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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 25, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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vision for the future of california. right now at 11:00, governor brown laying out his mission for the future of california. good morning. thank you for joining us. >> i'm marcus washington. the governor gave his final state of the state address minutes ago. nbc bay area has been listening in the news room, and, chris, what happens the reception from the message? >> governor brown is a fast talker, includes a lot of facts and details in his speeches, so we are going to continue to look into some of those claims in a moment, but he was welcomed to the podium with a standing ovation. before touting a california economy growing by 846 billion dollars and 2.8 million jobs. [ applause [ applause ] yes, well, thank you, thank you.
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>> reporter: this is governor brown's 16th and final state of the state, although, he joked he would accept the nomination. governor brown talked about the toll of our state's devastating wildfire and mud slides and how california answered the call for help without regard to party. it was a bipartisan effort like other successes california's seen in recent years. >> a couple confidences inspired by your passing with both republicans and democratic votes, patient reform, don't minimize that. that was a big pension reform. may not be the final one, but it was there. you did it. republicans and democrats. [ applause ] workers compensation reform, another vote with republicans and democrats there. the water bond. the rainy day fund. the trade program. by the way, you republicans, as i look over here and look over
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there, don't worry, i got your back. [ laughter ] >> celebrating the spirit of bipartisanship in california. the governor said this year's budget brings more funding to k-12 districts. in particular, disadvantaged districts, plus, greater local control. governor brown promised greater funding for higher education like a $1.2 billion for uc, $1.6 billion for the csu system, and 4 billion for community colleges, and $623 million in additional financial aide, less than what many higher institutions were wanting. we'll continue fact checking the address here in the news room. expect more tonight at 5:00 and 6:00 right here on nbc bay area. >> excellent. thank you so much, kris. all eyes on the coast this morning. a moderately sized earthquake struck the coast of euroruereka
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4:30 in the morning, 115 miles away from eureka, then a 5.0 struck 45 minutes later. it registered on our seismograph. a sue sue no, ma'ammy was not expected. an earthquake rattled california this morning, a tremor hitting at 2:00. people reported feeling that jolt, but the good news is there were no injuries or structural damages immediately reported. >> those earthquakes in the storm we saw in the bay area recently, continues to move out of the bay area. a live look now at the radar. >> the rain didn't last long. our meteorologist is checking the storm for us. >> seeing rain off and on throughout the day, very hit or miss. the widespread heavy rain we had yesterday has since moved on. we'll see this as we go into even this afternoon into the
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evening. we could see a good coverage here as we get a look at what's happening on the peninsula and moving across the bay. as we get in the north bay, some heavy rain right there east of bodega bay into santa rosa. we are tracking this cell that's going to be crossing around that san mateo bridge area headed east. one is also moving from the richmond bridge east. we'll see this off and on throughout the day. a slight chance a few pockets of heavy rain produce lightning and some small hail as we go through the day. one minute, sunny, the next, raining. we can still look as we go throughout the rain forecast throughout the day, going to see even at 3:00 and 4:00, some rain moving through parts of the bay area, but there will be breaks in between. a few of those time periods throughout the day you can get outside and enjoy it, but make sure you are prepared to move inside quickly in case the heavy rain begins to fall. all of this fetes out of here in
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time for the weekend. we'll look ahead at the weekend forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. police are looking for a suspect after a brazen robbery at a tanning salon near the w l walnut creek, pleasanton area. there was a box cutter used, demanding money from the receptionist and grabbed candy from the desk before walking away with cash. you can see that right there. it happened tuesday night on oak road near oak park. the suspect is believed to be 5'11" and 180 pounds. right now, gymnast says her work has just begun. yesterday, the judge sentenced the doctor to 175 years in prison for multiple sex crimes. in an nbc news exclusive, she says this crime extends further than larry nassar and talked about what it was like to address him and the support she
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feels from all other victims, and she talked about what's next for her. >> i just spoke, and i felt like i really had to be strung. i feel a sporesponsibility. afterwards, i was sick, even now i don't feel good. it's hard to put into words, but it makes me literally sick, all this stress and trauma of everything, but for that moment, i had to be strong, and -- i'm very, very exhausted from it. when i walked in there, being with this army of survivors, and even -- i didn't know, you know, most of these girls or these women, but i felt instant connections. we were hugging each other. we just really are an army of survivors, and this is just the beginning for us. for so long, they put reputation and money over the safety of athletes, and now the united states, they just spoke out, monday, for the first time.
