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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 16, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PST

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today in the bay is in a micro- climate weather alert as a strong storm system sweeps through the entire bay area. a rainy one "today in the bay." we are in a mike climate weather alert as a strong storm system sweeps through the entire bay area. take a look at the radar, a lot of green out there, we're tracking rain and wind from san francisco to the east pay and moving into the south bay as well. take a look at this video from overnight, this is from the bay bridge. as you can see that downpour right there, it is something that we will see throughout the bay area this morning. good morning to you, i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. thanks so much for joining us. we are on early today tracking this storm. kari has been keeping her eye on it for some time now. >> it looks like as we look at the radar you see that steady green across the bay area, doesn't look like a whole lot
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here but let me tell you what we'll see as we go through the day. this will just sit over the bay area for several hours and even with the light steady rain it starts to add up and then we will see this now moving into san jose, staying with us for at least i think another 10 or 12 more hours. we've been focused on the north bay as well looking at the burn zones. as we move into san francisco a steady light rain there, down the peninsula we are seeing some of the rainfall getting a little bit more intense, moving over the santa cruz mountains moving closer to palo alto and i think there that is where the rain will really start to pick up. we are just now seeing it moving into sunnyvale, santa clara, down down san jose and it's starting to become a little bit more intense when we see the yellows and brighter colors on the radar showing heavier rain just now starting to close in on morgan hill and has not yet made it to gilroy. as we look at some of these pockets of heavy rain, this may
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slow you down as you head out the door. mike, you're saying you already have a problem on the evast shoe freeway. i do. over here you can clearly see that rain that marcus was talking about from overnight, still going on, very slick conditions but clear at the bay bridge toll plaza. the east shore freeway here and on our maps a little farther up we are going eastbound, counter the typical commute, eastbound at mcdonald's. up until three minutes ago red and orange sensors. there was a semi-trailer that got detached from its truck and that big rig was over on the shoulder but the trailer was still blocking lanes. looks like they may have run a traffic break, we will check with chp as they update us. wet roads, slick conditions, tougher to see in that area and all around the bay. scattered smaller spinouts reported over the last couple hours, i will let you know about
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the santa cruz mountains and the tri-valley coming up. let's take you out live this morning with our reporters where the rain is coming down in the east bay as terry mentioned as well. >> bob redell is live in dublin. bob, what do you see? i don't see the rain coming down just now but have you seen it this morning? >> reporter: we have. we're here in dublin along the auto mall right up against 580 not far from the 680 interchange. we don't have much rain right now, just a light drizzle but this is what it looked like about 30 to 45 minutes ago when you saw that storm, that wave of rain coming in, you could see it was very gusty, windy, you see a lot of leaves blowing around on the street and you had quite a decent heavy rain coming down but as i mentioned right now we are in a break. as far as the impact this is having on the tri-valley, so far our newsroom has not had any reports of downed trees or anything like this, it sounds like this could be definitely having an impact, though, on your commute. i want to come back out live and
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get a sense of what i'm talking about. those head lights are heading westbound on 580. speeds are at the limit, plenty of space between the cars but as more people get into the drive this morning things you want to keep in mind, you want to watch your space between you and the car in front of you, this is something that chp always tries to harp on us about and also keep in mind this is one of our big first storms of the season so you still might have a lot of those oils and fluids on the roads that could be coming up. therefore the roads might be a little slicker. even though the speed limit is 65 miles an hour like it is here on 580, remember, 65 miles an hour is the maximum safest speed as the conditions warrant. it may be 55 or 45 if we get a little bit of rain out there today, something you keep in mind going into your morning commute. reporting live in dublin, bob redell, "today in the bay." we have crews spread across the bay area of course covering this storm. let's check the conditions on the peninsula. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live in palo alto.
