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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 29, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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a local community... showing its heart. how people are stepping up... to h book. >> right now at 11:00 a local community showing its heart how people are stepping up to help some people stranded off the coast good evening everyone thank you for joining us i'mter yes mcbetween. >> i'm vicki wynn. their 33 foot boat ran aground in pacifica. tonight one of the boat's owners says they are thankful to drents store coming to the rescuer. >> nbc bay area serj yo quinta. a lot of grad attitude from the people aboard the boat. >> the boat still out on the beach. there is even a police officer out here posted all night to
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keep an eye on the boat. meanwhile as you mentioned let owners are very thankful for the help they got from residents in pacifica. >> reporter: when the 33-foot sailboat ran aground the waves were tossing it it as it lay on its side. connie gaver is wearing a brace because she got injured >> the steering wheel and the helm smacked me really hard. >> shea and the other three people aboard suffered minoring injuries. one passenger is 7 minutes pregnant and doing fine. they are grateful to those who immediately offered to help. >> the people here in pacifica have been just phenomenal. i was cold so a lady me her coat right off of her back. >> she says one of the locals who took action and helped the passengers. >> one guy jumped off he was
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fine. one lady ran off ablandened on her face i ran in and pulled her out. >> gaver and her coowner hoped to make it down to san diego to enjoy warmer weather but the incident will delay plans. they are working with the insurance company to move the boat. >> if we can get it off there we hope to get it repaired. we'd like to sail around the world one day once she is fixed and ready to go. >> reporter: now the earliest they'll be able to get a salvage crew off the beach they plan it toe and it start repairs reporting live in saska. sergio quintana. the fourth homds in a city in three years. the man shot and killed in the middle of the day. near the 600 block of massenic avenue. on the greenway trail. a few blocks from the albany high school.
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. officer got called and they found a man lying on a bench suffering from a gunshot wound. paramedics him to the hospital where he kied. the trail was closed so investigators could process the scene. it's expected to reopen tomorrow morning. a showdown at the border. hundreds of migrants are now waiting at the united states mexico border hoping to be granted political asylum. they traveled to the u.s. in a so-called migrant caravan that president trump called a threat. nbc bay area marianne favro with what's next for the migrants. >> reporter: well it's definitely a waiting game. but we have learned 50 people have been allowed into the immigration processing center on the mexico side. meanwhile, more than 1007 migrants plan to try again tomorrow to see if they can seek political asylum. after traveling thousands of miles from central america to tijuana, hundreds of immigrants walked to the u.s. border crossing. but u.s. immigration officials say the port of entry is full
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and people without proper entry documents cannot be processed. the migrants must now wait to seek asylum. >> babies crying, mother's crying. it's simply unacceptable that the united states government should allow this to happen. >> so what's next. >> once they declare they have fear of returning to the home country then the u.s. authorities will take them in probably detain them for a couple of days and then thurn turn them over to i.c.e. >> asset one time more than 1,000 people were on the caravan. now it's about 400. immigration lawyers have worked to pinpoint the 150 or so with the chance to be granted asylum. >> the reason why the legal review is important so so people who don't have a well articulated asylum claim and do not needlessly subject themselves to a system designed to deport them. >> the white house is keeping a close i with the president
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promising to bar them from entering tweeting i have instructed the secretary of homeland security not to let these large caravans of people into our country. today a handful of protesters climbed the border fence to show solidarity with the asylum seekers with who reached with the u.s. but don't know if they are allowed to stay. today at the border many of the mierpgts tried to eat as much as possible now because they are afraid there is be no food once they turn themselves in. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. our investigative unit went to the border to get an in-depth look at the travel for children you can find the story on the website clicken the investigative unit tab. the race for governor is heating up. four of the front runners met face-to-face in the central valley process candidates taking part in a debate in.
