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tv   Today  NBC  November 17, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PST

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catch the entire bay area team at your local neighborhood safeway. have a great weekend. thanks for joining us. franken apologetic. moore, defiant. >> i'll quit standing when they lay me in that box and put me in the ground. >> can they weather the storms? a massive fire near a senior facility in philadelphia. many forced to evacuate, many in wheelchairs. we're on the scene where that fire is still smoldering. speaking out. the dangerous mental patient who made an incredible escape from a psychiatric hospital in hawaii,
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making it all the way to california before being captured, tells his story. >> i had to do something pretty risky and gutsy to prove that these guys that i can handle myself in the community. >> this morning, the one burning question he wouldn't answer. those stories, plus growing outrage over a new policy that allowing elephant trophies into the u.s. ben affleck talks scandals and superheros here in studio 1a. ♪ and country music's king and queen, tim mcgraw and faith hill, are taking over our plaza for a special live concert. today, friday, november 17th, 2017. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> country music's king and queen. >> i know.
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>> sounds pretty good. i thought we were that at halloween. >> exactly. we felt that way. this is the real deal. we can't wait to hear tim and faith on our plaza. >> we'll get to that later on. let's start with our top story. the waves of scandal reaching capitol hill. al franking now apologizing in the wake of troubling allegations against him. while in alabama, senate candidate, roy moore, lashing out at the women accusing him of misconduct. beginning with nbc's kasie hunt. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. sexual harassment scandals have engulfed hollywood and the media. and now, it's come to capitol hill. al franken said before he was a senator, he forcibly groped and kissed a woman. now, she is speaking out. this morning the outcry over sexual harassment reverse rating in the halls of congress. >> i've been wanting to tell this story for ten years. i was angry about it. >> reporter: angry at democratic
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senator, al franken, who radio host, leann tweeden, said he forcibly groped and kissed her. it was in 2006 when they were overseas on tour with the uso. >> he stuck his tongue in my mouth so fast. all i can remember was his lips were really wet, it was slimy. in my mind, i called him fish lips the rest of the trip. >> reporter: at the time, tweeden was a model and franken wasn'tet a lawmaker. >> i always wondered if i have talent. >> you have talent. >> tweeting this photo from the trip. taken on a transport plane, while she was asleep. >> i was a co-host with a beautiful woman named leann tweeden. >> reporter: on thursday, franken first called the photo a
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joke but later apologized, saying i don't know what was in my head when i took that picture. i look at it now, and i feel disgusted with myself. it didn't funny. it's completely inappropriate. franken joining his colleagues, in calling for an ethics investigation. >> it's unacceptable behavior. >> reporter: other high-profile women in politics, say this isn't a partisan issue. >> you have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace as an ambitious woman in your work life? >> i think a lot of people know that i'm probably packing. so, i don't think there's a lot of people who would necessarily mess with me. and i don't mean to be light hearted about it because it's a serious issue. >> women have to be treated with respect. >> reporter: meanwhile, kirsten gillibrand told "the new york times" she thinks bill clinton should have resigned after the
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incident with monica lewinsky 20 years ago. >> i think that's the appropriate response. i think things have changed today. and under those circumstances, there should be a different reaction. >> gillibrand said she believes in the current political climate, the nation should be focusing on the allegations against president trump, as well. overnight, president trump tweeted about al franken saying, the al frankenstein picture is really bad. speaks a thousand wards. where do his hands go in pictures, two, three, four, five, and six, while she sleeps. and to think just last week, he was lecturing anyone who would listen about sexual harassment and respect for women. now, the president has been silent about roy moore. the republican nominee for senate in alabama, who is face his own scandal. matt, savannah. >> thank you very much. the moore scandal may be taking a toll on that candidate. a new poll showing he is losing more ground in the race. gabe gutierrez is in montgomery, alabama, with the latest. hi, gabe. good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good
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morning. the governor of alabama says the special election will go on as planned, despite some calls to delay it. in her first television interview, one of roy moore's accusers said she felt humiliated when he groped her 26 years ago. this morning, roy moore is refusing to bow out, despite the latest allegations against him. >> they are not only untrue, they have no evidence to support them. >> reporter: surround by religious leaders from across the country, he vowed to fight. >> i have taken a stand in the past. i'll take a stand in the future. and i'll quit standing when they lay me in that box and put me in the ground. >> reporter: a new fox news poll shows moore trailing doug jones by eight points with likely voters. >> the allegations in the county are much more creditable than the denials he has made. >> the allegations from at least nine women, range from inappropriate flirting to sexual assault. >> i was in shock.
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and i was so humiliated. sickening. >> reporter: tina johnson says moore groped her at his law office in 1991 when she was 28 and looking to settle a child custody case. >> he was flirtatious, coming on -- the whole time. we eventually got up to leave, and as we did, he grabbed my behind. just, -- hard. >> reporter: becky gray, then 22, says she worked at the mall in gadsden, alabama. she complained to her manager when moore kept asking her out. >> it seemed a little creepy to me because he was so much older. why would someone that age be hanging out at the mall? >> should roy moore resign? >> reporter: while president trump has not spoken out about moore, the white house says he believes if the claims are true, moore should drop out. >> the president believes that the allegations are very troubling and should be taken seriously. and he thinks that the people of
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alabama should make the decision on who their next senator should be. >> reporter: the alabama gop, saying he preserves to be presumed innocent of the accusations unless proven otherwise. >> this media and you people are sick. and you desperately need the jesus he knows. but you're a disgrace. >> he stands for what he believes in. he stands for morality. he stands for the lord. he stands for this nation. >> reporter: later today, a group of women in support of roy moore will gather here on the steps of the state capital and his wife will speak out in his defense. megyn kelly will have a live interview with tina johnson, one of the moore accusers you saw in gabe's piece. want to turn to the breaking news in pennsylvania. you're looking live at a senior community near philadelphia after a devastating fire overnight. the intense flames forcing
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residents into the street and injuring some of them. here's nbc's kristen dahlgren. >> reporter: this morning, officials are investigating what caused a massive blaze toer the through a senior citizen facility thursday. overnight, flames ripping through the barkley friends senior community in westchester, 30 miles west of philadelphia. >> multiple calls, reporting flames on the roof. p.d. is advising the entire building is on fire in the rear. >> when i looked out the window, it looked like a sunset. that's how big the blaze were going at that point. >> reporter: the flames spreading to multiple buildings. forcing employees to rush through residents' rooms, frantically working to get everyone out alive. >> at this time, emergency personnel have relocated residents to several locations. we are working to reconnect residents with their families. >> reporter: dozens of residents were lined up on the street
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outside, wrapped in blankets, while emergency personnel worked to get more help. >> i don't think we need more fire. we need ambulances. >> reporter: neighbors scrambled to the scene. jumping in to help get seniors out of arm's way. pushing them in wheelchairs away from the fire and transporting them to temporary shelters. >> reporter: police say this morning they are still investigating to figure out how the fire started, guys. a lot more to get to, including the president's promise to deliver the most sweeping tax overhaul. it cleared a big hurd until the house. nbc white house correspondent, kristen welker, with more on that and the next steps. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. president trump is ending the week with a big victory under his belt. the house passed its version of tax reform but the biggest hurdle remains in the senate where the tax overhaul is facing an uncertain future. this morning, new momentum for
