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tv   Today  NBC  November 1, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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4:30. we have an update at 7:25. we'll be here at 11:00 a.m. >> what time do we start? >> 4:30. if you are not here, you are late. . el lugar de los hechos. >> savannah is live on the scene today, november 1st, 2017.
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>> from nbc news, this is a special split edition of "today" terror in new york with matt lauer in studio 1a in rockefeller plaza and savannah guthrie live in tribeca. >> and good morning, everyone, it is 7:00 out on the west coast on a wednesday morning, i'm matt lawner studio 1a, savannah is down in lower manhattan at the scene of that event, halloween evening was unfolding casually, it turned into an afternoon and evening of chaos and carn annual. it's a terrible scene down there, good morning. >> reporter: it is, it all ended about a block from where i'm standing. this is a neighborhood you mentioned would have been filled with trick or treaters, kids getting out of school in that moment the unthinkable happened. we want to get right to the latest in this investigation. as you know, eight people were killed, 11 seriously injured, making it the first degree deadly terrorist attack on new
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york city since 9/11, 2001. >> here's what we know, the suspect has been identified as sayfullo saipov, a 29-year-old from uzbekistan, he drove into the bike path going nearly 20 blocks, that's nearly a block. he is in hospital, he is expected to survive. and, matt, we have now learned more about the suspect. he entered the u.s. seven years ago and sources tell nbc news he left a note in his rented truck. we have breaking news, just this morning, we learned exactly what was in that notes saipov allegedly writing, isis lives forever. a federal terror organization is under way, it is being led by the joint terrorism task force. >> this morning investigators are questioning the man behind a deadly terrorist attack in lower manhattan, an attack he apparently committed in the name of isis, blocks away from the
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world trade center? we have multiple casualties in a mass casualty situation here. >> reporter: 29-year-old sayfullo saipov is in custody, responsible for killing eight people and injuring more than a dozen others. >> this was an act of terror and a particularly cowardly act of terror. >> reporter: shortly after 3:00 p.m., authorities say saipov drove a pick-up truck rented at a home depot in new jersey along on a bike path, he drove nearly a mile, running over cyclists and pedestrians along the way. >> mangled. one gentleman's leg was hanging by its limb. the other gentleman had tire marks across his chest. >> reporter: the suspect eventually crashed into a school bus carrying special needs children, two of them were injured. he got out of a truck, brandishing a pellet gun and paintball gun. a police officer is credited
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with taking him down, shooting him in the abdomen. were there kids around? >> there were a lot of kids. like i said, i first heard about it from a young five, 6-year-old girl yell, he has a gun t. mot was var scared. >> i went to the window. i went to the car, i seen people dead, bicycles on the floor. >> reporter: witnesses say he shouted allah akbar during the attack, a note left snidz the truck says it was committed for isis. so far they believe he was acting as a lone wolf. saipov an immigrant from uzbekistan moved to the u.s. in 2010 and held a green card and a florida's driver's license, a friend telling friends, he had been work income new jersey working as an uber driver. uber is cooperating with the fbi investigation. after the attack, president trump tweeted the suspect is a very sick and deranged person, tweeting again this morning, we
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are fighting hard for merit-based immigration. no more democrat lottery systems. we must get much tougher and smarter. >> governor andrew cuomo focused on new yorker's resilience. >> we lived with this before. we felt the pain before. we fell the pain today. but we go forward together and we go forward stronger than ever. >> overnight the spire of one world trade center let up if red, white and blue in honor of the victims. earlier this morning, we spoke to two eyewitnesses, jean who s works here in this area and a h. this is our neighborhood. anthony, tell me what man named anthony whose son goe. to school here. >> i was waiting for my son to pick him up i began by asking anthony what m he saw especially was waiting s. and i was in my car in the for my son to pick him up from school..passenger's side, the b, and i heard i was in my car the passenger's side the back door and i heard w big smash, so i looked up. the after it hit the pickup truck hit the i saw the bus after it hit the pick-up truck hit the bus. at my car. but then the dri
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it's coming right at my car.r s then the driver swerved uphill uphill. on chamber's street and then on chambers street and then i looked back down to the pickup truc looked back down to the pick-upy truck to see if thefy was okay. >> >> reporter: you thought it was an accident?t? accident. >> i thought it was an accident. he had >> i thought it was an accident >> literally. and i saw guns in his hands, he had his hands up in the air. waving them, and coming towards me, i saw guns in his hands, waving truck them coming towards me then wen around the truck and toward west westside highway. at that po side highway. i literally just at that point i literally just went and started grabbing kids went and started grabbing kids and saying get back in the school, get back in the and saying, "get back in the school!! the's a shooter, there's a shooter. get back in the school! and i was just pushing kids back in the school. there's a heater is, there's a scheert!" for my son to make i was pushing kids back in the he's not school, looking for my son.out. i didn't see him and i i didn't see him and i just pu the kids back in and pushed the kids back if and i o get ran up the block to get the tht police that were at stuyvesant as to point them down in the right direction. stiverso >> reporter: and the police do the right direction. actually asked you to come >> identify the shooter later.hoot. can you tell can you tell me about that? me ? >> yes, i was escorted >> yes, i was escorted down to
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the ambulance, the perpetrator was in the ambulance, the perpetrator was in the ambulance and i just. said, yep, that was him. had a t he had a red stripe on his shirt. all bloody and he was in the ambulance. >> gene, you he was all bloody in the ambulance. met yesterday on this very >> gene, you and i met yesterda. you work near on this very corner, you were h working near here, you were hom. can you tell me what you walking home, can you tell me what you saw?hen i got out of ti was >> well, when i got out of work. i was crossing the street and for some reason behind me i for some reason behind me, i heard screaming, loud heard screaming, loud screaming, so it was a different kind of so, it was a different kind of scream. went back, there was a female yelling really so when i went back, there was a loud. i went back and i female yelling really loud. loon i went back and i looked. the white i seen the white pickup truck i bike path. the bike path and all of a sudd something was sudden i knew something was wro. when i got closer to the lady wrong, when i got closer to the when i seen that there were lady is when i seen that there people on were people on bioethics that u over. was run over and, you know, the were not with us no more.more. they passed away. and that's what she saw. and she was they passed away, that's what h screaming, she was on the phone she saw and she was hysterical, with crying, screaming, on the phone. with somebody, and it was all e the cops came running. running. they don't they don't even know what's n k
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going on. they were going on, you know, they were just as confused as i was. was. i didn't expect to see something i didn't expect this, to see t. you know something like this i just camec out of work. of work, i'm trying to get home and i'm trying to get home and seeing this is -- it's craz seeing this is, it's crazy. >> and when you saw that >> reporter: when you saw that w two individuals -- >> i saw you saw two individuals. >> i saw two individuals. two >> you knew in your heart. >> i >> reporter: you knew in your heart? with us no more. >> i knew they weren't with us yerm. shape they were in. can you tell the shape they were in. their body wasn't -- like their body wasn't like you know somebody gets hit bay car somebody gets hit by a car goin 20 miles per hour they're ok 20 miles per hour, they're okay. they're moving. guys, they had movement, these guys, they had no nothing. >> how fast do you think the car was goin movement, no nothing. g? >> about 50 >> reporter: how fast do you tongue car was going? miles per. i didn't know where he got on >> about it 50 miles per hour. after all of i didn't know where he got on i until after all this happened.u houseton i found out he got on the path a at hal cintron street. ways. that's a long ways. came out of 26. and i just came out of work pier 26e i don't know if he missed me or or i missed him, but, you know, i missed him, but, you know, somebody was looking out for me somebody was looking out for me been because that could have easily been me. me. >> anthony, i know >> reporter: anthony, i know t' emotional. listen, it's so emotional, you are goin
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to school, it's right there.k u you are going to pick up your son. how, how are you processing this how are you processing this, th this morning?? how is your little boy doing? >> he w how is your little boy doing? t >> he went trick or treating last night. he was like okay, normal day, he was okay, just like a normal day. or treating, it was fine, did his he went trick or treating, fine homework. did his homework and you know al he's back to school today. toda. like a normal day. you so like a normal day. know, and put more barricades up on these you know, and now, they have to put more barricades up on these that. you know. to prevent this bike paths so no cars can be on. >> that, prevent this all. well, . >> reporter: it was quite a day. and i thank you both for being here early this morning and sharing your story. >> thank you. >> reporter: our conversation a few hours earlier and, matt, i have to say, i talked to so many witnesses in this area who said the kids that were let out of school, they were among the first to realize, they're the ones that said, those are gunshots. i had several people tell me the parents the adults were almost stunned. the kids knew exactly what was going on.
