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tv   Today  NBC  November 21, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PST

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back with an update at 7:25. >> join us at 11:00 for more weather and news for you. have a great day. good morning. zpliencht good morning. breaking overnight. cbs news has suspended our co-host charlie rose. >> women come forward to accuse charlie rose of inappropriate sexual behavior, and this morning the reporter who originally broke the story said this could just be the beginning. on offense. lavar ball, the father of one of the three ucla basketball players accused of shoplifting in china refusing to give president trump credit for getting them home. going so far as saying he would thank the president of china first. >> i don't know. >> why do you downplay it? >> if i was going to thank somebody, i would probably thank president ping.
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>> a very bizarre interview. >> on the move 51 million americans traveling to thanksgiving week. airlines bracing for record numbers. will you be one of them? we have all you need to know before you hit the road. a giant media merger blocked. baby on board. an officer intervenes. one hand and son in the other. why did the elfapt cross the road? we'll tell you the story behind this astonishing sight. today is tuesday, november 21st, 2017. from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. everybody, welcome to today. it's a tuesday morning. we find ourselves with more breaking news. >> we have a top story this morning. another prominent media figure waking up to find himself
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embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal. this morning it's veteran journalist charlie rose who is now facing accusations from more than a dozen women over allegations of misconduct ranging from crude sexual advances to groping. as a result, he has been pulled off the airwaves. nbc's stephanie gosk is here with the latest on this. steph, good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah and matt. charlie rose is the host of pbs's "charlie rose show" and co-host of "cbs this morning." he is also the latest high profile man to face sexual harassment allegations. eight women have come forward to the washington post. five of them anonymously. three identify themselves. two of them have confirmed their accounts to nbc news. >> charlie rose's co-anchors are speaking out. >> it takes courage for these women to come forward, and i think that they should. >> amid claims first reported in the washington post that rose made unwanted advances towards women who work for his
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production company. including nudity, groping, and lewd phone calls. >> let me be very clear. there is no excuse for this alleged behavior. it is systematic or pervasive. >> it's a friendship and a partner sthip for charlie for the past five years. i've held him in such high regard, and i'm really struggling because how do you -- what do you say when someoning that you deeply care about has done something that is so horrible? how do you wrap your brain around that? i'm really grappling with that. that's said, charlie does not get a pass here. he doesn't get a pass from anyone in this room. >> one woman describing to "the post" a ritual of young women being summoned to work at rose's apartment. once there, she says rose took a shower with the door open and began to call her name. when she ignored him, he came out in just a towel and asked didn't you hear me calling you? a male colleague who heard about the incident later commented to her, oh, you got the shower trick.
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kyle godfrey ryan, one of rose's assistants in the mid 2000s, recalled at least a dozen instances where rose walked nude in front of her while she worked in one of his new york city homes. >> he would call her and describe his sexual fantasies, ask her details about her sex life, and when she reported a good deal of this, the executive produc producer's reaction was to treat her like she was a dramatic little girl. rincht i should have stood up for them, she told "the post." i failed. it is crushing. i deeply regret not helping them. godfrey-ryan says rose fired her after she told her story to a mutual friend. in a statement rose says, in part, "it is essential that these women know i hear them and that i deeply apologize for my inappropriate behavior. i am greatly embarrassed. i have behaved insensitively at times and i accept responsibility for that. though i do not believe that all of these allegations are
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accurate. i always felt that i was pursuing shared feelings, even though i now realize i was mistaken." this morning someone who has reported on this issue -- >> what should be the conversation about sexual harassment? >> reporter: now the story himself. >> ai had many the washington post reporting, accusers have also stepped forward to the nosh times and business insider bringing the number of women to 13. this morning the reporter for "the post" says that number may go up, tweeting, "sadly, my inbox is already flooded with women who have had similar disturbing encounters with charlie rose. please reach out if you have any information to share. our reporting continues. >> thank you very much. we want to turn to the holiday travel rush. it's getting underway with 51 million people on the move this week. that's nearly a record number.
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the weather is always a factor. al. bhaets goi what's going on? >> let's take a look at video o. live cameras. philadelphia, i-76. traffic not too bad. orlando, florida, well, the morning rush right now. pretty good. new york, the l.i.e., well, it's the l.i.e., and atlanta airport right now lines very manageable. what about the weather? as we move forward starting with today, tuesday, the 21st, we're looking at some heavier rain into the pacific northwest, but the area we're most concerned with is down in florida. in fact, rain with storms. orlando airport. west palm beach. miami and tampa. all looking at some airport delays. i-95 and i-10 going to be a bit of a mess. we move on into tomorrow. look at what we're going to be seeing. again, coastal showers and snow up into the northeast. that's where the trouble spots are going to be for tomorrow. lake-effect and new england snow. i-95. a lot of slowdowns and from j.f.k. all the way up into portland we're going to be looking at big problems as well.
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then also, i-95. 90 will also be a problem, and thanksgiving day which used to be a very quiet day, a lot of travel on this day. record highs in the southwest. more rain in the southeast. the big problem is going to be the pacific northwest. difficult travel. in fact, seattle and portland going to be having problems. on and off heavy rains. gusty winds, and all along i-5 and back going east-west on i-90 going to be big problems as well. >> all right, al. thank you very much. we're going to get the rest of al's forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> much more to get to this morning, including a surprise meeting overnight between russia's president vladimir putin and syria's leader bashir al assad. they met to discuss ways to end the bloody civil war. now there is word this morning that president trump will talk with president putin by phone in the wake of that meeting with syria's leader. nbc national correspondent peter alec and alalexander has the latest on this. >> reporter: presidents trump
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and vladimir putin will speak by phone this morning after that rare meeting between putin and the syrian dictator bashir al assad. this conversation is expected to focus on the future of syria where the u.s. and russia clashed for years over the path forward. putin and his government, as you know, have long been among assad's chief supporters. now with a bloody civil war, they are appearing to wind down. the kremlin is pressing for a political settlement to cement assad's hold on power. during that meeting there in sochi, sealed with an embrace, putin lavished assad with praise. especially for his work fighting isis. this was only the second time, as best we know, these two leaders have met face-to-face since russia began its fierce military campaign a couple of years ago backing assad. both those meetings shrouded in secrecy. the kremlin says putin will be calling president trump as well as the leaders of other countries in that reasonable. iraq, egypt, saudi arabia, among those. savannah. >> actually, peter, don't go away. let me ask you one more question. the administration has just labelled north korea a state sponsor of terrorism.
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what's with the timing? what's the impact? >> good question. the north korea propaganda machine, we should note, matt, overnight fiercely criticizing president trump after his recent remarks in the region. they call him an old lunatic in their words, a mean trickster and a human reject. today after the president nountsed just yesterday that he would be designating north korea as a state sponsor of terrorism, the treasury department expected to announce new tougher sanctions against kim jong un's regime. president trump cited north korea's assassinations on foreign soil, and he, again, warned north korea that they must end their unlawful nuclear and ballistic missile development. it's notable that after 19 missile tests so far this year, the north korean regime, the program there, it's pretty much about silent of late. not a single test in 68 days. the president's provocative diplomatic move would reverse president bush's course to take them off the terror list. the secretary of state rex
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tellerson says the u.s. is not out of diplomatic options. he insists sanctions are working. >> matt and savannah. >> peter alexander at the white house. peter, thank you very much. want to tell you now, the war of words between lavar ball, one of the -- the father of one of those three ucla basketball players arrested in china and president trump escalated overnight. ball spoke out to cnn questioning the president's true involvement in in the matter and calling out mr. trump for publicly requesting a thank you from the players. willie geist has more on this situation. >> this is a wild one, matt, savannah. in an interview that kwij went off the rails, as many of his interviews do, ball once again declined to thank president trump. instead, expressing skepticism about how big a role he played in getting his son out of detainment in china. >> okay. >> so the president -- >> what did he do for my son? >> lavar ball not backing down in his refusal to thank president trump. >> i would say thank you if he would have put him on his plane and took him home.
