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tv   Today  NBC  November 27, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PST

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>> good to know. that's what's happening on "today in the bay." we'll be back with a live update. >> see you at 11:00 as well. have a great day. test. good morning. breaking news. it's official. prince harry and meghan markle stepping out just hours after they announce they were engad. harry telling reporters he's thrilled. meghan showing off the ring. another royal wedding set for the spring. we're live at kensington palace with all the latest details. breaking overnight, a volcano erupts on the popular resort island of bali, sending dark clouds of ash into the air. residents told to evacuate. the airport shut down. tens of thousands of tourists now stranded. speaking out.
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>> i've let the people down. >> senator al franken breaks his silence on the sexual harassment is allegations against him. while a top democratic congressman gives up a key leadership position in the wake of multiple allegations against him. how will the growing scandals impact things in washington, with lawmakers returning to work today. all that, plus another frightening dance floor collapse. why today is expected to be the biggest online shopping day in history. and the dirty truth about makeup samples. an investigation that will leave you thinking sharing is not caring, today, monday, november 27th, 2017. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a monday
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morning. 7:00 on the west coast. so if you had in your office pool 10:00 a.m. london time, monday the 27th of november, for the announcement of this engagement, you're the big winner. >> you are. and buy a lottery ticket, as well. it was a very well-kept secret. we've now seen prince harry and meghan markle's first appearance as an engaged couple. there they were walking into the gardens of kensington palace. photographers coaxing out a few questions and answers from the royal couple. of course, that's our top story. >> flashing the ring and smiles. it is a feels-good story. let's make it our top story and get to kelly cobiella also at kensington palace. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. after all the speculation the past several days, turns out prince harry actually popped the question earlier this month in london. just a few minutes ago, as you were just showing, meghan markle in this very private -- and this very private prince stood before the cameras for the first time
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as an engaged couple. a beaming prince harry asked when he knew meghan markle was the one. >> the very first time we met. >> reporter: end in ham showing her -- meghan showing her ring. they've been spending more and more time together. here hand in hand at the invictus games. a very public show of their close relationship. becoming one of the most famous couples in the world. now officially to marry. >> thrilled, thank you very much. i hope they'll be very happy indeed. >> reporter: meghan speaking openly about their feelings to "vanity fair," telling the magazine, "we're two people who are really happy and in love." how did this american capture the heart of the world's most eligible bachelor? >> okay. >> reporter: acting in the drama "suits," here trying on a wedding dress, has brought her a measure of fame and familiarity with the paparazzi. she also ran her own lifestyle blog called "the tig," appearing here on "today" to promote it.
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>> a faux fall set here to get us in the mood. like harry she also supports charity work such as that for world vision. an avid social media user, leaving hints of their relationship on instagram. this is not the first serious relationship for either. at 36, meghan's been married before. although her marriage to producer trevor edgeson lasted just two years. harry is no stranger to beautiful women. he's been pictured with several since his first serious love, a six-year relationship with chelsea davey. and he's made no secret of the fact that he loves children. telling "newsweek," "i am determined to lead a relatively normal life. if i am lucky enough to have children, they can have one, too. harry recently speaking out about weight of royal
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expectation. "is there any one of the royal family who wants to be king or queen? i don't think so." he seems to have found his way. sharing the pain of losing his mother early by encouraging war veterans to speak out about their trauma. [ applause ] >> hello, orlando! >> reporter: only one other british royal married an american diver-- divorcee. paving the way for grandmother's mother to become queen. harry won't have to give anything up to marry meghan. >> with meghan markle now, an american in the royal family, that means that america has a little piece of our monarchy. >> reporter: and this morning, the congratulations are pouring in for members of the royal family. and this from meghan's parents. they said, "we're incredibly happy for meghan and harry. our daughter has always been a kind and loving person. to see her union with harry, who shares the same qualities, is a source of great joy for us as parents.
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we wish them a lifetime of happiness and are very excited for their future together." and we have details about the ring. the closeup look here. you see that center stone, it's from botswana, according to the palace. the two side stones are from princess diana's private collection, guys. all three diamonds. >> kelly cobiella at kensington palace. thank you very much. our royal expert, victoria aer. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we've seen the couple up close. what do you think about where they came out and chose to have their first appearance? >> they seemed googly-eyed. they were hanging on each other very close. i think it was touching where they chose to have their first appearance. they had photographers meet them in the diana princess of wales memorial garden where they had it planted with white roses this summer to commemorate the anniversary of their mother's
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death. the stone from botswana is particularly meaningful. they holidayed there earlier this year. then harry's nod to his mother, again, with the two stones from diana's collection. >> not to put you on the spot, but there's a lot on the royal cal doendar in the spring. now another event. we understand this wedding will take place sometime. any guesses how this might fit into other events? >> you're absolutely right. the royal calendar is inflexible and regimented. they do not shift anything around. they're saying spring. how far does spring extend -- >> let's not forget, there's another royal baby coming in april i think. >> in april. that's where it gets a little tricky. kate's baby is due in april. easter is very early in april this year. if i were baa betting person -- i'm not -- i would say the weekend after the easter, the beginning of april. in may, kate's got a brand-new baby. she's not going to want to leave the baby. the royal family think of these things. >> of course. how is meghan's life going to change? here's someone we know a little bit from being here.
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an american woman who's suddenly going to be part of royalty. >> her life is going to change dramatically. remember that william and harry as the only sons of charles, the future king, they will have a senior level within the royal family. with that comes a tremendous amount of responsibility. harry has carved out an amazing niche for himself in the invictus games. meghan will be along with that, an incredible platform to support her own causes as she's already done in the states. i think where her life changes is in terms of just public interest. the american public in particular has always loved the royal family. now america has a vested interest. >> we should remember also, i think november of last year, didn't kensington palace say, look, we already think that the press coverage of meghan markle has been the top. it was a warning, a shot to the media. >> it was a royal tongue lashing, actually. when you heard the words spoken, you could hear harry's voice all over it.