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republicans. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: after the house passed its version of tax reform. a bill that co $1.4 billion in ten years. reduce the number of tax brackets. >> this is about giving hard-working taxpayers bigger paychecks. >> reporter: the president at the capitol, rallying republicans before the vote. the white house insisting he is on the front lines of the fight. >> he's very engaged in this process. we look for the same results out of the senate when they pass a bill. >> reporter: the hurdles in the senate are steep, after republicans inserted a provision repealing the obamacare individual mandate. another obstacle, the possible impact on the middle class, with a new congressional report estimating the legislation would raise the tax rate between those making $10,000 and $30,000 in 2021. and on all income groups under
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$75,000 in 2027. democratic senator brown and orrin hatch in a shouting match whether it will hurt the middle class. >> how many times do we do this before we learn this? >> what you said was not right. that's all i'm saying. i come from the lower middle-class originally. we didn't have anything. so don't spew that stuff on me. i get tired of that crap. >> reporter: republican senator, ron johnson, says, right now on this bill, he's a no. >> i want to get this thing fixed and i want to vote for pro-growth tax reform. >> reporter: president trump says his tax plan won't benefit him. >> it's not good for me. >> reporter: an analysis shows it would be good for the president and his family, based on his one 2005 tax return, he
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can save more than $20 million himself, and his heirs, $1.1 million. and his son-in-law, again in the president is light, after the bipartisan leaders of the senate judiciary committee said his legal team failed to turn over documents they asked for last month. of interest, 2016 e-mails, forwarded by kushner to another campaign official. topics, like wikileaks, and a dinner invite. in a statement, kushner's attorney said they have been responsive to all requests and will continue to cooperate. this morning, president trump is trying to keep the focus on the tax battle. tweeting, if democrat were not such obstructionists and understood the power of lower taxes, we could be able to get many of their ideas into bill. the reality is, while the president tried to win over red state democrats for his tax
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plan, adding health care into the mix makes that a whole lot tougher. >> kristen welker at the white house. thank you. want to turn to an nbc news investigation. our chief foreign correspondent, richard engel, has been looking into president trump's business interests overseas, in particular a building in panama that insiders and others say attracted some dirty money. richard is in panama. good morning to you. >> reporter: i'm in panama city to talk about an investigation we have been working on in conjunction with reuters for months. it took that building behind me, the trump ocean club panama city. the president doesn't own the building. he licenses his name. and he's been paid millions for that. but our reporting shows, that the building, like others in panama city, has been a magnet for suspicious business activity. trump ocean club soars over the
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pacific and panama city, and it's also where criminals from russian gangsters, to money launders were able to hide their cash. alexander ventura was one of the tower's main brokers. you came in with hundreds of buyers? >> with hundreds of buyers, yes. >> reporter: did the trump organization want to know where the money was coming from? >> no. not that i'm aware of. no, no, not at all. >> reporter: ventura is a fugitive wanted for fraud. we agreed to disguise his appearance. he said he feared for his safety. he said he sold units to buyers including david guzman, in custody of the united states, convicted of laundering millions of dollars for mexican drug cartels. ivanka trump was involved in the project, but not directly in sales. she featured in its promotions. our investigation reveals several of ventura's brokers and
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buyers also had ties to russian organized crime. documents show units were bought through anonymous shell companies, hiding who owned what. and that, a former panamanian prosecutor told us, drew in people with a criminal history. the co-founder of the anti-corruption group, global witness, its report on the trump ocean club is also out today. >> any responsible businessman should want to know who their clients are and where the money is coming from. if that responsible businessman is now the president of the united states, this is a matter of public interest. >> reporter: in a statement, the trump organization said, the trump organization was not the owner, developer or seller of the trump ocean club panama project. and that the organization had no relation with ventura or the knowledge of the allegations against him.
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we asked ivanka trump for comment, but her team referred us back to the statement. >> this is a picture of you with president trump. >> yes. that's at mar-a-lago, yes. >> they were a guest at the party. they hosted you at mar-a-lago. >> yes. there was a lot of people. >> reporter: the trump organization is distancing itself from a project that earned it millions. financial documents show the president is still making money from the building. the trump organization says that since it was only involved in a licensing agreement, doesn't own the building, it can't be held responsible for what happened here. but legal experts we spoke to say that might not be the case. that if a company deliberately turns a blind eye to potential illegal activity or doesn't do due diligence when operating in a high-risk environment, like panama, that could be enough to raise a case. back to you. >> richard engel, thank you. by the way, you can see his complete report tonight on "on assignment" at 9:00
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eastern, on msnbc. now, our check of weather with mr. roker. you shined a light on important stuff this week. >> thank you. our crew was amazing. and the human spirit from all these folks was awe-inspiring. right now, we want to show you what's coming across the country. making its way from the plains, rain in the midwest, light snow in the great lakes. for saturday we look for heavier showers. sunday, into the northeast and new england. and pulls away. rainfall amounts, generally about one to three inches from indiana on into western pennsylvania. and lake-effect snow setting up, in fact some areas along the tughill plateau, between rochester and watertown, could see six inches of snow or more. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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good morning. i'm meteorologist, kari hall. we are starting out with a few clouds lingering in the south bay. it's quickly clearing out. as we go through the day, we are going to get a lot of sunshine. cool temperatures behind that cold front that moved through yesterday. expect a high of 62 degrees in livermore. 64 in san jose and palo alto. as we go into the weekend, we will see mostly sunny skies and beautiful weather for the food drive. rain returns starting out early next week. your latest weather. guys? >> al, thank you very much. coming up, jailhouse interview. the dangerous mental patient captured in california, after escaping from a psychiatric hospital in hawaii, speaking out, now, from behind bars.
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then, we talk to ben affleck about impact of the harvey weinstein scandal on hollywood. and we'll talk about his blockbuster, "justice league" out today. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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straight ahead, we'll take you inside the museum of the bible. the questions and controversy surrounding it. and good morning, hoda. >> get a load of this crowd. they're packed out there, waiting for country music royalty, faith hill every day, on every street, in every town, across america. small businesses show their love to you. with some friendly advice, a genuine smile and a warm welcome they make your town... well, your town. that's why american express is proud to be the founding partner of small business saturday. a day where you get to return that love,
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and once good gets going, there's no stopping it. blue diamond almonds. get your good going. our )feed the need ) food drive a very good friday morning to you. 7:26, i'm laura garcia. our feed the need food drive kicks off this weekend for bay area families. "today in the bay's", bob redell live right now. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. we are trying to make this easy for people. instead of having to buy a bag of groceries containing these food items, donate $10. come in, look for raj mathai or jess and pull off a sheet. take it to the cashier. they will scan it for you and donate a bag of one of the food items to 1 of 6 local community food banks. last year, we hit 360,000 bags. we are trying to beet that
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record this year. i'll be at the livermore safeway tomorrow. the drive is from 7:00 to 4:00 tomorrow to kick off the holiday season. kari, i understand you will be in santa clara, right? >> yes, from 11:00 to 1:00. we will have beautiful weather as we start with sunshine. live in san francisco, cooler temperatures with the highs up to 60 degrees in san francisco. 62 in oakland and 64 degrees in san jose. heading into the weekend, our weather stays dry, but we'll be tracking another storm system set to move in next week. let's check in with mike for a look at the morning commute. >> it's friday, so we have a lighter volume of traffic. the northbound push is a typical problem after an earlier crash cleared. a crash near the arrow at westbound 80 and powell before the 7:00 area. slow through the area. that is an issue for the east shore freeway. an hour from highway 4 to the back up at the bay bridge toll plaza. no problems on the bridge. back to you.
