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tv   Today  NBC  November 23, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PST

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parade at 9:00 this morning. have a wonderful thanksgiving day. thanks for watching. good morning. parade patrol. millions of spectators are lining the streets of the big apple today. and security is stepped up across the city after the halloween truck attack. we'll talk to the police commissioner and the patrol working around the clock. we'll check in with matt and savannah for a preview of the festivities. a congressman apologizing for his nude photo scandal. while democrat john conyers is not retiring in the face of accusations of sexual harassment, as one of his accusers speaks out. >> he became increasingly verbally abusive.
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accusations. >> the officer that was killed with his own gun is set to the in a corruption the very next day. is this the motive investigators have been looking for? and new hope in the missing submarine mystery. ready, set shop. the black friday deals already under way. and a touching look at how our touching troops how our troops in afghanistan are celebrating thanksgiving. today, november 23rd, 2017. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio one a from rocker feller. >> welcome to today. and thank you for joining us on this thanksgiving morning. >> i am craig melvin. >> i am chanel jones.
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>> matt and savannah is already at times square, good morning to you, guys. >> reporter: guys, good morning to you, are you warm enough inside the studio, 72 degrees, it is good. >> they looked comfortable. >> reporter: yeah, it is chilly out here for the 91st macy's thanksgiving parade. things are going get started a little while. one of the broadway shows is going to be performing here. we are excited. not only the performers are ready but the balloons and floats and security, of course. >> reporter: no question about it. security is a major priority. nbc rahimi ellis is several blocks from us here to talk about that aspect of the story, rahimi, good morning to you and happy thanksgiving.
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>> reporter: good morning to you and savannah. this is a big tradition unlike any others. authorities are stretching there is no credible threat for the parade. the idea of having fun and being safe is on everyone's mind. >> reporter: security efforts are front and center as millions are expected to line the streets of new york this morning for a parade. >> these events come off flaw lessly each year because so much work is done and bring it together. >> reporter: visible deterrence are on full display. increase security means more blocked cars and sand truck on the roof. counter terrorism squad and canine units patrol on high alerts. police have been visible throughout the city since last month isis' inspired truck attack in lower manhattan. >> it is going to be a crime
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scene. >> reporter: eight people were killed and several more injured when a motorist ripped through a popular crowded bike path on halloween. last november isis singled out the 2015 parade as an excellent target. this year, officials say there is no credible threat but they are not taking chances. every intersection along the roof is blocked off with the police presence. there is sniper teams and helicopter and as well as portable radiation detectors. on wednesday, the inflation of the parade balloons also met heighten security as hundreds of thousands flocking to the city on the west side to catch a glimpse of floats. >> it is really cool to see all the balloons. >> it the presence of the polic have helped us relax and realize
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it is family friendly. >> reporter: there is a lot of security and even officers that'll be with the balloons as they make their way down the parade root. they'll be talking with other officers monitoring the wind that may come up and cause problems while that's not expected to happen. authorities say one thing they want to do is, if you see something, say something. they need everybody's help in order to stay safe on this thanksgiving parade. >> reporter: thank you, that's such good advice. i want to bring in the commissioner of the new york city, james o'neill and the chief, happy thanksgiving. >> commissioner, we are so excited about the parade and you do all of our worrying for us, what can you tell us so people know the city is safe and the route is safe. >> the city is very safe. we are at the crime number that
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we had since 2017 is unprecedented. first, i want to say what i am thankful for is for the great work of the men and women of nypd. we are ready. >> terry can give you details of what we are doing this year. >> chief, it is a balancing act, is it? >> you want to secure the two miles or so of this parade route and on the other hand, you want people to come out here and feeling it is thanksgiving and it is best. >> exactly, you will see smiling cops all over the place and with heavy we, we'll have cops going along and keeping everyone safe. the entire route is secure and no cross bound traffic and no cars that could get around. we look at what's happening around the world and we adjust. we want you to have a happy thanksgiving parade. this is the safest city in
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america by far. the numbers we had this year is amazing. it is going to be a dpraet dgre day. >> i hope it is the safest few blocks in the city here. >> this is a hometown event for both of you guys. >> i spent a lot of my time in the bronx. i love the city and this job. i want to thank the women and men of sanitation, they are manning those sand trucks for us. i appreciate that. >> chief, you have to step back because you are casting a shadow on that beautiful face, you got to make sure he gets his moment of the sun here. >> thank you very much. >> happy thanksgiving, guys. >> we look forward to the nypd marching band a little while, too. >> it is always just one of the great events in the city every year, craig and chanel, we are going to come back in a little
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while and give you all of our fun facts and just, you know, we'll be quizzing you as well. >> oh, oh. >> let me start googleing. it gives me some time. president trump is spending the holiday from mar-la-go. nbc's kelly o'donell has more, good morning. >> reporter: good morning chanel. the president began on twitter sending a happy thanksgiving to the country and recounting his top priorities. he will send good wishes to the men and women in uniforms later today from mar-a-lago. for a couple of veterans, this holiday is anything but carefree.
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>> reporter: over night, texas congressman, joe barton, turns on an embarrassing episode and said he may be the new victim after e-mails and messages were exploded oall over the internet. confirmed u.s. capitol police are investigating of barton's most private image and words spill in the public view. an unnamed woman provided a recording, she claimed a five years of sexual relationship. and barton warned he would report her to police if she reveals intimate details. over night, the congressman responded.
