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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 1, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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terrifying moments in san francisco. an officer shot. video from a viewer who saw that shooting erupt during halloween celebrations. we are live at the scene this morning with what we just learned from officers. good morning to you. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we want to go straight to breaking news in san francisco. a night of fun turned into terror. this is after an officer was shot right in the heart of the castro overnight. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos live with more on what happened. pete? >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus and laura. it was still an active scene here, the shooting taking place in a busy area of castro at 18th and diamond. i want to show you the scene behind me here. you can see police down there processing that scene. we showed you a snippet of the video tweeted out. we are hearing the gunshots fired. here is what it sounded like.
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[ gunfire ] [ sirens ] >> reporter: video of the skyline. that is the sound of those gunshots being fired. according to sfp, they say the shooting took place near 18th and diamond. the officers are working the area on halloween night. they were flagged down for suspicious car in that area. when police approached that car, that's when the gunfire was exchanged. that's when you heard those gunshots in the video. they are told by sfpd the officer and suspect were both shot, both sent to the hospital. their conditions are unknown at this point, but it resulted in a number of street closures from market to 19th and castro to eureka. we are hoping to get more answers from sfpd, like what made the car suspicious. we are expecting another
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briefing this morning. we are going to continue to monitor things here and bring you another update in a half hour. live in the castro district, pete suratos, "today in the bay." >> we'll follow you for the update. in the south bay, a fire erupts on a train tressel. this could affect hundreds or thousands of passengers. kris sanchez is live on the scene where crews are trying to gain a handle on those flames. good morning. >> the good news is the flames are out. the huge plume of smoke visible is now gone. we know it was a 200 stretch of train tressels, a wooden structure which makes it flammable. that is of concern for the firefighters who are there watching for those hot spots. this is what it was like when the flames were at their peak. the firefighters were able to get the fire contained in about 45 minutes. it started as a grass fire, then they realized the train tressel
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itsz was on fire. we asked about the cause of the fire. at this point, that is undetermined. however, fire crews were here in the last week. >> this has been a problem area for fires due to the high -- this has been a problem area for fires due to the high population of homeless people that live in this area. we were just out here a couple nights ago for the same thing for a grass fire in the area. >> reporter: now, the imminent threat from the fire is over, but now the spill over to the commute is going to begin. we know caltrain has bus bridges in place to get around the area. so, we know that firefighters
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are going to stay out here on the scene. we also know we are working with mike inouye to track that traffic impact that could slow down your commute early this morning. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> we are going to check in with mike right now, in fact. so many people use it mike. >> this is north of tamien station so it's going to cut folks off through downtown san jose. we are talking about the bridge. let me show you the problem. the fire is located south of 87. but, what we are hearing is there may be a bridge bus instituted at capital. this would be a bigger, longer bus adding to the delay. folks on earlier trains out of morgan hill and gilroy, that is an issue, sending more folks on the roadway. we'll track the volume of traffic.
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ift's going to be a longer day out of the area. in the video, there were two sets of tracks. over here, we are looking at a big jam off the carquinez bridge. one lane open. this, because of a deadly crash here coming down through the area, past the road, 6:00 a.m., hopefully when they can reopen lanes. we have a lighter flow. look for the bay bridge and no problem for the maze. as far as the weather goes, it's looking cooler. pleasant. >> all clear and cool as you head out this morning. no issues in the weather department. we will have a beautiful day with high temperatures reaching the upper 60s and low 70s for this afternoon. as we look at the highs for the inland areas in spots like antioch, 70 degrees. 70 in san jose and 67 in santa rosa. i want to quickly show you the seven day forecast with rain on the way. i'll have details on the timing and how much to expect in a few
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minutes. >> thanks so much, kari. it is 5:05. now, a developing story, live in new york city where the investigation continues in the search for answers goes on following tuesday's deadly terror attack. now, this morning, we know more about the suspect and we are getting a sense of how far this rampage went. nbc news put together a 3-d rendering. it shows the route that sayfullo drove down near the world trade center, driving more than ten blocks, sadly leaving bodies in the wake before crashing into a school bus. eight people died in the attack making it the deadliest attack since 9/11. 11 people are waking up in the hospital. listen as a witness described what happens. >> in the bike lane, clearly in