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many fresno. the krnts are hoping to replace jerry brown in november but first have to take it mack the primary. one of the hot topics night high-speed rail connecteding the central valley. >> i want to use the high-speed rail as an engine for economic development for fresno and the central valley zpla you look at the industrial powers 9:45 world today, the digital powers they feel high-speed rail. i want the united states to be number one. >> what california needs is the fix roads and zbloorj you can take southwest airlines. >> i don't do that the private secret because i don't have it waist. i'm noit wasting it as the government. >> the california primary is june 5th. the top two candidates on the june ballot will face off in the general election in november. we are also preparing for a gubernatorial. all of the candidates will face
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off at the california theater in san jose. chuck todd will moderate the debate and you can see it here at 6:30. well a busy day for oakland police and the chp. . officers responded to side shows this afternoon. one of the larger happened at the intersection of 100th avenue and mcappropriating you are blfrd. they sped off and head for bang kroft sfreet. the chp helicopter was flying overhead to help officers trap the cars. oakland police tweeted this picturer yerl tonight shows the cars they confiscated including a mustang and nissan zp they say these were link to the side shows that took place. the search continuing to a gunman opening fire inside a bowling aly leaving a man in critical condition. the violent seen was caught on camera. a classic bowling center in daly ski ecity. police say there was an
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altercation and the gunfire you just heard. one man taken to the hospital in critical condition. police worked through the night trying to track down the shooter. >> we have had incidents at the bowling alley before. having the shooting there is a rare occurrence. we are using our resources to solve. >> police are checking surveillance cameras in hopes of identifying a suspect. >> if your compute takes you across the golden gate tomorrow, don't be alarmed if you see people dangling from the towers. they're part of a first of its kind inspection of the bridge. the starting tomorrow crew also repel from the tower down to the sidewalk. this is video from 2015 when work he is were inspecting the underside of the bridge. this time inspectors looking at every rivet and seam por to be erosion caused by salt water from the bay. this is the first time crews gets a upclose look. before they used binoculars. the bridge authorities says crew also not raple differently over
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traffic. >> several quakes recorded in danville area, the largest a 3.07 not that big. most recent happened before 3:30 this afternoon. oh, yeah, i was added 10:30 i was doing painting. relieves there was just a little. >> feel big, small. >> medium. >> medium. >> yeah it scared me. >> several quakes but no damage or injuries reported. day two and no sign of a missing boat ner antioch. the man and a friend were on a fishing boat yesterday morning when the boat hitd a wave bowing men were felon in the water only one was rescued neither wearing a life jacket. the coast guard says the current are strong in the delta. the searched for the man found nothing. less drizzle tonight but still breezy around san francisco. 5 a degrees was as we watch a wind withy start to the week ahead but the return of 80s also
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in the work week forecast. the time line coming up. good fun or bad taste? people continue to talk about the white house correspondent dinner the host accuse ds of going too far. late tonight president trump weighing in. also a disturbing situation, serious concern for lucky deer in oregon. now the search is on for who is responsible for what you see in the photos. to move california forward, we need to help more californians get ahead. that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets
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and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california.
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police say they )ve found an explosive device... possibly a pipe bomb. breaking news in oakland right now. police say they found an explosives device possibly a pipe bomb. this is happening on the 500 block of 62nd street. streets in the area have been shut down and we're working to find out more information about the situation. we'll bring you the updates as we get enemy on air and of course online. new at 11:00, the president responds to the controversial performance at the white house correspondents dinner. by comedian michelle wolf here is what mr. trump tweeted ton he said the dinner was a failure last year but in year was an embarrassment to everyone associatewood it. the filthy comedian totally bombed. couldn't even deliver her lines much like the setting myers weak performance put dinner to rest or start over. a lot of buzz about the dinner last night some took conception
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to the criticism of sarah huckabee sanders. >> and of course we have sarah huckabee sanders. we are gracewood sarah's presence tonight. i have to say i'm a little star struck. i love you as auntd lydia in the hand maid's tale. >> the event meant to be a high hearted affair but some thing that wolf was too insulting here is more of the commentary. >> and i'm not really sure what to call sahr a ray huckabee sandser is it sarah handler sarah huckabee sand sners is can cousin huckabee is it aunty huckabee sanders? but what's you thinkle tom but for for white women who disappoint other white women? oh, i know-on coulter. >> form white house press secretary sean the dinner is a zbras on at which time. c-span stopped broadcasting out of abundance of caution. wolf said at the beginning of are her speech she was there to make jokes had no agenda and wasn't trying to get anything