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"this woman admitted we had a consensual relationship." barton acknowledged he had sexual relationship with what he calls mature, adult woman and apologized for his judgment. another politician under new scrutiny. john conyers denied allegations by two women. melanie sloane is making different accusations. >> he became verbally abusive. >> sloane, an ethic lawyer work ng the house in the many id-90s. >> i was called to come out and he was walking around his under wear and i was shocked. >> reporter: representative conyers has the title of being
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the dean of the house, serving more than 52 years. his lawyer says if allegations force people to require, a lot of people would be out of work this country. the democrats plan to have a new conversation about this after the thanksgiving break. new details of the police detective who was murdered. that officer was shot dead before one day she was set to testify in the probe. tom costello has that report. >> tom chuschiotto, this case remains a homicide investigation. >> reporter: this morning, detective was shot by the gunman was killed by his own gun. just one day before he was set
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to testify for a grand jury in jig investigati investigation. >> the detective is killed with his own gun. police are pointing to his clothing and a brief transition that he made. investigators say the 43 years old were looking for a witness to an unsolved 2016 homicide last week whechb. as he approached, the suspect shot the detective in the head. >> we have officers in that location. let everybody take cover so far. >> police officers would work together on a firearms crime task force have been charged of stealing money and narcotics the last two years.
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>> there is no information that's communicated to me that detective schiotto was anything of a great friend, loving husband and dedicated father. >> an 18 years veteran and a father of five. police did take two people into custody for questioning but released them. the reward information leading to his killer is $215,000. there is a go fund me page. again, a father of a five. >> a sad story. american troops are observing thanksgiving in afghanist afghanistan. hans nichols is there. >> reporter: you can see here, for the rest of us, it serves as a reminder that we are a country
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at war. >> reporter: the war is a combination of fighting and fun. >> at the annual turkey bowl, it is officers verses enlisted from the first b82nd. no one wore rank but they did keep score. the enlisted won. >> this gives us about an hour where we can relax. >> reporter: morning work outs were more intense. >> if you can haul it, you can have it. >> reporter: now the u.s. mission had two prongs, targeting the taliban from the sky and training forces police officers on the ground. >> you got to go back. >> reporter: cooking for 3,000 soldiers here of its army exercise. >> what's a trick against dry turkey?
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>> that's classified, we cannot discuss that. >> reporter: and a helicopter mission to deliver the meal while it is still hot to a forward base. the so called red devils prepare the out going rounds. >> reporter: they're firing about five miles away of 30 seconds air time. the goal is deterrence. you have taliban positions up there. >> rickey taylor is on his night of deployment in afghanistan. he noticed two big changes. the u.s. swap its combat role for a support one. >> reporter: how much time do you give yourself? >> two days, maybe? it was great. to have the opportunity to go home and see the baby. >> reporter: inside the benches are rested and officers are ser served. back homes, many of the young
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soldi soldie soldiers' wives are eating for two. >> reporter: one thing that's trieki striking is how many of them have multiple deployments. how many holidays they missed back home and they are embraced by their brothers and sisters. they have a message for you back home. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thif anksgiving to you. >> lets check in with al roker. hey there uncle al. >> reporter: hey guys and my niece and nephew there. you have to come out here. it is beautiful. we are at 77 central park west where the parade is going to kickoff. it is a bright blue sky, 32 degrees. beautiful morning. forecast, we are looking at temperatures that'll be in the low 30s to start things off.
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by noon when santa comes into harold square, it will be about 40 degrees. the wear is not quite so nice in florida. that's where we had showers and thunderstorms from southern florida and all the way up in the panhandle before it is all over. we are talking some areas, picking up to three or four inches of rain from gainesville and daytona beach. it is remarkable quiet. that's the good news, we are looking at a flood threat in the pacific northwest and heavy rain down in florida. we are going get to your local ♪ ♪ ♪
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la vie est belle l'eclat the new fragrance lancôme now available at macy's, your fragrance destination. good morning. it is 6:59. the south bay now at 57. peninsula 56. tri-valley 52 degrees and expecting mild conditions through the afternoon. you can see san francisco, a couple cloud cover out there, but the north bay right now is expecting a possibility of a couple on and off again showers. a live look at doppler radar. showers moving through ukiah. lower 70s for most inland areas. >> reporter: guys, that turkey is ready to gobble down central park west, we got bands warming up, oh yeah, this is going to be a good 91st macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> it is a beautiful day. chilly but beautiful.
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because shopping small makes a big difference. so, this saturday get up, get out, and shop small. 7:26. good morning to all you turkeys out there. check in with vianey arana and a thanksgiving forecast. good morning. >> off to a pretty good start. good morning. enjoying for the most part mild temperature ace cross the bay area. a live look at san francisco. got a couple clouds in spots. especially the north bay. expect to see a couple on and off again showers. temperature is 57 degrees in san jose. 57 for san francisco. palo alto also at 56 degrees but the forecasted highs for today in the 70s. talking 72 degrees and overall a nice, mild day. scott? >> vianey, counting down to the annual silicon valley turkey trot. thousands of runners getting ready for the race before the
7:27 am
meal. and at the starting line we have bob. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, scott. the idea you do the turkey trot during the meal, tell that of san jose. actually doing the run with the meal. he, of course, participating in this morning's costume contest. here at 1st and santa clara. start of the 13th annual turkey trot. the women's starting in a couple minutes. starting 7:30. big race, the 5k, 10k, most runners. that's at 8:30. we're out. you can still register, why i bring it up. they have 5,000 more spots available. if you want to come out, burn calories before stuffing your face later today, this is the place to do it and raising money for a good cause. donated $6.9 million to charity so far and another $900,000.
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go to the website if you want to get some of that guilt off of you before eating later today. scott? >> bob live in san jose. thanks.
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>> back now at 7:30 on thanksgiving thursday morning. matt, savannah and al are braving the cold covering the parade this morning. >> we're going to check in with them in just a bit. but first, a check of the headlines starting with that parade. >> high flying spectacle. the 91st annual thanksgiving day parade just hours away. balloons are prepped. onlookers are jockeying for position. and security is tighter than ever. >> the nypd has the strongest anti-terrorism capacity of any police force in the country and we're using it to make sure that everyone is here kept safe.