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>> thank you very much. another local news update in a half hour. see you then.
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♪ good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." it's 7:30 and it is friday morning. >> sounds good. let's get to a check of the headlines. and start with a new scandal rocking washington this morning. >> i've been wanting to tell this story for ten years because i was angry about it. >> franken under fire. the democratic senator apologizes after being accused of kissing and groping a former model on a 2006 overseas trip. >> he stuck his tongue in my mouth so fast. >> as lawmakers on both sides of the aisle and the senator himself, called for an ethics investigation. >> i think that's the appropriate way to handle it. >> it's unacceptable behavior. massive blaze. >> i looked out the window.
7:31 am
it looked like a sunset. that's how big the blaze was going at that point. >> at least 20 people have been injured in a five-alarm fire at a senior living community outside of philadelphia. flames on roofs and windows, spreading to nearby buildings. bad buckeye behavior. ohio state university suspends activities at three dozen fraternities amid multiple hazing and alcohol-related investigations at the school. elon musk unveils the first electric tractor. trailer and what he calls the fastest car in the world. and out of africa. the nigerian women's bobsled team qualifies for the olympics. the first athletes from that nation to ever make it to the winter games. today, friday, november 17th, 2017. >> a feature story. >> we may be spending some time there in the coming months. >> feature story.
7:32 am
feature film. now, we have a new jailhouse interview with the mental patient that escaped from hawaii. he is behind bars and speaking out. miguel almaguer has the story. good morning. >> reporter: the man who police calls a dangerous predator was able to walk away from that hospital in oahu. he tells our affiliate, kcra, he wanted a chance to prove himself. >> i decided to run away, come to the mainland, and live as long as i can on the money i had. >> reporter: awaiting extradition near sacramento, california, randall saito, the man police call a mental psychopath, why he left the mental hospital at a chance at freedom. they are not going to release me. i have to do something risky and gutsy to prove that i can handle
7:33 am
myself in society. >> reporter: saito was arrested wednesday, ending a massive four-day manhunt triggered in hawaii. he walked away from this psych hospital, where he was treated for 36 years. >> are you going to work? >> kind of, sort of. >> reporter: a mile from the hospital, saito hailed this cab. and is seen rummaging through a backpack that contained a cell phone. investigators say he paid in cash and covered the cost of two flights to san jose, california, using a fake i.d. captured with $7,000 of cash on him, his escape was well-planned and financed. >> did you have help? >> i would rather not answer that. >> reporter: after the gruesome 1979 murder of sandra yam sheir,
7:34 am
saito was diagnosed as a sadist neck feel yak who fantas low risk for engaging violent behaviors. but authorities say he fits the profile of a serial killer. >> he still has an ability oor inherent ability to commit another murder. >> i always accepted cullpability for what i did and i believe, i believe that the family is -- the family i offended. they have every right to take my life in response to what i did to their family member. >> hawaii state director of health says the escape was the result of a major break down in safety protocols. seven employees at the hospital have been suspended without pay pending an investigation. savannah. >> miguel, thank you. also this morning, the controversy is growing over decision by the trump administration to lift a ban on importing trophies from elephant
7:35 am
hunts in certain parts of africa. nbc tom costello has more on that. tom, good morning to you. >> matt, good morning. some of the world's most beautiful animals, but elephants are also big prizes with central africa losing over 60% of its elephant population in just a decade. sometimes as many as 100 a day. this morning, these endangered giants of zambia and zimbabwe kill ed for sport are allowed ot of africa. lifted an obama-era ban on hunters bringing them back to the u.s. on trophies. the animals are considered threatened under the endangered species act, but now under pressure from big game hunters, the trump administration argues the pricy permits required to hunt them can actually help african countries by putting much-needed revenue back into conservation. but it is upsetting conservation groups. >> when you remove the animals
7:36 am
from the popules aation and you diminish the wildlife watching. it's not that it doesn't help, it's hurtful and harmful to the harmful to the economic enterprise. >> reporter: the reversal bringing attention to the president's son, don junior, who posed with an elephant tail in one hand. on a 2012 hunting trip with his brother, eric, the pair posed for photos with a cheetah, buffaloes and an antelope. >> over there, an elephant will feed vill ages were weeks. you talk about the money that hunters end up spending to go, that go into those economies, all that goes to fund the anti-poaching leagues from doing damage. >> reporter: a military coup in zimbabwe has thrown the country into chaos. >> there's concerns in zimbabwe in particular, whether or not
7:37 am
trophy hunting fees are getting to the communities. >> reporter: the arcade game was in the cafeteria to highlight sportsmans contributions to conservation. and a guide on how hunters can import lion trophies. but on social media, there's growing outrage from both sides of the political spectrum. chelsea clinton calls mr mr. trump's decision infuriating. and hoy se entregará mas laura don't know how this will not increase the poaching developments. they will provide information on how zimbabwe and zambia, have improved protections for elephants to justify this change by the trump administration. >> look forward to seeing that information. tom, thank you very much.
7:38 am
let's get another check of the weather from mr. roker. >> the calendar says fall. but some says summer. look at the temperatures popping up. wichi wichita, dallas, memphis at 73. we could see records in dodge city, lubbock, albuquerque and el paso. and the front pushing through. and the temperatures will drop 20 to 30 degrees tomorrow. but ahead of the front is still warm for indianapolis, atlanta, pensacola, little rock. as we move into sunday, the front makes its way to the east coast and see temperatures drop all the way down to mobile, alabama. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. not summer-like here. we welcome that fall rain we had yesterday. but, now we get a chance to dry out and cool temperatures left behind that cold front. we'll be in the upper 50s along the coast. oakland 52 degrees. 62 today in livermore with
7:39 am
breezy winds. san francisco, stay dry the next few days. clouds sundays ahead of the next chance of rain. that moves in early next week. more of the same inland. >> this "sunday night football" weather is brought to you by verizon. the best network and the best unlimited. >> watch live local and primetime games with nfl mobile, only on verizon. >> are you ready for some football? i know i am. and we know savannah guthrie's hubby is because this one is a good one. especially if you're an eagles and a cowboys fan. look out. the eagles fly in to cowboy stadium. they are going to be playing sunday night in arlington, texas, at at&t stadium. clear, mild, 54 degrees. it's a retractable roof, what do you care? good news, eagles/cowboys, sunday night.
