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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 29, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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off, robert. >> reporter: that's right. even more police officers were stunned to hear an 11-year-old being involved. police say there's a trend of juveniles committing violent crimes and tonight police chief eddie garcia says the system may be letting them off too easily. >> very sad. seems like the crime is getting younger and younger. >> reporter: panera bread customers were surprised to find out an employee was robbed at gun point saturday morning as part of a three day wave of crime committed by a possible crew of juveniles. one just 11 years old. >> i was shocked. literally shocked to believe that kids are doing such horrible things. >> reporter: 11 juveniles were rounded up. all spotted in suspicious vehicles. this is police radio traffic of what appears to be one of the chases involving a stolen car.
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>> one driving was 17, 14 and the third driver was 11 years old. >> some of the juveniles were already released to their parents and guardians. you think that's too quick? >> yes. i think it's too quick. i think if these crimes were committed by adults, we wouldn't be here. >> they have to be held accountable. i do believe there's hope for them. >> reporter: the police chief says that's what he's looking for. a balance between intervention and holding them accountable for these violent crimes. >> thank you, robert. developing story we're following. police searching for a pair of burglary suspects trying to break into a home. it happened just before 3:00 p.m. police say a homeowner spotted
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the burglars on their property about the break in. suspects fled on foot. police have set up a search perimeter and telling people to avoid the area. monday a complaint of inappropriate sexual behavior and this morning his co-workers made the on air announcement. within hour tws two more accuse came forward. in january lauer celebrated his 20th year. they have been researching stories on lauer for weeks. several women said they complained and the complaints fell on defaf ears. prior to monday night, current nbc news management was never made aware of any complaints about makmatt lauer's conduct. you can read nbc's full statement on our website, we posted a statement from the lawyer of the woman who came
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forward this morning. should twitter take down president trump's tweeds. that's what some in the muslim community are asking tonight. scott. >> reporter: twitter says it will take action against tweets that violated its term of service but we'll sometimes let controversial content through. some muslims will call the tweets controversial and call them insulting. there's a tweets herd and felt around the world. >> it's a virtual incitement of hate and violence. >> reporter: bay area muslims are horrified after president trump retweeted three videos from a brush ultranationalist party leader showing acts of violence. acts the tweets blame on
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muslims. >> it's very disappointing to see the president of the united states to be retweeting these hateful tweets. political leaders from several countries called the retweets inappropriate for a president. some warn that extremists could see this as presidential permission to target muslims. >> if you have a lot of followers, it's a lot of power. >> reporter: with new technology comes instant access to tens of millions of people. in this case 43 million twitter followers. >> we know that a message that goes out from someone who had a lot of followers can literally reach around the globe in 15 seconds. >> reporter: as of a few moments
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ago we checked the president's twitter page and the tweets were still there. back to you. >> thank you very much. san jose police say they found the man they believe shot out a security camera at bookson elementary school. the shooting happened early tuesday morning. man's name, nicholas o'connor. he's 21. police say he lives just blocks from the school. he was arrested on charges of shooting a gun in a school zone. the jury will now be going into its sixth day of deliberations tomorrow. nbc bay area has been in court every single day and joins us live from the hall of justice in san francisco. speculation starting to twirl over the length of these deliberations. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. it is. good evening. for those keeping track at home, three full days so far. two half days for a total of 24 hours of deliberation. that sounds like a significant amount of time but given the
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complexity of this case, legal experts tell us they are not surprised that there's not been a verdict as of yet. we saw one attorney lead prosecution in court today smiling as she walked by the cameras. neither of two primary defense attorneys appeared in court and as you mentioned the jury deliberations continue, many may speculate as to whether or not we're headed for a mistrial. jury instructions in a potential murder case are complicated. testimony he would be very cautious read sboog the length of deliberation so far. >> you wouldn't be surprised. >> i really couldn't.