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they just spoke out for the first time. they've been quiet this whole time. >> the judge in the case said you are no longer victims, but survivors. he, again, sentenced up to 175 years in prison. new at 11:00, the world is edging closer to a manmade global catastrophe according to the bulletin of the atomic scientist. you can see right there, the doom's day clock edged 30 seconds closer to midnight. we're two and a half minutes to two minutes. the board listed factors contributing to the decision. chief among them are the threat of a nuclear war combined with reckless statements surrounding nuclear weapons and considered climate change and eroding trust in enterprise or expertise when making a decision to edge the clock closer to doom day.
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>> the investigation into the trump administration is speeding up. >> meetings could be days away. >> a few weeks at most. good morning. the president says not only will he answer special counsel questions but would do so under oath, if his lawyers let him. the president is in davos, switzerland at the world economic forum. this is video of him arriving. before leaving, the president spoke about the mueller investigation, spoke off camera, but on tape. take a listen. >> but i would love to do that. i'd like to do it as soon as possible. under oath, absolutely. >> reporter: now, the agreement is irrelevant whether the president speaks under oath. lying to the fbi is a crime, oath or not, ask this man, michael flynn, who is under criminal indictment, not for what he did, but for allegedly lying about it, bringing up an important point.
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what exactly is mueller investigating? we tend to use the shorthand, the russian investigation, but really, it's three things, probably. did the trump campaign collude with russia, that's an obvious one. then, was there an attempt to obstruct the investigation itself? this is clearly where mueller is investigating right now, and where flynn got in trouble, and then money issues is the third. this is where maniford got in trouble. the trump interview would concentrate on the center one, at least for now. >> at least for now is right. thank you very much, scott. this morning, president trump hinted he'd accept the immigration compromise in the works. a citizenship ceremony in san jose wrapped up where 75 young people became americans. the new citizens from 17 different countries, one just 14 years old, raised their hands to take a citizen oath and pledge allegiance to the flag.
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[ applause ] these 75 young people are the newest americans in san jose. they were aware of the privilege. that is not an option for the 223,000 dreamers. >> so many friends on daca and some are struggling, and i've been following the news. i'm hurt that they are trying to end it. >> as president trump left for davos this morning, he hinted part of the immigration compromise to consider is citizenship for dreamers. >> i think it's a nice thing to have the incentive of after a period of years, being able to become a citizen. >> lawmakers in washington trying to come up with an immigration and budget plan before february 8 deadline. coming up, north and south korea team up for the olympics, but it seems communism regime has other plans. their ninth announcement for unification that have many people concerned. americans breaking the bank while breaking a sweat. the amount of money spent to
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stay healthy. developing story -
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north korea is calling for unity welcome back, everyone. we are following a developing story, north korea calling for unity with south korea, not just at the olympics, but a unified korean peninsula. that has a lot of people worried. nbc reports from seoul. >> reporter: well, as the winter olympics approach next month, we've had a fresh call from north korea for a new push towards reunification. again, it's not the first time they've said this, reiterates the message by their leader, kim jong un. calling for leaders all over the world to make a breakthrough towards reunification, and in particular, to turn their backs on foreign help. it didn't specifically talk about the united states, but the idea by north korea is to drive a wedge between south korea and its main ally here, the united states to try, eventually, to get american troops off the
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kore korean peninsula. in that effort, a thaw in relations. north korean athletes crossed the border here into south korea. 12 women's ice hockey players, plus a coach, and two officials. they are with their south korean teammates. many of them not happy that it is this late stage there's going to be a united korean team. among those not happy is the american coach of that united team. meantime, the united states has imposed new sanctions on north korea on 16 individuals, most of them living in russia or china, who the united states say have broken the sanctions, and, also, on two chinese companies. that will not go down well in beiji beijing. nbc news, seoul, south korea. right there, the opening bell at the new york stock
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exchange. u.s. stocks trade higher today on the back of stronger than expect the quarterly results for caterpillar and 3m. new at 11:00, according to a new survey, the average american spends about $155 per month on their health and fitness. $112,000 in their lifetime. that includes costs like things for gym memberships, health supplements, workout gear, and personal trainers. those on the west coast spend the most on fitness with the average cost coming to $6 a day, and east coast the least expensive with an average workout of $2 a day. free to walk outside, i suppose. >> absolutely, but flying, another story. talking about a path flight here for passengers. they are complaining about the bathrooms, so small they got stuck in the doors, and flight attendants say that about boeing's new plain. they unveiled the plain a year ago.