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then i would have said thank you, mr. president trump, for taking my boy out of china and bringing him back to the u.s. there's a lot of room on that plane. >> reporter: the father of leangelo ball doubling down saying he did not believe the president did anything to help his son and two other players when they were arrested for alleged shoplifting. >> did he help the boys get out? i don't know. i don't know. >> why do you doubt it? >> if i was going to thank somebody, i would probably thank president xi. i thank him. >> it all started when president trump seemed to demand a thank you from the players once they arrived back in the u.s. tweeting on november 15th, "do you think the three ucla basketball players will say thank you, president trump?" >> i would like to thank president trump and the united states government for the help that they provided as well. >> leangelo ball and the other players did just that, but lavar ball did not. replying who? when asked by espn about the president's involvement in
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securing the reliease of the players. over the weekend the president firing back tweeting, "lavar ball, the father of leangelo is unaccepting of what i did for his son and that shoplifting is no big deal. i should have left them in jail." >> he shop lifted. i don't think you should come down on a kid for making one mistake like that. >> on monday press secretary sarah huckabee-sanders said the president was making a rhetorical response to a criticism, repeatedly saying that trump was happy to intervene on the players' ba behalf. >> it didn't seem like the father wanted the president to intervene. >> reporter: ball wasn't buying it. >> did you thank the doctor for bringing you into this world? >> ultimately, ending the interview with a positive message for the president. >> hey, you have a great thanksgiving. hey, and i got a message for you. >> what is it? >> tell donald trump to have a great thanksgiving because big baller is.
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>> big baller is the company he runs with his three sons. for the record, president trump says he spoke to president xi on that state visit to beijing about this case, so he did do something. this is exactly what lavar ball wants. he wants attention and headlines. he wants people to hear that big baller brand, and he is getting it from the president of the united states. >> willie, thank you very much. now to some big business here at home. on monday the department of justice sued to block at&t's high profile $85 billion takeover of time warner, which who have created a media giant, but many are asking if politics perhaps was at play in this decision? here to walk us through it is stephanie who covers business for us. have a good morning. first of all, explain the rationale here for the department of justice to come in and say this merger can't go forward. >> so for the department of justice's perspective, they're saying this is bad for the consumer, and you don't want a company so big that it knocks
7:14 am
out the competition. now innovative businesses then can't get in the mix. where they might be wrong here is at&t and time warner, they don't do the same thing. if they were the same business, if it was at&t and t mobile, well, then, if there's only one, they could charge you a whole lot more. kba at&t and time warner would be a massive conglomerate like an nbc-comcast. >> you would have to imagine that the department of justice wouldn't just frivelously file a suit like this, so what is the strength of their case, and what's the likelihood that in the end this will go through anyway? >> well, listen, it is a mega merger. you would look at all deals like this. this administration has been pretty clear. they're all about deregulation. it's sort of strange to say, hold on. this deal, we want to take a closer look. remember, president trump has made it very clear he doesn't like cnn. the department of justice visited at&t in early november, and they suggested divest. cnn, turner classic, tbs, and
7:15 am
that's raised questions. is president trump getting in the mix here? now, the department of justice says he isn't. sarah huckabee sanders says she's not aware of it. there's a lot of eyeballs on this. >> let us know how it develops. thank you. now to controversial alabama senate candidate roy moore who is still not backing down after one of the women accusing him of sexual misconduct shared her story here on "today" yesterday. yet another woman has come forward in the wake of that interview. flbs's gabe gutierrez is in alabama. he has the latest. gabe, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. roy moore's campaign says it's raised more than $1 million since the scandal first broke without the help of the rnc, which is effectively cut ties from the candidate. doug jones, moore's opponent, has been raising more than double that. as for president trump, he has been uncharacteristically silent on the subject. >> this morning roy moore is under fire after his youngest accusers first television interview on "today." >> i'm very proud of her for coming forward. i know it's not easy.
7:16 am
>> lee told savannah moore fojded her when she was just 14. >> he basically laid out some blankets on the floor of his living room and proceeded to -- >> he denies the allegations and further says he does not even know you. >> i wonder how many me's he doesn't know. >> moore's campaign hasn't responded directly to the interview, but he is instead trying to debunk the story of another one of his accusers. >> he began squeezing my neck. >> beverly young nelson says moore was a regular customer at the restaurant where she worked when she was 16 and claims one night moore offered her a ride home, but instead assaulted her. in a written statement overnight, moore's campaign cited several former restaurant employees who dispute details of her story and say they never saw moore there. in a radio interview moore insisted his alleged signature in her year book is a forgery. >> this is a complete fabrication.
7:17 am
i did not know nelson. never met her. >> a total of nine women have come forward publicly with allegations against moore, ranging from inappropriate flirting to sexual assault. >> i know the man that is good, who has a character of impeccable -- he is godly, and that's just not something you can face fake. every single day for 40 years in a row. >> reporter: watching her interview, patty who said she heard about her friend lee's alleged encounter with moore decades ago when they were both teenagers. >> it changed her. lee morphed into something that i had not seen in her before. zbrool what was his reputation there? >> creepy. >> reporter: president trump ignoring questions about the scandal. the decision is up to alabama voters. meanwhile, it comes amid a report that michigan congressman
7:18 am
john conyers settled a complaint from 2015 from a woman who says she was fired from his staff because she rejected his sexual advances. buzz feed cites documents, including signed affidavits from former staff members, reporting conyers' office paid the woman over $27,000 to settle the complaint under a confidentiality agreement. >> gabe gutierrez reporting. this morning senator al franken is facing a second allegation of sexual misconduct. lindsey menz told cnn that franken grabbed her behind while they were posing for a photo back in 2010 at the minnesota state fair. the inappropriate contact lasted for three or four seconds. her husband was taking the photo. the democratic senator says he does not remember posing for that picture, but he says he feels badly if she came away feeling disrespected. the allegation comes less than a week after radio host leanne came forward and aused kugd franken of forcibly kiss and groping her in 2006. >> some roker was here earlier talking about the thanksgiving holiday.
