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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 10, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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right now at 11:00. another scandal rocking hollywood as los gatos bay's netflix reacted to one of the latest sexual misconduct allegations. louis c.k. losing a streaming detail with the popular streaming company. > -- >> within the last hour. the comedian has come out with a statement saying that some of the allegations are true. nbc bay area's kris sanchez joins us now at netflix headquarters this morning. we understand, kris, that netflix deal is just the start? >> reporter: right. and these are allegations at this point, but they are disturbing enough that netflix said it was enough for them to cancel that stand-up deal that
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was already in the works. netflix releasing that statement within the last few hours that, again, as you said, louis c.k. also releasing his own statement. here is the netflix statement. the allegations made by several women in "the new york times" about louis c.k.'s behavior are disturbing. louis' unprofessional and inappropriate behavior with those women led us not to produce a second stand-up as had been planned. also cancelled the release of his new movie "i love you daddy." scheduled for last week. the premier was abruptly cancelled. hbo also cancelled the comedian from a benefit show. that was scheduled to go on on november 18th or so. all of this stemming from a "new york times" report quoting five women who say the comedian
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master bait masterbated in front of them. to nbc's request for comment. these are allegation at this point and the wave -- it's netflix has found itself in quite the predicament in recent weeks. a lot of eyes watching how it's going to handle the hit show "house of cards" after sexual assault allegations against kevin spacey. threat flix suspended filming of the show's sixth and final season, but the other five seasons are still up on the streaming platform. it is unclear if netflix will try to produce a spinoff of the netflix original series at this point. this wave of sexual assault rocking hollywood is not just a problem for netflix. a number of other companies have found themselves in a difficult and similar position. meantime, as we mentioned just moments ago, louis c.k. did release a rather lengthy statement. it is too long to read on tv and honestly a little too graphic as well. we are going to post it on our
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website so you can decide whether or not you want to read it for yourself. we just posted it at i will link you to it via my facebook page and twitter feed. now, we are out here at netflix. again, all of this developing in just the last hour. so we will get more information as the day goes on. find that at 5:00 and 6:00 on the air. >> thank you very much, kris. also new this morning, one of the most accomplished gymnasts in history says a team doctor abused her. ali riceman is a six-time olympic medalist. she makes the claim published in an interview on some time magazine and also on "60 minutes." she was first treated by dr. larry gn larry nassau when she was just 16 years old. he has been accused of assaulting at least 140 girls and women. well, turning now to your microclimate weather.
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that rain clearing out of the bay area. there is a chance for more of that rain this weekend. >> taking a live look outside as you see here, marcus, with our cameras fanning the bay area with views from san francisco, bay bridge, palo alto and fremont. looks like the sun is trying to make a little bit of a return. look at the water drops in the city. >> looked like a screen saver for your computer. looking at san francisco, that's where the rain in and across northern california. we're seeing those showers moving through. the storm center system in the of the storm. all of that moisture right over the bay area. as we look at a lot of the green here, it's mostly across san francisco into parts of the east bay as well as the peninsula. let's get a closer look where we've seen some of the showers moving through the north bay. we've added up additional rainfall totals in places like santa rosa, glen ellen, so we are going it continue to see times of rain. over towards the east bay berkeley and then extending
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farther to the north we've seen some of the showers moving through there. that's what we are seeing on the camera, some wet weather moving through san francisco and extending up towards the delta. we'll continue to monitor this as we go through the day. more showers in the forecast, but it does clear out tomorrow. more on that as you make weekend plants coming up in just a few minutes. >> all right. thanks, kari. as the weather constantly changes, our nbc bay area app will keep you updated. nbc bay area. you can go and download that app and get all of those alerts right on your smartphone when the rain heads your way. now the tax reform debate brewing in congress. in just minutes, house minority leader nancy pelosi and oakland congresswoman barbara lee will speak right here in the bay area. this is to discuss the controversial republican tax plan. >> nbc bay area's pete suratos live -- pete, it's safe to say they're not fans of this plan. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, marcus and laura. we're expecting to hear this news conference with house minority leader nancy pelosi and
