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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 31, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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joining us. i )m marcus washington. and i )m laura garcia. and thank you for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we are following a developing story this morning. a man has been shot at a vta station. what we know is that the capital station is closed right now. some sort of incident happened around 1:00 this morning where a man was reported injured. he in fact had been shot in the face. we have a reporter on the way to the scene right now to give you the very latest developments. to our other top story, the wildfire in santa cruz mountains forcing people to plea their home. it destroyed or damaged six homes. now a suspect is facing a judge for the first time. >> nbc bay area tom jen send live outside of the courtroom in cruz. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, laura and marcus, marlin coy's attorney
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entered the not guilty pleas for him in court on his behalf with him sitting there in the courtroom today. three on not guilty pleas on charges of arson and one for allegedly being a felon in possession of a firearm. 54-year-old coy from boulder creek is accused of starting that fire two weeks ago that threatened hundreds of homes and destroyed two of them. also damaging six more, as you said. coy was already in jail accused of looting homes in the burned area when investigators linked him to the fire that caused an estimated $7 million in damage. >> let's be honest, he lit a fire that caused an evacuation and burned 300-plus acres. that's not something that happens every day in this county. and it's arson. it's not an accident. and the message should be that we are going to come after you if you do those sort of things in this county with all the resources that we have and we're going do do everything we can to hold you accountable.
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>> reporter: prosecutors say multiple witnesses saw coy start the fire. coy had already entered not guilty pleas on seven other charges from the same time period and at the same location where fire investigators say that fire started. detectives are also looking for the owner of the home where it started. they say that she is a person of interest, not a suspect in this case. prosecutors say that all of those cases may be linked, but that is still something that is under investigation. in the meantime, coy remains here jailed on all 11 of those felo felony counts with bail set at $800,000. nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, tom. in fact, happening now, we're monitoring the board of supervisors meeting happening in sonoma county. video that we took earlier from one of their conferences. they're getting updates from fema and cal osha about the cleanup efforts and debris removal from the wildfires that devastated that area.
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>> i'm sure everyone is wondering what the weather will be like tonight as kids go out trick or treating. >> do those costumes need to be extra heavy? taking a live look outside. the sun is out right now, but kind of a cool start to our morning. meteorologist kari hall tracking the weather for that halloween forecast. it's important. >> yes, it looks really good. we're getting a lot of sunshine. that's going to help us out. as we take a live look outside at the golden gate bridge, all clear skies and we will see that as we head through the evening. temperatures are still going to be a bit cooler than average, bringing in those cool ocean temperatures and we'll be into the mid-60s today for oakland as well as the inland valleys. san francisco expect a high of 60 degrees today. so as you make plans to go out trick or treating in heyward for the evening, will be at 63 degrees for 5:00 and dropping back to 60 degrees. the main thing here and all around the bay area, it will
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cool off very quickly once the sun sets. i'll talk more about that. a look at more microclimates and rain this weekend. that's coming up a little bit later. >> all right. thank you very much. let get back to that developing story we told you at the top of the newscast. a shooting at a vta station. anser hassan is live at that station right now. what's going on out there? >> reporter: laura, i just spoke with sheriff's officials. they say they're in the process of wrapping up their investigation. the station is still closed and a bus bridge is still in service. officials got out here at 4:00 a.m. to begin conducting this criminal investigation. they say just after 1:00 a.m. this morning they got a 911 call with a man down with an injury to his face. he was taken to the hospital. they discovered he had been shot in the face. this victim is described as a middle aged man who was riding his bike when he was hit. his injuries are not life-threatening. now sheriff officials are still trying to determine where the man was shot.
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if he was trying to get on to the platform or if he was just riding his bike underneath this overpass here. right now there is no eta to when the station will open and they don't have any information on the suspect. they're asking anyone with any information to call the santa clara county sheriff's department. we will keep you informed as to when the station reopens. right now traffic is moving, but the station is still closed. reporting live, anser hassan, nbc bay area news. >> all right. thank you, anser. now safeway san francisco turned into a crime scene overnight. an employee stabbed outside of the grocery store in the quiet richmond district. we brought you this story as breaking news on "today in the bay." pete suratos has more on the scene. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you guys back in the newsroom. and the information that we're getting this morning from san francisco police is that this all started with the suspect shop lifted inside of this safeway in the richmond district. that leading to an altercation with a store clerk, stepping in trying to do the right thing, but eventually gets stabbed in the process.
