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tv   Today  NBC  April 18, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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nuds updates. >> don't forget to join us inside the subpoena saeap cente sharks take on the ducks. go sharks. good morning. remembering an icon. tributes pouring in from around the world for barbara bush, the beloved former first lady matriarch of the bush dynasty. being remembered for her elegance, sharp wit and her lifelong love affair with her husband, george. >> i could hardly eathe i thought he was so beautiful. >> how the first lady will be honored in the coming days. airline nightmare. >> they said there's a hole and someone went out. >> a deadly midair explosion on a southwest plane, shatters a passenger window in flight, pulling a young mother halfway outside the aircraft.
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>> they tried to bring her back in. it was just crazy. >> this morning the pilot being hailed a hero. and new concerns, do other planes have the same risk? stunning secret meeting. the head of the cia meets face-to-face with north korea's kim jong-un. what we're learning about the historic sitdown, the backlash and what it means for president trump's own summit with the north korean leader. all that plus, center of the storm. fired fbi director james comey live in studio, speaking out about the fallout from his new tell-all and what's next for him. nbc news exclusive. olympic gymnast, mckayla maroney, breaking her silence and opening up for the first time about the alleged abuse she suffered at the hands of the team's doctor. >> did you think he was letting you in on a secret? >> that's what it felt like. and internal revenue disservice. a computer glitch turns tax day into chaos for millions. what you need to know if you couldn't file yesterday.
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wednesday, april 18th, 2018. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. we have craig in for hoda once again. boy, our hearts are going to texas this morning and the entire bush family. we'll show you a picture of the white house this morning. flag at half-staff, across the country, as well, in memory of the former first lady, barbara bush, who passed away. >> matriarch of one of the american dynasties. she was so much more than that. she did not mince words. she did not have a problem telling people what she thought. we're thinking of the entire bush family, especially our dear friend, jenna. >> our hearts go out to our friend. she posted a sweet note, jenna said, i already miss this force
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of a woman. she was the glue that held our family together. >> and she wrote to her grandmother. people stopped me all the time to tell me how much they loved you. i didn't mind sharing you with them. i love you more than time can tell. >> there's so many emotions this morning. one the bush family is feeling is gratitude for a life well lived. let's cover mrs. bush. she was the matriarch of the bush family. she was known for her humor and that no-nonsense demeanor. andrea mitchell has covered the bush family for many years. she's in houston this morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. two days after we first learned that mrs. bush would no longer seek medical treatment, she passed away at her houston home. her devoted husband by her side. this morning, tributes are pouring in for this beloved first lady, who was known for speaking her mind, for her
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self-deprecating sense of humor and her fierce loyalty to family. this morning, barbara bush, wife of the 41st president, mother of the 43rd, is being remembered as an american icon. the most poignant tribute coming from her husband of 73 years. george bush's chief of staff telling reporters, the 41 president is brokenhearted to lose his beloved barbara. he held her hand and was by her side when she left this good earth. adding, he also is being stoic and strong and being lifted up by his large and supportive family. other members of the bush family honoring the matriarch of a political dynasty. george w. bush saying, laura, barbara, jenna and i are sad. but our souls are settled because we know hers was. hailing his mother as a woman unlike any other.
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mom kept us on our toes and kept us laughing until the end. i'm a lucky man that barbara bush is my mother. jeb bush echoing his brother, recalling his mom as the gracious, gregarious fun woman who was known as barbara bush. president trump calling mrs. push an advocate of the american family and praising her work to promote literacy. democrats are offering growing tributes. barack and michelle obama calling mrs. bush, the rock of a family dedicated to public service. with the 42nd president recalling how their families became close after the 1992 election. barbara joked that george and i spent so much time together, i had become almost a member of the family, the black sheep that has gone astray. overnight, baseball fans at texas a&m university, pausing
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for a moment of silence. well-wishers leaving flowers outside of the presidential library. mrs. bush will lie in repose this friday in houston, where he was a parishioner for years. her funeral, which is invitation only, will also be held at the church before she is laid to rest at the george bush presidential library in college station, texas, where her daughter, robin, is buried. she died at the age of 3 of leukemia. back to you. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. mrs. bush was known for her strength and her signature style, as well. she boasted many nicknames from the silver fox to the enforcer. >> there can be no doubt about her favorite titles, wife, mother and grandmother. with her white hair and
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signature pearls, barbara bush was often thought of as america's grandmother. but the former first lady was candid, self-deprecating and wickedly funny. >> i'm cthe groups who have invited me to come and talk to them. take the national association of plastic surgeons. >> reporter: born barbara pierce, she grew up in new york and was 16 years old when she met george bush at a christmas dance. they were secretly engaged and three years later married, when he was home from the navy. after the war, they head for texas and had six children. while his husband built his oil business, barbara was at home, earning a nickname that would stick for the rest of her life. >> they call me the enforcer because someone else does not enforce anything. he's putty in their hands.
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>> reporter: there was another side to barbara bush, the mother who changed forever, when 3-year-old daughter, robin, died of leukemia. >> after she died, it was a terrible time in our life. and george put his arms around me and did not let me step away. >> reporter: cancer became a family cause, as did political service. and throughout, barbara bush played a critical role. >> you have two choices in life. you can like what you do or you can dislike what you do. i've chosen to like what i do. >> reporter: she published best sellers, including one by her dog, millie, and spent much of her time promoting literacy. >> she's unbelievable and a very strong person. and yet, very loving. it makes a great combination. and i'm the beneficiary of all of this. >> reporter: out of the white house, the bushes did not slow down, raising more than $100 million for charity. while they said they were done with politics, before long,
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barbara bush was back out on the campaign trail, this time for her son. >> i swore i would never campaign again. maybe i should have said, read my lips. >> reporter: while the bushes dislike being called a dynasty, in january 2001, barbara bush watched as her son was sworn in. she took on a special place of american history, the wife of one president and the mother of another. at the dedication of her son's presidential library, she was asked if she would like to see jeb bush run. >> there's other people out there that are very qualified. we've had enough bushes. >> reporter: but when jeb did run for the nomination in 2016, barbara bush hit the campaign trail to cheer him on. >> i'm thrilled to be the mother of one of the greatest men i know, jeb bush. >> reporter: in a family that can claim two commanders in chief, there's no question who
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was the boss. >> barbara orders everyone around in the family. you do. you know it. >> why doesn't anybody do what i order? >> reporter: despite the jokes, family was always her first priority. >> at the end of your life, you will not regret having passed one more test, winning one more verdict or not closing one more deal. you will regret time not spent with a husband, a child, a parent. >> i think a lot of people are seeing why there's so much love for this former first lady. we're joined by andy card, who served in the bush administration. and nicolle wallace who was george w. bush's communication director. good morning to you. it's a sad morning but a morning to celebrate such a joyous and special life. andy, what are your thoughts? >> first of all, she may be gone but her conscience will be with us forever. she had a heavy conscience on a lot of people.