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i can easily see that happening. it could be tomorrow. >> reporter: the jury will start deliberating at 9:00 a.m. there's no court on friday. he face a murder charge anything to two weapons related charges. the two big questions the jurors will have to resolve here. they are weighty questions as well. did he intend to kill her. did he think about it ahead of time. nbc bay area news. >> thank you, sam. >> we bring you the verdict as soon as it comes down. we send out push alerts on our app. child molestation charges have landed a club owner in jail. martinez police arrested ben ja man yesterday.
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he's accused of committing luds acts with a child under the age of 14. he opened the club a couple of years ago and shares ownership with his family. sheriff's investigators say he worked at an afterschool program. detectives say a 6-year-old girl and a 7-year-old girl came forward with claims of improper touching. brand new. pop up housing in oakland and you're looking at them. the buildings are small. just ten feet by 12 feet and will serve one community in particular. we're standing on the edge of a 14,000 square foot lot where the city is putting up sheds. soon these small structures will
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be home to folks who are right now camping out on the streets. >> reporter: construction crews are hard at work building prefabricated tough sheds. 10 by 12 foot structures that will soon house some of the city's homeless. >> we're seeing bring your partner, pets and possessions. >> reporter: each of the 20 sheds will shelter two people for up to six months. allowing the city to clear out the surrounding encampment that have become not just an eyesore but downright dangerous. >> if we can show by doing this, we can eliminate that problem, give people a humane, safe place to live and reduce the negative impact on the surrounding community then we theed to continue to implement this model. >> at least they made a first step. we're not just forgotten people. >> reporter: andre harris says he's been out on the street for nearly three years after falling on hard times.
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he hopes he'll get to move out of his makeshift tent and into one of tough sheds before the rainy season kicks in. >> it gets cold out here. people are getting sick. >> reporter: those who live in or drive through the area say they're glad something is finally being done to tackle the city's shelter crisis. >> i think it's definitely something we have to come to terms with and this is a good start. >> reporter: we're back here live now. the sheds will not have electricity but they will have battery powered lights. there's also some common bathroom and washing facilities and a dog run. case manager and security will be here on site 24 hours day. if all goes as planned people will begin moving in in a couple of weeks. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. thank you.
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accusations of false promises. legal action california is taking against an online university. do you have plans to fly this christmas? the reason you might be out of a pilot. 55 in san francisco and clear now. i'll let you know when clouds return and a new change to our weekend rain chances. that's at 6:19 tonight. could prove to be the grinch
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this holiday season.
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american airlines scrambling to find pilots to fly, after a it's the computer glitch that could froouf prove to be t grinch. it gave too many of them days off at a critical time for travellers. >> reporter: this really is a big deal because american airlines is the largest carrier in the united states. here's what happened. essentially the airline scheduling system acted like santa and gave pilots any days off they wanted during the holidays. pilots filled up their schedules with flights in early december and chose to take days off around christmas. that left thousands of flights without a pilot. the airline only discovered the problem on friday. passengers say they are stunned. while our nbc bay area aviation expert offers this advice to anyone who has already booked an american airlines flight next
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month. >> double check with the airline and make sure your flight is still current and going as planned. just track it pretty much throughout the time until you get to your departure date. >> this time of autonomous cars it's impossible one would not have a fail safe for a glitch like that. >> reporter: we reached out to american airlines who issued this statement saying we are working diligently to address the issue and sppt to avoid cancellations this holiday season. we have reserve pilots to help cover flying in december. the airline also says it's paying pilots 150% of their hourly rate to fill those holiday shifts. that's the most allowed by the union contract. hopefully the airline steps will help make sure their customers get to where they need be over the christmas break. reporting live in san francisco, marianne favro.