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we have video of sfpd on the scene. they were processing the scene after it took place roughly around 12:30 a.m. we're talking about the safeway in the richmond district at 7th avenue and cabrillo. according to sfpd, they say the suspect got into this physical altercation with the clerk and in the process the suspect's dog bites the clerk in several areas of the clerk's body, including his legs and torso and stabs him as well. employees naturally tried to help out their colleague and the suspect at the time actually tries to stab them. he wasn't successful, but he did flee from the scene. eventually sfpd did detain that suspect and he was arrested by police. now, take a look at the crime stats in the past month. not a lot of action here in this richmond district. where this stabbing took place. but as for that victim, that store clerk being told he was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injures, but there is no update from sfpd if that status has changed. in san francisco, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> all right. thank you very much, pete. this morning, the search is
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on for whoever robbed a walnut creek walgreensover night. threatened the pharmacist with a gun and made off with opioids. we're waiting for police to release surveillance images. danville police are still looking for a man who robbed a pharmacy last month. police say that thief also targeted opioids. police say these pharmacy robberies are the symptoms of the opioid abuse epidemic. we looked at the data. 91 americans die every day from opioid abuse. five per day in california alone. since 1999, the death rate has increased 200%. according to the centers for disease control, the rate of prescribing the drug has actually dropped. the data shows california is doing better than most states in that respect. >> developing this morning, president trump saying that he wants a tax reform bill on deck by christmas. this is a taped message from earlier today and the president also announcing an upcoming trip
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to asia. of course this comes amid major controversy on capitol hill. a guilty plea by this little-known campaign adviser raising questions, more questions about where the russia investigation goes next. tracy pots has this part of the story. >> reporter: here's the name that almost no one knew before yesterday but may become central to this investigation, george papadopoulos. the low-level policy staffer whose pleaded guilty to lying about his connections with russia during his time on the trump campaign. speaking of the president and the campaign, a trump attorney says that a report that the president was fuming over this indictment simply isn't true. former trump campaign chair paul manafort and his business associate rick gates face a dozen federal charges. the indictment alleges they hid $75 million in offshore accounts. money earned years ago consulting for russian-backed ukrainian leader.
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>> there is no evidence that mr. manafort or the trump campaign colluded with the russian government. >> reporter: but a guilty plea by a lesser-known campaign adviser could be the link investigators were looking for. george papadopoulos admits lying to the fbi about his russian contacts during the campaign. >> they had him out there playing dial a crook, calling people with a wiretapped phone. >> this deal shows that the special counsel is counting on cooperation, not just willingness, but also results. >> reporter: the white house insists papadopoulos' role was limited. >> it was a volunteer position, and, again, no activity was ever done in an official capacity. >> reporter: on capitol hill, democrats pointed fingers while republicans said little. >> that really isn't our job. that's not our wheelhouse. >> reporter: some analysts believe even this seemingly unrelated gates and manafort charges could connect to russia. >> these defendants are looking at decades in prison, so there
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is a tlemd incentive for them to come to prosecutors and say we'd like to cooperate. >> reporter: meantime, president trump tweets this morning, check the dems. now, here's another possible connection, law enforcement officials tell nbc that paul manafort, campaign chair at the time, forwarded an e-mail from george papadopoulos, that low-level policy staffer, suggesting that the man at the top of the campaign may have known about that russia connection. from washington, i'm tracy pots. >> we'll be watching this. >> no doubt. you know what else we should do? >> what's that. >> fill up the gas tank, marcus. >> i'm with you. >> tomorrow, drivers will be paying more at the pump. the gas tax hike that everyone will be feeling in their wallets, even if you drive an electric vehicle. plus, the big three social networks go to washington. we will bring you the very latest on the investigation coming up in business and tech. get 40% off on coit residential cleaning services
