairly quickly closer to sunset. looking at the temperatures in the 60s in san francisco. rain moves in late friday evening, off and on showers for the weekend. you need that in the weekend plan. we'll have some rain also from the north bay down to the south
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bay between friday and sunday. i'll have details on that. mike is still tracking the progress in san jose. >> find the progress, kari. not giving a lot of update except the fact caltrain is still on scene. the bottom of the screen is where the activity or slowing is. sizable slowing northbound 101 approaching the off ramp. things are jamming up because of this crash that spilled metal across the northbound lanes. just north of the 85 split. you can see it slowing on the northbound 85 portion of that split as well. they are going to hit this. travel parallel to 101. the rest moves smoothly. westbound 80 at carlson, slowing. the debris cleared the lane. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 5:21 right now. coming up, educators.
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the study showing the declining health of teachers nationwide.
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suggest more teachers are welcome back, 5:24. new this morning, findings that suggest more teachers are suffering from mental health issues. teacher groups obtained a study by usa today. 6-10 say their mental health has been an issue over some of the
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past 30 days. two years ago, the number was close to 3-10 teachers. some anxiety contributing include school budget cuts, bullying and issues of hate embedded in political dialogue. san mateo county leaders will hold the first of two public hearings on the plan to regulate commercial marijuana growing. san mateo hopes to have new ordinance in place. this will allow businesses to grow plants and greenhouses. it includes a county licensing board. tonight's meeting takes place in redwood city. more details, the marijuana industry site publishes a fact book that indicates marijuana dispensaries serve 100 customers a day. the number varies greatly depending on the market served. california and michigan are the
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top two states in terms of medical marijuana patients. a new effort to notify drivers who haven't gotten necessary repairs. national highway traffic safety administration is launching a pilot program in maryland. basically, when you register your car, they will tell you if you have uncompleted autorecalls. maryland was the only state to apply. more details on recalls in the u.s. are at record levels. last year, the u.s. set a new mark for the third straight year. we sorted through the numbers overnight. automakers recalled 53.2 million vehicles in 2016 followed by 51.1 million in 2015. the it was 50.2 million in 2014. 20.2 million recalls in 2013. the surge follows high profile defects, you might remember,
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including the takata air bag scandal. coming up, breaking news out of capitol hill. an indictment. plus, a bay area theme park. >> get back, get back, get back. >> police asking questions about how security let this happen. >> reporter: you ever thought you overpaid for a parking ticket in san francisco? you might be right. the city might be able to pay you back. that's next.
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we begin "today in the bay" at 5:30 with breaking news from capitol hill. paul manafort has been indicted this morning in connection with the fbi's investigation into russian meddling in our presidential election. paul manafort and his former business associate rick gates were told to surrender to authorities this morning. these are live pictures from the district court where we have cameras stationed. we'll bring dwrou latest. we'll check in with scott mcgrew in 15 minutes for the background on this story. but, paul manafort has been indicted. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we want to look at the weather. kari? >> big changes as you head out.
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mist and drizzle and low clouds. a marine layer gone back to 2,000 feet. it is deep enough to roll over the hills and into the valleys as well, creating mist and drizzle. here is a look at the high temperatures, cooler than where we should be this time of year and a change from the weather this week. reaching 68 degrees in antioch and livermore and 60 degrees in san francisco. half-moon bay stays in the 50s. we will talk about what's ahead for the weekend in seven minutes. mike is saying the san jose commute is slow. >> it is, kari. we have been tracking this. it's an alert i'm going to give folks. most of the speed sensors are showing green. in the san jose area, northbound 101 jammed up and starting grow. morgan hill, approaching this crash and debris that blocks the fast lane, north 101. that's north of the split with highway 85. some folks may want to use that.
