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tv   Today  NBC  April 26, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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driving a shift car. >> or driving a car period. >> true. that's what's happening "today in the bay." back at 5:25 with a local news update. >> make sure you enjoy your thursday. . arrest of the alleged golden state killer. a former police officer now accused of being one of the country's most notorious serial kills. how it led to a suspect and how he eluded police for nearly half a century. breaking this morning, stepping aside ronny jackson, calming allegations against him completely false and fabricated. we are live in walk. a race against time. >> he is drowning right now. we need somebody right now. >> dramatic video of a boy
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trapped under a hotel pool for eight minutes, leading to this heroic rescue. this morning the stranger who dove into as to saefb his life speaks out. >> i was giving him under water breasts to try to keep him alive. >> reporter: those stories, plus, strange bed follow, kanye west under fire after defending president trump in a stripping of online rants. oh brother, kensington palace reveals prince harry's best man. and king clutch. the nba's biggest star adding to his ledge enovernight. she a playoff buzzer beater. >> that's a whenner cleveland. >> today, thursday, april 26th, 2018.ihenner cleveland. >> today, thursday, april 26th, 201henner cleveland. >> today, thursday, april 26th, 201erhenner cleveland. >> today, thursday, april 26th, 201enner cleveland. >> today, thursday, april 26th, 201nner
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cleveland. >> today, thursday, april 26th, 201er cleveland. >> today, thursday, april 26th, 201er cleveland. >> today, thursday, april 26th, 201r cleveland. >> today, thursday, april 26th, 201 cleveland. >> today, thursday, april 26th, 201 2018. >> from nbc news, this is savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. >> thank you for joining us on a busy morning. nice shot by king james. >> i know, that was incredible. we got breaking news this morning out of walk. ronny jackson out as the nominee for va secretary. he still reported for work this morning as the white house physician. is that a position he can keep, amid a wave of work allegations. first to our top story the golden state killer case. what we are now learning about that stunning arrest decades in the making. joe is live in sacramento. good morning. >> reporter: hoda good morning, the suspect joseph deangelo, a former police officer. now he's behind bars here in sacramento, scheduled to make his first court appearance tomorrow. the arrest is the culmination of decades of work which ramped up two years ago with the creation of a task force to catch him.
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a notorious cold case finally cracked. bliss leave ruthless serial killer behind bars. known as the golden state killer. investigators say their suspect committed at least 12 murders and more than 50 rapes across california in the 1970s and ''80s. >> we were looking for a needle in a haystack. but we also all knew that the needle was there. >> reporter: joseph james deangelo was arrested tuesday night in sacramento, just ten miles from where the serial attacks began almost 40 years ago. two of the victims he is accused of killing, bruce harrington's brother and sister-in-law who were bludgeoned in their home in 1980. >> it is time for the victims to begin to heal. >> reporter: police said thousands of man hours and detective work helped them se are in on deangelo and dna samples provided the final piece of evidence. >> we were able get some
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discarded dna and we were able to confirm what we thought we already knew, that we had our man. >> reporter: deangelo had been a police officer in the nearby town of auburn. he was fired after shop lifting a hammer and dog repellent from a store in 1979. now 72, deangelo was on the police force when the crime spree began, eventually spreading to ten counties. verls say the brutal attacks include sad ittic touches, steaming personal items from his victims and terrorizing some survivors again with threatening phone messages. . the case's profile had risen in recent years, thanks in part to journalist michelle macnamara who died in her sleep in 2016. her best selling book "i'll be gone in the dark" was finished after her husband who appeared of "late night" with seth meyers. >> she's caught the bracelets are on, it feels this thing she
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wanted so badly is now done. >> reporter: as of now, deangelo is charged with six murders in southern california and two more here in northern california. more charges are likely. police say deangelo does have adult children and he reportedly retired recently from his long-time job, working at a grocery distribution center. savannah, hoda. >> all right. joe, thank you so much. >> megyn kelly closely covered the case on your show. we know they made a dna match according to police to this guy. we don't know how they got on to this guy in the first place, though. >> they are saying six days ago this guy was not on their radar never have been. they have investigated so many people for these crimes. never this guy. we don't know what first brought him to their attention. we do know it was from discarded dna, which we assume it's a household item after somehow he got on the radar. a tip. because they renewed interest in
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the case, by putting out a $50,000 reward and it's a question about whether maybe somebody how "headline news" did and hour on him. we covered it on the "today" show. so interest had been generated. michelle macnamara's book got people to get people to look at this again. she passed away. >> he's a former police officer which i would think is handy if you try to cover up your crimes? >> they had suspected for a long time he had been former law enforcement and military. he is former law enforcement for six years, shoplifting dog repel leapt and rope and former navy. and one of the things, he was originally called something to do with the rope killings, because he was such a good knot tieer. this serial killer is one of the most sadistic we had in the country. he made his victims suffer. so for 30 years, they have been out there rape survivors and the families of the 12 he is
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suspected of murdering, wondering why? why not him. he left dna. they matched it from the murder to the rapist and tie those to things together. there was never a hit in the dna database. never. >> wow. you will have a lot more on your show. >> we have the da on our show, we will be asking her all these questions. >> a stunning arrest. a long time in the make him. thank you so much. to that breaking news from the white house the president's embattled pick to lead the veterans department, withdrawing, while blasting the allegations against him. halle jackson has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: hey there hoda, good morning to you. just this morning we learned ronny jackson has made his decision to withdraw his nomination to toledo va. in a new interview today, president trump says he has an idea of who he wants to replace jackson as his pick to lead the agency. but he's not saying who just yet.
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developing this morning, ronny jackson is withdrawing his nomination to lead the va, regretfully, he says, in a new statement, adding i did not expect to have to dig fify baseless and anonymous attacks on my character and interestingrity, after new accusation emerged against him. jackson the white house physician, adding, unfortunately, because of how walk works, these false allegations have become a distraction for this president and the important issue we must be addressing. how we give the best care to our nation's heroes. president trump, in a new interview on fox this morning. >> he's are all false accusations. these are false, they're trying to destroy a man. by the way, i did say welcome to walk. welcome to the swamp. welcome to the world of politics. >> sure. >> but for john castor to start big up stuff like candyman and the kind of things he was saying, and then say, well, you know, these are just statements that are made. there is no proof of this.
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>> reporter: senator tester, the top democrat on the veteran affairs say 23 current and former colleagues say jackson sometimes prescribed drugs without prescriptions and kept questionable records for substances like percocet. jackson calls it completely false and the latest cabinet chaos for donald trump. he battles back his own controversy, e administrator scott pruitt. >> we are evaluating these concerns. we expect the e administrator to face answers for them. >> reporter: allegations he paid surprisingly and perhaps inappropriately low rent for a condo owned by a lobbyist, gave raises to favored aids over white house objections and tried to get his security to turn on sirens so he'd be on time for a reservation at a posh d.c. restaurant. the e is defending pruitt the sources inside and outside the administration tells us he has
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few allies left in the west wing, even some supporters on capitol hill are now starting to raise questions. remember, of course, it's the president who is the ultimate decision maker. so pruitt's performance at his hearings today will be aimed at an audience of one. >> all right. thanks. >> the president had a lot more to say in that new interview, including how he feels about his personal attorney michael cohen planning to invoke the fifth amendment by porn star stormy daniels. kristen welker is live with all of that. good morning. >> reporter: hi, savannah. good morning to you. the president was defiant about michael cohen insisting his person attorney and fixer didn't do anything wrong. in that wide ranging interview, mr. trump weighed in on james comey's memos and melania trump's birthday. this morning, president trump sounding off. >> weighing in on a variety of topics in a nearly half hour phone interview on fox news.