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she was a great conscience to her husband, her son, that was president. all of her children and grandchildren. that will live on. she's left a phenomenal legacy, more than her pearls, more than seeing the silver fox hair. she left -- i'm going to say she left unvarnished truth for us all to recognize and have the courage to speak about. >> nicolle, you spent some time with mrs. bush in kennebunkport. what was that visit like? >> people that know the family well knew that while we pay so much attention to 41's health, it's been her health that's more dire since the summer of 2016. we've sort of clucked around them very closely. i went up to kennebunkport twice that summer. on one visit, she brought me into her bedroom after everyone had left, to show me a painting that our old boss george w. bush had done. and we talked about how he's
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still growing as a painter, which he may be offended by, sorry. she was so proud and her eyes glistened. and she looked at the painting that she had on the wall. the ferocity with which she loved her family. if you think of 41 as the twinkle and all that shines bright and lights up everyone around her. the true accomplishment in serving the bush family wasn't just winning over 41 or 43 or serving them with honor. it was winning over barbara bush. it was being inside her good graces. it was earning her trust and approval. >> and she did it so well, that you might think it was easy. to be a political spouse and to be first lady, she did do it so phenomenally well. >> she was a host to the world. she was contagious with love. and she really did spread love. she loved everyone. she wasn't afraid to give you tough love.
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>> and she was mischievous about it. the love wasn't sappy. the love was brutal truth. it was mischief. and she loved her things, too. she loved books, she loved writers. she had her own set of passions. >> she didn't put her thumb on the scale of policy, but she took actions that woke us all up on policy. whether it was visiting aids patients in a hospital or going to make sure people were not left behind in literacy. she was someone who would just act and cause us all to say, she's doing the right thing, we better not get in the way. >> what about her political acumen? >> she was sharp as a tack. in the summer of '16, it was a volatile political summer for the whole country. she was as up on every story that was on cable news and in the newspapers. when i saw her, she knew the ins and outs of the general election and had her views. we were joking when i was there, who is this gary johnson? she was a voracious consumer of
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political information. just, you know, she was a political mind that advised and shaped three generations of bushes. her husband, the 41st president, her son, the 43rd president. i was with her in 2012, a couple days after mitt romney lost. she was advising her grandson for his race in texas. >> she was a woman in many, many facets and abilities. we're going to reflect on all that. nicolle and andy, appreciate it. we will continue this coverage, including what i think has to be one of the best things about her legacy, this epic love story with george h.w. bush, in their own words. another story that people are talking about this morning, the terror in the skies when an engine exploded on a southwest flight, the debris shattered a window, depressurized the cabin and partly sucked out a woman that later died.
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it has a lot of fliers on-edge. tom costello, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. this was a new york-dallas flight. and there is absolute horror about how this all transpired. the engine, coming apart, blowing out a window and a woman being sucked out. there's concern that other 737s with engines of a similar age could be at risk. this morning ntsb investigators are closely examining the remains of the left engine from southwest flight 1380. >> there's a hole and someone went out. >> reporter: the plane was at 32,000 feet when pilots declared an emergency. the left ng engine had exploded, shattering the tenth window behind the engine, causing an immediate decompression, pulling a female passenger from her seat, into the window. >> just numb.
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>> reporter: fellow passengers tried to pull her back inside. >> half of her was out the window. >> they tried to reel her back in. and it just was crazy. >> reporter: the victim, 43-year-old jennifer reardon of new mexico, a mother of two. an emt and nurse onboard performed cpr for 20 minutes. >> it wasn't going to be enough. >> reporter: several other passengers were injured. the pilot being hailed by her calm demeanor, has been identified as tammy jo schultz. one passenger posting that schultz came back to speak to each of us personally. this is a true american hero. overnight, ntsb investigators reported 1 of the 24 engine fan blades had broken off at its base. >> there's evidence of metal fatigue where the blade separated. we located that immediately. >> reporter: southwest dealing
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with its first onboard death in its history. says the plane just went through a maintenance check on sunday. >> the airplane, in my opinion, is proven. it's reliable. it doesn't create doubt in my mind at this point. >> reporter: the enginemaker, g.e., called for every engine of a similar age to be checked for signs of metal fatigue, after a similar incident of another southwest flight in 2016. southwest will test its fleet. the faa will order similar inspections for airlines across the country. and g.e. says it's cooperating. >> tom costello, thank you. also this morning, there's fast-moving developments in the north korean crisis. the president revealing his administration is already in direct talks with the regime ahead of his planned meeting
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with kim jong-un. peter alexander is near the president's mar-a-lago estate, traveling with the president. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this news this morning, president trump on twitter, confirming a secret meeting between a cia director, mike pompeo, and kim jong-un, saying it took place in north korea last week. yesterday, the white house said it doesn't comment on the cia director's travel. the president writing, meeting went smoothly and a good relationship was formed. details of summit are being worked out now. denuclearization will be a great thing for the world but also for north korea. president trump hosting japan's prime minister at his mar-a-lago estate, ahead of a potential face-to-face meeting with north korean dictator, kim jong-un. >> we've started talking to north korea directly. we have had direct talks at very high levels, extremely high levels, with north korea.
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>> reporter: the high-level official, mike pompeo, meeting with kim jong-un, during a secret visit to the nation. pompeo making the trip days before his confirmation hearing to be secretary of state. >> kim jong-un is unable to threaten the united states of america with a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: overnight, the white house and the cia declining to comment on pompeo's travel. the important trip would mark the highest level meeting since 2000 with north korea. the president taking credit for the diplomatic opening that could pave the way for the first summit between a north korean leader and a sitting president. >> there's a lot of good will. a lot of good things happening. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: president trump giving his blessing to a new
7:20 am
round of peace talks between north and south korea. >> they've been generous without me in particular, i guess, you would have to say they wouldn't be discussing anything. >> reporter: president trump revealing they have narrowed down the list of possible venues of a summit to five locations, without getting more specific about exactly where they were. saying it's still expected to take place in late may or early june. today, the president saying he's hoping to sneak away with shinzo abe for a round of golf. he is hoping to meet with abe and the two will host a news conference this evening. >> thank you very much. let's get a check of the weather this morning. mr. roker, what's it looking like, sir? >> thanks for joining us. you can see we have winter hanging around. winter weather advisories up right now for parts of the dakotas all the way to wisconsin and illinois. this storm system pushing through quickly. it's a quick one, a fast-mover by this evening. snow for chicago in the rush hour. it makes its way to the east coast by later tomorrow. what we're looking at snowfall-wise. the bulk of the snow, some falling at the rate of one to
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two inches per hour. could see thunder snow all the way to chicago. madison, wisconsin. 4 to 6 inches possible. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. what can i say? control suits me. go national. go like a pro. good morning, i'm kari hall, we're seeing clouds as they get a live look outside in the south bay. and it warms up only to the upper 50s today for the coast and some low to mid-60s inland. we'll get a mix of sun and clouds today as this system moves in. it's a fairly quick moving cold
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front and some very light rain. a lot of it offshore but we will be tracking the potential for scattered showers to move into the bay area later on tonight. >> that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. coming up, james comey is here, live. we're going to talk to the former fbi director act his heated war of words with the president and the criticism he's facing over his new book. and michaeckayla maroney op up about the alleged abuse she suffered at the hands of suffered at the hands of dr. larry nassar.
