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tv   Today  NBC  May 19, 2018 1:37am-6:59am PDT

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nurses and parents.
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well, i don't know about you, but i hear the peel of chapel bells. joining us early, depending on your perspective. it's a saturday, live from windsor, england. >> we're so happy you got up with us. the guests have started to arrive. 600 have been invited inside of st. george's chapel. a whole bunch more have been invited to enjoy the grounds and have sort of a picnic.
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they've got 1200 tvs. i talked to one lady in there, she was bursting. she ended up getting a princess diana award. keir simmons scored that ticket. good morning, keir. >> hey, savannah, hey, hoda. welcome inside the walls of windsor castle. this place with centuries of royal history, now the setting for the finale of this fairy tale. let me set the scene for you. that's the galilee porch where the royals and meghan markle's mom will enter. beyond here is the south door, that's where the 600 guests will arrive. we've seen some of them arriving already this morning. behind me, the thousands of charity workers and members of the public who have been given the invitation to come and just be in this beautiful area inside
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of windsor castle. so, it's very special. people are really excited already here. >> keir, we're watching these guests roll in. >> all right. >> and pointing them out. >> happily we're not alone. we have experts here. charles spencer, lady diana's brother, right? >> yes. >> we just saw a celebrity. and richard. >> we didn't expect him to come. >> rumored as possibly the next james bond, daniel craig, we've got real british acting. >> we heard george looney aalo amal are coming. >> oprah winfrey. this is a surprise. i don't think people were expecting her but she is here as a wedding guest. >> there. >> we'll get a shot of her. >> wow, were you expecting oprah
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winfrey. >> i didn't see her on the billing, but is that much of a surprise? >> this is as good a time as any to watch the arrivals to talk about the team of experts and we've got the heavyweights. we've got the proper introduction. nbc's royal editor camilla tamiami. and then we have anchor sandy and sir david. >> good morning to you all. >> will harry shave or not shave? as a friend of his, what would you guess? >> i would bank on he would shave. >> really. >> wow. i think it's one of those things your parents and grandparents in particular, one little wink from
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her majesty to say, harry, would you please shave. >> queen doesn't like beards? >> no. she once said to prince philip, you must shave your beard when he came back from the second world war. >> but he's had it for months now. >> and it's all about british military as well, when you have a beard, you're supposed to shave because the gas mask won't go on properly. >> we're looking at oprah. you can tell us about the dress code. what are women required to wear? >> it's a long list of nos. it can't be too dressy, too evening, it has to hit the knee or below. cover the shoulders must wear a hat. >> must wear a hat? >> must wear a hat. >> can you wear wedge shoes? >> the queen doesn't like. >> if it's a garden party, i guess it would be okay. >> we won't be seeing sky high
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stilettos. absolutely not. >> with the hat, of course, oprah has selected a beautiful one. >> she looks great. >> why? is it simply a matter of tradition? >> it's tradition. it's also to cover the head in church. a lot of people wear the fascinators which you ask actually see what's happening. but as a guest at this wedding i'm not sure how much you'll see. >> and let's get some history here, because this site of the wedding st. george's chapel, andrew, like so much in this country has a storied past? >> oh, it's a fantastic chapel. it was built between 1475 and 1528, so, it was started by king edward before the elder brother of richard iii and finished by
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henry eigviii. the queen's father and grandfather and great grandfather were here. and the trains were so full of people, that the prime minister had to go back sitting on his wife's lap. >> camilla, we know that diana's family is going to be well represented here as well, right? >> yes. and we know there are nods to diana in the service and lady jane fellowes doing a reading. and constantly, the princess is always in harry and meghan's memory. >> in case you're wondering, this will be a televised ceremony. supposed to last about an hour. and an anglen ceremony.