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the north bay fires have claimed another life. a santa rosa man died from injuries he suffered in the tubbs fire. he tried to take cover from the fire in a small clearing by his house. a friend found him with burns covering more than half his body. he died sunday at davis medical center. california attorney general announced he's suing a for profit university for allegedly taking advantage of students. the school is based in southern california but the suit involves students all across the country. nbc bay area christie smith maw there. >> reporter: the state attorney general says san francisco state was chosen as an example of a brick and mortar school ding the right thing to educate students. in contrast to ashford university he believes they are
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defrauding students. >> these actions won't fly in california. >> reporter: state attorney general is suing ashford university. >> i believe the most glaring part about this is you look at an online so-called college and yet it charges twice as much in tuition than place like this that has all these assets that students with rely on. where is the money going? >> reporter: he stood at san francisco state sthhow a school that provides tools and resources for successful higher learning. this is video from ashford university website. they are based in san diego. the complaint is against ashford and bridge port education. they are accused of overwhelming students with debt and making false promises to get students enrolled. >> recruiting student who is are low income, minorities, military
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service members and veterans. they happen to have the g.i. bill. >> reporter: a state today says we intend to dig rovig rously ds this case. >> it was based on credibility and it was based on the school's recognition. >> reporter: ashford parent company says they are proud of their reputation for improving student's lives with high quality education. they feel like they were harmed by practices there. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. presidential visit in san francisco, former president bill clinton is coming to town.
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mr. clinton will deliver the keynote address this friday for world aids day in golden gate park. ceremony will take place at the national aids memorial grove. it's tucked away part of the park on bowling green driver. tickets already gone for the free, limited seating event. fighting against aids is an important part of the clinton foundation. let's get a check of our forecast now. clean, clear, crisp air. >> refreshing. >> it's really beautiful today and the next couple of days. it's not going to disappoint. once we hit the weekend we do have some larger changes coming our way. i'll get to that but just in case you know anyone that's heading out to the coastline tonight or doing any boating. we have some extremely dangerous waves through about midnight.
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continuing right into the afternoon. temperatures just a bit warmer to put us at 64. 66 in napa. extended forecast does have weekend changes. we have been following the possibility of rainfall but now it looks like most of the chance of rain is off the table. slight chance of showers. mainly the cloud cover we'll deal with on saturday's forecast. we're now drying out with sunshine on sunday. temperatures right near average. a lot of you may be saying where is the rainfall.
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by the end of december and into january we see things pick up. new york city has the same tree at rockefeller center. raj is preparing the light the tree in a few minutes. an after school program
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employee at "parkside intermediate school" in san bruno is under arrest -- after police say he had inappropiate
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contact with a 12 year old girl. it happened yesterday -- but police just released the information. and giants star "brandon crawford" and wells fargo -- presented 100-thousand dollars in education grants to 31 bay area schools today. the grants were awarded through a community nominating process. back in a moment.
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us, and that means it )s time to decorate and light those trees. they )rdo holiday season is here. that means it's time to trim the trees and light the trees too. >> they're doing that in grand style in san francisco with a special twist. raj is live in san francisco with more on this tree lighting. hi, raj. >> reporter: hi guys. this is is a big deal. ronnie lott has been doing this for a lot of years. this year he decided to do it for the north bay fire victims. he brought some of his 49er
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legend friends with him. beyond the vips at this party it's the tree and a lot of little kids who will be benefitting. good to see you. >> great to see you. what dud it mean to you? >> you are up to some good tonight. >> yeah. i'm just here in support of ronnie. he's like the best. he is everywhere trying to help as many people as he can. love that he's that way. he's been that way since i've known him and love him to death. the more we can support him, the better off we all are. >> good to see you. this is big. you want to say something. >> i got to say this. he knows this, man. i've known him since college and one of the great things this life, you can always count on. one of the great things i know about him that a lot of people
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don't know about him is his heart is big. for a lot of reasons, his heart has been big for so many things that people don't know what he does. thank you for showing up like always. by the way, i know you're going to tell me that i want to make sure you can throw that switch. >> i can throw the switch. >> we're going to light the tree in about 30 minutes from now. the proceeds go to the fire victims. >> he lives up there and known a lot of people in that area. it's going to be the face of a lot of moments for our people who will still have to fight through all of this. you can't even describe what it looks like. we have a property that was burned 80%. no one got hurt.