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the holidays are right around the and that's the opening bell at the new york stock exchange. right now, the dow up 26 points. stocks tread water on clashing earnings reports. more on wall street. and the holidays are right around the corner and best buy is actually offering free shipping through december 25th. now, it's waving the $35 minimum needed for free shipping for the third holiday in a row. the good news here, the last-minute shoppers, best buy is also expanding its same-day delivery service. shoppers can place an order by 3:00 p.m. local time for less than $6. >> well, i hope my name sawn your list. >> it is. >> tomorrow, save your money. go fill up the pump today. the state's new gas tax takes effect. so if you want to save a couple of bucks, you really should fill up now. not that much, but a little. here is a look at the price
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increase for you. unleaded gasoline will cost 12 more cents per gallon, diesel users will pay 20 cents more a gallon. it will generate $5 billion in new revenue to fund state and local projects. we also looked into where that money will go. by 2019, nearly 77 cents of every dollar you spend on gas will actually pay for taxes. the state gets 58 cents. the president of the silicon valley taxpayers association says he thinks californians are getting ripped off. >> if the money that's currently being taxed, again, we're the highest taxes in the nation on gasoline. why is that money not being spent on road repair? >> well, even if your car doesn't use gas, you'll have to pay a new $100 vehicle registration fee. that starts in 2020. well, in the next 15 minutes, facebook, google and twitter will start a two-day marathon of questions on capitol hill. questions about their role in --
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with companies that may have had in spreading russian influence during the election. scott mcgrew says we already have some of that information ahead of time. >> yeah, good morning. we do have some of that information ahead of time. i'll show it to you in just a minute. before we get started, a quick point, you have to realize how rare it is for tech companies to go to washington at all. tim cook did it a few years ago talking about taxes and facebook's sheryl sandberg was there a few weeks ago ahead of facebook's big testimony. now at question, how did the russians working for the kremlin create accounts and advertisements on the big social networks and what kind of reach did they have? good example, we now know the most popular republican twitter account in tennessee was actually russian. twitter eventually shut the account down. all three social networks are now telling us actual numbers. the numbers they will tell congress today and tomorrow. facebook, for instance, says
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there were 470 accounts from russia pretending to be something else. twitter, about 2,700. far more than it first acknowledged. in fact, i want you to take a close look at these numbers. facebook may have just found 470 accounts, but they created 80,000 posts from those accounts, most of them fake news. reaching 126 million facebook users. that's a lot when you consider about 139 million americans voted in the election. twitter, 2,752 accounts linked to a russian firm. google, about 1,000 videos on youtube. that first hearing gets underway at about 11:30 our time. >> thanks so much, scott. learning a piece of irreplaceable silicon valley history burned in the tubbs fire. from technology pioneers william hewitt and david packard. of course, two founded hp,
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hewlett packard in palo alto back in 1938. that was the electronics firm that acquired the hp archive. they actually store the material at two santa rosa offices and they were destroyed in the fires. >> the nuns fire in sonoma county is now fully contained. and the tubbs fire is now 99% contained. but there are some new challenges ahead. now, the rain coming this weekend. a toxic soup of chemicals could leak into storm drains and eventually into the bay. i want to talk to you about lead, mercury and arsenic can also be in the ashes of thousands of homes and businesses destroyed by the wildfires. county officials we spoke with say that they might use straw and bails of hay to keep those ashes from running off into the local creeks. >> i'm kept in the dark just as you are, even though i'm a supervisor. i ask the questions and i get, well, we're researching that. we don't know. >> and cal fire has set up a
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task force for stream protection. >> so, kari, you know, that is a big concern in the north bay. how much rain are we expected to get? >> at least for the north bay area, possibly up to two inches of rain so that's going to be quite a bit with a couple of storm systems moving in. then we have the concern of flooding in the burn scar areas. that's something we'll be watching not only this weekend but as we head into our rainy season. it's time to clean up now and kind of clear away the leaves from the storm drains and all the stuff we have to do as winter comes as the weather is nice and quiet now. it's all clear. sunny, 60 degrees as we look outside from the castro. a live look from pleasanton. only 59 degrees? we have that much of a strong onshore flow and our temperatures will gradually warm up over the next several hours. a look at that seven-dry forecast at the bottom of the screen, not much of a warm-up over the next few days and the rain moves in just in time for