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>> it's a sad sign of the times, savannah, but thank you very much. let me turn to the chief investigative reporter for wnpc here in new york. jonathan, always good to see you. less than 24 hours ago, this happened, why are law enforcement officials so convinced this guy acted alone? >> well, he's talking in the hospital. he is apparently boasting, show knowing remorse about what happened, there's the note in the car that shows isis lives forever was the note left behind, that according to law enforcement officials. they say he had gone on to his computer. it shows he was self radicalizing, visiting these websites. there is nothing at this early stage to suggest anyone else involved. they will run it down just in case. >> help me with reports that show he was in six degrees of separation way on the radar of spra federal officials. can you clarify that? >> there is a past interrogation into a bad actor. not him. therefore several acquaintances, he's acquainted with some of
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those acquaintances, so he's severally removed his names in the database if you l. he was never under investigation, there was no warning sign this attack was coming. >> certain intelligence tells law enforcement officials he had spent a lot of time down in the area where this attack took place. he was there previously. do we know that's because he's an uber driver or because he was casing this place? >> it's very much at the heart of this investigation right now. they are checking to see if these were test run, but they know that he was in that area numerous times in the past and they want to know if he was staking it out or regardless they know he was familiar with that area and perhaps i suggest why. at 2:00, he rent thad truck, drove over the george washington bridge and came over the west side highway and apparently targeted these bicyclists, joggers and disabled kids on a school bus. he drove his car, according to police, into a mini school bus
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carrying disabled children. . >> you have been on this story since the word broke. thank you very much, appreciate it. savannah, back to you. >> reporter: i'm here with ron mott, who has gotten more on the victims and the human toll here. >> reporter: good morning, just an awful scene in lower manhattan with these bicycles mangled this morning. we are learning about those who died and the man they called a hero, a new york city police officer who stepped up and he wanted to prevent even more blood shed. five of the victims killed in the manhattan terrorist attack are from argentina. the group of france were visiting and in new york city celebrating the 30th i was in of their high school graduation. another one of the people killed was from belgium, according to nation's foreign affairs minister. >> traffic shut down on the west side highway at the time. it's going to be a crime scene. >> reporter: the devastation could have been even worse if not for the quick thinking of an nypd police officer.
7:13 am
>> the uniformed police officer confronted the subject and shot him in the abdomen. >> reporter: according to reports, officer ryan nash sprang intoing a opening fire on the suspect and ending his rampage. new york city councilman identifying nash in multiple tweets calling him the hero cop the world should be talking about. >> the commander response for nypd officer on post near the location who stopped the carnage moments after it began. >> reporter: just hours after the attack, resilient new yorkers attending the city's annual greenwich village halloween parade. among the tens of thousands of people dressed up in their costumes, a beefed up police presence to keep them safe. some parade-goers saying they wanted to honor the spirit of those who lost their lives. >> it's terrible, god bless everybody. it's terrible what happened. >> reporter: and this is so reminisce september of 9/11, being in the shadows of the wormer world trade center, it's
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great to see new yorkers up and at it this morning. >> reporter: the neighborhood changed so much in the wake of 9/11. we can hear kids playing in the playgrounds, that's how it should b. back to you. more to get to this morning, including new developments in the investigations into russia's meddling in the election. this as fallout grows over the first criminal indictments. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is joining us live at the white house. hi, peter. >> reporter: good morning to you. the white house again trying to distance itself from that former foreign policy campaign adviser, who pleaded glts to misleading the fbi about his contact with russian officials during the campaign. the president, himself, belittleing george papadopoulos as a proven liar. with president trump trying to shift the spotlight to tax cuts. >> i want the house to mass a bill by thanksgiving. i want all the people standing by my side when we get ready to sign by christmas. >> reporter: the russia investigation appears to be gaining momentum t. president
7:15 am
breaking his silence about george papadopoulos, dismissing the former volunteer adviser arguing few people knew the young low level volunteer named george. in fact, mr. trump knew him, saying there to the washington post in 2016. >> george papadopoulos, he's an oil and energy consultant, excellent guy. >> reporter: that same month, papadopoulos had a seat at the national security table with senator segs and trump. he downplayed his role here open "today." >> george was never a person a part of the team interacting with the senior management on a regular basis. >> reporter: but court documents contradict that detailing after learning how russian officials had dirt on hillary clinton, papadopoulos kept exchanging e-mails and calls with high ranking campaign officials, including to sources familiar with the matter, campaign chairman paul manafort and the campaign's chief policy adviser sam clovis.
7:16 am
nbc news learned clovis was questioned last week by mueller's team and testified before the grand jury. his lawyer says he never edge couraged papadopoulos to pursue relations between the white house and russia. the white house secretary offer this pushback. >> pap top list lus is an example of somebody doing the wrong thing while the president's campaign did the right thing. >> reporter: still they are shedding new light on the inquiry. according to court documents pen papadopoulos pled guilty, one described it as quote an ongoing investigation of which this case is a small part. also this morning, politico reports that president trump's long-time aide and current communications director hope hicks is scheduled to speak with roberts mueller's team in the middle of this month after the president gets back from his trip to acia. nbc news reached out to hicks' lawyer who is not commenting. matt. >> let us get a first check of
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our weather from mr. roker. >> you know that caterpillar around his neck, we could see severe winter. that's really kind of -- >> unfortunately, placed. >> anyway, 70 degrees, partly cloudy in los angeles, sunshine in san francisco, 61, denver partly sunny, 71. 83 degrees in phoenix. we will be watching a series of storms, the pacific northwest friday into saturday on bringing snow in some of the mountainous areas, wet weather making it down into central and northern california in the higher elevations, anywhere from 12-to-36 inches of snow possible, otherwise, we're looking at rain. we're going to get back to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. but, before we do that, before we do that -- we're going to show you around the country. we're looking at rain-cooled weather through the ohio river valley, heavy snow developed back into the western plains and
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the weekend will only reach the upper 50s with off and on showers. and that's your latest weather. thanks very much. coming up in the allegations against kevin spacey, new questions about the future of his hit show "house of cards." the future in hollywood, savannah. and matt, from here we're going to have a lot more on the terror attack in lower manhattan. what we're now learning about the suspect's past and the renewed fears of lone wolf attacks. but first on wednesday morning, this is "today" on nbc. this is the new comfort food. grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments
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wow. and spinach! that was my favorite bite so far. (avo) beneful grain free. out with the grain, in with the farm-raised chicken. healthful. flavorful. beneful. good morning to you. 7:26, i'm laura garcia. breaking news this morning. san francisco police officer is in surgery after being shot during a violent early morning altercation. "today in the bay's", pete suratos is live in castro with an update for us. pete? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. still an active scene here in the castro district at 18th and diamond street area after the officer involved shooting that took place before 12:00 a.m. the officer and suspect are in surgery following the shooting behind me. still an active scene with the police presence there. we'll show you video from where it all took place. they say it happened roughly at 12:00 a.m. officers working this
7:27 am
area on their beat, a suspicious vehicle in that area. when police approached that car, gunfire is exchanged. we have the result of an officer and suspect in the hospital. shooting took place when people were here on halloween night. we are expecting this area to clear up and it's an active scene driving in this area. live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thanks for staying on top of that story. let's check if with kari an a look at the forecast. a clear start. today, expect the high temperatures in the south bay to reach the upper 60s and low 70s. a pleasant day ahead. let's check in with mike for the commute. >> 85, the crashes i told you about have cleared but north 280, a crash is causing things to jam up. a quick look at southbound 101
7:28 am
in palo alto, a crash near university. another update in half hour. see you then.
