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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 30, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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175 torchbearers will take part in the relay. 6:00 right now. the two people who have been indicted in the fbi's investigation into russian meddling in our presidential election. plus, a new option for bay area college students with second thoughts about the night before. the day after pill popping up. an apple employee fired after his daughter shared trade secrets. "today in the bay" continues right now. we say continues because early bird gets the worm. we start at 4:30, we are on until 7:00. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we have more breaking news. first, we want to check in with mike and the traffic. >> it's been happening for a while. we have pictures currently right now showing you the flashing lights blocking all but one
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lane. just one lane of highway 101 are open here. flashing lights. let me walk you through the picture. we have that one lane. here, the overturned rig carrying metal debris on to the freeway after that very tight onramp now. that's what happened. it was too tight for the rig. spilled metal across the freeway. caltrans is trying to clear it. the map will show you the problem. you can't get there. look, over here, san jose moves well except in the area out of gilroy. you are jammed from bailey up to the scene at the 85 split. that's where the crash we showed you. folks are flooding monterey road as well. it is going to be very crowded as it has been since 5:00 this morning. we are tracking that back up as it continues to build. another burst of traffic out of san martin. the rest looks good as far as the sensors.
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we have a crash by oakland coliseum. the lanes are just being affected by this crash. we have a look at that. two lanes blocking. i'll get more details as this just happened. kari, you have more information on the commute affected by mist as well. >> right. already busy this morning, mike. it's been misting at times. you have to turn on the windshield wipers and it may make the roads slick. as you head out, we are going to have a day cooler than what we have seen reaching the low to mid-60s. the seven day forecast, it stays cool and rain in the forecast for the weekend. i'll be tracking all of this and what you can expect where you live, coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. the time is 6:02. live to washington, d.c. this morning. what we are learning about major developments and the fbi's russian investigation. former trump campaign chairman paul manafort and former business associate has been told to surrender this
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morning. tracie potts is live on capitol hill following the latest developments for us. >> reporter: laura and marcus, breaking news developing now. manafort has already turned himself into the fbi. we saw a black suv leaving up his home this morning and turning himself in at the washington field office for the fbi. we are waiting confirmation that gates has done so. he was certainly told to do so. the latest information we have is that manafort's indictment may be tax related. that's from four separate forces, including law enforcement that this indictment may be related to tax issues. maybe or maybe not directly related to his service on the trump campaign and any ties to russia. that's what this investigation is all about. in the course of the investigation, they were looking very closely at his business dealings, wire transfers that
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occurred and now we are told that this tax indictment may not procollude other indictments in the future. we should find out more later today when the special counsel, robert mueller takes a look at what was in that indictment and explain publicly what was in that indictment. live pictures this morning of the district court where we are expecting all of this to go down. bottom line, two people who were high up in the trump campaign at one point, the campaign chair and his deputy, at least one of them now in fbi custody and both of them facing indictments. we'll find out more later today. laura? marcus? >> thank you, the "today" show will continue the coverage as well at 7:00 a.m. we'll bring updates as they become available to us. thanks a lot. continuing coverage of the north bay wildfires. firefighters expect full containment by tomorrow. the tubbs fire, which has been
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designated the most destructive wildfire in california history is now 98% contained. sadly, it killed 22 people and destroyed 5300 structures. the remaining schools in santa rosa will reopen this morning. the case against the man charged with killing kate steinle gets under way. jurors heard from the federal agent whose gun was used in that shooting. the defendant, jose zarate found the agent's gun and it discharged accidentally. they saw video appearing to show the moments the gun went off. here it is now. nbc bay area has obtained that footage which you can view on our website. now, a story new this morning, more college students having second thoughts about the night before will be turning to a vending machine for help. >> bob redell is live at stanford university with a way
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students can get this birth control. good morning, bob. >> reporter: well, good morning to you laura and marcus. several other campuses are taking stanford's lead and installing vending machines with the so-called morning after pill. the campus here installed this high-tech kiosk. this is inside a restroom in the old union build thag dispenses my way, an over-the-counter emergency contraceptive that prevents a woman from getting pregnant after the fact. my way was sold out when we visited last week. the student government pushed them to allow it on campus for women who need access on the weekend. when the health center is closed and the pharmacy is a 20-30 minute walk away. >> i think it's wonderful for women to have the opportunity to buy contraception at their earliest convenience, especially if time is of the essence.