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the weekend. we're only at 58 degrees in napa and 359 in oakland and palo alto. our high temperatures for today in the south bay reaching up to 68 degrees in east san jose. and for the east bay, we're also going to have some upper 60s. these temperatures are pretty much what we had yesterday and quickly cooling off once that ocean breeze kicks in and we have those winds gusting at about 15 to 20 miles per hour. in the mission district today, 62 degrees. outer sunset at 60 and w57 degrees in point rays. santa rosa will be up to 67 degrees. getting ready to head out on your lunch break in san jose, our temperatures make it into the mid-60s for the next couple of hours and mostly sunny skies. you'll be rushing home so you can get there in time for the trick-or-treaters. it's going to be in the low 60s in the east bay. at times you may have to roll down the windows, let that fresh air in and enjoy the sunshine. going out trick or treating in san rafael, it's going to be 63
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degrees at 5:00. 58 degrees at 6:00. you can see how quickly we make it down into the lower 50s. may have to put a jacket over some of those costumes to stay warm. as we get closer to the weekend, we are going to have this cold area of low pressure, and with that it will bring in a chance of showers. now, it's still up in the air whether this will tap into some tropical moisture, which could help boost our rainfall totals. that's something we'll be watching for not only here but the sierra. no snow as of now. the little bit we got earlier in the season has melted. looks like there is quite a bit of snow on the way for the weekend. could be measuring snow in parts of the sierra in feet. i'll keep you up to date on. cool weekend. reaching into the upper 50s in san francisco. for the inland areas, not much of a change. rain off and on. it won't rain the entire weekend, but, yeah, we'll be tracking that as we go into early next week as well. >> all right. something new.
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coming up, new get tough on crime initiative on the ballot. the reason supporters want more criminals to give dna samples. plus, first happening now. netflix said it's suspending production of the final season of "house of cards." producers say the shutdown is still further notice. say they need time to address the fallout over allegations of sexual harassment against star kevin spacey. and on twitter, wendy william's explanation after fainting during a taping of her show this morning. you can also watch that scary moment. again, that's now on our twitter feed right now. we're back in two minutes with more news. the new program in one
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bay area county that could help your budget. an explanation of how it works. plus: silicon valley tech execs are talking to congress about russia. analysis from our scott mcgrew. join us tomorrow morning ... 4:30 to 7.
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neighborhood streets. little ones will be out trick or treating welcome back. it's a big night out to watch on those neighborhood streets. little ones will be out trick or treating across the bay area and we want to make sure they're out there safely. in one east bay community, walking around can be treacherous every day of the year. >> vicki winn looked into the concerns and joins us with an early look at her report you can see later tonight. halloween isn't the only scary night for pedestrians in castro valley. they say they're fed up with unsafe streets that put cars and kids on a collision course. residents there reached out to us about something many of us take for granted, sidewalks. castro valley has grown into the bay area's largest
11:25 am
unincorporated community with 61,000 people. they say while they wait years for sidewalks to be built, the county could do some simple temporary fixes to make it safer for kids, the disabled and the elderly. >> there is not a lot of accessible sidewalks for wheelchair-bound people or for people with physical disabilities. >> do you worry there will be a very serious accident or someone seriously hurt or even killed? >> yeah, it's something that that's why we're actively pursuing this as fast as we can, sidewalk construction. >> we'll explain the short-term solutions residents want and why the county is now considering those options after we started asking questions. we investigate tonight at 11:00. hope to see you then. >> we'll be there. thanks, vicky. if you have a story for our investigative unit, give us a call 1-888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to >> a new push to change california's sentencing laws.
11:26 am
public safety advocates pushing for this new campaign. >> they want tougher penalties to protect the public. from or filet station in sacramento has more. >> reporter: for this woman, her support for the new get tough on crime initiative is personal. >> after 43 years, if it hadn't been for the dna that was found on my sister's body, there would not have found this -- solved this case. >> reporter: her sister doris and friend valerie laine were murdered in yuba county. their killers were unknown for decades until larry patterson and william harbor were picked up for drug offenses. >> both girls were raped, sodomized and shot in the back of the head. that's the reality. and you solve it because of dna. if that crime happened in the last few years, we don't solve it. >> reporter: three years ago, california voters passed prop 47, that reduced some dreg possession charges from felonies to misdemeanors.