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the bike lane. i see two gentlemen laying there with tire marks. you hear a lady screaming. that's what made me go back that way and look. >> very frightening. the suspect is a native of uzbekistan, he's been in the u.s. since 2010. police shot him. he's recovering from surgery. he left a note in the truck claiming he carried out the attack for isis. you can hear from more witnesses and see how world leaders, including president trump are respondsing. marcus? >> this morning, recruitment posters promoting a white supremacist group is popping up at stanford. they denounced the group. it sparks violence in charlesville, virginia this year. posters at dozens of colleges
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and universities. happening today, calls for cleaner drinking water in oakland schools. a board member is among those promoting the get the lead out campaign. it follows revelations that water in san francisco schools contain high levels of lead. host a meeting for input of the expansion of the animal shelter. the shelter is off highway 101 in san martin and serves the unincorporated areas. they want to expand it to a no-kill shelter. the county approved 26 million dlarls in funding for construction. san francisco supervisors reportedly approved a major new development project for pier 70. it's been in the works for years. developers want to turn 35 acres of waterfront into business and shopping, including 1,000 new
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homes. supervisors unanimously approved the deal. happening today, if you see smoke in morgan hills, it may be a burn. they will conduct a controlled burn eight hmiles east of san jose. they will try to destroy nonnative plant species. it will take place today and tomorrow. mangled metal in the east bay. a deadly crash shuts down a busy street in walnut creek. what led up to that, coming up next.
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>> good wednesday morning. at 5:12, hot coffee that will keep you warm with cool temperatures. look at the temperature trend for cupertino at 55 degrees at 9:00 this morning. today, another beauty with highs in the upper 60s. we talk about cooler temperatures and rain ahead in the forecast, coming up in five minutes. i'm still tracking this deadly crash affecting traffic coming off the carquinez bridge. we'll talk about progress here as well as the train tressel fire. the latest we learned. clean up continues overnight after a deadly wreck in walnut creek. we brought you this story as breaking news at 11:00. this is near cherry lane.
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authorities remained on the scene into the early morning hours. police say two cars hit head on. we don't have word on the cause. at 5:13 this morning, san francisco police are investigating a crash that killed a man walking in the sunset. it happened along slope boulevard near 36th avenue. the driver of the car that hit him stayed on scene and is said to be cooperating with with police. more details now. san francisco city performance score card needs improvement. the latest numbers come from 2016. there were 30 traffic related deaths. at least 20 every year since 2010. about 200 people are seriously injured traveling on city streets every year. the goal is zero traffic deaths by 2024. 5:13. a month after the deadly shooting rampage in las vegas,
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they are allowed to route 91. attorneys are also being allowed in along with mapping experts. they have to determine where their clients were at the time the shots started raining down. starting today, vendors are back into the property. the aftermath of the devastating wildfires, leaders are debating new emergency temporary housing. sonoma county supervisors are allowing a measure on the land. the catch is, current or future farming cannot be displayed. that land can't be developed into another use down the road. new this morning, a report that the city of san jose is buying land near google's proposed expansion. the city will make parking and road improvement. here is a map of the six pieces of land. five of the six parcels are the
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northeast corner of west st. john and north autumn street. the city will pay 11 million dlarls. the sixth parcel is on the west st. john street and paying $6 million. the purchase has been planned for years for the tech village. critics say taxpayer money is being spent to subsidize the private development. help is under way for homeowners whose property tax are due. county officials say property taxes are the biggest expense aside from the mortgage itself. they estimate 1-20 taxpayers struggle to pay the full amount. with the new option, they are able to pay part of the amount giving property owners flexibility. make the tax deadline with fewer penalties. workshops tonight and friday to talk about the partial pay program. we posted more information on
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our website, tech companies will be back on capitol hill for more questioning today. >> a second day of inquiries into the role of the russian meddling in the election. scott mcgrew, you say today could be tougher than yesterday. >> yeah because today they have two hearings. one in front of the senate in an hour and a half and one in front of the house in the afternoon. representatives from facebook, google and twitter faced the  committee. ceos are not present. they want to know why social networks were caught off guard. here is a straight forward question from senator al franken of minnesota asking why facebook didn't know it was russians when they paid in russian currency. >> you can't put together rubles with a political ad and go, hmm, those two data points spell out
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something bad? >> one problem facebook, google and twitter are international. facebook isn't going to cut off access just because the content is from a foreign company. they take up questioning this morning at 6:30 our time. this afternoon, the same tech executives face questioning in the house. at 6:15, we talk to california congresswoman jackie spier. what she will ask and what she thinks of the mess in the next hour. tesla opening financial books. wall street is talking about the tax issue and we'll cover all of that coming up in about a half hour when we talk about politics. >> there we go. busy wednesday morning. >> yeah.