7:31 am
>> desperate search fop the u.s. navy frantically looking for those three service members now missing for more than 24 hours after their transport plane went down in the pacific ocean. a fleet of warships have joined the "uss ronald reagan" as well as scores of helicopters and planes to find these missing sailors. >> how do you plead? >> guilty. >> prison bound. disgraced gymnastics dr. larry nasser pleads guilty to molestation charges after being accused by more than 100 women and girls, including olympic stars. >> you used that position of trust in the most vile way, to abuse children. in the nick of time. officers drag a woman off train tracks in australia moments before the train speeds by. and arresting charm. orlando police visit a local children's hospital to say good night to young patients. >> these kids here just brings a tear to my eye. really means a lot for them.
7:32 am
>> today, thanksgiving thursday, november 23rd, 2017. >> beautiful story. >> yeah. thankful for all of those who are protecting and serving today. >> absolutely. we begin this half hour with a new clue and new hope in the urgent rescue mission for missing argentine submarine, about seven days in and with oxygen levels likely to be critically low, the search is growing increasingly desperate. nbc's keir simmons has the latest. keir, good morning. >> good morning. happy thanksgiving to you, my friend. a heartbreaking holiday for the relatives of those on board this submarine. we are now entering the second week since it was lost. an argentinean navy spokesman saying it is a critical phase. the search intensifying for the missing submarine. and fierce deepening for the crew members, lost somewhere beneath the waters of the atlantic. if the argentinean sailors are alive, their oxygen supply is set to run out at any time. this morning, the ark tinian
7:33 am
navy confirming an unusual noise was detected hours after the submarine's last communication. the navy trying to determine if that noise was an explosion. exhaustive analysis in the united states shows it coincided with the last known position of the sub. more than a dozen countries, including the u.s., and now russia, taking part in the search. president trump tweeting, i have long given the order to help argentina with the search and rescue mission of their missing submarine. 45 people aboard, and not much time left. may god be with them, and the people of argentina. the president's tweet including a factual error, the number of crew on board is 44. and the break in the bad weather is set to end today. more rough seas, more bad news for the sailors' families who have endured days of false hopes. some complaining they're getting little information. and questioning why the agen vessel was at sea. many still holding out hope.
7:34 am
>> we want them to come back, this man says. if you hear us, lord, we want them to return. and this morning just a few hours news of a possible breakthrough, an object was spotted in the sea near the area where the submarine disappeared. we're now hearing, though, that the u.s. navy data analysis reveals that it is not the lost sub. that's according to a spokeswoman for the u.s. embassy in argentina. back to you. >> all right, keir, thank you. let's throw it back to matt and savannah on today's parade route. good morning, guys. >> hi. >> good morning. good timing, by the way. if you look behind us we've got just about to have a rehearsal for the broadway show "anastasia" which is going to be starting in just a couple of minutes. one of the four or five broadway shows that will be part of this macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> and then of course we've got to talk about the character balloons. the marching bands. 1100 cheer leaders and right now we're joined by the man kind of
7:35 am
in charge of it all. the ceo of macy's. good morning, happy thanksgiving. >> good morning. savannah. >> happy thanksgiving. >> this is your first thanksgiving parade as ceo. what does it mean to you about to have this big event? >> well, it is an amazing day. i am looking for twooto greetine crowds. this is an amazing event that we put on. >> reporter: talk about what this parade means year in and year out to the people that work at macy's. >> it is like the dna of our company and the soul of our company. we have 140,000 employees, it is our great opportunity to say to america and all the community that we serve, happy thanksgiving. >> macy's got talent. macy's employees auditioning to sing in one of the shows. >> oh my god, this is one of my favorite things coming up.
7:36 am
one of our great employees came up with this idea. we audition our amazing employees, they are coming from 24 states from hawaii and all the way to staten island. they are all here to sing to america. it is your first year as ceo of macy's, i am not sure if you know all the rules. at some point, the middle of the parade, savannah and i n years past we got to use the vip restroom. >> thank you, we had to do some important business there. >> no pun in intetended. >> happy thanksgiving. lets check with al roker. >> hey guys, olaf is flying
7:37 am
high. we got lauren elena, country star, you are so excited. you are brandon rittim >> i am so excited. this is one of the best thanksgivings that i ever had and thank you very much for letting me do this today. it is crazy, i watch this everyday with my family. >> which float are you on? >> from the green giant. so i hope that i will look real small. >> which song are you doing? >> "doing fine," it is a song about my family. good morning. off to a great start. outside looking absolutely beautiful. we can expect mild temperatures today. slightly warmer than we're supposed to be around this time
7:38 am
of year. microclimate forecast, san jose, 72. milpitas, 70 degrees. east bay, upper 60s. lower 70s. 72, walnut creek and up in the peninsula, and san francisco, similar conditions and expect partly cloudy skies through the afternoon. the greatest weather and of course, you are going to be finishing, you start your football day with nbc and you are going to finish your football day with nbc. that's because we got thursday night, football, it is a thanksgiving feast. the giants flying into fedex stadium. that's right to take on washington, landover, maryland, cold and 37 degrees. loosen your pants and watch
7:39 am
sunday night, football night in america on thanksgiving night. >> guys. >> every time, it is something about that voice, right? >> we'll take it. coming up here on thanksgiving morning. unless you are the president, you don't know a lot about camp david. we are giving you a behind the scenes look. dylan is in the room with black friday shoppers that's trying to skip the line. >> more and more children are getting sent to the er for sport injuries. one hospital is changing that. >> some stores are rewarding you ♪ so... you like it. little bit. nothing gets a reaction like a gift from kay jewelers. where everything is 25% off. save 25% off all rings, all necklaces, and all bracelets. that's 25% off everything! november 17th through 26th. at kay, the #1 jewelry store in america.
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answer them with zicam! zicam. get your better back. now in delicious fruit drops. a rare booiehind the scene look, one so exclusive that it has not been opened to public. >> nbc national correspondent
7:44 am
peter alexander caught up with the former commander about his new book, peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey there, happy thanksgiving to you. president trump and his family is spending their thanksgiving here on palm beach. >> of course, this president prefers the glitz and glamour of his mar-a-lago property. he has joined all his predecessor heading to the camp david to avoid the camera and congress and the press. for all the perks and the planes and the pomps and secret service, the president's most private space. so many fell in love with. >> its got to be the most exclusive place in the world. >> he takes us inside camp david of this new book.