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definitely. just asking for a friend. yea, i figured. (whispered to camera) wow. today marks 112 years since the very good morning to you, it is 7:26. today marks 112 years since the devastating 1906 earthquake and fire in san francisco. you're cameras were rolling at 5:12 a.m. as city leaders helped mark the moment. this year's commemoration comes on the heels of a new study on the vulnerable in powerful earthquakes. the study looked at the hayward fault which runs between richmond and san jose. usgs estimating hundreds and thousands could -- if a magnitude 7 quake would occur on fault line. we're seeing clouds maybe bits of drizzle in some spots and then we'll get clearing from
7:27 am
the system we're see on the satellite and radar across the bay area. into the afternoon, it does show we'll get a mix of sun and clouds and cooler temperatures today and quick roundup for parts of the bay area possible for tonight but not everyone may see that rain. watching out for that possibility and the drying out and warmer temperatures on the way. san francisco reaching into the upper 60s this weekend and inland areas and low 80 aegs by the time we get through saturday. let's get an update on the commute from mike nc. >> the commute is proving to be pretty good, no problems on the dumbarton, 880 lighter than usual through hayward. richmond 80 and across the san rafael bridge the bay bridge still has a backup as well but lanes to the left side. fast track lanes are moving nicely and left cash lanes
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clearing. i'll be back with another local news update in half an hour. see you then.
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we're back at 7:30. there's a fitting shot on a wednesday morning when we're thinking about the bush family and our thoughts and prayers and our hearts are with them. that's the family compound in kennebunkport, maine. >> the first lady left her mark there and many other places in this country. and her passing begins our look at the headlines. >> a life well-lived. >> you have two choices in life. you can like what you do or you can dislike what you do. i've chosen to like what i do. >> tributes pouring in from around the world for former first lady barbara bush who passed away at the age of 92. funeral plans are set for this week, as millions plan to pay
7:31 am
their respects to the bush family matriarch. >> you will never regret having passed one more test, winning one more verdict or not closing one more deal. you will regret, time not spent with a husband, a child, a friend or a parent. the irs announcing taxpayers have one extra day to file returns electronically after the agency's website crashed on tax day. stormy's sketch. stormy daniels releases the drawing of a man she says threatened her to stay silent about president trump. the adult film actress offering a $100,000 reward for information. >> it didn't even register to me at first. then, he turned and walked away. his face is burned in any memory. >> the president tweeting his response this morning, calling it a total con job. what do we want? >> justice. >> starbucks announces it will close 80,000 stores nationwide
7:32 am
to conduct a day-long racial bias program for its workers. >> it's an opportunity to take something and learn from it. and tricky situation. david copperfield set to testify in court, forced to reveal the secrets behind one of his most popular tricks. this after an audience member claims the magician left him injured with thousands of dollars in medical bills. today, wednesday, april 18th, 2018. 7:32. we begin with the man at the center of the political firestorm, at the 2016 presidential election. former fbi director, james comey. the fbi opened the russia investigation under his watch and the president fired him. now, he's out with a new book, "a higher loyalty." and his challenges of the president's credibility has landed him right back in the middle of the storm. great to have you with us. >> good to be with you.
7:33 am
>> is it liberating to talk about it? is it painful or cathartic? >> terrifying. i don't crave that. it's hard for me to hide because i'm a giraffe. it's a little freaky. >> you are shorter in person, i did have to say. i don't want to be an armchair psychologist. but i read the book. i've been watching your interviews. it still seems raw. it feels like you might have some scores to settle. you know, that you might have a little bit of anger left over and a little bit of bitterness. would you plead guilty to all that? >> i wouldn't. i would take that one to trial. i think it is raw in the sense that i find it really painful to relive, reading that book, doing the audio book left me physically drained. but i don't feel a sense of anger. i'm worried, actually, which is why i'm doing something i don't love, talking about it and writing about it. but not anger. >> there's been a lot of reactions to the book so far. some of the most widely cited parts have to do with your description and words about
7:34 am
president trump. i mean, including calling his skin orange and saying he looked like he had tanning goggles. some people said that was, for lack of a better word, that was a little catty. did you enjoy taking those shots at the president? >> i didn't think of them as shots and i still don't. >> really? >> you read the book. you see the description i give of my high school boss in the grocery store. i try to bring the reader into that scene and describe great detail. i'm not trying to pick on president trump or my boss from high school. >> you talk about his hair. wait a minute. you just got in the gutter with president trump, who is known for his name-calling. he called you a slimeball and a nutjob and any number of things. did you stoop? >> i don't think so. again, maybe i'm missing it. but i think i'm describing what his hair looks like in my head, the editor's voice kept bouncing around, saying take the reader with you. >> you don't any you diminished yourself? >> i hope not.