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accomplished. so she went on members of congress should feel right at home. president trump did not attend the correspondents dinner for the second straight year. the lawmakering again warming president trump today to be cautious about talks with north korea's president. north korealen leader kim jong un says he is willing to give up nuclear weapons stockpile but only process the united states promises not to attack. the country plans to move the clock forward a half hour returning to the same time zone as soul and tokyo. despite the signs of diplomacy there is skepticism that north korea will fully surrender all of the nuclear weapons. there is nobody starry eyed around here we've been called a number of things. naive is not one of them i think the president sees the potential here to a historic greemtd. >> president trump it is taking credit for the historic meeting tweeb the leaders of south north and south south korea on friday. he was soon expected to the north korean president but the location hasn't been announced. a long-term berkeley cafe back in the spotlight after
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being at the center of a racism controversy. elmwood cafe and college avenue closed abruptly on a thursday now people leave notes on the front door responding to the closure some of the notes are in support of the cafe. others sporting black lives matter. in 2015 black comedian w kamau bell said cafe employees asked him to leave when he tried to speak to his wife is who white. the incident was highlighted early yerl this month a after the recent controversy surrounding the arrest of two black men as a starbucks in flefld. the cavea note did not say specifically why it closed down. reports of downed led to an unusual discovery. alameda ktd firefighters say it was actually a home made submarine in the emeryville marena those are photos you see of the home made subit's unclear who owned the vestal or what it was used for. well sog state troopers 9:45
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pacific northwest see on patrol. pretty disturbing videos. oregon department of fish and wildlife got a call walking around with an air owe threw through the head. another deer at this time he base of the neck. the deer were spotted about an hour north of the northern california they say tahoe they're not the kind hunters use. but they're ofrpg a reward for information leading arrest. rob mayeda is joining with us a look at the weather and nice warming temperatures. thing setting up well for 234eks weekend. this weekend windy and cool and with drizzle. but we'll see less drizzle tontd compared to this hour last night where in surprise we had wet roadways and drops on the camera lens. nothing like that now. partly cloudy skis 55 degrees after a high of 64. winds coming down too around emeryville. i understand up to 20-mile-per-hour earlier np now 54 winds light.
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and in fremont currently at a a degre degrees much wind. but the partly cloudy skies heading into tomorrow morning. upper 40s to mid-40s around the trooim tri-valley. jacket weather for are the morning. a and long sleeves for the afternoon. highs stay in the 60s and a couple that with the winds increasing again during the day tomorrow it's feeling cool outside. mid-60s around san jose. maybe closer to 70 around concord and fairfield near pleasant ton. mid-to lower 60s. bay side towards belmont. and half moon bay win speeds above 30 miles an hour. and north bay highs in the 60s closer to 70 in santa rosa. as we move forward here, we have the temperatures that are fairly cool great for hockey weather
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gram three three san jose will see the temperatures cooling through the 60s and low 50s with cloudy skies tomorrow night in san jose. but might be a little windy. watch the wind speeds backing off as we see now but look on the coast by 5:00 tomorrow, getting into the yellow oranges and red which could indicate wind gusts from bodega beau to half moon approaching 35-mile-per-hour and wind speeds backing off a bit around this time tomorrow night. in terms of cloud cover moetly cloudy around the south bay. still a slight chance from lake county and maybe sonoma county. then dryer air from the north and clearing skies from monday afternoon into the night. clearing in the sierra. another chance of high elevation snow showers and be maybe afternoon thunder. factor that in the plan with the particular weather setup most of
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the moisture from the sierra. appear low pressure dropping into southern california. and high pressure building towards california. thursday abfriday and saturday as storms pass by to the north. so this will allow temperatures in the seven-day forecast mostly for the south bay valley east bay and north bay to reach the mid to upper 70s and we think briefly close to 80 degrees by friday and saturday. seven-day forecast san francisco school and breezy. warmest friday and saturday. maybe close to 70 degrees. . cooler tremble being for the second haflt of weekend. thursday through saturday mid-70s close to 80 degrees and then watch the wind speedy trials speeds picking up sunday. rountd it doesn't look nearly as cool and bluftry as the weekend we saw where highs where in the low to mid-60s. they should in the low 70s. we'll get there midweek. >> fantastic, rob thanks a lot.