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oakland congresswoman barbara lee regarding their opposition to the gop tax plan, also known as the tax cuts and jobs act. in fact, congresswoman barbara lee just walked by us not too long ago. i want to show you a guys a shot of the podium where they will be speaking about their opposition to the gop tax plan. now of course the house and senate gop released both of their plans. they differ a little bit, especially including in the senate gop's plan. a one-year delay on lowering the corporate tax rate. now of course the concerns for house minority leader pelosi and congresswoman lee come from the elimination of certain deductions. we're talking about deductions to medical, to student loans and also for the states and local tax where we'll hear today from a senior and also a san francisco firefighter representing the union and a student affected by all of these potential deductions with the gop tax plan. now, the state and local income tax deduction could be a sticking point for both sides, especially republicans in california, since we're such a high tax state. of course there are republicans in smaller states saying this is meant to level the playing
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field. there is kind of this mad rush to get this done because you have president trump with a self-imposed deadline of thanksgiving to get all of this done. we can expect to hear more from both sides in the coming weeks. we're live in san francisco. pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> pete, we certainly will be listening for that one. now to president trump, who is actually overseas. he actually arrived in vietnam today for the fourth stop of his five-nation tour of asia. he's in vietnam to attend an asian pacific economic corporation or apec summit. nbc's peter alexander reports da nam where mr. trump is expected to hold a formal meeting with russian president vladimir putin on the sidelines of that summit. >> reporter: president trump at dinner this evening. the first time the that president trump and vladimir putin will be in the same place at the same time in four months. their last meeting taking place in germany. on his way over to asia, just a matter of days ago aboard air force one, president trump hinted at the idea that the two leaders would meet, but today sarah huckabee sanders, his
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press secretary, says there is no formal meeting on the books. she basically blamed a scheduling conflict. she said that it is still likely that the two men would cross paths. secretary of state rex tillerson just yesterday told us that unless there was anything substantive for the two men to talk about there would be no reason for a formal meeting. still unresolved right now, a series of issues. first of all, north korea, with president trump wanting to pressure vladimir putin to help denuclearize north korea. on syria, there are reports that the u.s. and russia are nearing a deal on how to resolve the syrian civil war. of course there is the russian incursion into ukraine. all on the plate if these do men speak tonight as the president heads to hanoi tomorrow for veteran's day. today celebrating and praising vietnam veterans here. that's the latest from vietnam. i'm peter alexander traveling with the president for nbc news. >> thank you, peter. well now back here at home and to the north bay. new claims from pg&e about the possible cause for one of the
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deadly wildfires. the utility company has now filed legal papers saying the tubbs fire may have been started by electrical equipment, just not pg&e's. the filings reviewed by our own jaxon van derbeken claim the electrical gear was owned, installed and maintained by a third party. we don't know who that third party is, since it isn't identified and no precise description of the equipment is given. the papers were filed in response to several lawsuits fired against the utility by fire systems. >> a star-studded concert raises millions for fire victims. ♪ >> rocking the house last night. bands like met ka and dave matthews actually donated theim for this sold-out show. raised more than $15 million for victims and first responders in the north bay. victims say that money is crucial. >> that money is super important to so many because it's -- soch
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insurance companies are dragging their feet paying out and that is important. that money is just their lifeline. >> now, people who lost everything in the fires say that last night's concert was a much-needed mental break from the recovery efforts going on today. well, coming up, addicted to facebook. the first president of the social network speaks out against the company. plus, i'll walk you through the latest tax plan without boring you, i promise. and more money for girls in s.t.e.m. coming up in business and tech.
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and there is the opening bell at the new york stock exchange. right now, the dow and s&p are down, but s&p 500 and dow actually on track to snap an eight-week winning streak. san jose city leaders prepare to talk about rent control. an alarming new survey shows nearly half of renters are struggling to pay to keep a roof
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over their heads. that survey is conducted by apartment list. 25% of renters are making half of what they make on rent and half of those renters are spending a third of the income. the san jose city council will vote to amend the rent ordnance. it would cap rent increases to 5% per year. overnight we looked at other rents for two-bedroom apartments across the bay area and beyond. on average, you will spend $2,500 in san jose, $2,200 in -- the afternoon ranl rent in san francisco is around $1,700. on average, new york city, renters pay about 2,500 a month for a two-bedroom. the 49ers will try to break their 30-9 losing streak when they take on the new york giants. you probably notice add low lot of empty seats and how its looked during recent games. it got us thinking, just how bad is attendance these days.