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the devastation is like nothing you can't even -- the first time i got off in santa rosa, it's the best. if you haven't seen the book of eli, what the background looks like when denzel is walking around. >> a lot of it happening right now as we speak. thanks for organizing this. we'll be lighting this tree live on nbc bay area in about 15 minutes. send it back to you. >> thank you very much. the president's message to missouri. a vote on his tax plan moves in d.c. new accusations and details. what we're learning about matt lauer's firing from the today show. it "may not have been an
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isolated incident." those words from nbc news chairman andy lack. right now, it may not have been an isolate incident. the word from nbc news chairman. he fired matt lauer after a co-worker accused the host. >> morepublished its own story after what it says is a two month investigation.
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he gave a colleague a sex toy as a gift with a note on how he wanted to use it. >> nbc news says it plans to be transparent. >> this is a sad morning here at today and nbc news. >> reporter: visibly shaken. opened the today show by reading a statement from nbc news chairman. andy black. >> on monday night swefed the detailed complaint from a colleague about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace by matt lauer. >> reporter: in their statement nbc news says that after serious review and the fact that company standards were clearly violated
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they terminated lauer's contract. they had reasons to believe this might not have been an isolated incident. >> i'm heartbroken for matt. he's beloved by many people. i'm heartbroken for the braver colleague who came forward to tell her story and any other women who have their own stories to tell. >> nbc news has fired matt lauer. >> allow do you reconcile your love for someone with the revelation they have behaved badly? >> reporter: the lawyer for the woman who made the complaint told nbc news in a statement that he's encouraged by nbc's response and that he is in awe of the courage his clients
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showed. so far lauer has not responded to a request for comment. an allege has prompted the firing of garrison keillor. his contract was terminated. he had touched a woman's bare back as he tried to console her. he apologized when she resocoil. he said he immediately apologized and did so in an e-mail. he claimed she forgave him and they stayed friendly right up until her lawyer called. mandatory sexual harassment training is now the rule in the house of representatives. house minority leader stated the policy is zero tolerance and anything less is unacceptable. >> it's very hard to accept the people we admire in public life and here in congress have
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crossed the line and broken the public trust. >> a wave of sexual misconduct claims have rocked capitol hill including allegations against representative john conyers and al franken. the president said the middle class will see the biggest benefit while the rich will face a bigger tax burden. under the house of tax plan mr. trump and his family could face more than a billion tlars. under the senate's plan two-thirds of middle class would face a tax increase. >> believe me, this is not good for me. i have some very wealthy friends, not so happy with me. that's okay. i keep hearing schumer in is for
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the wealthy. if it is, my friend, you'll know about it. >> the white house and republicans say the middle class will benefit from corporate tax cuts because those companies will create jobs and increase wages. oakland top cop says oakland is becoming a much safer city. oakland police chief said 62 people have been killed so far. the chief credits the drop in violent crime to smarter policing. officers are focusing on small group of criminals and precision policing is working. >> not too long ago we were at 120. that's just good news. it's a good story to say about our police department and extremely hard work that those men and women do every day on the street. >> robbery is down in oakland by 14%. not to happy hour at levi
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stadium. man jumped over a fence and raided a vending ca ining cart wine. he had 16 bottles of wine in his backpack. they held him until santa clara police arrived. he was arrested for trespassing, theft and being drunk in public. this is the time of year when salmon return to west marin to spawn. there's been a few big surprises. >> that's part of the excitement of going outside. >> reporter: the changing of seasons. cue from nature to shift gears. >> it's a place where people come. >> reporter: p they return to these rivers of their birth to spawn. >> now the fish are starting to show up down here. we would expect to be seeing
6:37 pm
salmon this time of year. >> reporter: biologist did not expect to see this. >> we can see the whole nest. we started getting species that we have never seen here before. >> reporter: just below the bridge in the viewing area, are rare to these parts female chub salmon swims guarding her nest of eggs. >> i've seen them one other time in my 25 years here. normally we would find them much further north. >> reporter: biologist ts with the marin water district spotted a rarer pink salmon. >> i've never seen them here before. >> reporter: no one is why they have shown up so far from their normal territory. >> they go and explore new
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places. it draws the visitors to the creek every year. >> jumping and climbing up. how far they come. >> reporter: it's one of the last places in california to see wild salmon but maybe not the last place you'd expect nature to throw a few surprises. >> i'm still here 30 years later watching it. a major security issue for apple. the rush fix for macs that you need to know about. apple computer owners.