7:19 am
now he has more of the local situation with the weather. >> that's right. let's take a look at the national map and show you where we're expecting more flood threats in the pacific northwest. we'll look at that coming up in the next half hour. temperatures getting a little bit milder here in the northeast and the mid-atlantic states. we're getting to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. coming up in the nex seconds. or giving! thanks for giving lien the strength to outrun her brother. thanks for giving victor the energy to be the rowdiest fan. and joseph, the ability to see monsters. when you choose walgreens, you choose to make a difference... like how every vitamin and flu shot you get at walgreens helps give life-changing vitamins and vaccines... to children in need around the world and here at home. so, really... happy thanks for giving! walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. good morning. i'm meteorologist, kari hall. we are seeing a nice sunshine and sunrise this morning as we take a live look outside in san jose. we will get a lot of sun warming
7:20 am
those temperatures up to 75 degrees today. we'll be in the low 70s for napa, antioch and concord and san francisco, expect a high of 68 degrees. slightly warmer tomorrow, then a slight chance of rain on thursday for thanksgiving and that will mostly be for the north bay. a little cooler, in time for the weekend. latest weather. guys? >> all right, al. thank you very much. coming up, the mystery of the missing submarine. we're going to take you inside the desperate search for a vessel that was designed not to be found. and the holiday rush begins. millions take to the skies to get home in time for thanksgiving. we're going to take you behind the scenes at one of america's busiest airports to see how they get it done. first, this is "today" on nbc. really?
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a day where you get to return that love, because shopping small makes a big difference. so, this saturday get up, get out, and shop small. san jose )s berryessa bart station is still mo a very good morning to you. 7:26. i'm laura garcia. the bart station months from opening, but the question is, now, how will it connect to downtown san jose. leaders are trying to determine what type of bore or bores will be built to allow trains to tunnel undergrown. bart wants two, one each way. the cheapest is one bore with two directions one above and below. that is what vta is shooting for. the final answer will take five years to build. the final decision may be made early next year. kari has a look at the forecast. a nice day to get out and about. >> as we look outside, clear
7:27 am
skies in san francisco. we are seeing that sun around the bay area. it will warm up the temperatures well above where we should be this time of year. 77 degrees in morgan hill and 75 in san jose. upper 60s and low 70s for the coast and the north bay as we go into the next several days. we will start to sprinkle in rain chances on thanksgiving, especially for the north bay. friday looks dry, then we'll have a more significant and widespread chance of rain into monday of next week. let's get an update on the commute from mike. >> we are looking at two incidents. the rest of the bay moves well. this looks like another one north of lawrence expressway. north 280, reports of debris of an earlier crash. there could be a second one. mild flow for the south bay. 280 experiencing slowing because of a crash. west 24, a crash moving to the shoulder. slow off the walnut interchange.
7:28 am
not a big deal. the toll plaza metering lights are on. back to ewe. >> thank you, i'll be back with another update in a half hour. see you then.
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7:30, now, on the 21st of november, 2017. you can see the small portion of a huge crowd on the plaza. >> very fired up for the holidays. let's start with the allegations against journalist charlie rose. >> i'm pleased to have him at this table. >> suspended. more than a dozen women accuse charlie rose of making crude sexual advances, as rose apologizes and is put on leave. his cbs anchors speaking out this morning. >> i've enjoyed a friendship and a partnership with charlie for the past five years. i'm really struggling.
7:31 am
>> there's no excuse for this alleged behavior. did he help the boys? i don't know. >> no thank you. lavar ball refuses to thank president trump for helping free his son and two other ucla players after being arrested in china. >> did you thank the doctor for bringing you into this world? inferno. a massive gas line, mroeds overnight, lighting up the sky over detroit. miraculously, nobody was hurt. close call. a police dash cam captures the moments a texas officer escapes being hit by a suspected drunk driver. on a bizarre scene as three elephants are stranded after their trailer catches fire. but all are safe and sound. today, tuesday, november 21st. >> never forget? okay. >> i get it now. let's turn to a mystery deep under the ocean. the search for a submarine.
7:32 am
44 onboard that hasn't been heard from in nearly a week. ships and aircraft from several different nations, including the u.s., are looking for the argentine vessel. keir simmons has more on the rescue effort. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. you can only imagine how the loved ones o f t hose c rew memb ers are fee ling right now. if the submari ne ha s, by s ome miracl e, made it t o the surface, they have supplies to last a month. but if, as seems likely, it is stricken below the surface, there may only be one or two days to find them before the oxygen runs out. disappointment this morning. almost a week since the submarine disappeared. a sound from the ocean, detected by rescuers, thought to be members of the 44-person crew banging on the hull is likely not coming from the vessel, argentine authorities say. a another setback in the seven
7:33 am
days. >> seven days is the realistic end of hope. there's hope for miles an horac circumstances. there's not a whole lot of time left. >> reporter: the rescue efforts intensifying. in the air, including the u.s. navy's sophisticated poseidon aircraft, technology used in the hunt for missing flight mh-370. under the ocean, sailors set to deploy unmanned vehicles, capable of diving at 5,000 feet for 30 hours. the submarine was heard on wednesday. it reported a short circuit of its batteries. but it could have been overcome by bad weather or faced a catastrophic accident. is it in shape to survive this long? it was built in the mid-1980s but refitted five years ago. and can withstand depths up to one-third of a mile. still, rough seas are hampering the search. >> the seas right now, out
7:34 am
there, are going to be 24 or more feet high. that's going to make it pretty much almost impossible, even if we do locate them, to get the submarine rescue vehicles off another ship and down to find them. >> reporter: this this morning social media filled with the faces of the missing as the crew members' loved ones gather at the submarine's base hoping for any news, but fearing the worst. and the mother of one of the crew members says that he was only recently married. the brother of the only woman onboard says that she complained about mechanical issues before the submarine set off. matt, there are 200 family members now at that base and all they can do is wait. >> it's a gut wrenching story. keir simmons, thank you very much. >> let's switch gears and get a check of the weather. >> we thought we'd lift things up a little bit and let's roll video. never get tired of seeing the northern lights and this is up in alaska. we sped it up so you see more of
7:35 am
the movement. how gorgeous is that in northern alaska, just a beautiful, beautiful sight. we will say out west because we have the atmospheric river of moisture pushing its way into the pacific northwest coast and this will generate rounds and rounds of rain. front after front moving through and right along the coast there is a great risk of flooding going on from seattle all of the way down into northern california, upwards of three to five inches, but as much as nine inches of rain in the olympics looks good here in the bay area. a live look outside in san jose. mostly clear start to the day. we will see a mix of sun and clouds for the rest of the afternoon and temperatures warming up quickly to the mid-70s. 73 degrees in concord and antioch. oakland, 73 degrees and 72 in palo alto. san francisco, upper 60s there. the next few days, rain chances
7:36 am
here, but not expecting anything significant. below the san francisco area, the next week, we will start out with more rain moving in. >> don't >> don't forget, check out our 14s at the weather channel. >> it looks beautiful. >> in the dark. >> #nofilter. love it. coming up, a holiday travel preview behind the scenes of one of america's busiest airports. plus fall of a model. a victoria's secret angel takes a tumble. >> graceful. searching for sales will help you get an early start on bargain hunting. >> the fear of concussions changing the game for parents when it comes to letting their kids play sport, but first these messages. ♪ you are ever happy there daddy, it's christmas!