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the 49ers claim it's not as low as you might think. that's about an 85% attendance rate when you consider there are 65,000 sellable tickets per game. the 49ers believe the shots of the empty stands are actually misleading, given the number of fans pay to enjoy the game from some of the internal cb areas. a lot of people have been talking about it and we got our first look at the senate version of the republicans' tax plan. >> it's very different than what they're talking about actually in the house. scott mcgrew, lots of work ahead. >> yeah, good morning. he's are early drafts that we're talking ou s it will be up to lawmakers to take the version from the house, the version from the senate, get them together and get them to agree. the senate version was just revealed. we've been able to watch the house version for quite some time and i know you're not following every twist and turn, so bottom line as of this friday morning is the house version as it stands adds too much to the deficit. that means senators when they get that bill can't pass it
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under reconciliation president senate version solves that problem but delays cuts to corporate taxes. and cutting corporate taxes is the primary reason for the whole tax cut. speaker of the house paul ryan has said over and over everybody's going to get a cut, everyone, but the latest analysis shows between a third and half of middle class would actually see their taxes go up. the quick math for republicans is this, if you cut taxes anywhere, you have to raise them up somewhere else or come up with some really creative math. if you're -- otherwise you're going to add to the deficit. if you add to the deficit, the rules change and then the democrats get a change. other news, the girl scouts just committed millions of dollars to teach kids s.t.e.m., science, technology, engineering and math. there are new s.t.e.m. badges as well. you may remember that the boy scouts are going to allow girls. the girl scouts are very angry about that. this week on "press here" i asked the head of girl scouts
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usa. >> if the boy scouts were a golf course or a business enter-iity and say, hey, we're admitting girls we'd say it's about time. >> we really are experts in girls. so, you know, if you want your girl to have this amazing leadership experience, to really get a very fun and life-affirming experience, we're for her. >> a former rocket scientist is my guest now that she's with girl scouts usa on "press here" after "meet the press." back to you. >> we'll be watching there. well, new criticism now aimed at facebook over its affects on your brain and your children. and it's coming from an unsuspected or unexpected source there. former facebook president shawn parker made some bold claims in an interview, saying that the social media network site was purposefully created to exploit our psychological vulnerabilities and get us addicted. here is nbc's jo ling kent.
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>> facebook is cool. that's what its got going for it. >> reporter: in the movie "the social network," justin timberlake plays sean parker. now the real sean parker is speaking out in an eye-opening interview of the site he helped create. >> it probably interferes with the productivity in weird ways. god only knows what it's doing to our children's brains. >> reporter: speaking to the news site axios says facebook and its sister a.p. instagram were purposefully designed to hook users in. >> that thought process was all about how do we consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible? the inventors, creators understood this consciously, and we did it anyway. >> reporter: today, over 80% of americans connect on social media, but surveys show overuse can be harmful, especially to kids. negatively impacting their relationships, school
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performance and sleep. >> i see a heavy addiction. it is very, very parallel to las vegas and slot machines. there is a quick surge of dopamine to the brain and it makes kids want more. >> reporter: 18-year-old carly duffy has 2600 instagram followers and says it feels like a full-time job. >> it distracts a lot of school work and feels like you're in your own little world and you don't really see reality. >> reporter: for some users, psychologists have even coined a new term, facebook depression, with social media leading to feeling of jealousy, isolation and despair. another unintended cons kwepss says park, now 1 billion people white. >> wide. >> they're exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology. >> jo ling kent reporting there. facebook and instagram did not respond to nbc requests for comment. experts say the best advice is
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to set boundaries with social media. limit your time on it every day and tell your kids no phones during family time or before bed. >> that is a given in my house. well, veterans day tomorrow, but there are plenty of event happening today throughout the bay area. home depot helping to transform an alameda homeless -- in heyward, washington and habitat for humanity will improve the home of an 89-year-old korean war vet. they -- >> and here is something fun for you this weekend. walnut creek on i-6 actually kicks off today. video into our newsroom showing the newly installed ice skating rink in civics park. the special kids festival is actually taking place tomorrow. the first 250 people who arrive there can actually skate for free and there is also going to be free hot chocolate, pizza, face painting, balloon artist, so much fun for the entire family.