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>> i have many attorneys. i have attorneys, sadly, i have so many attorneys you wouldn't even believe. >> reporter: from his first admission that michael cohen represented him in the stormy daniels case. >> michael would represent me and represent me on some things. he represents me like with this crazy stormy daniels deal. he represented me and, you know, from what i see, he did absolutely nothing wrong. >> reporter: to revealing this detail about mike pompeo's trip to north korea, where the cia director met with kim jong-un. >> mike pyeongchangpompeo did g. he wasn't supposed to meet with kim john unl. they arranged actually while he was there to say hello. we have incredible pictures of the two talking and meeting, which i'd love to release. >> reporter: the presidented a r also admitted he did stay overnight in russia back in 2013, something former director comey said trump disputed in his memos.
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>> he didn't write those memos accurate accurately. conference i went to russia for a day or so, for a day or two, i own the miss universe project. i watched it, it was near moscow. everybody knows, the logs are there, the planes are there. he said, i didn't stay there, of course i stayed there. i stayed there very short period of time, but of course i stayed. well, his memo says i left immediately. i never said that. i never said i left immediately. >> reporter: all of it coming as the president called in on his wife's birthday, admitting he hasn't bought her a gift yet. >> i'd rather not get into that, i may get in trouble. maybe i didn't get her so much. i got her a beautiful card. you know, i'm very busy, running out looking for presents, but i got her a beautiful card, beautiful flowers. >> reporter: now as for stormy daniels, her attorney michael avenotti responded to the trump interview in real time on msnbc calming mr. trump's admission in
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the daniel case quote hugely damaging and a gift from the heavens. we reached out to the attorney. so far no response. >> thank you, that chatterbox there in that live show. thank you. something else being watched closely by the white house. an historic summit have the president facing face-to-face with kim jong-un, bill neely is live in korea near the dmz. good morning. >> reporter: hi, hoda. tomorrow morning, kim jong-un will walk into this country and meet south korea's president with peace on the agenda. that's the prize. but really top of the agenda is north korea's nuclear weapons, of course, it is a scene-setter for the later summit between kim and president trump. here hopes are very, very high. they're getting ready to welcome him. welcome kim, with a guard of honor. the next time the world sees kim
7:14 am
jong-un, he'll be making history. striding into south korea for a sum, something no north korean leader has ever done. the south will give him an honor guard, out of respect, it says, he will inspect it. watching closely from afar, president trump, weeks away from his own planned summit with kim. >> we have made no concessions. >> reporter: making his goal clear. >> it means they get rid of their nukes, very simple. they get rid of their nukes. >> reporter: after months of taunts, the president now praising the korean dictator. >> he really has been very opened. and i think very honorable from everything we're seeing. >> reporter: calling kim honorable drawing fire. >> human rights violations are legendary. he's one of the worst countries in the world.
7:15 am
so who he did, he's on the air. and getting rid of it. south korea also president moon will test kim before mr. trump's own meeting. >> tomorrow's summit really is in that setting up the trump-kim sum. that's why we need to see and hear kim jong-un use the word de-nuclearization. admit to it. even if we don't believe him. >> reporter: everything else is minutely pre-planned, even the food, every ingredients from north or south, kim bringing his own chef the date and place of the trump-kim summit is still unknown. well, this summit will start with a handshake and it will ends with the signing of an agreement say the south koreans. what's in that? we'll know tomorrow. but the key question here, really, is kim really ready to give up his nuclear weapons? savannah, hoda. >> right.
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bill neely. thank you. >> 7:15 on the west coast. let's get a check of the weather with mr. roker. >> it starts with a laurel and hand shack. blazing saddles humor. up and down the west coast, san francisco delays because of low ceilings, otherwise, not so bad. beautiful weather. it's clear. the temperatures are warming up nicely, too. look at today. we're going to see temperatures that climb up into the upper 70s in the pacific northwest. 19 degrees above average, oak a little on the cool side, so is san diego. inland, phoenix will be 99. inland, phoenix will be 99. 11 degrees above average. love is what inspires me. love is being awakened by a kiss. love is finding calm in your partner's arms. love is intimate. love is everlasting. love is a diamond. if there's one thing i know, it's couples in love. from the runway to the wedding aisle,
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to the most romantic day of their lives, i'm there. each piece of my jewelry collection is designed with lovers in mind. the vera wang love collection, at zales. the diamond store. good thursday morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. here is a live look outside and busy start to thursday morning. also some cloudy skies looking live from emeryville, our inland area reach the low 70s today and some clearing by late morning. we'll also see a slight chance of rain in the north bay for tomorrow especially during afternoon and early on saturday. it stays in the mid-60s through the weekend and gradual warm-up next week for san francisco look for highs in the upper 50s for the next few days. >> that is your latest and that is your latest weather. look who's back. >> we love that you're talking about the story that savannah and i were talking about at the top of the show. >> i saw that you played the
7:18 am
clip there. the cavs and the pacers are all tied up. you had to know who was going to get the ball. >> and with three seconds left, james, two seconds. one second to the rim. oh! lebron james delivers. >> lebron there delivering, coming through in the clutch. mobbed on the court there. his teammates, that's at quicken loans arena. they're going nuts. he finished with 44 points, 10 rebounds, 8 assists and cavs lead the first round series against the pacers, 3-2. he's pumped up. game 6 on friday. you know, after they asked him, lebron, what was going through your mind, and he said you know what? i became a kid again. we all played that game when we were a kid. >> three, two, one, for the game! >> i thought that was so cool. he just became that kid again. that's his dream. >> i'm lebron james. >> but he is lebron james. >> awesome.
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just ahead, kanye west and president trump using twitter to set up the unlikely friendship. this morning, kim kardashian is rushing to her husband's defense. then caught on camera the dramatic rescue of a young boy trapped underwater for eight minutes. the takeaway for all parents and kids as we're heading into summer and this incredible rescue. but first, this is "today" on nbc. n.bc
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i'm so happy i found this. a2 milk®, real milk that's easier on digestion. love milk again. the man investigators call "the golden state killer" .. is expected to make his first good morning, 7:26 for you rit now. i'm marcus washington. the man investigators call the golden state killer is expected to make his first court appearance tomorrow. 72-year-old joseph daeangelo isa former police officer. they arrested him at his home in citrus height, 10 miles of the site the first serial attacks happened. investigators used dna to link him to nearly 50 rapes, 12 murders and dozens of burglaries across colorado. that same attacker has always been known as east area rapist and individual night stalker before evidence linked the cases in northern and southern california. right now let's get a check of your weather with meteorologist kari hall. >> a cloudy start as you head
7:27 am
out. a live look outside and san jose with a look at the shark tank this morning as we go into the afternoon skies of clear, temperatures warm up to 70 degrees. 1 in livermore, 71 also in napa. we do keep those upper 50s in san francisco, and it will be a breezy day. inland areas low 70s. we will see more clouds moving in tomorrow, also a slight chance of rain in the yonorth b early into saturday. weekend high in the 60s but gradually warm up into the week. let's see what's happening on the roads with mike. >> this is good. bay bridge toll plaza has one of the worst spots, san rafael bridge follow plaza because have you to pause to pay. 680 through tri-valley slower drive through pleasanton, hayward 880, san mateo and bridge moving steadily. northbound 17 jammed up. looks like maybe two crashes happened north of the summit. they cleared right around bear
7:28 am
creek road but still jammed up to los gatos. back to you. >> i'll have another local news update in 30 minutes.