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introducing new dunkin' donuts cold brew coffee packs. it's delicious craft coffee, as easy as 1-2-3. ♪ and it's now available where you buy groceries. 7:42 on a tuesday morning. we're back with a special holiday series called "taking flight today." the thanksgiving travel rush is officially on 51 americans traveling this week alone. >> a lot of people. the nation's airlines are bracing for record numbers. what does it take to have millions moving smoothly? tom costello went behind the scenes at one of the busiest airports at the country. >> it takes experience and a lot of luck. you can bank on your flight will be full this year. 28.5 million people will fly over the thanksgiving period. that's 1 million more than last year. and this is the time of year
7:42 am
when things can go bad quickly. big crowds, bad weather, and the inevitable atc delays. at the biggest airport in the country. >> customer service for bravo 31, aircraft on the ground. las vegas returning to la guardia. >> reporter: size is everything. >> should be there about 25 minutes. >> reporter: at 53-square miles denver international airport is twice the size of manhattan. 1,550 flights, 159,000 passengers each day. nbc news went behind the scenes at dia and united airlines. >> 5 echo on the ramp. >> reporter: from inside the ramp tower, where they choreograph the ballet, to the belly of the airport, where 57,000 bags a day are recorded, before a ride headed for japan. to united maintenance hangar for
7:43 am
a windshield repair. fron tier, southwest and united all have hubs here. through the end of the year it's all hands on deck for the holiday travel crush. if you miss a flight over the holidays, you may not make the next one, right? >> that's correct. loads are full throughout the united states. >> reporter: from crystal blue skies to fog, snow and ice, colorado weather can turn fast. >> departure, 3-4 left to right. >> reporter: and on an ice-cold ramp to deice. it takes about 15 minutes to deice the plane. once that's done, they want the plane in the air within ten minutes. >> i want to welcome group number two. >> reporter: it's not just the weather here that can affect on-time departures and arrivals. >> sometimes there can be a storm on the east coast and there will be major ramifications for us. >> reporter: and you're 1,000 miles away.
7:44 am
>> exactly. >> reporter: the dia foot print is so big, denver has five airport firestations to meet strict airport response times. >> we need to be on the runway within three minutes. >> reporter: tsa promises it is staffed up nationwide, to prevent the hours long lines. and with bad behavior going viral, the message this thanksgiving -- >> things don't go well, remain calm and be patient. >> i love that british expression, stay calm and carry on. at 6:00 a.m., 88% of flights leave on time. by 9:00 p.m., 62% leave on time. >> like a days long worth of delays adds up. >> get worse, tom. thank you very much. let's check in with sh sheinelle. she's in the orange room for carson. >> we thought we had trouble
7:45 am
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wow, it looksyum!at in here! so, what's everyone thankful for? all of my careers! i'm thankful for all of you, yeah, i'm pretty thankful for me too. um, is that gluten free? we're back. happy crowd out there. happy chanel. >> we watched live as the georgia dome was demolished. our camera feed was spotty cutting out a couple of times, but things were far worse for the weather channel. take a look at what happened to their shot.
7:50 am
♪ ♪ >> the bus. [ bleep ]. ♪ ♪ >> yes. just as the implosion began a marta city bus pulled up right in front of the shot and the cameraman had been there for 40 minutes and managed to miss the minute. >> he should have set up on the other side of the street. >> look at this. the chief marketing and communications director, on behalf of marta service, we sincerely apologize for ruining your live shot. we found this footage in case you need it. good stuff. people had fun with some of these blooper reels. look at this one. [ laughter ] they shared the video of the other times the marta bus got in the way. even a touchdown at the end of the half. just in time, but john found at
7:51 am
least the marta bus arrived on time. i'm sure the people on that bus had a pretty great view, too, if you think about it. >> that's true. >> it's live television, sometimes, right? he waited 40 minutes and then, boom. >> there were two explosions. from the cameraman and from the -- >> [ bleep ]. >> there was a story about an nbc news cameraman there for the first flight of the concord and was at the wrong end of the runway. he heard the engine and he realized it was in the other direction. >> anyway -- >> coming up. can't get a date? jennifer garner opens up about her love life. >> plus, make the most of those early black friday deals. why you should be hitting stores before thanksgiving, but first, your local news. go slow. ♪ come on mom! ♪
7:52 am
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good tuesday morning. right now, 7:56. we are seeing a lot of sunshine. clear skies as we get a view of san francisco. the temperatures will be mild. cool to start in some sports. north bay starts low 50s. 56 in san jose. as we look at the high temperatures going way up to the mid-70s for the south bay, 73 in concord and antioch. oakland, 70 degrees. it's going to be really nice. we have more weather in the forecast over the next couple days, even on thanksgiving. more clouds moving in and a slight chance of rain, especially in the north bay. the rest of the week, we see the temperatures cooler coming down as more rain moves in. mostly for sunday into early next week. in the meantime, we have temperatures that will be running ten degrees above normal for this week. as we head over to mike, how are
7:57 am
the roads looking? >> west 24, an earlier crash. it cleared from the roadway. still slowing out of the walnut creek area. orange, not really in reds except the toll plaza. san mateo and dumbarton bridges look great. a crash at saratoga. it may be an issue. look at the light traffic off highway 17. back to you. >> thanks so much, kari and mike. 7:57. three people are being questioned after authorities say they punched a campus officer in the nose. he is expected to be okay. on twitter, what police say led up to the late night altercation. a south bay atm card skimming operation is widening. authorities believe there may have been 200 victims who had their card and p.i.n. number swiped. some of them had hundreds of dollars swiped. on our home page, details
7:58 am
including the two stations targeted. another local news update in a half hour. nearly here! we )ll get you prepared before you hit the roads and the skies. and- kari will be tracking any changes to your forecast. when you join us tomorrow morning on )today in the bay )- 4:30 to 7.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, off the air. cbs news has suspended our co-host charlie rose over allegations of sexual misconduct. it takes a lot of courage for these women to come forward and i think that they should continue to do something. >> we hope they will continue to speak up. >> veteran journalist charlie rose now off three networks amid sexual harassment accusations. this morning the fallout. plus, black friday blowout. >> the 2017 shopping season should be huge. >> it may be days away, but the holiday blowouts are rolling in. what you need to know before making the big buys. >> and ready, set --
8:01 am
>> dodge ball! >> ben stiller and his dodge ball teammates are back bringing a challenge right to our plaza all in the name of charity. today tuesday, november 21st, 2017. ♪ ♪ >> we have a big group of people marching in the thanksgiving day parade from -- 4th grade marchers from jones high school. there is a stop before the parade. >> the "today" show! >> good morning, corpus, texas. >> good morning! >> all the way from georgia. we love "today"! >> sometimes i think that's healthy. when they all yell together, it's hard to -- >> a huge, boisterous crowd. >> my mom always does that to
8:02 am
me. i can't understand what you're saying. >> good morning, everybody. thank you for being with us on a tuesday morning. can't wait fort dodgeball game. >> are you excited about it? >> i am. >> i don't know if i've ever played dodgeball. news at 8:00. start with the latest public figure facing multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. this morning cbs and pbs anchor charlie rose is off the air and apologizing. his cbs co-anchors are reacting to news against him. stephanie gosk is back with the latest. >> hi. good morning, guys. ever since multiple women came forward with hollywood mogul harvey weinstein, new claims of sexual harassment have come to light nearly every day slamming hollywood actors, studio analysts and now one of the most respected broadcasters. >> cbs has suspended charlie rose.