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this starts at 11:00 a.m. and i will actually be there this. as i attempt to ice skate with a lot of those kids. i'm actually going to need one of those little assistants. >> sometimes they use a bucket for the little kids. >> i'm going to need that. >> but you're tall. i don't know. >> marcus, i saw your facebook post of how you're pretending how you're going to ice skate. >> right. it's not good at all. >> i don't know, yeah. that's just not good at all. at least the weather will be good. that will be one thing working in your favor tomorrow. as we take a live look outside right now in san jose, it's all bright and sunny. we haven't seen any rain yet, but we know if you head just a little up the road, you're going to see a lot of different picture here. here is the reason why we still have a lot of rain moving through and we've seen the showers in the north bay into san francisco and now starting to work into the east bay here. we are starting to see some of that rain moving in. the seven-day forecast coming up on the bottom of the screen now,
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showing some wet weather for a few days here in this seven-day forecast. the rain is coming down now in san francisco, mostly some light showers and then as we look at the east bay moving over towards berkeley as well as emeryville and parts of oakland seeing the rain and moving up a little bit farther north, you're seeing some of the showers coming down. it just moved out of vallejo. you're starting to get some clearing there. we will have times of rain moving through. it won't be until this afternoon we start to see that rain make its way into the south bay for maybe 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon, but very hit or miss activity. may we raining on one side of the town, but the other side is completely dried. we will still see this moisture streaming through with the remnants of this disturbance until about 6:00 or 7:00 this evening and then we're in the clear. for the rest of the weekend, we will have some mostly sunny skies for the most part. so we're looking at temperatures today in san francisco reaching the low 60s, mid-60s for spots like livermore, inland valleys
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are going to have temperatures reaching into the upper 60s. once again, as we talked about the rain clearing for today, tomorrow looks beautiful and our temperatures will be comfortable, but then the clouds start to move in on sunday out ahead of the next storm system set to move in. this will start out in the north bay for sunday evening. and then start to bring some rain for the rest of the bay area early friday morning into the afternoon. rather, monday morning into the afternoon. looking at some of the events going on, the san jose veterans day parade happening tomorrow and the temperatures will start out in the upper 50s as you line the parade route and get out there to enjoy the sunshine. our temperatures will help warm things up. the sunshine will help warm things up and it will feel much more comfortable. in castro valley, we have the light parade kicking off the holiday season. it's going to be in the low 60s, but cooling off quickly, so make sure you're wearing something nice and warm. we'll talk about some other things going on or some places you may be headed.
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that's coming up a little bit later. >> thanks, kari. coming up, so why do bird lovers have a problem with the team's new ballpark proposal? first, happening now, nfl star richard sherman is recovering. we just learned he will miss the rest of the season. if you were watching football on our air last night, you might have seen the defensive star get hurt. he tore his achilles. in france right now, prosecutors say there is no indication terrorism is a motivation for a car. rammed his car into three chinese students who were walking. thankfully none of them died. he said he just wanted to drive into people and thought about it for two months. doctor )s "regular orders."
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the alternative ways to protect yourself if you (don )t ( get e vaccine. plus, any breaking news that develops overnight. and kari tracks a wet start to the work week. )today in the bay ) - monday morning - 4:30 to 7.
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my name is erick varela. i'm a substation electrician with pg&e. when i was 17 years old, signed up for the united states army and i started serving and i now get to serve the customers of pg&e. i get to help other families. and that's what it's all about. came back from iraq, couldn't find work. then i found pg&e's power pathway program. here at pg&e i'm successful living in eureka with our two beautiful kids with a brand new career all because of the power pathway program. if you are a veteran, go to and hopefully your life will change like mine did. together, we're building a better california.