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♪ at&t stadium. tonight the center of the football universe on this thursday april 26ing, 2we7b9 2018. one of the highest nfl draft kicks off right there. >> oh. >> so happy. >> you would think we know who the number one pick will be. not this year. fans are anxious to find out who their teams are going to pick. >> tonight. so what else are we watching this morning? let's get to the headline, especially in an infamous case. cold case crackled. >> we found the needle in the
7:31 am
haystack. >> police arrest a 72-year-old california man they say is the so-called golden state killer responsible for at least a dozen murders, more than 100 other crimes over the past four decades. >> we were able get discarded dna. we were able to confirm what we thought we already knew. we have our man. quick move, trump attorney rudy guiliani meets with robert mueller as the new york mayor attempts to broker a deal for the president to be interviewed in the russia investigation. recovering, former president george h.w. bush moved out of intensive care. said to be in good spirits. changes lanes, ford announces a major shakeup, dropping all but two of its passenger cars from north american dealerships as it focuses its efforts on trucks and suvs.
7:32 am
a best man fit for a prince. kensington palace says prince harry has chosen prince william as his best man. >> what did you call that, non-shopping. >> we knew it had to be the it would have of those together. adorable. a frantic man, it shows a boy trapped under water in the lazy river of the myrtle beach resort. there are desperate efforts to save him. so what happened here? kristen dolgren is here. >> really incredible video. when you see that dramatic under surveillance video. you can think how lucky the boy was who had so many bystanders rushing in to help never giving up as the minutes ticked by. >> reporter: this morning a 12-year-old bo michigan boy is ahive is nothing short of a miracle. he was trapped under water eight minutes and survived.
7:33 am
it happened in north birmyrtle beach in south carolina. two boys, no lifeguards were on duty the boys were playing over a drain when one of theft lifted a grate and somehow got stuck. >> the child is stuck at the draep at the hole. >> watch closely, you see the boy's head slip unwater, the other boy tries to pull him out. he can't, after he's under minute-and-a-half. a woman runs over. >> he's drowning right now. we need somebody right now. >> reporter: chit illing to watching the battle. a pennsylvania correction officers reaches the submerged child and struggles for several minutes attempting to free the boy. incredib incredibly, he performs must-to-mouth resuscitation under water. >> i was giving him breaths to try to keep him alive. >> when police officers dive in
7:34 am
to help the boy has been around water 7 minutes 22 seconds, all are working frantically to free him. when hotel maintenance turns off the people's pump, they're finally able to free him. 7 minutes and 40 seconds after he first went under waterch officers meet lid started cpr on the boy, witnesses say the boy's leg was lodged in a filter pipe, trapping him under water the police incident report making clear it shows the victim opening up the grate. records show the pool's fit racing system had been inspected twice last year and was up to code the resort says it's thrilled to hear the boy is doing well. with the growths in pleas, our lazy river is safe for all of our guests. evidence confirms the boy and his companion dislodged the grate before he caught his foot in the growth. this man one of the heroes of that night. >> i'm just happy he's alive, honestly, if it wasn't for everyone that helped me, it
7:35 am
probably wouldn't have been the same outcome. i'm glad i did it. because now this little boy gets to live the rest of his life out. >> it's not exactly clear what condition the boy is in now. this family asked for privacy. he certainly owes a lot to those good samaritans that refused to give up on him. >> thank goodness, the fact that he knew to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation under water. >> it's great to remind kids, not the play with the pools, with the suction. it's very serious. >> thank you. we want to switch gears, go to mr. al rockier at the weather wall. >> we got something kind of cool to show you, on this date, back in 1884, the first known tornado photograph was taken. this from our friends in the kansas state historical society. you see this rope twister. it's 133 years ago. it's amazing and cool. what's also been kind of cool is the fact that our tornado season is literally on ice.
7:36 am
so far this years ago only 11 tornadoes reports in texas, arkansas 7. missouri 4. kansas has had none. normally by this time of year, we'd have 15 in kansas, 41 in texas. 17 in arkansas. about 4 in nebraska. here's what we normally would see for tornado alley. a jet stream across that area. high pressure pumping up. warm, humid air from the gulf of mexico. this year, however, we have a big ridge of high pressure in the west. >> that is plunging the jet stream down to the south. record cold april temperatures. so you can see, look at this, we had all time reference for days this month below freezing, oklahoma, spring feel, st. louis and chicago, tying that. the sun returning in the northeast. texas looking at sunny skies on into the southwest, ha good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. slightly cooler for much of the
7:37 am
bay area with cloudy skies to start but sunshine this afternoon. we'll reach into the upper 60s and low 70s for the north bay. 57 in san francisco and 62 in oakland. 70 today in san jose. low 70s from antioch to livermore and morgan hill 73 degrees. tomorrow that trend continues down a couple more degrees with more clouds and chance of rain for the north bay. hoda, you have the . >> that's your latest weather, now, hoda you have the latest on kanye and donye? >> we will talk about the tweet storm causing quite a stir, why nearly a year after kanye is back on 26. he is heaping praise on donald trump. >> everybody is buzzing about this one. so throughout history, there have been many unexpected friendships in the world of politics. jefferson and adams, ruth g'dayer gins berg and antonia scalia. nancy reagan and mr. t.
7:38 am
now in social media, kanye's friendship with donald trump seals to be too much for some to hand him. this morning the president weighing in on his budding romance with kanye west. >> i have known kanye a little bit. i get along with kanye. i get along with a lot of people. >> it comes after west's tweet storm with his admiration. calling the president my brother. claiming he and mr. trump are both dragon energy. even tweeting this photo of his own sign of make america great again hat. then 2kru6, himself, weighed if. thank you, kanye, very cool! and with that statement, the internet began melting down. one user saying donald trump and kanye speaking over twitter, welcome to 2018. others joking, what a time to be aline. some proposing a twump-west presidential ticket in 2020. a dave after the president was
7:39 am
holding high profile meetings with the president of france the white house was fielding questions about kanye west. >> i know they've met during the transition. that itself the only meeting i'm aware of that's taken place or conversation. >> reporter: trump tweets, including the wrapper claiming his nation line will become the biggest apparel in human history and has parted ways with his manager and lawyer. his wife, kim kardashian coming to his dvgs amid breakdown, tweeting, your comment on kanye being erratic and tweets scary so quebec to label him as having mental health issues for being himself. kardashian, who supported hillary clinton in 2016, saying i believe in people being able to have their own opinions, even different from mine. he's a free thinker, is that not allowed in america? west's pro trump stance causing a debate over race and politic,
7:40 am
many pointing to west's infamous comments after hurricane katrina saying george bush doesn't care about black people. some chant black people don't have to be democrat. it's safe to say people are buzzing about it today. >> you are correct. still ahead, what is it like for a young pom exploring fertile options? a member of "today" shares her own personal journey. elon musk shares his next project. you won't believe what he's working on now. >> an announcement from jimmy fallon the music superstar to take over the "tonight show." also the future of deck deliveries. >> hi, i'm jeff rossen. amazon is trying to do it. deliver packages to your homes with drones. they say this airplane-looking thing can do it right now. we're about to test it out. let's do this thing, launch it.
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7:45 am
>> the beer is still cold. several big companies are trying to develop the technology, but one company is actually already doing it. >> "today" national investigative correspondent jeff rossen is here to show us. you're the best man for the job. good morning. >> i'm usually delivering the beer to your house and, now, i can get a drone to do it for us. this is the delivery of the future. engineers say they have finally figured it out. creating what they call the fastest delivery drone in the world. it doesn't need to be remote control. it is all preprogrammed with gps, to your house, your mom's house, anywhere. this morning, we are getting an exclusive look. can one of these drones deliver a package to me? amazon wants in. so does ups. even google is testing it out. drone delivery coming to a city near you. but these engineers say they've figured out a better way to do it. in fact, they're already doing it. using drones to deliver medical supplies in africa.