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> time to lace up the skates for the return of the great bay area tradition. later this morning, the ice rink opens in san francisco at union square. the ice breaker event kicks off with cast members from the disney show "aladdin." it will operate through january 11. >> they are the same people that come out for the opening every year. they are like professionals. >> i know. >> it's so much fun. one note, if it does rain, they will stay open. if it's a heavy rain, they may close things down. that's something we will be monitoring the next few days. we are getting ready for rain. a big change in the pattern. we are starting out with clear skies and cool temperatures as you get ready to head out in san francisco. a clear start. we keep those clear skies. temperatures dipping to the upper 40s and low 60s as you
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head out. i want to show you how cool it is now compared to yesterday morning walking out the door. it's 11 degrees cooler in morgan hill. most spots are 5-10 degrees lower, but the clear skies are really allowing those temperatures to dip fairly fast. as we go through the day, it will warm up quickly. just a few degrees above where we were yesterday. in cupertino, a high of 68 degrees. for the east bay, up to 64 in oakland and livermore, 69 degrees. we have those breezy winds. that stays strong today. winds coming from the west at 5-10 miles per hour. temperatures today reaching the upper 60s on the peninsula. low 60s in san francisco and the north bay upper 60s. as you get ready to head out for the bus stop, livermore, the forecast starts out cool with upper 40s. by the time the kids get out of school, mid-60s. for the morning commute, after you drop the kids off, you are
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in the car sitting in traffic. it will be low 50s, but a lot of sunshine throughout the day. heading over to mike now, an update for the east shore freeway. >> a big delay because of a deadly crash. i'm going to show you the travel time. 50 minutes and growing from highway 4 and the bay bridge. i'll give you an alternate. i want to update you on the caltrain issue in the south bay as well. a tressel fire between tamien and diridon. it's from the tamien to the diridon station. we are going to see if we can get past it. kris sanchez follows it off 87 and 280. it's not visible from the freeway. it's smoke now. the flames are gone. the rest of the bay shows a smooth flow of traffic. up to the east shore freeway, a jam here in san pablo. we have three out of four lanes
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open. this happened in the last five minutes. they opened all but one lane. they are waiting for the coroner to arrive for the investigation. it is a longer route, you will get past that jammed traffic. join nbc bay area wazers. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up, a troubling report for you this morning. the reason the u.s. received a "c" when it comes to premature birthrates. follow scott mcgrew on twitter to read more. you could save energy
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by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california.
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being born in the u-s is up for the 2ndtr new this morning, the raid of premature babies born in the u.s. is up for the second straight year. we took a closer look at the data overnight and the annual report for the march of dimes gives america a "c" grade. the u.s. preterm birthrates rose 9.8% last year up from 9.6%. more than 380,000 babies are born too soon. it's more than a number. >> this is a new way to get by, talking to her, reading books. it's very emotional.
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>> march of dimes says irvine, california has the nation's lowest preterm birthrate at 5.8%. 100 days to go until the opening ceremony of the winter olympics. it will fly, believe me. as the exclusive station for coverage that is here. >> athletes with olympic dreams are all business these days. this is from sochi, russia. she is expected to lead a strong team to half pike to pyeongchang, south korea. how has winning the gold changed her life? >> aside from, you know, more pressure of the gold medal, it changed my life in a way, that i wasn't really expecting. you know, i received this platform that i didn't have
5:26 am
before. i have had the opportunity just to interact with young kids more about sports and also, you know, speak out about climate change. >> if that excites you, we have more for you. tonight, you will hear from garvin thomas' interview, including her favorite memory of winning the gold in russia. garvin thomas is actually traveling to the olympics this year. he is going to have live reports as we lead up to 100 days now to the olympics. covering breaking news this morning, an officer shot in castro district, all happening during halloween festivities. we are live at the scene with information pete suratos is gathering as we learn about what happened. >> reporter: open enrollment begins today for cover california. the steps you need to take now to ensure you and your family
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are insured.