7:45 am
>> it is leek you and i. they have their likes and dislikes and they like sports and tv and they like to be left alone. camp is the place to do that. >> it was ike who named it after his grandson david. this get away mountains in maryland has been the place for many to hike down and saddle up and unwhine. george bush goes sliding with the terminator or the height of the cold war left the soviet leader behind the wheel with the president. >> he gave him a lincoln. nixon in the passenger seat, they almost wrecked to the bottom of the hill. >> later, president obama and ly clinton, both taught their daughters to drive there. >> is that the most suit up golf
7:46 am
cart that you have seen. >> and his first day on the job, he got an unexpected guest. >> we find out the president coming that night. so immediately, i had to usher my family and two wife and daughters. i am into the game now. it is a place so peaceful. >> some of the meetings are officially under way today at camp david. >> three presidents have telluritried to make peace here. >> they are rust i can and single cabin. >> does not like trump-like. >> after spending father's day here with his family, he called camp david a special place. >> the camp was eager and worried and excited to host the president. i believe he's seeing the value of getting away from it all.
7:47 am
>> what would the life of the president be without a camp david? >> most presidents have said we would go crazy without it. it was where i got my relief. it is their place to get away. we all need our down time especially our president needs a down time. >> reporter: it is a rare and cool look inside camp david. >> the name changed to camp david by president eisenhower. it is unclear how many memory president trump is set to make there. >> more on the book is on >> you will not believe what >> you will not believe what some shopp ♪ i'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain ♪ >> you will not believe what some shopp
7:48 am
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7:52 am
others are cashing in on the idea. best buy shirt for $110 to be specific and austen says hit me up. >> it will not help anyone getting into or out of the store any faster. >> i guess it was worth a thought at least. >> coming up, we'll have much more from the macy's thanksgiving day ahead including this sneak peek ♪
7:53 am
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7:56 am
. good morning. it is 7:55. hope you're enjoiiying your thanksgiving so far. and 70s, a warmer afternoon overall. san haajose, 75. silicon valley turkey trot, what you can expect this early morning. by 8:00 a.m., 55 degrees. by 10:00 a.m., 67 degrees. 11:00 a.m., mostly clear. perfect weather. heading out now, good luck. i hope you have a great run and, of course, a great thanksgiving dinner with family and friends, because we've also got great weather on wait. scott? >> another tradition. annual thanksgiving day meal at glide memorial. thousands of dinners handed out to those in need. pete is live inside. good morning! >> reporter: yes, good morning to you, scott. yes, stepping out of the way as
7:57 am
folks are getting things ready for this thanksgiving day celebration. scott, you mentioned, an annual event. look at that big piece of ham. cutting the ham, a part of the thanksgiving celebration takes place every year here at glide memorial in san francisco. looking at the ham. they'll have 200 hams, 300 turkeys you're seeing there. cutting right there. as well as 3,000 pounds of potatoes for all of these people coming here. it's for folks in need during this holiday season. really sharing the thanksgiving spirit. sharing this meal and really taking care of each other during this time. now, all of this starts at 10:30 a.m. they're very busy here now. check in with you in the next hour as we get closer to when that celebration takes place. live in san francisco, for "today in the bay." nor local news coming up in a half an hour. have a wonderful thanksgiving. really?
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
it is 8:00 on "today," coming up, prepping for the parade. >> nypd has the strongest antiterrorism force in the country. >> security for today's thanksgiving parade and new yorkers remaining on high alert, matt and savannah is out on the scene. why wait for friday, we'll tell you where and when to find the best black friday deals right now. >> last minute turkey tips, everything you need to know to whip up the feast with all the fixes. we'll teach you how to make a
8:01 am
meal that'll have your loved ones making thanks. today, november 23rd, 2017. >> first up, the plaza. >> what are you most excited for today? >> food, family and football. >> so it is an extra special holiday for you? >> it is my 40th birthday. >> what's the one thing on your buck li bucket list? >> to visit "today" show. >> welcome back today, we appreciate you being with us on your thanksgiving day morning. . we are grateful for you. >> there is, a positive energy in the air. we got a lot to get at this hour. lets check in with matt and savannah. they are 15 block south of here in herald square get ready for the 91st macy's thanksgiving day
8:02 am
parade. happy thanksgiving, guys. >> we have been doing this for a number of years now. we thought we have a little fun with you. a couple of the easy ones, we got 17 huge character balloons, 28 legacy balloons and 26 floats. >> 1100 cheer leaders. >> a lot of a thousand clowns. there is twelve marching bands. you know the band that everyone is waying foiting for, right? >> the ohio state university. >> yes, they were in the parade today. >> we'll ask you some questions. how long is the parade route, do you know? >> um -- >> four miles. >> 2.5 miles. >> okay. back in the 1920, chanel, they
8:03 am
used to do something with smaller balloons that they no longer do. >> um -- take them home. i don't know. >> at the end the parade, they would let them fly in the air and they have return addresses on them, if one of them landed at your yard and you return it to macy's, you will get a price. >> what's the tallest blackmon th balloon this year. >> turkey. >> the olaf. >> very good. >> 16 feet high. >> what was the first year that the parade was televised? >> the '50s. >> 1964. >> earlier, earlier. >> 1946. >> oh. >> no i did not host it that year. [ laughter ] >> our final question is, who hosted the parade for 20 years straight. any guesses? >> al roker. >> al would be apart of that as
8:04 am
well. it is so much fun, it really is, we got a great day for the parade. people are gathering here in front of macy's department store and it gets under way at 9:00. we'll see you a bit. >> something that we watch every year. >> my apologies to the good folks of ohio university. >> you are banned from athens, ohio >> thank you, we'll check in with you a little bit. lets get right to your news at 8:00. there is a new scandal. this one surrounding the republican congressman. kelly o'donell have you covered from palm beach florida where president trump is celebrating on this thanksgiving holiday. kelly, good morning to you. >> lets start af off, the presit will send good wishes via
8:05 am
conference from his mar-a-lago home. >> but, this will not be a relaxing holiday for texas congressman, joe barton, there were embarrassing nude photos that's all over the internet. >> over night, barton says the u.s. capitol police is investigating whether it is a potential crime. >> she became aware that she was involved with other women and shared some of that materials with them. >> barton says he did have consensual relationships with other women while she was separated from his wife. last week's unsolve shooting death of a police detective,
8:06 am
shawn suttor was scheduled to testify just one day after he was killed. he was shot with his own gun. there is no evidence to suggest that the murder was part of a conspiracy. no arrest have been made in the case. now for some good news especially for early risers like us. there is a new study suggests that drinking coffee may have some real health benefits. more than 200 medical studies on coffee concluded that three to four cups a day could lower the risk of heart disease. it can link to cancer and depression and dementia. it was not all good news. researchers say drinking coffee during coffee could be harmful and links to increase of fractures in women.