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kris, i don't see any rain where you are, either, but certainly we have been feeling those effects throughout the area. >> reporter: you don't see it, but we definitely feel it, it's a very fine mist rye little rain that gets in under your clothing and whatnot so you will want to use your umbrella today. we are here in palo alto and we saw a pretty good round of rain coming through, we thought maybe it had already passed through but then i was listening to kari's forecast and heard that we are just getting that front end of it and it's going to arrive now. we shot a little bit of video earlier this morning, you can see there is some pooling on the ground and a lot of the gutter ways are definitely full. so if you have a home, you live near one of those storm drains maybe even if it's not your job clear it out, maybe sure that that rain has somewhere to go so it doesn't end up flooding in that area. watch for the roadways, they are a little slick this morning. here is a tweet that i sent out this morning with some video as we were driving north from san jose to palo alto and you can see that the roadways are very wet this morning. i know bob was talking about
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that as well and i saw in one of his tweets that his video showed a lot of wind in dublin where he is in morning. we're not seeing a lot of wind right now but we are seeing some of the rain picking up. again, it's not the big fat rain drops that you can see on the screen as they fall down, but we will tell you it is starting to get a little soggy out here in palo alto. we're going to stay out here for about another half hour and we will see if there's another spot that we can show you where maybe there's something you need to know about. in palo alto kris sanchez "today in the bay." the rain started coming down yesterday morning for people in the north bay and kari has been tracking some of those rain totals for us. >> in the north bay we did have that rain lasting for several hours so now as it starts to taper off i've seen some rainfall totals in parts of the north bay in spots like guerneville over 2 and a half inches, now the rain has shifted into the east bay and now approaching the south bay. i want to show you how much more rain we will see on top of what
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we've already measured as we go through the rest of the day. san francisco may get an additional inch of rain and half-moon bay maybe closer to two inches of rain, santa cruz over three-quarters of an inch and san jose may also get in on some very heavy rain, more than three quarters of an inch. this is the biggest soaking we have had so far this season. we will continue to monitor those rainfall totals and what else is ahead, i will have more on that coming up in a few minutes. of course a lot of people wondering when is that rain coming to my area. you can keep track of that by downloading our free nbc bay area app. our team coverage this morning continues next. pete sewer knows is in san francisco. how is it looking there, pete? >> reporter: good morning, guys. we are in place in san francisco keeping an eye on the wet weather. i'm going to tell you what the city is doing to prevent potential flooding in certain areas of the city.
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right now at 4:10 rain covering the bay area with some pockets of some heavier downpours now starting to move into san jose. as we get a closer look at what's happening downtown san jose right now, some very wet roads and that will be the trend throughout the day as we go to the neighborhood of willow glen, upper 50s to start and rain throughout not only the morning but the afternoon as well. we will start to catch some breaks as we go into later on this evening and it's going to stay cool today. we will talk about what's ahead
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and the change in the timeline of this storm that's coming up in five minutes. thank you, kari. now we want to get a check on what's going on in the city. >> some spots seeing some rain and some minor flooding. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live in san francisco with more on that. how is it looking, pete? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and marcus. well, right now we're getting a light drizzle similar to what we're hearing from kris and bob in their live reports but there was on and off rain throughout the morning in san francisco but when that rain does eventually arrive and we deal with it through this rainy season the city of san francisco have been taking precautions, they've been doing this on 17th and full some, considered a low lying area of the mission district. these flood barriers are temporary, there's about 400 feet of these flood barriers. the point is what the name s they're flood stop to stop any flooding from occurring. that has been an issue here really for several years as far as some of these businesses dealing with flooding, some of
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these homes dealing with flooding so they have these up where i think we're showing you guys some video of these flood stoppers in case there is flooding. this is part of a master plan for the city getting people prepared for the rain. they're also telling folks to clear out their catch basins. if we can come back out here live, they want people to clear out the catch basins where you can get a lot of leaves and garbage that can lead to a lot of backup. there's going to be sandbags available for people as that rain continues to come in, but right now there is just a slight drizzle but we will continue to monitor those conditions and have updates of the wet weather around the city throughout the show. we're live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." coming up on "today in the bay," mike is watching the drive for you this morning. >> we're seeing what we can, you guys, out here we have a live look at palo alto. some of the rain on the lens, that's what kris is dealing with, she's reporting live from palo alto.