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across from laney college... but the plan isn )t flying well with the g the a's want to build their new ballpark across from laney college, but the plan isn't flying too well with the golden gate auto baun society. they say the plan would be catastrophic for the birds. >> nbc's nbc's jodi hernandez is in oakland where the bird lovers are not happy about this. >> i think that what is here in the center of oakland is something really magical and special. >> reporter: the head of this society worries this bird mecca at lake merit is at serious race. the oakland a's want to build a
11:27 am
new ballpark close by, but cindy says the ballpark would be bad news for the city's birds. >> all species breed right here in the lake. it could be a disaster for all of the wildlife that dements on lake merit's wildlife refuge. >> reporter: birds make hundreds of trip a day to get food for their babies. flying by a loud and lit-up ballpark could be disastrous. >> a crowd erupts when there is a home run or whatever, the birds will get spooked and potentially fly into the highway and cause traffic accidents. >> reporter: she fears birds who have nested here for generations will abandon the area. the a's said they're committed to building the 30,000-plus seat stadium responsibly. they said in a statement, we look forward to engaging in a community process where all voices are incorporate flood our plan, include -- >> i definitely want the birds to stay and i want the a's to
11:28 am
stay, too. wildlife and people and sports and customers, all of those things can live together in the city but we have to be respectful about who belongs where. >> reporter: the ballpark plan would require an environmental impact review. this woman hopes the birds aren't sent running from home. in oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. coming up, did accusations fall on deaf ears? former students coming forward with claims with sexual misconduct against teachers and what they say happened years ago. i want to show you how to join our community on the waze application. let's go to your waze app either on iphone or android. in the bottom corner, there is going to be a magnifying glass when you fire up that app. click on that and then your name at the top. that's your profile. scroll down to see teams, pick ours, nbc bay area wazers. story with us.
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new allegations of sexual misconduct at pr well, more victims are sharing their story with us. new allegations of sexual misconduct at a prestigious all-girl catholic story. we first broke the story last friday. sexual allegations at san jose's presentation high school. >> the list of accusers is growing as are the complaint complaints that the school didn't do enough to stop the stault assaults. vic and nguyen joins us now with another story you'll only see on nbc bay area. >> reporter: we spoke with an attorney now representing two presentation high graduates. he says he's investigating claims against teachers dating from 1990 all the way to this year. and now multiple sources have come forward to us with accounts of inappropriate behavior by two male teachers. >> i mean, i still love the school. like, that's the thing that makes this tough. >> reporter: ellen graduated from presentation high in 2005. she asked us not to use her last
11:32 am
name but said she could no longer remain silent. >> for too long its been, oh, well, maybe that didn't really happen. >> reporter: now living in southern california, ellen says she still remembers the day she saw a student leaving the office of a male teacher. >> she was crying. she was really, really upset. he told her that he loved her and then he tried to touch her, i believe it was her leg. >> what did you think when you heard her story? >> i was disgusted. this is somebody who i had trusted implicitly. we walked across campus to the principal's office and reported it. very soon after, he was gone. >> reporter: but ellen says weeks later the teacher was back. >> you actually confronted him? >> i did. >> what did you say? >> i said i don't want you here and i don't want you teaching ever again. >> reporter: looking back, ellen says she doesn't believe her principal did enough. that same year, a newly graduated student sent an e-mail warning girls to watch out for another male teacher. >> don't be alone with him. don't be around him. he had had sex with a student who had just graduated.
11:33 am
>> reporter: ellen says after she reported the e-mail to the principal, the teacher disappeared from campus. we asked principal miller for an interview, but she di-kleined. in a statement, presentation said, neither of these men has been employed at presentation high school for at least 12 years and in all instances the administration followed the appropriate procedures required the law. >> if we create a culture of silence then we're never going to be able to get better. >> reporter: maria alderete graduated in 1998. her sister wrote an esay in the "washington post" alleging that spanish teacher hernandez sexual assaulted her and another student. he continued teaching for 14 years after the incidents were reported in 1990 and '96. fernandez died in 2016. >> what do you say to people who had a very different experience with fernandez who say these allegations and this story are besmirching a man who passed away and can't defend himself?