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coverage begins 7:00 p.m. on sunday night, "football night on america." >> that's his ring tone. >> feldy. >> yes. we have more coming up today. including a look inside a new and controversial museum of the bible. then, we're going to get ben affleck's take on the scandals rocking hollywood. we're going to talk about his movie out today. and george clooney's plans to return to tv, two decades after "e.r." and get ready for the live concert from country's king and concert from country's king and queen. so, verizon and google have teamed up on the pixel 2. it's a match made in tech heaven. it's like verizon is the oil and google is the balsamic. no, actually, they separate into a suspension. it's more like the google pixel 2 is the unlimited storage. and verizon is the best unlimited plan. what if it's like... h2 and o? yeah. yeah, like that. i had a feeling that would score with you guys.
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inin other news: are chocolate candies the new vegetable?ded? did someone change this copy? it's good. keep reading! for 14 years, the today show has highlighted the life-saving work of st. jude children's research hospital. and meeting the kids from st. jude is a holiday tradition we love, although it does make things a little different around here.
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join st. jude's fight against childhood cancer. watch st. jude on the today show all thanksgiving week. [ cheers and applause ] we're back, now, 7:45. news about the nation's newest megamuseum. >> the museum of the bible opens a few blocks from the national mall. and it is not without controversy. nbc's ann thompson is there. good morning, ann. >> reporter: good morning. and welcome to washington's newest museum. this is the museum of the bible. a privately funded monument to the good book and its impact to the world and american history. it opens under a cloud of suspicion about its purpose and its treasures. this is an ancient story told in a modern way. >> they can ask questions. >> reporter: from a high-tech biblical search engine, to
7:46 am
fragments of the dead sea scrolls dated 2,000 years. testifying to the bible's influence in the world. from rock stars. >> this is one of elvis' bibles. >> reporter: to high fashion. >> they used the bible as inspiration for design. >> reporter: to phrases we use every day. >> a thorn in one's side. wow, do we use that a lot. >> reporter: a lot. and it traces the bible's role in american history. >> if you look at the inscripti inscription, it's from lividicus 25: 10. some wonder if the museum wants to blur the line between church and state. >> why is it so close to american government and culture. >> this is the heart of museums. we're down the street from the capitol. we don't see that as a negative. we think it would be good for
7:47 am
our government, those in charge of running this nation, to understand the founding principles the nation was built upon. >> some scholars feel it will betray its promise not to evangelize. >> it would portray that christians are at the center of american life. and that the bible is center of what it means to be american. >> reporter: do you want this museum to be the christian version of the smithsonian? >> it's about not a faith tradition, a nomination of a church, it's about a book. >> reporter: after hobby lobby was fined $3 million for illegally importing tablets from iraq, there's questions about some of the origins of the museum's artifacts. how do i know it's real? >> there's sometimes you may never completely know. we are using some of the most recent technology and advancements to help us analyze items. >> reporter: a test of faith for
7:48 am
the visitors and the museum. and that test begins in ernest tomorrow when the doors open to visitors and scholars of all types. matt, savannah and hoda? >> i think it's going to be a popular place. anne. >> thanks, anne. carson, what's in the orange room? >> guys, the apology to commuters that has ♪ ♪ is this my car? ck. state farm knows that for every one of those moments... what? this is ridiculous! there's one of these... sam, i gotta go... is this my car?
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7:52 am
customers. they're apologizing for a train that left 20 seconds ahead of schedule. the apology has commuters comparing their transit system to japan's efficiency. don't think this will be an apology southwestern railway or any other in the u.k. will have to make. my favorite part about edmonton transit is you don't know if the bus left 15 minutes early or 10 minutes left. we're not in new york's penn station anymore. the best part is if you missed that train, due to the fact it jumped ahead 20 seconds, you would have to wait a whopping four minutes for the next one to arrive. >> that's amazing. carson, thank you. just ahead, a live liberty mutual saved us almost eight hundred dollars when we switched our auto and home insurance. liberty did what? yeah, they saved us a ton, which gave us a little wiggle room in our budget. wish our insurance did that. then we could get a real
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7:56 am
good friday morning, it's 7:56. all clear as we look at san jose and the rain we had yesterday has moved to the south and east. we are going to see a lot of sunshine today. cooler temperatures with breezy winds. in antioch, a high of 63. 64 in san jose and palo alto. low 60s in the north bay. as we go through the weekend, we'll have a few more clouds moving in by sunday. rain for early next week. off and on showers throughout the forecast next week through thanksgiving. for the inland areas, a cool start to the forecast, but we gradually warm up. upper 60s next week. the big travel day, a chance of showers wednesday, also on thanksgiving. we'll monitor this over the next couple days. let's go to mike for an update on the commute. >> this is 880 northbound at the coliseum starting to jam up here
7:57 am
up to 23rd where there's a hazard in the roadway. we'll show you the map. there may be a disabled vehicle. we see the slow sensors. west 580 toward the toll plaza itself, a crash slows you down off the richmond area. a smooth flow of traffic. south bay continues at a slower drive. north 87, a crash around taylor. >> thank you very much. muni getting ready to roll out the light rain trains. the official unveiling takes place at 11:00. you can see what they look like on our home page. skiers and snowboarders are pumped up. today is opening day on squaw valley. marching band helped nbc bay area kick off the feed the need food drive. details on where you can donate and visit us at local safeways. many people use travel websites
7:58 am
to make plans. the unhappy surprise one local man had - when he showed up to his hotel. plus: progress on new schools - going up at a former south bay psychiatric facility! that )s on monday - join us - 4:30 to 7.
7:59 am
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, franken under fire. the minnesota senator apologizing after being accused of kissing and groping a radio news caster without her consent. >> i've been wanting to tell this story for ten years because i was angry about it. >> this morning, president trump's new tweets slamming that senator. plus, ben affleck speaks out. the award winning actor and director opens up about the scandals engulfing hollywood. and his starring role in the highly anticipated justice league. and country power couple. tim mcgraw and faith hill are bringing the party to our plaza for a very special live concert.