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good morning, eastbound, we're back at 7:30, it's a wednesday morning, the first of november, 2017, these are images just into our newsroom this morning. and that is the truck that was part of the carnage that unfolded here on streets of lower manhattan yesterday. a live picture. it is still there. this is a crime scene. investigators working hard to determine why a man used that truck to run down pedestrians, cyclists, tourists, and unleashed such violence here on this part of the city. good morning to you, i'm savannah guthrie, i'm at the scene here in lower manhattan. matt and hoda live. >> this is an area well known to
7:31 am
new yorkers. it's kind of part of a lower manhattan west side playground. with that bike path along the river. >> especially well known to you, savannah, that's right in your hood, your neighborhood. >> yeah, i mean, i live about three blocks from where i'm standing right now, and i know that i was about to take my kids out trick or treating, so many people were just about to take their kids out. school was letting out as it happened at about 3:00 or so. and in fact this all ended right in front of an elementary school and a middle school. so there were kids milling all around. and it's just heart wrenching and truly hits close to home. we're going to start this half hour, of course, with a check of the headlines and we'll start with this investigation. terror in new york city. >> we have multiple people on the ground from chambers all the way house to houseton. >> new questions after a man inspired by isis plows his truck down a popular bike path. killing eight and injuring nearly a dozen others. >> i've seen the white pickup
7:32 am
truck in the bike path and all of the sudden i knew something was wrong. >> the suspect alive and out of surgery one day after the first deadly terror attack in new york since 9/11. >> this was an act of terror. a particularly cowardly act of terror. russia investigation fallout. president trump dismissive of former campaign advisor george papadopoulos in the wake of his indictment as robert mueller's team moves forward, reportedly set to meet with the president's communications chief. let me start with a political ad from facebook. >> tech talk. top execs back on capitol hill today, a day after officials from facebook and google and twitter took a lashing from lawmakers over russia's involvement in last year's presidential election. >> those ads sought to sew discord and ample if i racial and social divisions among american voters. and here comes game seven. >> peterson hits it in the air to left.
7:33 am
>> the dodgers beat the astros to force a decisive final game in the world series. >> this series too good to end in six. >> today wednesday, november 1st, 2017. >> wow. >> they say there's nothing like game seven of a world series. we're going to get one tonight in los angeles. >> some kind of hollywood ending coming there. >> let's go back to savannah. guys, back to this morning's top story, of course this investigation into the deadly truck rampage, god i did schwartz is at bell view hospital where the suspect and many injured are being treated this morning, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, yeah, sayfullo saipou is in this hospital. he is under close guard. he is not saying. . he is reportedly proud of what he's done. this morning, authorities are putting together a detailed profile of the accused terrorist sayfullo saipou, the 29-year-old
7:34 am
is married with two children. he's from uzbek stan, came in 2010 and has a green card. right after the deadly attack, he jumped from the truck shouting allahu akbar. they found a note inside the truck claiming he acted for isis. neighbors telling police, saipou is very religious, living with his family in his paterson, new jersey, apartment. but he has a florida driver's license which lists an apartment complex. a woman moved in several months ago, but doesn't know saipou and never seen him. saipou was a truck driver with commercial driving licenses in georgia and florida. he's been an uber driver. uber says he passed the background check with no problem adding that the company is cooperating with authorities. it leads officials to suspect saipou may be a lone wolf, a single individual inspired bier terrorist organizations, but not directly working for one.
7:35 am
>> the new terrorist tactic are these lone wolves who commit an act of terror. >> reporter: last year, three attacks were carried out by lone wolves in the u.s. according to authorities. omar mateen, a lone wolf who pledged allegiance to isis attacked the pulse nightclub in orlando killing 49 people and injured 53. bombing in the chelsea neighborhood of new york injuring 31 people. akbar roux many was it lone wolf. and ohio state university wounded 11 people, police say lone wolf attacker was a somali refugee inspired by terrorist propaganda. investigators are now piecing together a timeline of what happened. they say that yesterday around 2:00, he drove a minivan to a home depot in new jersey. there he rented a truck, drove that truck over the george washington bridge into manhattan before the attack. savannah, back to you. >> all right, thank you very much. and i'm joined now by nbc news
7:36 am
national security analyst michael lighter, good morning, good to see you. >> good morning. >> here we are, we're standing in the shadow of the world trade center whereby i'm looking right at the building, what strikes you about this? >> it is the bookends that we've seen. the world trade center, 16-year-old, big cop plex attacks planned overseas, executed with 19 hijackers and today what we see in this threat, small scale, one individual renting a truck, still terrorizing the community. that's how the threat has morphed from 9/11 to today. >> we're learning more about the suspect. he is reportedly from use beck stan. that didn't surprise you, this is a region that's been a problem for a while. >> central asia have produced a significant amount of radicalized individuals. as i mentioned to you, there are more people in syria than any other region in the world for foreigners. so this is an area where they've been very, were repressive governments, very strong strain
7:37 am
of islam which is intended to be extreme. not exactly the same as we what saw in the tsarnaevs, but similar. >> and the propaganda, if you're reading this kind of jihadist literature as we understand this suspect may have been, is it saying go get in the car. get in a truck, do this kind of attack? >> absolutely. this is what al qaeda started to say but it's what isis picked up three or four years ago. don't worry about guns or planes, go get a truck, run people over. it's worked in france, barcelona, in the uk, and now here in the united states. it's just very difficult for officials to defend against. >> it's hard to defend against. and also hard to detect. if you're talking about a lone wolf who by all appearances seems normal, but is harboring these kinds of plans in their heart, i mean, how do you, how do you even find that? >> it's very difficult. we have generally looked for the networks because with networks there's communication and you can tech those communications. now when you're looking at individuals sitting at home looking at their computer, you
7:38 am
can monitor those websites, understand why it might radicalize them, but it relies on a partnership between police and law enforcement and government and communities, the muslim communities to identify these people. no one's better at that than new york city and then it can still happen and highlights how hard it is for us all over the world. >> always good to get your experti expertise. appreciate it. for the moment, matt and hoda, back to you guys. >> all right. we appreciate that, savannah, thank you very much. mr. roker is here, what do you have? >> snow to talk about. winter-like perhaps. especially in the northern rockies and the western plains. montana all the way just to south of minneapolis and west minneapolis along a warm front. it'll be a quick round of snow. make for difficult track with blowing and drifting, but we're not looking for huge accumulations. in fact been around the minnesota area, we're talking about maybe an inch to two inches into northern wisconsin, but the maef amounts are going to be around mizzou la down to yellow stone out to gillette and
7:39 am