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>> the best choice is use protection before you have sex. the best case scenario, you are not going to have an unplanned pregnancy. >> reporter: we reached out to the company behind the high-tech kiosk installed here. they are in talks with over 15 other campuses nationwide including a number of ivy league schools who are interested in installing those machines. at least one california school sells the emergency contraceptive not far from here, north of here, uc davis. live in stanford, president obama -- bob redell, "today in the bay." the first homicide since 2015. the search is on for a suspect who shot and killed a man. sherrif's deputies say the shooting happened early sunday morning, not far from ravenswood park. the victim dies blocks from his
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home. the victim often walked his dog in the neighborhood and sometimes told speeders to slow down. >> he's didn't want to start trouble. it's sad that happened. he's a really good friend. >> the victim leaves behind a wife and two children. the suspects were in their late teens or early 20s, driving a gray dodge cheanlger or mustang. they are looking for a red mitsubishi eclipse. bruce maxwell pointed a gun at a food delivery person. police arrived after getting a call of a person with a gun. they booked him with aggravated assault and disorderly conduct. maxwell was the first and only baseball player to kneel during the national anthem. the a's said we were
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disappointed to learn of the allegations. we take this situation and ongoing investigation seriously. we are gathering information from the proper authorities. possible parking changes in palo alto. they may change regulations for a new housing development. the zoning laws and currently, new housing developments are required to have a certain amount of parking. three city councilmembers say by eliminating those rules, especially near mass transit, more companies might build more housing developments. right now at 6:09, we walk out the door to cloudy skies and cooler temperatures. let's check out the day planner for oakland. 8:00, 53 degrees. 56 at noon. rising a few more to the low 60s. as we get a look at san jose day planner, mid-50s, mostly cloudy start, come clearing by the
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afternoon. the highs up to 64 degrees. we look ahead to warmer temperatures and rain that's coming up in a few minutes. mike has more info on the crash in oakland. >> the live camera, chp hasn't been able to get to the scene. we have fire crews and ambulance arrive blocking the two fast lanes, northbound 880. that's the 66 avenue there. it's by the oakland coliseum. folks are squeeze zing over merging. this is a big deal. they may have closed another lane while we are watching. this looks bad on the live camera. here, it looks like normal back up. a crash here, one lane blocked. we have been watching that much of the morning, clearing past richmond. san jose, we follow the other crash, northbound 101 at the bottom of your screen. i'll give you an update on that and dig up more information if
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we can get it. back to you. >> thank you. 6:10. coming up, a warning for car owners. recalls to tell you about. a program to tell you if drivers car need important repairs. is facebook listening to what you say and advertising to you? the latest allegations when "today in the bay" continues.
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good monday morning, coming up on 6:14 with cloudy skies and mist and drizzle. we want to check out the temperature in santa clara. cloudy. peaks of sunshine and slowly warming temperatures making it to the mid-60s. warmer air in the forecast, then rain. details on all of that coming up at 6:19. the crash in oakland for 880, blocking two lanes here, blocking three of four lanes on 101. there's a sweeper truck. we may have a full stop now, but that means more lanes open in the future. this is san jose, 101. we'll bring the latest on the crash. apple reportedly fired an engineer after his daughter showed off the new iphone x online. the youtube blogger showed her dad's new phone in a video posted on the website. it quickly became a top trending video. in that video, shot in apple's
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cafeteria, she displayed various features of the phone. she says apple fired her father for the incident. >> apple asked me to take it down. i did. i had no idea it was a violation. he takes full responsibility for letting me film his iphone x. >> you are thinking apple unveiled the iphone x at a media event and available for preorder. tech insiders note it revealed employee only codes and code names for apple products. drivers who haven't gotten necessary repairs. the traffic safety administration is launching a program in maryland. when you go to register your car, they will tell you if you have uncompleted recalls. they provided funding in up to six states. maryland was the only state to
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apply. details on recalls in the u.s. are at record levels. take a look. the u.s. set a new mark for the third straight year. we went through the numbers for you. there are a lot. automakers recalled 53.2 million cars in 2016. 51.1 million in 2015. the number was 50.2 million in 2014, a huge jump in recent years. 20.2 million recalls in 2013. the surge follows high profile defects you might recall, including the takata air bag scandal and the deadly ignition switch recall in gm cars. twitter and google ceos will be questioned. all companies are under scrutiny for stopping the spread of fake news. >> they face scrutiny from
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lawmakers, tech stocks are soaring. positive earnings announcement. there's no indication the market or users will punish the companies regardless of how the investigation turns out. scott mcgrew, once tech leaders are done in the senate, they are going to testify in the house. >> that's right. this will happen tomorrow. the house wants them. both sides are going to ask them to testify tomorrow. you are not going to see mark zuckerberg there. they are sending their top lawyer, instead. moments after congressional investigators announced they would start questioning on november 1st, facebook announced they would make the quarterly announcement the same day. that requires zuckerburg to stay home. they will show you who buys political ads and other ads on the site. the government has been pressuring facebook to do this for years. this summer, they were still resisting. tech stocks are doing just fine.
