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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 30, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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from him. >> he was a volunteer member of an advisory council that let literally met one time. >> march and fwaets are accused of lobbying for pro russian ukraines and not pay attention taxes on money. they are charge with conspiracy against the united states. conspiracy to launder money and making false and misleading statements. the indictment makes no mention of president trump or russian meddling in the election. >> well i think you all saw today that president trump was correct. there is no evidence that mr. manafort or the trump campaign colluded with the russian government. >> there's been no evidence of trump/russia collusion and nothing in the time limit changes that. >> reporter: on twitter the president emphatically repeating there was no collusion say about his former campaign manager it was years ago before mafrpt was part of the campaign. but his same twitter account show ago march 2016 picture of then candidate trump sitting
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with popadopouls process during a prefg. >> sfl they could face prison time money laundering coy bring up to 20 years in prison. blaine zarnder nbc news. >> thanks blaine. a bay area congressman says it's not manafort's indictment that's the story it's the guilty plea from trump's foreign policy adviser. >> i think the most interesting news is around george popadopulus. that stipulation shows he was a senior foreign policy adviser, the someone the president called an excellent guy, working with the russians, traveling abroad during the campaign and taking meetings with russians about dirt they had on hillary clinton. >> he not only pleaded guilty to lying to the fiv. he has been cooperate wg the special counsel. ton at 6 we speak with a bay area lawyer that says that's likely the case the white house
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fierce the most pch coverage continuing on nbc nightly news request lester holt. nbc news has uncovered the russian ads on facebook during the election reached 126 million americans. that story coming up in about 25 minutes. also tonight a legal victory for transgender service members. a federal judge has blocked president trump's ban on allowing them in the military. now over the summer the president tweeted that the military can no longer be burdened with the, quote, tremendous expense and distraction. transgender members of the military sued and today. a federal judge in washington, d.c. blocked the policy saying the administration's reasons aren't supported by facts. california's attorney general is among 16 state ags joining the transgender lawsuit. he said california will not be silent as the president demeans and marginalizes these citizens. the search is on for suspected street racer.
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police say he deliberately hid hit of an officer at a sideshow. the latest demonstration one of a flurriy of sideshows in the bay. robert hand aire is in san jose with why police are having a hard time tracking them down. >> reporter: san jose policy, the chp and morgan hill p. d. squarmd the sideshow at capital expressway last night much to the relief of residents. many drivers ended up handcuffed. four arrested for reckless driving and outstanding warrants. four vehicles kbounded >> it's scarey to have people revving up pat 7080-mile-per-hour that's not for this area. >> police are looking for a trever of a brown or maroon nissan who hit a police officer during a traffic stop. >> it was an intentional act by you know striking the police officer and then fleeing from the scene. we need to locate this person as soon as possible and take him in custody. >> the san jose and chp had to deal with sideshow the previous sunday which effectively shut down a road and part of highway
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101. one driver smashed a patrol car window. it's not just cars and vehicles. as we reported on saturday hundreds of motorcyclists roared to a sideshow near 880 four arrested after a chase up the peninsula. >> motorcycles out we approach the same way in terms of in interesting the information, being aware of you know where meetups are, what planned routes are. >> but officers acknowledge it's not easy getting that information since many of the plans are spread privately on social media coming up at 6:00 we will tell what you police say has helped them in kraging down on the sideshows. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a wild and violent weekend at great america. thefts, fights and arrests petition popular amazement park. what you see here is cell phone video at the santa clara park.
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reports of multiple fights during the haunt event which happened saturday night. santa clara police saying cell phones were stolen and someone actually using stun guns and park gores. great america officials wouldn't comment on the security policy. but they say all guests go through metal detectorers before entering. police sell us a taster would have set off the metal detecter pch they are investigating how the person got through security. critical testimony in the kate steinle murder trial p. an argument over the bullet's path could make or break this case against the immigrant charged in the killing. prosecutors claim jose zarate intended to shoot kate steinle two years ago. a retired san francisco police crime scene investigator told the jury that he reconstructed the shooting on pier 14 and says that is the case despite the bullet ricochetting off the ground. defense attorney matt gonzalez strongly disagreed. >> i will say this.