one to two feet. skier action starting to get good morning, i'm meteorologist, kari hall. we'll have a couple more days of dry weather before the rain an mountain snow moves in. we are 59 degrees in half-moon bay. napa, 69. palo alto, 68 degrees. upper 60s for the tri-valley and tracking that storm system moving ahead of that. chilly rain that starts on friday afternoon and moves to the bay area with foggy weather off and on throughout the weekend. sflmpblt get that weather any time you need it. >> al, thanks so much. up next, new developments in in the kevin spacey scandal as production is halted on his hit show "house of cards." and we are marking 100 days until the 2018 olympic winner games with a host of team usa
7:40 am
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we're back now with new developments. time for the disturbing sexual misconduct allegation against two-time oscar winner kevin spacey. >> kate snow is here with the latest on this, kate, what can you tell us? >> good morning, there's reaction from hollywood to london. following an allegation from actor anthony grab that spacey made an advance on him three decades ago when he was just 14 years old. and just a day after netflix announced the current season and production of "house of cards" would be it's last, now another shoe dropped. >> here i am, president of these united states. >> reporter: this morning, kevin spacey's "house of cards" is on shaky ground. after first saying they were deeply troubled by the news, netflix now is shutting down production on the series until
7:45 am
further notice, netflix says to give us time to review the current situation and to address any concerns of our cast and crew. and the international academy of television withdrawing spacey's emmy founder's award amid an allegation that he made a sexual advance on an dor anthony rapp. it happened at a party in new york when he was 14 and spacey was 26. in a statement, spacey said i'm beyond to horrified to hear his story. i honestly do not remember the encounter, adding, but if i did behave them as i described, i owe him an apology. at the old vic theater where he was artistic director, dismay and a call for people to send any complaints confidentially. any experience shared will be tweeted in the utmost confidence and with sensitivity the theater says. we have appointed external advisors to help us deal with
7:46 am
information received. spacey is a two-time oscar winner, his next film, all the money in the world is due out in december. >> where we are with sexual harassment, the outrage is so great, i'm just not so sure kevin spacey will survive there this. >> reporter: there are new allegations made against another actor. a former reality store and actress accused jeremy pivin of sexual harassment. he said i unequivocally deny the appalling allegations being pedalled about me, it did not happen. it takes courage for victims to come forward and my hope is that the allegations about me that didn't happen do not detract from stories that should be heard. i feel like every day we're talking about -- >> it goes on and on. >> all right, kate, thank you very much. coming up, is alzheimer's a younger person's disease? this morning, the ground-breaking quest to spot early changes in your body that early changes in your body that could lead to that
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good wednesday morning, right now at 7:56, clear skies as we take a live look outside in oakland. we will have a beautiful day. it's cool to start, we'll be warming up to the low 70s inland. antioch up to 70 degrees and 70 in san jose, 68 in palo alto. as we go through next several days, quickly see the dry weather coming to an end with rain moving in. we will see periods of showers off and on throughout the weekend. breaks in between. several storm systems will be moving into the bay area. that will continue to the start of next week. as we look at the temperatures cooling off, it will feel very much like winter with the highs in the mid-50s in san francisco. we set our clocks back one hour on sunday morning. we will have the showers continuing into early next week. let's check in with mike to see
7:57 am
how the roads are moving. >> we have green, yellow, orange and red. 101, a crash moved to the shoulder. we should see recovery. slow through san mateo. northbound 85, another crash just before 17. slowing as it was recovering from the earlier crash. still slow. the build toward the bay bridge and the maze, 80 minutes from highway 4 to the toll plaza. back to you. >> thank you very much. 7:57. happening now, a police officer in surgery after being shot by a suspect during a violent overnight altercation. officers shot at the suspect. head to our home page for details on the officers injuries. an early morning fire damages train bridge in the south bay. caltrain service runs by. the agency saying service will likely not feel an impact. another local news update in half an hour. the impact the damage is having
7:58 am
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>> announcer: this is an nbc news special report. here's savannah guthrie. and good morning, everybody. we are coming on the air at this hour to bring you a briefing by new york city officials moments from now about yesterday's deadly terrorist attack here in lower manhattan. as we have been reporting, a man driving a rented pickup truck drove onto a bike path here and mowed down pedestrians and bikers, 8 people killed, 11 injured. the driver is said to be a 29-year-old immigrant from uzbekistan. he was shot by police and taken into custody. he's now hospitalized. we report this had morning a note found in his truck said, quote, isis lives forever.
8:01 am
that's a translation. the attack unfolded just about 20 hours ago. the driver drove to new york city from new jerseys then down west side of manhattan entering the bike path traveling almost a mile. i want to go straight to new york city officials. let's listen in. >> after the fire commissioner, chief gomez, miller on the end, lieutenant colonel. >> we're seeing an array of new york city officials. getting the press organized and themselves organized. they're about to brief members of the public. i see the governor of new york,
8:02 am
the commissioner of police here in new york city as well as other officials, anti-terrorism officials. here we go. >> fbi investigation into yesterday's truck terror attack on the west side of lower manhattan. today an update on some of the things we've learned overnight. we're going to get an update on the injured from fdny commissioner and then hear from mayor de blasio and governor cuomo. the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york, commissioner roger pirino is here, and joe esposito from oem, the commissioner of oem. i would like to thank the state police for being here today and for everything they did yesterday. carlos gomez will lay out some of the security plans we have in place in light of yesterday's event. and ahead of sunday's new york city marathon and an update on the traffic situation on the west side. bill sweeney, the assistant
8:03 am
director in charge of the u.s. office of the fbi will make a statement. and then john miller, deputy commissioner of intel and counter terrorism, will share with you some of the details about the work that we're doing on this case. you have to understand that this investigation is still in its infancy. we do not yet have all the answers, and there are details today and there will be more down the road. not everything we're going to be able to share with you. in terms of casualties, this is the worst terror attack in new york city since september 11, 2011. i want to take a minute to commend all new yorkers, commend everyone who lives in, works in, and visits our great city because no one in this city is complacent. we saw the strength of that resolve last night with the very large crowds that attended the annual halloween parade in the village, and we'll see it again on sunday when 50,000 people compete in the marathon and another 2.5 million people cheer them along the route. the nypd, the fbi and all of our
8:04 am
law enforcement and partners remembers our past. we work very, very hard together. each and every day to prevent the type of thing that occurred here yesterday. what happened yesterday was not okay. it will never be something any of us will just accept as inevitable. since 9/11 we, again, along with our partners at the local, state, and federal level disrupted or prevented two dozen plots against new york city. counselless lives have been saved but none of that matters when eight innocent lives are taken by a criminal committing a cowardly act driving a rental truck. we're working hard to get to the bottom of exactly what happened yesterday and why. and we're working tirelessly to prevent anything like this from getting repeated. i tell you as often as i can that true public safety is a shared responsibility. law enforcement and government agencies are doing what we can. the men and women who work with us do it better than anyone anywhere in the world.
