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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 12, 2017 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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tonight friends or enemies? what president trump said today about kim jong-un of north korea. and russians vladimir putin before meeting with the controversial president of the philippines. as we look at the defeat of isis in that country with u.s. help. inside the church, now a memorial to the 26 people kwild by the texas gunman one week ago today as hundreds gather for the first service since the massacre. play space more than 2 dozen people most of them children injured after a stairway collapses sending them to the ground and the hospital. melting away as nation's meet about climate change and one of our greatest national parks. and flying high. what we discovered about the airlines and the secrets to on
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time arrival. good evening. president trump is in the philippines at this hour. the last stop on his 12-day swing through asia. the trip focused on garnering support for a united front against north korea's nuclear threats and new trade deals with countries in the region. but a brief meeting with vladimir putin pushed the controversy over russian election interference back into the headline once again. our white house correspondent kelly o'donnell has been traveling with the president and brings us the latest from manila. >> reporter: the president's final stop and the first large-scale protest of his asia tour. spilling out in the streets near the u.s. embassy in manila. water canons kept them back. here to attend a second economic summit wearing traditional philippine garb, side by side with the controversial
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philippine president, antagonist of human rights groups and supporter of extra judicial killings. but his host all the extravagant niceties. president trump who has measured his words in public during this tour poked north korea's leader on twitter. why would kim jong-un insult me by calling me old when i would never call him short and fat? i try to hard to be his friend. friend? an idea he was asked to explain at a news conference in vietnam. >> strange things happen in life. that might be a strange thing to happen. but it's certainly a possibility. >> perhaps a distraction from the president's provocative comments to reporters on air force one after he met with vladimir putin, where he defended the russian leader's denials of election interference. >> i believe that he feels that he and russia did not meddle in the election. >> but after he disparaged obama era intelligence chiefs as political hacks for blaming
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putin. the president tried a cleanup. >> as to whether i believe it or not, i'm with our agencies, especially as currently constituted with their leadership. i believe in our intel agencies, our intelligence agencies. >> reporter: in the planning for this trip the white house considered not coming to manila to avoid the bad political optics of the president being seen with a violent authoritarian. but other asian leaders urged the president to reconsider, and he's actually adding an extra day here in manila. it is a show of support for those leaders and allies he needs to trade and north korea. >> kae o'donnell in manila. thank you. the president's visit to the philippine comes just weeks after government forces backed by the united states drove isis out of a city in the southern island of ming da now. nbc's bill neely has more on the battle and the continuing threats. >> reporter: president trump ending his asia tour in the
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philippines, long a u.s. ally. but relations now strained by its controversial president. >> we can survive without american money. >> reporter: he is the tough talking leader and a man who has just fought isis. donald trump wants closer ties on his first visit to any country where isis has taken territory and terrorism tops their agenda. because of this. it's ma ra we or what's left of it. isis captured the philippine city holding it for five months before losing it just weeks ago. more than half a million people fled this battle, and you can see why. the destruction here is just astonishing. they look like the war torn streets of iraq or syria, but this was the new front line for isis in asia. it took the city with a few
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hundred men and held it despite daily airstrikes. and a ferocious assault from troops backed by u.s. special forces. the army retook the city, but only by destroying it. isis lost more than 900 fighters in the battles in these streets. yet it's claiming victory because it held this city for so long. the battle here may be over. the threat from isis is not. they're still hunting for militants in the ruins. the u.s. and the philippines determined to stop isis spreading further across asia. >> our city liberated -- >> presidents trump and do you terr take, who seem to admire each other's record now united in fighting a common enemy. >> one week after a gunman entered a church and shattered the life of a small texas town the community came together to
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remember those who died and to try to move beyond the tragedy. the church opened its doors again today. nbc's ron allen was there. >> reporter: inside the first baptist church sanctuary where a gunman killed 26 people one week ago, now sit 26 chairs to honor the lives lost, arranged where each victim sat. it took 72 hours to repair and restore the sanctuary. the pastor said to remind everyone that love never fails. today there was an outpouring of love under gray skies. hundreds drove to the small town of 700 to the first first baptist church service since the massacre. so many people the tent covered a baseball field. >> i just wanted to show up and show respect. >> as a fellow texan and as just basically a christian, basically it's our duty to basically support everybody who is around us and the community that's essentially hurting from such a tragedy. >> one of those still hurting, rose an sa lease who was shot in