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when i see the photographs posted they seem far away. in some of the photos you can see the difficult on the, the chair, you don't see the memorial stet up. that's how far it is. >> the distance between the bullet struck the pavement and where it hit kate steinle was element 80 feet. ahead at six we sflan why the bullet path could be the kai to the case. crews mopping up the final remnants of the north bay fires we receiveward a teenage girl died padly hard in the further. the 17-year-old here from redwood valley died last night at a hospital in sacramento. according to her-on. she suffered severe burns in the redwood fire in mendocino county. the junior at yukiya high school never rae gained consciousness. scherr a family photo her 4-year-old brother also died in the fire. her parents are also recovering at separate hospitals from their
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burns. the young lady becomes the 43-d victim of the wildfireses. there is encouraging news in this the tubbs and nuns fire are 99% contained. there are challenges with the fire cleanup. the incoming rain this weekend could wash a toxic soup into storm drains and eventually into the bay. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri has the updated forecast. but we begin with nbc bay area mark mathews in santa rosa. mark. >> reporter: raj, we are on the mark west springs road area of santa rosa. behind mae you can see the hillside dotted with homes burned out. there are dozens of them where i am standing. what you will not see are the straw nets that would prevent runoff from entering this creek bed. experts tell me there are all sorts of contaminants in the ashes of an urban fire, lead, mercury and arsenic but you would not find in the ashes of a foster fire. >> with the rains coming can we
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get enough containment, strawwooded o wadded and bails of hey to keep the ashes and any runoff from entering into the creek system. >> we did find one gut ner the coffey park neighborhood that was strauded by straw waddell as we reported the epa is collecting household hazardous waste from home sites. but clearing out the poison that could wash downstream that's not the federal epa job. >> we were aware it's raining in the next couple of days. and you know that's not really going to change our process. well be out rain or shine collecting the household hazardous waste. >> cal fire has set up a task force but they've been unable to connect with us anyone doing thework. susan goran says she has run into the same problem. >> sometime i'm just -- i'm kept in the dark as you are even though i'm a supervisor i asked the questions and i get, well
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we're researching that. we don't know. we don't know what the time line is. >> reporter: and the time line here is critical. now, cal epa says the weather service is predicting 1 to 2 inches this woke. they say that's not enough to cause a runoff problem. but what about the entire month of november? they are talking about getting the secondary cleanup and the nets in place by december. got to hope that it's not going to be a deluge between now and then. reporting from santa rosa mark mathews nbc bay area news. >> fingers crossed thank you. some bay area lawmakers are working on a bill from pg&e passing the cost from the fire on to customers. they are making it easter to charge rate pacer than shareholders. when power equipment causes wildfires. more than 8,000 builds and homes were zrid. dozens of people died in the fires. state senators jerry hill, mike
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mcguire and assemblyman. pg&e released a statement tonight saying the investigations into the fires are still ongoing and it's cooperate wg the cpuc and other agencies. there are many ways to help the fire victims. a live look at at&t park where a benefit concert we've been telling you about is on november 9th. process tickets are still available. we post-ed a link on the within process. back outside. let's go to the san bruno camera, actually the san francisco camera. you can feel the season changing. here comes the rain. chief meteorologist jeff rainy is with us. it's about time what are you seeing later on. >> we are seeing things ramp up. as mark was alluding to it's the beginning of the rain season. and things will likely get worse as we start to see the rainfall pick up and the muflds o mudslide potential for the north
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bay. doppler satellite nothing in terms of rainfall yet. let's look at the season and how we are doing a lot of numbers on the map .first column is where we should be with the average rain to date. the second column is our deficit currently running. santa rosa and the north bay about 1.5 inches behind and about a half inch behind in san jose. rainfall on the way looks like by 7:00 p.m. thursday we get showers onto the north, the first showers rafrg heading into friday afternoon. we are zooming in future cast in. we'll get a closer look at the rain time line and exactly how much forecasting in in weather update that's at 5:20 tonight. >> we look forward to a that rain. thank you, jeff. >> still to come eye opening report about bullying in bay area schools. how much more students are being targeted. also. >> it's a shame we have to be without him. >> waiting for justice the family of an off duty officer killed during a dispute
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involving his own family tells us what it's been like sitting through the heart breaking trial. plus house of cards cancelled after apology from kevin spacey. inside this complicated controversy unfolding today. accused of killing an off duty
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police officer -- is now in the murder trial of the man accused of killing an off duty
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police officer is in the hands of a jury. the gug vegas was shot and killed in his own home by husband daughter's former boyfriend last year. was in cold blooded murtd murder por a case of a ptsd victim acting out of here np jodi hernandez was in the courtroom today for the emotional closing arguments and joins us now in fairfield. jodi. >> reporter: raj, the defense attorney wrapped it up saying there is one thing everyone can agree on. this case is beyond tragic. the officer's family lost a father, a grandfather and husband. but richmond police department lost a colleague. tonight it's up to a jury to decide whether it was murder or self-defense. >> he was an amazing person. it's ashamed that we have to be without him. >> tonight the man accused of shooting and killing off duty richmond police officer gus vegas is waiting for the jury to determine if he is guilty of murder.