5:32 am
it starts back in met calf. that is the problem. get to monterey road and up through the area. monterey road will be packed up over the next few minutes as well. the rest of the valley cleared because of the traffic. the bay bridge, we know about this back up because the metering lights were turned on. back to you. >> hope that commute gets better, thank you, mike. a busy night for the san jose police department. several side shows have officers making arrests in multiple locations. kris sanchez is live with the three different crime scenes we are learning about. good morning, kris. >> reporter: good morning, laura. one was dangerous. an officer was hit in a side show. hundreds of racers involved in these side shows. again, a patrol car, a window was smashed up last sunday as well. this is something that has been ongoing and a problem for the
5:33 am
san jose police. now, san jose police confirm that hundreds of people were involved, hundreds of cars, now a number of people are under arrest. several cars are in the impound lot. the officer who was injured was at 680 and it was a raucus night as well. that was one scene. officers responded to capitol expressway where racers were seen coming and going into the lot of in-n-out burgers there. the biggest arrests were at capitol expressway. if you are not familiar with the locations, they are high traffic, even on a slow night. there are a number of ways for things to go sideways and fast. here is san jose police lieutenant brian anderson. >> when you are on the public street doing doughnuts or excessive speed and so forth, you run the risk of losing control of the vehicle. >> reporter: this was the second
5:34 am
sunday night in a row for crackdowns. this follows last sunday, which a window of a patrol car was broken out. san jose police are working with other agencies as well as chp and morgan hill police, which had their own crackdown recently as well. the lieutenant tells us, a challenge is how easily they can organize via social media. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks. busy one out there. there is a growing problem with security concerns at great america after a violent weekend of theft, fights and arrests. listen to this. right there, you are watching cell phone video of a fight and arrest. reports of multiple fights across the park on saturday. santa clara police say several cell phones were stolen and officers had to taz the person trying to steal the phones. security didn't do much to stop
5:35 am
them. >> they could have at least tried to separate them. scare them away, something like that. yeah, do a whistle. >> get back, get back, get back. >> police had extra officers inside the park yesterday. we pushed officials to answer why it happened. they didn't comment on specifics or the security policy, but all guests have to go through metal detectors. the taser would set off a metal detector. they are questioning how they got through security. the number of homicides is up from 2016. this is the second straight year it's gone up. we looked at the fbi data on murder rates. two of the top five are in the bay area. compton is number one, followed by san bernadina, salinas, oakland and richmond. fremont has zero homicides. palo alto leaders decide
5:36 am
whether to ban dispensaries. they passed the ordinance in august. you may recall last year, more than two-thirds of state voters approved legalizing recreational marijuana. the cities have power to limit operations. in san jose, the police department is hosting meeting on weather existing medical marijuana facilities should be allowed to sell recreational pot. your input is wanted. the meeting is at 7:00 at city hall. new this morning, san francisco could owe you hundreds of dollars. thousands of people either paid a traffic citation twice or paid more than they owed. >> we are live with how to find out if you are due a refund. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you marcus and laura. some viewers watching may be eligible for reimbursement through the city of san francisco. we are talking thousands of people that may have overpaid on
5:37 am
tickets from 1995 to 2014. according to the san francisco municipal transportation agency, we are learning these overpaid tickets took place between january of 1995 through june of 2014. we are talking about $600,000 in overpayments and duplicate tickets. the same situation happened when they did a scrub of their records and showed they owed money between 1995 and 2012. to get that money, that's the most important part, file a claim online or by phone by december 14th. any of these unclaimed moneys will be property of the city and county of san francisco. there's a long list. we are talking thousands of people that's on the website. you can find out there. we are working to get a link on our website to find it easier at we are live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> everybody would love money back. thanks a lot, pete.
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>> reporter: yep. let's check that morning commute with mike right now. still a problem in the south bay, kind of growing. >> right here at this arrow. it is growing. this is in san jose, but coming into san jose from morgan hill and gilroy. this is a big issue. laura confirmed there were a lot of flashing lights north of the 85 split northbound 101. it turns out the metal debris spilled across the roadway and onramp. one lane of 101 is open. the onramp is also closed. folks familiar with the area, you can pass that and loop back and take that. i believe that onramp is open and accessible out of the area. 101 is a mess. use that as an alternate and sneak by. that's the slower drive. the rest of the bay, north of there is looking great. i did show you a few minutes ago the bay bridge toll plaza, backed up on schedule. we look at the top of the
5:39 am
screen, westbound 80 coming down but still under a half hour. it's moving well through berkeley. right now, we are going to look ahead to the weekend. last weekend you told me it was going to be nice, i packed my stuff, went to the city and had a great time, thanks to you. >> thank you. >> do it again. >> not this weekend. we are going to have rain moving in. i know it's monday and we are starting to make plans on what to do this weekend. check this out, saturday, rain moving in. i'm trying to hammer out the details of when the rain will be moving in. we will have much cooler temperatures and showers off and on between saturday and sunday. now, if you are planning to head up to the valley, it is going to be cool, highs in the mid-50s. rain and a heads up for the sierra. we could be talking about the potential of feet of snow
5:40 am
falling in the area this weekend. checking out squaw valley forecast, we'll see the heavy snow cranking up. if you can get there, get there before friday before the snow starts to fall. time to think about winter, laura. i know you are excited. >> i always am. perfect. we need that window of opportunity to drive there. 5:40 right now. coming up, another hollywood bombshell. the a-list celebrity apologizes after an explosive interview accuses him of a predatory incident. [ inaudible ] >> can you hear mcgrew? he is standing by. he's got the biggest bombshell out of washington this morning with paul manafort indicted. we'll check in with him coming up and get that mike working, too. you could save energy
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by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california.