7:35 am
and i hope when people read the book, they may have a different view of it than the quick hits they've been hearing about. >> you have made some pretty strong assertions against the president. you said he's morally unfit. said he lies almost constantly. you are the star witness, perhaps, in former director mueller's investigation into obstruction of justice. your testimony against president trump's testimony. are you concerned that you made that prosecution tougher? you're out there and you demonstrated that you have a bias against the president. >> that was going to be obvious to begin with. he fired me. from a prosecutor's perspective, my testimony has been locked in since i testified under oath. >> he did fire you. you've gone further than that. you can help what you write. i mean, for example, did you ask director mueller, do you mind if i write this book? is it going to mess up your case? >> not directly. but i submitted the book for the
7:36 am
fbi for prepublication review. and nobody asked me to do it. >> that's not the special counsel. did you say, is it better if i don't say anything? you never had a conversation like that? >> no. they have known for a long time i was working on a book. >> let's talk about the clinton e-mail investigation. you're famous for saying it made you a little nauseous, or nauseated as you correct in the book, to think you had some impact on the election. and i wanted to drill down on that. you would acknowledge you had some impact on the election. we don't know if it was decisive. but you know what you did in announcing that the clinton case was going to be reopened and re-examined 11 days before the election, it had some impact, right? >> i don't know that. i assumed that it might. i hope it didn't. but i'm not expert enough to tell you. >> i mean, it's a very complex question whether or not it was determinative of the outcome, whether it all swayed and turned
7:37 am
on what you did. but you had to know that it would have some impact. >> i assumed it might have some impact, which is what made me realize i was choosing between two terrible options. we always try to avoid any action in a run-up to an election that might have an impact. but i couldn't find a door that was labeled no action. >> have you tried to look into it now? can you see in less than three states it was less than a percentage point. you can look at the pools and nate silver, who is a political prognosticato prognosticator, saying if the election was held the day before this announcement was made, she would have won. was it a decisive factfactor? >> i read a lot of that stuff, and it makes me feel nauseated, which is the right way to say it. it wouldn't change how i thought about the decision at the time. on october 28th, i have facts in
7:38 am
front of me and a decision to make. i wish i had a time machine but i don't and i didn't. >> some people said this all stemmed from -- you felt like i have to say something. i already said the case is closed. i have a duty to correct the record. it's open again and right before the election. here's the impossible situation you find yourself in. you decided that you were going to announce unilaterally you did not recommend charges against hillary clinton. you did that in the summer. that was unorthodox. that was unprecedented. why didn't you just go to the justice department and say, this is my recommendation? >> because i thought that would do grievous damage to the justice department. i had to choose the least bad option to preserve public faith that we had done the investigation in a competent and independent way. >> is the system set up that the fbi is set up where investigators investigate and prosecutors prosecute. you thought the attorney general
7:39 am
appeared compromised. >> that's right. no doubt it's unorthodox. it's unorthodox to be examining one of the candidates in the middle of an election. it was unprecedented. >> why didn't you go to sally yates, who was the deputy attorney general, who wasn't accused of having conflict and saying, this is what i think you should do. as opposed to saying, i'm going to announce it and step out into it and make this statement that hillary clinton shouldn't be charged but she was careless? >> that's a fair question. the attorney general had announced she was not going to recuse herself. and she's my boss and sally yates' boss. i didn't think it would make much difference. we would be in the same terrible position in october if i had done the normal thing back in july. >> let's talk about your interactions with president trump. we heard your testimony in what i took away from it was there were many moments that
7:40 am
made you deeply uncomfortable and in your telling the president is doing things that are inappropriate, for one thing. in the first meeting with all the intelligence leaders gaming out the political consequences of russia's interference in the election. later asking you for your loyalty, according to your testimony. later saying i hope you can let the flynn investigation go, according to your testimony. why in all of those situations did james comey of all people not stand up to the president? you were the person most famous for your time as the deputy attorney general going in to the bedside of john ashcroft and standing up to the white house. that's your reputation. why wouldn't you speak up to president trump? >> i guess what does standing up mean in that context? i stared at him, didn't blink, didn't make a sound. >> you can say that's inappropriate. are you asking me to let go of an ongoing criminal investigation? >> if he didn't know it was appropriate, why did he kick out my boss, the attorney general. so i don't know whether i should
7:41 am
have done it differently. but in the moment, it seemed like the thing to do was just make sure you're not agreeing to do something inappropriate. >> let me ask you to put your old prosecutor's hat on. obstruction of justice. i know it's complicated. and we don't know all of the facts. but let's take two undisputed facts. you were fired, and you were investigating the president with regard to russia collusion and the campaign's connection to russia's interference. and two, he told an interview, nbc's lester holt, that when he fired you, the russia investigation was at the forefront of his mind. okay. so that's action and that is -- i think tells you intent. on those facts alone, do you have a pretty strong case of obstruction? >> you might. it would depend upon what all the other facts were around that about his intent that i can't see and you can't see yet. >> so you really haven't made a judgment in terms of just the publicly available evidence. >> my judgment is it could be obstruction of justice but before you brought a case and there is a legal question whether you can bring a case
7:42 am
against the president, you would want to know what was he talking about around that conversation, what's in writing, what do the e-mails say to give a clear picture of his mental state. >> do you think you would ever run for president or any other political office? >> never. >> well, that was a very direct answer. very unwashington-like. >> yeah, never. i wanted to say it again so my wife heard it twice. >> never, never, never. got it. james comey, thanks for your time. the book is called "a higher loyalty." and still ahead, an nbc news exclusive. and it's tied to the u.s. gymnastics scandal. gold medalist, michaela maroney breaks her silence. first, these messages. an entire day dedicated to squirrels. that's nuts! at aarp, we think you deserve your own day. yeah, you! after all, you're the one working. and saving for the future. so let aarp help. from planning and budgeting, to getting a deal on your next trip. aarp is here to help you stretch your dollar further.
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get more stories to share. get more from your summer getaway with exclusive hilton offers. book yours, only at al, let's get a quick check of the weather, sir. >> we've been dealing with fire danger, stretching from nebraska down to texas. low humidity and really dry conditions out there. now, we have a system coming out of the rockies. it will be firing up as it strengthens. the high over the midwest will basically bring the strong winds in here. and then, storms develop along the panhandle and make their way into the southeast. if there's any good news out of the system, we have extreme to really dangerous drought throughout the southwest. it will bring some rain that will help tamp down that moisture, or bring the moisture that will h good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. it will be cooler today because of the clouds moving across the bay area.
7:47 am
san francisco heading up to 57 degrees and 64 degrees in san jose. inland areas like livermore, 62 degrees and 62 in napa. now we will have a chance of rain as we go into especially this evening and overnight and the high of 57 degrees and 59 tomorrow and it will be warming and clearing out. >> and that's your latest weather. guys? >> thank you, al. coming up, "people's" beautiful issue with p when you say you need a heart transplant... that's a whole different ballgame. i was in shock. i am very proud of the development of drugs that can prevent the rejection and prevent the recurrence of the original disease. i never felt i was going to die. we know so much about transplantation. and we're living longer. you cannot help but be inspired by the opportunities that a transplant would offer. my donor's mom says
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good wednesday morning, right now at 7:56, we're seeing clouds all around the bay area and some light showers just possible but a lot of tf staying offshore. we'll have a bit of a break and this quick moving front moving in later this evening, doesn't look like it will bring a lot of rain, backing off on the rain chances for tonight but it's something we'll have to watch throughout tonight as we see that rain approaching the coast and then bringing some scattered showers for the peninsula and parts of the east bay and south bay and very light rainfall totals. then we dry out once again with some warmer temperatures on the way in time for the end of the week into the weekend. san francisco upper 60s by saturday and low 80s for the inland areas. now let's get an update on how the commute is move from mike. >> things are still pretty smooth. one crash i'll pick out southbound 880 at a street, it looks like fast lane may still be blocked for a few minutes. that's a tough spot but not the
7:57 am
slowing i expected. i expected more. it's north 880 that is slow hayward towards oakland and south bay northbound routes and commute direction. 101 grabs up around capitol expressway and san mateo bridge smoothly but a little slower across that flat section. the peninsula side 101 through san mateo also bogged down a bit. back to you. thank you very much. happening now, marking one of san francisco's darkest days, the great earthquake and fire of 1906. this morning at exactly 5:12 a.m., city leaders commemorated the moment that quake hit. head to our twitter feed to link to the video. usgs showing off a new simulation about the potential dangers along the hayward quake fault. that fault runs through some of the bay area's densist cities and finding will be unveiled in fremont and berkeley. another local news update in a half hour. mo hope to see you for the midday
7:58 am
newscast 11:00 to 12:00. have a great morning. their way e capitol... the discussion they )re hoping o have with lawmakers. and - construction begins on a major east bay interstate. the impact you could see in the morning drive. we )ll get you ready. )today in the bay ) - 4:30 to .