7:46 am
their next target, the u.s. they're already running test flights here. right now, we're surrounded by farmland. 45 minutes outside of sacramento, california. come over here. i want to show you this thing. this is the drone they have developed. they say it can do the deliveries right now, today. looks more like an airplane than a drone, complete with lights on the side, much like on the planes you fly. i want to bring in the ceo of zipline. >> hi, jeff. >> reporter: how does this deliver something to my house? >> when you place a delivery, we can program the coordinates with the plane, launch it, and it flies autonomously out to where it needs to make a delivery and brings itself home. >> reporter: it goes at 80 miles an hour and make deliveries over 100 miles away. >> each distribution center with serve 10 million people. >> reporter: i want to see this work. the delivery comes down with a parachute. >> you'll see it. >> reporter: we drive to the drop zone. >> this drone is going to find
7:47 am
us? >> it already has our coordinates. >> reporter: just like if it was my house. at the base, the flight engineers load up the drone with my package and prep for launch. >> launching in three, two, one. >> reporter: the delivery drone shoots up into the sky. going from 0 to 60 in half a second. once in the air, engineers can track the flight path in real time, down to the exact gps coordinates in the middle of this field. >> 150 is heading down to deliver right now. >> reporter: within minutes, it flies over our heads. right there, drops the package, parachute and all, landing right in front of us. oh, my god! right where we are. >> yeah. this is the future of delivery. you push a button on your phone, and you get what you wanted, delivered instantly from the sky. >> reporter: when can we start seeing this? >> it'll be happening for health
7:48 am
care logistics in the u.s. by the end of the year. >> reporter: this is insane. they are working with the faa to keep the drones from flying into each other in the air. >> that's good. >> reporter: the company flies below commercial air space and has anti-collision radar to avoid accidents. if you're wondering whether your package will be damaged during the drop, the company says it will not. one of the coolest things about this, guys, is how the drones land. >> tell. >> reporter: doesn't need a runway. we have exclusive video on the website right now. reports. it is incredible, too. >> what is the weight capacity of things you order? >> reporter: right now, it can hold up to four pounds. >> can't get a six pounder. >> when i think of all the packages, if everyone had drone deliveries, it'd be this messy world. >> reporter: they can preprogram the aircraft, and it'll be little flight plans. it'll be like planes in the sky today. >> this is the future. >> we want our stuff now. >> thank you, jeff.
7:49 am
>> drone police. coming up, a lot of women are considering freezing their eggs. what goes into the process? we're going to tag away as our own morgan radford explo hey scout, what's with the itchys and scratchys? it's these fleas and ticks. ow! i'm getting bit like crazy. got any ideas for me? well, not all products work the same. that's why my owner gives me k9 advantix ii. it kills fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. mosquitoes too? yep. kills all three through contact - no biting required. wish my owner knew about k9 advantix ii. ow! well...could be worse. -ooh. glorious. protect against the bites that can spread disease. k9 advantix ii. wise choice. ...most people. but on the inside, i feel chronic, widespread pain. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real. fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i'm glad my doctor prescribed lyrica.
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7:56 am
good thursday morning. right now 7:56 you see clouds as you head out this morning. here is a live look outside in san francisco with our temperatures starting out in the mid-50s. we're heading up to 57 degrees there and it will be still warm for the inland areas right where we should be for this time of year reaching up to 70 degrees in san jose. 71 in napa. in oakland, 62 degrees with clouds clearing out. we will get some sunshine today and a few more clouds tomorrow with some rain possible in the north bay. also a few showers still linger on saturday morning with a high of 65 degrees for inland areas and warming up as we go into next week. for san francisco, those temperatures hold steady in the 50s with a mix of sun and clouds. early next week, though, we will get clearing and highs in the 60s as our dry weather continues. let's see what's happening with the commute now with mike. >> kari, looking at a pleasant
7:57 am
drive, peninsula southbound 280 prochlg 680. i wanted to warn folks. a slow drive starting to move better toward dumb baarton brid. 98 past this scene right here we are slowing 580 picking up volume. send it back to you. >> thanks, mike. new information coming in on the man authorities say is the golden state killer. authorities arrested him in sacramento area tuesday. he's supposed to appear in court for the first time tomorrow. you can link to the latest information right now on your twitter feed. sudden twist for president trump picked to lead veterans affairs withdraws the nomination. the reason why on our facebook page. global day of action under way for equal pay. 50/50 pay to promote gender equality in the workforce. more information on that and where events are happening in
7:58 am
the bay area on our home page. i'm marcus washington. disaster á we )ll walk you through steps to take right now - to keep your family safe. and kari )s exclusive forecast for the biggest events - saturday and sunday in the bay area. when you join us (tomorrow ( - 430-7. good morning, it )s 7:26...
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, cold case cracked. >> we found the needle in the haystack. >> after decades of dead ends, police have finally arrested a former police officer believed to be the golden state killer. so how did authorities finally track him down? we're live on the scene. plus, fertility frontiers. nbc's morgan radford explores her journey of freezing eggs. >> i'm nervous. i'm embarrassed. i don't know what to think myself. >> what you need to know about the growing trend. and the great wizard way. "harry potter and the cursed child" hits broadway. we have the show's biggest stars with us live.
8:01 am
today, thursday, april 26th, 2018. ♪ it's always a good time >> we came 450 miles from clarksburg, west virginia, just to meet carson daly. >> we're on a mother/son adventure from missouri. shoutout to my brother. hi, spencer! >> we're celebrating 50 years of marriage. >> good morning to our three kids and nine grandkids. ♪ whoa, it's always a good time ♪ >> we're from iowa. >> and denver, colorado. >> to the "today" show. >> tax preparers from michigan. >> we're celebrating. >> the end of tax season. >> whew! >> i'm starting to feel summer coming. >> aren't you? >> yes. >> we're excited. welcome in, you guys, on a thursday morning. we're so happy that you're with
8:02 am
us. we're going to head outside maybe without our jackets. >> now you're talking crazy. i love it. the sun is shining. great day. >> we look forward to that. we're going to begin with your news at 8:00. breaking news from washington just now. embattled white house doctor ronny jackson has withdrawn as affai affairs. chris s kristen welker has the latest details. >> reporter: good morning. remarkable development. we got this statement from dr. ronny jackson just moments ago, announcing he is dropping out, amid allegations that he drank on the job, overprescribed medication and created a hostile work environment. here's what his statement reads, in part, quote, i expected tough questions about how to best care for our veterans, but i did not expect to have to dignify baseless and anonymous attacks on my character and integrity. the allegations against me are completely false and fabricated. jackson served as president trump's personal physician, as well as the personal physician for former president obama.