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the shoulder. >> i was scared to even be anywhere where there's a crowd because i'm scared that, you know, the same thing is going to happen. and you know, i just don't feel safe anymore. >> reporter: today church leaders tried to lift up their congregation with the help of their community. pastor frank pom ray away last weekend lost his 14-year-old daughter an abell. >> and i guarantee you with any shadow of a doubt they are dancing with jesus today. >> he lost his sister. >> i'm always going to remember the love, the smile and the -- i'm 58 and she was with me for 56 years, so i was blessed all that time to have a sister that loved me and stood by my side no matter what. >> reporter: we were able to spend just a short time in the sanctuary. you can see there's now a line from people near and far waiting to get in. it's peaceful. it's pristine. it's very solemn inside. amazing what they've been able to accomplish in a short period
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of time. a place to reflect and think about what happened. there had been talk of demolishing the sanctuary but now the hope is to maintain it as a memorial, tribute and a reminder. >> thank you. the air force is deep into its investigation of how it failed to report information that would have blocked devin kelley from buying the rifle he used in the texas church shooting. but it turns out that's far from the only gap in the federal database used to conduct background checks. justice correspondent pete williams has more. >> reporter: ten years ago it was the third worst mass shooting in america. a virginia tech senior killed 32 people and wupded 17. more than a year earlier a judge had declared him a danger because of mental illness, but that information never made it into the federal database for checking the backgrounds of gun buyers. if it had the sale would have been blocked. the shooting prompted states to dramaticically step up their lorting of mental health
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records. since then those reports have more than quad are you married. but other factors can block a gun sale including a felony conviction, drug addiction or history of domestic violence and that full range of information sent by the states and the military to the fbi at this facility in west virginia remains frustrateingly incomplete. >> let's not pretend we just woke up yesterday in amazement that the records of people who are seriously mentally ill or been convicted of crimes aren't ending up on the background checks. >> the massive database is maintained by the fbi handle an average of 52 checks every second. 27.5 million last year. 120,000 gun sales, less than 1%, were blocked. the defense department says it's now reviewing how the military reports information to the federal databases after the air force admitted it failed to flag texas gunman devin kelly's conviction for domestic violence. it's a long-standing problem for the pentagon. first identified 20 years ago by
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the dod inspector general, who found a high level of none compliance with reporting requirements. and former fbi officials say it's still a mixed picture for the states with some actually unable to pass along all the data accident, blocked, for example, by state laws that prohibit sharing some mental health records. >> it's not that the system is weak. the system has a lot of records in it. the problem is we can't afford to have a single record missing. >> last sunday's shooting exposed more flaws in a system that even the nra says is important for keeping guns out of the wrong hands. pete williams, nbc news washington. >> it was a frightening scene in san diego last night when a stairway and platform gave way at a play space, injuring more than two dozen people, most of them children. we get more from nbc's steve patterson. >> reporter: a terrifying crash at a children's gym. >> potential structure collapse. i'm not sure how many victims. >> reporter: investigators hoping to learn how a wooden platform crumbled, injuring at
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least 20 kids and two adults. >> it sounded like a crash and then all of a sudden it just crashed down and i heard people screaming when it was come down. >> reporter: it happened last night. an acrobatic activity facility. the platform collapsed as the children were rubbing up the stairwell to get pizza. >> my hands were shaking. i was really scared because i didn't know if any of my friends were hurt or not. >> reporter: the injured rush to hospitals. some with spinal injuries. most treated for scrapes and bruises. the gym's owner released a statement saying in part my heart aches for the families who call vault pk home. we are working with authorities and will continue to do so to resolve this. a zasous collapse turning a children's night of fun into an alarming scene. steve patterson, nbc news. >> overseas a powerful earthquake struck late today in the border region between iran and iraq. 61 people were killed. more than 300 injured. iran's news agency says the 7.3
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magnitude quake was felt in at least 14 province. it was centered in northeast iraq not far from the city of ha will you be gentleman. poland marked its national independence day this weekend, but the the official events were over shadowed by a huge march through war saw by tens of thousands of nationalists. some held banners support white supremacy. others called bapers of an anti-semitic group. those who took part in a counter dmon stlags were greatly outnumbered. let's turn to the issue of climate change. a u.n. conference on global warming is going on in germany where there are competing u.s. interests at work. on the one hand the trump administration plans to make the case for cleaner fos ill fuels and nuclear energy as an answer to climate change. but another american delegation critical of president trump's decision to withdraw from the paris climate agreement is also at the conference. it is led by california governor