8:07 am
this year's store have been rolling out deals all week to compete for your cash. >> jo lynn camp is here to help you get started on your holiday shopping. >> happy thanksgiving, guys. you have so many shoppers getting you to shop online. here is what's open and when? >> k-mart getting started with deals early and select gap stores will be opening their doors early as well. at 2:00, maybe you have already evening, jc penney is opening an hour earlier last year. they are giving away major coupons. we are talking about 500 bucks off and all of that is on the line here. jc penney, you got to go in person is the thing. old navy is opening up around
8:08 am
4:00. game stop is opening. thanksgiving day, this is a good time to get some discounts on gaming consults and navy got dea deals. all the deals at old navy is in deal today. >> macy's and toys r' us and kohl's is opening earlier. at my s at my sacy's, you can get a fre coffee maker. if you don't want to wait until cyber monday. now, an hour later, thanksgiving day, 6:00, target is an hour later than last year. you got you will thulta and sea. then you got the big one, the 24
8:09 am
hours, walmart. but, if you want to go shopping this morning before you have the turkey dealer. you have to know that the deals don't start until 6:00 p.m. maybe you want to line up early and get there before the lines are super long. you can get tvs and home appliances and all of that stuff deep discould wannts. >> those nice accessories, you may want to wait until monday. >> a lot of retailers are going to be closing tonight. if you choose to go later in the evening, maybe sleep it off and go first thing tomorrow morning on black friday and save yourselves some trouble. >> a lot of good information. one of the stores i was there the other day, the clerk told me to come back on friday. trust me, put them back, you will save money. >> that's because you had to buy twelve sweaters for all of those
8:10 am
kids. >> a lot of life changes for super model christie teigen. >> the music super star wooilie nelson, he's touring in this home we are grateful.
8:11 am
for the things we have. for those we love and for making it to the grown up table. what matters most is made at home. ♪
8:12 am
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8:14 am
back now on thanksgiving morning. it is time to trend. lets take a look at what's trending on twitter right now. to surprising the parade is trending. >> now to an inspire story taken the internet by a storm. a new woman driving before midnight and she runs out of gas. she says her heart and chest was not doing what it needs to do. kate pulled over and started walking to the gas station. >> that is when she met johnny. >> johnny, he was a homeless man sitting on the side of the road. he reapproached her and told her to get back to her car and locked her doors. johnny uses his last 20 bucks to buy her gas. >> johnny asked for nothing in return.
8:15 am
kate and her boyfriend decides to visit him a few times a week and take food or money or clothing. johnny is a marine core veteran and he goines on short. >> kate decided to do something more. >> check out his reaction when they told him he had raised $1,700. >> as of right now, we have that much. >> i cannot see. >> $1,700. >> that changes my life right there. >> it gets better. >> johnny is excited and grateful. he's se his selfless gesture inspired many folks. that total is 30,000 and
8:16 am
counting. >> oh my god. we'll check in later in the broadcast. that's so fantastic. i hope you will give him resources to help him get back to his feet. >> 130,000 right there. >> he was so competed for $1,700. >> we'll keep follow that story. >> let us start with shawn cassidy. tributes continue to pour for his late brother, david cassidy. when i was a little boy, my brother would always visit. during the battle, he would tell me our scary story of my father. i tried to catch him, of course, but i never could. now, i will carry him along with
8:17 am
the extraordinary day we shared. >> shawn thanked fans and it meant the world to him. on tuesday, we talk about twitter's big raid, shoiuld she get bangs or not? >> the verdict is no. but she looks great. everybody is so excited of her daughter luna and with the adorable announcement. take a look. >> luna. what's in here? >> baby. >> oh, baby. >> it is a baby. christie captioned the video. this will be the second child. >> and jimmy fallon. in case you over cook your turkey today, here is something that lifts your spirit.
8:18 am
>> jimmy asks fans to share their biggest thanksgiving fail. >> two years ago, my aunt forget turkey and deserts so thanksgiving dinner is different kinds of potatoes. >> one year my grandmother was complaining of snacks, she was eating something else. >> my grandpa was making mashed potatoes when his dentures fell into them and he stared back at me and he said don"don't you te a soul." that's your pop star. >> yes, let us get to "daly click." >> police officers are handing out turkey instead of tickets. >> what i want to do is give you a turkey for thanksgiving.
8:19 am
would that be all right? >> we'll give you a turkey today. >> omnivore, okay, god bless you so much. slow down and be careful. >> happy thanksgiving. we are cutting a break. >> thank you, god bless you guys. oh my god. god bless you guys. >> they started off so mad. >> wait a minute, and they were much happier to get out of the ticket. it is a win especially if you did not get your turkey yet. >> we want to discourage from going out and driving 90 miles per hour hoping get a turkey. lets go back to al please, another check of the weather. how is it going out there? >> it feels like thanksgiving. it is crisp and clear and we got scrap ready and acorn from the ice age movie. we got a beautiful day.