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i will tell you what's going on where bob is in the dublin area. we have spinouts scattered around the bay and we will check the santa cruz mountains, an earlier rig was in the roadway. postponing pot, the decision by san francisco supervisors that will delay getting high legally in the new year. -rain falling overnight
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welcome back to this early edition of "today in the bay" this morning where we are in a microclimate weather alert. the rain coming down in many
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parts of the bay area. we've been tracking it from the east bay, these are pictures from dublinever night where winds have been whipping. mike is taking a look at solo car spinouts across the bay area roadways as well. quick look at the radar this morning, keeping track of the storm that is going to sit over the bay area for some time. we will check in with kari in just a moment. 46 right now. new this morning the chp is looking for a car tied to a missing elderly person. the car is a 2015 toyota corolla with a license plate of 7 hdb 260. the alert covers santa clara, alameda and san mateo counties. authorities not providing any more information on the missing person. if we get that info we will bring it to you. happening today a disaster from the last winter storm is getting watched up. the moraga sinkhole all done and fixed up. it was a 15 foot deep hole that opened up in march of last year, it just swallowed up that
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roadway, it's a busy intersection there in moraga, traffic signal and sidewalks in a recent boulevard and center street, cost nearly $3 million to patch that hole up. how did it get so far that's the question investigators are asking after a killer who escaped from hawaii was arrested yesterday in the central valley. >> the cab driver who helped authorities catch that suspect, she actually spoke to nbc bay area. >> i seen on the news this guy escaped from hawaii and to san jose and everything he told me and i liked up and i recognized his face and i was like that's the guy that was in my cab yesterday. >> that driver who asked not to be identified met randall saito on his way from san jose to stockton tuesday. the cab company called the sheriff's department yesterday. saito who was promptly arrested at the gas station in stokts ton, he escaped from a mental hospital in hawaii on sunday using annalise to get on that flight. he had been in the hospital since being acquitted for
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reasons of insanity for a brutal murder in 1979. here is hawaii's attorney general. >> this is something that was not done by somebody who was -- was suffering from any sort of mental deflect or disability and we intend to press that argument with the court when he is brought back. >> the hawaii's health department says the escape was the result of a major breakdown of procedures. new this morning san francisco leaders will reportedly not make their january 1st deadline for new rules governing recreational pot sales. supervisors yesterday could not agree on how far to go forward with an equity program. supporters believe the program will widen job opportunities, other leaders call it disappointing an agreement will not be reached in time. the board will pick up the issue at the end of november. of course, everyone has been talking about this weather. microclimate weather alert. kari, you have been tracking this for some days now and told us it is coming today.
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>> things have changed because we do have an update. as we take a live look outside in san jose right now looks soggy, the rain just now getting here and this storm system has slowed down so that's going to be the rain change here. we will see it linger longer into the day and as you get a look at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen a lot of rain in the forecast today but a break tomorrow. here is the look it at the storm system, we still have rain i occurring well to the north of us and then the cold front is still to the north of us as well so this is all out ahead of that and as it moves in the thing has pretty much just parked right over us. so as you start to see some rain keep in mind that it doesn't look all that impressive here, but it will linger throughout much of the day. it is starting to taper off for the north bay, they had that rain starting out yesterday morning. san francisco some lighter showers there and where the heaviest rain has moved now is just south of san francisco along the peninsula into san mateo and then also down the
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peninsula down to palo alto. we just saw some heavy rain moving through there, but look at santa clara, the rain has really intensified as we are starting to see yellows and reds there, just north of san jose, but we are all seeing at least a steady rain in san jose and it is starting to move into morgan hill and will be in gilroy very soon. as we get over towards the east bay in fremont just south of fremont heavy rain occurring now and that will be moving over toward the tri-valley where there is a lighter rain at this point. for the east bay moving up toward oakland some light to moderate rain at this point that will continue to move off towards the east over towards the delta. as we go through the day still rounds of rain moving in from now through at least 9:00 to 10:00 to 11:00 and look at this, it just stays right over us, parked even into the afternoon. so this is a change that we've seen, even into the evening commute it will still be raining in the south bay before it
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slowly starts to move out of here later on tonight and it's going to be a cool day with highs only in the upper 50s to low 60s, all dry tomorrow. also for saturday for our nbc bay area food drive on sunday another chance of rain but it does hold off until late sunday night and throughout monday morning and then that one moves out on tuesday, but it's going to be a big travel day next wednesday. so of course we are closely watching that forecast as well. i will have another update in just a few minutes, but mike is saying there are rough conditions for commuters today. >> as the rain travels around, the san mateo bridge, it was getting belted with rain earlier and now we just have kind of a sloppy camera lens here, that may be the case. you can see the glow from the lights, water kicking up, so water on the road makes it tougher to see and traction is an issue. let's get out to your maps and we will show you despite those conditions a smooth drive across the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. green highlighting around the bay, our road index takes the
