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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 25, 2017 3:00am-3:31am PST

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as well as more upscale home good stores like william sonoma, pottery barn, and crate and barrel. only two apparel companies make this list, by the way, l.l. bean and lands end. i'll explain why i pointed that out. compare that to the top retail sites you're most likely to find among those who call themselves liberal democrats. nearly all are clothing stores. that mainly dater to a younger female clientele. forever 21, urban outfitters, express, h & m, bloomingdales. no home improvement sites on this list. and the one store that appears for both liberals and conservatives, crate and barrel. love a good glass of wine apparently and it look likes people on both ends of the spectrum need coffee tables and wine glasses as well. there were actually one other online store that liberals and conservatives were more likely to visit than moderates, and that is the official trump store. we're not making this up. here, both men and women can buy official trump golf polos.
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there's a trump onesie for babies and even a coin bank in the shape of a gold bar. emblazened with the name trump. so why are conservatives and liberals visiting the trump store? conservatives are fans of president trump. not surprising, they'd want to buy some of the merchandise with his name on it. liberals on the other hand, they're visiting out of curiosity and possibly looking for some gag gifts. but, as we've previously discussed in data download, we recommend doing this, check your politics at the door this holiday season. let's go a few days without it, huh? let's enjoy time with loved ones, without debating the president for at least an hour. at least until you gather around the television, with your family to do what? watch "meet the press." when we come back, some of people in politics, media, and culture that we all lost and more in 2017. >> we no longer live in an age in which peace and war can sharpen to differentiate it. we live in a neither neither land. your a1c, but you also have a higher risk of heart attack or stroke.
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the holiday season a time for joy and family and looking ahead with hope to a new year. it's also a time to reflect and look back. we to want take a moment now remember some of those in the world of politics, media, and culture, whom we lost this year. faces and friends, who should be very familiar to our "meet the press" viewers. ♪ >> we no longer live in an age in which peace and war can be differentiated. ♪ >> there is a third way, and i represent that third approach for the american voter. ♪
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>> the american people didn't want to be told what to think about the information that were receiving, so we came up with we report, you decide, fair and balanced. ♪ >> given the historic transient and the mood and the president's rating should be a democrat right about now. ♪ >> my feelings of being here witnessing this that as long as there's a man alive on the face of the earth, this day will always be remembered. ♪ >> i would like to know why the last associate producer before me made $50 a week more than i
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%$4ll and you smell gas, your first step is to get out, travel to a safe distance until you can't smell the gas anymore, and then call 911. the first responders will come out, and they'll make it safe for you and your community. ♪ welcome back. president trump is often accused of chronic inconsistency of
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saying one thing, doing another, and then saying it again. but one area where he's never waivered is in his state the contempt, or supposed contempt for people in this business. the media. >> these are really, really dishonest people. it's totally fake news. it's just fake. it's fake. it's made up stuff. and they're bad people. the fake news won't cover it. and i really think they don't like our country. you see there's the fake news back there. look, everyone. [ laughter ] >> a few days ago brought back four media critics we talked to last year at this time about the president and the press. david of npr, hal of the orlando sentinel, claire atkinson, and gabe sherman of vanity fair who is also a contributor. >> and we began by discussing we the increase glit hostile relationship between journalists and a media-bashing president who considers other media bashers, some of whom are in the media themselves as part of his base.
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all right, let's start with a simple question, we were here last year. there was a lot of optimism here that the media's reputation would improve. okay. i'm going to start with the most outsider of everybody at this group, hal, has the media's reputation improved as far as the people in orlando are concerned? >> well, i think most people in orlando would probably say no, but you're just repeating certain things. if you say the washington post or the "new york times," i don't think most people in orlando read those newspapers, so you're kind of just taking what somebody else thinks. as somebody observes these things, i think the reputation of the press has gone way up. >> three major newspapers now can say they've got a million plus paid subscribers, that is historic, and the fact that people are deciding, you know, we'll pay ten bucks a month on netflix, but actually ten bucks a month for washington post or the "new york times" is a positive thing.
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>> i do think that a lot of news organizations taking time, taking care if you look at this recent race in alabama, the senate race there, not only did the washington post do strong reporting, alabama newspapers chipped in strong reporting and even took very strong editorial stances that in some ways were vindicated by results you saw. that is people believe there were enough troubling information for them to absorb. even if the hard core of roy moore didn't accept that, i think a lot of voters did. >> hal, you're where i thought you hit it correctly was on the blind spots, right? our biggest blind spot in 2016 was misunderstanding clinton hatred. have we fixed these blind spots? >> i grew up in red america. i grew up in missouri. i talked to my dad and my brother yesterday, and they both voted for trump. and they both hated tweeting. they hate his tweeting. they like that he's shaking things up, but they hate his tweeting. so i think that explains his high unpopularity.