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the 32-year-old robert vega opened fire on the father of his former girlfriend. and vegaville owe home of february of 2016. vegas heard yelling in his daughter's room in the middle of the night and went in to ask what was going on. the suspect shot the unarmed vegas eight times. the prosecutor says firing some of the shots when vegas was on the ground. but while the prosecutor says it was murder, the defense claims vega suffered from ptsz appear thought his life was in danger. >> we just want justice to be served in whatever fashion they bring back. the jury is going to make a decision. and whatever they decide we just stand behind that. >> vegas's daughter in law says it's been tough because her family loved robert vega and so did her father-in-law. >> he loved gus and gus loved him. whatever happens at this point is just closure for us.
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>> reporter: the jury began deliberating this afternoon. they'll resume tomorrow morning. we could have a verdict tomorrow. reporting live in fairfield, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, jodi. he turned himself in the man who triggered a police stand off in the east by. saturday morning police received a 911 call in fremont. she told police her boyfriend assaulted her and she was still inside the home police surrounded the house after eight hours finally went inside but the give had run away. today this man turned himself into fremont police. accused of assaulting his girlfriend and police say he already had a winter out for arrest on drug paraphernalia charges. bullying in schools is getting worse for california students who are muslim. that's the findings of a new study by the counsel on american islamic relations or care. it's annual survey more than 1,000 students from 11 to 18 feel the kids feel less safe in
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public schools. more than half the people surveyed report being made fun of or abused for being muslim. 20% claim cybermull bullying. the the girls say the headscarves were tugged or offensively touched. >> might daughter has multiple incidents at her public high school last year as a freshman. she is a young woman who chooses to wear the hijab. >> she says the mother says her older daughter didn't wear the scarf when she went to the school and had no problem. the family was most disturbed that a teacher at the school reacted informationally to the young daughter scarf prompting the family seeking resolves with the district superintendent. the hashtag me too movement has prompted an actor to come forward with allegations of sexual assault getting electric response from the entertainment world. bus oscar winner kevin spacey is the target of the accusations and because the accuser was 14-year-old.
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rapp known for star direct discovery was acting in on broadway when he claims spacey invited him to a party and afterward carried him to his bedroom. he was traumaticized but -month-old to get away. >> spacey wheat he had apology saying he is horrified and doesn't recall the encounter. the house of cards star then stated the first time he is now openly g gay. >> others in the lgbt claim and linked child abuse and homosexual assault. netflix announced house of cards is ening after six sundays saying the decision requests made before the claims came out. the singer selena gomez is opening up about the kidney the transplant. she says she became sick from complications. and needed a kidney. she revealed a romantic that she needed a transplant. but the waiting list was 7 to 10
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years. her roommate volunteered testing and was a match. they yunt went the surgery over the summer. her friend saved her life and hopes their journey helps others. >> i just hope that we could help -- i really do. i know it went easy. >> i hope this inspires people to feel good to know there is really good people in the world. >> what an amtzing friendship. gomez says after the transplant the arthritis and lupus went away and her energy is much better. >> can't get a better friend than that let's check the forecast. wow really cooled down fast. >> yes. >> now more changes coming. >> finally felt like fall today to start off the we can. really comfortable weather. you needed the jacket and keep the jacket handy and figure out where the umbrella is because we have rainfall in the extended forecast. as we look closer as to it
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microclimate weather look at the changes ahead. just set the table for what's coming our way. and what we are looking at is storm system starting to drop down by friday. and linger at least some of the energy into next monday. we'll also see a southerly tap of moisture. kind of two areas converging to give us on and off arrival cans more particularing in a bit. but let's push right into the tomorrow forecast. continue with the cloud cover throughout the bay. a cool start down to 48 the tri-valley and also early crowds for the south bay and 50 north bay at 46. the clouds ink link ner san francisco and 52. we mentioned the jkt and here is why. on the microclimate forecast after temperatures in the 80s into the 80s last week we are looking at highs here in the south bay of just 66 in morgan hill. 67 in san jose. and 69 in cupertino. contra costa alameda counties also 60s in place.