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that was not written by an aide. that was harry coming to her defense. chelsea davies, his previous long-term girlfriends got out. they said we can't help this intrusion. meghan is more prepared, she's an older, mature, sophisticated young lady. it's a lot when you're suddenly living it. >> it is, indeed. we'll be watching along with everyone. thank you very much. we'll have a lot more on the big announcement throughout the morning. also breaking overnight, a natural disaster unfolding on the resort island of bali. the airport shut down. tens of thousands of tourists now stranded. now more. >> reporter: a massive victory on indonesia's resort island of bali, spewing huge ash clouds and strandi ining tens of thous. mt. agung erupted sunday, now
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sending white and gray ash cascading down from more than 9,000 feet before the crater. the national agency for disaster management issuing a level-four alert today, indicating the potential for another large eruption, forcing residents within a 6.2-mile radius to evacuate. and grounding all air travel. >> we have gotten no information because the gates to the check-in has been closed indefinitely. so we don't know what's the plan. >> reporter: dormant since the early 1960s, mt. agung has been spewing ash with increasing intensity since tuesday. experts say heightened seismic activity is indicating the volcano is shifting and could blow at any moment. regular rain has created a series of dangerous volcanic mud flows. water and volcanic debris flowing down the slopes of the
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island known for its lush, green interior. nearly 60,000 travelers stranded. american derek du chein, an actor from los angeles, says he traveled to bali to celebrate his birthday and could now be stuck there for days. >> people come here for honeymoons, weddings, parties. relaxing. it's just -- a really happy moment to go to a really stressful place. now the airline said the earliest anyone will get out is on friday. >> reporter: an exotic resort destination now bracing for nation's fury. for now, that airport closure is in effect until tomorrow morning. the volcano's last eruption in '63 killed more than 1,000 people. >> a lot of eyes on that place. thank you very much. lots more to get to, including the sexual harassment scandals rocking washington as lawmakers return to capitol hill. senator al franken is now
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addressing the allegations. another member speaking out from a house committee. we have more from capitol hill. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. democratic senator al franken speaking out about those allegations of sexual misconduct. speaking to three local outlets in his home state of minnesota. answering tough questions before he says he'll come back to work here at the capitol today as democratic leaders struggle with another ethics investigation. >> i've let the people down. i've let the people of minnesota down. >> reporter: this morning, democratic senator al franken trying to explain himself. >> i am embarrassed and ashamed. >> reporter: speaking publicly for the first time more than ten days after allegations of sexual misconduct. >> i have a long way back to win back the trust of the people of minnesota. >> reporter: givinging three interviews with outlets in his home state, trying to repair
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after action -- repair damage after being accused of forcibly kissing one woman and groping others. >> i've crossed a line. >> reporter: senator franken says he's never considered resigning. now he's not the only democrat in trouble for harassment. >> in times of heightened tension -- >> reporter: congressman john conyers stepping aside from his powerful position as ranking member on the house judiciary committee amid an ethics investigation after two women accused him of sexual harassment. conyers saying, "i very much look forward to vindicating myself and my family before the house ethics committee." >> john conyers is an icon in our country. he's done a great deal to protect women. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi defending conyers, a prominent democrat who worked with martin luther king. >> he's entitled to due process. women are entitled to due process, as well. >> reporter: asked if she believes the women who accused them. >> who they are, do you? they have not come forward. >> reporter: attorney lisa bloom represents one of the accusers. bloom says her client signed a confidentiality agreement barring her from speaking
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publicly. >> we're calling upon representative conyers to release my client from her confidentiality agreementment. >> reporter: after private backlash from democrats, pelosi making a new statement saying, "zero tolerance means consequences. no matter how great an individual's legacy, it is not a license for harassment." the question now -- whether there's more to come from congress. anita hill, whose bombshell 1991 allegations against then-supreme court nominee clarence thomas, rocked the nation's capitol. she's skeptical anything will change. >> 26 years ago, washington wasn't ready to lead on this issue. i'm afraid even today washington cannot lead the q1 country on t issue. >> reporter: at this point democratic sources telling me it's unlikely that conyers will return to the powerful post. this coming as congress tries to decide whether to change the secretive rules that discourage staffers from speaking out on harassment. there are new developments
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in the roy moore scandal. president trump again trying to boost the embattled alabama senate candidate's campaign. other republicans are focusing on what happens if moore wins. nbc has more from birmingham. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. the latest real clear politics poll average couldn't be any closer. it shows moore leading jones by just .8 point. republicans still conflicted on whether to believe moore or his accusers. this morning embattled republican roy moore heads back into the spotlight, making his first public appearance in 11 days with a speech tonight. >> i'm going to tell you -- >> reporter: his opponent, doug jones, speaking sunday night, suggesting republicans should turn away from their own candidate. >> republican party has a nominee that even the senate says they're probably not going to see. folks will put party above country and state. that's wrong. >> reporter: president trump
7:16 am
doubling down on his support of moore without ever naming him, tweeting, "liberal jones would be bad. the last thing we need in alabama and the senate is a schumer/pelosi puppet." moore has been accused by at least nine women of sexual misconduct ranging from inappropriate flirting to sexual assault of a minor. lei corfman met moore when he was 14, telling savannah -- >> he removed my clothing. he came back in the room wearing his white underwear and touched me over my clothing, what was left of it. and he theyed to g etried -- heo get plea to touch him, as well. >> reporter: moore has denied all the allegations against him. >> they're not only untrue, but they have no evidence to support them. >> reporter: for president trump, the fight now personal, according to "the new york times." the president asked several aides, "do you believe this"
7:17 am
after his daughter, ivanka, said there's a "special place in hell for people who prey on children." when she was asked about moore by the associated press earlier in the month. the "times" reporting that the president is downplaying one of his scandals from the past. the now-infamous "access hollywood" tape where he boast goodgra grap-- boasted about gr women. he said it was not authentic and repeated that to an adviser recently. the president apologized for the remarks shortly after they were released. meantime, many republicans openly worry about what a moore victory will mean. >> if he wins, we get the baggage of him winning, and it becomes a story every day about whether or not you believe the women or roy moore. if you lose, give the senate seat to a democrat at the time we need all the votes we can get. >> reporter: moore's appearance tonight will be at a republican rally in ft. payne, alabama. this will be his first public
7:18 am
event on the campaign trail in the past 11 days. today also marks the last day that voters can register to cast a ballot in this election. guys? >> thank you very much. we'll get a first check of the weather. what's shaking out west? >> the good news is much of the country quiet. and out west, we've got some activity pushing in. frontal system is going to make its way in. another big system that's going to come into the pacific northwest sometime tomorrow. in the meantime. relatively quiet. portland, 49, sunshine. san jose looks good. 65 in san diego. showers in salt lake. 63. 75 in colorado springs. and boy, has it been warm this weekend out west. an unseasonably high-pressure ridge pushing that jet stream way up to the north. look at the records yesterday -- vegas, yuma, flagstaff, tucson, and denver. and then for today, we may see records being set again. sioux falls may break their record. topeka, as well, at 73. amarillo, 82. denver, 76, two degrees above the record. 71 in albuquerque. tucson going to 88 degrees.
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for the day today, that warmth will continue to spread east. madison will be about 15 degrees above normal. st. louis, 70 degrees. even oklahoma city, ab ♪ ♪ that moment when who you're going with is more important than where you're going. wherever life takes us, we go together. interwoven... ...exclusively at kay, jared and zales. the satellite radar right now showing pretty much small traces of a couple showers that will eventually, completely clear out and make way for an overall nice and clear afternoon. take a look at the live shot overlooking twin peaks in san
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francisco. plenty of sunshine on tap. the temperature trend shows 50s and 60s. south lake tahoe, they have plenty of snow up there. make sure to check those road conditions. overall highs in the 60 ds. latest weather. guys? >> mr. roker. coming up, why this could be the biggest cyber monday ever. and the >> that's your latest weather. coming up, cyber monday and the tricks to find the deals. >> i was just on line shopping. the dirty truth about make-up samples at popular stores. wait until you see the results of our undercover "rossen reports" investigation. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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just ahead, more on this morning's royal wedding news with prince harry and megan marking announcing their engagement. good morning, hoda. >> a special "steals & deals" that will make the women of your life happy this holiday season. after your local news.