8:20 am
lets show you what we got going on now. weather wise, it is not a terrible day across the country. things are pretty quiet. we start off with our parade forecast and by the time santa hits hits herald square, it is 40 degrees and a beautiful day. there is a flood threat in the pacific northwest, record highs through the southwest in to southern california, colds and sunny in the northeast. heavy rainmaking its way down through florida. tomorrow for people going out shopping. we got showers lingering through florida. staying mild in the southwest and great day mid atlantic age into the northeast and a few showers left back through the pacific northwest. the turkey is ready to go. i got to tell you, i am not talking about me or matt, we are talking about this that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. we've got a couple of clouds over san francisco, but overall, very peaceful weather on this
8:21 am
thanksgiving day. the temperatures are mild and they are expected to warm up quite nicely. if you're heading out to the turkey trot, here's a rundown. temperatures will be in the 50s for the majority of the day and then by about 10:00 a.m., we will climb into the 60s, topping out into the 70s by the afternoon for san jose. overall, you can expect mild weather with partly clear skies by the afternoon. >> and that's your latest weather. guys. >> al roker, thank you, we'll come back to you in just a moment. >> a special series, "changing the game today." we take a look at rising number of injuries in child athletes. >> children's hospitals in the country is looking to prevent them before they happen. >> reporter: young athletes are taking a lot more at bats and hand offs and corner kicks than ever before. with all that practice and games
8:22 am
is leading to more injuries. four and tenn er visits are relating to sports. many children pushed being specialized at sports. that means focusing on a set of muscles taking a repeated strain over and over again. as well as arthritis affecting some athletes still in college. >> surgeries repairing torn acls jumping 59% since 2002. >> we are seeing a different patterns of injuries in the knee. >> we are seeing acl injuries in young children that we never saw before. we are seeing complete acl injuries on 6 years old. >> some parents are turning into a place ahead of the curve. the boston children's hospital. their goal is to prevent injuries before they happen and to provide the best care and
8:23 am
recovery to cheildren in the event that they do. if you cared about any athletes, it has to be children. the mckaley center is teaming with young athletes helping them use your muscle group. and better way of exercises and drills and practice and making them better athletes and more importantly helping individuals. >> i find myself dance, taking them back to the studio and as well as helping myself. my teacher noticed big improvements. emmy have been coming here for five years and her brother cj since he was just eight years oo old. >> i have gotten faster and stronger and more agility when i did come here. >> how do you think it translates in the field? >> i can move quicker and throw a ball faster.
8:24 am
>> their mother amy wants to take an active approach to ensure their kids to grow up into adults. >> we are seeing these kids running from game to game and sport to sport, we want them to be passionate of what they do but we want them to be safe. olivia who's been out on the ice her entire life. >> how long have you been playing hockey? >> probably since when i was around 2 years old. >> you started walking at one, how is that possible? >> reporter: olivia suffers from torn acl. >> my knees snapped and went one day and my body went the other. >> i thought i was in destructib destructible. i feel good when i am around people that know what i am doing that help me out. with trainers and parents on the same team.
8:25 am
young athletes won't have to go alone. >> science behind how a child's body grows have not change but demands on our bodies have. >> we ask parents of some of these questions and when it comes to taking additional steps to protect injuries for their kids, they were split differently. half of the parents were not taking precautions. you have kids so young as six tearing their acl. >> tomorrow, we'll take a look at the rising cost of sports on a different toll it takes on family. >> coming up, wilie nelson, first, your local news.
8:26 am
good morning. it is 8:26. happy thanksgiving. we're off to a fantastic start weatherwise. looking absolutely beautiful thanks to our weather underground cameras. we've got a mild start. it looks like we're going to enjoy a very lovely yet warm afternoon. today's highs are expected to climb into the 60s and 70s overall. you're heading out to the turkey trot, here's what you can expect. i know a lot of folks have been up bright and early stretching out. by 10:00 a.m., that's when we'll notice an increase in temperatures into the 60s. it will be perfect weather for all of the runners out there. let us know if you're heading out to the turkey trot. we do have some live pictures right now in downtown san jose. there they are. they're already lined up and ready to go.
8:27 am
we're going to wish them a lot of luck and power to them for waking up so early on thanksgiving. i'm sure they're going to enjoy a fantastic turkey dinner tonight. i hope you do too because we are expecting to keep this nice weather at least through today and also for tomorrow so good luck to all of the runners out there. i hope you have a lovely afternoon.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
[ cheers ] 8:30 on this thanksgiving morning, november 23rd, 2017. we have a crowd waves to friends and family back home. >> are you warm? >> i am quite warm. >> yes. >> you might need my scarf. >> do you see this poster? i said -- i asked some questions. >> happy birthday uncle craig.
8:31 am
>> do you know this man? >> she's like no. that's not my uncle craig. >> on this thanksgiving we want to give people a chance to tell us what they are thankful for. let's go down the line. what are you thankful for? >> my boss for making this trip to new york possible. >> how about you guys? >> what are you thankful for? >> my fiance. >> so sweet. >> and you guys? >> today is our birthday. >> awesome. and you're so close to speaking in unison. >> we practiced. >> what are you thankful for? >> our family. >> we are thankful to everyone here for being out here on a very chilly thanksgiving morning. >> happy thanksgiving. >> what are you thankful for? >> i am thankful for you guys
8:32 am
and i'm thankful for my family and i'm thankful today at 2:00 i'm clicking my heels and going to kansas. >> you? >> this time last year i was this pregnant. i couldn't even get the turkey out of the oven and now i have a little boy that will probably eat an entire thanksgiving plate. i'm very thankful for my family. >> and also catching up with 84-year-old willie nelson. he is releasing a new album and this decades into his career. we have side dishes and deserts that will fill out your thanksgiving men yan menu in a . >> and first uptown and one final check of the parade weather on this thanksgiving morning.