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they may be accused of hurting democracy, but they are making a lot of money. the the dow off a seven week, you know what i mean, of gains. party city for everyone. >> i could use some cat food. >> the cat is almost out of food, so -- >> we might need some cat food. >> you should buy cat food. >> does facebook listen to you as you talk, then send you ads based on what you say? several bloggers claim if you talk about cat food, you are going to see cat food ads, even if you don't have a cat. facebook denies that and says we do not and have not used your microphone for ads. we have tried this. >> we have done it in the news room. things come up we talk about and it is strange. these poor guys have to sit with me here and out there, too. we have the greatest conversations. i was talking about something so
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unique, this ear piece and that came up. come on. >> seems extremely -- facebook says doesn't happen. >> we are going to do a show in the news room. that's a good one. who dressed up for halloween? look at this. one of the golden state warriors dressed up. the creepy mask. curry posted it to twitter fooed. he was dressed as the puppet from "jigsaw." somehow, somehow, maybe the cameras following, he passed arena security as well. >> my question is how small that tricycle is. he's a tall guy. >> no kidding. 6:19. baseball fans asking each other, did you see it? did you stay up for it? >> i missed it. i was asleep.
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the game five leads the houston astros one game away from the championship. we need a full half hour for all the highlights. a base hit in the tenth inning broke the 12-12 tie and gave houston the walk off win. the game lasted, get this, 5:17. the astros lead the series, 3-2. game six is in los angeles on tuesday. >> yeah. a lot of dodger fans who say they are going to have ulcers by the time it's over. >> they will. >> i asked a couple folks that we see over here in the morning, despite the outcome of last night, it's been a great series. >> it has been. >> you have to love baseball. all right. fall finally decided to make an appearance. >> finally. here we are at halloween and it finally cools down. we'll take it. we will start out this morning with low clouds, fog and drizzle as you get ready to head out the door.
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here is a live look in san francisco. the marine layer at 2000 feet deep. it's fairly deep enough to roll over the hills and settle into the valley. that's why we had the mist and drizzle that you are feeling as you head out the door. here is a look at the high temperatures today. the clock is slow to clear. that helps keep those temperatures down, reaching the mid-60s today. as we move over to the east bay, antioch, a high of 68 degrees. 63 degrees in hayward, the peninsula at 57. half-moon bay, don't expect a lot of sunshine. san 62 degrees. reaching 61 in the mission district and 67 in navato today. as we look at the school day forecast, as you get ready to head out the door, it is definitely a morning where you have to wear long sleeves and sweater with temperatures in the mid-50s. highs today, 63 degrees. we will have dry weather throughout the week and halloween is safe.
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as we get closer to the weekend, making those weekend plans include the possibility of rain. we will start to see the showers move from the north on friday evening, continuing throughout the day on saturday. looks like saturdays will be the wettest day and another round of rain on sunday with much cooler temperatures. so, once again, let me know what you are doing this weekend and be my friend on facebook, meteorologist kari hall as we check out the forecast, low 60s throughout the week in san francisco. once again, the chance of rain coming in late friday into the weekend. this may be our first c significant rainmaker of the season. really excited about it. as we head to mike, san jose talking about the metal spill on highway 101. >> we saw the sweepers going back and forth. i hoped we were going to reopen more lanes. only one lane open as you pass here to silicon valley. folks are getting through the area and trying to loop back.