11:34 am
>> i believe my sister. i believe it happened. the impact of his actions have scarred women for decades. >> reporter: presentation said it reported one incident involving fernandez to child protective services but declined to say when. >> what often happens in the school environment is that the school administration thinks that they need to do some investigation before reporting. >> reporter: bill grimm is a senior attorney at the national youth law center. he says laws enacted in 1980 require school staff to immediately call police or cps, not to interview suspects themselves. >> that's not their role. we have police and we have child protective services agencies that are mandated to dot investigation, not school principals. >> do you think the school was more concerned with covering up these incidents than protecting students? >> i think that the school was concerned with its reputation. >> reporter: the two teachers involved do not appear to have
11:35 am
been charged with any crimes. we are continuing to track new leads involving other complaints. >> if you have a story for our investigative unit, give us a call 1-888-996-tips. or send us an e-mail at and we -- a break in this case. investigators believe they have their suspect in a 1976 san mateo county murder known as the beginsy hill murders. county prosecutors say dna recently helped them link to this man, 71-year-old leon seymour. he's currently in custody for another kidnapping and sexual assault. seymour is now accused of killing 19-year-old denise lanthy in daily city. one of six women killed in 1976 under similar circumstances. fbi thought they were work with the same killer, but another man was linked to those two crimes. the kate steinle murder case
11:36 am
resumes monday with closing arguments expected later next week. now yesterday the defense rested its case. the defense argued that police interrogators botched the translation of the word "trigger." when questioning the suspect jose garcia zarate. here is what they asked zarate, quote, so you pulled the trigger just once? and on the left what was actually translated to him was, you fired once? legal experts say word choice is very important in a case that depends on the suspect's intend. >> but it is true that one word could make a difference and it might be that for someone to drop a gun is different than to intentionally do this action. which requires more perhaps involvement in what you're doing. >> prosecutors main zarate meant to fire the pistol that killed kate steinle two years ago on pier 14. police say they are trying to find a group of alleged burglars. police say the crimes happened at two homes along el patillo
11:37 am
court. police say surveillance video shows seven teenagers in the air dwra. people in two homes found their places ransacked with lots of personal items missing. police say in both cases the suspects had forced entry into the side door. new deadlines for homeowners in napa, they have until monday afternoon to participate in the government-funded debris removal program. they have to sign up and/or do it themselves or have insurance pay for it. debris removal plans need to be approved by napa county. an update now on the number of animals still displaced by the north bay wildfires. reports that more than 100 animals are still at shelters. search for sonoma and napa fires missing and found pets for pictures and instructions. this morning, we are getting an updated sense of how some key 2018 races may turn out in california. overnight, we looked through the data of a new poll of registered voters and in the governor race,
11:38 am
lieutenant governor gavin new some leads with 31%. former los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa polled at 21%. travis allen is polling at 15%. senator dianne feinstein is seeing overwhelming support for her re-election bid. 58% say they would vote for her if the election were held today. kevin de lion is also polling at 31%. 10% say they would vote for someone else. state regulators have now adopted new safety rules for ride sharing companies. uber and lyft to require that the drivers be fingerprinted as part of background checks. the taxi industry was pushing for the fingerprinting. their industry requires drivers to undergo fingerprint checks which are then shared with law enforcement. here are the steps that ride sharing companies will have to take. annual screens through third party agencies, a photo id will not be required, and, of course,
11:39 am
california law already prohibits hiring sex offenders or convicted felons. mean, a developing political scandal. alabama's roy moore is staying in the race for the u.s. senate despite more than a dozen gop senators urging him not to. this comes after allegations that he forced a 14-year-old girl into a sexual encounter in 1979 when he was 32. that's according to the "washington post." 92-year-old moore in a statement denies the allegations and calls it fake news. moore is currently holding an 11-point lead in the race. the special election is next month. o.j. simpson is no longer welcome at one of the most popular hotels along the las vegas strip. just weeks after being released from prison, he is now banned from the cosmopolitan hotel and casino. staff says simpson was intoxicated and unruly at one of the hotel's bars this week. security reportedly showed up and had to remove him. simpson's attorney said he's not sure why his client is being
11:40 am
banned. simpson was paroled last month after serving nine years for armed robbery and assault. coming up up, tracking the weekend weather. >> mostly dry for the weekend, but we are still seeing the rain coming down and getting some pretty good rainfall totals in the north bay, where we're seeing an average of 1/4 of an inch to up to 1/2 of an inch. also decent amounts in san francisco. we'll talk about what's ahead for the rest of the day and as you make those weekend plans coming up. plus, a warning for anyone with smart devices in their home. what you can do to protect you and your family.