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it's faster, more fuel official, but forbes reports it's not comfortable. flight attendants say the sinks are so tiny, you wash one hand at a time. passengers also complaining saying that the seats are too small, measuring an inch smaller than standard. >> that's a challenge. many protests against the google tech giant. they are alleged of hording wealth, calling on the company to redistribute the billions they make in profit. yesterday, protests were against the extension into downtown san jose. protesters are asking city leaders to consider nearby restaurants when it negotiates with google on a megaconstruction project. they want google to help with affordable housing and legal representation for those who might lose their homes because of rising prices. >> we need them to step up for us. google is coming to san jose? there are negotiations happening in a back room. the community is not a part of the conversations.
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we have serious concerns around the impact of housing, and we need them to take action now. >> google released a statement planning to work with officials to benefit both the city of san jose and those who live there. weather-wise today, wet, but looking behind you now, i don't know. what is that? >> all about where you are. >> right. >> i was looking at one san jose camera, and it was dumping down, like really coming down. >> oh, wow. >> look at the downtown camera, and it's all clear. >> right. >> even in the same city, you have a wide range of weather. that's what we have throughout the day. be prepared for it all. this is the radar. there's a lot of green on here, and i'm even starting to see lightning bolts offshore. that shows we may have cloud to ground lightning as the energy works its way off to the east into the bay area, but we do have a lot of, oh, little individual cells popping up producing really heavy rain, most of it right now across parts of the north bay where we
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are seeing in santa rose 1a a l of yellows and reds indicating there's heavy rain for small hail in those areas, and then, also, going across the richmond bridge, all soggy right now. give it a few minutes and it'll be out of there. look at napaville, it's raining in parts of the north bay, and i've been tracking this one, this really heavy downpour over 280 to 101 and foster city moving east near hayward within the next 40 minutes or so. as we did look at san jose, you can see the reason why on one side of the city it's raining very heavily, and then right there downtown, it's not raining at all, and then go to willowsland and it's raining again. expect this quickly changing weather over the next several hours. a live look outside, you can see the beautiful clouds building up there, temperatures in the low 50s, and also seeing that in half moon bay looking offshore,
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the temperatures at 54 degrees, and we will see the potential of some of the small hail developing as well as lightning and even as we get into the evening commute, there's a lot of activity here. it is a busy day tracking this rain moving through, and for most of the bay area, we're looking at another .10 to .25 inch of rain on top of the.50 inch we got yesterday. temperatures in the lower 50s in the north bay and mid-50s in the city. 5-7 inches of snow in the higher elevations. this is a live look at squall valley right now. it is so gorgeous and will be so busy this week. 32 degrees is the high temperature, keeping that snow, but we'll start to see some melting going into the enof the weekend with that sunshine and highs in the low 50s. it's going to be a great weekend with some dry conditions, and
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temperatures reaching into the upper 50s in san francisco and staying in the upper 50s into next week for the inland areas, a chance of storms today, and still cold, but sunny tomorrow, and then our temperatures warming up above normal into the mid-60s by early next week. now, coming up in the next microclimate forecast, i'll break down how much rain we measured and how much that compares to normal. if we're catching up to where we should be? that's coming up in minutes. >> sounds good, thank you. all you coffee lovers out there, pretty soon, there's a warning label. california case that could change your morning routine. first, happening now, reports of traffic backing up on highway 80 in richmond. crews cleaning up a car that went up in flames. it's on our twitt eter feed. we continue the governor's state of the state address, and tweeting out highlights of the speech on our twitter feed. we'll be right back with more news after the break. francisco