11:27 am
as a result, police could no longer connect dna for certain nonviolent crimes. >> we can no longer sit idly buy while violent crimes skyrocket. >> reporter: expand the list of crimes for dna collection and make it tougher for sex traffickers and others to get out of prison early. >> we recognize that things like domestic violence and rape of an unconscious should be a violent crime to deny somebody early release from prison. >> reporter: but opponents of the measure contend it unfairly targets people with limited means to defend themselves. >> we know that these policies are going to disproportionately affect low-income communities, particularly communities of color. communities that have historically been disadvantaged and been harmed by this system. >> reporter: in recent years, california has moved to ease prison overcrowding by allowing earlier parole for nonviolent inmates. this ballot measure would likely put more people behind bars and critics contend that's the wrong
11:28 am
approach. >> what are they doing about advocacy to care for the mentally ill? about care for the drug is it alcohol addicted. meaningful response to homelessness that doesn't include incarceration. >> coming up, did the past predict the future? what our investigative unit has uncovered about pg&e's possible role in the north bay wildfires. >> i want to show you how to join our community on the waze application. leverage the power of us all as well as the power of google. your waze app on iphone or android. in the bottom corner, her is going to be a magnifying glass. click on that and then your name at the top. that's your profile. scroll down to see teams and pick ours, nbc bay area wazers. that's how you join the community and we help each other out. bay fires?
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this is deep probe into a $34b company -- and we have new is pg&e to blame for the
11:31 am
north bay wildfires? this is a deep probe into a $34 billion company. and we have new revelations in our investigative unit. >> investigative reporter jackson vandenbergen shows us a warning four years ago about how an antiquated part of pg&e's power system is vulnerable to sparking wildfires. >> reporter: this is where pg&e's own records show that two of its power poles broke. north of glen ellen. and it's where cal fire pinpoints the origin of the deadly nuns fire. state senator jerry hill, one of pg&e's strongest critics, fears that's not a coincidence. >> we've got an old system that is prone to more problems, and because of that we're in a vulnerable position. and that's what can lead to fires. >> reporter: hill points to the findings of this 2013 risk analysis.
11:32 am
it found that 60% of pg&e's more than 100,000 miles of power lines are prone to breaking. they are either too thin or vulnerable to corrosion. but at the top of the list of safety issues for the consultants was pg&e's 87,000 miles of 12,470 volt power lines. the consultants say these lines lack modern inline grounding technology. that empowers system controllers to rapidly isolate problems and shut off power. without it, pg&e often has to rely on crews to identify problems at the scene and manually shut off power, the consultants say. but getting there takes time. meanwhile, live wires are exposed. and lives are at risk. that delay stood at the top of the consultants' list of significant safety issues facing pg&e. playing a role in a number of fatalities and injuries.
11:33 am
>> that's really troubling. >> reporter: senator hill wonders if that threat became real in the north bay fires. >> when a hot wire is -- or a wire is broken or is, you know, falls to the ground and it could take 45 minutes to turn off, it's just sitting there starting one fire after another as it moves around. >> reporter: pg&e turned down our request for an interview, but told us they had made significant progress since the 2013 risk report. spending $15 billion in upgrades, including three new control centers. still, the utility's own recent stats show that one out of four 12,000-volt line failures can't be shut down remotely, even with the system upgrade. dan mukley, a retired pg&e engineer says technology advances aside, the company often has no choice but to send crews out to diagnosis problems
11:34 am
to make sure people are not needlessly put in the dark by remote control. >> protection is not the science, it's not. you're trying to balance between giving people power and making the system safe. >> right. >> and there isn't a clear solution. >> reporter: jackson vander becken, nbc bay area news. and if you have a story go our investigative unit, give us a call, that number 1-888-996-tips or visit our website, >> developing this morning, san jose police ash asking any other robbery victims to come forward. newly released surveillance video shows a man calmly caulk walking up to an elderly woman but then he suddenly rips her jewelry off from around her neck. 21-year-old lawrence carter has been arrested. the victim's son says he's relieved carter only robbed his mother and didn't get more violent. her son has asked we not show his face. >> my mom was trying to push back and grab the chain back, but she's lucky that she didn't
11:35 am
get hurt. >> police say the suspect robbed at least seven different women in san jose between july and september. this crime was caught on camera, was actually in east san jose. police say carter was arrested in 2014 for a similar string of robberies. >> the kate steinle murder case going on right now in san francisco. the latest battle, both sides fighting over the path of the bullet that struck steinle. prosecutors claim juan garcia zarate intended to is shoot steinle by pointing the gun and firing at pedestrians on pier 14. the defense arguing the but hit the ground which could have changed the direction of the bullet towards steinle. defense attorney matt gonzalez also is saying that the suspect was just too far from the victim. >> i will say this, when i see the photographs posted, it seemed very far away. in some of those photos, you can see the divot, the chair, and you don't even see the memorial that was set up. that's how far it is. >> and both sides are back in court this morning and so is our