8:03 am
now, obama administration officials had been defending him in recent days, along with trump administration officials. president trump himself defending him just days ago during a press conference, but also said if it were him, the pressure may be too great. essentially giving jackson room to drop out if he decided to do so. overnight, the pressure just became too tense from capitol hill. hoda, again, the big announcement here, that the president's pick to become the next va secretary, announcing he is president's pick to become the next va secretary, a nominee wi be. hoda? >> kristen welker at the white house with this information. thanks, kristen. another major story this morning. a renewed push by detectives and dna science led to a shocking arrest in a rape and murder spree that started four decades ago and went unsolved. nbc's joe fryer is in sacramento where, now, it is a police officer who has been charged with being the golden state killer. joe, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. the suspect is 72-year-old
8:04 am
joseph deangelo. he's behind bars here in sacramento, scheduled to make his first court appearance tomorrow. so far, he has been charged with eight murders, six in southern california and two more here in northern california. more charges are likely. authorities believe he is the notorious golden state killer. also known as the east area rapist. someone who committed at least 12 murders and more than 50 rapes in california in the 1970s and '80s. the decades old case received ramped up attention nearly two years ago with the creation of a special new task force. investigators are not revealing much information about what pointed them to deangelo in the first place, but they do say dna evidence helped confirm he was their suspect. deangelo was arrested tuesday night at his home in a nearby suburb. >> we found the needle in the haystack. it was right here in sacramento. >> reporter: authorities say
8:05 am
deangelo was a police officer for two different departments in california in the 1970s, before he was fired in 1979 for shoplifting. police say he does have adult children. he reportedly retired just last year from his job at a an iny in central alabama this morning after a worker fell to his death while inspecting a ride at a fair. the 45-year-old man was conducting a safety check of the ring of fire ride in alexander city. officials say he was about a quarter of the way up when he fell. the victim has not yet been identified. the ride was not operating at the time of the incident. the fair is expected though to open again today. u.s. health officials are warning that the e. coli outbreak linked to contaminated romaine lettuce is getting bigger and more severe. the lettuce has sickened at least 84 people in 19 states. hardest hit are pennsylvania and california. 42 people have been
8:06 am
hospitalized, and nine developed kidney failure. so far, no deaths have been reported. the exact source of the outbreak is still unknown. officials have traced it to the yuma, arizona, region, but they say you should not eat any romaine lettuce unless you're certain it did not come from that area. that's the news. now, it's time for your morning pick me up. we call it "the boost." we want to share a "people" tv exclusive about a former college football player whose greatest achievement was a seven-yard walk. chris norton suffered a spinal cord injury in 2010 making a tackle. doctors said there was a 3% chance he'd ever move his arms or legs. he focused on the 3%. with hard work, deep faith and the support of his fiance, emily summers, he made progress one step at a time. you see what he just did last weekend. he got married. chris got up on his feet and walked with his bride seven yards down that aisle. if that's not impressive enough, chris and emily became foster parents, caring for five kids.
8:07 am
if you want to see the full video, and you know you do, it's at >> beautiful. >> close to perfect. >> it is. it is beautiful. still to come, the new fertility frontiers being considered by so many women. our own correspondent, morgan radford, takes us inside her personal journey, exploring the option of egg freezing. plus, the music superstar about to take over the "tonight show." who could it be? first, these messages. ♪yeah ♪and i just wanna tell you right now that i♪ ♪i believe, i really do believe that♪ ♪something's got a hold on me, yeah♪ ♪oh, it must be love ♪oh, something's got a hold on me right now, child♪ ♪oh, it must be love ♪let me tell you now, oh it must be love♪ only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes.
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see real results at and at kay, he designs for the star in your life. the inspiration for this ring goes back almost 100 years. at kay... the number-one jewelry store for... yes. ♪ every kiss begins with kay. now to our special series, fertility frontiers. this is national infertility awareness weeks. this mo we're looking at how younger women are freezing their eggs. >> it's increased 14 fold in the past decade. my len ideillenniaials in their early 30s, looking to stop or pause their biological family and plan for the future. morgan radford is here to share a personal journey, looking into this option. >> reporter: it is. ladies, i'm nervous. you all know, i just turned 30. since doctors often consider 35
8:12 am
really the age when a woman's fertility traditionally declines, i started asking my co-workers and friends, talking about this concept of egg freezing. it was described as an insurance policy for millennial women who wanted kids in the future but not right this second. so i decided to check out the first step firsthand to determine how and if i could do it, too. in this business -- i'm morgan radford in new york -- the one thing we need other than more coffee is more time. i had a gynecologist look at me and say, you should freeze your eggs. i said, why? you can wait and not feel pressured by any biological clock. a clock that seemed to keep ticking louder. all my friends were turning 30 this year. you know, we're all, like, how do we do this? how do we make sure we have all of our options available in we're this generation of women who are facing things that we've never seen before, right? the truth is, like, i'm super
8:13 am
scared. i'm nervous. in some cases, i'm embarrassed. i don't know what to think myself. at the end of the day, i think this is information that's really important. so i asked my parents. i want to see what my parents think. >> it's insurance. you never know what will happen to your body. >> reporter: and i asked my friends. >> i feel like you hear about this biological clock your entire life. before you know it, you're at the age now, where it is an actual thing. >> i was also thinking, look, i have a boyfriend and i am happy. what if everything, you know, went according to plan, i got married and had a kid naturally. am i wasting money by freezing? >> you're taking ownership. you're being responsible. >> reporter: after calling the insurance company and enrolling in the fertility program, i am now going to my first consultation with the doctor. wish me luck. at the columbia university fertility center, i met dr. lisa
8:14 am
beckt, fertilely doctor and a patient. you froze your embryos? >> i did. >> reporter: my insurance covers 75%. the reality is, most don't. it can cost around $5,000 for the shots you need to get your eggs ready to go. then another $12,000 to $15,000 for a doctor to retrieve the eggs. but what are my chances? >> we're doing the ultrasound now. blood work after. >> reporter: here's something i never thought i'd be doing on national television. right now, the exam is happening. this is what we're seeing inside, to see how many eggs i have in my body, right now. >> your right ovary here. i'm seeing a couple follicles here. it looks somewhat suppressed. >> reporter: i'm feeling nervous. i'm not sure what you're seeing. >> in terms of, on average for your age, it is a little on the lower side. however, for example, if a woman is on hormonal contraception, sometimes the follicle number could be less than it is. >> reporter: i'm super nervous
8:15 am
you said it was low. >> we want to get more information in the blood test. >> reporter: part two. doing the blood test with franny. she is our superstar. this is the blood test start. will this tell me how long i have to have kids? >> it won't tell us exactly that, but it gives us a little more information. >> reporter: more information as i continue my career. deciding whether to put my future on ice. i think this is this myth that women can't have both, and i think i can. i may not want them both and it all right now, but i want an option to have it. so i actually have not seen the results of this blood test, but this will tell me if i can, in fact, get started, and if i should, ladies. >> morgan, we're right here with you. dr. lisa, of course, is your doctor from columbia. good morning. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> how are you?
8:16 am
>> doing well. >> you saw something in the ultrasound. there were fewer egg follicles than you might expect for someone of her age. what more did you learn? can you share results with morgan? >> overall, you'd be a good candidate for egg freezing. from the blood test, we did see that the number of eggs, which correlates to the blood test, it might be a little less than other women your age. overall, we still think you'd have great chances in doing egg freezing. the important thing to know is it won't affect your ability to get pregnant naturally. egg freezing is just a way to have an insurance policy, maybe for a second or third child. >> for someone like me, this would be a good move now. >> i'd recommend considering it potentially now or in a little bit. >> morgan, it was cute to see you sitting on your mom's lap when she said it was an insurance policy. knowing -- because we know that you're a busy worker here, but we also know that nothing is guaranteed. >> absolutely. >> some people might say, i froze my eggs so i can do whatever i want and come back when i'm ready, but we're not 100% sure that always works,
8:17 am
right? >> exactly. great point to make. while we freeze the eggs, we can never ensure it'll lead to a pregnancy in the future. but freezing them earlier will definitely be helpful. >> the insurance policy analogy isn't perfect, because it isn't guaranteed, but would she be better off freezing them now, a younger women, when the eggs are younger? if you're in your 20s, do it now? the younger the eggs are, the better they are? >> definitely, the younger you do it, the more you'll get and the better quality, but we don't want women doing it too young and having a low chance of using it. we recommend the testing and, based on the testing, making a decision. >> morgan, how are we feeling, honey? >> i feel good. you mentioned my mom. i called her five minutes ago and said, what if she says they're low. she said, morgan, this story will have been a blessing in disguise. >> yes. >> there are thousands of women just like me, 29/30, who simply just don't know their status. so at least, what dr. beckt told
8:18 am
me, gives me enough information to be a little more proactive in a way that, frankly, may have changed my life. now, i can be the author of my own story. >> i love that. your mom is adorable, by the way. >> thank you. i love her, too. >> you'll be a beautiful mom, as well. >> thank you. >> exactly. wise, wise woman. it is good to have opoptions, y know? wonderful thing that science provides in that way. doctor, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> morgan, thank you. proud of you. it is good to get the conversation going. you can actually join dr. b. and morgan on a live chat on it is going on right now. >> clickty clack, ladies. let's show you what we have. we're talking warm conditions. spring highs across the country finally starting to pop up. we love that. philadelphia today, 68. 65 in chicago. dallas, 76. tomorrow, we see warm weather even making its way into boston, mobile, austin, tulsa and on into minneapolis. this weekend, finally feeling good.