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first -- fire breaks out on a train trestle in the south bay. right now an alert for commuters we are following two breaking stories this morning. first, fire breaks out in the south bay. there's an alert for commuters in gilroy, morgan hill and south san jose. an officer shot during halloween celebrations. we are live at the scene with the overnight developments. good morning to you. thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. i'm laura garcia.
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>> i'm marcus washington. before we get to the top stories, we want to get to meteorologist, kari hall. it is a pleasant morning. >> it is clear and cool temperatures as you head out this morning. it will be a very nice day with high temperatures in the upper 50s in half-moon bay. 62 in san francisco and low 70s for the interior valleys. we will be tracking rain for the week. here we are on friday. the rain moves in from the north. we will have off and on showers for the weekend. that and the weekend forecast in seven minutes. mike is tracking the impact on the bridge. >> the bridge is very light. just now seeing a back up. it's late there because of the traffic that was held up. look at the map. the upper east shore freeway getting to the bay bridge. the map shows the traffic held up in san pablo and now finally at the berkeley curve. we have a lane closed because of the deadly crash. they reopened the lanes.
5:31 am
three open, one closed. we are seeing more clearing from richmond park way past the scene. san pablo gets you past the back up if that's an option for you. you are adding 25 minutes off the bridge right now. the rest of the bay shows a smooth flow of traffic on the rails. off the road, the fire impacting caltrain. that will be an issue off the trackings. we had a fire. we showed you that video. kris sanchez is on the scene. we have changes. >> reporter: yeah, mike, you were talking about the impact to traffic because this is a very active train tressel with two rail lines going through. the union pacific truck is ready to do insprexs. caltrain has been out there and one of their rails has been cleared. they are going to single track through this area. they will continue to inspect that rail line as soon as san jose fire says it is safe to do so. here is what it looked like when firefighters arrived after 3:00
5:32 am
this morning. a 200 foot stretch of train tressel on fire. in that 45 minute window, damage was done. caltrain and union pacific freight services will be impacted. vta was assisting with a bus bridge. here is where to expect the slowdown between the tamien station and diridon. no immediate cause for the fire, but they tell us crews were just out here a week ago. >> this has been a problem area for fires due to there's a high population of homeless people that live in this area. we were just out here a couple nights ago for the same thing with a grass fire in the area. >> reporter: to reiterate, there is some sort of damage to at
5:33 am
least one of the tracks. union pacific is out here. caltrain is also out here. caltrain cleared to use a single track. you can expect delays. we will do our best to keep you on top of that. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much for that update. more breaking news this morning. this time from san francisco where an officer was shot during a halloween celebration. >> pete suratos is live with more. how is the officer doing this morning? >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus and laura. the condition of the officer is unknown. at least one officer was shot and the suspect in all this was shot as well. they were both sent to the hospital, conditions unknown. still an active scene on market and diamond where we are standing. you can see investigators are still processing the scene, an active scene if you are waking up to this in the castro district. we want to go to video where you can hear the sounds of gunshots
5:34 am
fired this morning. [ gunfire ] [ sirens ] [ gunfire ] >> reporter: someone tweeting that video of the skyline. you can hear the gunshots fired. what we are getting as far as information from sfpd, they say the shooting happened roughly after 12:00 a.m. officers are working the area on halloween night. they were flagged down by a person in this area about a suspicious car in that area. when they went toward the car to investigate the situation is when gunfire was exchanged. in that process, you have an officer and suspect shot. both of them sent to the hospital and their conditions are unknown. we are hoping to get more answers to questions from media, excuse me, from sfpd. they are going to give us information later. this was not part of a halloween
5:35 am
sanction. we'll talk more about that in the next hour as well as give you an update on the current incident behind me. live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you, pete. now, to a developing story we continue to follow out of new york city. you are looking live in lower manhattan. the investigation into the deadly terror attack that happened in the city yesterday afternoon continues this morning. >> it's the deadliest in the city since 9/11. the suspect's name is sayfullo saipov, a native of uzbekistan. a u.s. native since 2010. he's recovering in the hospital as being shot by police. overnight, police searched his new jersey home, collected evidence at a nearby home depot store as well. >> he rented the truck and drove down the river front bike path.