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>> an life serving others and the san francisco firefighters gives life well after his own ended. the emotional story next. suffer
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5 days before his 47th just an amazing story here. a san francisco firefighter who suffered a stroke and died five days before his 47th birthday is giving the gift of life to a 63-year-old orville man. >> perry choice grieving partner heard his heartbeat for the first time since his death. our sister station from sacramento shows us the emotional moment. >> for the tiers time ms. gomez is hearing the sound of her partner's heart beetding inside another man. >> i'm sorry for your loss, i
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really am. because i'm sure he was a great man. >> the heart recipient is talking about this man perry choi, the san francisco firefighter who died five days before his 47th birth dale, a fate no one expected. >> he was probablily the fittest guy in the station. he could climb up one of our poles that we slide down, no problem. >> fit as he was perry was always planning ahead signing up as an organ donor. now his heart lives inside jim donovan, dying of congestive heart failure. >> i felt so connected with him, actually, after hearing his heart. he seems like he is a family to me now. we are going to be a family. >> a big family of firefighters drawn together by one heart giving jim condition donovan a second start. >> i'm going to go see my grandchildren and try to
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celebrate life again, a second chance. >> a second chance thanks to sierra donor services providing organs for 270 people last year including jim donovan but many more still waiting. >> there is 25,000 people waiteding in california for a transplant. that's about a quarter of the waiting list across the united states. >> so jim donovan is the lucky one. >> i feel like i have another family now really. >> you do. >> pretty much you're stuck with us. >> finally, laughter for san francisco firefighters after losing a 20-year veteran. >> sort of true to who perry choi was we're not surprised he is being generous in death as nefs life. >> what a story and the way he held the picture above his heart of the firefighter really emotion zblool and listening to the heart of hero beloved there. turning it over to sports now laura brit has that. >> >> reporter: the wait could be over, tuesday might prove to
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be christmas day for warrior fans hear what kevin durant and klay thompson had to say about steph.
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well over here in the nbc sports news room. the giants and a's both in action today. and the wait to see if steph curry plays on tuesday continues. but first the highlights from the diamond. out to at&t park for the giants and dodgers series finale. we take you to to the bottom of the first two on for evan longoria be longoria battle attention.247 on the season. ripped it down the left field line. ground rule double. but wait it's actually south. the longoria tries it against next pitch. this one no doubt about it. definitely fair. and it's not coming back. 300 run shot for longoria.
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and the giants beat the dodgers 4-2 the final in that one. over to houston the a's finishing a three game set with the astros. check out matt chapman. nice stop. . he comes down. so he is doing his part. the rest of the a's defense not so much. four errors on the day including this from ms. clark sim yn. the astros beat the a's 8-4. in the nba warriors fans anxious to find out if steph will play on tuesday. steve kerr said steph wouldn't play. but he also said that he fully expects curry to play on tuesday. the female is trying to keep the right mindset while steph is away. >> just worrying about how he feels not playing. but he looks great in practice. looks great in the workouts and pregame. i went even thinking about him playing because we had a game plan already you know going from
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the last series transitioning to this one. but we knew he'll be you know getting close. >> hopefully he comes back tuesday. but we have to have the same mindset if he isn't. i think that's where we're at our best. even if he cochems back it's natural human emotion to be kind of relaxed because we have so much production coming back in the lineup. but that's a test for us just to you know put that away in our minds and just focus on the task at hand and not depend on steph to save the day. >> you can join us over on nbc sports bay area for the game 2 coverage offal pelicans and warrior starting tuesday with warriors outsiders. the happy hour and warrior playoff central follows. and after the game we have another edition of warrior playoff central and warriors outsiders on nbc sports bay area plus. ter yes vicki back to you guys. thanks. a starp player for the 49ers in back court facing domestic
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violence charges now a twist in the ruben forest case. plus more next. police say they
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explosive device... possibly following up on that breaking news in oakland right now. police say they found an explosive device, could be a pipe bomb. this is happening on the 500 block of 62nd street. that is near busch rod park about a mile from children's hop. streets in the area have been shut down. we are working to find out more information about that. and we'll bring that to you updates on air and online. kinning coverage now of the violent incident inside a daly city bowling alley. >> the shooting captured on cell phone video. happening inside the classic bowling center which was packed with commerce. nbc bay area kristy smith has the video recorded.
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>> vu lee brought his kids to a birthday party surprised to learn there was a shooting last night. >> we don't feel fearful if we did we wouldn't be here. >> we received a call of shots for a fierds inside the bowling center. >> the police say a man over 30 years old had been shot. taken to sf general in critical condition. >> initial reports are some type of a altercation. and wree we're looking into all you a aspects. >> this is video shared by a woman who says she was there for a family outing when suddenly the music stopped and so did the party life high pressureship she said she didn't see who fired but says it wasn't crowded shet left quickly police worked through the night following leads and believing the shooting was isolated. >> we had incidents at the bowling alley before, having a shooting there is a rare occurrence. it's something that we're using our resources to solve. >> i never had any issues when i come. it's always been great.