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a california court case could right now, 11:23, a lot of people already had their coffee this morning, but a california court case could turn every cup of coffee into a new reality. >> that's right. if the judge rules in favor of the group arguing a chemical found in coffee in very small amounts could cause cancer. here's the story. >> reporter: california
11:24 am
consumers are used to seeing cancer warnings on cigarettes and cell phone chargers, desk fans, and checkout stands. if coffee makers including starbucks loses the pending court case, your cup of joe gets one too. >> initial thought was, huh, i mean, what's this mean? what's it about? >> reporter: because of proposition 65, a 1986 law requiring businesses to warn about chemicals that cause canc cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. the coffee has a chemical produced in a roasting process, it's also found in french fries, potato chips, and bread. in coffee, it shows up at six parts per billion, experts say is significantly less than in baked goods. since so many people drink coffee every day, the plaintiffs argue it should be added to the danger list. cancer researchers emphasize that most studies show coffee actually lowers the risk of many cancers. the opposite of what the
11:25 am
warnings suggest. >> what we found in our study was the coffee was associated with a reduced risk of cancer of the colon and rectum. >> reporter: some coffee lovers are not concerned. >> my car causes cancer, my cell phone causes cancer. this day in age, i wonder if everything causes cancer. >> reporter: they won a settlement over the potato chip maker, two defendants in the coffee case settled and posted warnings signs by the coffee pot. the trade group representing coffee roasters released a statement saying, this lawsuit confuses consumers with the potential to make a mockery of the cancer warnings in a time the public needs clear and accurate information about health. >> prop 65 lists compounds simply to draw attention to them, but, in fact, there's no evidence that this chemical causes cancer in humans. >> reporter: the case against coffee roasters and retailers has been brewing since 2010.
11:26 am
the court ruling is expected in the next few months, but even if the judge rules against coffee, those who love their dark roast will not let a new label stop them. >> if i saw the sign, it would not stop me from drinking coffee because i need the coffee in the mornings. >> reporter: nbc news, los angeles. >> i see a lot of people feeling that way. >> yes. coming up, learning more about the southern california children allegedly tortured and starved by their parents. the reason they will likely be split up. coming up after news at 11:00, access hollywood live followed by days of our lives at 1:00 p.m. torturing and confinin3
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kids ... were back in a the parents accused of torturing and confining their 13 kids were back in the southern california courtroom today. prosecutors want to make sure that they cannot communicate with their children, that they case life in prison for dozen of criminal counts. it comes as we learn more about the children's future. >> the victims in this case are
11:29 am
being nursed back to health. we now know it's unlikely that they will stay together, already separated because seven are adults and six are minors. here's nbc with more. >> domestic violence orders. >> reporter: with david and loise headed to trial, the judge ruled they may not communicate with their 13 children, the alleged victim of starvation, strangulation, and years of confinement. we now know the seven adult victims will be placed in assisted living. the six minors, wards of the state, are headed to foster care. officials say as of now, the children are set to be separated. >> they are incredibly relieved to be in a safe spot and to be taken care of. i think that they are going to be helpful in the trial in the prosecution of the case, but we're going to let them come to this on their own time. >> reporter: after a 17-year-old victim escaped through a window,
11:30 am
the turpins were taken into custody as their frail, pale, and thin children were rushed to local hospitals. these deplorable conditions were discovered inside their home in texas after they moved away. a former third grade classmate from the family's time in texas remembers one of the children was teased because her clothes looked as though they were dragged through mud. i can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of guilt and shame when the classmate your peers made fun of for smelling like poop, literally had to sit in her own waste as she was chained to her bed. >> although we like to believe if you get them in therapy that everything's going to be great, sometimes it's going to be something that they struggle with for the rest of their life. >> reporter: today, investigators are still pouring over hundreds of journals kept by the children, which may have documented years of alleged
