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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 23, 2018 4:00am-4:31am PST

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a massive (7-point-9 earthquake hit off e we are up early this morning bringing you breaking news. a massive 7.9 earthquake hits off the coast of alaska. it's triggered a tsunami watch for california coastline. that includes the bay area. national weather service is warning the tsunami is expected to arrive in san francisco at 6:15 this morning. good morning. thank you for joining us for this early edition of "today in the bay." >> we received new information from the department of emergency services in san francisco. they are warning in you're in san francisco and three blocks off the pacific coast, prepare to evacuate. >> officials want people to check in on neighbors who may
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need help. we have team coverage this morning with more on what a tsunami watch even means. >> a tsunami watch mee means th are waves that can be generated from this earthquake that happened off the gulf of alaska. it was 7.9 magnitude. so a strong earthquake under water, that displaces that water and we see waves generated outward from that. we have tsunami warnings in effect through british columbia, through vancouver. then these areas shaded in yellow. that's where we have the tsunami wat watch. as we look at timing of when the waves may arrive into the bay area, at about 5:45 this morning, we could start to see those waves moving into various far northern sonoma county. then we look at point ray, where the wave maces may arrive at 5:. san francisco it will be working
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its way inland, that takes until 6:15, and then santa cruz coast a bit earlier than san francisco at 5:50. a lot to watch here. those first waves may not necessarily be the largest. we can see them building as it goes along and moves down the coast. so far, further to the north, we have not gotten reports of any tsunamis. but this is something to definitely watch as we go into the next several hours. so those waves being displaced by that earthquake which happened out over the gulf of alaska. we'll need to monitor for high waves as we go into the next couple of hours. how to prepare, make sure you keep the television on. you keep watching nbc bay area to get the latest alerts. we have information scrolling at the bottom of the screen. if you do have to leave, make sure you keep nbc on
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your smart device and get the ap a and learn evacuation route and prepare to leave. so get valuables, important documents together. know that you may have to leave your home if you're within two miles of the coastline or in san francisco. so a lot to prepare for here. if there's an immediate threat, there will be a warning issued, but if that happens, you may not have enough time to leave, especially in cities like san francisco, where there could be possibly thousands of people trying to leave at one time. a lot to watch here the next
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several hours. we'll watch that earthquake and the aftershocks that could cause the threat of tsunamis for hours later. a lot to be aware of here as we go into the morning. >> that's right. that earthquake happened after 1:30 in the morning from kodiak, alaska. we see some video where people were evacuated into a gym. it just posted to twitter. they've been evacuated after that earthquake hit. it was a 7.9, a little after 1:30 this morning. the warning sirens went off shortly after that quick, mobilizing police in kodiak, alaska to taken usual steps to warn residents there. >> just want to remind everyone, this is not a drill. this is an actual tsunami warning. everybody get at least 100 feet above sea level. >> video boasted by nbc news about the same time showing residents in kodiak evacuating to higher ground. you can see the line of cars
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there. right now residents in kodiak are told to stay in place, because harbor masters have seen receding water levels, but no waves as of yet making landfall in kodiak. >> we've been posting updates all night long. you can head to for coverage. continuing coverage of that police standoff, it now appears to be over in the south bay. that started sunday night at the windham hotel in south san jose. police were there for a man who was wanted on felony warrant charges. a short time ago we spoke with someone at the hotel who says authorities have cleared the scene, but there's been no updates from authorities about
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what happened or how it ended. last night police who were evacuated from rooms say they were unnerved. >> just that i got a reservation here. i would rather not stay and they were understanding. and set me up with a room at one of the other hotels. >> again, there's no update yet from police and no confirmation on whether someone else was inside that room or if the suspect was armed. we are reaching out to police and hope to have an update later this morning. coming up next on "today in the bay," breaking news coverage on the tsunami watch for the bay area coastline continues. and going to movies, it just keeps getting more pricey. prices went up last year. we'll tell you by how much. that's if you can handle the truth. back to our breaking news-
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a massive (7-point-9 earthquake hit off the coast of alaska.. breaking news on this tuesday morning. a massive 7.9 earthquake hit off the coast of alaska. it triggered a tsunami watch for our california coastline. that includes the bay area. the national weather service is warning the tsunami is expected to arrive in san francisco at 6:15 this morning. the department of emergency services in san francisco issued a warning for people there. they say if a tsunami warning is issued and you're within three blocks of the pacific coast or within five blocks of the sf bay, prepare to evacuate. once again, that's only if a tsunami warning is issued. officials warned people to check