8:33 am
>> reporter: we are up here at 77th and central park west where they kick off the parade. and joining me for the second time of the parade we have nick, drew, jeff and justin. say hello to 98 degrees. they are back. this is your 20th anniversary. does it seem like it's been 20 years? >> it's flown by really. yesterday were were just starting out. it feels great to be back. >> and this is the -- you guys have your second christmas at bum out, right? >> yes. our single season of love is out as well. it feels good to do a second version of a christmas record, a second volume. >> reporter: you war boy band. are you now a man band? >> we are a gramps band. 20 years later we are the old man band. >> we still got it. >> we still got the moves.
8:34 am
>> give us those signature move. >> this one. >> i can do that. i can do that. i have a lot to be thankful that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> temperatures are in the upper 50s right now for the peninsula. 57 degrees. trivalley, 53 degrees. in the south bay, it is already warming up into those mid to upper 50s. san francisco, 58 degrees. north bay looking beautiful this morning with 52 degrees. and the east bay, 56 degrees. we are expecting a nice temperature trend climb in santa clara at least into the 70s and upper 60s will remain in the forecast midafternoon. if you notice, keeping a little bit of cloud cover. woods. we want to help you get a
8:35 am
360 view of the parade no matter where you are. go to verizon's you tube channel. craig, what is that you're wearing? was that a wreath? what was that? >> did you like the scarf? >> reporter: oh, it was a scarf. >> oh, okay. i wasn't sure. >> i don't always get to see you. happy thanksgiving. i'm thankful for you. >> i don't know if it matches your jacket. >> yes. all right. now to today's thanks and giving, all about the pioneer work being done at saint jude's. >> he is a loving boy who is still flashing his winning smile even as he battles his biggest villain, cancer. here is his story. >> all right. surprise surprise. >> how are you? >> cameron scott deserves a day
8:36 am
like this. you like legos and super heros. what do you say we head over there and forget about what you have been dealing with. you like it? let's go. about a year ago doctors diagnosed if eight-year-old with a rare brain cancer. remarkably today cameron is cancer free. >> today we are celebrating a special hero, someone that is small but mighty. his name is cameron and just like heros, he is a fighter. >> on this day in the florida sunshine cameron and his family share a much needed vacation. excitement at legoland florida resort. >> here bego, one, two, three. [ cheers and applause ] >> that was so awesome.
8:37 am
great job cameron. >> the youngest of six cameron is fascinated with super heros. >> bat man, his philosophy is all of the otherthe other super super powers. bat man uses his brain, he thinks. >> no one could have thought falling down some stairs and resulting back pain would leave to a discovery of cancer. >> it was an out of body experience. they showed us the back and his spine and the doctor looking at the picture turned to the other doctor and says, i need another mri and i need you to scan upward. when the second mri comes back and revealing, how did you process that? >> i am dad and i have to be strong for everybody. i just felt we are going to fight. >> reporter: cameron under went
8:38 am
an extensive four hours surgery to remove the tumor and following treatments. >> the braa pioneer at saint ju to an in valuable discovery. >> now it is comprised of four different types of the disease. he had megioblastoma. >> cameron's tumor spread down to his spine and what we consider high risk stage four. researchers say saint jude unblock cameron's cancer. they chose a heightly targeted treatments. >> how, after treatments, you can see there is no tumor present. >> how did you pay the medical bills? >> what bills?
8:39 am
>> oh, i don't know -- saint jude covered everything. >> at only 53 pounds. cameron endured six months of chemo therapies. >> i feel amazing. i feel like i have been through everything. cameron is an honorary bat man himself. the family is firefighter grateful for saint jude. i stay humble and thankful and you know like today -- today, today means a lot it means a lot. >> it makes me feel like e everybody loves me.
8:40 am
he's my hero. >> winter haven, florida. >> beautiful story. >> our national outreach director, maureen thomas is here. >> he's cancer free. the most exciting words on the planet. it is cancer free. >> saint judes discovered there were four different types of brain cancer. we did not realize it before, how did it help with his treatment sns. >> children who were getting these protocols were not being cured. because they thought it is only one. it turns out cameron had the worst one. he was treated with the most aggressive chemo and radiation. now, what's exciting is this new trial is being run around 20 other sites around the world. all the data is going to come top saint jude and we'll be able to advance survival rates of the
8:41 am
children. that's the most exciting part. we'll be saving more kids all over the world. margo. thank you, we are thankful of the work that saint jude is doing. up in the case, wilie nelson, what happens on that bus mr. roker, ♪ ♪ think of your fellow man, ♪ lend him a helping hand, ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ you'll see it's getting late, oh please don't hesitate...♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart...
8:42 am
♪ in your heart. (vo) going on now, our subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars to those in need.
8:43 am
this morning on "today living legends willie nelson. "te living legend, wilie nelson. al caught up with him. >> reporter: he's a one of a kind. with a multi city tour and a brand new album. wilie nelson shows no signs of slowing down.
8:44 am
♪ ladies and gentlemen, wilie nelson. ♪ >> reporter: with the voice of a story teller, 84 years old ♪ >> first of all, thank you. i've never been on a tour bus before. >> really? >> this is pretty cool. >> well, welcome. >> what keeps you going? >> i think the music itself. there's a magic there that goes through all boundaries and hits right in the soul and people like it. ♪ blue eyes crying in the rain. >> nelson has the fanfare to prove it. he's sold more than 40 million records in the united states alone. >> you're known primarily for country music and then you did stardust. you did those standards. ♪ my stardust melody >> i've been doing those songs all my life back before i knew how great they really were.