5:36 am
this is a popular bike path along the hudson river. the truck drove south ten blocks leaving bodies in the wake before it crashed into a school bus. >> eight people killed, 11 others in the hospital. law encoursement found a note in the truck claiming he carried out the attack for isis. the mayor says new york will not live in fear. >> being new yorkers, live your life, don't let them change us or deter us. >> uzbekistan is offering the u.s. assistance in the investigation. president trump ordered homeland security to step up extreme vetting of immigrants. coverage will continue on air and online this morning. we expect to get information in the next couple of hours. any updates we have, we will post for you on the white house continues to debate the future of affordable
5:37 am
care act. coverage begins today. >> bob redell is live with what you need to know this morning. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning marcus and laura. this is the one time of year you can sign up for health insurance under cover california without meeting qualifying conditions. take a look at the tv screen. there's bullet points up there if you are without insurance. the enrollment period starts today, three months through the end of january. you are encouraged to sign up by december 15th, so your coverage begins the first of next year. you want to shop and compare. there are a number of changes in 2018 next year with some insurance companies withdrawaling from parts of california like anthem blue cross. others are expanding like blue shield of california. you can compare the prooms oon the website.
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subsidized customers, consumers will see a decrease based on a study by coverage california. the average price you will pay for coverage goes down by about 1.5%. this is from this year to next year. it's a decrease of $9 a month or $108 a year. if you keep the existing plan, you could save hundreds of dollars a month. 3 million people have purchased insurance. 4 million enrolled in medical. the organization will be doing a media outreach to get people enrolled. a bus tour starting next week will be in san jose, oakland and san francisco. of course, you can enroll in the programs starting today. you have three months. go on to coverage california website. live in castro valley, bob redell, "today in the bay." a busy morning.
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a lighter flow of traffic arnds the bay. these speed sensors look great. an issue on the upper east shore blocking one lane. westbound 80, the commute direction jams up getting spoo the area past hilltop drive. jamming up before you get to the curve off highway 4. a deadly crash investigation continues. the last of the lanes should reopen in 20-25 minutes. we'll get the up at a time from chp at that time. richland parkway, a crash there as well. doesn't sound like it's causing a major problem. as we look at the rest of the bay, speeds toward the bay bridge, the maze moves well. a note for caltrain, light rain bridge between tamien and diridon. the roadways are moving well. >> the roadways in my neighborhood last night, very busy. very congested. >> fueled by sugar. >> a lot of sugar.
5:40 am
>> a lot of people are tired and looking forward to the weekend. maybe get some rest and recover. i think it will be a good weekend for that, considering we will have rain off and on. that's the kind of weather we will have to make your feel like you just want to stay in bed. we are going to have temperatures in the upper 50s from the coast to the inland areas all day on sunday with off and on showers. look for stuff for you to do inside. starting on friday, free admission day in the santa cruz museum of national history and off and on showers. this is cool, reaching the low 50s. saturday, you might want to head to berkeley for the s.t.e.m. discovery day. this is cool to check out with the kids. upper 50s there and, at times, showers coming through. sunday, we talked about this, union square will have the ice rink opening and in san francisco, union square is going to be at times showers coming
5:41 am
down. they will keep it open as long as that rain is not too heavy. then, if you want to see snow, head to yosemite. get there before friday, upper 30s and snowfalling saturday and sunday. we'll talk more about bha to expect coming up later. >> thanks, kari. a chaotic scene overnight in the east bay. several people shot after a show erupted. the trend we are seeing across the bay. out of washington this morning, donald trump reacting to the terrible attack in new york city. we'll bring you the latest when "today in the bay" continues.