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>> julio lives nearby and says i brings the kids to bowl. he calls the shooting outrageous but won't keep him away. >> i'm still comfortable. it's more protective when i come checking my surroundings making sure everything is okay. >> nbc bairnz. 49ers linebacker reuben foster will be back in court tomorrow. prosecutors moving forward with the domestic violence case against foster. even though his former girlfriend now says she lied about it. an foreign for alyssa enis said she made up the story that foftter punched her and dragged her by the hair and he did it because he had broken off the relationship she claims the injury were from a previous fight and says says she has videos that fight. and foster faces multiple charges including possession of an assault weapon. the hearing is set for tomorrow. a crash brought traffic to a stand still in the east bay. after 11:00 this morning a man
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crashed his car and flipped over the side of an off ramp it happened at 680. the chp closed the off ramp hand had to close lanes. officers say the car landed on the roofer. all lanes reopened added 3:00. another deadly crash on 6807 in walnut creek near olympic boulevard. police say about 4:00 this morning a volkswagenen crash for an unknown reason. the driver didn't survive. the crash callsed all northbound lanes to close for about two hours. a follow-up to the developing story we it first brought you last night at the top of the 11:00 p.m. newscasts. the hercules police officer injured in a multi-car crash has been released from the hospital. he suffered only minor injuries. investigators say the officers was responding to a domestic violence wle call when two other cars hits his patrol car you see it there. the crash happened at 10:00 last night police say one of the other drivers suffered a head injury as and was taken to the hospital. a south bay neighborhood
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shows its ready fore emergencies. community members had a chance to check out an emergency many preparedness container. in san jose's japantown. preparedness container. you see illustrated a shipping crate. filled with emergency food supplies like a flashlights in there, first aid supplies, more than that. it's proilg aid in the event of a marj disaster. revamping the way we think about emergency rooms. the new idea helping patients struggling with mental illness. and after a breezy finish to the weekend right now we are tracking a weather system dropping down the coast that can crank up the wind once again whil we watch temperatures rise toward the 80s lart in the week process the time inline when we come back. psychiatric services
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facing a mental health crisis, across the country the number of people seeking psychiatric services in the emergency room is rising process. >> nbc's dr. john tors reports on the changing face of emergency rooms. as many people battle depression and addiction. >> reporter: it's a typical night at st. joseph hospital in southern california. home to the second busiest emergency room in the state. >> this is the environment i'm used to, the e.r., the controlled chaos. >> but for nearly 50 oh patients who show up at st. joseph with a psychiatric crisis each month. >> i'll be the attending psychiatrist in the er what's going on. >> in being in the chaos can be dangerous. that's because studies show
11:40 pm
mental health patients wait for hours even days in the er to get treatment. significantly longer than other patients. and waiting in that tubalent environment can make the patients even sicker. >> i let you sit longer you're going to escalate where you might hurt someone, possibly hurt yourself. >> 47-year-old chad ward experienced it firsthand. he spent 24 hours in the emergency room after he tried to take his own life. >> they didn't have a bed i had to sit in a chair. and -- and it was just a lot of pain. >> these people are in distress. are we looking the other which and ignore or look at best policies and practices how and how get them the help they need. >> doctors and nurse created something new, a specialized emergency room just for psychiatric patients. >> this is a lot different than the er. >> the light something oft and room quiet, a calm environment that helps the staff here all
11:41 pm
specializing in mental health stabilize patients quickly. >> that environment right here is so significantly different that it enables us to have much morp rapid treatment and more rapid diagnosis. >> chad wardeneded up here last june after another suicide attempt. his experience this time completely different. >> they took me in right away and then took me off to a quiet place that wasn't in the center of the e.r. where everything is going on. >> now the first time in years, chad has his own apartment. he even volunteers to help others in need. thanks in part to a new model of emergency care that targets mental health. dr. john tors, orange california. >> bringing needed service there. well this the third time could be the charm. the ceo of t-mobile and twitter announcing the company will try to merge with sprint. the deal with create thousands of jobs and combine the third and fourth largest wireless service providers in the country. they would compete with verizon and at&t. the companies say if the deal is