8:03 am
>> speaking out about the allegations. >> gayle, you and i have talked a lot about this. >> yes, we have. >> it takes a lot of courage for these women to come forward and i think that they should -- >> the claims first reported in "the washington post" were made by women age 21 to 37. all of them working for his production company. the alleged misconduct taking place from the mid '90s to 2011. the article describes rose making unwanted advances, nudity, groping, lewd phone calls. one of the accusers called rose a sexual predator. norah o'donnell and gayle king addressing the charges and the situation. >> this is a moment demands a frank and honest assessment where we stabbed and more generally the safety of women. let me be very clear, there is no excuse for this alleged behavior. it is systematic and pervasive. >> i've enjoyed a friendship and a partnership with charlie for the past five years.
8:04 am
i've held him in such high regard and i'm really struggling because how do you, what do you say when someone that you deeply care about has done something that is so horrible. how do you wrap your brain around that? i'm really grappling with that. that said, charlie does not get a pass here. he doesn't get a pass from anyone in this room. >> in the wake of the bombshell allegations, cbs, pbs and bloomberg which airs his talk show have all suspended rose, and while cbs news says they have not received any complaints about their morning anchor, the network says they're looking into the matter. rose says he does not believe that all of the descriptions are accurate saying that it is essential that they hear that. i am greatly embarrassed. i have behaved incensetivelily and i always felt i was pursuing shared feelings even though i now realize i was mistaken.
8:05 am
>> according to the washington post article most of the women said rose alter 2345i9ed between fury and flattery in his interactions with them. one be of his accusers told his executive producer about the behavior she allegedly replied that's just charlie being charlie. >> guys? >> stephanie gosk. stephanie, thank you very much. >> they confirm that russian leader vladimir putin planned to call president trump to start a new push for the syrian war. bashar al a shad had the peace talks. russian political and military support have helped him survive the six year war. washington, meantime, considers syria to be a state sponsor of terrorism. on monday trump also added north korea to the terror black list clearing the way for new economic sanctions. earlier of an off duty police officer involved in a
8:06 am
shootout with two robbery suspects while clutching his own infant son in his arms. this happened at a pharmacy. take a look. according to the report there, one of the robbers pointed a gun at the off duty officer so he pulled out his weapon eventually shooting and killing both suspects. at one point the officer seen handing the baby off to his wife who was taking cover between the shells. thankfully nobody else was injured. wow. astonishing video. >> it really is. >> first shot he fired was right behind the back of the guy in the oil. time for the boost. we could use it. >> all right. if you're traveling for thanksgiving and you're not going to be sleeping in your own cozy, comfy bed, you may feel like this guy. there's no way this labrador retriever is going to fit in that tiny space. you know what, he tries again. and he tries again. gets up and tries different positions. look at that tiny dog camped out in the bed next to him pretending like he didn't see him. >> the retriever is at it.
8:07 am
more settled. >> trying to see if the other dog can see him. coming up, get your credit cards ready. we're going to show you where to find the best deals before black friday. plus, important information for parents about your kids and concussions. why so many families are now opting out of some popular sports. first, let's see what's coming up on megyn kelly today. hey, megyn. >> journalist charlie rose suspended from cbs and his own show in the wake of sexual harassment charges. we'll have the latest on that. plus, two young women who say they were sexually abused by dr. nasser. they're here live to tell you their story. >> megyn, we'll look for that. don't forget the little guys. after black friday we'll shop at small business saturday. first these messages. first, these m
8:08 am
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of small business saturday. a day where you get to return that love, because shopping small makes a big difference. so, this saturday get up, get out, and shop small. for some people, the best day of the year is coming up. not talking about thanksgiving. the holiday after that. talking about black friday. >> i like small business saturday. >> businesses big and small will be competing for your cash. that's great news for shoppers. you can get started early. jo ling kent is here. we're ready to swipe, jo. >> the deals are rolling in. there's so many of them, it might be tough to keep track of what the best sales are. so, we did the homework for you. with days until thanksgiving, many retailers are shifting focus to stuffing shopping backs by black friday sales ahead of
8:12 am
the holiday. >> this wednesday through friday only, get 50% off your entire purchase. >> we went in macy's and it was all black friday sales before thanksgiving. >> some things we bought today. some things we're going to wait until wednesday. and some things we wait until friday. >> reporter: nearly 70% of americans say they plan to shop during thanksgiving weekend and cyber monday. some will carve out time on turkey day to go bargain hunting. 115 million americans will wait until black friday, still the busiest shopping day of the year. >> i know that comes as a surprise to a lot of people. but plenty of retailers are focusing on black friday promotions. 42% are planning to target in-store shoppers. >> reporter: holiday retail sales are expected to climb to $682 billion, prompting some retailers to get a jump short on collecting their share of your spending. jcpenney, sears, target and best buy, opening their doors on thanksgiving day. walmart will stay open for 24
8:13 am
hours. but kedeals won't start until 60 a.m. thanksgiving day is the best prices for video games, cameras and sports equipment. on black friday, tj maxx will open early. retailers are slashing prices by 37% on average. kohl's and sxjcpenney have 60% off. >> people as they're doing their research on products, there's been concerted effort on the retail front to try to stretch that shopping season out. >> reporter: on black friday itself, experts say look for tablets and tvs online. and in stores, look for cookwear and beauty products. cyber monday is the best day to buy toys online. if you buy those in person, wait until december. that's when you find the best deals on winter clothing and fitness equipment. one more tip. this is my favorite one. if you're looking to purchase
8:14 am
plane tickets or get a last-minute vacation, maybeoff season, black friday, cyber monday and travel tuesday are your dates, especially if your dates are flexible. >> travel tuesday after black friday and small business saturday. >> exactly. >> what about thirsty thursday? >> that's on hoda and kathie lee's show. >> sorry. >> thank you, jo. mr. roker, a check of the weather? >> whatever you're doing, we're going to check your travel. let's start off with friday to show you what's going to be happening around the country. we're looking for more showers and thunderstorms making their way through the florida peninsula. clouds and showers in the pacific northwest. mild and dry. the big trouble spot, stormy florida, difficult travel on the roadways and the airports. going to be a real mess along i-95 and i-75, as well. as we look ahead towards saturday, we're going to see a big problem making its way through the midwest. and then, also, in the pacific
8:15 am
northwest, we're going to be looking at rough problems. and in the northeast, rain, showers, gusty winds. a mix of rain and snow. airport delays, albany, boston, la guardia. and that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we've got some nice weather in the bay area. much warmer than normal temperatures. we'll be up to 68 degrees in san francisco today. and 70 in oakland. 75 in san jose. inland valleys reaching into the low to mid-70s. it gets even warmer tomorrow, 70 in san francisco. a slight chance of rain on thanksgiving mostly for the north bay and the rest of the bay area stays dry. and we'll have a more widespread chance of rain on sunday. >> don't forget listen to "today" on sirius/xm. guys? it's time to trend on this tuesday morning. we need a cornucopia.