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5:44 now. we begin with clear skies and going to see a lot of sunshine through the day. a live look outside in downtown san jose. the temperature trend for los gatos is 59 degrees a cool start but it warms up quickly. another beautiful day for all that sunshine stays with us for a little while longer. there will be rain in the forecast for the weekend. more on that coming up at 5:49. it's a live look there. that is the sig-alert that continues. a deadly crash investigation. watch the slow lane and the onramp at west 80 at san pablo. we are tracking the progress
5:45 am
hoping for the 6:00 reopen. i'll give you the latest we have coming up. sounds good. it is 5:45. two people are hurt after a shooting at a side show in oakland. it's near broadway and mcc mccarrother. the victims took themselves to the hospital. police haven't made arrests. four people were arrested and an officer hurt following a series of side shows. heading to the gas station, fill up and get ready to pay more. the 12 cent per gallon gas tax kicks in today. there are long lines there at the bay area gas station from last night. some stations charged prices to reflect the new tax at midnight. others are expected to today. the tax is expected to generate more than 5 billion dlarls
5:46 am
yearly from the fridge repairs. many drivers said that tax is excessive. >> wow. isn't that something? that's just like my house went up in value and it's time to get the hell out of here. this governor has really screwed me over. >> i'm doing a lot of traveling, so, it's definitely not working in my favor, i would say. cause i travel from vallejo all the way to oakland every day and do that long commute for work. >> the gas station attendents changed the sign last night. governor brown signed the bill into law saying the state's infrastructure is in the past and in need of repair. today, gas stations will switch to the cheaper winter blend so that will offset the tax hike at the least for a short time. >> this is here. i was already full from the other day.
5:47 am
this is 680 north. i said, oh, man, it's starting to happen, so i snapped a shot. >> you are going to feel it. the president tweeting out a flurry of angry messages this morning about immigration. >> scott mcgrew, this comes after that terrible attack in new york city. >> good morning. the president says he wants to end the lottery based immigration system that may have let that suspect in. the president blames that system of immigration on the democrats. he ordered the department of homeland security to step up the vetting program. being politically correct is fine, he says, but not for this. it's not clear what the president means by extreme vetting. it may refer to a plan to double check people's social network. the president recently proposed a plan to restrict immigration from six countries. the suspect here was not from any of those countries. the president made a tweet about the new york city attacker hours after the attack but never said
5:48 am
anything on twitter about the man who killed 58 and wounded 546 people. the white house said at the time, it was too soon to comment. >> are you going to argue manafort? >> thank you. thank you. >> reaction of papadopoulos. >> thank you very much. >> allowed into a business meeting. the president wants to talk about taxes and the media wanted to talk about criminal indictments. we will not see a tax reform bill today. it's been delayed until at least tomorrow. the indictment of two of the president's men and guilty plea of one is at a bad time. president trump will meet with chinese president xi. he wants to look strong in front of their president. the media is not going to let the indictment story go anytime
5:49 am
soon. the president is tweeting a lot this morning. you can watch us on twitter. >> sounds good, mr. mcgrew. of course you can check out his checks and balances segment here on "today in the bay," monday through friday, 4:30 to 7:00. in case you want to get up earlier. >> 5:49. >> hey, the time changes this weekend. >> sunday morning, 2:00 a.m. we fall back and we will have fall-like weather. it's going to be raining. it starts the beginning of the rainy season in the bay area. we will have a few last days to have some pleasant weather and then we are going to have some rain. as you walk out the door this morning, it is chilly once again. the tri-valley now at 47 degrees and 50 in the peninsula and the south bay. 47 degrees in the east bay. the seven day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen.