11:31 am
torture. >> i believe we'll find evidence of what occurred in that home and from the perspective of the victims, which is very important. >> reporter: a typical suburban home, the prosecutors say was a prison in plain sight. >> god bless those children. that was nbc reporting. david and louise turpin entered not guilty pleas and face life in prison. there's so much evidence, police are still investigating what was found in the california home, and they say what may have also happened in texas. happening now, police in san ramone ask for help to find an attempted murder suspect. late last night, police released this photo of the 21-year-old, trevor barryman, accused of shooting a person last week. investigators say they spotted a car with bullet holes in it with a bloody trail leading away from the carment they found the driver at a hospital where he told officers that barryman shot him. he was last seen driving this 2009 black four-door mercedes,
11:32 am
again, wanted for attempted murder. there's a crime alert, but a twist with it. police know there's been a rash of burglaries in the canal district. they are concerned victims are not calling the police because they are undocumented imgrants afraid of deportation. investigators said they ransacked eight apartments in a month. neighbors and police say the thefts can be crippling. >> upset the family, and with that money, it's rent money. >> their rent is due, send money back to their country and families, a loss of this nature is month's worth of income for them, and absolutely not only is it devastating, but in the climate they are now, they are scared to report to us. >> reporter: the police are working to let undocumented immigrants know officers will not call immigration, and they are stepping up patrols hoping to find the burglars. we are getting a look at a fire that destroyed a mobile home near nevada, a little before 8:00 last night near hamilton wetlands. the firefighters said the person
11:33 am
who lived there suffered a minor injury and the damage was nearly a half million dollars. there's no word on a cause. continuing coverage now, some evacuations have been lifted and more than two weeks after the deadly mud slides. authorities yesterday listed evacuation for 1,000 homes, however, many have not been given the all clear. two people are still missing. happening today, bay area city begins recreational pot sales. two santa rosa dispensaries will open sometime this week. it comes three weeks after the marijuana sales began on january 1st. a look at this video of the coast guard crew making a large scale drug bust on high seas. this happened in late december as coast guard cutter stratton seized cocaine, arresting four
11:34 am
sm smugglers, part of a 23 ton hail of cocaine. they will offload it later today in san diego. the drugs were seized more than 20 recent busts in the pacific ocean. new details, the president of michigan state university resigned, fallout after the gymnastics doctor was sentenced yesterday. he worked at michigan state university. mark barker has more. >> i just signed your death warrant. >> reporter: the man at the center of the country's largest sex abuse scandals sentenced to as many as 175 years in prison wednesday, but the fallout from the scandal that rocked usa gymnastics as well as michigan state university is far from over. overnight, amidst increasing calls for resignation including two michigan senatorings, msu's president step down. she wrote in part, to the survivors, i can never say enough that i am so sorry that a
11:35 am
trusted, renowned physician was really an evil, evil person, inflicting such harm under the guide of medical treatment, adding, as tragedies are politicized, blame is inevitable. as president, it's natural i'm focus of the anger. the university denied accusations it ignored complaints for years while he was a doctor at the school. the ncaa launched an investigation. survivor and olympic gymnasts accused usa gymnastics and the olympics committee of complicity. >> this is bigger. for so long, they put reputations and money ahead of athletes. >> reporter: she is passionate of creating change so no one else falls victim to a predator. >> we're an army of survivors, and this is just the beginning for us. i want to make sure this never happens again. no. >> reporter: she was more than the 100 victims who delivered emotional impact statements in the seven-day sentence issing hearing. nbc news.