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>> we're hearing a little "stand by me." >> yes, edgerrin james known for that choral music. >> let's go to keir simmons inside the palace gates. what do you see, keir? >> well, those guests are arriving really early. oprah winfrey was here right at the beginning, right at the time time they were told to. it will be a while before we see the royals. one possible exclusive for you this morning, guys. i did ask a palace official whether harry would shave ahead of the wedding this morning, he told me, if you had a beard like that for a few years, would you choose your wedding day to shave it off. a hint of how harry will look. >> well, keir is better
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informed. keir, are you suggesting this means he will not shave it off? >> i pointed out, if you're going to shave off your beard, the last time where you're likely to cut yourself, the last time you're likely to do that is the morning of -- >> i know. >> maybe he has a talented royal barber. >> all right. guys, we're going to take a little short, short break on this beautiful sun-splashed saturday morning from windsor, england, as the world celebrates the wedding of prince harry and meghan markle. but first, these messages. ♪
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welcome back. welcome back on this wedding day to windsor. we're watching the guests file in. we're taking note of everyone who is stepping through the door. we're keeping a list, but you know what, you cannot have a party or procession without al roker, all right? al is right there on the route. the weather, al, is outstanding. it is phenomenal. >> it is unbelievable, guys. we're right here in front of windsor parish. i think there are more than americans here than brits. we've got them here. look across the street over there. we've got more. we got the union jack and the red, white and blue. they're literally on the sunny side of the street. we're here. this is so fantastic. and this has been literally a chamber of commerce meet. look at the forecast for today here in windsor. you cannot beat this weather.
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here, just to the west of london, we are talking spectacular. 62 right now. by the time it's noon, it's going to be 64. and by the time everything is just about done, we're talking 68 degrees. beautiful weather. everybody's having a good time. these folks over here have been drinking since -- look at all of them over there. yeah, baby. this is a party! and by the way, down high street, the duchess and duke will be coming right down here. they're going to try to get them to say hi. yeah, what are the odds? i doubt it. but we'll give it a shot. guys. >> well, if anybody can do it, it's al roker. >> we remember the inauguration very well. al, thank you. more than 100,000 people have flocked here for the big day. >> yeah. among them, two of our faves,
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kathie lee and megyn kelly from high street. >> and we mean it. we're having the same experience here with the people here, how do you feel it? >> yeah. >> traveled from virtually every state in the union over here to see this happen live in person. you know, it's day dress, plus a hat. >> yes. >> so, we're hoping -- you know how sometimes two guests don't arrive for the wedding and they pluck two people from the pub, what do you think our odds are? >> what are our odds? i changed a fascinator with a lovely lady. i liked hers better. and our good friends alex. >> die-hard royal fans? >> see, everybody is in a great mood. >> we've got our people back home having wedding watch parties and the die-hards to
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travel across the pond. >> we'll see them right here in a couple hours. >> you all look beautiful, by the way. you really do. looks like, fun, huh? >> it looks like a great time. we're watching the monstitomoni let's bring in cap milla tominey and wilfred frost. we've seen dukes, barons, royals, celebrities. >> james blount. >> would you signal that -- you know that song. >> singing is what you employed me to do here. james blount is married to the daughter of -- >> -- the duke of ellington. there's a walking gallery dedicated to her ancestor duke of ellington. >> wasn't he present when
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princess beatrice accidentally stopped? >> he's a witty self-deprecating guy. of course, there is -- >> chelsy davy. >> and we've seen the guy with red hair, skippy. he's the front-runner for the best man other than his brother. >> we saw chelsy davy. >> yeah. >> i think it shows how comfortable harry and meghan are together. ch chelsy came to william and kate's wedding. and cressida bonas too dated harry is also expected and she's a successful actress now. i think it just shows how confident and happy the couple
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are together. >> can we talk maybe about the dress. i love seeing this, but i'm dieing to know what she's going to be wearing. what do you reckon? >> there's so many rumors now. >> i'm a believer in stella mccartney. and she's also making quite a statement by wearing somebody who is renowned for sustainable design. it would be a big message she's sending. it's in line with her ethical principles. >> stella is the daughter of a british man -- >> yeah. i mean, it does a lot -- she has as that. stella mccartney. and ralph & russo, talked about for months.