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okay, let's do this, tina, tchick-tchick. here we go, tchick-tchick. i believe in ya tina. c'mon now. ah, we can just hang out here. a source tells nbc bay area that a calth good morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm laura garcia. a source tells nbc bay area a cal athlete was the only person in his car to survive a hit and run crash that killed four members of his family saturday night. it happened near san papilio dam road. he is from napa and as a freshman, he pitched 15 games for cal this past season. four other cars were also involved in the crash. five other people were injured. authorities say a drunk driver with a suspended license caused the crash. the driver is identified as 47-year-old fred lowe from sacramento, who is now in custody. let's check a look at the forecast. vianey arana is in for kari hall
7:27 am
this morning. >> we are drying out. the temperatures remain in the 50s. the tri-valley, the sun is coming up. hopefully this will dry out the ponding areas and, of course, the water on the roadways. san francisco, nice and clear at 51 degrees. the temperature trend shows a nice climb into the 50s and the 60s. expect upper 50s along the coast and lower 60s for san jose. san jose will top the 60s. if you notice, we will say farewell to the cloud cover and welcome a lot of sunshine. let's get an update on the roads with mike. >> looking here toward a smooth flow of traffic. damp roadways. we had a crash north 85 at 17 on the shoulder. the other two show the northbound push through san jose and the rest of the silicon valley. eastbound 92 closed. an earlier oil spill and damage to the roadway continues to have that closed. 9:00 a.m., they expect to have lanes open.
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westbound, the commute slow across the bay. back to you. >> thank you very much. another update in half hour. see you then. for mild-to-moderate eczema? it can be used almost everywhere on almost everybody. the face of a fisherman? the hand of a ranch hand? the knee of a needle pointer? prescription eucrisa is a
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good morning, everybody. 7:30. it's the 27th of november, 2017. >> let's get to the big headlines of the morning and start in london. >> congratulations. >> prince harry and american meghan markle step out after kensington palace reveals they are officially engaged. a spring, 2018, wedding in the works. trapped. more than 60,000 tourists stranded on the island of bali after a volcano erupts. spewing ash, grounding flights, and leading to massive evacuations. >> we're waiting to, i guess, go home. i am embarrassed and ashamed. >> breaking his silence. embattled senator al franken
7:31 am
speaking to the first time about groping allegations against him, insisting he will not resign, while heading back to work today. >> i have a long way back. i have a long way back to win back the trust of the people of minnesota. >> as congressman john conyers steps aside as the ranking member of the judiciary committee amid his own sexual harassment allegations. terrifying moment. cell phone video captures a floor collapse at a nightclub in spain. at least 40 injured. but thankfully, no fatalities. and foot brawl. >> watch this block. >> a nasty fight breaks out between the oakland raiders and the denver broncos, with punches thrown, helmets lost, and fines and suspensions, very likely today. monday, november 27th, 2017. >> my word. >> they will be write something checks for those actions later on. >> that's not allowed. cyber monday. happy cyber monday, everybody. on the heels of a huge black friday, holiday shoppers are expected to be busy on their
7:32 am
compute earnest smartphones. -- computers and their smartphones. nbc's business correspondent jo ling kent has that story this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt and savannah. we're maybe you shopped at one before. behind the scenes, it doubles as a fulfillment center. and this is target's effort to take a bite of a record-breaking day on cyber monday. it's expected to be the biggest shopping day of the year in history of the united states. i'm going to show you back here and what it looks like. you have target employees fulfilling orders. and what they're doing is they're making better use of the space. making it more efficient, to hopefully take a bite out of what amazon is hoping will be a record-breaking cyber monday. this morning, cyber monday is in full swing, coming off a record-breaking holiday shopping weekend where ecommerce ruled. adobe predicts americans will spend a record
7:33 am
$6.6 billion on line today, which would make it the single biggest day of online shopping in the u.s. >> always great deals on monday. that's why i just take the chance they'll going to have it. >> it's more of a hassle for us to get out of the house. i can be on my phone and order a tv and it's here tomorrow. >> reporter: retailers including amazon, best buy, and walmart offering deep discounts with just a few clicks. shoppers spent nearly $5 billion online on black friday alone, an increase of 17% of last year. and more than half of those online purchases happened on mobile devices. this as in-store foot traffic on black friday slowed down by about 1%. but not all department stores are concerned about the uptick in online shopping. the ceo of kohl's said the chain had a record breaking thanksgiving weekend, with sales and traffic very strong, online and in store, well ahead of last year. another change this year, traditional websites are offering discounts that will go beyond monday.
7:34 am
>> cyber monday isn't just one day anymore. it's the entire week. >> reporter: to make sure you're really getting the best deal today, shopping experts recommend, do your homework and compare prices. use tools to track price history to make sure you're getting the lowest price. and try installing an extension on your browser like honey or ebates to get additional discounts or cash back. there's more fulfillment centers from macy's, walmart, target, all across the country. and they're happening behind brick and mortar stores. and the idea is to get your stuff, the online orders, to you faster. perhaps faster than even amazon. what we're expecting is a record-breaking day on this cyber monday as all of these retailers try to survive and thrive this holiday season. guys? >> an early start for them, jo. thank you very much. we'll have more on where to find the best deals in our next half hour. plus, we have "steals & deals." >> a lot of shopping going on. best online shopper in the
7:35 am
group. >> al roker. >> what present of your shopping will you do today? >> none. >> none? >> it's already done, right? >> we want to thank you for coming into our brick and mortar weather department. it will be windy, with this frontal system pushing in from the west. really strong winds firing up. in fact, 65-mile-per-hour gusts from california up into las vegas, casper, wyoming, colorado springs. blowing dust could be a problem through the southwest. and it's going to start making its way into the plains, central plains, as well. and later today, we could see airport delays in chicago, indianapolis, kansas city, st. louis. all the way to amarillo, texas. oklahoma city, strong winds. red flag warnings up from texas to the midwest later on today. that's what's going on aro this is a pretty bright start, considering where we were yesterday at this hour with the cloudy skies and all that rain. this live look over san
7:36 am
francisco shows that rain is moving east and only left behind comfortable temperatures. the temperatures will climb into the 50s and 60s for the bay area. santa clara, a high of 63-64 degrees. we are talking plenty of sunshine through the afternoon. we are expecting to see a couple changes for tuesday and wednesday. mainly dry today. >> that's the >> that's your latest weather. get the weather anytime you need it from our pals at the weather channel. >> good advice. a lot more on a monday morning, including disturbing allegations being made against the largest massage chain. what shania twain was doing on a dog sled last night. plus, the unexpected cyber monday deals you want to scoop up today. first, a new "rossen reports" investigation. >> i'm jeff rossen. coming up, a woman is suing a popular makeup chain, saying the makeup tester gave her herpes.