7:59 am
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, remembering barbara bush. >> you have two choices in life. you can like what you do or you can dislike what you do. i've chosen to like what i do. >> from her dedication to family to her years of public service, to her amazing love story. >> you were the first person i ever kissed. >> i was the second, darling. haven abbott. >> oh, he was not. >> we look at her life and legacy. breaking her silence. mckayla maroney opens up in our exclusive interview, describing for the first time the years of alleged abuse by larry nassar.
8:01 am
and why now is the right time to speak out. >> doing what's right is not always easy. but i need to speak up for the girls and for the and goodfellas and good tunes. oscar winner, robert de niro, is in studio 1a to talk about the tribeca film festival. his next big gangster role. country star jason aldean ready to hit the plaza for a special live concert. today, wednesday, april 18th, 2018. >> lakeland regional loves jason aldean. >> front row for jason aldean. ♪ >> we came all the way from long island, new york, to see jason aldean on the "today" show. >> we love jason aldean. >> reuniting on the plaza for
8:02 am
jason aldean. >> it's leslie's 50th birthday. >> we're celebrating with jason aldean. ♪ >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today" on a wednesday morning. that's a happy crowd. we're happy, too, because we have jason aldean here today. he's going to sing for our crowd and for us. and craig is in for hoda, who is a little under the weather. we're missing her. she'll be back soon, we know. >> feel better, my friend. let's get to the news at 8:00. so much happening, including the ntsb, investigating a horrifying explosion that happened on tuesday, during a flight from new york to dallas. it left one passenger dead and others badly shaken. tom costello covers aviation for us. this is a horrifying situation. what's the latest on how this could have happened? >> absolutely horrific. the ntsb says one of the fan blades appears to have broken apart at the hub.
8:03 am
at the base. that caused an uncontained engine failure sending shrapnel flying into the plane and broke a window. and a woman sitting next to the window was sucked out of the window partially. other passengers were trying to hold her and pull her back inside the plane. when they finally did, they tried to perform cpr and defibrillate. but unfortunately, she didn't make it. her name is jennifer reardon, 42 from albuquerque, new mexico. a mother of two. the captain made an emergency landing in philadelphia. they found the engine casing about 75 miles north of the airport. everybody else got off safely. seven passengers suffered some form of injury. now, the concern is that this engine, in which the fan blade broke off and is so widely used across the country, is now of a high priority for inspections. there may be other engines out there with a similar fault. a metal fatigue fault.
8:04 am
so, southwest is ordering an immediate inspection of all of its engines, all 700 737s. but they're not the only ones that play 737s. this is a high priority. and the faa may order mandatory inspections of engines of a certain age. back to you. >> a lot of work to do, tom. thank you very much. a private funeral will be held in houston, texas, for former first lady, barbara bush. she died at the age of 92. she will lie in repose at st. martin's episcopal church. the former president is brokenhearted to lose his beloved barbara. he held her hand and was at her side when she left this earth. her son and former president george w. bush said, our souls are settled because we know hers was. mrs. bush will be laid to rest at the bush presidential library in college station, texas.
8:05 am
her daughter robin is buried there. the irs is giving tax filers an extension because of tuesday's website crash. many found the services unavailable. the treasury secretary said the website could not handle the high volume flood. the new deadline is tonight. at midnight. no additional paperwork is needed for that extension. hoda is off, craig is our booster. >> we're going to show you a moment from a school talent show. a young colorado girl was performing "rise up." suddenly, she freezes and couldn't remember the lyrics. then, a few seconds later, a familiar face came to the rescue. take a look. ♪ ♪ and i rise up i rise not afraid ♪
8:06 am
♪ and i rise up i rise not afraid ♪ ♪ i rise up >> come on, baby, you got it. ♪ >> that's the girl's mother. shea washington. she was in the audience. she joined her daughter on stage to give her some courage. the duo finished the song together. they got a thunderous round of applause. she said, i wanted to teach my daughter. another mother said i cried the minute she started singing. >> me too. >> you would get on stage with vale. >> it wouldn't sound good but you bet. coming up, a love story for the ages. as we remember former first lady barbara bush. a look inside that storybook
8:07 am
marriage. our exclusive interview with mckayla maroney as the gold medal winner breaks her silence on the scandal rocking her sport and the abuse she says she suffered, right after this. that was invigorating! you're probably wondering why i've just carved a giant wooden tiger. well, the answer is that a real one would maul me. i've crafted dr. whiskers here as a visual aid to show you that should you visit the lot, carmax associates will not pounce like tigers because people don't like that. come here to buy a car. dr. whiskers won't pounce. nobody will. ♪ refresright now at kohl's with an extra 15% off! get plush new towels - just $7.64 each!
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8:10 am
we're back, with a new voice speaking out about the sex abuse scandal rocking usa gymnastics. >> we sat down with mckayla maroney and she describes for the first time the years of abuse suffered at the hands of larry nassar and the difficult road to recovery. on an exclusive interview airing on "dateline," mckayla maroney speaks out about the alleged abuse at the hands of dr. larry nassar. >> he told me he was going to do a check-up on me. that was the first day i was abused. >> reporter: the very first time he examined you, he molested you.
8:11 am
>> yes. >> reporter: the 22-year-old said the abuse was constant. the first incident occurring when she was just 13 years old. >> he said that nobody would understand this, and the sacrifice it takes to get to the olympics. you can't tell people this. and he didn't say it in a way that was, like, mean or anything like that. i actually was like, that makes sense. i don't want to tell anybody about this. and i didn't believe that they would understand. >> reporter: did you think he was letting you in on some olympic secret? >> yes. that's what it felt like. >> after that, you saw drdr. dr. nassar again? >> yeah. >> reporter: did he molest you again? >> every time i saw him. >> reporter: every time. how many times might a that be? >> hundreds. >> reporter: the olympic star slammed usa gymnastics, michigan state university, and the u.s. olympic committee.