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>> can we talk about the moment she's going to walk down the aisle. it was announced that prince charles will walk her but not all the way. >> she's a campaigner for women's rights so she's decided she doesn't want to be given away. frankly, i'll give myself away, i don't need a man to do it. even before thomas markle pulled out unexpectedly, she was always going to do that. then walk halfway down to the choir which is where prince charles will walk down with her. and leave her. not hand her over as michael middleton did with kate. hand her over. and present her to prince charles. she's handing herself over, ladies. >> in the tradition vows they're omitting the words "to obey" as kate did. and diana did, too. >> and the countess of essex
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agreed to obey. but in more recent times it's seen a little 18th century so modern women doing modern things. >> when diana left out the word "obey" it was the front page story the next day sanand unhea of. >> whole way down the aisle meghan will have her pages and flower girls. >> this is true. the only thing i can impair this to, mardi gras, it's like the streets are teeming with team. it's so festive and everyone's in that mood. >> it's beautiful. people have smiles on their faces. they're waving british flags. >> there may be more americans, folks, at this point. we're going to continue to follow, watch the cameras, as the guests arrive. of course, it's all building up to a beautiful wedding here in windsor. we're back with a lot ♪ at walgreens... helping millions of children here at home...
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welcome back, everybody. it is 5:00 a.m. on the east coast on this saturday morning, may 19th, 2018. 10:00 here in windsor. the doors to st. george's chapel which of course is the venue for today's royal wedding, open for business. >> yeah. the guests are slowly trickling in. we've seen a lot of celebrities, oprah, ed dririss alba, and pris diana's brother. and we're looking at a seating chart who has the best view. >> this is the seating chart hot off the presses. we know exactly where george clooney is sitting, prince harry
2:01 am
and prince william arrive on the west steps of the chapel. that will happen at 6:30. then the ceremony will get under way at 7:00. they say you can set your clocks on it. >> of course, our hearts are heavy, so much of us at home with what happened there in texas. lester holt, you have news of another school shooting and ten people who lost their lives. >> reporter: yeah, savannah, thank you. behind me is the high school where it happened. we're seeing the rituals of mass killing in america take place in this community. so much of what has happened seems so familiar to americans, of course, the pain, the sense of loss, the sense of vulnerability felt here in those other communities is certainly unique. here in this community last night, a vigil was held, a candlelight vigil, a march. prayers were lifted for the victims, as you know, ten people killed, nine students and a
2:02 am
teacher. the suspect demetrius pagourtzis was arraigned, appeared from his jail in closed circuit television, he quietly answered yes, sir, to the charges put to him. charged with capital murder and other offenses. he will be held with no bond. witnesses and authorities say he burst into an art class a little after 7:30 in the morning. he had a pistol and a shotgun, students remember hearing a fire alarm go off. some followed in usual procedures exiting the school. others told to run, run, run. while others sought to shelter within the school itself. some reportedly gathering and praying. the suspect reportedly left what was meant to be improvised explosive devices at the school. none of them dedicated, authorities weren't sure they were real explosives. as far as red flags, warning,
2:03 am
they say very few. they've looked at this journal, cell phone, he did write about a school shooting. but when confronted in that arm room he apparently surrendered, one officer was critically wounded and remain information the hospital. along with ten others hurt in this horrible tragedy. we will send it back to you in windsor. >> lester, thank you so much, it's so important that we keep our eye and coverage there as well. unfortunately, a terrible event that unfolded in santa fe, texas, where ten people lost their live, nine students, one teachers. teachers. we send our love and prayers to ♪ ♪ (baby crying) ♪ ♪ don't juggle your home life and work life without it. ♪ ♪ and don't forget who you're really working for without it.