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there's 85 in the distance. we'll show you the map. quickly, we are going to show you the split here. traffic is held up back here getting up from bailey, actually approaching bailey up to the scene, about five miles of back up. monterey road is jammed up. more out of san martin and morgan hill. now, the rest of the bay looks good. let me show you the oakland camera, northbound 880 jammed up because of this crash. i just saw chp arrive. hopefully they can clear the roadways. two lanes are blocked. back to you. >> thank you. coming up next on "today in the bay," stressed out teachers. the reason more than half of teachers say they are dealing with anxiety and their mental health is suffering. a problem with a dental bill festers for a year. i'm chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next. the breaking news in russia
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investigation has us all tweeting about it this morning. paul manafort and rick gates have been told to surrender. follow us on nbc bay area to follow the conversation. you are watching "today in the bay." to a gilroy man who had a nearly
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two thousand dollar dental problem.. nbc bay area responds to a gilroy man who had a nearly $2,000 dental problem. >> he needed the response team to help out. chris chmura is here with the
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story. >> he went to western dental for a new bridge. he started having problems with it after two months. he took the bridge back to get a new one. he says western dental told him there would be no charge for the replacement. later, he got a bill for the new bridge. he says he called western dental and tried to get this figured out several times, but says he never got a consistent response. after battling the bill for a year, he turned to us for help. we called western dental and it cleared sid's bill, which had risen to $1800 with interest and late fees. western dental declined the request to explain what happened. if you end up in a situation like sid request a receipt or invoice showing you have a zero balance, then hold on to it. if you have a consumer complaint, call us 888-996-tips or log on to
6:28 am new this morning, new findings that reportedly suggest more teachers are suffering from mental health issues. groups released a study obtained that inkates 6-10 say their mental health has been an issue over at least the past 30 days. years ago, the number was closer to 3-10 teachers. some say it is because of school budg budget kuts, bullying and the issue of hate. coming up next on "today in the bay," paying too much for parking. why thousands of people are getting reimbursed for parking citations in one of the biggest cities and how you can find out if you are in for some money. -paul manafort has been indicted
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-in connection to the fbi )s in we continue to follow breaking news on your mondays morning. paul manafort has been indicted in connection with the fbi investigation in russian meddling in the u.s. presidential election. manafort and rickgates surrendered to authorities. manafort had been under investigation for tax law, money laundering and whether he disclosed his foreign lobbying influence. scott mcgrew will join us. he is gathering facts in the news room. he is coming up in ten minutes. good monday morning to you. thank you for joining us, i'm
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laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. before you head out the door, we want to take you to traffic. mike inouye has been tracking what's been going on in the bay area. >> we had a sig-alert. a major problem for the commute. 880 with two lanes blocked at the coliseum. 66 here. high street to the north of here. that is what's causing the jam from 98. let's show you the map. two left lanes blocked. complications of folks trying to get over to high street. 98 all the way focusing on hagenberger. some folks decide to get on further north from the coliseum. that's one issue for chp and commuters. the rest of the bay is a nice drive overall. look at the screen here, northbound 101 from morgan hill, from san jose, jammed from before bailey up to the 85 split. i want to show you the live shot
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we have. this is what's going on. one lane is open right now. this overturned rig. oh, they may have just gotten it up on the wheels. i'm going to get out of your shot. this is north 101 over silicon valley boulevard. back on silicon valley for northbound 101. kari, we are looking at clear skies, drier roads making this look better. cooler temperatures. >> yeah, cooler day, mostly cloudy skies in santa rosa. mostly cloudy at times. mist and drizzle. cool temperatures upper 40s. as we go through the day, a slow warm up, but sunshine by this afternoon. look at the high temperatures today. only reaching the upper 60s in the north bay. oakland, 62 degrees and 66 today in san jose. we'll talk about that halloween forecast and hopefully look ahead to the weekend. that's coming up in a few
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minutes. >> thanks, kari. a police crackdown after a series of side shows across the bay. san jose police responded to several incidents overnight. >> kris sanchez has information on three crime scenes we have learned about. a lot of activity out there, kris. >> reporter: right. we can tell you one officer was injured after he was hit by a car involved in one of these illegal side shows and street races. he's going to be okay. cuts and bruises after being hit by that car. this is the second weekend in a row in which police officers were trying to track down hundreds upon hundreds of cars and people involved. we can confirm the police arrested a number of people and impounded the cars. they are processing those arrests and can't tell us how many yet. the officer was injured at 680 but officers responded to capitol expressway where racers were gathering in the parking
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lot of an in-n-out restaurant. if you are not familiar with these areas, i will tell you, they are high traffic, even on a slow night. so, there are a lot of ways for things to go sideways and fast. here is san jose police lieutenant, brian anderson. >> out on a public street, you know, doing doughnuts or excessive speed and so forth, you run the risk of losing control of the vehicle. >> reporter: now, last night's crackdown follows another last sunday night. clearly high profile places, spectator races attacked the first patrol car to arrive on the scene, shattering the rear window. one challenge for officers is how quickly all those can
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mobilize on social media and move locations around. san jose police working with chp and morgan hill police who had a crackdown on a side show and street race in their city as well. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the latest there, kris. 6:36 this morning, there are growing concerns at great america after a violent weekend of theft, fights and arrests. listen to this. this is cell phone video of a fight and arrest. reports of multiple fights across the park during the halloween haunt event on saturday. santa clara police say several cell phones were stolen. the park security didn't do much to stop the chaos. >> they could of at least tried to separate them or something, like, try to scare them away or something like that. yeah, do a whistle.