5:50 am
the high temperatures reaching 70 for the inland valleys and oakland, 64. 62 degrees in san francisco. so, it's going to be a really nice day. getting dressed this morning, we talked about this, with the chilly start, you might want a hat and jacket. later today, after you take off those layers, light long sleeves and pants. we are going to have fall-like weather. a beautiful day. as you get ready to head out with the kids on the bus stop in palo alto, low 50s. by the time they head home, mid-60s. a couple more days of dry weather, then tracking the rain moving into the north bay friday morning. the rest of the bay area seeing those showers friday and saturday. there may be a break late saturday evening and another round coming in on sunday. so, we'll be fine tuning the timing and exactly how much. here is an early look at what one of the computer models is showing considering how much rain we could see throughout the
5:51 am
weekend. the possibility of at least a quarter inch of rain for the north bay and more for the mountains. looking at off and on rain, temperatures staying cool. yes, it will feel like fall into the beginning of next week with more rain on the way. mike is tracking that big delay through san pablo. >> because of the crash investigation, we have the shot with the photographer. the flairs are out. they are blocking the slow lane of west 80 and part of the onramp. you have to loop back to the opposite direction. looking at the update from chp, an officer said at 6:00 it should reopen. i don't think it will reopen in ten minutes but maybe by 6:15. we'll give you an update. i'll show you waze. the timing, three out of four lanes have been open for 45 minutes, recovery for the upper east shore. between a half hour and 45 minutes anyway you take it, even through the back up, but it will
5:52 am
be slower. back to the map as we showed you, one lane blocked and a crash on rich land parkway complicates things. the rest of the approaches moving smoothly. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 5:52. coming up, we investigate. >> everybody is so scared to walk to school. >> a struggle over unsafe streets. what neighbors are asking for and how our investigation may help them get it. i'm vicky nguyen, up next. just in, a police shooting in wine country. sonoma county sheriff's deputies shot a man after he attempted to run someone over in a stolen truck. this happened around 10:30. the suspect was wanted for assault with a deadly weapon. he drove away and officers opened fire. the suspect was hit in the arm and immediately surrendered. plus, on a lighter note,
5:53 am
starbucks has a new holiday cup for you. it's mostly white. customers can fill in the colors themselves. some stores have colored pencils for those coffee drinkers. we'll be back in ftwo minutes with more news. enrollment starts today.
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a lot of people may have questions. we )ll have more detai
5:56 am
california enrollment starts today. a lot of people may have questions. more details coming up later. right now, i tweeted out a link about how you can enroll. you can find me on twitter. struggle over sidewalks in the east bay. neighbors in castro valley turn to our investigative unit for help. >> vicky nguyen looked into the concerns and joins us now with more. good morning. people in castro valley say they are tired of battling with county leaders over sidewalks. they went years to catch up with the growth. they want basic solutions to make getting around safe for kids, the disabled and the elderly. it's the largest, unincorporated community. residents tell us, it's ridiculous trying to walk anywhere. kids on the way to school have to contend with cars and drivers parking on the sidewalk that is do exist.
5:57 am
we found little enforcement with the sheriff's department writing one ticket a day in all of alameda county for blocked sidewalks. after the investigation, the public works department worked to review temporary solutions to improve safety. in the meantime, they tell people to walk defensively. watch the county's $4,000 commercials on defensive walking and the report on . if you have a story for our investigative unit give us a call 888-996-tips or e-mail the unit. are you thinking about maybe starting a small business? well, you could get a loan through the city of san jose. happening today, the mayor is launching a partnership with kiva. the organization provides zero interest crowd funded loans to small businesses. they want to end the cycle of poverty giving tools to better
5:58 am
their future. camp pendleton authorities are trying to find out what caused an e. coli outbreak. ten are hospitalized, many others treated at the bay. facilities are being treated to try to stop the spread of bacteria. 100 days to go until the opening ceremony of the winter olympics in pyeongchang, south korea. >> we are checking in with athletes who have their sights on competing there. stacy cook is already an olympic veteran. she has been one of the best u.s. skiers for the past decade, she had tough luck at the olympics, having yet to win a medal. but, podium or not, she's proud of all she accomplished in her career. >> this year, i got to a place where i'm like, i have done really well and i can be proud
5:59 am
of everything i have done. i'm definitely trying hard, i'm striving for it. it's not a proof thing anymore. it's really my own journey. >> we are going to root her on tonight on nbc bay area news at 6:00. we are going to show you the unorthodox way her ski career began and what connection that has for a special program she is part of at her home on mammoth mountain. garvin thomas is traveling to pyeongchang to cover the olympics. you can find profiles by going to this is cool, happening today, tickets going on sale for the 2018 u.s. figure stating championship. it's held at the s.a.p. center from december 29 through january 7. tickets start at just $12. winners from the championship go on to south korea for the winter event there. root her on as well.
6:00 am
right now, we are following several breaking news stories this morning. terrifying moments overnight as gunfire erupt during halloween festivities in castro. what led up to an officer being shot. a fire breaks out on the caltrain tracks. the impact it's having on the commute and how to get around. the terror attack in new york. new information on that and the investigation. what we know about the suspect's past and, of course, the victims who died. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we begin with breaking news in san francisco this morning. a police officer shot overnight during halloween festivities in castro. this morning, witnesses are sharing video which shows the moment the shog


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