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weather data and translates it to the conditions saying you are going to have wet roads and maybe ponding and puddling where you have find blue scattered throughout our reports as well. we will move down to the santa cruz mountains, conditions have been all right, slick, and we had a disabled truck and crash northbound 17. that has cleared through the lexington hills area, but southbound we're seeing slowing there as well. i will scan those chp reports and let you know if we have an issue heading out of los gatos down through santa cruz. nothing reported on the blotter at this point. we have had flooding against into san francisco, 101 over towards the sky way. spinouts have haven't proved to be a major issue. looking at transit no major issues but if you have any delays or conditions worsen bart may have to slow down for the morning and here is why you should slow down in your car, those limb offramps, this is 580 in dublin and that's where you
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can have more potential spinouts. of course, weather is the topic that everyone is talking about this morning but we're also following other news. elon musk promising to below your minds, the sneak peek at tes tesla's new semi-truck before tonights unveiling. of course, weather is the of course, weather is the my name is valerie decker and i'm a troubleman for pg&e. i am a first responder to emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at
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together, we're building a better california. topic that everyone is talking
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-in santa rosa -live report from thom jensen at 4:30am welcome back to this early edition of "today in the bay" this morning. taking a live look up in santa rosa. can you tell, that's that burned out fire zone up there. yeah, they have having a tough go of it with all that ash that was left over and the threat of all these rainstorms that we've been having. the rain really sat over that area quite a bit yesterday. we will have a live report
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coming up in thom jensen who ironically was in that area as it was burning down as well. we will have a follow-up report on how the rain is going to affect it coming up at 4:30 this morning. this is what we're talking about this morning, all that rain inundating the bay area this morning, really going to sit over the bay area for quite some time. kari is tracking the rain totals for us. 4:26 right now. happening today, we're expecting to get our first look at tesla's electric semi-truck. this is an image right here the ceo elon musk tweeted out for today's event. you can barely see anything but musk says, quote, it will blow your mind clear out of your skull. interesting words. tesla has been holding details about that truck so very little is known, but we do know that this launch has been delayed at least twice. california drivers have been paying the 12 cent gas tax for about two weeks now so where is that extra moneying going? caltrans posted this video showing your hard earned money at work. the agency is actually in the
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process of transitioning from four inch wide vieps to six inch stripes on the roadways. caltrans says that drivers can better see things in the road during the rain, snow, as well as the fog. the gas tax is expected to generate $5 billion a year. new video this morning, a first look at the new client balloons that will appear during next week's macy's thanksgiving day parade. this is airing right here on nbc bay area. teams tested those balloons over the weekend to prep for that parade. the four new balloons this year, the grinch, jet from super wings and chase from pal patrol and frozen's olaf. >> pretty cute. coming up on "today in the bay" we continue to watch the microclimate weather watch. >> we will continue to watch this as it closes in on the south bay and some of those
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rainfall totals that we've measured farther to the north is coming up next. couldn't wait, here is san jose with water on the lens, some rain having fallen here, that's what kari is talking about. give you a better look at that and a bigger look at your commute.
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at stanford health care, we can now use a blood sample to detect lung cancer. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. weather alert this thursday morning. welcome back to you on this thursday morning, an early edition of "today in the bay," if you are up early maybe the pitter patter of rain on your roof, we are in that microclimate weather alert. strong storm hitting the entire
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bay area. >> let's take a look at our radar, live radar as we can see what's tracking that rain and wind from san francisco to the east bay as well as the south bay, all areas affected by that rain. as we continue to track it this morning. good morning to you, i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. mike is monitoring a lot of spinouts out there already on the roadway so allow extra time. kari, this is going to sit over the bay area? >> yeah, unfortunately. this is going to last a while and this is a change this morning from the forecast yesterday. we are going to see this front become stationary, which means the rain will just roll over the same areas for a longer period of time. so as we look at the radar now you can see there are some pockets of some heavier rain and also a pretty good coverage here. here is a look at the timeline as we go throughout the day. rolling through those hours, even into later this morning, early afternoon, still raining and even in parts of the north bay where we've seen those showers some spotty showers


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