11:36 am
we continue to follow the develops story from heatherly. at least three people are dead after a crash with a commuter train in vermont. we brought you coverage of the story on "today in the bay", and ten people are injured, reports of several passengers trapped in the wreckage. video shows one of the cars almost snapped in two when that crash happened in the morning commute with hundreds of people on board. there are unconfirmed reports that investigators are looking into a possible track switch problem that caused this crash. lawmakers on capitol hill want to make sure that a false ballistic missile alert, like the warning that sent panic throughout hawaii earlier this month, does not happen again. this morning, members of the senate commerce committee held a hearing on the country's emergency alert system. they want to know what's working, what's not working, and how to prevent false alerts. officials say it took 38 minutes for a correction to be issued for hawaii's incident. the january 13th incident is blamed on human error and prompted calls for new policies
11:37 am
and reform moving forward. an unsolved case of animal cruelty is sparking anger in walnut creek. animal control officers sunday found disoriented river otter in the parking lot that likely wondered there from a nearby canal, but x-rays repealed a half dozen bb pellets lodged in the animal's head and neck and had to be put down. >> animal cruelty laws need to be stricter because animals don't get enough justice. they don't get to speak for themselves. >> they looked at the otter because there were no obvious wounds, they like they were embedded for sometime. tracking what's going on weather-wise. temperatures for a dry weekend here coming up. >> yeah, but right now, we are still tracking rain. it's raining in campbell, clear in downtown san jose, but it's going to be there within the
11:38 am
next five to ten minutes and continuing it move closer to allen rock. we will see this rain off and on and looking ahead to a dry weekend. more on that coming up next. plus, straight out of a movie. how this dog is called a hero. the way the golden retriever saved a man's life.
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11:41 am
on the high school wrestler in pleasant hill .. who was recently paralyzed from the ck new details this morning on the high school wrestling in pleasant hill paralyzed from the neck down in a match. the high school athletic director tells the east bay times that ryan joseph is now feeling some sensation in his feet, but is still breathing on a ventilator. in the college park basketball game this week, he sent a message through his mother thanking everyone for support and said on my worst days, i think of all of you, and i know it's going to be all right. one of the greatest tennis players of all time is timely going to play in the bay area. roger federer is coming here march 5th to play in a couple exhibition matches to support children's education in africa. get this, he's teaming up with bill gates in a doubles match. their opponents are savannah guthrie and jack stock. >> we'll take them on.
11:42 am
>> yeah. >> here's a story that a lot of people love on nbc bay area's facebook page. an east bay golden retriever is being hailed a hero for saving a man's life. >> this is great. this is 9-year-old mo of people's exhibit. the dog and his owner live next to the delta. 6:00 wednesday morning, the dog saw a man fall in the water. he barked really loud getting his owner's attention. >> i heard a human, a voice, and he was about ten feet into that water with the feet like this, and asking for help. he couldn't help himself. if it was not for my dog, mo, that fella would have froze to death. >> go, mo, go. the owner pulled the man to safety, and the victim slipped into the water, and mo scored endless treats for the rest of his life for being a good boy. >> good dog.