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>> police had extra officers patrolling yesterday. we asked for how this happened. they wouldn't comment on specific security policy, but all guests go through metal detectors. police tell us a taser would set off a metal detector. new this morning, the number of homicides in california up from 2016. this is the second straight year that's gone up. overnight, we look through the fbi data on murder rates. two of the top five are in the bay area. compton, taking the number one spot followed by san bernardino, oakland and richmond. some had no murders in 2016. fremont has zero homicides. the city of san francisco could owe you hundreds of dollars because thousands of people have either paid a traffic citation twice or paid more than they actually know. >> pete suratos joins us from san francisco to find out if you
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are due a refund and a nice meal out. pete? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and marcus. you can find out, it's on the sf municipal agency website. 7,000 people may be in line for the reimbursement. it's between 1995 to 2014. i went and took a look at the list. it's as little as $20 to as much as hundreds of dollars. like i said, it's on the mta website spanning from january 1995 to june of 2014. according to the agency, they are saying there's $600,000 in overpayments in duplicate payments. we are talking parking tickets or a tow away zone. you get the point there. there's tickets saying there might be overpayment there. to get the money, you have to file a claim on the website or call the office by december 14th. any unclaimed money will be kept by the city of san francisco and
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the county of san francisco. as i mentioned, there is a list on the website where you can see if you are in line for the reimbursement. we are looking to get the link on our website at we are live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." live in san jose, here, this rig, as we talked has been brought back on to its wheels. still, only one lane of northbound 101 open. you can see the cones. that means eastbound can't get on to the loop. the very tight loop, where this truck overturned and spilled the metal debris. i have seen sweeper trucks. hopefully a lane will get open. this has been going on since 3:30 this morning. san jose proper, just getting into san jose, north from 101, hiting the lights and the brakes to 101.
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we have within lane open. that's the problem into san jose making the rest of silicon valley lighter. the speed sensors, you are okay for the most part. this oakland problem crept up over the last half hour as well from marina to 66 and high street where the live shot we showed you earlier had two left lanes blocked. this is a sig-alert as well, meaning a major problem. >> busy monday morning out there. a little drizzle on monday. >> for a lot of people traveling this morning, one ais to talk about the weekend. >> you are already looking forward to the weekend, one we have to plan around the rain. yes, the first weekend of the season, we'll have showers moving through. it's going to be cool, too. not like we see today. it will stay dry today. look ahead to sunday, only in the upper 50s across the bay. if you are planning to head to russian river valley, upper 50s
6:41 am
there as well. at times rain off and on especially late friday and saturday and again on sunday. a big heads up if you are planning to head to the sierra, we could be talking about feet of snow there this weekend. here is a live look outside at squaw valley at the resort there and these high temperatures reaching the low 30s. if you are making plans to go, get there before the snow starts falling on friday morning. making plans early this weekend, you will have to plan around the weather. we will talk about what's ahead for us today coming up in three minutes. >> maybe heading out of work on a friday. 6:41. coming up next, actor kevin spacey speaking out amid allegations he made sexual advances on a teenager in the 1980s. his apology overnight and new information he is revealing. 31 pages of federal indictment against donald
6:42 am
trump's former campaign manager and one other man. we'll bring you up to speed. >> we are following the stocks here as we do every morning on "today in the bay." the dow down 44 points. stocks opened lower. gm stocks slide. the time is 6:42. you are watching "today in the bay."