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>> the biggest question we had was how was the media going to treat his tweeting? all right. a year later, let's discuss this. this is sort of where i want to dive into this. i think we're still trying to figure this out. >> yeah, i mean, i fall in the camp that i think the media should treat them as official presidential statements which, which in many ways they are. and i think they are in certain ways a realtime window into the psyche, we never had such a realtime read on the president's mood. i think oftentimes very offensive, but as journalistic material incredibly valuable, and i think, you know, this whole idea that the media is overcovering the tweets, i think underestimates their value. >> i think also, if you make a tapestry of a bigger understand of what the administration is doing in response, lurching around, trying to disearn where the president is at any one moment, the tweets offer you a little timeline. it is a time stamped mood ring of where the president is at and you can usually disam big wait
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the ones he clearly wrote. >> they offer up a new story of the day. when you think about trump's feuds, whether it's the mayor of san juan in puerto rico, whether it's the nfl or the media, it's a prepackaged story that drives the news agenda of the day, and it's fueled huge interest in the news business in general, increased in subscriptions, you know cable news ratings are way higher than they were last year. because of trump. >> it is just a good thing. >> it's a bad thing. >> okay. >> for him, it's a bad thing. >> what about for us? >> i think the value the media can have is providing context of the tweets. there is times that white house aids will tell me, trump is tweeted things to create distractions or storylines to misdirect the media. and i think the media should not chase the tweets without saying hey look, look at the hearings on the hill. it's curious that trump is doing this or look at robert mueller's doing it. i wonder why he's tweeting about x. it's clear he uses twitter
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strategically and tactically and the media should not just blindly follow that. >> but if he says i don't get enough credit for what i've done, he is the one who has distracted people from what he has done. >> that's right. but it just seems to me if we focus this certainly -- particularly online posts and sometimes cable news will take a tweet and build a segment around it, build a half hour around it, build a post around it. and that to me, there is a laziness and there is sort of a dopamine drip, adrenaline rush for people who love it. sort of a back lash for people who hate it. that's emotional rather than journalistic impulse. it does get traffic. it does get audience. >> there is something else that took place this year. you had some journalists decide to publicly go after the president, publicly stand up to him and on one hand, it makes them feel good in the moment, but is that good for us or been bad for us? does that play into the media's the opposition of the american people as the president tweeted? this is sort of -- sort of try to bring this in for a landing. this is the part of the year
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that i don't know if this is a good or bad development. >> i think the most obvious example of that is the cnn, trump battle and jim acosta who are on the front lines and aggressively saying i'm going to ask a question if i want to, whether you want me to or not. and the backdrop of that is the question of political interference in doj, decisions about whether they're going to allow tooe at&t to buy time warner which is the owner of cnn. i think there are some very intriguing questions about, you know, how journalists interact with the president, and then president's reaction to that. >> look at the washington post. there is a place that i think has done some of the most aggressive investigative reporting in the past year during the trump presidency. and it has in some way the most new motto under ownership. democracy dies in darkness. listen to marty talk about it, we're not going to war, we're going to work. this is not some sort of #struggleforhim. this is first principles, living up to your mission. it's a great approach. >> there's not one way to do journalism.
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what he does, and what she does, and that's -- >> i think a general rule as a reporter, if you've become the story, clearly something is out of whack. readers turn to journalists not for who we are, it's what we do. and i think journalists should always remember that. >> if we look that the balance though, if we're talking about what's out of whack by and large, the president has made the media the issue, and the media -- it's almost internally in response to it. so those who might lean in too much to the combat, jeff's administration at times at cnn has issued public statements that seem, surprised -- snarky, tough. they're figuring out how to navigate this world too. commercially and journalistically took into consideration. >> on the other side, you have the fox news's, the sinclairs, the whole bunch of of other folks who are kind there have hoping to win the president's hand and be the voice of the president. and so you are seeing this kind of division of the very tough on one side and supportive on the other. >> quickly, getting out of here, biggest fear you have of the relationship between the media and president in 2018, howard, you go first.