11:42 pm
approved customers would benefit from lower prices. you might recall the two companies trying to merge back in 2011 but lawmakers blocked it. tree they tried last october but negotiations stalled. the alaska airlines will soon offer passengers lower fares. and there is a catch. you might have expected that. this fall alaska will sell a bare bones tick. called saver fare. passenger also not be able to rebook. you cans can't cans can'tle or upgrade for leg room. you have to board last and sit in the back of the plane. if all that is okay you save money. other airlineses have offered economy seats to compete with frontier and spirit. >> sounds like a good idea. seems like it's already happening. >> save money. >> space tourism could be closer to actually happening. after a rocket owned by jeff bezos launched from west texas
11:43 pm
today. incredible. what a sight to see. bezos's blue urge ohhen launched a suboshtle capital capsle. it's carrying a dummy astronaut designed to care six space tourists more than 62 miles above the earth. bezos is in a race with elon musk and space k to offer space travel to consumers. would you do it terrie? >> i think i'd leave it to rob mayeda. venice is ready to tourn back tourists too many show up. the italian city install gates trying to limit the tourists pouring in. you can see the police officers are there. the tourists outnumber residents and the narrow streets are getting overcrowded. this will keep it under control. crowds get heavy when thousand thousands get off the cruise ships. so far they haven't had to close
11:44 pm
the gates but the police are there to turn back tourists if the numbers become overwhelming. well the great barrier reef is dying and australia is putting up millions to rescuer. it will the government pledged $380 million to conserve the reef. the money will go toward improving water quality appear controlling predators and developing coral resistant to predators. itself the largest single investment in resource management in the history of the continent pnchts we have talked about space crass craft and under water where does that leave you. >> focus on the atmosphere. not rain drops. but how are your allergies this weekend. >> i've been sneezing? s newsroom all weekend. >> mine are better. >> we're going to quantify why it's so bad. we have proof, evidence we'll call it a category kleenex box on the kleenex box scale. look at the pollen numbers. >> whoi. >> they're the worst we've seen
11:45 pm
this spring. pine, walnut, oak high, grass pollen also high. double whamy. you have the wind going blowing it around. pollen count not pretty. but what's better is we've transitioned into the summertime spare the air mode from the spare the air folks. good air quality at least for graund level ozone. that's due to exhaust from cars and other things with the sunlight, the photo chemical reaction kraelts the ground level ozone during the day. but the gusty winds air pollution not bad. bettered nan it should be this time of year. but the pollen is awful around the bay area right now. hopefully we see the numberings dom down the 5 a durnlt in san jose. a high of only 66. average highs now as weather watcher we approach the start of may should be in low 70s. we'll start to get there buy tuesday and wednesday. san francisco still seeing wind at 16-mile-per-hour. 55 degrees. and tomorrow we'll get a repeat performance of the wind speeds picking up as we go through the
11:46 pm
amp. morning temperatures in the 40s and sifts. starting the work week long sleeves will be fine. peen a light jacket actually with the breeze. upper 60s around san jose. mid-60s closer to milpitas. and fremont. trooily in the upper 60s closer to 70 around concord antioch, fairfield low 60s in the elbowed and panes la temperature not changing much from the weekend. upper 50s in half moon bay and watch out the winds over the next day could reach 30-mile-per-hour during the afternoon. san francisco, highs closer to 60 and north bay 60s and close to 70s. on the topic of the wind speetsds, right now breezy. but look at the color coding here on the coast heading towards 5:00 tomorrow. boegdsa bay probably the great highway too heading in half moon you get the blowing sand at times as the gusts get closer to 35-mile-per-hour. very gusty near the coast. hill tops gusty as well. then after sund down we see the
11:47 pm
wind speeds dial back. the story of monday is cool and windy. especially out the towards the coast and cloudy starting in the south bay. you might notice still a injurying chance of isolated showers. best chances towards the north bay but maybe towards mount hamilton briefly during the afternoon might see a pop up shower thanks to cooler air alost and we'll see the temperatures cooler leefrpg the area towards the middle part of the we can. what we see on the satellite view has been the snow. the future cast for the sierra. that's 5:00 tomorrow. most of the moisture of the systems coming down the coast aiming in the moisture over over the sierra still look at snow sthours at 8,000 feet and thunderstorms, the possibility over the sierra. nothing on the radar right now. but the many system we're watching is cranking up here. and it's dropping right over the northern california. that's also boofrtd boosteding wind speeds and reinforce the cool start to the week.