8:12 am
saying all they cared about is money and medals. it didn't seem they cared about anything else. in a statement to nbc news, usa gymnastics says it admires mckayla maroney for her courage and commitment to speaking out. writing in part, we are doing everything possible to prevent abuse. and we hope everything we do going forward makes this very clear. the usoc isn't commenting. but it's previously apologized to nassar's victims and has included reforms. michigan state did not return nbc news' question for comment, but has called for a culture change. saying our main concern will always be the survivors and doing everything for them. nassar is behind bars, accused of abusing more than 200 women with and girls. >> doing what's right is not always easy. but i need to speak up for the girls and for the future. >> i sat down with mckayla not
8:13 am
long ago. and this is an hour-long special we're doing for "dateline." and for the first time, we will hear from the national team coordinators, bella and martha karolyi. they will speak out about the scandal for the first time. we visited them on the ranch. it's sunday, 7:00, 6:00 central on nbc. we'll have more tomorrow and friday on "today" as we dig deeply into this scandal. how did it happen and who is to blame? >> a lot of folks want to hear from the karolyis. a lot of folks are curious how they didn't know anything? >> and they've not spoken up until now. and the abuse happened at the karolyi ranch and other places. we get into those issues and more. mr. roker, how about a forecast? >> it's been chilly and continues such for the month of april. today, 5 degrees below normal to
8:14 am
20 degrees below normal in the plains. 15 american and plains cities through today, the coldest april so far. and the below-average temperatures again today. minneapolis, 39. and as we move into tomorrow, the cold air spreads into the east, knoxville, pittsburgh. it finally warms up as we get into the weekend. richmond, 68 degrees. buffalo warming up to 52 degrees by sunday. good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are seeing a lot of clouds moving in across the bay area as we take a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. we can see the clouds on the satellite imagery and some light rain justof offshore. this could bring a quick shot of rain but most of that rain will come after sunset or shortly thereafter. after that, we're warming up as
8:15 am
skies clear we're looking at high near low 80s on saturday. savannah? >> al, thank you so much. coming up next, tom brokaw coming up next, tom brokaw is here and he's delivery should look like this. coming up next, tom brokaw is here and he's crisp leaves of lettuce, freshly-made dressing. clean food that looks this good, eaten at your desk. panera. food as it should be. now delivered. you won't find relief here. congestion and pressure?
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the millions of weight watchers members on the all-new freestyle program. we've got the freedom to dine out and to dig in! the freedom to work it, win it, shake it, and sauté it. and with over 200 foods that are zero points®, we're free to lose weight like never before. join for free and save 30%. hurry, offer ends april 23rd! ♪ you are the best thing ♪ you're the best thing, baby ♪ you are the best thing ♪ you're the best thing, ooh ♪ ever happened to me there are love stories and then, there's the epic love story that was shared by george and barbara bush. >> they met at a dance when they were teenagers.
8:18 am
eight decades and they are an inspiration, not just for their family but for generations of americans. they are the longest married couple in presidential history. the love story spanning seven decades. barbara pierce met her husband-to-be george bush at a school dance. >> i would hardly breathe i thought he was so beautiful. >> reporter: on their first date, george strategically borrowed a car. >> he told me, i got the oldsmobile because it had a radio. and i was afraid we would have nothing to say to each other. >> reporter: turns out, they had a lot to say. >> december 12th, 1943, my darling, bar, this should be an easy letter to write. >> reporter: the courtship played out in the shadow of the young navy pilot's call of duty. the love letters they shared, all the more precious today. >> good night, my beautiful. every time i say beautiful, you about kill me but you have to accept it.
8:19 am
>> reporter: their letters were full of romance, longing and promise. the two were married in 1945 when the groom was on leave from the war. >> i love you with all my heart. and to know you love me means my life. >> reporter: soon, they would be together for good and start a family. >> in all modesty, no mother was ever more blessed than we are. we have great children. >> reporter: the loyal couple rearing five children, the proud grandparents of 17. the growing family, an immense source of pride. >> being married to george bush has never been boring. >> reporter: from congress, to the giantunited nations, the ci. that took them to the white house. >> one of the most the most important decisions of my life, to marry george bush, is because he made me laugh. it's true, sometimes we laugh through our tears. but that shared laughter has
8:20 am
been one of the strongest bonds. find the joy in life. as ferris beuler said on if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you're going to miss it. >> reporter: barbara was george's biggest fan. advocating for his re-election. >> you make me feel wonderful. i always feel wonderful when i talk about the strongest, the most decent, the most caring, the wisest, yes, and the healthiest man i know. >> reporter: though he lost the second term, barbara joked he had other skills, too. >> he's the best little dishwasher in the state of texas. >> reporter: their dynamic was playful. the former president joking his was his wife's second kiss. >> when we tell our children, i never knew i was the first girl you ever kissed. when i told them you were the first person i ever kissed. >> i was the second, darling.
8:21 am
haven abbott. >> oh, he was not. >> reporter: and as they grew old together, their love story endured the test of time. >> what about the role of husband? what's it been like being married to gany? >> a challenge and a reward. she's the number one person in my life. in the family, she calls all of the shots. >> she brought you kids. >> many kids. and together we rejoice in grandkids. that part is wonderful. >> reporter: each faced health challenges with grace and fortitude. president bush in recent years was confined to a wheelchair. little slowed them down. they often supported their hometown teams. answering the houston texans' kiss cam call. and surprising us most of all, two years ago, both were admitted to the hospital, president bush gravely ill, mrs. bush very sick herself, refused to leave her husband's side. then, just weeks later, super
8:22 am
bowl guests few could have predicted. >> and help us welcome two very special guests. >> reporter: the stadium on its feet to honor the devoted couple. and just weeks ago, the former first lady telling her alma mater smith college, i'm still old and still in love with the man i married 72 years ago. the love story ending as it began, with so much to say. >> little did i know i was only trying to keep up. keep up with barbara pierce, in rye, new york. i love you. >> i love you, too. >> we got the tears flowing this morning. we want to talk with nbc senior correspondent tom brokaw who is with us. and along with anita mcbride, who served in both bush administrations. good morning to both of you. >> good morning.
8:23 am
anita, you worked for the bushes. now, you make a study of first ladies. you are in a unique perspective to tell us how special barbara bush really was. >> yes, thank you, savannah. good morning. i know watching that segment you had, i feel like i have the bush family gene today. i'm a cryer. i think we all are. but you know, her life was so blessed. and she shared that with everyone. really, to be a part of her life and president bush's life was so enriching. as first lady, she did not want to waste that opportunity. she told her staff early on in those first weeks, i want to do something every day that helps someone. that's her legacy as first lady and as a person. so many life lessons, all of us have learned. >> tom, you spent the years covering the bushes. we talk about her being a matriarch. but barbara bush had a sharp tongue and some quick wit, too. >> sharper than the president. and the president would say,
8:24 am
bar, don't go there. and she would go there. and she was a reflection of how she was raised. she believed in great manners. you never saw her without the pearls and the pearl earrings. one of my most memorable times of the two of them after the president couldn't move around easily. i was at walker's point visiting with them in the solar yum. and she didn't like rick perry. they had taken care of and he had turned on them. she is talking about god put me in the place to run. she said, tom go over with george. so i did. and she said, i'm releasing this as the co-chairs of the rick rick perry get the campaign of rick perry. i'm going to put that out there. you knew where she stood at all times. and what i think is so important, for young women, as well as for women of her age, she's a model. and the twins have talk about that on the program and she was a modern first lady.