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right now, at 5:43, we are back to fall this morning and a deep marine layer brings in the clouds and fog starting out this morning and as we go through the day, it lingers. slow to clear. temperature for campbell, 52 degrees as you head out early this morning. highs today, mid-60s. it will be warming up a bit before that rain moves in. yeah, rain, we'll talk about that coming up in five minutes. san jose has that problem for 101. the tri-valley, we have the build for the normal commute. how the two are combining.
5:44 am
breaking news today could be the most important day in the trump presidency since the inauguration. today, scott mcgrew, the first indictments are in. >> robert mueller filed the first official charges against a trump campaign official. in fact, two campaign manager paul manafort as well as one of manafort's associates. manafort is going to turn himself into the fbi. we expect the accusations against him are largely financial crimes. financial crimes are relatively easy to prove. this is manafort here. you don't have to prove intent. manafort was as close to the campaign as you could be because he was the campaign manager. now, if you can threaten manafort with serious jail time, the speculation goes, he may hand you someone higher up. and, in a campaign, there is nobody higher up than the person managing the campaign, other
5:45 am
than donald trump. and donald trump is going to have to be careful today. in the past, during times of crisis, he managed to say or tweet something that seemed like obstruction of justice. he told lester holt, he fired the director of the fbi to stop the russia investigation. so far this morning, the president only tweeted about democrats. under normal circumstances, this would be a top story, but the world is not normal today. today, the senate foreign relations committee asks how long we shouldout rise the president to use military force. this has been open since 2001, called the authorization of military force passed by congress. it allowed the invasion of afghanistan but has been used by presidents. congress thinking of taking back that authority today. it's important because it's our men and women in the field. we will watch the indictments. we will break into regular
5:46 am
programming, as needed. you can watch twitter and for the latest as well. >> thanks, scott. this just in. video showing the aftermath of a high-speed chase on highway 101 overnight. it ended in a crash at 3:15 a.m. this started in brisbane. we don't know why the chase started. at the time, the cars were going over 100 miles per hour. we'll keep asking questions and update you as soon as we have information. the story sparking all sorts of talk on social media, actor kevin spacey came out as gay after an interview accusing him. anthony rapp says in the mid-'80s, kevin spacey made a sexual advance at a party he hosted in new york city when rapp was 14 years old. both were acting on broadway.
5:47 am
spacey would have been 26. he crawled on top of him and he managed to squirm away. spacey fave a public apology and said he does not remember, but likely would have been drunken behavior. the story encouraged him to come out as a gay man. in the meantime, corey feldman is speaking out talking about the sex scandals swirling around hollywood as well. feldman appears on nbc's "today" show. he spoke to matt lauer. >> there's misconduct with kevin spacey with this child actor who came forward. it's going to continue unraveling. this is just the beginning. it's just the tip of the iceberg. everything you are seeing is building up to what is going to be a dam breaking open. >> feldman is hoping to raise $10 million to do a feature film he says will expose the dark side of hollywood. in the past, he posted videos suggesting he can identify half
5:48 am
a does zen abusers. during the "today" show, he said he wants to keep the names under wraps until he has the money to produce the film. it will air this morning during the 8:00 a.m. hour of "today" here on nbc bay area. puerto rico's electric company is working toward cannesling a $300 million contract with a small company from montana. whitefish agency was hired to repair the electrical infrastructure. they only had two employees. they are wondering how they acquired such a contract. the company is in ryan zinke's hometown and he knows the ceo. from pennsylvania to maine after tropical storm felipe barrelled through the region. it struck on sunday with heavy rain falling overnight. look at the tree that was brought down on top of a car in
5:49 am
connecticut. imagine walking up to that. 45 million flood warnings there. damage to homes, downed power lines leaving thousands without power. the storm struck on the five-year anniversary of superstorm sandy. >> wow. >> tis the season. if you were watching football, you can see how much it was pouring down on the games yesterday. that's just something that kind of visualizes and gives visualization here in the bay area of what's happening out east. as we get a look at the storm this morning, it continues to move off to the north and bring in rain there. that's something that we'll continue to make headlines with gusty winds. as we mentioned, up to 70 miles per hour. as we start out this morning, we are walking out the door to clouds and drizzle. temperatures mid-50s and we are going to see those highs today much cooler than what we had
5:50 am
last week and below normal for this time of year, reaching 56 degrees in san jose and 57 in concord. napa, 66 degrees. getting started or dressed this morning, you may want to make sure you grab a hat because of the drizzle. once the moisture gets through, it's going to be a bad hair day. the seven day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen and you need a jacket today and the need for long sleeves and pants. it will finally feel like fall today. that's the kind of weather we will have throughout the week. as you get ready to head out the door for the school day forecast in the tri-valley, livermore, 52 degrees and seeing those high temperatures today rising into the low 60s, making plans to go jogging today. the best time will be anytime today because it will be much cooler and as we head toward the end of the week, you can see that at the bottom of the screen as well. we will have rain moving in. the potential of getting quite a bit of significant rain,