7:37 am
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i love you. 9 out of 10 u.s. olympians grew up drinking milk. it's got natural protein and balanced nutrition to help your kids grow strong and milk life. ♪ ♪ all right. it's now 7:41. a new "rossen reports" the dirty truth about makeup stories. >> a california woman is suing a cosmetics chain, claiming one of its samples made her sick. jeff rossen has been doing
7:42 am
research on this story. >> reporter: we're talking about the makeup testers. you know the makeup counter, the stores have the samples and testers the women can use. that way, it does make sense. you can make sure you like the shade before you buy it. it turns out, those samples can be loaded with nasty germs that make you sick. think about it, people use it, then you use it, then, someone else uses it. like communal make up. we're going undercover selecting makeup samples in popular stores and testing for dangerous bacter bacteria. right now, the results are in. watch this woman, putting on lipstick like she's in her own bathro bathroom. that's a makeup sample in the store. other women use it, too. we watch woman after woman, trying on samples. testing everything from mascara to eye shadow to concealer, on their faces. we're blurring them, no need to embarrass. it may seem harmless. but one woman is now suing
7:43 am
sephora, who claims she got the herpes virus from lipstick. is that actually possible? >> it's absolutely possible. you can catch the herpes simplex virus from lipstick. that virus can survive on the surface of a lipstick tube up to a week. >> reporter: a week? >> a week. >> reporter: she says, it's not just herpes, either. makeup samples can make you sick any number of ways. but is it really happening? to find out, my producer, lindsay, is under cover at some of the most popular stores. taking samples of the makeup testers. first up, the target of the new lawsuit, sephora. she's using sterile swabs to gather samples. >> looks like this has been use l useed. >> reporter: sealing them up and sending them to a lab, where
7:44 am
these lab techs get to work. testing for different kinds of viruses and bacteria. and the results are in. at sephora, four out of eight samples containing harmful bacteria, including e. coli and something called klebsiela immonia. >> they're two types of bacteria that are in our intestinal track. and come out in our feces. you can be smearing someone else's fecal matter on to your lips. >> reporter: that is so close. >> yes. >> reporter: the most shock results, two of the samples at se forya, coming back with staph. is it happening at other stars,
7:45 am
too? lindsay hitting up ulta for more samples. >> got it. >> reporter: and macy's, too. >> here's a macy's sample. >> reporter: at ulta, one sample coming back positive for e. coli. the other for celebs yell la and staph. at macy's, another containing bacteria. all three stores we tested, we got hits for dangerous bacteria. we reached out to the companies. macy's declined to comment. but the others did. sephora telling us, the health and safety of our clinlts are the moore most priority. and the testers are sanitized and replaced and replenished. also saying, they follow best practices in the stores. ulta saying the health and safety of our guests is a top priority. we encourage and support sanitary trial by offering
7:46 am
makeup apply katers. >> if you're itching to try, use the makeup on the top of your hand, as opposed to using it close to your eyes or your lips. those areas are vulnerable to infection. >> if you don't want to use the testers at the stores, experts say you can buy the product and try it at home. if you don't like it, many stores will let you return the item for a full refund. >> savannah and i will throw up right now. >> what happened after we said, good morning, jeff? did i miss anything? >> you didn't. >> that was horrifying. >> you use the samples and the testers? >> i use it. but usually with an application thing. i wouldn't just take the tube -- >> but it's the makeup itself we tested. >> shouldn't they make tiny samples like a one-use sample? >> matt lauer solved the problem. >> you've been using the same pancake for 20 years now. dylan, how are you feeling?
7:47 am
>> i feel great. i want to take my makeup off right now. the story of the word we're going to talk about in the orange room. it's created by a remarkable little boy. test. test test. test test.
7:48 am
test test. . it's cyber monday, we need to get busy.
7:49 am
7:50 am
on it. we're saving an extra 15% off everything on oh bananas! banana bananas! it is crazy, right?! save an extra 15% off cyber monday at in this home we make breakfast. sometimes messes! but always masterpieces ...together. what matters most is made at home.
7:51 am
> welcome back. in the orange room is carson and you've got the story of a remarkable little boy. >> i love this story of levi bud from victoria, canada, and he's on a mission of having his word added to the dictionary so let me explain. we've all probably heard of a palindrome, words that read the same forwards and backwards, dad, mom, level, kayak and some words spell like stop, spell pots backward and laps spells pals and there's no word currently to describe this phenomenon so he wants to call it a levidrome and he explained it in a youtube video. his campaign has taken off from there. schools are sharing pictures of all the levidromes. actor william shatner word dearest oxford dixry, i sent you an e-mail about levidromes and
7:52 am
oxford responded saying we only have the used that get used by a lot of people for lots of times, lots of people know your word which means levidrome is on our way to the dictionary. it's on top of the weekly word watch list and maybe there's a chance this this 6-year-old's dictionary dream comes true. >> shouldn't he aim a legal higher? shouldn't itp named a levi-drome. >> he says levidrome. >> it's a cute idea. >> levidrome. >> levi-drome. >> the unexpected items you should be shopping for this cyber monday, and we're live at kensington palace.
7:53 am
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good morning. it's 7:55. the rain may have moved out leaving behind clear skies. overlooking san francisco right now. looking beautiful, but we are getting a couple showers and some snow in areas as you drive up toward the see area. south lake tahoe looking beautiful. we are expecting overall cooler temperatures. the temperatures remain in the 40s and 50s. san jose, 15. napa and santa rosa area, on the chilly side, 40. the temperature trend shows a nice climb in the temperatures to the upper 50s by 11:00 a.m. fast forward to 2:00 and 3:00, the temperatures remain in the 60s. more changes for the end of the workweek. overall, today, mostly clear skies. mike, how are the roads? >> they are looking all right. the south bay is building
7:57 am
through san jose northbound. right on the typical pattern. this is atypical, eastbound 92. eastbound 92 blocked but the off ramp is reopened. as you get off the san mateo ridge to 880 use industrial to get on the surface streets. repair work continues until possibly 9:00 a.m. the north bay, a live look at san rafael. the top of the screen, a crash blocks one lane. back to you. >> thank you very much. jurors expected to resume deliberations in the trial surrounding the shooting of kate steinle. jose zarate argued the shooting is accidental. kensington palace confirming prince harry is engaged to actress meghan markle. they made their first appearance as an engaged couple.