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jerry brown and former vice president al gore. the group will emphasize that much of this country remains committed to reducing carbon emissions. with all of that in mind we went back to a place where the impact of climate change is unmistakable. nbc's ann thompson reports from glacier national park. >> the breathtaking beauty of montana's national park, now a disturbing reflection of our warming climate. we head to grinnell glacier, a journey by boat and four mile hike led by u.s. geological ekols. >> that's where it used to be. >> named after kevsist george grinnell. >> so what he could see in 1887 we in 2017 can't see at all. >> no, not at all. and even people coming here in 1967 could see the glacier from here. >> the glacier has lost half its size since then as we've put more heat trapping greenhouse
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gasses in the atmosphere. >> is this being driven by climate change. >> yes. >> but glas yers have been here 7,000 years, reaching their largest extent in the mid 1800s. since then the park has lost 85% of its ice area. once home to 150 glas yers, today there are just 26. >> these glas yers have their fate sealed. they're going to simply disappear. it's already too warm for them to exist. >> on a 90 degree day he adds to the photographic record, illustrating the jaw dropping impact of warmer summers and winters that are not as cold, evident even in the 25 years he's made this climb. hosting vice president al gore in 1997, nbc news just two years ago, and now today. >> so if somebody wants to come see the glasers yers, what's your advice. >> well, i think they should
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come soon. we are learning ice every single year. >> nature's master pieces retreating before our eyes. ann thompson, nbc news glacier national park. >> and there is late word tonight that liz smith has died. the famed gossip columnist spent decades chronicling the highs and lows of new york's society. writing about it for the new york daily news and post among other newspapers. spent also spent more than a decade on wnbc here in new york winning an emmy award. she became a champion for those who couldn't read, raising $37 million for the cause of adult literacy. liz smith was 94 years old. still ahead tonight as the busy holiday travel season gets under way, how to increase your chance of avoiding annoying delays and getting there on time. also special delivery today also special delivery today by rocket, including there was an old woman who lived in a shoe. she had so many children she had to buy lots of groceries. while she was shopping for organic fruits and veggies,
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the 3d white collection from crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. hi, i need your help. i've been trying to find a knee specialist... but nobody has an opening for months! you can't always control your feelings... oh, i found one in-network next tuesday. but unitedhealthcare can help you control your care. thanks, stephanie. unitedhealthcare with less than two weeks to go before thanksgiving, it's the season for booking those holiday airline tickets. at the peak more than 2 million people a day will be cramming into those airline seats. so is there a way to make sure you get where you're going on time? here is our aviation correspondent. >> reporter: sach to say holiday travel is not on most peoples' bucket list. the cold, the crowds, the consequence lagsz. >> i don't want to sleep on the floor or on a cot next to somebody snoring. >> so is there a trick to avoiding the holiday travel
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blues? nbc asked data provider mass flight to run the numbers and get this. >> the best flights for performance tend to actually be the ones that are the least expensive. >> you heard right. the cheaper flights are most reliable because they usual leave early at 6 apple 88% of flights leave on time. by 9:00 p.m. only 62% leave on time. >> get up early, leave early. >> that's the secret. >> that's the secret. leave early. >> since the weather is usually better in november, thanksgiving travel usually runs more smoothly than christmas. over the last three years the airports with the most departure delays over thanksgiving, newark with fewer than 79% of flights leaving on time, followed by san francisco, laguardia, lax, o'hare and denver. but over christmas denver has the worst delays with just 61% leaving on time. followed by big hub airports. experts advice fly direct and avoid the snow. if you're going to connect, your point is make it a longer
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connection and a southern city. >> yes. if you're going to connect, look at airports like atlanta. they have outstanding performance. >> another tip, when comparing airlines, look at which airline is building an extra pad time to ensure you get there on time. and if you can, avoid small regional planes. the big esh the aircraft, the more passengers, the less likely the flight will get canceled. >> if your flight gets cancel, my heart goes out to you. it's going to be very, very hard this holiday season to get on another flight easily and quickly. >> and the start of this yearly ritual is now just a week away. tom costello, nbc news washington. >> we are back in a moment with >> we are back in a moment with breakfast depression is a tangle of multiple symptoms >> we are back in a moment with breakfast that can make you sad, feel tired, and have difficulty concentrating. trintellix is a prescription medication for depression. it may help you take a step forward in improving your depression.