8:45 am
and i think the same thing about me and the boys album coming out. there's a lot of songs in there young people have never heard. >> the multi-grammy winner released an album of classics earlier this year recorded with his sister and his two sons. ♪ i'll get over you by clinging to those heeling hands ♪ >> what do you think they think about playing with the old man? >> i think they get a kick out of it and it's giving them a new way to go with their music. >> there's always been a softer side to you. >> i hope so. i hope that hard part doesn't show up too much. >> the signature braids, i'm jealous because i could never do that. when did you start doing that? >> my grandmother had braids and my sister and i used to braid her hair every night. sort of therapeutic in a way. when my hair got so long and i
8:46 am
wasn't going to the barbershop, it was just a natural thing to braid it and put on a bandana. >> you're an author. you're a song writer. you've been an actor, a real activist. which one gives you the most satisfaction? >> music. that's an easy question. that's where my heart is. that's why i'm out here. >> if you had to talk to your 24-year-old self, is there anything you would tell him? >> he wouldn't listen. [ laughter ] >> i could tell him everything and he'd say okay. you know. mistakes, i've made 1,000. whether i would go back and change anything or not, i don't know. because that would obviously change where we are right now. >> do you ever think about slowing down? >> all the time. [ laughter ] >> after every show. [ laughter ] >> guys, i've got to tell you,
8:47 am
with all the living legends we've done, the one point that each one makes, including willie nelson, do what you love and just keep doing it until you can't do it anymore. he has no intentions of slowing down whatsoever. >> cheers to that. >> good to see him playing with his sons, too. that's cool. >> thank you, al. >> happy thanksgiving, guys. >> happy thanksgiving you to. up next, speaking of thanksgiving, some last minute thanksgiving dishes to save the day for all of you procrastinators out there.
8:48 am
8:49 am
it is a special thanksgiving day. today just maybe the olympic of eating and if you are short a dish or two for dinner tonight or simply out of space, don't panic. we have quick recipes for us. you can pull these out of the hat. >> absolutely. >> the day started, we are half
8:50 am
way through. if you are not prepared, this is this is the only thing that's going to save you today. look. numb one, we are not using valuable space. that's high rant on that stove because we got turkey and things that needs to be in there. lets use your crock pot. >> we have redskin potatoes. >> why? >> because we don't have to peal them. we are tired at this point and all the family is here and we are worn out. now, this is two hours in a crock pot on hot or four on low. >> and then we have our potatoes that are finished. you are looking in amazement. >> you can definitely do this. >> this is sour cream. we have a little bit more sorry.
8:51 am
>> this is mississippi. >> we don't play in the south. >> exactly. i am speaking your language. now we have a little bit of garlic. >> a little bit? >> it is fun, it is the holidays. now we'll go ahead and put our mixer into in. >> you want me to do it for you? >> you think you can? don't mess it up. everything in is in here and once it is mixed up, we leave it and it will stay warm. now, you are making me a little nervous. >> we are moving on. we are moving on. >> i know it is fun. men love power tools. don't you? >> you cannot help yourself. >> does that count as a power tool? >> well, it is an art in the kitchen. >> what are we doing today for gravy. we have our thank you aourkey a done and we are now going to strain these wonderful
8:52 am
drippings, make sure that you have a bowl under this. i will never forget the year that i drained it and had the drainer in the sink. you want to make sure you have a bowl under there. don be like me. >> just these four greingredien. we have our butter and flour and then we need to cook that a little bit. >> vegetables is good. >> let the flour cook out. i am going to let you go there. do you see how nice and pretty that is? >> we are going to slow add in our dripping. honey, the thing is, remember, with the turkey, go ahead and when you are basting it, make sure you got baileys and corn. this broth is full of flavors. this is our bread pudding. this is all in your fridge. a little bit of butter and milk
8:53 am
and honey, you have done a few eggs and you can make this. >> this is amazing. >> this is amazing. >> fishing off this plate before i will have an actual plate. >> so good. >> save some room. >> this is fantastic. >> thank you, happy thanksgiving to you. >> who brought their entire family? >> 20 people from mississippi. [ laughter ] >> you don't travel like th that -- >> we are back in a moment, all of thisecipes r i thought i knew everything about garth brooks. well, it turns out she doesn't. but now i do. i just finished his new book. yes, he wrote a book. i'm so proud of him. it's not a book. it's "the anthology part 1" of a part 5 series. it's a... it's a book with cds in it. and stories like i've never heard before.
8:54 am
pictures i've never seen. in a really sweet package. i know what i'm getting everybody for christmas this year. (announcer) 240 pages, 5 albums, and hundreds of never-before-seen photos. available now at walmart. and honey, there's some things in here that i don't think i would've told.
8:55 am
thank you so much for spending your holiday with us. we had an update of the heartwarming johnny. the total raised on his go me fund me page is skyrocketed. $152,000. >> a lot of you guys reached out with questions how to contribute. we have more info. on
8:56 am
>> we may have another update tomorrow. have good morning. we've got a peaceful and beautiful start. look at this shot overlooking san francisco. on this thanksgiving morning. i hope your morning is off to a fantastic start, because your afternoon should be pretty good, at least weatherwise anyway. san francisco will be in the 60s, about 55 degrees. we do have the spotty rain expected for the north bay, but once that clears out, all that will be left behind is some clouds and mild temperatures in the 70s for the south bay.
8:57 am
overall, though, our temperatures will begin to climb in the upper 70s and that incoming rain should move out quite nicely by the afternoon. we can expect to see mostly clear skies and of course those nice mild temperatures that will then kind of move out and in our next rain chance, won't come into play until the end of the week as we head into the weekend ahead. overall today, you can expect a very nice thanksgiving day with comfortable temperatures in the 70s. and then of course we can expect to see some coastal clouds through the morning and we've got snow. if you're heading out for thanksgiving morning, you can expect a nice commute. the rain does move in as we head into the weekend. overall, i hope you all have a very lovely thanksgiving morning and afternoon. you could save energy by
8:58 am
8:59 am
weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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♪ calling out around the world are you ready ♪ ♪ for a brand new beat thanksgiving's here ♪ ♪ and the time is right for dancing in the street ♪ ♪ down in new orleans ♪ in new york city ♪ all we need is music, sweet music ♪ ♪ there will be music everywh e everywhere ♪ ♪ there'll be music everywhere they'll be swinging, swaying ♪ ♪ and records playing dancing in the street ♪ ♪ oh it doesn't matter what you


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