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on neighbors who may need help. we're in a tsunami watch right now. we'll keep you posted if it's upgraded to a warning. neil diamond is saying he will never tour again. >> the music legend is retiring from touring after being diagnosed with parkinson disease. he canceled the third leg of his 50th anniversary tour yesterday. he was set to play in australia and new zealand in march. the artist says traveling is too hard for his body. however he will continue to write and pursue new projects. neil diamond appeared in san francisco in july. we have heartfelt comments that have been pouring in. if you're planning on going to the movies soon, you will have to pay more. movie tickets climbed nearly 4% in 2017 breaking the averag$201
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to.t to $8.97 per ticket. while prices went up, attendance went down. also last year we saw the lowest movie tickets sold since 1995. coming up, we are following breaking news. tsunami watch in effect for the entire bay area after a 7.9 earthquake in kodiak alaska. >> we are continuing to monitor the progress of the tsunami watch and the potential of waves moving into the bay area. we will talk about the tsunami watch and also what's ahead in our forecast. that's coming up on the other side of the break. a massive (7e
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hit off the coast of alaska.. triggering a tsunami watch back to our breaking news coverage. a massive 7.9 quake hit off the coast of alaska. it has triggered a tsunami watch for the california coastline including the bay area. the national weather service is warning that the tsunami will arrive in san francisco at about 6:15 this morning. the department of emergency services in san francisco issuing a warning for people there. they say if a tsunami warning is issued, you're within three blocks of the pacific coast or five blocks within the san francisco bay, prepare to evacuate. that's only if a tsunami warning is issued. we're in a watch now. police want people to check on neighbors who may need help. we haveerse mobilizing by the coastline to set up.
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good morning to you. we're on early this morning. it's 4:15 right now. you've been following this, how it could affect our area and what we're dealing with. people want to know. you hear warning and a watch. >> a watch means you need to get prepared. we have sirens, we have a lot of alerts that will go out if a tsunami warning is issued. that's when you do need to take action. >> it's bayically the r icalbas effect from the earthquake that happened in kodiak, alaska. these waves are very deep within the ocean floor. a lot of times out ahead of a tsunami, you can see the water pull back away from the cost line, but it's dark outside. this is what happened a couple years ago. >> this happened in 2011. this was the santa cruz coastline. we had a similar situation. we were on this watch as well.
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we had crews there set up. you mentioned the water pulling back, then as it came in, it destroyed the dockside, this happened live on the air on "today in the bay." it swept those boats away. there was quite a bit of damage during that time. so reminiscent of that time here in the day area. >> this video here, you can see it. when we talk about a tsunami, sometimes people think of the epic visuals from movies. this giant wave. it won't be that. >> not here for us. there was some damage. this is from the japan earthquake in 2011. >> when they raise the level, think about all these boats at the piers, they get raised up because water comes in. that pulls them from their moorings. and it continues to rise and rise after it pulled back. >> could easily be more than one wave. one wave you think it's over, and another comes back. >> and we've seen 11
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aftershocks. so we may not initially see waves, but this could go on for hours or days. more earthquakes could be triggered. so we're getting more information. so looking at my graphic now, the tsunami watch has been dropped. so that's some really good information. we were looking for the potential of the tsunami waves reaching the bay area later this morning. but as you can see, that highlighting has changed. it has been removed from the map. so that does mean the tsunami watch has ended. some great news here. let's start out with our forecast and our temperatures that are cold to start this morning. we are in the upper 30s right now in the north bay. so we are watching out for some patchy frost, right now in san francisco it's 50 degrees. 45 in oakland. 40 degrees in san jose. getting a live look outside. let's check out the temperature trend for the day. 8:00, 44 degrees, then reaching
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the mid 50s by noon. upper 50s by 2:00 today. looking at high temperatures today, we'll be reaching into the upper 50s. 55 in santa rosa. we will have a lot of sunshine today. but this is ahead of the next storm system. we can see the rain coming down around seattle and portland. this will be dipping further to the south as we go into tomorrow. that's going to bring our round of rain expected for tomorrow afternoon. so as we go hour-by-hour, we will see the cloud cover increasing by tomorrow morning. here we are at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. we see that rain moving through, approaching san francisco by 2:00 this afternoon. by 6:30 tomorrow evening, that rain will be moving into the south bay. we'll have the scattered showers off and on. this will bring in a heavier amount of rain than we had yesterday. by friday morning we may be measuring close to an inch of rain across the bay area so good news here as that tsunami watch
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has been dropped. we'll have a sunny day. it's going to be up to 54 degrees. 51 degrees tomorrow as the rain returns. for the weekend, still a cool weekend for some. it will make it into the mid 60s by sunday. mike, you were tracking for drivers a hazard near the bay bridge. >> that's right. it has nothing to do with that quake. this is a disabled vehicle getting into social security, coming off that upp san francis that upper deck. a nice easy drive for the taillights through the tunnel. there is a car sloer lslowly ge off the freeway. sounded like crews were there to help. i'll get updates from chp. fog registers for the north dba, but nothing major as far as chp reports go.