8:01 am
today friday, november 17th, 2017. >> we are so excited because today we're all going to see -- >> tim and faith! >> crystal and janet have been to every single concert this year on the plaza. >> thank you so much. we came, we conquered and we saw them all. ♪ i like it i love it i want some more of it ♪ ♪ i try so hard i can't rise above it ♪ >> these guys look really warm. >> we bought our blankets at walgreens. >> indiana. >> kentucky. >> and florida. >> and we welcome you back to "today." looking forward to the music in about half an hour out on the plaza. you know what else we're looking forward fo to? >> what? >> take a look over at the
8:02 am
orange room. that's justin varlander of terl. and there is a rumor that his brand new bride is in the building, as well. >> we saw her taking a picture of him right there. >> yay! >> rumor confirmed, right there. nice to see you both. >> meanwhile, news at 8:00 on a busy friday morning. president trump overnight joined politicians from both parties taking aim at kmic senator al franken. he's the latest public figure accused of sexual misconduct. casy hunt is on capitol hill. casy, good morning to you. >> matt, good morning to you. senator al franken now standing accused of forcibly kissing and groping a woman. she says leeann twooet tweeden that they were on a uso tour in 2006 before franken was a senator and then he wrote her into a skit they were going to perform where he would kiss her and that he forced her to rehearse the scene, forcibly kissed her. they were on this tour for two
8:03 am
weeks. at the end of that, she says this photo was taken. now, al franken initially said that the photo was clearly intended as a joke. he then had to put out a second lengthier statement saying it clearly was not funny. it's that photograph that the president was tweeting about overnight, saying, quote, that al frankens the teen picture is really bad and speaks a thousand words. now both democrats and republicans are calling for an epthices committee investigation into franken's conduct. matt. casy, thank you very much. republican senate candidate roy moore is now trailing the democrat in the race, doug jones, by 8 points among likely voiters in alabama. at least nine women have accused moore of behavior ranging from inappropriate flirting to sexual assault when they were teenagers. but on thursday, surrounded by
8:04 am
religious leaders, moore vowed to stay in the race, called those allegations untrue. moore's campaign got a lift on thursday when the alabama state republican party reaffirmed its support of him. >> investigators are at the scene of a five-alarm fire that raced through a senior living community in pennsylvania overnight. take a look at this. that's what remains of the complex about 30 miles from philadelphia. officials are trying to find out the cause of exactly why that fire spread so quickly. flames shot through the rooftops of several buildings. 160 seniors had to be evacuated into the bitterly cold night. about two dozen people were taken to area hospitals for treatment. it is that time of the morning when we get a little boost from miss hoda. >> we are ready to get to adorable video of a brother and a sister, not just siblings, but they are best friends. watch what happens when 5-year-old tarik gets off his school bus. his 3-year-old sister, ava,
8:05 am
she's there waiting for him. the two run to each other, give him a big hug and tarik carries her all the way to the sidewalk. those two used to bicker and fight when they were in day care together. but when he started kindergarten this year, ava started missing him. look at those two. >> maybe she steals his toy. that's adorable. got a lot more ahead this morning. and we'll start with ben affleck in just a few moments, talking to him about the culture shift happening in hollywood right now, his new movie and a lot more. but first, what's ahead on megyn kelly today.? >> senate candidate roy moore under fire with more accusers now coming forward. we have the latest accuser in her first live interview today. plus, four stars from the cast of downton abby, which is coming back to life. we'll fill you in. and think you're having a good month? also ahead, jason verlander on winning the world series and his
8:06 am
big wed to go kate upton. and the first couple of country music, tim mcgray and faith hill take to the plaza for an unforgettable live concert. ♪ i like it i love it i want some more of it ♪ parodontax, the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try parodontax toothpaste. ♪
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8:11 am
♪ i'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain ♪ ♪ what glorious feeling i'm happy again, ♪ ♪ we are back with two-time oscar winner, ben affleck. as is an actor, director, and screen writer, he is one of hollywood's busiest stars. his movie "justice league" is out today. >> good to be here. >> you're reprising your role as batman. there's so much to talk about in your industry, in hollywood, in our culture, right now. >> yeah.
8:12 am
>> obviously, these allegations against harvey weinstein have really disturbed so many people. do you think we're at a moment of change? does this feel like a reckoning time? >> it feels like a really important moment. feels like a time when survivors are finding their voice and people are sort of -- i include myself in this, really discovering the terrible extent of this problem, here in our country. i don't think it's just limited to hollywood. but if you see this prevalent in this industry, it must extend into finance, tech, and all these other places. and also inspiring, though, to see people come forward and assert themselves. that's very moving. >> we have seen it. we've seen it in politics. we've seen it in lots of different industries. with weinstein, specifically, i wonder how it hit you. this is a powerful producer who played a big role in your coming up. he was instrumental in "good
8:13 am
will hunting." "shakespeare in love." did you know that side to him? >> i thrknew he was sleazy and bully. i was new to hollywood. i didn't know much of anything. it is a shame because although i stopped working with harvey a long time ago, those movies hold a special place in my heart. and to now look back on it and think, gosh, some other people were going through something really ugly and disturbing and difficult and terrible and terrifying, while that was happening, is kind of -- i don't know. the only thing i can think to do is to give my residuals from my harvey movies to a couple of organizations that are making a difference. and try to reconcile that. it's a way for me to feel better about that early stage in my career when i made the movies with him. >> can i ask you something specifically, rose mcgowan, has
8:14 am
made allegations against harvey weinstein. tweeted and suggested she had told you something along the way. is that true? i want to give you an opportunity to set the record straight. >> thank you very much. i don't want to get into other people's individual stories. those are their stories and they're entitled to tell as much or as little of those. i believe rose. i support her. i like and admire her tenacity and i wish her the best. >> finally, one thing you said, you want to be part of the solution. to your credit, you've been straightforward about that, saying, you want to look inward and look at your own behavior. >> i think that's all you can do. as a man in my position, and recognizing how fortunate i am. recognizing the privilege that i have and try to open my eyes and hold myself accountable. that's all we can really do. it's harder than pointing the finger at everybody else. what have i done that's crossed the line? how can i do better? how can i contribute? how can i be more respective? more inclusive?
8:15 am
more mindful of this stuff? and that's the person i want to be, frankly. >> and you looked back and thought, i wouldn't do that today. >> there's plenty of jokes i wouldn't have made. things i wouldn't have done. it's a time when we're -- that's happened almost overnight. there's a liheightened level of awareness. one of the good things is the self-consciousness of how am i fitting into the world? how is this interaction going to leave this person feeling? it's easy to gloss over that stuff and get self-involved. the hard thing is to be mindful and live in the present moment. >> it's a good conversation for all of us to be having. we have to talk about the movie because you are playing batman once again. we have a clip, "justice league" take a look. >> how many of you are there? >> not enough. >> eight people abducted from or
8:16 am
near star labs. here's the potential perp. >> is the batman suit like a comfy pair of jeans you put on? >> they keep wanting to make it cooler and better. they keep adding things to it. the challenge is to not be, mummy batman. >> what about metaphorically? >> i feel like i got -- i like the character. i kind of found him in the last movie. i like that. this one, was going to be more fun. we were going to do something more traditionally of batman as the leader of the justice league. we were going to see his dark sense of humor, which, i was looking forward to. and to have fun with the other actors. >> another perk of the job, you're batman. you have a 5-year-old. did you dress up as batman for his birthday party? >> i did. i really did. he wanted me to. he insisted that i do it. yeah. >> i might have a picture. >> yeah. >> if you deny i was ready with the proof. >> i did it.