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apple discovered a major secu b a potential disaster for apple computer owners. apple discovered major security bug in its new mac operating system and quickly up issued an update to fix it. apple says a software fix would be automatically installed into all macs. one of the busiest areas in
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san francisco turns out it's also the dirtiest. bart 16th street mission station is in need of a solution. couple city leaders are doing what they can to clean it now while demanding action. bart board member showed up every wengz to clean the station themselves. they want the others to join them kweekly for cleaning opini opinion. let's talk about our forecast. pretty dry. no rain in sight. >> this weekend's rain chance just kind of dwindling away which could be better for your weekend plans. lots of traffic but things still moving along. we'll talk more about this weekend and which day will be the best and our winter outlook. sewer works leave a woman's window damage and now she wants accountability and thousands of dollars. nbc bay area responds, next. san mateo woman who says her
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home was damaged by city construction work. she felt she shouldn )t have to foot the bill for the repairs. nbc bay area responds to a woman who says her home was damaged by city construction works. >> she couldn't fit the bill for the repair. >> reporter: janet ball says last winter san mateo was doing sewer expansion work in front of her house. one of trucks pitched a work at her picture window creating a large divet. she told the project manager what happened. he promised to reimburse her the cost of replacing the window which was around $8,000. janet spent the next several months trying to get the promise fulfilled and got nowhere. slee she reached out to us for help. ranger pipeline asked janet to sign a nondisclosure agreement. all she can share is she reached an agreement with the company and the issue has been resolved to her satisfaction.
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ranger pipeline didn't respond to our request for comment. if you have a consumer compla t complaint, call us 888-996-tips. a record setting cyber monday for amazon. it was the company's biggest shopping day ever with sales soaring 30% compared to last year. the top selling item, the echo dot. borders made up on the app were up more than 50% compared to a year ago. not your usual house pet but a cute animal is looking for a family in the bay area. that's dottie. she was surrendered earlier this month. look how cute she is. you know what that little face is saying, take me. the goat is considered human friendly. will do best in a home with other goats. >> she's really cute. >> oreo is really cute name. >> really sweet. >> you have room.
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>> there's a weed whacker. >> would your dog get along with dottie? >> lucy is pretty friendly. >> might think dottie is a dog. >> i'll have to think about it. i have to make a call back home first. we are expecting nice weather as we head out the next couple of days. by this weekend a little bit of rainfall getting close by. let's take a look at your mie rowcl -- microclimate forecast. 9:00 a.m. to midnight. all the way to january 7th. even open on christmas. we have 58 degrees. notice by 11:00 p.m. we'll be dropping down to 51. as far as tomorrow's forecast goes we'll see more chilly temperatures to start. no problems with any fog. mostly clear skies throughout the bay. 44 for the south bay. 41 degrees. we'll still have the best chance
6:47 pm
for isolated 30s in the north bay and beautiful start in san francisco at 48. the best thing about tomorrow's weather is the fact that by the afternoon we'll see some substantial warming. in fact, temperatures close to 70 degrees for parts of the south bay. namely down towards gilroy and morgan mill. we'll also be close to 70 degrees here in danville tomorrow. concord, 65 and hayward, 63. winds out of north at 5 miles an hour and sunny skies from half-moon bay down towards palo alto. over towards san francisco, 59. 60 in the outer sunset and nice, crisp fall day coming our way. 64 in santa rosa. 65 expected in sonoma. chance of weekend rain has been
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all over the place. let's get something going in terms of defenses. it seems like the storm system will be leddi inheading more of north. as we advance station starting to break up with most of the activity remaining in extreme northern california. the biggest problem on saturday, the biggest cloud cover at this point. by sunday we're looking at increased sunshine in the bay. only a slight chance of some rain as the storm will stay to the north. overall a better forecast coming your way. what about beyond this. right now the way it looks is the wetter weather for our winter outlook will be in the pacific northwest. drier weather in los angeles. we still have average to above average rain chances as we head into winter as our pattern is being influenced right now. let's get you into the extended
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forecast. just clover on saturday. looking good the next several days. inland valley, we'll see temperatures in the 60s the next seven days. i got to check her out online. we'll see. >> okay. keep her in mind. >> that's true. how is jimmy g. getting ready for his first start? part of it involves not looking at his phone.