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the scene on the eastern shore of virginia early this morning as a commercial rocket blasted off toward the international space station. the rocket loaded with more than 7,000 pounds of cargo, including science equipment, water, clothing and christmas presents. and perhaps most importantly, ice cream. lots of it. and frozen pizza. speaking of food, this was the first weekend you could actually eat breakfast at tiffany's. in the famous film she had to settle for a krois san antonio and coffee outside the tiffany's store in new york. on friday tiffany's opened the blue box cafe. breakfast starts at $29. i mean, it's tiffany's, after all. when we come back, holiday spirit providing a welcome boost spirit providing a welcome boost to some of those still you may be at increased risk for pneumococcal pneumonia,
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two months after hurricane irma tore through the caribbean, many are still struggling to recover. the island of barbuda was almost wiped out. today many of those families remain in shelters in nearby an tig with a where a visit from some volunteers just ahead of the holidays came with a gift of hope. morgan raf fert was there. >> reporter: an entire island nearly wiped off the map. sergeant neal george was there as hurricane irma barreled at 150 miles per hour leaving complete destruction in its wake. is this the type of damage that we're seeing all around? >> yes. basically. you cannot come here because there's nothing to do. >> reporter: there's nowhere to go. >> nowhere to go. >> reporter: here in bash bu da, a virtual ghost town.
3:57 pm
this town square was once filled with shops and homes and now blue tarp and debris as far as the eye can see. with their homes obliterated and their schools destroyed, the island's children have been forced to evacuate with their families to nearby an tig with a. many of them living in shelters like this one at the local contradict stadium. >> it's been a challenge. it's home. that's where my heart is. >> what do you miss about home? >> i miss my toys. >> which is why a group of volunteers in north carolina working for christian non-profit sam ar tan's purse is loading up a plane filled with shoe boxes stuffed with toys, dolls other surprises for the displaced children of barbuda. >> lord help this to change lives. >> pastor mark brum alow and his wife cherie understand the heartbreak all too well. their own home in texas was destroyed by hurricane harvey. >> as we start helping others, our problems become smaller. >> they've come to an tig with a to put a smile on the faces of these children living in limbo.
3:58 pm
>> reporter: is that a bracelet? do you like it? how does it feel when you have these boxes? >> i feel grateful. >> lots of hope. >> reporter: a gift of hope amid the joy of an early christmas celebration, even if it's not at home. morgan raf fert, nbc news. and that's "nbc nightly news" for this sunday. lester holt will be in tomorrow with a story of a police officer and his young partner. part of our series those who serve. i'm jose deas thank you for the privilege of your time and good night. sfx: squeak
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prudential. bring your challenges. . >> announcer: nbc sports, home of the olympic games, the nhl, premier league, the nascar playoffs, primetime's number one show "sunday night football," and super bowl lii on nbc. it's desperation time in denver. von miller and the broncos need to end their four game slide as they host the patriots who won four straight. a key afc match-up tonight on "sunday night football." >> the easiest touchdown pass brady has thrown. >> we are bringing this home. >> it's time to take over like we do every year. >> they are the defending


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