7:58 am
this is set to be the biggest cyber monday yet. across the bay area. plus, we )re already tracking our next storm system taking aim for the weekend. the overnight changes in the forecast. join us from 430-7 on today in the bay.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ ♪ that's what i like about you. eight today on "today," breaking news, royal wedding plans, prince larry and meggen markle all smiles this morning after revealing their engagement. the wedding set next spring will be live in london with more details. plus, under fire. >> i felt humiliated, i felt used. >> the popular spa franchise, massage envy at the center of an investigation after it vealed more than 200 claimed they were sexual assaulted at locations across the country. and ready, set click. how you can score the best
8:01 am
cybermonday deals, today, monday, november 27th, 2017. >> this young lady traveled more than a thousand miles to celebrate. >> my sweet 16. >> we may not have won last night, but that does not stop us from saying -- >> go saints! >> this family is from one of the best states in the south. >> sweet home alabama. >> good morning to our grandma in illinois. >> from savannah! >> and we're back now on this monday morning. big crowd outsidepath holiday, post thanksgiving. we're happy to have them here, we'll go outside in a couple minutes. >> big news in here. start with your news at 8:00,
8:02 am
world's most closely watched romance, the royal engagement announcement begins with kelly cobea. morning to you. >> reporter: slightly stormy, but exciting day here at kensington palace for the happy couple, meghan markle and prince harry engaged, ready to sit down for their joint interview together after facing the cameras outside the palace hand in hand. a beaming prince harry asked when he knew meghan was the one. >> very first time we met. >> megahn showing her wring. >> they've been spending more and more time together. here at the invick tus games, becoming one of the most famous couples in the world, now officially to marry. >> thrilled, thank you very much. very happy indeed.
8:03 am
>> meghan speaking openly about feelings to vanity fair, telling the magazine we're two people who are really happy and in love. >> acting in the drama suits, here trying on a wedding dress, has brought her a measure of fame and familiarity with the papa razzi. she devotes a lot of time to charity work, visiting india for world vision. an avid social media user, leaving hints of their relationship on instagram. this is not the first serious relationship for either of them. at 36, meghan's been married before, her marriage to producer engleson lasted two years. harry is no stranger to beautiful women. he's been pictured with several. only one other british royal married an american divorcee.
8:04 am
edward the 8th -- paving the way for harry's grandmother to become queen. harry won't have to give anything up to marry her. >> with meghan, an american in the family. america has a piece of the monarchy. >> congratulations have been pouring in for members of the royal family and for the public. the queen said to be delighted, for instance charles thrilled and meghan's parents incredibly happy. the ring designed by prince harry. two of the diamonds from princess diana's own collection. >> thank you very much. meanwhile in washington, lawmakers are returning from their thanksgiving break to deal with tax reform and the fallout from sexual misconduct scandals. on sunday michigan's john conyers stepped down as the ranking democrat on the house judiciary committee. the ethics committee is investigating allegations that he sexually harassed two women.
8:05 am
conyers says he will be vindicated. al franken is speaking out after he was accused of forcibly kissing one woman and groping several others. >> i let the people of minnesota down, let my friends, staff and supporters down, my family down. i've especially let down the people who have seen me as a champion for women. >> franken says he has never considered resigning. >> this morning the popular spa chain, massage envy, is under fire. a new report says dozens of women have been complaining about being sexual assaulted at its spas across the country. kate snow here with the details. >> it's disturbing. these women thought they were going to a safe spa. instead they were assaulted. when they tried to complain, employees dismissed them, didn't follow through or didn't appear to know how to handle a sexual
8:06 am
assault complaint. three accusers share their stories this morning. >> this turned so evil so fast. >> when he pulled my underwear down i knew i was in trouble. >> he leaned over at the end and said our little secret. >> this morning three women tell nbc news massage therapists at massage envy assaulted them and that the spa turned a blind eye when they complained. according to buzz feed more than 180 women have alleged sexual assaults. among them, susan ingram who had seen her massage therapist six times before without issue. the seventh time was horribly different. >> i felt humiliated. i felt used. i felt broken. but because i had my daughter encouraging me i made the call. >> a call to police. ingram's massage therapist, james deeter pleading guilty
8:07 am
last year to molesting nine women at a pennsylvania massage envy, he's now in vail serving more than five years. in a lawsuit filed, i think gram kpl claims employees recommended deeter to unknowing female customers after he already sexual assaulted at least one client at that location. in virginia, danielle dicks said massage envy ignored her. >> no one reached out to me to see how i was doing, to ask if i was okay, to see if they could support me after their employee was convicted. so it was no longer just an alleged assault. >> dick has also filed a lawsuit against the company alleging its conduct was outrageous and intolerable in that it offends the generally accepted standards of decency and morality. in a statement massage envy tells nbc news these incidents are heartbreaking, adding in part with over 15 years and 125
8:08 am
million massages, even one incident is too many. that's why we will never stop reenforcing to our franchisees the importance of a safe environment. it's why we are constantly listening, learning and looking at how we can do more, including how we support franchise locations with best practices in handling these incidents and supporting their clients. >> massage envy did not specify what those best practices are. meantime, susan ingram tells us she expects her trial against massage envy to begin in january. hundreds of international flights cancelled overnight because of smoke and ash rising from bali's mount agung volcano. thousands of tour irists were stranded. it began rumbling over the weekend. law have a is welling up inside the crater. officials have raised the v
8:09 am
volcano alert to its highest alert. 40,000 people have been evacuated. morning boost o clock. >> the jacksonville jaguars and arizona cardinals, watch what happens as leonard fournette greets one of his biggest fans. kevin's a big jaguars fan, flew in from chicago to see fournette. he autographed a pair of his shoes and gave them to kevin. fournette gives him a big hug and runs out onto the field. just before kevin said you go kick some you know what. so it was a really -- sometimes you see stories from the world of sports and they're depressing or fights and then you see that and go, okay, all good. >> excited. much more ahead this morning, including where should you click first?
8:10 am
how to find the biggest deals on this cybermonday? why a lot of people are talking about this wild entrance from shania twain. first let's see what megyn kelly has coming up. we'll be starting off today with royal engagement news and melissa gilbert is here. she launched an allegation against oliver stone. he fired back. she has quite the rebuttal. jill martin kicks off a full week of unbeatable holiday steals and deals starteding with the -- starting with the women on your list. just a little heads-up, mrs. davis... ha ha ha, yay kids!
8:11 am
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it's cyber monday, we needon it.t busy. we're saving an extra 15% off everything on oh bananas! banana bananas! it is crazy, right?! save an extra 15% off cyber monday at 8:14 we're back. we're talking cyber monday. they're not saying this could be the biggest shopping day of the year. they're saying this could be the biggest cyber monday in history. >> big buildup. do we drop everything and fill up our carts right now? stephanie ruehl is here to help us find a lot of deals. >> there's huge hype and there should be. when you're at meets and your co-workers are like this,
8:15 am
they're shopping. it is expected 6.9 billion bucks is going to get spent today. it's a biggie. be online. follow all your favorite stores because they're going to have social media pop-ups. and you want to be on it. >> you have names of the places you might want to get the deals. amazon, walmart, target, best buy. you also talk about some smaller sites and some categories you want to go into. >> there are surprises. yes, you know that target, amazon, all those biggies are there. but categories you might expect. the travel now. experience economy. go to expedia. expedia has 90% off on their app for hotel stays for 2,000 hotels. you go online, 50% off. you get a $1,000 package and you're going to get 100 bucks off. another category, bridal. bridal is an industry where everybody gets killed.