8:05 am
all the people who commute in every day and all the tourists, that's a minimum of 17 million extra eyes and ear that is can remain vigilant on behalf of all of us. i talk about this all time, if you see something that makes you uncomfortable, you have an obligation to flag down a police car. give us the opportunity to investigate that. i want to thank everyone for their ongoing help today and every day. thank you again for the swift response by the nypd officers, the new york state police and ems workers who did a really great job under the circumstances. and right now let me introduce commissioner who will give you an update on the injuries from yesterday. >> thank you. i will be nonspecific regarding the privacy of the victims. there were 20 victims in yesterday's attack.
8:06 am
six were pronounced dead at the scene. we transported 14 victims to three hospitals, two of those victims were pronounced, so the total number of deaths were eight. six of those were citizens of other countries, five from argentina, one from germany, two were americans. of the 12 remaining, thankfully three have been released from the hospital, nine remain in the hospital. four of those were critically injured but are in stable condition. the others are seriously injured. the injuries ranged from a bilateral amputation to serious head, neck, back, and chest trauma and trauma to arms and legs. this was a heinous attack that resulted in eight deaths and serious injuries. our prayers are with the families of those who died and those who remain in the hospital. >> thank you, commissioner
8:07 am
nigro, and thank you to all of the men and women of the fdny, all of the first responders, all the emts who went to the aid of those who were afflicted and did it so well. i want to start by thanking all of my colleagues who are here. thank you, governor cuomo and all of our state partners who are here, all of our federal partners. thank you, congressman jerry nadler, for joining us. everyone is here in common cause. this was an attack on the united states of america and an attack on new york city, an attack on our people, and it was the definition of terrorism, an effort to take away people's hope and spirit and to make them change. and what new yorkers showed already is we will not change. we will not be cowed. we will not be thrown off by anything. and this cowardly act targeting the most innocent people in the
8:08 am
middle of the most innocent pursuits was meant to make people feel they could not go about their daily lives, and what we saw last night, governor cuomo and i went to our annual halloween parade. a million new yorkers showed up for that event, and as we spoke with them, they were undeterred. they were strong. that made me very proud of new york city and all of the people of this country to see that strength in the face of adversity. this morning people went to work. kids went to school. no one thought there was any choice but to stand up to this act of terror. so as we now move forward, we start with giving our prayers to the families of the eight who were killed. they, as you heard, six of them came from other nations here because they saw new york as a special place to be, and we now and forever will consider them
8:09 am
new yorkers. they shared this tragedy with us. we will remember them as new yorkers. they were here because this city is a beacon to people all over the world, a place that every kind of person comes to and is respected, and that won't change. 8.5 million people here. we understand this was an attack on our values. it was an effort to break our spirit. but as an effort to break our spirit, it failed. new york city is a very strong and resilient place. we have great faith in the men and women who protect us with such pride in the nypd. and we see them on duty and we know they are the very best. so we're strong. we're a resilient people because we know we're protected and we
8:10 am
know that this place works when people don't feel deterred. and i'll tell you this violence was an effort to make us blink and we won't blink. we won't change. the nypd yesterday showed us once again how much new yorkers can rely on them, and i want to commend officer ryan nash. i spoke to him earlier today. a good, young man, five years on the force. he was very humble about what he did. but what he did was extraordinary and gave people such faith and such appreciation in our police force. now this investigation, as you've heard, has just begun. it's important to emphasize, again, this morning that we do not see any additional credible
8:11 am
and specific threats against new york city. we will constantly keep people posted. we do ask everyone to be vigilant. be a part of the solution. share what you know with the police. don't think twice. give information to our officers and many of those previous efforts to underminus the commissioner referenced those, almost two dozen previous efforts to attack new york city, a number of them were stopped because good people came forward with information and time. we need everyone to understand they can do that, too. as we move forward, we look forward to the marathon. it will go on as scheduled. it will be bell protected and we will take measures to ensure
8:12 am
that. but my message to all new yorkers is to be new yorkers. be strong, be proud, be resilient. show the whole world that we will not be moved by terror. again, you see everyone here, every agency united in common cause. and this is also part of what makes us strong. and with that i want to thank for his efforts and the state's efforts and welcome governor cuomo. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. let me begin by asking us all to remember in our thoughts and prayers the eight lives that were lost tragically. that is damage that can never be undone, and there are families today feeling pain that is
8:13 am
unimaginable. mayor de blasio, to the nypd, the fdny, the state police. i was on the scene yesterday. the performance was phenomenal. and the coordination and the effort was top shelf. and it gives one reassurance to know that there is this level of professionalism and expertise protecting the people of this city and this state. it's also important to remember that while the leadership of the police departments is top shelf, officer nash, five years on the job, 28 years old, he was a hero. and the nypd is not just the leadership. it's the men and women who are out there every day who are on
8:14 am
the first line, and i think officer nash really showed how important they are and how talented and how brave. so we all applaud and congratulate him. i spoke to the homeland security secretary yesterday who pledges full coordination with all of the federal efforts and the fbi. i think it's important that we are all working as one and this kind of situation there is no alternative. this is not a time to have politics. this is not a time to point fingers. this is not a time to find blame. it's a time to come together and work for a common goal. the effort yesterday killed eight people. but, in my opinion, the effort failed because the effort was
8:15 am
not to kill eight people. the effort was to disrupt us, to terrorize us, to scare us, to create mayhem. that's the effort. that's the goal on all of these attacks. new york is a special target because we have that statue of liberty in our harbor we're proud of holding that torch for freedom and democracy. but we've seen it all around the world, and it is to create mayhem and terrorize. and it failed. the mayor is exactly right. the halloween parade last night was a beautiful example of the failure of the attempt a. million new yorkers came out with their families, with their children. they celebrated. they were there. just a number of hours after the incident and it was new york's
8:16 am
way of saying we will not be deterred. we are not terrorized. you will not win. we said that in 1993 after the world trade center bombing, the first time. we said that after 9/11. and we said that yesterday, unprompted, spontaneously. they were all there. the mayor i marched, and it was really reassuring to see the resilience of new yorkers. now you'll see increased police presence all across the metropolitan area. we are going to double the number of bodies at places of congregation, airports, tunnels, penn station, which has 600,000 people that go through it every day, the most heavily traveled transportation hub in the members fear. i don't want anyone to draw any
8:17 am
inference from that. we don't know anything. we're not responding to anything. it's just as a precaution. the same thing at the marathon. the marathon will go on. because new york goes on and it's an important event for all new yorkers. again, i want to end where i started. the effort by the first responders was phenomenal. the reaction by new yorkers as evidenced last night, this morning people got up. they went to work. children went to school. and that's what makes new yorkers special. that strength, that resilience, that ability to be undeterred in the face of ugliness and the actions of a depraved coward because that's what this was this was the actions of a depraved coward.