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>> i fear that we go to war. and that, you know, something spirals out of control. i very much feel like we're living in a thriller. it's sort of like manturian candidate. i really worry about these kinds of things. that's why i think the russia investigation is so important. >> that's heavy stuff. what about the media and the relationship with the president. >> i guess i would say as we saw the early stages of the trump presidency when the chips were down for him, when he was in a tough spot, he would go after the press, things could get worse with the investigation. and then there's the question of is there actual interference with the at&t ability to acquire time warner for the wrong reasons? not for anti-trust review. would he decide to intervene in certain ways that would undermine the american press abroad. that's a yes when he's under the most duress that's when the relationship i think gets most fraud. >> my biggest fear is trump calling out a washington post reporter by name. calling for this reporter to be fired. my biggest fear is that there
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would be a chilling effect and that newsrooms will be cowed if they make a mistake, mistakes are a part of journalism that they will pull back too much. >> all right. final word. >> i think the fear that i have and most share is this idea that there are people out to get you, to fail you, to tape you in a ball when you're having a personal conversation with a friend and release that as evidence of bias. and i think on top of that, this fear that we're being set up for mistakes as the washington post was when the sex harassment story. >> i'm going climb in my hole and make sure nobody can find me and nobody can touch me. anyway guys, what a year. that's all for today. merry christmas to all and remember, if it's sunday, it's "meet the press." symbol of london to
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hear that sound. well, you know, it's been 25 days of christmas for fans of the kardashian klan.
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the family has been sharing photos from their christmas photo shoot by photographer eli russell la nets. the photos include sisters courtney, chloe and kim along with kendall, mom, chris, and kim's husband kanye west. also heavily featured in the photos are the sisters children. even rob kardashian and blac chyna's daughter dream appears. with the recent confirmation of chloe's pregnancy, many fans are wondered where kylie jenner is. >> if you open twitter that is the number one thing people are wondering. >> on christmas day. >> where is she at. overwhelmingly, people, first of all, people are like i can't believe i care about this on christmas eve. they can't help themselves because it is obviously trending. but they think the big rumor is that she is going to be revealing later on today that she's either pregnant or show the belly bump or maybe she's already had the baby already and we'll get a look at the baby. >> great publicity. that's for sure. >> yeah, they're really good at
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this. it's the one thing they can do, attract a lot of publicity for sure. we'll see what happens. we have the whole day. the internet is waiting with baited breath. all right. one montreal man's solution to a very canadian problem. doesn't happen a lot in the states but it's getting popular here. mark manning created this goalie' to connect goal tenders to fill last-minute holes in their lineup. it cover's the goalie pay plus the booking fee. it's grown to 2000 goal is across canada. when we were playing basketball, we had an app and said who wants to play. >> i'm sure that's for people who would love to get in the game. >> 40 bucks, goalie up. just ahead, magic moments that will make you smile this christmas morning. you're watching "early today." this holiday season... give the gift of effortlessly smooth feet... from amope. amope pedi perfect
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now to a little holiday magic on this christmas morning. that moment when you see your loved ones for the first time in a long time, many of you know what we're talking about. those unforgettable greetings at the airport that capture the true meaning of home for the holidays. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i'm waiting for my husband. he's coming from afghanistan. he's been there seven years.
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comes every six to eight months. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> we're waiting for my sister. 40 years, waiting for her. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> my husband has been in el salvador. 14 years and he hasn't seen them. my daughter, the first time he's ever seen them. a
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>> the first time since he's left we'll have all of us under one roof. ♪ ♪ >> merry christmas and happy holidays. >> happy holidays. >> let's bring in meteorologist bonnie schneider again with a check of our christmas day forecast. those get me every single time. >> so touching. it's going to be a cold one. if you're traveling bring the heavy sweaters. we're looking at an arctic blast in the forecast today and it will continue well into the week. we'll look for the cold air to push eastward. wind chills will be zero in parts of the midwest and temperatures will stay in the 20s and 30s even into the mid-atlantic. a cold kind of end to the year that we're watching very closely. again, the wind chills are going to be really chilly for areas across the great lakes, the northeast and parts of the midwest. but temperatures will be mild, though, as we look towards the southeast. phillip? >> perfect day to stay in with your loved ones. thank you, bonnie.
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thanks for watching "early today." i'm phillip mena. the folks at norad a white christmas?
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55 million americans are under a winter weather advisory this morning. so will santa leave behind a snowy christmas morning? we'll tell you who will wake up to a winter wonderland. last minute shopping means last minute shipping and now the mad da to get those gifts under the tree in time. plus, north korea is lashing out over tough new sanctions imposed by the united nations. a deadly christmas eve plane crash eaves no survivors and questions about why the pilot chose to take off at all. and home for the holidays. we're will tore the -- there for the


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