11:36 am
sam brock. follow nbc bay area on twitter for the latest on this case. happening today, san jose city council votes on a new law requiring gun owners to lock up their weapons when they leave their homes. it calls on owners to lock guns in a safe, lockbox or use a trigger lock. owners will have 24 hours to report a stolen gun without facing any penalties. similar laws are already in effect in san francisco, oakland, berkeley and sunny veil. the murder trial is now underway for a livermore man accused in the dui crashed that killed a mother and 14-month-old daughter. this woman and her daughter were killed when a car plowed into them at high speeds. the two were attending a party at a livermore home. two boys also were seriously injured. authorities say the suspect right here, brian jones, was drunk and just left the art and wine festival. according to the east bay times, attorneys yesterday delivered opening statements. his attorney admits his client's
11:37 am
involved in that crash and argued that the circumstances in the case do not amount to murder. and new details now on several fights at great america this weekend. we now know that santa clara police are looking for 15 to 20 people. this right here is cell phone video from one of the attacks at the amusement park. among the suspects, a group of five juvenile girls who investigators believe used a tase tore attack people. police are also investigating several cell phone deaths. police in palo alto need your help. they're looking for this teenage. jonathan. he goes by johnny and attends high school in san mateo. no one has seen him since thursday night at 5:00. after he left his job at the stanford shopping center in palo alto. health concerns at a northern california high school after three reported cases of viral meningitis. in el door aud owe county is deep cleaning the entire campus to make sure there aren't any other cases. it causes inflammation of the
11:38 am
tissue that covers the brain and spinal cord. it comes with flu-like symptoms. the school district is assuring parents this is not the severe bacterial form of meningitis. district officials say they're doing everything they can to keep kids safe. >> this is viral, not bacterial, so it's not anywhere near the potential fatalities that we could look at if it were bacterial. think that also calmed a lot of people. >> the district superintendant says the students who have viral meningitis may have played sports together. those students will have to be cleared by a doctor before they can return to school. we wanted to get a better understanding of what causes viral meningitis and what you can do to protect your child. viral meningitis is caused by viruses and usually spread by coughing, sneezing or close contact. the best way to make sure your child stays healthy year-round is to make sure they're vaccined. >> and we're learning this morning that prices are going down in health care. the average price consumers pay subsidized coverage will go down
11:39 am
about 1.5%. that's a decrease of $9 per month or $108 yearly. despite the lower prices, the fate of obamacare is in limbo as president trump and his administration and republican lawmakers look for ways to gut the law. >> a developing story now. president trump headed to asia later this week and his first visit to the region will highlight tensions in north korea. the president will not be visiting the dmz amid heightening tensions. nbc's matt bradley reports. >> reporter: with 12 days and five countries on the schedule, president donald trump's visit to asia starting later this week will be the president's longest foreign trip since he took office. and at every stop, north korea will be the main topic of conversation. and that's because both america's allies and rivals are desperately looking for any indication of a coherent u.s. policy on the korean peninsula. while most asian leaders, of course, blame north korea's kim jong-un for these escalating
11:40 am
tensions and bellicose rhetoric, there is a lot of concern about this president and his unguarded comments on the situation. asian leaders will be quietly pleased to hear there are at least some limits on the president's authority to declare war, but the real story in asia today is that china and south korea agreed to end their dispute over the deployment of an american anti-ballistic missile battery in south korea. the u.s. deployed what people call the terminal high altitude area defense or thad to a golf course outside of seoul back in may. that elicited huge protests from beig beijing, who say the system could be used to spy on chinese defenses. china may -- to see a more unified, confident group of asian leaders and that could be a rare bit of good foreign policy news for this embattled president. matt bradley, nbc news, london. meanwhile here in the bay area, president trump will
11:41 am
dominate the conversation during the san francisco board of supervisors meeting this afternoon. the board is voting on a resolution urging congress to impeach president trump. oakland, berkeley, alameda, richmond and los angeles have already passed -- >> a long-term road closure at an east bay popular park, tilden park. seen crossing south park drive. the road is actually closing for five months starting today. you can see where the road is on this map. newts are salamanders about six inches long, they're migrating to wildcat creek to breed during the winter months. cyclists and dogs are allowed, but everyone is being warned to stay away from the newts. i don't think i've ever said that on television. stay away from the newts. >> they're kind of cute, though. a little bit. >> i'll get you a pet newt. i know where there are a lot of them. coming up tonight, the weather. yeah, that's a big question. trick or treat?