8:18 am
there is no grand statement to what was done. it was the act of a coward. that's the way it should be regarded because that's the way it was. i was proud to be the governor of the state of new york last night. i'm proud every day but seeing new yorkers' response made me feel especially proud and, again, to the team you see assembled up here, the nypd, the fdny, the seamless coordination really is something to behold and a source of strength. >> just to reiterate what the governor and the mayor said, now is not the time to live in fear. it's not the time to be fearful. now is the time for all new yorkers to be strong as we always are. right now, chief carlos gomez,
8:19 am
our chief of department, will talk about what we're doing to increase security throughout the city. carlos? >> good morning, everyone. immediately following yesterday's attack in lower manhattan the department quickly mobilized resources and heavy weapons teams to key locations. attracted over a million participants was also security at that parade was enhanced. we added more sand trucks, more blocker vehicles to the side streets that led on to sixth avenue. we assigned more in the area.
8:20 am
more k9s in our subway system. and heavy weapons teams from our strategic response group as well as our critical response command. will be deployed to major hubs. traffic closure remain in effect and i would like to point out the west side highway from 14th street down to the tunnel. it still remains an active crime scene and we anticipate it will be closed until early this evening. motorists, please avoid that area. we're just a few days away from the marathon, over 51,000 runners will participate as the commissioner said 2.5 million spectators will line the streets. it's going to be a very safe
8:21 am
event. we've added more sand trucks, more blocker vehicles. i can give you the exact number. i can't give it to you but it would be the most ever deployed at this event. we more than doubled our counter sniper teams from the emergency services unit throughout the boroughs and not just here in manhattan. and we've added more heavy weapons teams throughout the city, officers from our emergency services unit, from our strategic response group, and from our critical response command. they'll be at six locations along the route but they will also have mobile response capability if they are needed elsewhere. this increase will supplement the substantial detail of uniformed officers that you'll see along the route but there will be officers in civilian eye tire and plain clothes you won't see mixing in with the crowds to detect any suspicious activity.
8:22 am
a large number of k9s and counterterrorism officers with their equipment. our aviation helicopters will patrol from above. they'll survey rooftops as well as the route. and certainly traffic control agents will have the hard task of keeping traffic moving in the affected areas. as the commissioner said 8.5 million new yorkers, several million other tourists, a lot of eyes and ears in our city. if you see something, say something. tells an officer. call 911. certainly you could call the new york city terrorism hotline 888-nyc-safe. we look for it to be a safe and enjoyable sunday. thank you. >> thanks, carlos. now we'll hear from bill sweeney, director in charge of the new york fbi office.
8:23 am
bill and his people continue to be great partners in new york city. bill? >> thank you. good morning, everybody. our thoughts and prayers are with the victims' families especially this morning and for all those still recovering. right now the new york jttf which is surprised of about 50 plus agencies is following up on related leads as we work to process and analyze intelligence information related to yesterday's attack. like last year our partner jttf in newark is fully engaged. both of those here in new york and in newark are operating for the foreseeable future. we have joint terrorism across the country following up on leads as we generate them. the investigation is still in its early stages.
8:24 am
i think the public understands that need for the love of operational security and for that reason may not be able to answer specific questions on how much or what we know. i can say we've been conducting searches throughout the night and expect they will continue, evidence collection on the scene to continue to at least early this afternoon but more likely to early this evening. we are grateful for the patience and resiliency of the workers and people who reside in the tribeca area. i'm asking the public to call us with any information you may have. we set up a hotline. the two numbers are on the charts to your left. 1-800-call-fbi. obviously the nypd number is up there as well, but we have a second site which is vitally important. it is a link where the public can upload their videos and
8:25 am
their photographs that they may have obtained when they were down at the scene. that link is that allows the public to upload those videos so we can review them for additional evidence. thank you for your cooperation. thank you, jimmy. >> now john miller will give us an updated chronology of what happened yesterday and will talk about the investigation. again, what bill said, i know you're going to have a lot of questions but we have to let this investigation get more mature. it's not even 24 hours yet. there will be some things we can tell you and a lot of things we can't tell you. john? >> thanks, commissioner. just to reiterate, we are in the early stages of this investigation, so the information i'm going to give you today remains preliminary meaning some details, time lines, et cetera, may change as we develop more granular information.
8:26 am
this investigation is being carried out jointly by the nypd/fbi joint terrorism task force and the intelligence bureau of the nypd with the counsellor terrorism bureau and hundreds of detectives who responded to the scene and worked through the night developing evidence and following leads. the time line as we have it now starts at 2:06 p.m. at which point the suspect rents a large vehicle from the home depot located in passaic, new jersey. according to license plate readers on the george washington bridge, he exits the bridge into new york city southbound on the west side highway at 2:43 p.m. at 3:04, a port authority camera on top of an air vent outside the holland tunnel, shows the vehicle entering the bike lane and traveling at a high rate of speed southbound at west street
8:27 am
and huston street. at this point according to witnesses, video and investigation, he appears to target bicycle riders and pedestrians within the southbound bike lane traveling at a high rate of speed. that ends when he collides with the school bus injuring a number of additional people. at 3:08 p.m. we get more than a dozen 911 calls reporting people down, the school bus accident, and a man with a gun in the street. two first precinct police officers who were out on another call are alerted by civilians about the activity going on outside. they leave that location. they're joined by a third officer. they observe a man who appears to be waving a gun and yelling at the scene of the accident, and they observe people down on the scene. one of those officers, brian nash, takes action and fires his
8:28 am
service weapon bringing the attack to an end. as the injured were being removed by fire department and ems personnel and being triaged at the scene, a perimeter was set up around that truck and the nypd bomb squad was cleared in to clear that vehicle for any suspicious devices. the suspect is identified as sayfullo saipov, a 29-year-old legal permanent resident of the united states who came into the country from uzbekistan in march of 2010. overnight, based on the investigation, there have been a number of search warrants executed and there may be more, witnesses interviewed, associates tracked down and other activity. we've been able to piece together a number of facts. recovered in and around the vehicle were multiple knives, two imitation pistols, one a
8:29 am
paint ball gun and a pellet gun. there are 8 dead and 12 injured. we have a lot to go through. the detective bureau in particular using hundreds of detectives has been going up and down the west side highway on both sides of the street meticulously trying to i pick up every piece of video from every security camera, every traffic camera, every bank camera, anything that will help us put together this time line and have the imagery to go with it so we can reconstruct as much of this as possible. we'll also be reviewing license plate reader data, not just our own but from the surrounding area, to help reconstruct the suspect's movement over the preceding days as well as interviews with associates. the suspect was transported to bellevue hospital. we are awaiting to hear an update on his condition today. obviously he is in custody and
8:30 am
under arrest. based on the investigation overnight, it appears mr. saipov had been planning this for a number of weeks. he did this in the name of isis and along with the other items recovered at the scene was some notes that further indicate that. he appears to have followed almost exactly to a "t" the instruction that is isis has put out in its social media channels before with instructions to their followers on how to carry out such an attack. at this point we'll open it up for questions. >> commissioner? >> yes? [ inaudible ] >> the mayor talked about this yesterday, and it's a big city.