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we are coming up on 6:45. patchy fog and, at times, drizzle. we take a live look outside in
6:45 am
san jose. it may be wet in some spots, especially on some streets. you have to turn on the windshield wipers. it's going to be a cool start. then the high temperatures today, only in the mid-60s for the neighborhood of evergreen. we will talk about what's ahead with a warm up and rain moving in, coming up in five minutes. a few spots to show you. a sig-alert blocking two left lanes. this is north 880 and high street by the coliseum. the second shot is the live shot for san jose, northbound 101, a crash and overturned rig with debris. a lot of metal there. now we have two lanes, the second lane open in two minutes. >> a busy morning out there, thank you, mike. 6:45 right now. breaking news into the news room. special counsel indicted paul manafort, president trump's former campaign manager. >> scott mcgrew, i saw you when you walked in, the documents in
6:46 am
your hand. >> it's 31 pages. good morning to you. they are against manafort and a second man, richard gates. a number of charges, including conspiracy against the united states, that's basically obstruction of justice, money laundering, false misleading information. let's go live to washington. you are seeing a reporter near district court. we expect manafort to walk out of fbi and into district court anytime now. we are waiting on official response from white house. the word russia nowhere to be found. the white house might latch on to this. you are seeing file tape from friday. there's no collusion because it's not included. financial crimes, which are included are a very logical place for mueller to start. they are relatively easy to prove and you don't have to prove intent, just, did you or did you not break the law.
6:47 am
manafort was as close to the campaign as you could be. he was the campaign manager. if you can threaten him with serious jail time, the speculation goes, he may hand you someone higher up. in a campaign, there's one person higher up than the campaign manager. that's the candidate, now the president. in the past, during times of crisis like today, president trump managed to either say or tweet something that sounds like obstruction of justice. he told lester holt he fired the director of the fbi to stop the russia investigation. so far this morning, the president only tweeted about democrats. we will keep our eye on this. nbc news will break in as needed and update you on twitter and >> thanks, scott. this just in. video showing the aftermath of a high-speed chase on highway 101 overnight. this ended in a crash around
6:48 am
3:30 this morning. this all started in brisbane. we don't know the cause of the chase, but we know those cars were going over 100 miles an hour. we'll keep asking questions and update you as soon as we get new information. at 6:48, new this morning, a story sparking a lot of talk on social media. kevin spacey came out as gay after an explosive interview accusing him of a predatory incident. anthony rapp says in the mid-'80s, he made a sexual advance when rapp was 14, both acting on broadway. at that time, spacey would have been 26. rapp says spacey climbed on top of him and he managed to squirm away. after that, spacey posted a public apology. he does not remember the incident, but it likely would have been drunken behavior. in the same post, he says it
6:49 am
encouraged him to come out as a gay man. cory feldman is speaking out talking about sex scandals swirling around hollywood. he was on the "today" show and talks about pedophiles in the film industry. >> there's names of misconduct with kevin spacey, with the child actor who came forward today. it's going to continue unraveling. this is just the beginning, just the tip of the iceberg. everything you are seeing is building up to what i believe is going to be a dam breaking open. >> feldman hopes to raise $10 million to do a feature film that will expose the dark side of hollywood. he can identify at least a half dozen abusers. during the interview, feldman says he wants to keep those names under wraps until he has money for the interview. that will be at 8:00 after "today in the bay." clean up continues from pennsylvania to maine after
6:50 am
tropical storm felipe barrelled through. it struck sunday with heavy rain falling sunday night. this is a tree brought down by the strong winds in connecticut. 45 million people were under flood warning. there are reports of damaged homes and downed power lines leaving thousands without power. that storm struck on the five year anniversary of superstorm sandy. >> amazing to see that tree just right inside that car. thank goodness no one was in it. here in the bay area changes in our neck of the woods. >> cooler this morning. we begin with a deep marine layer that brought the clouds and fog. as you get ready to head out, it may be drizzling. not the best of hair days as we look at the temperature that is are cooler as well. now in the mid-50s for the south bay and peninsula. the tri-valley, cloudy, 53 degrees there. east bay, you can see the jam in oakland and the windshield
6:51 am
wipers may be on with 65 degrees as you head out the door. looking at the high temperatures, it's going to be cooler than where we should be for the end of october, reaching 64 degrees. then to the east bay, livermore, 66 degrees and 62 degrees today in oakland. going to be breezy as well for half-moon bay, only 57 degrees and not a lot of sunshine today. 63 degrees in belmont and for the san francisco area, it's going to be only in the upper 50s. spots like the embarcadero mission district 60s. 67 in santa rosa. outside in san jose, you are getting ready, starting out with the need for a jacket. you may be heading back in to grab that and a hat because of that drizzle that is going to make for frizzy hair today. long sleeves and pants to be comfortable. now that we are back to fall, you can put away the summer gear for now. for the week, it's going to stay
6:52 am
dry. a storm system moves in. we'll have rain moving in between late friday and early saturday. there may be a second round behind that on sunday with very cool temperatures in the forecast, we will only reach the upper 50s this weekend as we set our clocks back one hour at 2:00 a.m. sunday. as we look at the forecast for halloween, up to 70 degrees tomorrow. it's going to be a really nice day and cooling down once that rain moves in. as we head over to mike, progress for san jose. we have twice as many lanes open, that means two instead of one. here is the silicon valley boulevard there. we are looking at this rig that was overturned and spilled a bunch of debris. you can see the silhouette. there's a pile of metal pushed off to the shoulder. it's got to be clear before they can open the other two lanes. north 85 in the distance.