8:19 am
it'll be into the 60s in new york city. 60s in raleigh. memphis looking good. as you head out west, man, is it toasty. we are talking really wild mild weather. seattle, near 80 degrees. that's 19 degrees above average. reno, 83. phoenix looking at 93 degrees. heading into the weekend, it is going to stay nice and warm. the temperatures will be spreading to the east, even chicago getting in on the that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we take a live look outside in san francisco, still cloudy, but skies will be clearing soon. and we'll have a beautiful day. and the inland area, still nice and warm, up to 71 degrees in livermore, 70 in san jose. palo alto, 68 degrees. san francisco does stay in the 50s today. and there will be more clouds in the mix by tomorrow. which will bring our temperatures down a few more degrees. for not only tomorrow but
8:20 am
throughout the weekend.>> that'. hoda? >> all right, mr. roker. elon musk is trying to conquer traffic and space. wait until you hear what his next big idea is. mr. davis has that -- i mean, mr. daly. i'm sorry. i'm still on cold medicine, carson. >> mr. davis? >> sorry. i'm having that day. i'm having that day. >> is my job in jeopardy? i go away to do the karaoke show, the "voice," two days, and mr. davis is taking over. i'll clean up for him. here's what's going on with spacex founder and tesla ceo elon musk. he says, by the way, i'm building a cyborg dragon. may seem farfetched but we are talking about the same guy who is working on a hyperloop, put a car in space, and when he tweeted about creating a flame flow thrower, they sold out in a couple days. when musk talks and tweets, people listen.
8:21 am
amber saying, i'm checking right now to see if this is against my apartment lease. another said, i made a three-layer grilled cheese, but cyborgs are cool, too. lex says, i'm scared. we asked you something on twitter i never thought we'd ask. how do you feel about elon musk building a cyborg dragon? terrified or excited? few are terrified. 42% are excited. at this point, there's no telling what the dragon would look like, or what elon musk means by this. there was speculation this was a clever code phrase for a new car model he's building. as we've all seen in the past, elon musk is certainly not somebody who bluffs. >> i think he needs to focus. not dragons. do traffic and trains. >> take care of us that way. >> winter is coming. >> i don't know. >> keep up the military with some of the dragons. never know. >> interesting. we're going to get to pop start.
8:22 am
ariana grande released her first single "no tears left to try" just last week, and it is on the top of the itunes and spotify charts. 41 million views of the music video alone. that's not all. yesterday on jimmy fallon, he made an announcement about ariana. if the tuesday, may 1st, ariana grande is here ♪ ♪ for the entire show ♪ ariana, ""the tonight show," fallon and grande are ready to go. >> she'll partake in sketches, performing her hit single and, of course, there will be surprising, for sure. we're looking forward to that, may 1st. >> since he's across the street, she should come here. >> good point. we'll work on that. speaking of jimmy fallon, he popped over to the "late late
8:23 am
show" to sit down with seth meyers. they reminisced about the good old days when they were cast members on ""sns nrkl." they reminisced about table gate, which involves me. it started with a punch bowl and turned for the worse. >> people spill a little on the table. by the end of the night, it was just -- people were just -- it got very -- there were drinks all over the table. i thought it'd be funny if i ran from the hallway and dove on the table like a slip and slide. >> andrew steel had to stand at this window because people would come, like, sliding this way. >> and catch them. >> he'd literally catch people. >> or else you'd fly out the 17th floor window. >> we were embarrassed the next day. that was really insane. just cups everywhere. i remember somebody got mad at us and yelled at us and said, really classy, guys. you're really classy. the extra touch was the towel
8:24 am
full of vomit in front of carson daly's office. >> oh, that's what that was, so many years later. >> no you w you know. "quiet place," directed by john krasinski, was a success at the box office. the film costs $17 million to make and had the second biggest domestic debut of 2018. it's brought in $213 million. >> geez. >> do the math. that's good. yesterday, paramount pictures announcing there is more to come. a sequel is in the works. little to no details have been given. it is unknown yet whether emily blunt and john krasinski will be involved. i don't know how they wouldn't be. >> they have to be. >> no release date announced for that either. >> cool. let's get the click. >> daly click. this guy found a brilliant way to combine two of my favorite things. my buddy, matt, my neighbor sent me this video. golfing and grilling. here he is on his roof, launching a few hamburger patties on to the grill.
8:25 am
that is a hole in one. another patty. how do you like it? medium rare? it'll there that way in ten minutes. even takes a few hot dogs. >> do they have to be frozen? >> i think so. >> i think so. >> wait until i get home and siri sees me pulling the ladder out on the roof. my 7 iron. >> that's not even a joke. you are going to do that, aren't you? >> don't recommend that. just ahead, get ready to stock up on beauty essentials. jills is here with a special steals and deals. plus, take our daughters and sons to work today. the stars of broadway's "harry potter and the cursei )m ...
8:26 am
this is video from nbc bay area skyranger - shot in the last f min good morning. 8:26. i'm marcus washington. video from nbc bay area sky ranger shot within last few minutes. it's flying over that burned out five-story apartment project destroyed tuesday. this is near the bart stage. crews today were bringing in heavy equipment. this is to bring down whatever is left of that building. even though that fire started early tuesday morning, you can see right here from these pictures it is still smoldering. this is the fire that took place there on tuesday. evacuees who live in the apartment building next door are still waiting to be allowed to return to their homes. one big reason why is the potential dangers from that falling debris. right now, a look at your morning commute. let's head over to mike inouye. >> remember, willow pass, past that scene right around grant,
8:27 am
to mira vista, still closed while they continue this activity, that's in concord. mean while, the freeways moving smoothly. the south bay shows the build we expect. starting to jam up through oakland, 580 and 880. still slow from the coliseum, 98, throughdo downtown. and of course the bay bridge toll plaza where meters lights are on. 101 still slow heading past sjc and the airport. the peninsula, smooth drive. these cars are going south towards palo alto. back to you. >> of course we'll have another local news update for you in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
♪ when i first came to ocean bay, what i saw was despair. i knew something had to be done. hurricane sandy really woke people up, to showing that we need to invest in this community. i knew having the right partner we could turn this place around.
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hi there. how are you? good morning. hi, everybody. it's 8:30. it's thursday, april 26th. great to have you joining us. beautiful day out on our plaza. happy, smiling crowd. finally, some really beautiful spring weather. >> okay. the sun is shining. we're feeling good. y'all got a beautiful day. we have so many awesome people who have come to see us. it is bring your child to work today, which we'll talk about. i think i might have found our young estefaes esest fan. we're happy for you, young lady. savannah, six weeks old and already "today"'s biggest fan. what is your little one's name? >> sutton alexander. >> let's get a tight shot of
8:31 am
sutton. come on in. come on in. let's see sutton. yes. >> hi. >> hi, little sutton. thank you. you made our day. >> we're baby crazy. >> we are baby crazy. just a little special shoutout to the guys back here from michigan. they were driving all the way to come see us. their bus broke down. they still made it. >> i love it. i love it. >> nice. >> congratulations, guys. thank you. >> by the way, mom, you're amazing. six weeks ago, and she's on our plaza. >> like kate middleton. coming up, we've got magic in the air. the stars of broadway's new smash hit "harry potter and the cursed child" are here in our studio, live. >> we are feeling spring. if you want new makeup, jill martin is delivering. a special steals and deals to help you refresh your routine. i brought my child to work today. excited. dr. phil is here on how couples
8:32 am
can strengthen relationships, and how to tell if you've passed the point of no return. first, a check of the weather from al. >> announcer: brought to you by kay jewelers, the number one jewelry store in america. every kiss begins the kay. >> beautiful day out here. where are you from? >> chicago. >> chicago! all right. windy city. little breezy out here. let's look at the weekend outlook. a quick-moving storm making its way through the northeast to new england. warming trend spreading east. sunshine through the south. saturday, we've got cooling weather with some showers in the northeast. wet weather in the pacific northwest. warm and dry in the mid plains to the gulf. sunday, sunday, sunny skies, mid-atlantic to the gulf. cooling out west. wet weather with snow in the mountains in th that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we still have the clouds but they are starting to clear out.