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67 for livermore. 69 in concord and over to oakland 65. and as we get you a view into redwood city 65 on a chilly 59 in half moon bay. san francisco 59 along the embarcadero and the ingleside at 61. north bay 65 in mill valley and 69 in napa. temperatures starting to feel a little bit more like they should this time of year. and then eventually the possibility of rainfall. let's look closer at what we see right now wrb long range forecast model have the possibility of rain. that's good on the confidence of it happening. and you'll see by 11:00 on thursday rainfall develops off to the north and also off shore. we see showers develop on friday. i don't think that's going to be the heaviest rain day. rainfall will pick up the most once we hit saturday right around 8:00 in the morning. you can see orange, red and yellow on this indicating moderate to heavy rainfall. and we likely see areas of
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heavier to moderate to heavy rain into saturday evening. saturday is the west day in the forecast the which we see it right now. so in terms of the particulars on this, i think overall a 4-day rain average from friday to next minuted of a half inch to one inches. winds 15 to 25 and sierra snow 4 to 12 ifrms. a look at the evan day forecast. dry on hal went. the wet weather changes once again rain the most consistent on saturday. sunday, mainly ring in the morning, and then we clear out into monday's forecast. the inland valleys 60s for most of the upcoming next several days. >> it's hard to recognize the rain icon there. >> i know. i know. >> it's been a while. >> at least dry for hal even. >> you got process thanks, jeff. >> up next hat 5:00. san francisco owes money to drivers. the reason why and how you can find out if you are one of them. the park service, withdrawing
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plans to pay nearly 100- thousand ar happening now, the park service is drawing plans to pay nearly $100,000 for a project honoring the legacy of the black panther party. police groups voice frustration to president trump. more details on the website. on the facebook payment, balt salts mixwood a innovator of candy for halloween. florida seized pack jage attention of them. the leased candy being tested now.
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bay - the first homicide there in we are learning more tonight about a homicide in discovery bay. the first homicide there in two years. here is where it happened early sunday morning mp not mar far from the park. someone shot a man often who walks his dog at the neighborhood and sometimes yells at speeders. the man died blocks from his home. . scherr searching for people in late teens and early 20s who played a role. the city of san francisco owe you money. for parking tickets. it ended in 2014. a big window here. thousands of people overpaid and
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paid tickets twice to the tune of $600,000. the reimbursement could be $20, up to $100. if you want to know if you're eligible, look up your license plate or name at the sfmta website. the deadline is december 14th.
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accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons.
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and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it.
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next. okay that's going to do it to us. see you back here at 6:00. >> lester holt next with nightly news. breaking news tonight, the first indictments in the mueller investigation. former trump campaign chairman paul manafort and his one-time top aide facing federal charges. also, a former trump campaign adviser pleads guilty to lying to the fbi about his contacts with russians. where does the investigation go now? kevin spacey scandal. the actor accused of sexual misconduct with a broadway star then just 14 years old. spacey's response triggering a major backlash and late word about "the house of cards." two navy s.e.a.l.s under investigation in the mysterious death of a green beret. knocked out. over a million people without power as an intense storm slams the northeast. heart health claim. so many swear by the benefits of soy.


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