6:53 am
it is jammed out of morgan hill. over here, we have miles of back up out of morgan hill. almost 10 miles of back up. that's a tough drive. monterey is going to be crowded as well. this has been going on since 3:30 this morning. folks have been trying any way they can. the rest of the bay looks standard. focusing on oakland and san leandro here. the nimitz, 580 is clear. the live look shows two lanes are blocked and jammed solid coming off 238 and the castro valley. back to you. >> busy monday out there. thank you, mike. coming up next on "today in the bay," a quick look at the top stories, including the option for university students in the bay area having second thoughts about the night before. the machine used that dispel the morning after pill. a developing story out of
6:54 am
saudi arabia. next year, women will be allowed to attend sporting events in stadiums for the first time. just last month. saudi arabia granted women the right to drive. plus, the president of the file pianos will visit japan today and say someone should talk to kim jong-un and assure him no one is out to destroy him or his country.
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welcome back. welcome to monday morning before you head out the door, here are the top stories we are covering on "today in the bay." >> donald trump campaign manager, paul manafort and rickgates are indicted on 12 charges, including conspiracy on the u.s. we broke the story at 5:30 this morning. the indictment was passed down this morning. taking a live look at stanford university campus this morning where students have a new option to buy birth control. high-tech kiosks went occupy inside a restroom in the old union building. it's a vending machine that sells the morning after pill. they reached out to the company that made the machine. they put them up on 15 other college campuses. firefighters are expected to have full containment on the
6:58 am
wildfires tomorrow. the tubbs fire is now 98% contained. it killed 22 people and destroyed 5300 structures in sonoma county. meanwhile, the long road to recovery continues. today, the remaining schools reopen. a live look at the san jose police department investigating side shows that left one police officer injured. officers responded to at least three side show incidents in and around san jose overnight. in one, a police officer suffered cuts and bruises when people shattered the rear window of the patrol car. they made many arrests. this is the second straight weekend that had to deal with side shows and street racing involving hundreds of cars and people. the city may owe now money. if you have gotten a parking ticket, here is what you need to know. thousands of people overpaid for
6:59 am
the parking citations. some paid 20 bucks more than they should have. to get a reimbursement, file a claim with the city. on, we posted a link to the process. >> that's a big span of time, 22 years. hope you have that receipt. we have interesting weather. a drizzle in the air. >> compare it to last week, record high temperatures. now, we are well below average for this time of year. we start out with mist and drizzle, then for the weekend, getting ready for rain. our first significant storm system of the season moving in on friday. >> all right. we have been talking about this all morning, issues in san jose and oakland. >> a pleasant commute aside from those cities. we saw lanes open on 880. jammed past the coliseum. a live shot shows two lanes of northbound 101 open. >> it's been a busy monday
7:00 am
morning. that's what's happening. we are back at 7:25 with a live local news update. it is monday. make it a great day. good morning. breaking news. paul manafort and another campaign official indicted in connection with robert mueller's investigation into the russian meddling in if presidential election. both men sur recommendering this morning. we're live with the charges against them. slammed. a powerful storm races up the east coast, bringing fierce winds and torrential rain. this morning, widespread damage, flooding and power outages. travel, a nightmare at airports and on the roads. breaking overnight, in the wake of the harvey weinstein scandal, oscar-winner kevin sp


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