8:33 am
it's going to be a slightly cooler day of 57 degrees in san francisco. 71 in napa. 62 in oakland. 70 today in san jose. and then as we go into the next few day, it will trend downward into the mid-60s with mostly cloudy skies. a few spotty showers mostly in the north bay between late friday into early saturday. clearing out and warming up next week. >> and that is your latest weather. let's head back inside, gang. >> al, thank you so much. while it is no secret that "harry potter" is a global phenomenon, the books, the movies. >> is it really? >> the theme park. you've heard of it, haven't you? >> sure i have. "harry potter and the cursed child" is coming across the pond to new york city. along with jamie parker, no noma dumezweni and paul thornley. >> they played harry, hermione and ron with kids in wizarding
8:34 am
school now. though it's been 19 years since at hogwarts, they're still getting into trouble. this was a hit in london. now, you've brought it to new york city. as i understand it, the play, is it five and a half hours? >> it is a two-parter. >> it's an endurance test for actors. incredible. >> two for the price of one. matinee, part one. evening, part two. >> can you go to one or the other? >> wednesday, saturday, sunday. >> ideally, go to both. >> you'll want to see one and then you have to go to the other one. there is a major cliffhanger. >> can't leave a movie half watched. >> like overtime in a game. >> a lot for the actors. >> i don't know how you got the beast of it, with sam, as well, but story telling, when you're doing the show, you're having a great time. >> we're wizards, you know? >> this was so successful across the pond. we've been waiting for two years to bring it here to broadway. what does it feel like, to bring
8:35 am
it here? >> we've been waiting two years, as well. >> i never thought it'd happen. >> it is the holy grail to come here. >> as an actor, it is, like, wow, we get to do this production, an amazing hit in london, and do it at the holy grail of theaters, broadway. i'm very, very happy to be here right now. >> in a brand-new theater they've completely rebuilt just for us. everything is built to fit. it's gorgeous. the renovation is absolutely amazing. >> the whole thing is an experience. how have the american audiences been compared to british audiences? >> paul? >> paul has an opinion. >> they like laughing and clapping a bit more. >> yes. >> you know what? paul likes a lot of clapping and a lot of laughing. >> i love it. >> of course you do. >> yeah. >> it's ideal. >> do they laugh and clap in a good way, or is it kind of -- >> yeah. you know, it's for the characters. it feels like -- we said it felt
8:36 am
like a 20 year reunion concert or something when we first tu turned up. it is settling now. there is the anticipation and the excitement. they're here for no other reason than to get the story. >> let's geek out a second. this takes place 19 years after book seven ends, right? harry potter is grown up now. i represent the 0.1% of people who have not read any of the books. >> yay. >> sorry. >> do i know you? >> if i come to the play, and i am coming, this is supposed to be bigger than "hamilton," will i walk into this play and be lost? >> no, no, no. >> the benchmark, doesn't know anything about it, came and went, i love it. doesn't know anything about harry potter. you'll be fine. >> i started as you, as well. i didn't know. when i first heard of the project, i didn't know the final book finished 19 years later, and this was picking up from the end of the last book. >> that's what's cool about it. it is a whole new story. even though people -- i mean, they care so much about the
8:37 am
characters, i'm sure. in some ways, it is overwhelming and intimidating. you are telling a new story. >> that's the joy. that's why this is our story in theater form, a different version. >> that's what you hear in the audience, these gasps, the release of information and the revelations that happen in the play. >> when you say you haven't seen it, it is a brilliant thing. you'll be sitting with people who go, i know what they're talking about. >> i am a father. this is a story of parents and their children, too. >> absolutely. >> it really is. >> not always smooth sailing, is it? >> no, not smooth sailing. >> that's what harry is going through, absolutely. >> j.k. rowling puts in these messages to kids that, you know, sometimes, don't believe everything you read in the newspapers. sometimes, parents make mistakes. these tough lessons to learn. the original generation of potter heads, they're our audience, mostly 25 to 35. n now, they're parents, carrying on with their own children. >> they get it wrong, as well.
8:38 am
>> you have to check out the potter amusement park while you're here. >> someone volunteer to take us around. >> yeah. >> thank you so much. >> pleasure. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> it is epic. >> we have to go now. it'll be like "hamilton." you'll never be able to get? >> we know somebody. >> i'm committing to watching it twice. >> thank you. >> best of luck to you. thank you. >> thanks. >> "harry potter and the cursed child" is playing right now. >> cool. from broadway to bargains, jill's steals and deals straight ahead. discounts on your favorite beauty essentials. let's go shopping. >> ye >> s.
8:39 am
8:40 am
mcdonald's proudly introduces our new fresh beef quarter pounder burgers. they're cooked right when you order on our flat iron grill. so they're hot, full of flavor and fantastically juicy. mcdonald's new 100% fresh beef quarter pounder burgers. you'll need a bigger napkin. ♪ all right. ladies, it is time to dump out your makeup bag, clean your bathroom drawers. we're all going to get on it together. we have a beauty edition of steals and deals. you can stock up on essentials. "today" contributor jill martin is here. i know you know how grudgey my
8:41 am
stuff is. >> your purse is also your makeup bag, right? >> works for everything. hello! when i take off makeup, i use the wipes. i wake up in the morning and look at my pillow case and go, what happened? you feel you got it all off, but you don't. >> this will take off the majority of the makeup. the towel facial brush. retail, $129. i'm turning this on. it has two brush heads. one is an exploel uafoliater. one is for everyday. it'll take off the makeup, extra residue, then put it back in the charging station, where it'll clean the brush. >> it is sterile. that's good. >> this is really for that -- to do the full makeover. the deal, $39. 70% off. >> it's great. a lot of times, i go bare m
8:42 am
minim minimum. >> this is perfect for you. $157, three-piece set. a facial oil, cleansing oil and a facial renew essence, they're alling i in calling it. >> what is that? >> moisturizer. >> okay. >> this will set you up for your beauty routine. the retail is $157. deal is $39. 75% off for all three. >> is this before you go to bed? >> and in the morning. >> twice, okay. this is my mothership, where we are right now. >> another segment, i'd put this on you to show. the hair accessories retail at $55. this is super attractive. if you have an extra large head like me, you can't get a shower cap that fits. >> or at the drugstore, they barely cover your forehead. >> this covers it, plus the hair towel, plus the hair coils. if you put your hair in a knot and put the coil in, it won't leave a dent, to preserve your blowout. >> this is for the shower, these two, right? >> shower cap. >> what are these? >> when you get out, to absorb the water in style.