5:51 am
measurable from friday into sunday. that will be what we'll be tracking as we go through the week. more on that coming up. mike, you are tracking what's happening with the slow commute in the south bay. >> live pictures from ethan, who arrived. we have traffic going slowly under 101 and presumably, this is all the activity because of the rig. i think that's the rig there that spilled the metal on 101. see this distance? that's 85. these are folks streaming past on the 85 option. here is what the map shows you. that's why it's not easy to get there. traffic held back here in this portion of san jose trying to get there. 85 splits here. the crash is north of there. folks can't get there. it's backed up here past met calf and bailey now. that's a problem because we have this traffic from san martin. this is the build that's going
5:52 am
to continue. this is a problem. crews are on scene. the flashing lights. we'll let you know. northbound 101. the rest of the bay moves smoothly. the tri-valley and the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on. back to you. >> that happened at 3:30 this morning. thanks, mike. coming up, the mayor of los angeles says he won't run as governor of california. the political ambition that is go past the governor's mansion. a developing story out of saudi arabia. next year, women will be allowed to go to sporting events. the president of the philippines will visit japan and says someone should talk to kim jong-un reassuring him nobody is out to remove him or destroy his country. -p taking a live look outside from
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
the golden gate bridge. we ha b >> welcome back. the time is 5:55. take a live look outside from the golden gate bridge. we have been seeing light drizzle during the morning commute. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking the full forecast. she'll have it for you in five minutes as well as the trick or treat forecast. >> that is so important, marcus. it's 5:55 right now. l.a. major, eric garcetti says
5:56 am
he will not run for governor of california. he tweeted the decision saying he is passionate about his city and family. some political observers said he may be eyeing a presidential bid in 2020. several people are looking to replace him next year, including gavin newsome, john cox and assemblyman travis allen. a lot of people are renting instead of buying homes. renters are forgetting to buy something that protects what they own inside. there's a spike in apartment construction and that increased in renting has brought back the debate over whether people should buy renters insurance. an expert says there is no debate about this one. >> the problem with not having renters insurance and sort of assuming that the landlord is going to take care of you if you
5:57 am
get into legal trouble or you have a natural disaster. the problem with that is their insurance never covers you. >> the average cost of a renter's premium across the nation is less than $200. experts say insurance is worth every penny. more landlords are requiring them to carry renters insurance though there's no current law requiring it. amazon's newest pick-up location is in downtown san jose at 3rd street. you can pick up or drop off packages there. prime members get free same day pick up. new this morning, consumers plan to spend more this holiday shopping season according to a survey for the national retail federation. the survey found consumers spend $967.13. that's up 3.5% from last year. for the first time in the
5:58 am
survey's history, online is the most popular destination. more than half of consumers are planning to buy gifts online. salina gomez makes headlines after receiving a kidney transplant. >> the donor is her best friend. they sat down with "today" show savannah guthrie. here is a preview. >> you feel she saved your life? >> because she did. that's it. i guess i got to the point where it was really kind of life of death. >> you can watch the full interview on the "today" show after "today in the bay" at 7:00 this morning. we are almost exactly 100 days away from the beginning of the 2018 winter olympic games. >> tomorrow will mark 100 days until those games begin. meantime, athletes are trying to snag a spot in the game. a figure skater is hoping to get
5:59 am
there. the 18-year-old has been inspired by bay area native, kristi yamaguchi. >> she is my role model, my mentor, she is everything that i ever want to be. funny thing is, this year, i'm actually skating to carman for my preskate. she had a black and gold dress and i do. i'm channelling my inner kristi yamaguchi this year. >> good luck to you. >> officials are looking forward to the torch relay. they begin wednesday when the olympics plane arrives in south korea. the flames will then make their way around 17 cities and provinces across the country. it will shine on culture and
6:00 am
landmarks. 175 torchbearers will take part in the relay. 6:00 right now. the two people who have been indicted in the fbi's investigation into russian meddling in our presidential election. plus, a new option for bay area college students with second thoughts about the night before. the day after pill popping up. an apple employee fired after his daughter shared trade secrets. "today in the bay" continues right now. we say continues because early bird gets the worm. we start at 4:30, we are on until 7:00. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we have more breaking news. first, we want to check in with mike and the traffic. >> it's been happening for a while. we have pictures currently right now showing y


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