8:16 am
>> really? >> as soon as you get engaged. >> meghan markle. she's on there today. >> david's bridal is going to have huge deals. this one is for savannah. i got the sense you didn't shop early. >> i don't. >> if you go to ebay today, 50,000 items are going to have price match. ebay is exactly where we have to go, when we don't get the must-have toys for our kids. we tredge over to ebay. we have to pay double, triple, from all of those that horded the items. >> i'm online and i want to find the best possible deal. how do i know if i'm finding the best one? >> this is the beauty. this is where sport shoppers go. go to we got a whole list. but my three favorites. one is for amazon. it's camelcamelcamel. find the item that you want. put it in. and it will track the price over three weeks.
8:17 am
>> from all the different stores? >> just from amazon. and i give you invisible hand. you're on a website. you're shopping for items you want. invisible hand discreetly tells you, by the way, you can get it cheaper elsewhere. and it tells you the third. my favorite one is honey. honey matters to me because i'm the person at bed, bath and beyond, without the 20% coupon and it makes me depressed when my mother says, wait for me. i have a coupon. honey, it searches all of the possible coupon that will apply to what you're buying. and you pop it in. >> if i do all that shopping today, how do i know i'm not known to every hacker in the world tomorrow? >> you have to pay with a third-party app. apple pay or papal. i know you don't want to do it. check out as a guest. don't put your information in the websites. use a secure password. these things are important.
8:18 am
no 111 and password. sorry. >> wrong, wrong, wrong. >> we all do it. you don't want to get hacked. >> thank you. >> steph, thank you. let's go over to al. >> let's see what's going on. a quiet day. some folks to save money is traveling today. the biggest problem is out west and northern california. the rest of the country, fairly quiet. look at the temperatures. we're going to be seeing record-setting temperatures in the central plains and on in the southwest. chilly in the pacific northwest. great lakes. cold as you get up in the northern parts of new england. possible records in the central plains and the western plains. high wind plus the southwest. told and blustery northern new england. plenty of sunshine, great lakes that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> as you're waking up this monday morning, most of that rain has finally cleared out, leaving behind a beautiful sky. right now in the south bay, we've got a lot of sunshine at 51. the temperatures are nice and
8:19 am
cool, about 48 degrees for the trivalley. san francisco also enjoying some pretty clear skies. the east bay, about 49 degrees. our temperature trend does show temperatures climbing into the 60s for the majority of the bay area with the high of 62. and san francisco. and a high of 63 for san jose. overall, a cool afternoon. >> and that is your latest weather. mr. lauer? shall we trend? there's only one item that's trending. prince harry and meghan markle's engagement. appearing on this show, miss markel. that's all in the past now. we're looking towards the future. that means picking a wedding date. the palace says they'll tie the knot. only they will say some time spring 2018. let's get it started. we have a calendar here. before you pick your date, some important things to consider.
8:20 am
first, prince william and duchess kate were married on friday, april 29th. they're not going to do that. >> cross that out. >> why not? >> you don't want the same thing. >> okay. >> easter, april 1st. safe to rule that out. queen elizabeth's birthday, the 21st of april. prince william's birthday, june 21st. william and kate's third child due some time in april. does kate want to be nine months pregnant? does she want to have just had the baby? >> can it be a saturday or sunday? >> they got married on a friday. >> yeah. kate and william got married on a friday. what date is the royal wedding? >> i go first friday in may. >> first friday of may would be the 4th of may. al roker. >> i like this little calendar. >> that would be cinco de mayo. >> dylan? >> can you flip may? >> i will do friday 11th. >> d.d.
8:21 am
savannah guthrie? >> i don't know. >> you do. >> i'm going may 18th. >> warmer. we're doing the fridays in may. okay. >> what do you say? the 29th was a no-go because of -- >> the 21st is the queen's birthday. 29th is the anniversary. >> oh. okay. i'm going to go with -- i'm going early, the 13th. >> april 13th. >> really? >> i'm going into june -- >> no. >> i'm going friday, june -- >> it's spring? >> until the 21st. >> we have a meteorologist right here. >> yes. >> going to what? >> june 8th. the winner. what does the winner get? you get to spend ten days covering the royal wedding in london. hotel to be determined. >> it will be beautiful. get excited. the last day we're going to talk about it. never bringing it up again. >> really? let's do "pop start." >> we're going to start with miss universe. a new miss universe has been crowned.
8:22 am
miss universe. a new miss universe has been crowned. steve harvey announcing the winner last night. >> south africa. >> that's right. miss south africa, debbie peters. the 22-year-old impressing judges with her passion for self-defense, after once being held at gunpoint and her thoughts for equal pay for women in the workplace. and steve harvey did not repeat his flub from 2015. he was thankful for the oscars messup from earlier this year. and gwyneth paltrow is showing off the men in her life. the actress showing this pic of ex-husband, chris martin, sitting with her rumored fiancee. her caption, modern brunch. they have been dating for three years now. and speculation on their engagement will only in increase with this modern family post.
8:23 am
shania twain made possibility the entrance of the year at canada's grey cup. she was on a sled pulled by a team of huskies. the crowd going nuts. a fitting entrance, since snow was coming down. and things got more heated when the mountties escorted her up. you have a "daly click"? >> a reporter was let down by the lack of shoppers on black friday. >> expected a big crowd. we don't have the crowd we expected. i got up at 3:00 excited to do my first black friday. ain't nobody here. i'm upset right now. at the moment, i'm going to send it back to you all because ain't nobody here. i'm going back home. i'm going back to my bed and i'm going to sleep. alex, we send it back to you at
8:24 am
south bend. >> that's joshua short. we're told the mall did pick up. he could have gotten a little more shuteye. >> thank you, dylan. straight ahead, jill is going to launch a full week of holiday "steals & deals" to cover everybody on your list. first, your local news. i )m ...