8:16 am
we need all kinds of fall produce on this set. thanksgiving, last year, remember what happened? thanksgiving fell right after the election. everybody was talking about politics. and everybody said, don't talk about politics at the thanksgiving table. it can only lead to trouble. who fell into that trap? >> we didn't talk politics. >> yeah. >> i don't think so. >> no? >> thing s have calmed down thi year. >> that's right. in addition to politics this year, a lot of other divisive subjects. we've been talking about a lot of them this morning. the huffington post has come up with a list of topics that you can use at your dinner table. can we have dinner music? >> these are safe topics. >> safe topics to avoid the fights at thanksgiving. >> nemusic does the trick alrea. this is unusual. you may not think about this. you should talk about the beatles. >> what? >> what about them? >> anything about them. >> like what? >> bring up your favorite beatles song. a little beatles history. everybody has, if they're over a
8:17 am
certain age -- that's a group to you kids. paul mccartney was in before wings. >> and the kids say, whoccartne? >> some of the other topics? >> discuss the olympics in south korea. aren't they going to be something? >> yeah. this is one i always talk about. the royals. >> don nash's -- >> don nash is coming over for dinner. this works out perfectly. >> it's pretty safe. >> aren't they good-looking. >> coffee? >> i don't know. just says it. i mean, people have all sorts of, you know -- >> coffee stories. >> how do you like your coffee? >> you know you should not discuss? >> what? >> what you should discuss at the dinner table. >> i know. look at mine. i have the weirdest one. tom hanks. i love tom hanks. but conversation over. >> everybody loves tom hanks. so, you can have a conversation that brings everyone to agreement. >> i like "big." >> it's good to talk about "pop
8:18 am
start." >> good. we have a good one today. we're going to begin with a victoria secret fashion show. the angels grace the runway in china on monday. they all made a comeback. har harry stiles performed. the model everyone is talking about is this one. she tripped on the train of her flowing gown. she got up and finished the walk. the moment went viral. but on social media. it's all about how she thanked the fans for the outpouring of support. carly kloss standing, you handled that with such grace. people weren't laughing at her. people were praising how she was able to get back up. jennifer garner, the actress opened up about her dating life. she hasn't been on a date since she and ben affleck split in
8:19 am
2015. she said, i would not have chosen this life for myself or my kids. i would not choose to be single or be in this position. it's something we're working through. i haven't been on a date. i'm not interested in dating. garner and affleck were married for ten years. they're planning to spend thanksgiving together with their three children. and chrissy teigen, the star turned to twitter, asking for help with a very important decision. should she get bangs or not? bangs are a commitment. chrissy tweeted this poll. major life dilemma. bangs, or no bangs, instant regret. more than 157,000 votes poored in. 60% say no bangs. 40% say yes. >> i agree. no bangs. >> i love chrissy teigen. >> she would look beautiful no matter what. bangs are a tricky, tricky -- >> the beatles. >> they had bangs. >> there you go. >> actually, bangs would probably be a good conversation starter. this one is a big one.
8:20 am
today's "daly click." this japanese game show has captivated people online. contestants' attempt to reach the top of slippery stairs. and they have a hard time. over and over, knocking each other down like human bowling pins as they slide back to the start. social media users suggest this becoming an olympic event. that won't be happening anytime soon. but the show, people love it. it's that simple. >> i like the sound effects, too. >> right. can we do it on the plaza? >> let's not. remember tough mudder? >> oh. >> what could go wrong? >> my jaw is still sore. sheinelle, thank you. an estimated 44 million american kids play at least one sport. this morning, we're kicking off our series, "changing the game today." taking an intensive look at the state of youth sports. >> we actually surveyed parents at and found that nearly 90% of them worry about concussions if their children
8:21 am
play contact sports. how do you minimize the danger? stephanie gosk, who is working hard this morning, is back with a bit of a different story. hi, again. >> reporter: hi. this is an important one. head injuries have been front and center in the conversation about youth sports for years, with parents sorting through conflicting information or not enough information at all. we spoke with coaches, doctors and parents. and discovered that although we are doing better to protect our children's heads, awareness is not where it should be. and many experts say we need to do more. a tuesday night just outside of chicago. the addison cowboys practice under the lights. the youth league with players starting as young as 5 years old has been around for 60 years. ron maxwell has coached for 20 of them. >> five, six years ago, we had 12 teams. it was 266 kids in helmets out here. >> reporter: and tonight? >> we have 98. that's it. >> reporter: that's a huge drop.
8:22 am
>> that's a huge drop. >> reporter: parents are worried about head injuries. that's why the addison cowboys have changed their hard-hitting practices. >> we don't hit too often. >> reporter: as many as 2 million sports-related concussions are suffered by children under the age of 18 every year. in recent years, the number of diagnosed concussions has shot up, suggesting we are getting better at identifying the symptoms. but is it enough? >> the idea that we have this concussion issue under control is a myth. >> reporter: a former pro wrestler who has battled multiple head injuries, co-founded the concussion legacy foundation. >> we're not recognizing all of the concussions that happen. >> reporter: and research shows it's not just the big hits that impact the brain. >> that repetitive concussive injury, where he doesn't feel it, can add up. the brain is not made to take 5 million hits to the head. >> reporter: do you think parents have a false sense of
8:23 am
security, if it's not labeled a concussion, it's fine. >> yes. and i blame we doctors for it. >> reporter: this doctor discovered the brain disease known as cte. the pathologist who was portrayed by will smith in the movie "concussion" stirs up controversy. >> if you place a heldment met head to a child, and he suffers blows to the head, that child suffers brain damage. if that's not the definition of child abuse, what is it? >> reporter: he says children should not play football, ice hockey, rugby, lacrosse and soccer. at least not until high school. what are we supposed to do? wrap our kids up in mattresses and keep them in their bedrooms for their entire lives. what should kids play? >> the healthy sports. noncontact sports. >> reporter: this high school senior who lives outside boston wouldn't trade a day of playing a sport she loves. >> i'm so thankful of my time
8:24 am
playing soccer. >> reporter: she will never play again, after a concussion she suffered in the eighth grade. >> a girl took a shot on goal and nailed me in the back of the head. >> reporter: with the ball? >> yeah. i was really nauseous. pretty businedizzy. couldn't see very well. i played the rest of the game. i didn't know any better. >> reporter: the concussion head to a condition that gets little attention. post-concussion syndrome. >> i didn't sit through a class the rest of that year. >> reporter: the symptoms lasted months. compounding the problem, she banged her head on the stairs. years later, she is suffering from daily headaches. did you have any idea that was in jeopardy, playing that game? >> never. never would have occurred to us. >> reporter: in addison, this group of football moms is out here every night, every practice. that is serious dedication.
8:25 am
>> it's fun to watch. >> reporter: they told me they worry about the hits but feel the benefits of playing the sport outweigh the risks. >> i mean, speaking to my own pediatrician, he was for us playing football. >> over the years, playing football, i feel like that's given him confidence to grow into himself. he's not as afraid as he used to be. >> reporter: if these kids weren't out here right now playing football, what do you think they would be doing? >> they would be on the couch at home. you don't want your kid to be on the couch all day. you would rather have them out here. >> reporter: what precautions should parents take? talk to your pediatrician. understand all the potential risks. and make sure there are appropriate measures to limit danger. you can consider noncontact sports like track and field or swimming. here's an interesting sign of the times. now, only 36% of parents say they would let their 10-year-old play tackle football. how about those numbers? >> flag football, more and more
8:26 am
popular than it ever has been. >> incredible to see the ramifications for the young soccer player. unexpectedi )m ... san jose )s berryessa bart good morning. it's 8:26. i'm marcus washington. san jose's bart station is still months from opening but the question now, how will it connect to downtown san jose. transit leaders are busy trying to determine what type of bores will be built to allowed trains to tunnel underground. bart wants two bore, one either way. according to the mercury news, that's what the vta issued. whatever the final answer is, it will take five years to build. a final decision may be made early next year. right now, mike is following the traffic alert. >> we have it in richard mon. most of the day moves very well, light, light. that may benefit folks. right now we're not seeing
8:27 am
benefit from anything because only one lane is open from west down 80. as you get towards south pablo avenue, word of an officer that was hit by a car. we're going to confirm what weigh can. but that has been a chp report. that usually means a longer investigation. no word on injuries. we're tracking that gem coming out of san pablo. berkeley's okay and recovery for 24. the backup at the bay bridge actually not so bad as folks are speeding through oakland, much lighter valium across the bay because we're approaching that thanksgiving holiday so we're seeing a lighter morning commute. >> i'll have another local news update for you in half an hour.