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this sunday for the 49ers... after trading for jimmy garoppolo mid-season, you knew it was just a the jimmy g. era is under way. sglb y >> you knew it was a matter of time before he's handed the reing, at least temporarily. here is collin rush. >> in the poblgt. confidence. >> hard not to get excited about that comparison if you're every 49er fan. they all hope it was a glimpse of things to come. one minute of action in relief of an injured c.j. this past
6:53 pm
sunday setting stage for his first start as a niner in his hometown of chicago. >> with everything going the way it did, also with c.j. not being able to practice today and maybe throughout the week made the decision a little bit eedsieasi. >> ticket requests started pouring in. >> i had to put my phone away for little while the last couple of days. i'm trying to fofocus. >> he fully intended to suit up and back him up in chicago. he handled the news this way. >> i was disappointed. i want to team to win. right now i'm focused on getting healthy and helping the team out and jimmy any way that i can. >> is this his team from here on out? coach says he'll make that decision week to week. >> i'm trying not to think about the future too much.
6:54 pm
when your mind wanders like that, quarterbacking in this league is hard enough. when you start to think about other things, you'll have a tough time. >> i know he's going to try his hardest and go out there and compete. i'm excited to see him do it. >> wish him luck. we're moments away from the big moment. >> are you ready to light this tree? >> reporter: we are ready. we have about 500 people here waiting at 555 california to light this tree. we're live on nbc bay area for everyone here. we're on stage with karen lott and ronnie lott. quickly, we're going to do the countdown first so we can light it live on television. come up here and some of the kids that benefit from all stars helping kids. you ready? live on nbc to do this. let's begin, everyone. ready? ten, nine, eight, seven, six,
6:55 pm
five, four, three, two, one. whoo! >> good job, raj. good job. >> there you have it. the holiday season is here and a great way to help benefit the fire victims of the north bay. thank you. we want to say good night to our viewers. >> have a wonderful christmas. >> merry christmas, everybody. >> happy holidays. back to you. >> gorgeous tree. >> that was so much fun. good job. >> very exciting. that's not the only christmas tree lighting you can watch here on nbc bay area, the today show team and celebrities will light the rockefeller christmas tree in new york city. performances begin at 8:00. >> you've been there before. >> you're looking up.
6:56 pm
it's so massive. the thing i like about the tree we just saw is all the white lights. it's really classy. i think we have time pr the seven-day forecast. let's get that in there. temperatures in the 40s to start. 60s for the afternoon. we get cloud cover on saturday. it looks less and less. mostly cloudy. by sunday you get sun coming back out. as we head throughout early next week, temperatures in the low 60s. nice weather coming our way. weekend not too bad at all. >> looks lovely. hopes everybody will be lieging their true soon. we'll leave you with one last shot from the tree lighting at 555 california. spectacular. have a great night. >> see you here at 1 is:00.
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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now on "extra" matt lauer fired, breaking new details on shocking sex scandal. >> for the moment, all we can say is we are heart broken. >> was the "today" show family blindsided by the decision just two months after matt grilled bill o'reilly about his downfall. >> you are probably the last guy in the world that they wanted to fire. >> how anne curry is reacting to the news. then matt's marriage to his wife, will she stand by him as he is hit with an onslot of infidelity headlines. plus, we placing the cash machine. take over the most coveted seat. mariah's breakup revenge on her


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