8:25 am
8:26 am
a source tells nbc bay area that good morning, everyone. 8:26. a source tells nbc bay area this cal athlete was the only person in this car to survive a hit and run crash that killed four family members saturday night. it happened near san pablo dam road on interstate south 80. sophomore jared horn survived. horn is from napa. as a freshman, he pitched 15 games for cal this past season. four other cars were involved in this crash. five other people injured. authorities say a drunk driver with a suspended license caused this crash. that driver identified as 47-year-old fred lowe from sacramento. lowe is in custody this morning. all kinds of trouble on the road this morning as well. receipt's check in with mike. >> that note about drinking and driving, definitely be taken
8:27 am
over there. the rest of the bay this morning, showing a slower drive. we had a lot of spinouts early as the roads were wet. now recovering. eastbound 92 still closed. that repair work continues until possibly 9:00 a.m. so use hisparian or industrial or surface streets to get to the 880. over here, a later crash in the last half hour has caused a lot of slowing getting over from 280 to 101. a slower drive across east shore freeway, moving better now. >> we'll have more local news in half an hour. see you then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
it's 8:30 now. it's monday morning, 27th of november, 2017. thanksgiving's over. holidays are here, officially. we got this big, old tree behind us and we're going to light it up this week. rockefeller center is going to be in the christmas spirit. >> it's so fun. scaffolding down. ready to go. >> huge crowd. i think you're going to love this one. we scoured the crowd. lots of wonderful people. right behind you is a woman named bibi. >> wait a minute. >> bibi says that savannah, al, matt, all of us feel like family
8:31 am
to you. >> hoda, i cried when you became a mom. i wailed like a baby. >> these are your kids around you? >> this is emerson and nevada. we're here from seattle. >> hi. >> how about if we do a family picture with you? we'll get in together and take one for christmas or something. let's do it. >> oh, megyn. get in here, megyn. >> who is taking it? >> this is a professional photo. get ready. they will get it to you. >> hi, guys. >> thank you, bibi. >> since jane pauley and bryant gumbel. >> wow. going old-school. >> thank you. got a lot to get to. jill is going to launch an entire week of holiday "steals & deals." it's a gift guide for everyone you need to shop for this year. and a special family whose house is about to get a lot
8:32 am
busier. they're here to share their remarkable story. and karen chen will do what she does best over on our rink. >> so pretty. first, coming up next hour. >> coming up on the holiday, this is an issue. three things you can do to potentially save your life or the life you love. as well as top gift ideas under 25 bucks, under 50 bucks and under 100 bucks. we're going to start the show with royal news, of course. all the latest. >> thank you. let's get a check of the weather. >> "today's" weather is brought you by blue buffalo. you love your pets like family. so, feed them like family, with blue. >> let's see what we've got as we look ahead to our week ahead. blustery in the northeast. rain and snow in the southwest. near-records from the plains to the gulf. wet weather moves into the pacific northwest. as we make our way into the midweek period, it will be sunny
8:33 am
and mild in the northeast. great lakes. windy conditions out west. and then, friday, another big pacific storm comes in, drying out in the midsection of the country. heavy rain in the that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> we're waking up to cool temperatures. 44 degrees as you're waking up in santa rosa, 45 for napa. oakland, 49. livermore in the 40s. san jose and san francisco remain in the 50s. we have seen that rain move out quite nicely which is going to be some good news for your early morning commute. earlier, we had those showers pass through. well, now, it looks like the roads will be drying out just in time for that lunch hour with plenty of sunshine and temperatures climbing into the 60s. >> and that's your latest weather. don't forget, you can check out your forecast anytime you need it. check out our good friends at the weather channel on cable. all right.
8:34 am
now, back to ms. savannah. >> thank you so much. you're going to love this next family. nia and robert tolbert are here with three boys. they have 6-year-old shea and riley and alexander. >> the tolberts thought their family was complete. but they found out that nia is expecting, not one, not two, but three baby girls. >> nia. >> good morning to all of you. >> do me a favorite, hold your hand out straight, yours. >> oh. >> that's pretty still. i thought you would be doing that. >> i had my coffee this morning. >> talk to us about this news. what was it like to hear this? >> it was a shock. it was a shock to find out that we were expecting again in general. but when i found out there were three, it was -- it was bananas. >> how did the doctor go about it? what did he ask you? >> my technician was doing a sonogram. she began asking about multiples. i knew, there must be more than one baby.
8:35 am
she said, yes. there's two. i said, okay. let me use the restroom. i went to the restroom, came back from the restroom. and she said, let's do one more sonogram just to confirm everything. and in that sonogram, she was like, oh, wait, there's another baby. three babies. >> stop it. >> i said, can you make sure there's not four? >> robert, i don't know. i don't know if there's a better reaction than yours. go ahead and tell us. the short story is -- >> the short story is, i passed out. >> you literally passed out. >> yes, i did. >> your wife left you a note. was that right? >> that, too. i was just completely caught off guard. and one thing to find out the news of having fun. and then, one turned into three. it's a whole lot. >> you had a fun way of revealing the genders of these. i think we have a lit official this video. right? this is how you did it. take a look. >> one, two, three.
8:36 am
[ screams ] >> you like that. >> yeah. >> do we know the odds of something like this, going from a single child to twins to triplets? >> we don't know the exact numbers. we know it's 1 in 1,000, to have multiple multiples. but not in the order that i've done it. >> which begs is question -- >> right. pulled a hat trick. >> you have multiples. you both have multiples in your families. >> right. we have multiples in our family. they're identical. they're not genetically related to multiples running in our family. the triplets are. two identical and one fraternal. >> wow. are you ready for this? >> well, ready or not, here it
8:37 am
comes. we do our best, like any other family planning another baby. enjoying the ride. we're very positive. and speaking positive energy into the entire thing is making it fun. >> three for car seats. three more strollers. >> a bigger car. >> now, shea, what do you think? are you up for some more siblings? more brothers and sisters? >> no. >> you're not excited anymore? >> i am. but no. >> i mean, he kind of speaks -- it's wonderful. but that's a lot. >> well, you have a beautiful family. >> gorgeous. >> obviously, a growing, beautiful family. and we wish you the best. don't pass out anymore. all right? >> the jitters are done. >> i know you are doing something right. these are three incredibly well behaved kids this early in the morning. >> yeah. this early in the morning. coming up, we're going to
8:38 am
kick off our week-long "steals & deals" holiday gift guide, starting with great bargains for the women in your life. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ ♪ think of your fellow man, ♪ lend him a helping hand, ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ you'll see it's getting late, oh please don't hesitate...♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart. (vo) going on now, our subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars to those in need.
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all right. we're back. it's 8:40. we're kicking off a very special "steals & deals" week. it's a week-long holiday gift guide. covers everybody on your list. we'll begin right now with unbeatable bargains for all of the ladies in your life. jill martin has done the legwork. >> it's cyber monday. at the "today" show, we have deals all year long. >> we do. >> let's start with the cashmere wrap cardigan. this is all-cashmere. you get the cardigan or the poncho. you. >> you can wear that as a scarf, too. >> on the train, it's very chic.
8:41 am
or you have the cardigan. one size fits most. they're really easy to wear. fans of the brand, angelina jolie and sharon stone. the deal, 108. 82% off. >> i like that. this is fun. ready? >> the kenneth jay lane jewelry. these are earrings or the necklace. you like this one? >> shea is still here. so cute. >> look how beautiful they are for the holiday. >> so shiny. >> so subtle if you're wearing a simple black dress. celeb fans include kate upton and adriana lima. the deal, 49% off. >> i could be doing all of my shopping here. next, for my ladies. >> it's a toasted vanilla deluxe collection. there's four in a set.