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high demand this holiday season... almost any appliance these days well, smart home devices are in high demand this holiday season. almost any appliance these days can be connected to the internet. >> which is good. maybe you can check on your pet. researchers say hackers can then use the device to spy on you. what can you do to stay secure? our reporter explains. >> i can help you do lots of things. >> reporter: smart homes can make life's little chores easier. >> alexa, knock knock. >> reporter: even provide entertainment. but it can also be a doorway for hackers. >> we're actually seeing attackers on average trying to break into home networks five times a day.
11:44 am
>> hackers can use a vulnerability or bug in the software to get access to your home network. cyber security researchers at checkpoint found just that in lg smart sync devices. >> we were able to hack into other devices on the smart think cloud service and essentially control the home devices, in particular the vacuum cleaners and access the video camera on the vacuum cleaners. >> reporter: checkpoint informed lg before alerting the public, allowing the company to fix the problem before the bad guys could take advantage. >> if you own a home bot from lg, actually you're now secure. >> reporter: as more smart home devices enter the market, it's a race between hackers and researchers to find these bugs first. with any device, make sure you install updates as soon as they become available. often they include patches for any vulnerabilities. if you have a simultaneous smart home device on your wish list this year -- >> we've seen once the device is put on the to the network,
11:45 am
somebody tries to attack it. >> reporter: make sure you change the default process as soon as you said it up. santa should be the only one that sees you when you're sleeping. liz mclaughlin, nbc news. >> santa's make his way. >> before you know it. at least we're in fall right now. today's not too bad. >> not too bad today. we've seen some of the showers coming down. in san francisco, a lot of rain. also in parts of the north bay. not a drop here in the south bay yet. look at the radar. it's starting to close in. so we are seeing still some scattered showers. as we look at san francisco, you're about to get a little bit of some time to dry out for now and the rain moving over to the east bay over around emory feel and piedmont over around orinda as well. some light rain as you move closer to martinez and also around vallejo. we've seen the showers in and around the bay area throughout the morning. still some spotty activity as we go throughout the day and we
11:46 am
will have a chance of some more of that rain, even into this evening. so if you're making dinner plans, especially in the south bay, heads up there may be some showers coming through but it won't ruin the whole evening. our temperatures today reaching into the mid to upper 60s. up to 68 today in san jose. our own -- we are all americans, a veterans day event recognizing japanese americans who have served. it's going to be in the upper 50s to lower 60s throughout the day. very nice weather. and our own marcus washington will be tomorrow in walnut creek at the ice winter festival. he's really excited about this. we've been talking about it all week long and it's going to be perfect weather wise, a lot lot of sunshine and temperatures in the mid-60s. will you be hitting the road this weekend? here is a live look outside at yosemite. more clouds moving in.