8:28 am
for mild-to-moderate eczema? it can be used almost everywhere on almost everybody. the arm of an arm wrestler? the back of a quarterback? the face of a fairy? prescription eucrisa is a nose to toes eczema ointment. it blocks overactive pde4 enzymes within your skin. and it's steroid-free. do not use if you are allergic to eucrisa or its ingredients. allergic reactions may occur at or near the application site. the most common side effect is application site pain. ask your doctor about eucrisa.
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[ cheers and applause ] we are beak now. 8:30 on this tuesday morning. it's the 21st day of november, 2017. we have an enormous pre-thanksgiving crowd kicking off their day with us here on the plaza on a chilly day. >> by the way, this is a huge and rocking crowd. >> and -- [ cheers and applause ] >> we have so many people to choose from, but we found in this group four generations visiting new york. we have grandma, what's your name? >> eleanor. >> eleanor. >> leigh. >> mom leigh. >> karen. >> and daughter madeline.
8:31 am
>> and there happens to be a fifth generation watching on tv. who's that? >> zoey. >> little zoey. oh. zoey helped make the sign so thank you for keeping it in the family, guys. thanks for coming to see us. we really appreciate it. >> that's fantastic. >> how about that? guys, coming up this half hour it's small business saturday coming up, and we really want to encourage people to shop those independently owned stores so we decided to put up some great shops. pop up mom and pops right here on our plaza. going to shop that coming up. >> i love that. a 2-year-old boy who faces a serious diagnosis before his first birthday. he's thriving today. we're going to show you how he made such an amazing recovery thanks to break through treatment. >> brace yourselves. ben stiller and team "today," watch out. been practicing. several years ago ben made a very funny movie about dodgeball. this morning he's getting
8:32 am
serious about it. he's challenged us to a dodgeball game for charity live on the plaza. so that is the field of doom there. >> did we have to do a story about concussions before? >> if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. >> back-to-back with that. >> that's cruel. >> savannah was saying she got chosen last for these teams. >> i will tell you, i'm going to be right behind you. >> we have miss megyn kelly. what do you have coming up? >> oliver plat, marleau thomas and a 21-year-old man who was at the location of not one, not two but three different terrorist attacks, lived to tell about them. it winds up being an amazing story of faith, prayer and resilience. >> all right. sounds awesome. >> thank you very much. mr. roker, you have a breezy forecast? >> i certainly do. let's see what we've got starting with today. macy's thanksgiving day parade on thursday.
8:33 am
sunny, light wind. bundle up if you are coming out. today we're looking for a wet day in the pacific northwest. flood threat. cooler weather making its way to the plains. going to get milder. increasing wet weather through florida. tomorrow heavy coastal rain new england and parts of the northeast. the cold spreads to the east. record highs in the southwest into southern california and more wet weather down in that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. yes, we will have some really warm weather in some spots, about 10 degrees above normal, reaching up to 68 degrees today in san francisco. mostly sunny as well tomorrow, 70 degrees, and there will be a slight chance of rain in the north bay on thanksgiving. while we will continue on with some dry weather for the inland area, reaching into the low to mid-70s, by saturday, we'll start to see more clouds and rain moves in for sunday into monday early next week, also with some cooler temperatures.
8:34 am
shop small on "today" is created with our sponsor, american express. founding partner of small business saturday. shop small this saturday. as you just heard, this weekend marks the eighth annual small business saturday. it's a day to remind us to shop and shop at local stores that make our community so special. this morning we've invited three local small businesses from fifth avenue in brooklyn to set up shop on the plaza. let's check them out. we have grace in morning. >> good morning. >> tell us about your shop, pink olive. >> it's a whimsical gift and lifestyle boutique. been in business for ten years. we have a lot of unique gifts for little ones to love on. >> this is cool. you have cards, notebooks. >> a lot of cute things for baby gifts. little rattles for the new york baby. you are loved mug is at the heart of what we do best. >> good thing it's not a sidewalk sale or it would be
8:35 am
blown away. >> it's all about the scents and the candles are popular. >> coming up next, tell us about your store. >> we're an art studio for kids. we have kits that we sell and if you can't make it to our studio but you're in the tristate area, we can bring a class to you. >> this is for adults as well? >> we also do stuff for adults. >> yeah. >> thank you so much. >> last but not least, we have greg and his wife liz. you are a mom and pop store. >> literally. >> tell us about olive brooklyn. >> we have 50 varieties of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. we have gift boxes. would you like to try my olive oil? >> sure. i'll give it a shot. >> this is our tuscan herb, one of our most popular. >> whoa! that goes down smooth. all great reasons to shop small on saturday.
8:36 am
>> thank you so much. >> thank you very much, guys. all right. now let's head back in to chanel. >> in honor of small business saturday, coming up this weekend our viewers are using the hashtag #shopsmall. kelly writes bugabeebows has the cutest bows. and ashley posts, my favorite small business is stitch essentials. such quality products and fantastic customer service. and we have an exciting announcement. we're working with our partner, american express, to give five lucky viewers the chance to win a $100 american express gift card. head to "today's" facebook page and share your small business experience. go to on different ways you can support small businesses. up next on our special series, thanks in giving. an incredible little boy beating the odds, but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
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8:39 am
we're back with our heartwarming series, "thanks & giving." and it highlights with work at st. jude children's hospital. >> dylan has the story of a little boy who faced a devastating diagnosis. >> 2-year-old gideon. he's friendly, warm and lovable. he hugged me the second i met him. now, he's beating the odds, thanks to a breakthrough treatment. g gideon is a happy, active and precocious 2-year-old. with a gregarious personality. that his parents say define him. >> he is in the room next to us running around and being a natural, normal 2 1/2-year-old boy. >> reporter: but gideon's body was once far from being healthy. >> we started noticing quite a
8:40 am
few symptoms at -- right around 6 months. >> reporter: fussiness, lack of sleep and loss of appetite, no one particular sign that alarmed them. >> you chalk it up to teething. at least we did. >> reporter: what made you go to the doctor? >> a couple of days before he turned 7 months, he presented with a yellowish bruise over one of his eyes. the next day, it was over both of his eyes. >> reporter: later that day, a lump appeared on gideon's head. an emergency visit to their pediatrician delivered a devastating diagnosis. >> gideon was diagnosed with stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma. it's literally as bad as it gets. >> reporter: gideon was medevacked to st. jude children's research hospital. >> neuroloblastoma can arise alg
8:41 am
the spinal canal or nerves along the spinal canal. >> reporter: his scans revealed the magnitude of the cancer. the white you see is all-tumor. his entire face and skull was full of cancer. and all of his bones were full of cancer. he had a large tumor that was present in the middle of his body. >> reporter: what do you think when you see that picture? >> i mean, i just cried. i was devastated. gary, again, was holding it a little more together. this is what we're dealing with. okay. how do we beat it? >> reporter: doctors at st. jude had a plan. determined to save gideon's life, they started him on a clinical try that uses a unique approach to immunotherapy. >> we're combining this antibody with theme chairperschemotherap with high-risk neuroblastoma.