11:43 am
>> right? great dog this. i love dogs. good day to walk the dog? will i have a window of opportunity today? >> hit and miss. i couldn't tell ya. it's spotty all over the bay area. >> okay. >> be prepared. have the umbrella prepared just in case. looking out there right now, the microclimate weather, we are tracking showers becoming more widespread today as we are going into the afternoon. we're going to see this rain and moving through with some heavy downpours. there's going to be the potential that some of this could drop down some small hail, and, also, there's the chance that we could see some lightning, especially in the north bay, but as of now, things have been fairly quiet, just that rain coming down quite heavily right now, between santa rosa on 101, heavy rain there, and, also, watching that richmond san rafel bridge, it's raining, moving to richmond. that continues to move east over towards concord. heavy rain now, get a break, and
11:44 am
then the rain starts right back up again. walnut creek seeing the showers as well as mirinda. this is moving throughout the area the rest of the day. in san jose, the rain is closing in on downtown, and we've been seeing some of the dry conditions for the past few minutes, but let's talk about how much rain we've measured, even so far this month, with january normally the wettest month of the year, but we measured over 3 inches of rain in san jose, pretty much all across the board around the bay area. measuring a little bit more than we should for the whole month. normally, we're getting a little bit more than 2 inches of rain on this date, so looking at how much we've gotten for the water year, santa rosa issued over 12 inches of rain, but we still missing over 6.5 inches of rain. we are about 65% of average. san francisco close to 9 inches, but lacking about 4 inches in rain there. you can see the general trend here.
11:45 am
we're at 60-70% of normal for the water year, even though we've had more than enough rain for the month of january. as we go throughout the rest of the day, we are still going to have that chance that we could measure more rain . in campbell, temperatures upper 50s, off and on showers through 6:00 this evening. look at the hour by hour outlook, popping up here and there, but then as we go into tonight, things will start to calm down, and that's the trend for the weekend. we have nothing but dry weather and cool temperatures that will be gradually warming up over the next few days, and for the inland areas, a chance of those storms today, highs in the mid-50s, 55 degrees tomorrow with sun, and the weekend looks nice with highs in the low to mid-60s extending into next week. of course, i'll keep an eye on all the popup showers for the rest of the afternoon. keep checking in here and also on >> okay. good to know. thank you.
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>> thank you. all right, well, coming up, how many germs are lurking at your office? well, track a look here. there was a test done with the "today" show crew to see how dirty the disks are. you don't want to miss this. folks, before we break, i want to show you how to join our community, leverage the power of us all as well as the power of google. go to the wave app on iphone or android, and there's a magni magnifying glass, click that, your name at the top for your profile, and click nbc bay area to join the community. that's how we help each other out. back after this break. coming up at nbc bay area news at 11:00, "access hollywood live" followed by "days of our lives" at 1:00 p.m. sfx: tinny headphone music
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get covered today. this year )s flu season is one f the worst we )ve seen in years. everyone doing their best to stay healthy, but could your co- virs flu season, worst seen in years, everyone trying to do their best to stay healthy, but
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could your coworkers be making you sick? 26% of americans admit to going to work when they are sick. >> men are nearly twice as likely to go in. nbc took the germ meter, swiping the offices at 30 rock. savannah and hoda let them inside their dressing rooms, both claiming they are cleaner than the other. let's find out. >> reporter: the phone, the keyboard. the bacteria, and when your coworker sneezes, listen to this, researchers found the smaller drops from a sneeze could land as many as 20-50 feet away. gross. how gross is off office? that's right, we are testing our health here, and okay, this is my office here, welcome to the office. i get right to work. robbing my keyboard. the general presence of germs, and anything over 100 is a fail.
11:50 am
oh, nearly eight times the acceptable level of bacteria, and i use this every day. experts say wiping down your stuff with disinfecting wipes protect you, but does it really? after cleaning for a few seconds, i swabbed the keyboard ben, and there it is, a huge difference. we're in the acceptable level now, just 53, and anything under 100 is good. i can type again. it was that easy, a few seconds of wiping. what about our producers? what's living on their desks? >> this is totally normal. >> reporter: a shocking amount of germs on some. here we go. >> oh! >> reporter: this is my producer, casey -- step away from the desk. >> okay. getting right in here. >> i never cleaned this. >> reporter: she was not kidding. >> oh, my gosh. >> guys, 906, over nine times
11:51 am
the acceptable level of bacteria. you need to wear these latex gloves now. are you sick? >> we don't have to air this, right? >> what about savannah and hoda. >> look at this place. look at this. >> what do you mean? >> this is how you live? >> don't miess up my stuff. >> oh, that's the worry? okay. geez. >> hey, the girl has to change her clothes. >> here we go. by the way, there's coffee stains on your keyboard. i don't know how this thing still works. the results are in. >> it's happening now. -- wait a second! let me see it first before you tell the world. oh, please, god. >> reporter: anything over 100 is a fail. >> 99! 99! >> oh, my god, you came in just under! that is crazy. >> reporter: she won't be cheering for long. watch what happens when i test her phone. >> oh, oh, oh.