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everything moving clearly here on the roadways. no problems here on the transit lines. all rails reporting no delays. that's great stuff. that tsunami watch has been canceled. that's good news for the coastline of california. we continue with you, marcus. back to you. >> thank you very much. a suspect is facing two counts of murder for the death of two little girls in ant lock. the 23-year-old was in martinez court yesterday. the two girls died after he allegedly slammed a stolen pickup truck into the truck they were in. he did not enter a plea. he does not have a lawyer just yet. the family of those girls are making decisions no parent wants to. they took their 2-year-old off life support. this happened yesterday. in her death carmilla cardoza will save the lives of others.
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her organs were donated. the suspect's family was in court yesterday saying their son has a drug problem and would never intentionally hurt anyone. they're also learning they are distant relatives of the victims. >> i know my brother would never have dreamt of hurting these little girls. unfortunately these are the consequences of his actions. >> the mother of the two little girls was also seriously injured in that crash but is expected to survive. it's been a while since we heard from bill kcosby. last night cosby performed in philadelphia. nbc cameras caught up with him after that show. >> it was absolutely a lot of fun. a lot of fun. >> cosby enjoyed a night of performing. he told some jokes to a small group at a jazz club for about an hour. he also performed with the band playing drums. he is not off the hook from the
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sexual abuse accusations. he will be retried in april. sonoma county could extend its ban on vacation rentals such as airbnb. that was put in place after the fires in october to make those homes and rooms available for fire victims. there are about 1500 vacation rentals in the county, mostly along the russian river and sonoma valley. the ban only applies to new bookings. happening tonight, much need help for first-time home buyers. h.a.r.t. helps middle income ea earners get in a home with 5% down to avoid the private mortgage insurance. who qualifies? families earning up to 150,000 yearly with a credit score of 680 or better. they have to live or work in san mateo county. the workshop is at 6:00 tonight.
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an update to the breaking news we're following, a tsunami watch canceled off the coast of california after a massive 7.9 earthquake struck near last ka. and governor jerry brown prepares for his final state of the state address. we'll look at one of his biggest accomplishments as governor and lou it turned the state around. you could generate your own energy,
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at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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like the new $1 stacker. the dollar gets you more at taco bell. are all these layers of beef and cheese reserved for a secret society? or just anyone with a dollar? the answer is yes. (bong) account for the national weather service. breaking news we're back with. here's a live look -- this is the seismograph that we have that picked up that earthquake that happened in alaska this morning. this was just after 1:30 this
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morning. this is something that we wanted to share with you all. we have this tweet now. this is from the national weather service. you can see there on your screen, it says tsunami watch canceled for washington, oregon, and california. so that means the watch, that tsunami watch on the california cost line has be coastline has been dropped. which is a relief for people. tha that 7.9 earthquake hit off the coast of kodiak, alaska. >> we'll continue to monitor this and what's going on with the usgs as well. in other news this morning, we're two days away from governor jerry brown's final state of the state address. he will deliver it 10:00 this morning. this is brown's last year as california governor. when he came into office in 2011, the state was facing a $26 billion deficit. today we're in a surplus something he's no doubt expected
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to mention on thursday. coming up next on "today in the bay," continuing breaking news coverage of a now canceled num tsunami watch for our coastline. >> good news there. and we'll track our next storm set to move in. we can see the storm system now that will be moving south into the bay area by tomorrow. we'll talk about the timing and how much rain you can expect. that's coming up next. a fog registering on our computers. cars coming over that hill. a smooth drive for the north bay. we have more coming up. morning
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news.. a massive (7-point-9 earthquake hit off the coast of alaska.. it initially triggered a tsunami watch for the california coastline. it )s been canceled within the last 15 minutes. good morning and thank you for joining us. i )m laura garcia. and i )m marcus washington. meteorologist kari hall kicks off our team coverage this morning of the quake and the canceled tsunami watch. kari?
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the tsunami warning issued the tsunami warning issued sunshine. also be tracking another storm set to move into the bay area by tomorrow. we will talk about that timing, that's coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> all right.zed poli we'll look forward to that. thank you very much, kari. ste ps 4:30 right now. the tsunami warning issued shortly after the quake for our california coastline mobilized police in kodiak alaska to takes some unusual steps to warn residents there what was going on. >> i just want to remind everybody this is not a drill.


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