8:31 am
i know the bike path very well. of course we're going to take a look at that now. i said yesterday we learned from every even, not just in this city but across the world. yes? >> have you had a chance to talk to the suspect and what did he say? >> bill or john? >> the suspect was interviewed at the hospital, and we're not going to be able to go into his statements in any specificity. >> this side. right there. >> i have a question for governor cuomo. [ inaudible ] and for the police commissioner we have sources telling us that authorities knew his associate before this incident. does that mean that these were already investigating suspects? >> i'll let commissioner miller talk about that. john, do you want to answer that first? >> sure. what we can say is mr. saipov has never been the subject of an
8:32 am
nypd intelligence bureau investigation nor has he been the subject of an fbi investigation. we know that through our work with the jttf and bill overnight. what we are looking for is how has he touched the subjects of other investigations, what is his connectivity to those people? we're building out in concentric circles to try and document that, but it appears he will have some connectivity to individuals who were the subjects of investigation though he, himself, was not. >> i received calls yesterday from the homeland security secretary and from the homeland security adviser in the white house, mr. bossert, and both offered any and all help to new york city in this moment. and said they would be 100% available to us in any way going
8:33 am
forward. those calls happened give or take 7:00 yesterday evening. nothing present directly, no. >> i received no call from the president. i also received call from the hospital security secretary, acting secretary duke. and we spoke about coordination of resources, jttf, fbi but basically did we need any other assistance from the federal government. >> i actually received a phone call from the acting secretary, also, a little bit after 8:00. david? >> commissioner [ inaudible ] -- are you bothered that you didn't get this call but the president went on twitter to essentially attack new york city [ inaudible ]. >> look, i'm not bothered at all because two senior officials called promptly and offered
8:34 am
help, and i think that was appropriate. we are here to talk about this situation, the facts and no one here wants to politicize any of this and i doan think anyone should politicize this tragedy at this moment in time. every focus should be on those whose lives were lost, on their families, on the work we have to do in this investigation. >> we've been listening to the briefing going on at new york city police headquarters from a number of officials including the governor of new york, the mayor of new york, the police commissioner, and have learned a few more details about this attack that unfolded yesterday afternoon including that the suspect here appeared, according to officials, to be planning this for several weeks. we know that he rented this truck, this home depot truck, this weapon of destruction at 2:06 yesterday afternoon and one hour later was going down fast at a high rate of speed mowing
8:35 am
over civilians, pedestrians, cyclists, and killing eight people. let me get to nbc's pete williams who has been listening in this afternoon. pete, what more could you add? >> well, in addition to the note found at the truck about isis lives forever, officials say that they know he was consuming isis propaganda online, looking at this isis material, and had begun doing so, they say, recently. they can't be more specific than that. and they say that he appears to be radicalized on his own. they don't know of anyone in the united states or overseas that he was in contact with about this attack. they don't believe there was anyone in the u.s. aware of it or who was helping him. that's always a big question and they're going to look more into that but so far no indication, nothing obvious that he had help. as to why he began consuming isis propaganda, they don't know. we have talked to friends of his who say he recently began to
8:36 am
show an interest in it but why that is, whether there was some precipitating event, whether there was some crisis in his life or something that he found offensive, we just don't know. authorities say they haven't found that yet, savannah. >> and, pete, it was interesting to hear that counterintelligence official john miller say this suspect had been interviewed at the hospital. he didn't want to characterize it. do we have any reporting on his level of cooperation? >> i think at this point it's fair to say his level of cooperation is zero. what we're told by several officials is that he was talking to the authorities. they went in there very quickly last night after he came out of temperament for his gunshot wound and that he was smug and not at all repentant and, if anything, proud of what he had done. now we don't know when the charges will be filed. there will be federal charges. they could be filed as early as today. we're told when to move on that is still under discussion. >> all right, pete williams. they also found a couple of
8:37 am
knives in and around the car. i'm joined by kristen dahlgren covering the victims. we've learned of more grievous injuries as well. >> we have eight killed, 12 injures. nine remain in the hospital, four still in critical condition today. as for those killed the consulate general of belgium says one woman from that country was killed. he says she was a mother. she had a baby. also five men from argentina celebrating their 30-year anniversary of celebrating high school. >> we hear about people who are injured and learned this morning from this briefing some of those injuries are quite, quite serious. some people have been released from the hospital. kristen, thank you. pete williams, thank you to you. much more on we'll see you tonight on "nbc nightly news"at sounds good. >> mike turico is going to host the prime time coverage for all of us. he's already in pyeongchang, mike, tell us about it, what can we expect? >> well good morning, we have
8:38 am
the youth of south korea, here 100 days away from the 23rd olympic winter games. and pyeongchang is getting the attention of the global sports fans because this will be the first asian city to host the winter games in some two decades. >> reporter: the first headline is the location. it's between north and south korea. it has raised concerns following an eventful few months earlier this year when north korea undertook a series of provocative weapons tests. and president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong-un traded insults and threats of destruction. international olympic committee officials have sought to calm concerns with the president citing recent positive meetings with the presidents of china and south korea to discuss the issue.
8:39 am
pyeongchang will be ready. and the tests were successful. >> oh, ladies and gentlemen -- zplr and in february, the venues will welcome a u.s. team that has legitimate medal contenders in every sport. leading the way is snow border sean white. who's aiming for his third olympic title after being dethroned in 2014. >> oh goodness. >> reporter: his climb back got steeper after a recent crash. like white, gold medallist lindsey von has also had to deal with injuries. she missed the last olympics with a bad knee, but when healthy, no woman in the world sl faster. >> wins gold for the u.s. >> reporter: michal la was just 18 when she won gold. and since then, she's developed into the best alpine skier in the world. in pyeongchang, she'll be a medal threat in multiple events.