11:42 am
kari hall has the full forecast for us. >> i think it's a treat. we're going to have a lot of sunshine and also comfortable temperatures at least to start. as we look at our temperature trend for los gatos throughout the rest of the afternoon, reaching into the upper 60s, but it does cole down quickly. heads up for the trick-or-treaters. we'll talk about what's ahead in the forecast coming up. plus, something fishy. we're learning that sailors rescued after being at sea for more than five months had an emergency beacon. this story is now coming under scrutiny. guard says the two hawaii women
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who were lost at sea this next story is interesting. new details. the u.s. coast guard says two hawaii women lost at sea for five months had an emergency beacon on board their sailboat that was never activated. >> now parts of their story have been called into question, including the tropical storm the two say they encountered on their first night at sea back in may. nbc's lucy cavanaugh reports. >> reporter: this morning, new questions about that harrowing survival at sea. jennifer appel, tasha and their boys, valentine and zeus arriving in japan yesterday after drifting helplessly in the pacific for five months. >> had they not been able to locate us, we would have been dead within 24 hours. >> reporter: but now the u.s. coast guard says the women never activated their emergency beacon. in a statement to nbc news overnight, appel admits the pair did not activate the beacon,
11:46 am
writing we were in distress but floating, had water and food and limited maneuverability and felt the beacon should only be activated if we were in imminent danger. heading for to heaty, but say a storm on may 30th swamped their engine and broke their mast. the ship picked up 900 miles southeast of japan. but the coast guard said it made contact with the nymph in june. appel responding to that report, telling nbc news, weener got near tahiti. our gps track proves that. as for those devastating storms at the start of their voyage, the national weather service in honolulu saying there were no systems in or around hawaii at time. the women said they had six forms of communication on board, including satellite phones and radios. all of them went dead.
11:47 am
jennifer appel said once the boast is recovered, anyone would be able to check the details of her story and they'll see for themselves, she says, that none of the communications worked. nbc news, london. >> interesting. >> very. all right. looking now to weather. kari, i can tell you i feel a lot of parents are kids and happy tonight. still going to be a cool one, but a nice night. >> i think so. you don't want it to be too hot or too cool. we have a happy medium this time for halloween. we still have the sunshine and our temperatures will be cooling off quickly. so here's a look at where we are now. a live look outside in tiburon. 60 degrees. all clear and sunny. it's only 59 degrees in sunol. you may have to put a jacket on top of your costume and open it up and say trick or treat. that didn't sound right. okay. all right. so we are going to have some cool temperatures in the forecast. as we go through the rest of the day, breezy winds, too. and then we'll be watching out
11:48 am
for a chance of rain by the end of the week. so that's something we're all excited about. we'll have a lot of candy to eat and maybe catch up on all of your shows. it's going to be in the upper 60s today for east san jose and up to 67 in walnut creek. oakland, expect a high today of 65 degrees. and these temperatures running exactly where we were yesterday. it may be a degree or two warmer in a few spots. palo alto, 67 degrees. and 59 degrees on the embarcadero. santa rosa will be up to 67 degrees. if you're getting ready to head out on your lunch break in oakland, we're going to be right at 60. if you have a later lunch break, 63 degrees. take the lunch outside and enjoy the sunshine. in the south bay, you may be trying to get home early so you can get there in time to pass out the candy and finish the last-minute decorations. it's going to be in the upper 60s and then at 6:00, as soon as the sun sets, we'll be at 64 degrees. and then for the trick or treat forecast for daily city, we're staying in the upper 50s.