8:43 am
>> in style. in case anybody is peeking in while you're doing it. >> in case they want a laugh. the hair accessories come, too. they're big at bachelorette parties. 60% off. >> what do we have? >> retail, $45 to $65. there are different sets. conce concealer, foundation, lipsticks. all sets are different. >> if you have a skin tone type -- some people would say, this palette is perfect for me. >> the runway, real way, different shades to pick from. it is clear on retail, $45 to $65. the deal, $16, 75% off. this is a great deal. >> $16? >> yeah. >> for all this makeup? >> great, right? >> okay, yeah, it is. all right. bring us home. >> the nail and lip kit. retail, $50. this sort of punctuates your
8:44 am
routine with your nails, with your lips. you get the lacquer, lipstick and pocket mirror. the deal, $15. 70% off. is there one thing today that you'll adopt? >> i'm probably going to do the hair thing and maybe the face cleaning thing. you know, i love neutrogena wipes, but they can't get in the nooks and crannies. >> i'll take two of five. >> the products. face brushes from tao. skin care set from marula. the hair accessory set from kitsch. makeup sets from bella pierre. a nail and lip kit from ncla. head to >> i'll do it so you don't ruin your hair. >> you can do it coming up. it's like a hood. >> it's a hood. >> you're so styling. i like it. as jill is tying up -- by the way, anything is cute on you, which is kind of a little annoying. up next, dr. phil strateg e
8:45 am
strategizes to strengthen your to move california forward, we need to help more californians get ahead. that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools...
8:46 am
and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california.
8:47 am
we're back. 8:46. all right. ready for tough love? dr. phil mcgraw is here. he loves tough love. he's the host of "dr. phil show." it's on its 16th season. >> a couple on the verge of collapse shares their story to see if anything can save their relationship. normally, i imagine you'd be the perfect person to give the advice. in the case of louis and maryann, which we'll see on your show today, that's not the case. >> i'm all about unification. keep families together. sometimes, people just meet and they just think they have to force it. every time you meet somebody, doesn't mean you have to get married. in this situation, they come and ask me, should they get married or not? i had a really simple answer. she shot him. >> i was going to say, it wasn't a gray area, complicated ones.
8:48 am
>> what happened? >> he cheated, and she shot him. >> who knows what they did or didn't do. >> claimed it was self-defense in the back of the leg. >> can we get beyond that in a relationship? you're saying, no, that's the line in the sand. >> i said, you shouldn't get married. in fact, you shouldn't be together past sundown tonight. get in different states. >> what was your episode about today? >> what do you do for the next 58 minutes? >> this is a simple one. >> seriously. they wouldn't give it up. >> wow. >> she wanted to do it. he wanted to do it. i'm, like, are you people -- >> it is complicated. they met online. he was married. there is quite the back story. >> it is a back story. >> someone inherited double digit millions. >> the plot thickens. >> there's more to it. >> beyond louis and marimay mma
8:49 am
unusual case, is there a point of no return in a relationship? >> there is a point of no return. i think we get divorce too quick in america. we have to turn over every stone, investigate every avenue of rehabilitation before we quit. we quit too early. when you run out of having fun, you quit. that's not the time to do it. >> what do you do? create a new joy every day is one of your things. >> absolutely. if you want your marriage to work, wake up every day and say, what can i do today to make my partner happy? little things. put a note in their pocket. send them a little -- you don't have to send flowers every day. just do something to focus on your partner in creating joy. >> that's nice. you also say having a friendship is key. i mean, i think that's so true, a real foundation. >> every relationship is based on an underlying friendship. what do you do with your friends? tell jokes, laugh, share things. with your partner, you go by hallway. do what you'd do with a friend. >> fighting is inevitable in any relationship. is there a wrong and right way to fight? >> people get in relationships and become right fighters. you want to be right.
8:50 am
change your goal in a fight to being right and say, i just want to be understood. understand my position. then we'll see what happens. most of the time, if you do that, the other person will try to come around to your way of thinking. you'll find some middle ground. don't be a right fighter. that's so tedious. >> when you're trying to be, like, i told you so, basically. >> if you're right, it means your partner is a loser. who wants to be married to a loser? >> the goal isn't winning. it's repairing. >> finding middle ground. >> sometimes, i think, you have a sense, oh, we're not connecting. one partner might say, we should see a counselor or something, and the other partner goes, no, that means we're headed for divorce. >> that's the end. >> you say, ask for help. >> look, if you're in over your head, if it is falling apart, getting worse, not better, you're dividing, ask for help. go to your pastor. get a counselor. you don't have to have a lot of money. there's county places you can go. there's all sorts of help out there based on the ability to pay. get help. ask for help. >> just because you go to counseling doesn't mean your
8:51 am
relationship is headed for disaster. >> you're doing everything you can to save it. >> you've been married, what, 41 years? >> 41 yoears. >> what's the secret? >> when my wife says "what," it isn't that she didn't hear me. she's giving me a chance to change what i said. learn to move your position. move your position in a relationship. >> you say, yes, ma'am, right? >> yes, ma'am. >> two important words. dr. phil, thanks so much. check out the "dr. phil show" today. check your local listings. we're back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc. >> that's
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> announcer: smucker's celebrates "today" is sponsored by smucker's. with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. >> it is a big, big day around here. carson, you're in the orange room. lots of company. >> i am. today marks the 25th anniversary of take our daughters and sons
8:54 am
to work day. to celebrate, these are all of my children. they're here today. no. wave and say hi! >> hi! >> yay. >> our viewers have been sharing photos of kids taking over their offices. this is hannah. her dad, evan, works with us on the show. she's going to help me swipe on the big board. go ahead. give it a swipe there. >> yes. >> show you a daddy/daughter duo. busy making pizzas. this next one is melanie's helper, who is certainly dressed the part. >> stop it. >> can't handle. >> the next one is crystal's kid skipping straight to snack break at work, hanging out in the chair. >> excellent. >> there are so many awesome photos. keep them coming. hannah, tell them where they can go. >> keep them coming at >> nice work. >> boom. >> mysterious mr. davis is taking over for me, i hear.
8:55 am
if not, hannah is available for the job. i'm in trouble. did everybody meet sonny? >> these are a lot of our "today" show producers' kids. >> camera people. their kids are all here. this is so exciting. >> it is great. >> wow. a lot of fun, you guys. >> great job, hannah. >> we'll take you up to hoda's dressing room. you can go through all the change in her drawers. she has money in there. >> nice. >> i remember when i used to bring the kids in. it was fun. it's stressful. >> is it? we're, like, when do we get to bring ours in? >> the man investigators
8:56 am
call "the golden state killer" good morning. it's 8:56. i'm marcus washington. the man investigators called the golden state killer is expected to make his first court appearance tomorrow. 72-year-old joseph james deangelo is a former police officer. authorities arrested him tuesday at his home in sacramento, citrus heights. that's about ten miles from the site of the first serial attacks 40 years ago. investigators used dna to link him to nearly 50 rapes, 12 murders and dozens of burglaries
8:57 am
across california. that same attacker has also been known as the east area rapist and the original night stalker. happening now, we're following latest developments and we'll have a full report in our midday newscast. link to latest information on our twitter feed. a sudden twist for president trump. his pick for lead veterans affairs abruptly withdraws his nomination. dr. ronny jackson started facing mounting scrutiny. on our facebook page, you can link to a list of allegations made by lawmakers. and equal pay, 50/50 day is meant to promote gender equality in the workforce. on our home panel, link to bay area events. we have more on i'm marcus washington. >> stay connected to your world wherever the world takes you. get the nbc bay area app. you could save energy
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9:00 am
♪ good morning, everyone. welcome to the show. i'm megyn kelly. we begin today in a major break. we have a major break in a very cold case that we've been following here at "megyn kelly today." we first brought you the story of the notorious golden state killer last month and, boy, has it taken a turn. police say after 30 plus years, they have their man. more now from nbc's joe fryer. >> reporter: a notorious cold case cracked. police believe a ruthless serial killer is now behind bars. known both as the golden state killer and the east area rapist. investigators say their suspect committed at least 12 murders and more than 50


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