8:42 am
if you need stocking stuffers, or my mother's book club, you split them up. wrap it in cellophane. the retail is $60. the deal, $22.95 for four. that's 62% off. >> love that. all right. what have we now? ooh. we have to have a good bag. this is cute. >> our gals love handbags. the retail, $298. cow hide leather with fringe accents. and i love this color for fall/winter. celeb fans include amal clooney and kendall jenner. you can see all the versions. the deal, $94. 68% off. >> you can put an ipad or something in there. we have sunglasses. >> i took these for you. i feel like -- >> i like. >> those are -- >> right up my ally. those look good. >> the velvet sun classes sets. retail $129. there's three in a set. you get three. and i lose sunglasses all the
8:43 am
time. this is one of those deals, if you're like me. the aviators. >> i like them. >> let's trade. >> you choose the shape of your face. you go on, there's ten versions. you choose the shape of your face and you can get sunglasses that fit you. the deal, $39.99 for three. that's 69% off. >> that's great. by the way, that's another one if you wanted to do a gift, break up the set. >> that is a good one. and comes in that box, too. if you want a major gift for someone, put it under the tree. my mother is a french teacher. i'm going to mispronounce this, mom. pour le mond fragrant grans. the transcription is online. and two of the three are unisex. the deal, $34.44, 58% off. and each one means a different
8:44 am
thing. >> could you mix them? is that crazy? >> i like when you mix. i go to places where you can mix and match oils. >> i like to, too. >> everyone should have a great pair of boots. the misolo boots. $238. this is a great deal. all styles designed in the u.s. the first option is the chelsea boot, which is typically and historically the most popular boot. or the dairy boot that has a three-inch heel. just a great everyday boot. if you wear thicker sack eer so suggest half a size up. the retail, $238. the deal, $119. that's 50% off. >> great deals that run through the products. the wraps. and the jewelry from kenneth jay lane. the wish beauty bundle.
8:45 am
the fragrances from pour le mond. and the boots. "steals & deals" holiday gift guide is just getting started. jill is back tomorrow. great ideas for guys who are the most impossible to shop for. coming up next this morning, a live performance on the rock center rink, from reigning u.s.
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ welcome back. this morning on "today at the rink," a bit of royalty on the ice. karen chen is making her debut appearance on the rink at rockefeller center. karen, thank you for being here. you came in late last night because you were competing in lake placid. in january, the u.s. figure skating team will be announced for the olympics. what would it mean for you to make that team? >> it would be absolutely
8:48 am
amazing because it is a huge dream of mine ever since i was young. however, i'm really excited that my book is coming out tomorrow. it's called "finding my edge." and it's something that's very exciting. >> and i know this is your first time on the rink here at rockefeller center. are you excited? >> i'm very, very excited. this is just such a beautiful and gorgeous place to be. >> and what are you going to be skating to? >> i'm going to be skating to "rise" by katy perry. >> all right. get to it. ladies and gentlemen, karen chen. ♪ i won't just survive oh, you will see me thrive ♪ ♪ can't write my story i'm beyond the archetype ♪
8:49 am
♪ i won't just conform no matter how you shake my core ♪ ♪ 'cause my roots, they run deep, oh ♪ ♪ oh, ye so little faith ♪ don't doubt it, don't doubt it ♪ ♪ victory is in my veins i know it, i know it ♪ ♪ and i will not negotiate i'll fight it, i'll fight it ♪ ♪ i will transform ♪ when, when the fire's at my feet again ♪ ♪ and the vultures all start circling ♪ ♪ they're whispering don't be surprised ♪ ♪ i will still rise
8:50 am
must stay conscious through the madness and chaos ♪ ♪ so, i call on my angels they say ♪ ♪ oh, ye of so little faith don't doubt it, don't doubt it ♪ ♪ victory is in your veins you know it, you know it ♪ ♪ you will not n ♪ you will not negotiate just fight it, just fight it ♪ ♪ and be transformed ♪ 'cause when the fire's at my feet again ♪ ♪ and the vultures all start circling ♪ ♪ they're whispering you'll be surprised ♪ ♪ i will still rise don't doubt it, don't doubt it ♪
8:51 am
♪ you know it, you know it i will still rise ♪ ♪ just fight it, just fight it ♪ don't be surprised i will still rise ♪ >> thank you. we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. [ applause ] >> "today" on nbc.
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>> "today" on nbc. welcome back, everybody. great crowd still out there. it's never too early to look ahead to hollywood's award season. dylan has moved over to the orange room. she has more on that. >> two weeks from today, we'll bring you the announcement of golden globes' nominees live on our show. this will be the globes 75th anniversary. and to mark that milestone, nbc will air a two-hour special honoring the history of hollywood's biggest party. that includes the red carpet. we want you to weigh in on your favorite red carpet moment over
8:54 am
the years. some suggestions -- from sarah jessica parker's beaded dress. to angelina jolie's green dress. head to to vote for your favorite from all-time red carpet moments. the picks will be revealed december 13th, at 9:00 p.m. eastern, on nbc. >> sounds like fun. >> that j. lo in yellow was a good one. >> that is my number one. >> you like yellow. >> i guess i do. you want to celebrate some birthdays? >> i'm thinking about how much you like yellow. let's do it. bring on the tasty jars of smuckers. happy birthday to darwin shaw. he says the secret to longevity, a manhattan, every night. yes, sir. marian terry of long island is celebrating 101 years.
8:55 am
she drinks a glass of grape juice every day. happy birthday to angeline gafelli. a proud grandma from princeton, new jersey. the rumor is she makes the best italian meatballs. send some this way. mr. robert lehman of sarasota, florida, is 100. anyone who has a good book recommendation, send it his way. he lovings to read. leona miller celebrating 105 years. if she's not cooking and baking, you will catch her in her garden. last and certainly not least, happy 100th birthday to cordia moppens. almost sounds like a disney character. a busy grandma from st. louis, missouri. she his six grandkids and six great grandkids. awfully special. >> thank you very much. we have a lot more coming up. "megyn kelly today" coming up next. and we have much more ahead on the royal wedding. >> yay. >> first, your local news and weather.
8:56 am
>> don't get all mushy on us. i )m - -... jurors this morning are good morning, everyone, 8:56. i'm scott mcgrew. jurors are expected to resume deliberations in the trial surrounding the deadly shooting of kate steinly. jurors deliberated for a day before leaving for thanksgiving. jurors are deciding whether the defendant jose innez garcia aradi intended to shoot steinly in july 2014.
8:57 am
defense attorneys have argued the shooting was accidental. prosecutors want the jury to consider first degree murder as well as second degree. the case sparked a nationwide debate about immigration because the defendant is undocumented. happening now, we are staying on top of those deliberations and will have a live report in the midday newscast and once an announcement about the verdict is made, nbc bay area will interrupt programming to bring it to you. if you haven't heard, kensington palace confirms prince harry is officially engaged to actress meghan markle. images of the couple from a couple of hours ago showing their first appearance as an engaged couple. if your holiday shopping from your computer or mobile device, you're not alone, today is cyber monday. we'll have more news in half an hour. we'll see you then. across the bay area.
8:58 am
plus, we )re already tracking our next storm system taking aim for the weekend. the overnight changes in the forecast. join us from 430-7 on today in the bay.
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "megyn kelly today" -- royal engagement. we'll have all the news you need to know about prince harry and meghan markle. and melissa gilbert is here with her own #metoo story about oliver stone. travelers beware. are resorts hiding dangers in paradise. all you need to know on "megyn kelly today," right now. hi. hi. [ applause ] good morning, everybody. good morning. hi, everyone. it's great to see you. welcome to the show. i'm megyn kelly. we have a big show for


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