11:49 am
and it will be breezy with our temperatures down to about 55 degrees at sunset and lower 50s for the rest of the night. and we're still tracking that rain, the area of high pressure moving away. a cold area of low pressure moving in. with that rain out ahead of a front will be arriving in the north bay by late friday evening. we may even start to see some of those showers earlier farther to the north. then as we head towards friday night, looks like most of the bay area starting to see some of that rain moving in. then for saturday, it starts to push farther to the south. we may have some breaks in the weekend forecast from the rain, but we will see several waves of it from not only friday but continuing into early monday. and a cool forecast on the way, highs reaching into the upper 50s. inland areas keeps those upper 50s as well. getting ready for some winter-like weather for the bay area. a couple of days of fall here left. >> thank you, kari. welcoming up, counting down
11:50 am
to the olympics. we're about three months out and the athletes are getting pumped. a look at the excitement is building up. south korea and the winter
11:51 am
11:52 am
olympics is on... we are nearly a the countdown to south korea and the winter olympics is certainly on. nearly 100 days until the games begin. >> in their own words, we hear from those athletes about what it means to represent the u.s. on the world stage. >> and friend as round the world, welcome to the 22nd olympic winter games. >> ever since i can remember, i've had this dream of becoming an olympian. when you have the dream of being an olympian and you picture yourself walking in behind the american flag, representing team usa for a sport that you love. >> it's just an incredible feeling of accomplishment. everything you've worked so hard for. every minute you've poured into training, all the sweat, it all adds up and it all just becomes worth it. >> the feeling of walking into
11:53 am
opening ceremony after training and the injuries and the lifelong dedication is something i'll probably never be able to put into words. >> the united states of america. >> it was so loud. it was almost silent silent. >> you walk out there and it's quiet. >> and it just took awhile foe me to realize they're all there cheering extremely loud. it just took a moment for the noise to hit you. >> when you march into the stadium to an entire crowd cheering for you, it's one of the most powerful experiences that you can have. >> that was one of the biggest adrenaline rushes of my life and i've been bungee jumping and sky diving, so that's saying something. >> i just remember trying to take in every moment, realizing that it was happening and i was there was really surreal. >> when you get to the olympics, you know, you're team usa. you're part of something that is much larger than yourself. >> i realized this moment was about the world coming together on this, like, crazy stage where
11:54 am
everyone is the best at what they do. >> the only time that you're going to experience everyone almost forgetting about this sport and just feeling united. >> we all just enjoyed that experience together. and that was so beautiful to me. >> it shows you that you can accomplish what you've been striving for, you've been dreaming about. it's not just a pipe dream, it's an actual reality now, and that gives you the confidence almost to do anything you want after that. >> if you can imagine the culmination of all of your life's work sort of in a single moment, walking into the opening ceremonies with my teammates, following the flag, is a memory i'll carry with me for the rest of my life. >> nbc bay area is the spot for all things olympics. garvin thomas is headed to the games. >> always exciting to see that. we'll be right back. screen.
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
this is video from tracy, california ... out east st take a look at this. video from tracy, california, you know, over east past livermore. holiday light display. a lot of work. the man behind the intricate light show said he spent thousands of hours planning for it. he says his next big project, not surprisingly, is a christmas display. >> beautiful. >> all right. we have some great weather for the evening heading out. 60 degrees in san francisco. perfect for trick or treating. >> it is. play it safe out there. we'll see you tomorrow morning 4:30 to 7:00.
11:58 am
11:59 am
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. live from hollywood, it's "america's got talent." give it up for your judges, simon cowell -- [ applause ] >> heidi klum! [ applause ] >> mel b! [ applause ]


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