8:40 am
the u.s. will feature new events as well. landed five quadruple jumps. >> i have never seen a skater like him. >> reporter: and khloe has already been dominant for years, she's a medal favorite in the women's half pipe. we could see some history in two sports, the u.s. women's cross country ski team has never won a medal, but they'll have several contenders in pyeongchang led by jessie digens, while reigning world champion, bailey, hunts for the first american medal of any kind in biat long. with the nhl keeping players home, the men's hockey tournament will be a throwback to the days when the u.s. team was a group of underdogs. >> can you believe that? yes! >> reporter: and the women's urn to element see the latest chapter in one of the great winter sports rivalries as the
8:41 am
u.s. looks to dethrone canada to win olympic gold for the first time in two decades. and the ice hockey will be happening right behind us here. been on the ground all day checking out the venues and the mountains and here by the coast, spectacular. one other note, 14 hour time difference once we get to the olympics. 17 hours to the west coast. we've been checking out the dates, it is in place, we are getting ready to go and morning is evening here in south korea. so you all will be working nights, so since i'll be working mornings in south korea, i can borrow your alarm clocks? >> you certainly can, you can share the jet lag with us as well. hey, good job. can't wait to see you over there, all right? >> same here, look forward to it. >> thank you very much. we're excited to have a host of usa athletes and hopefuls with us. there is one who could not join us, snow boarding legend sean white as mike just talked about, he had a bad crash recently, but sean did send us a bit of a
8:42 am
message, take a look. >> good morning, "today" show, sean white here saying hi from los angeles. i'm really sad and bummed that i couldn't be here today for 1900 days out. i don't know if you can tell with my face, but most recently i took a bad crash while i was training in new zealand, i was working on a new trick and as i reentered the half pipe, the clipped the top. i flew about 22 feet and hit my face at the bottom and, you know, 62 stitches and bad bruising in my lungs. maybe my modelling days may be over. but, i will definitely be there 2018 in pyeongchang for the olympics. and i want to say hi to team usa, all the girls and guys out there. best of luck. and i'll see you soon. thanks, guys. >> all right, sean, thank you. hope you feel better. lindsey von is here. she is the most successful female it's been almost eight years since we saw her win that
8:43 am
olympic gold. that was in vancouver and after missing sochi due to an injury, she's hoping to be back on the podium in south korea. lindsey, nice to see you. how are you feeling? >> i feel good. you know, i'm healthy, great prep period. first time in a long time that i've actually been able to ski quite a bit in the summer which is nice. >> are you healthy or lindsey von healthy which means you're going to ski with a bunch of aches and pains no matter what? >> i mean, that's kind of life, you know, that the point, i've had so many surgeries, but i feel good. honestly i feel great and i feel strong. so that's the most important thing. just staying healthy and staying like this until sochi -- not sochi -- >> south korea. you talk about the surgeries you've had, you're a little bit older, does it change the way you ski? >> it doesn't change the way i ski, it definitely changes the way i have to work out and train and i have to do so much extra work to make sure my body is functioning. >> you can stand up out of bed
8:44 am
every morning. >> i know, but owe knob west it's good. it's all part of the game. and i'm -- like i said, i feel good right now, i'm just going to keep working hard. >> in your opinion austria last weekend, it was? >> yep, saturday. >> you were skiing giants for the first time in like 600 days. what was it like? >> i felt a little rusty. i kind of knew what i was doing, but i also didn't. i felt just label the out of place and a little bit rusty. so i think it was a good starting position for me you know, get one started before lake louise, kind of get the kinks out and then build my way up before the olympics. >> i want to talk about lake louise in a second. what drives you these days? is it gold medals? is it records? is it just wanting to go faster or just not wanting to stop. >> combination of all of those things. i mean, i love what i do. hands down why i've always come back from injuries, but at the end of the day, i also want to win. i love winning. winning is good. >> and lake louise, is it true you want to ski the men's downhill? >> yeah, i do. >> why? >> men are the pinnacle of
8:45 am
sport, and i've accomplished a lot in my career, but that's one thing that i want to push myself to try to achieve. >> all right. we'll look forward to that. can't wait to see you in south korea, lindsey, thank you very much. let's go to hoda. hey honey, just 13 years old, this girl, khloe kim was called the future of snow boarding, the future is right now. four years later, cloe we has become the younger female snow borders in the history to win, hi -- >> hi. >> you're going to fall in love with khloe, first of all, you are the daughter of south korean immigrants, number two, you like to color your hair a bunch of different ways. have you decided the olympics yet? >> i honestly don't know yet. it's always like a last minute decision. i'll just be like all right, i'm just going to go purple. so hopefully that happens again and i just might show up with green hair, who knows. >> you know what i love about you? your parents are with you all the way. your dad quit his job as an engineer to go with you and train. how do you think you'll feel if you're standing on the podium with your dad nearby?
8:46 am
>> honestly never seen my dad cry before, so i feel like that'll be a first. i don't know. i don't want him to cry, but if he does, bill bawling my eyes out on the podium as well. but yeah, i mean, you know, he's sacrificed so much for me. i feel like that's the least i could do for him. >> off wonderful family, your grandmother is going to be there too. she's never seen you compete, that is going to be a first. are you going to have butterflies before you think you hit the slope? >> yeah, you know been i love my grandma so much and she's always like bragging about me to her friends. so, i think it'll be really cool have her there. and yeah, it's really exciting to just think about that. >> all right. our crowd has a message for khloe. one with, two, three -- >> go khloe! >> good luck khloe, thank you, we can't wait to see you in korea. coming up next, our celebration rolls on from the rink including a live performance from ashley wagner, we're back in a moment. first this is "today" on nbc.
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hi, welcome back. our crowd checking out the action over at mt. rockefeller, and if you want a pair of those mitt tens by the way, you can get them at the proceeds support our olympic athletes. i want to say i'm back here on the rink now be three members of the u.s. women's national ice hockey team. they're at the top of their game right now. number one in the world. winners of seven of the eight last world championships, brianna, hillary, jocelyn, ladies, good morning to all of you. check out the new duds. what do you think of the jerseys? >> awesome. >> unbelievable. >> this is the first time anybody's seen these by wait. >> yeah. >> no, we're extremely lucky. we got you one. >> thank you very much. talk to me about your preparations. number one team in the world, i just mentioned that, when it gets to south korea, does it all
8:50 am
come down to you and canada? >> yes. i mean, we're the two nations that are battling at the top of the list, but right now it's part of the process, regardless who have we play in the end, we to want bring back a gold medal, in 20 years, it's gold or bust. >> you play them seven times between now and south korea, does that help? >> yeah, we get familiar with them, but it's exciting, i think, put women's hockey on show for everyone to come see and really grow the sport. >> well, we cannot wait to see you folks over there. i love coming to your games. the excitement slefl enormous, good luck, we'll see you over in south korea and thanks for the jersey. >> yeah. >> i will wear it, i promise you. all right, let's go over to hoda. >> hey guys, i am joined here by the wonderful ashley wagner, hey ashley, how are you? >> i'm great, how are you? >> so excited for you, you have a team bronze from sochi, right? and tell me what your hopes are frr pyeongchang. >> i think the u.s. is going to put together a strong team, a team me accidental not out of
8:51 am
question and i'm going for an individual medal myself. >> the interesting thing is the tryouts are going on, you find now the january. >> yep, so we have a bunch of different competitions that are part of the process, but january at our national championships, that's when we find out. >> we love you and rooting for you. what are you going to skate for us today? >> hand clap. >> that is one of my fave accident s, all right, take it away. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ashley, that was awesome, good luck, we're back in a moment. first this is "today" on nbc.
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we're putting the most important people in front here. we wanted to thank these athletes. we can't wait to see you in action. >> huge, huge thanks to white face mountain for building our rockefeller mountain and the snow and by the way,i )m - -.. breaking right now - good morning. it's 8:56. i'm marcus washington. breaking right now, a san francisco police officer is in surgery this morning after being shot by an armed suspect during an overnight altercation. now, this unfolded at around midnight on diamond and 18th streets in the castro. this came after police were tipped off about a suspicious vehicle and someone inside the vehicle started shooting. the police officer who was shot is 41 years old. no details given about the
8:57 am
extent of his injuries, but we do know responding officers then shot the suspect, who is also in surgery this morning. some of the surrounding streets have been closed due to the ongoing investigation. happening now, pete followed this story all morning long. he is still on the scene tweeting out the updates. pete will have a live report for our midday newscast. an early morning fire heavily damaged a train bridge in the south bay. that trestle belongs to union pacific. caltrain service runs nearby but the agency now says service will likely not be impacted. a link to the video of that fire when it was raging on our twitter feed. we're following developments in the aftermath of that deadly new york city truck attack. at our home page, new information on the eight people killed, most of whom were visiting from other countries. the impact the damage is having
8:58 am
to trains and service - for everyone. plus- november is here. so here comes the weekend rain! kari hall dissects the new forecast models overnight. join us tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7.
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this morning on megyn today. >> he's fascinating, sexy, sexual, which sing very important. then two best friends, a stunning diagnosis, and a 500 mile journey of faith and friendship. but first, bloodshed in the streets. a terrorist attack in new york city. we'll have the very latest. all that and more right now. hello everyone and welcome, i'm megyn kelly. wave lot on the show today including on a lighter note we're going to get to 30 olympic athletes who we are delighted to be bringing to you, but, we have to begin with this, i


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