8:42 am
the early results are surpassing all of our wildest expectation. >> reporter: in just six weeks, a dramatic change. >> he went from 80% having tumor to 0% having tumor. you can't see the bones anymore. the few bright spots we see are normal. the tumor in his face is gone. >> reporter: in addition to che chemo, he endured a bone marrow transplant. being how aggressive it is, they can't leave one cell alive. year looking for the day you're not toting around an i.v. tree. and it happens. and you sit there like, wow. we made it. >> reporter: and today, gideon is cancer-free. how much do you appreciate these moments? >> as much as you can. >> it makes you appreciate the little things. suddenly, life's problems don't seem like a big deal anymore. he makes us treasure every day.
8:43 am
>> i'm in love with this little boy. this is the first holiday season gideon and his family will spend at home. and they are absolutely thrilled about it. it was such a nice story. and a wonderful family. >> cancer-free. two words, right? >> marlo thomas, the national outreach. thank you. gideon's cancer was as bad as it gets. >> his entire body was covered with cancer. what st. jude did, it's the immunotherapy approach. we use his own cells for him to destroy the cancer in his body. we have this antibody, which was created for us, made on campus. we take the antibody and put it in the child. it triggers his immune system. all of the bad cells have been destroyed by his own immune system. >> we're happy that works at st. jude. but it's worked in other hospitals, too, right? >> not yet.
8:44 am
this is our study. it's -- gideon is one of the first children to be in this study because most hospitals and upuntil now, have given the antibody at the end of treatment. instead, right at diagnosis, we're giving the child the chemo and the antibody. and the exciting part, i'm sure you know now, it's kab ee's dou response. 80% of children are doing better. this child is cancer-free. now that the study has completed, all of the other hospitals will use it, too. that's what's exciting about the studies at st. jude. >> thank you, marlo. thank you for coming in on your birthday. >> no place i would rather be. >> there and megyn. and tomorrow, marlo will be back with another story of hope. we're looking forward to it. coming up next, talk about shifting gears. ben stiller is here. his star-studded dodgeball team has challenged us. and matt is already ready.
8:45 am
red sweat pants. get him. get him. >> first this, is "today" on
8:46 am
8:47 am
all right. we're back, now, with actor ben stiller, whose long career has spun a lot of hits. including you may remember the 2004 film called "dodgeball." and for some reason, unexplained reason, he thought it would be fun to challenge the "today" anchors to a game of dodgeball, all in the name of charity. good to see you. how are you? >> i'm good. >> you are a purple cobra. >> that's right. and you're an average joe. >> i want to thank ronald mcdonald for the outfit. this is really nice. >> classic. classic colors. >> you're not in your white goodman character. >> i feel like i have white
8:48 am
goodman's spirit in side of me. why did you decide to target us and play dodgeball with us? >> you're an easy mark, lauer. >> this is for a good reason. >> get that smile off your face. you're going down like a sweet muffin. >> have you seen my team. >> yes. >> hoda. >> what is the idea. how does this help raise awareness and money for charity. >> it's to raise money for what's going on in puerto rico and people dealing with hurricane maria. we have 580,000 bottles of water that we raised money to get to puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. these are our contest winners. this is zolton. evan, lewis hamilton. >> you have a ringer next to you. >> justin.
8:49 am
>> another original average joe. >> yes. >> have you brought your game today? >> we'll see. only a matter of time. >> would it help if i had a wrench? >> it would, frankly. a real one. >> let's meet our players, starting with the purple cobras. you know ben stiller. we have four-time and current formula 1 champ, louis hamilton. 11-year-old evan greenly. all the way from london, charity winner, kate clayton and her brother, robert. all right. then, on average joes, justin long. matt lauer. hoda kotb. savannah guthrie and sheinelle jones. here are the rules. first, no head shots. if you're hit, you're out. >> i'm not playing. >> if you catch the ball, the person who flew threw it is out. play will begin on my call. we're also streaming live on
8:50 am >> what happens? >> now, what do we do? >> we have to put the balls over here. >> yeah. >> we will defend this goal. >> that's right. when i blow the whistle, you run in, get the ball and then, play dodgeball. >> yes. >> all right. >> purple cobras ready? average owes, rearead joes, rea. and no throwing balls at the ref. average joes ready? all right. dodgeball. ♪ >> you're out. oh. savannah's out. hoda's out. look at that.
8:51 am
you're out. tries to catch one. oh. >> come on, guys. oh. come on. it's just hoda. this is dodgeball. come on. >> cobras win. let's see the purple cobras. >> good playing. >> wow. >> thank you. >> just a reminder, we're saving lives he here on, the competition. >> that brought back every memory of grade school.
8:52 am
we're back in a moment with more action. first this, is "today" on nbc. ♪ ♪ ♪ think of your fellow man, ♪ lend him a helping hand, ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ you'll see it's getting late, oh please don't hesitate...♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart. (vo) going on now, our subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars to those in need.
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♪ come on, justin. >> that's it. >> that's it. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:55 am
>> that's real dodgeball. ♪ coming up next, megyn kelly after a check of local news and
8:56 am
i )m - -... three people are in custody .. good morning, it's 8:56, i'm marcus washington. three people are in custody after a late. night altercation that led to a san jose state officer become punched in the nose. the officer has now been treated at released from the hospital. authorities say it started when the officers got into a confrontation. the other responding officers tazed one man that threw the
8:57 am
punch. another suspect was taken down. a third suspect was detained without incident. happening now, our bob riddell speaking with police monitoring developments. he'll have a live report in our midday newscast. link to more on the back story on our homepage. a quick follow up to an incident mentioned by our own mike in the last cut-in. it turns out that all lanes on interstate 80 near solono avenue are open again. this involved a minor incident involving a police officer. for a type, it was closed to westbound lanes, there are no reports of injuries. authorities in gilroy believe there may have been 200 victims who had their cards and pins sliced. some had hundreds of dollars taken from their accounts. i'm marcus washington. nearly here!
8:58 am
we )ll get you prepared before you hit the roads and the skies. and- kari will be tracking any changes to your forecast. when you join us tomorrow morning on )today in the bay )- 4:30 to 7.
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this morning on megyn kelly today, charlie rose under fire. the broadcaster accused by multiple women accused of pervasive sexual harassment. then gymnasts speak out. two sisters say they were preyed upon by their doctor. they're here to share their real life horror stories. plus, hopeful holidays. a young man endured three terror attacks but considers himself lucky? all that on megyn kelly today right now. >> hi. hi. [ cheers and applause ] >> hi there. hi there. good to see you, everybody. welcome t


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