8:17 am
it's true. he loved it. he's into the superhero thing. it's the perfect age. it's one of the nice bonuses that you get to be a superhero in your kid's eyes. >> and you know flash and wonder woman. >> i can introduce him to wonder woman. i'm doubly cool. >> your kids are 5, 8, 10? >> 8 and 11. >> we know for sam you are. are you cool for the girls? a or are they about teenagers? >> i'm cool that i can get them a taylor swift autograph. myself, no. if i rub shoulders with cool people, they give me a moment. to my 5-year-old, i'm pretty cool. >> any big plans for thanksgiving? >> nope. jen and i and the kids. jen and i cook, and she makes a great meal. it's a good time. >> are you a dishwasher on thanksgiving? >> nobody wants me to cook. whatever else. >> ben, thank you so much. really good to talk to you.
8:18 am
>> thank you for having me. >> "justice league" in theaters now. we head over to al for a check of the weather. >> thanks, savannah. we are looking for heavy snow through the northern rockies. we're looking at showers in the pacific northwest. record highs today, making their way through the southwest. and part of the southern plains. and the eastern half of the country, looking perfect with plenty of sunshine and seasona that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> such a beautiful start to the friday morning as we take a live look outside in san francisco. it's chilly though and we're getting a chance to dry out from the rain we had yesterday. our high temperatures today reaching into the upper 50s along the coast. and some low 60s for the inland valleys. for san francisco, expect a high of 60 today and also 60 tomorrow but more clouds moving in on sunday. keeping it a little bit cooler in the next week. we'll have some off and on rain starting out on monday and that continues until thanksgiving as well. we may have more chances of >> and that's your latest weather.
8:19 am
matt? >> all right, al. time to "trend" right now. on thursday, you talked about things you had wish you had done when you were younger. i wish i wrote things down. a headline in "the wall street journal" caught my eye this moshing. it's called, why you should write a memoir even if nobody will read it. it doesn't have to be a "new york times" best seller to reap the rewards. if you take the time to write about your life, you'll see your life in a different perspective. you'll see things that you didn't notice. so, it leads me to this question, if you were to write the memoir of your life, what would the title be? hoda? >> mine would be "what the hoda?" what it's like living with a name no one can pronounce. >> that's cute. >> al, what would yours be? >> let a smile be your umbrella. nobody wants grumpy. just look at the positive side.
8:20 am
>> i love that one. i'd buy that. >> mine would be "trl: totally rockin' life." i could never imagine that just by loving music, i could stay close to music. >> i like your cover photo also. >> savannah? >> i borrowed from the t-shirts. and i said, "like you." and i used a picture that embarrassed me. and how i like other people. >> that's cute. >> i hope i like other people. >> i think my title would be "unlikely." but they make me choose, "life's a drag." and it comes with five different covers. you get to pick and choose. >> that's awesome. you have "pop start." >> we're going to start with george clooney. the hollywood a-lister is coming to television, with a miniseries based on "catch 22." he is going to star as colonel
8:21 am
kath ca kathcart. this is first time he's on television since he departed "e.r." to pursue a career in film. no word on when this production is to begin early next year. blake shelton, who was named "people's" sexiest man alive. not many agreed. twitter trolls were out. blake was reading some of the tweets. >> i woke up and found that blake shelton was the sexiest man alive. blake shelton is sexy if you like a guy that's always about to lean in and tell you about a hearty dog food. blake shelton isn't even the sexiest man at this waffle house. >> a good sport there. that's your "pop start." we move on to "the daly click." you have astros pitcher, justin
8:22 am
verlander, showing what it means to be a supportive husband. helping kate upton with their workout. upton is doing sled pushes. and justin is adding a little more intensity to the workout. that's love. and she's nice enough to join us this morning. here's justin verlander. >> good to be here. >> good to have you. >> i like the way you call it their workout. >> her workout. >> if you had a memoir of your life, it would be called "crushing it." >> yeah. it's been pretty crazy. but, man, what a great amongst it's been. >> you have two. >> this is a new one. and another one coming. it will probably be slightly bigger than this one. >> how do you come down from a high like that? you win a world series with houston. a week later you get married to an amazing young lady. how do you top that? >> come on the "today" show. honestly, we had a couple days
8:23 am
to decompress and it's weird. i don't know what to do with my time. i'm sitting on the couch like, it's 9:00 a.m. now. i'll get a bowl of cereal or something. >> i'll go with kate to workout. >> she's in all the games. is she one of the fans who screams to you from the stands? >> she's the one after the game, did you hear me? yes, honey. yes, i did. >> good answer. >> absolutely. >> i just came from houston. you know, we were lending a hand. and the spirit of that city and what you guys meant to it, you have any idea how much you mean to that town? >> man, it's been incredible, the outpouring of love from that city. and we were in a special place to really connect with the city when they needed it. they needed something to cheer for and be happy about. and for us to go that far and to win it all, i think it really can connect a sports team and a city. and we'll always be linked for that. >> give us three seconds on how you were able to pull this off.
8:24 am
a wedding was planned while you were in the postseason. >> the wedding was planned before the postseason or it would have been a week later. when i got traded, we had it planned out. >> were you thinking about the dates? >> we thought, there's only one thing that could screw all this up and that's going to game seven of the world series. so, you know, i happened to be pitching game six. i was thinking to myself, it's meant to be. just a little extra incentive. we have to win this one. it was a well-fought game and they won. here comes game seven. all of our guests are arriving at our venue. and we're getting texts before the game's starting. hey, your wedding's great. if you feel to show up. >> what was more nerve-racking? standing on the mound or standing on the altar? >> standing on the mound at the world series. i know my wife is here. i got to -- >> well, again, i don't know how you can have a better month and year than you're having. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> couldn't have happened to a
8:25 am
nicer guy. >> congratulations. >> thank you. straight ahead, tim mcgraw and faith hill i )m ...
8:26 am
our )feed the need ) food drive good morning. it's 8:26. our feed the need food drive kicks off this weekend for bay area families. today in the bay's bob ridell is live right now at the pleasanton safeway, bob. >> yes, good morning. we're making this real simple. if you have $10 to spare, we're asking you to bring it, come in here, look for would be of these posters, grab one of these slips. it's got a bar code on it. you're take it to the cashier, give them the ten bucks. safeway will donate one bag of groceries that has all this food here that will go to thousands of families in need. we've got six food banks throughout the nine county area that are participating in this food drive. we're kicking it off tomorrow from 7:00 to 4:00 at the 167 safeway locations throughout the
8:27 am
bay area. i'm personally going to be at the one at livermore in the midmorning along with mike, our traffic anchor. if you want to swing by and stay high, drop off your $10. we very much appreciate it. last year, 360,000 bags that went out to families in need. we hope to top that number. that was a record last year. set a new record this year. marcus, i know you're going to probably be somewhere in the south bay, correct? >> that's right. lori and i will be at morgan hill. make sure you come out and join us. it's going to be a great way to give back and everyone help out, working together. we'll have another local news update for you in half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
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8:30 am
♪ 8:30 now on this friday morning. it is the 17th of november, 2017. and we have a great big crowd and tim and faith are here, about to kick off live. >> over here, you guys. okay. let me tell you something. tim and faith have tons and tons of fans. but look at you two. we've got jenny and brian. jenny and brian have never heard tim and faith live. however, was one of their songs you guys danced to at your wedding? >> it was our song when we started dating when we were 18. >> and what was the song? >> "it's your love." i think it's their first duet together and we danced to at our
8:31 am
wedding, first dance. >> you get to see them live. and in addition, tim and faith would like to invite you guys to see them in concert. two tickets for you and your hubby. >> oh, my gosh! thank you so much! thank you! >> tim and faith, thank you. they're grateful over here. back to you guys. >> is that cool? so cool. >> that's right. we can go home. we're going to get to that concert in a moment. but megyn is here. chilly. what do you have coming up? >> we have cupcakes and cads. >> thanksgiving cupcakes. they're really adorable you can spruce up your thanksgiving table with. and then the first roy moore accuser to do a live interview will be on our show today. a lady with quite a story to tell. and four members of the cast of "downton abbey." yay. >> i'm a big fan. >> was there judgment in there? >> no, not at all. love it. >> can we show you something special?