8:25 am
she had grace built into her. and the other thing to remember is, they lost a child at the age of 3. everybody had ever talked said it was the most beautiful 3-year-old you could possibly imagine. but they didn't go to seek some kind of sympathy. they were very private about all that. >> they were. but they carried that grief. >> forever. >> they carried robin's memory their whole lives. anita, i was thinking about what we've learned. that president bush was holding mrs. bush's hand, right there, right until the end. just as one would expect. >> absolutely. it's an enduring and beautiful love story. we are so lucky to have that kind of deep love in our lives. and both of them shared that. they embraced all of us and challenged us to be better people. and to be so loving and so caring. if you're faced with a challenge, like what tom just
8:26 am
said, losing robin, or facing dyslexia in their family, they firefighters so far - not saying what caused a home to go up in flames this morning in san jose . nbc bay area skyranger flew over the scene a little earlier. good morning, i'm marcus washington. authorities are not sure what caused a fire in san jose. near majestic way elementary school. all five people in that home did make it out safely. and the red cross evacuation center is now open for more than 100 people, displaced following yesterday's apartment fires in san jose. that fire started yesterday morning on the plaza near tully. four people were hospitalized but no one had serious injuries. that entire building is off-limits. this morning for your commute with mike inouye.
8:27 am
how's it looking? >> it's nice over here. northbound 680, just off 101 reports of couch cushions and maybe part of a couch. be careful heading away from 101 on north 680. over here, 101 slows a bit. and bay shore also slows on that side of the bay. across the bay, the san mateo bridge shows an easier drive. the dumbarton bridge is the slower of the two. >> stay tuned. we'll have more local news in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ ♪ good morning, everybody. it's 8:30. it's a wednesday morning. it's a chilly one but a great one. let me tell you why. jason aldean is on our plaza. we're going to get some great country music coming up. we're so fired up for that. there's only one thing to do, craig. hoda is off. >> yes. >> you did the boost. >> okay. >> roker will do the crowd moment. roker, where are you? >> i'm over here, guys. over here. so, let's see. i'm looking for casey. where is casey? oh, my gosh. please excuse casey for being late to school, she was with me at the "today" show. you want to get jason aldean to sign that? what are the odds of that? come on, kasey, you're in eighth grade?
8:31 am
>> yeah. you're in 8th grade? >> yeah. >> let's get this thing signed so you can have that late pass. right up the stairs. there you go. you're very prepared. you brought your own marker. >> brought her pen. >> jason, kasey. kasey, jason. >> that's a good one. >> she even made you a place to sign it. i love it. >> that's impressive. there you go. that's official. nicely done. all right, kasey. thank you. let's get you right back down. there you go. >> we are going to get to the music in a moment. first, sheinelle is in the orange room with something we look forward to every year. >> this is a good one. i'm here with "people's" senior west coast writer, julie jordan with a special announcement. the star for "people's" beautiful issue of 2018 is pink. we were noticing she has her kids on the front cover. is this a first?
8:32 am
>> this is the first time. we are redefining beauty. it's all about not just looks, it's more who you are on the inside. being strong. no one on this planet does it better than pink. >> there's a fun section called my kids and me and others about stars and their rescue pets. who can we find on those pages? >> in terms of moms, olivia wilde. she's trying to teach her daughter. and with rescue pets, tiffany haddish. and she disappears and she has to find her at the cvs usually. she takes off. >> we have a personal favorite. this is cuties to beauties. it features our own hoda kotb. she said, the trifecta of frizzy hair, glasses and look at her. >> cutie to beauty. >> you can find "people's" issue, hits stands night wide on
8:33 am
friday. >> we're excited. >> there you have it. exclusive this morning. back to you. >> that was fun. >> sheinelle, thank you so much. megyn is here for the concert and to tell us what's coming up. >> absolutely. >> we'll have much more on barbara bush. and danica patrick is here. and believe it or not, we're going to have a little race, she and i. >> what kind of race? >> it will involve go-karts. i was thinking, i grew up in upstate new york. i did go-kart riding. i learned how she got into racing, and it was a champion go-karter. >> uh-oh. i'm in a lot of trouble. >> thank you so much, megyn. jason is ready to sing but we have to get a check of the weather. >> you're from upstate new york. i went to school in oswego. new york. these folks are from oswego. oswego sub. which one is this? >> the al roker. >> you know it has plenty of ham.
8:34 am
thank you so much. we appreciate that. let's show you what's going on as far as your weather is concerned. i can't wait to dig into this. today, mild afternoon in the southeast. much cooler in the plains. snow in the upper midwest. wet weather in the pacific northwest. for tomorrow, more cold air moving into the northeast and the great lakes. high fire danger continues in the southwest. plenty of sunshine through the gulf into the southeastern atlantic. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we wake up and walk out the door and see mostly cloudy skies. here's a live look out the door in san jose. a chance of rain here and there later this evening. and a chance of clouds, san francisco reaching 57 degrees. 59 degrees tomorrow. and that warming trend continues into the weekend with some sunshine. and a touch cooler early next week for the inland area as we go from 63 degrees today. to 82 degrees on sunday. cameraman, jim corrigan, who
8:35 am
went to oswego, as well. mm. >> mr. roker, thank you very much. thank you very much. for the past 16 years, the tribeca film festival has been bringing creative and provocative movies to new york city. this year, no different. the festival plans to highlight female filmmakers, star-studded panels. robert de niro and jane chair the festival. the highlight film this year, gilda radner, "snl" legend, famed comedienne. tell us about this movie "gilda." >> directed by lisa depolitano. gilda was one of the first women on "snl." and she did everything a little differently. created characters that are in
8:36 am
our national conscious even today. >> 46% of the feature films at the festival this year, directed by women. is that right? >> that's right. >> was that deliberate? >> it was deliberate. that said, this festival has always promoted women and underserved filmmakers. it was a natural for us. we're very fortunate that these films are fantastic and would have been in the festival regardless of our mandate. >> every year the festival has major reunions. a couple years ago, i met you at the "goodfellas" reunion. >> there's "scar face." pacino and brian depalma and michelle pfeiffer. >> steven bauer. >> and what all we have there? >> "in the soup." >> a few days ago, you made some headlines. "snl," robert mueller. i think we have a clip here to
8:37 am
remind folks what you looked like here. how did this "snl" cameo on saturday night come to be? >> i was talking to lorne. and he said, if there's anything you want to -- i think you can think about, you can play. i said, well, i spoke to my wife and she said, why don't you play mueller? mueller, how about mueller? that's how it came down. >> is this going to become a recuring thing? or is this a one and done? >> i hope there's a couple where i interrogate him and then i arrest him and escort him to jail. >> you mean trump. >> who do you think i mean? >> i'm just making sure. >> not cohen. him, too. but trump, definitely. yes. can i make it any clearer? >> i think you've made it quite clear over the past few months. you've been, i won't say poli c
8:38 am
politically active. but you've been pointed in your criticism of this administration since he took office. do you think we're living in a time when it is imperative for everyone to be politically active? >> i have never been this active. but when i see what's going on with this guy, you have no choice but to be active. it's past the point of being passive. you have to -- people have to speak out. they have to speak out over and over and over again. this guy, this administration, is beyond belief. it has to stop. >> we end the festival this year with "the fourth estate," which is a documentary that's embedded in "the new york times" from the inauguration flu tthrough the f 100 days. how you cover a president who has a total disrespect for the truth is kind of the interesting point, as you watch this film. >> the tribeca film festival, it's become one of the highlights of new york city. robert de niro, thank you for
8:39 am
your time. the 17th annual tribeca film festival today, through april 29th. up next, we go outside for the live concert, the king of country, jason aldean. first, this is "today" on nbc. fearless is a wild animal.