11:48 pm
wednesday and thursday high pressure building in. thursday in into trds. and saturday looks warm now. stay tuned we which might see a cold are system on sunday. but in the mean the forecasts will trend warmer unless windy. past wednesday we see the temperatures in san francisco not changing ooltd. upper 60s close to 70 early in the week. but for valley locations going from the mid-60s tomorrow mid-70s by wednesday and then by friday and saturday closer to 80 degrees. we should be cloet close to the temperatures in the 70s at at least. those rtd average highs in the month of may. >> may is almost here. >> it is. >> wow. >> that was interesting showing the wind gusts in all the cities. >> the coast especially tomorrow. >> thanks a lot. a mother speaks out the for the first time allege alg as sexual abuse cover-up as a south bay high school. we investigate next. his studentw
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allegation that school leaders a teacher caught kissing his student. tonight a new ails that school leaders at a private all girls catholic high school didn't contact police to investigate. >> when the students mother sat down with me for a exclusive interview sharing her story the first time. >> he was 26 at the time. and our daughter just turned 16. >> linda who asked us not to use her last name out of concern for her daughter's identity remembers the day she and her were called into the principle's office at presentation hospital in may of 2004. >> a fellow student witnessed jeff hicks who was the performing arts director kissing our daughter. >> what did you think when you heard this? >> well, there were tears --
11:52 pm
there was immediate grieve. there was horror, sadness. there was the questions how far did it go. >> she guys in the state of shock the principal quickly pif ofted asking them if she wanted to involve norts and risk embarrassing or daughter. >> would our daughter be willing to go public press charges and be willing to give her testimony in a court of law? >> linda says the principal then asked if they wanted hicks fired because he was already scheduled to work through the summer. >> we were asked if we wanted them to give back the $65,000 they had collected for the performing arts camp and if they did then it would be impossible for them to protect our daughter's identity. >> linda says she is and her haus husband talked to the daughter who told them the teacher warned her to stay silent. >> if she left and him and recorded him he was going to take his life or make damn sure
11:53 pm
she was arrested. >> their through their own investigation they learned the jeff hicks a had kissed more than and exchange more than 1,000 text was in re daughter. >>. people understand it wasn't your inclination to call police. >> >> concern their daughter would have to go public linda and her husband agreed not to involve police. >> looking back and know whag you know now what would you have done differently? >> i would showed up there and just said you know you have the police there. the laws are very clear. >> the laws she is referring to are called mandated report reporter laws requiring anyone to work with children to call police or cps when they have a reasonable suspicion of physical ob sexual abuse. >> phil zbrim a attorney at the center for youth law and expert on legal issues involving protection ever children against
11:54 pm
abuse. >> the law requires as soon as you have a reasonable suspicion you need to report it and lever it to the professionals, law enforcement or child protective services to do the investigation. >> hicks quietly left presentation in 2004 and started teefrpg at another school. in 2014 he was convicted of possessing child porn and exchanging sexual message was a 14-year-old, sentenced to six months in jill and ordered to register as a skoefrd for life. >> my name is vicki wynn i'm a reporter with. >> we contacted hicks to ask the allegation. >> she told us about what happened with her daughter we want to know if you have any comment with regard to that. >> he said he has a family of his own and declined to answer any questions. in a statement presentation spokesman sam singer said in part whil which can't specific comment on the specific amgss we recognize we can always do better and we have made great strides over the last year to make presentation an even better school for our students. >> lindaation account is the latest in a series of claims with abtroubling pattern
11:55 pm
involving principal mary miller nbc bay area has spoke ton ten former students and teachers who say marion stuky failed to report serious allegations involving at least 7 teach frers 1:4584 to last year. >> the administration has to go. >> if you have a story tip for me or anyone else in the investigative haven't call. >> and still to come, a highly anticipated movie does something never done before. the heroic tale.
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next. superheroes at the top of the box office. aconventioners infinity war shattered the box office with
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the biggest global opening ever. >> raking in $$630 million in ticket sales in just the opening weekend. featuring a star studded cost with robert downey jr. and chris hemsworth and scarlet joe hansen. we wrap up the marvel film thp people said it waist nos time getting caught up and. >> people are moving forward with it. thanks for joining us. and have a great night and a great week. >> have a great night. he
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biggest names in sports talk about money. >> looks better coming in than going out. that's the way that's always been my thing. >> what they've gained. >> i got $100 million. it was the craziest thing. >> what they've lost. >> you get a million dollars for an endorsement deal. >> i spent it in one day. >> what they've learned along the way. >> when you're ten years old, you don't realize every time you flip a light swim, that's money. >> that's all coming up on "in depth." ♪ welcome to a special money


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