8:32 am
charlie took part in something special last night. the new york islanders hosted their military appreciation night. and we had charlie out there. he dropped the puck and helped launch the islanders. teaches america's vet dogs. a portion of the proceeds go to america's vet dogs. charlie, great job last night. good luck for the islanders. they had a big win. >> good job, charlie. mr. roker, a check of the weather. >> puck not made out of mutton. he's not going for it. all right. let's see what we have for your weekend. starting off with tomorrow. out west it finally dries out. sunshine through the plains. a lot of wind, and we've got a lot of rain. and some lake-effect snows, as well. sunday, sunday! we're looking at lake-effect snow firing up sunday into monday. wet weather in new england. another storm system moves into the pacific northwest. nice and mild through the rockies into the southwest, beautiful sunshine from the plains all the way that's what's going on around the country. here what's happening in your neck of the woods.
8:33 am
>> happy friday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're going to see a lot of sunshine today and cool temperatures reaching up to 60 degrees in san francisco with some breezy wind. more of the same tomorrow, but more clouds in the forecast sunday as we await another rainy system set to move in early next week. in the meantime, we'll have highs in the low 60s for the weekend and then as we get some times of rain, we'll have some warmer temperatures in time for the busy travel day just before thanksgiving. and that is your latest weather. don't forget, you can catch us on our siriusxm channel. and good news from our friends at siriusxm, the home of the hoda show and today show confidential with don and maz. you can hear "today" show radio free on your satellite radios now through november 27th. and whenever you need your
8:34 am
weather, check out our friends this weekend at the weather channel on cable. mr. lauer. >> mr. roker, thank you very much. exciting day for us. for tim mcgraw and faith hill. they're here because for the first time, they have released an album together. >> it is called "the rest of our life," and it's out today. tim and faith, good morning. >> how are you? >> good. >> i can't believe it took this long for y'all to do a record together. >> it's a good little while. >> yeah, 21 years. >> did you learn anything about each other in this process that you didn't already know? i mean, you've been together so long. is there something about making a record that was revelatory? >> nice word. >> s.a.t. word. >> we're artists. we approach things differently, different style of music. and i think my stuff is different and her stuff is different than it is when we're working together. we sort of look at it as a third act that's a whole different sort of music when we record together. she likes to record really live with the band. where i record, i'm used to
8:35 am
being in the studio and not really concerned about the way i'm singing and the lyrics. i'm just sort of being a guide for the band because i'm more concerned about the guys and the guitars and the keyboards. so when i was there, i had to learn the songs a little bit better to sing live with her. we were in the booth together. >> that was the first we've ever done it that way. all the duets we've had in the past, we have sung them separately. >> and just a handful of them. >> there are duets musically and duets in life. what makes this relationship work so well? >> aww! >> so sweet. >> why do you think that? >> well, she totlerates a lot. probably the main reason. >> you tolerate a lot too. i'm not the easiest person. i think -- well, we like each other. we do actually like one another. >> that's the key, for sure, yeah. >> yeah. we have three daughters, and we're in it. we talked about it before we got together, two musicians. i mean, just the thought of that alone is kind of --
8:36 am
>> we had long conversations about whether we should do this or not. >> yeah. >> before we got married. >> who drives and who rides side car? >> i love -- who drives? >> who drives in the relationship? >> oh, the relationship. >> well, the car, i drive. the relationship she drives. >> you're in charge? >> oh, lord. >> you know, it's pretty -- >> takes both. >> it's pretty even. we make decisions about things in different ways. but we always talk about it before we do it. >> yeah. >> and, you know, having three daughters, you know, sort of acquiesce to mom quite a bit on those decisions. >> is there a special airing tonight that your fans are going to want to watch? >> yes, a special tonight. the first time that we've done a special together. and it's going to be on showtime tonight. it's -- i don't want to call it a concert special. there's a lot of concert footage in it, but there's a lot of behind the scenes and interviews and revealing things about us and our relationship and our personal lives we haven't shared before. so we found it pretty interesting watching it back. faith did the majority of the
8:37 am
work on that. i was scared. >> no, there was a lot -- >> i was scared to watch it, because i can't stand to see myself on a movie screen. >> it's scary to have documentary cameras, because you kind of forget they're there, right? >> they weren't there all of the time. just to be clear. >> yeah, it wasn't like reality tv. >> no. >> but it had to be intimidating, especially when you let yourself get so out of shape. [ laughter ] >> so true. a lot of pressure on me. >> you both look great. >> you do. there are a lot of fans who are so excite to see you guys together. and they have been standing outside since 4:00 in the morning. would you like to go outside with me and get ready to go? >> yes. >> both of your hands! >> let's go tape some songs. >> let's go! we're going outside! what should we sing together as we walk out? >> what do you want to sing? >> how about "i like it i love it". ♪ >> we're heading outside. this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
come on! nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> welcome back, guys. the wait is over. we have talked to tim and faith. and now, it is time for them to perform. tim and faith, take it away. >> hey. ♪ ♪ so hot outside all i can wear are these cut-off overalls and sandals on my feet ♪ ♪ but i empty my pockets for a bus ticket ♪
8:41 am
♪ so i can sit there on a bro n brokbroken eat ♪ ♪ i got a place to go i got no worries you know ♪ ♪ 77nd street, it doesn't matter to me at all ♪ ♪ because you're mine so, i need to know the sun shines everywhere we go ♪ ♪ so right, i have you to hold every night ♪ ♪ yeah, 'cause i'm the lucky one ♪ ♪ i'm the lucky one
8:42 am
♪ i'm on a roll when i'm with you ♪ ♪ don't stop me now i just can't lose ♪ ♪ 'cause you're mine that's all i need to know ♪ ♪ the sun shines everywhere we go ♪ ♪ it's so right i got you to hold every night ♪ ♪ 'cause you're mine that's all i need to know ♪ ♪ the sun shines everywhere we go ♪ ♪ it's so right 'cause i've got you to hold every night ♪ ♪ yeah, i'm the lucky one i'm the lucky one ♪ ♪ yeah, i'm the lucky one i'm the lucky one ♪
8:43 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ spent $48 last night at the county fair ♪ ♪ i throwed out my shoulder but i won her that teddy bear ♪ ♪ she's got my saying sugar pie, honey, darling and dear ♪ ♪ i ain't see the stros play a game all year ♪ ♪ i'm going to get fired if i don't get some sleep ♪ ♪ my long lost buddies say i'm getting in too deep ♪ ♪ but i like it, i love it, i
8:44 am
want some more of it ♪ ♪ i try so hard, i can't rise above it ♪ ♪ don't know what it is about that little gal's loving ♪ ♪ but i like it, i love it, i want some more of it ♪ ♪ hey, yeah [ cheers and applause ] >> tim and faith are just getting started. we have even more music straight ahead. but first, this is "today" on nbc. i thought i knew everything about garth brooks. well, it turns out she doesn't. but now i do. i just finished his new book. yes, he wrote a book. i'm so proud of him. it's not a book. it's "the anthology part 1" of a part 5 series. it's a... it's a book with cds in it. and stories like i've never heard before. pictures i've never seen. in a really sweet package. i know what i'm getting everybody for christmas this year. (announcer) 240 pages, 5 albums,
8:45 am
and hundreds of never-before-seen photos. available now at sam's club. and honey, there's some things in here that i don't think i would've told.