11:47 am
mostly cloudy now and cool. it's only going to make it into the upper 30s today, but mid-40s for the beekd and should get some sunshine, too. if you're following me on facebook, meteorologist kari hall, you can get the updated forecast, see cool weather pictures. i love to see your weather pictures. with the rain we've had moving through, we've got some interesting cloud formations coming through. i love to see that and also the rainbows. our temperatures throughout the next several days in san francisco stays in the 60s. we will have our next chance of rain moving into next sunday evening into monday morning. doesn't look like a big, significant system at this point. on tuesday, we dry out. next wednesday, another storm system moving in. it's about to get really busy here. make sure you're following me on facebook for the updated forecasts. i'll have another quick look coming up a little bit later. >> all right. thanks a lot, kari. coming up, a new way to treat your pets. the reason more and more pet
11:48 am
owners are using medical marijuana to help their foug-legged friends. ailing
11:49 am
11:50 am
pets.. that )s creating some controversy. well, this next story is very interesting. it's how to treat your ailing pets. that's creating some controversy. pot is actually a hot topic right now, with more people using it for medical purposes. >> and now vets and pet owners are doing the same thing. here is nbc's jo ling kent. >> you're a smart girl, huh? >> reporter: it's being hailed as a new way to help your favorite furry friend. cannibis known as pot or marijuana is a popular way to treat arthritis, cans you are or enginesity in pets. contain cbe that doesn't get pets high but some veterinarians say has healing properties without the potential harm of traditional pharmaceuticals. >> they can cause stomach upset,
11:51 am
kidney damage or liver damage. a lot of pets are unable to handle the harsher side effects of some of those medications. >> reporter: california vet tear tim shu created that cbd oil. rachel martin says it helped her dog sophie fight cancer for the second time. >> good girl. i love you. >> reporter: sophie's vet gave her just two months to live. >> it just felt like a race against the clock at that point. >> reporter: after spending thousands of dollars on traditional treatments. martin tried cbd oil as a last resort, adding a few drops into sophie's food zblefrd it was a completely turnaround and i was sold. >> reporter: now over a year later. >> she came back from the brink and got a new lease on life. >> reporter: jodi never thought she would see her dog walk again. >> i was spending $125 a week for six weeks for acupuncture. a month of that treatment is
11:52 am
$80. >> reporter: lexi davis says cannibis reduced her dog's anxiety. >> she's playing with her toys more. loving life. >> reporter: cannibis pet products are not yet regulated and the california veteran anywhere medical association says vets are legally barred from prescribing or remming them. marijuana is legal in 29 states, plus the district of columbia, and illegal under federal law. some vets say there isn't enough data to show that it's safe for all animals. >> a lot of traditional veterinaries would never recommend pot for pets. why do you? >> if cannibis offers a potential therapeutic route with minimal side effects, then it's our duty to explore those options. >> reporter: nontraditional healing methods from an unlikely source helping some four-legged family members get through tough times. >> jo ling kent reporting there. well, these pet product dos not have any thc, the element of
11:53 am
marijuana that has the psycho active effects. >> very interesting. all right. we'll be right back. who are these people?
11:54 am
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don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. old eastern span of check this out. three supporting foundations from the old even fan of the bay bridge being demolished. happened two weeks ago and two more explosions planned to tomorrow morning. the bicycle and pedestrian path
11:56 am
will be closed during that time. by the way, the final two peers coming down. after that, the old eastern span becomes just a distant memory. all right. we want to show you this video that is actually going viral right now. an incredible shot by a 2-year-old from ohio. he those a small football through a hoop and sinks it into a basketball hoop. they posted this online. calvin, the little kid, even has his own youtube channel. look at that. he walks away like, yeah, i did it. >> so many kids nowadays have those youtube channels. it's crazy. a little college fund maybe. all right. any basketball in anybody's future here, maybe early tomorrow morning? >> i think it will be nice. all of the rain clearing out of here. we're still dealing with it right now. you can see it all across the peninsula and now starting to creep into the south bay. and the seven-day forecast shows we'll have more rain moving in late sunday into early monday morning and another storm system right after that on wednesday.
11:57 am
so it's going to be busy here, but there will be some breaks in between that rain. >> all right. >> we needed that rain. >> yeah, we do. it's good for my lawn. all right. keep your umbrella handy. we'll be back monday morning bright and early. starting at 4:30. still kind of dark. >> dark and early. >> that's okay. we're always here with smiling faces. hope you have a great weekend. our next newscast coming up at 5:00. >> come out to walnut creek to the skating rink. i'll be there. >> tom morning. >> you'll watch me fall. >> a beautiful live look outside of san francisco this morning. kari was calling it a screen saver earlier. all right. a live look at san jose. have a great weekend. thanks so much for making us part of your day. sfx: tinny headphone music
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