8:40 am
crazy enough to believe it can change the world. fearless is resilient enough to suffer the slings and arrows - and come out stronger. fearless reads the rules, understands the limitations, listens to the naysayers - and then goes ahead and does it anyway. you know what we make. fearless makes us who we are.
8:41 am
the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> well, he has a new album, a new tour and we're thrilled to welcome back to our plaza, can i borrow this? jason aldean, ladies and gentlemen. ♪ a rainy sunday morning makes me want to stay in bed ♪ ♪ twisted up all day long you're my inspiration ♪ ♪ girl, you take me places put the words right into these
8:42 am
songs ♪ ♪ stealing kisses under cover, babe ♪ ♪ see forever when i see your face ♪ ♪ and i swear god made you for me ♪ ♪ you make it easy loving up on you ♪ ♪ make it easy with every little thing you do ♪ ♪ you're my sunshine in the darkest days ♪ ♪ my better half, my saving grace ♪ ♪ you make me who i wanna be ♪ you make it easy ♪ took all my rough around the edges ♪ ♪ never let it ruffle up your feathers, angel ♪ ♪ yeah, i'm down for life you got me wrapped around your finger ♪ ♪ and i like it just in case you can't tell ♪
8:43 am
no ♪ you make it easy loving up on you ♪ ♪ make it easy with every little thing you do ♪ ♪ you're my sunshine in the darkest days ♪ ♪ my better half, my saving grace ♪ ♪ you make me who i wanna be you make it easy ♪ ♪ ♪ stealing kisses under cover, babe ♪ ♪ see forever when i see your face ♪ ♪ and i swear god made you for me ♪ ♪ you make it easy
8:44 am
loving up on you ♪ ♪ make it easy with every little thing you do ♪ ♪ you're my sunshine in the darkest days ♪ ♪ my better half, my saving grace ♪ ♪ you make me who i wanna be you make it easy ♪ ♪ you make it easy >> how good does jason aldean sound? he's just getting started. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
all right. welcome back to our citi concert stage. jason aldean sounds so good. he was just named entertainer of the year by the academy of country music. >> that makes three-consecutive years. he has another reason to celebrate, his brand-new album "rearview town" is out. glad to have you back. >> thank you for having me. >> billboard can forecast and predict these sorts of things. they're saying that "rearview town" will be number one when it debuts next week. >> i don't like to get ahead of ourselves. but it seems to be doing well this first week. it's nice to come out that first week and make a statement when you have a new album. if we have the number one record this week, it will be a big week for us. >> number one record. tour's coming up. named entertainer of the year. this is the third time. this is crazy.
8:48 am
>> pretty crazy. we're riding pretty high this week. >> you are. >> it's been a good week. the album dropping and taking home the entertainer of the year at the acms was a big night for us. it's been a good week so far. >> what does "reviewtown" mean? >> it's a little metaphor that things have been putting that in the past and looking down the roads to better things ahead. to me, that's what the title means. you can probably listen to the song and draw your own conclusions of whatever you want it to be. for me, that's kind of what it is. >> what are we going to hear now? >> we're going to play -- i think we're playing "summertime." i think that's right. "a little more summertime." >> all right, jason. >> jason aldean.
8:49 am
♪ boarding up this water town ain't nobody hanging round ♪ ♪ another gray september day was i crazy to think she'd stay ♪ ♪ if that sun would have just hung up in the sky just a little bit, yeah ♪ ♪ just a little bit longer if those blue water waves ♪ ♪ could have stayed at her feet on the beach ♪ ♪ instead of going out with the tide ♪ ♪ if that that wind was friend
8:50 am
that it would still be blowing ♪ ♪ like a warm southern wis wher on her ♪ ♪ she might have stayed forever and never left these arms ♪ ♪ if only i had a little more summertime ♪ ♪ brace myself against the cold let her memory take hold ♪ ♪ stirring that old fire up as if i don't miss her enough ♪ ♪ that sun would have just hung up in that sky just a little bit ♪ ♪ yeah, just a little bit longer ♪ ♪ those blue water waves could have stayed at her feet ♪ ♪ on the beach instead of
8:51 am
going out with the tide ♪ ♪ if that wind was a friend it would still be blowing ♪ ♪ in like a warm southern whisper on her ♪ ♪ she might have stayed forever and never, ever left ♪ ♪ these arms if only i had ooh la little more summerti♪ ♪ a little more summertime ♪ ♪ if that sun would have just hung in that sky just a little
8:52 am
bit ♪ ♪ yeah, just a little bit longer ♪ ♪ she might have stayed forever and never ever left ♪ ♪ these arms if only i had a little more summertime ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jason aldean, thank you so much. jason will join us with another song in our fourth hour. we're back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
♪ coming up, we have sheinelle in for hoda. >> i'm excited for the next hour. one of my favorite people on the
8:55 am
planet, jason aldean. we'll have him next hour. and joe mikhail. >> you know, craig melvin has been singing a lot this morning. i think he's jason aldean now. >> need some help? >> maybe. we'll talk. >> you can tell he didn't mean that. >> and you've enjoyed doing it in this weather, haven't you? >> this is great. i thought i was coming into sunny and 75. that is not the case today. >> you come back to new york city, it will be madison square garden this summer, right? >> absolutely. looking forward to it. >> a little summer type wheni )
8:56 am
today marks 112 years since the good morning, it's 8:56, i'm marcus washington. today marks 112iers since the 1976 devastating earthquake and fire. city leaders helped mark that moment. it comes on the heels of a new study in the bay area of vulnerability of powerful
8:57 am
earthquakes and a new usgs study looked at the hayward fault. and if a magnitude 7.0 quake were to happen along the fault. those were unveiled earlier at fremont and berkeley. we'll have a live report in the midday newscast. and people in the pnc say traffic apps like waze are turning their streets into a parking lots. and america remembers first lady barbara bush. her marriage to george bush lasted 73 years. they met when they were both 17 and 18 years old. more on our home page. their way to thee
8:58 am
capitol... the discussion they )re hoping o have with lawmakers. and - construction begins on a major east bay interstate. the impact you could see in the morning drive. we )ll get you ready. )today in the bay ) - 4:30 to .
8:59 am
9:00 am
[ applause ] good morning everyone. welco welcome. we begin on this wednesday morning remembering former first lady barbara bush. the 92-year-old matriarch of the bush family passed away last night at her home in houston with her husband george by her side. she's remembered this morning by her incredible devotion to family and public service. here is savannah with a look back at the extraordinary life of barbara bush. >> with her white hair and signature pearls, barbara bush was often thought of as america's grandmother. but the former first lady was also disarmingly candid, self deprecating and wickedly funny. >> i am constantly amazed at the groups who have invited me to come


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