8:46 am
♪ we're back on our citi concert stage with tim and faith. you're in the middle of a tour. and you added new dates. >> we did, yeah. >> new towns. >> actually, finished this tour in brooklyn. >> at the barclay center.
8:47 am
we finished this tour. >> and we added a few more next summer. >> we'll be out june, july next summer. and dublin and glasgow in march. >> are the kids going with? >> oh, yeah. >> speaking of the crew, your band. some of the best in the business behind you. >> thank you, y'all. >> we're excited. you're going to sing the title track of the new album. we love it. rest of our lives. take it away, tim and faith. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ sitting with you in a dark room ♪ ♪ warmed by a fireplace
8:48 am
you know there's just something about you ♪ ♪ you brighten my day i got something to run past you ♪ ♪ i just hope i say it right so, i take your hand and ask you ♪ ♪ have you made plans for the rest of your life ♪ ♪ there's one thing i should be killing off and giving up now ♪ ♪ and that's worrying about life oh, i'll be fine ♪ ♪ if one gray hair shows i'll be fine ♪
8:49 am
♪ if my waistline grows i'll be fine ♪ ♪ even when time takes its toll we'll stay young for the rest of our lives ♪ ♪ i've been making plans for children ♪ ♪ since i've been looking in your eyes ♪ ♪ i even have names picked out for them ♪ ♪ daughter'd be rose son would be ryan ♪ ♪ there's one thing i should be killing off ♪ ♪ and giving up now and that's worrying about life ♪ ♪ and oh, i'll be fine if one gray hair shows ♪ ♪ i'll be fine if my waistline grows ♪
8:50 am
♪ i'll be fine even if time takes its toll ♪ ♪ we'll stay young for the rest of our lives ♪ ♪ i don't really care about those storm clouds brewing ♪ ♪ oh, as long as you're here by my side ♪ ♪ oh, we'll be young oh, we'll be young ♪ ♪ oh, we'll be young when we're old ♪ ♪ oh, i'll be fine if one gray hair shows ♪ ♪ i'll be fine if my waistline grows ♪ ♪ i'll be fine even when time takes its toll ♪ ♪ i'll stay young for the rest
8:51 am
of my life ♪ ♪ with you, i'll stay young for the rest of my life ♪ ♪ with you, we'll stay young for the rest of our life ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> hear more from tim mcgraw and faith hill and all our citi concert artists at another big thank you to tim and faith. they are so awesome. they are so in love. we are back in a moment. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
[drumming] one time, in new orleans, well, before it was even founded, a french teenager, bienville, scared away a british warship with just a story. and great stories kept coming. [trumpet playing] some make you move to jazz, funk and bounce. some of our stories aren't quite as straightforward. blocked by the saints! [crowd roaring] while others prove that great things can happen... even on a monday night. cause for three hundred years, great stories have started the same way. one time, in new orleans. [crowd applause]
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they're playing your song, the smucker's song. >> wouldn't that be nice to have some smucker's on a biscuit. >> a biscuit. >> let's spin the smucker's jar
8:54 am
and wish 100th birthday to fred curns. loves spending his time outdoors. helen is a fasible lady. has been working as a professional seamstress for more than 90 years. happy 100th birthday to norman hanes. he's an active guy from michigan. rides a nation stationary bike minutes every day. dorothy carpenter, serving as a volunteer in her community for more than 80 incredible years. vivian is 100. she's taking dance lessons. next month, vivian performing in her first showcase, the week after "dancing with the stars." happy 100th birthday to william gloster sr. of georgia. he will be celebrating by
8:55 am
competing in a a 5k. if you know someone celebrating a milestone anniversary or birthday. i'll have what he's having. >> fantastic. >> we have sheinelle and willie here. >> you want to save some money? tomorrow, the grocery wars are heating up. we're going to look how competition between supermarkets is a major win for you. the difference is, you'll notice, when you do your thanksgivi thanksgiving shopping. coming up on "sunday today," my guest is gal gadot. search a lovely conversation. what a fascinating life. she went to law school. she was miss israel. she served in the israeli military. now, at the center of the biggest movie of the year. i threw out the number for the amount of money made. i went, $850 million. she went $821 million. a fun conversation.
8:56 am
>> what's $30 million amongst friends? "megyn kelly today" is up next. check that out. first on a friday morning, a look at your local news and your all-important weekend forecast. >> break out the biscuits. ♪ ask. good morning, it's 8:56. you might say san francisco's muni system today embarks on a new voyage. that's because the agency will debut its next generation of fleet of cars. now, today has been years in the making. the last generation of light rail trains debutled in the mid-1990s. they posted new video on their youtube page showing the trains
8:57 am
in action. the new cars are said to be quieter with less vibration and the manufacturer calls these trains faster and more efficient. happening now, the first of those trains will hit the streets starting at 11:00 a.m. our crews will be covering the deb debut, talking to transportation leaders. look for more on our midday newscast along with updates later today on our twit feed. and skiers are pumped up. today is opening day at several lake tahoe resorts. even more resorts opening in the middle of next week. higher elevations are gotten more than 2 feet of snow over the past few days. squaw valley which opens today just wrapped up its shortest off season on record. and a marching band this morning helping kick off our annual food feed the need food drive. many people use travel websites
8:58 am
to make plans. the unhappy surprise one local man had - when he showed up to his hotel. plus: progress on new schools - going up at a former south bay psychiatric facility! that )s on monday - join us - 4:30 to 7.
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning this morning on "meg xwryn y today". >> he grabbed my behind hard. >> this woman gives us her first live interview. attorneys under fire. one family with a warning everyone should hear. plus, "downton abbie." >> four of your favorite stars in the studio as downton comes back to life. all that on "megyn kelly today" right now. >> hi. hello, everybody. hi, there, welcome to the .


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