11:52 am
>> reporter: 306. oh, hoda. >> my own germs. hopefully. 306? nasty. >> reporter: okay. savannah's turn. how will she compare? >> hi. >> reporter: i promised you we'd do it. you have not cleaned anything, right? >> i was not ready for you. >> reporter: ready or no, i swabbed the keyboard. >> i just want a better score than hoda. that's all i want. >> reporter: anything over 100 on this is a fail. here we go. >> 231. i thought it said 23. >> no, no, that's 231. >> oh, my gosh, and i cleaned it too. >> reporter: more than double, way more than double the acceptable amount. >> what was hoda's? >> reporter: well, because she asked, it was clean. now on to the phone. >> oh! >> reporter: the gasps, 585. >> oh, no! >> reporter: that's disgusting. what are you doing on that phone? >> breathing! >> reporter: sneezing, coughing,
11:53 am
i don't know. >> can i just say something? >> reporter: no. >> a lot of people use this office. a lot of people. for example -- >> reporter: okay? >> the weekend crew. >> reporter: throw them under the bus. >> chanel, maybe dylan, craig -- >> not just your germs, but theirs? >> anybody's germs, really could be anyone's. >> reporter: gross. here's the good news. we cleaned their offices with disinfecting wipes. you're welcome. >> i want a rematch. >> reporter: my work is done. by, everybody, bye, hoda. >> bye. >> by the way, using sanitizing wipes, they say, is so important because the flu virus can live on some surfaces for up to 24 hours. that's word from the cdc. another tip, this sounds basic, but cough on your cuff or sneeze on your sleeve. sounds gross, maybe a kleenex?
11:54 am
consider taking care of yourself and staying home if you're sick. >> as you said that, someone sneezed in the news room. >> i know. i heard that in the background. put our masks on. p here )s some motivation to
11:55 am
11:56 am
stick with your new year )s resolution. honey the beagle looks like a healthy dog now. but just last yea . here's motivation to stick with the new year's resolution. this looks like a healthy dog now, but last year, she weighed twice the size of a healthy dog. >> oh, wow. >> i feel bad laughing, but she
11:57 am
was 68 pounds. so sad. her previous owner had dementia and could not properly take care of honey, so she was brought to scpa, and they fed her a proper diet, gave her exercise there before and after photos, wokkers say she's down to 38 pounds, happy as can be, and will be ready for adoption. >> oh. >> for all of us. >> that was cool. >> it's great. >> yeah. >> honey can do it, we all can. >> you're on the road to that. thinking about lunch already. probably indoors today. >> yeah. indoors, or if you are out there, you may want to make sure you are quickly running back indoors or have a way to get inside. i'm starting to see one thunderstorm popping in the north bay right there, so i'll watch this and be on twitter as well. >> sounds great. see you tomorrow morning as well on 4:30 to 7:00 on news in the bay. >> see you at 5:00 as well. you could generate your own energy,
11:58 am
at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
. we are live in 54321. >> what was he doing when you were speaking? >> he actually looked at me the whole entire time. every time i made eye contact with him, even when i stared at him, he looked at me in the eye the whole entire time. it was -- it was crazy. i did not, picture that at all. >> al aly raisman was one of 150 survivors from larry nasser. he will be spending his life in prison. aqualy na will get her own judge judy show, the way she said i signed yourth


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