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we're back on a beautiful morning here in windsor. and you can say, people here are ready. for a royal wedding. something for the ages. a once in a generation event. and our coverage on this special edition of "today" continues. and as we look at the beautiful long walk, the procession that later harry and meghan as husband and wife will go down in a horse-drawn carriage. >> that's actually, a spillover for people to be. 18,000 people can line that area. you've got to see, it's great, they're going to be right there waving next to you. >> we keep talking about the weather. i think one of our guests said this is as good as it gets for the uk. it's beautiful. and do you have -- we have information about the wedding rings. >> who wants to do the honors?
2:07 am
i'll shore, prince harry and meghan markle have chosen cleave & company for the rings. it's welsh gold. there's a history there. >> there is. they use welsh gold. actually camilla knows much more about this than i do. >> thank you, camilla. >> what i was going to say the queen mother when she got married in 1923 used a nugget of gold from a welsh mine and that was used for more and more. another welsh mine provided more gold. >> can i ask a question, i read that not all royals wear wedding rings? >> they don't. not all men wear wedding rings. something to frown on. >> the ahristo crift thristrifn
2:08 am
wilfred frost. >> i would imagine, he'll follow suit. none of them wear a wedding ring. i guess, if he wears a beard today, perhaps aw-- we'll wait d see. >> he is going to be wearing a wedding ring, the palace has indicated that this morning. >> who is this cutie? >> we've seen so many of the kids. >> i do think a lot of people are going to be wondering. when you have from 2 years old to 7 going down the aisle, chaos can happen. >> apparently, from the rehearsal described as interesting, all of these children, they don't all know each other, obviously, it's a bit like herding cats in the
2:09 am
church. children and animals. >> we should point out that the ceremony is just two hours and guests have arrived. they're getting in their seats early. the fans, royal fans. >> to the left is tom parker bowles who is camilla parker bowles son. he's a food critic. in the back there. to his side, camilla's nephew, both very close friends with william, particularly, but harry as well, but the family of camilla. >> i just saw nicholas, the grandson of sir winston churchill. >> we should point out that president trump isn't coming. >> or the prime minister. >> right, it's a forward or nothing policy. and they were going to have the
2:10 am
obamas, even though harry is good friends with them both. >> and then the house of commons. >> it's falling on royal standards. they're saying, look, we want the nearest and dearest, not the people that we don't actually know very well. >> and john major is here because he sat on the board for princess diana's trust and memorial. >> so, he's not here in official capacity. >> natalie is right now, she's waiting anxiously for that carriage to come by. it's not going to be for a bit, hey, nat. >> reporter: hey, guy, i'm so excited, i'm at the top of the long walk. this is may be our first view of meghan markle, the bride, as she makes her way from the clinton hotel with her mom in that car. expected to come down the long walk, where thousands of people are lining the walk, just to greet her. trying to catch that glimpse of
2:11 am
the bride-to-be. as he makes her way to st. george's chapel where she'll of course, undergo the wedding ceremony. there's so much excitement, so much festivity. people have their picnic blanket out. dogs here, childrens running around. and lots of people dressed as princesses and brides. such a festive atmosphere. everybody wants to partake in what is a fairy tale wedding day. you couldn't ask for a more picture-perfect setting. of course, this path full of people shows how much they have the connection to people. diana was the people's princess. and he's the people's prince. it's bonding with the people here. having that chance. they will get that chance, once newly married in that carriagca the ascot landau, an open-air carriage. they will come down this corridor and head down that beautiful long walk to the castle for the reception.
2:12 am
hoda and savannah. >> natalie, thank you. >> thank you. you've got a good spot there. and so does nbc's kelly cobiella, she's right at the gates. wind sore castle gates. kelly, i think you're going to see miss meghan markle with a great view where you are. >> reporter: it's going to be incredible, hoda and savannah, when that procession starts when it first enters the streets of windsor, this is where they'll be coming out, out of this gate of windsor castle. there are people camping here for days, since probably tuesday, just waiting noor one special magical moment. this is the visitors center, actually. this is where you would normally go into the castle if you're a tourist, and you want to get your tour of the castle in st. george's chapel. but this is also where members of the public, those people with those special invitations who get to watch this from an up close seat inside the castle
2:13 am
walls, this is where they've been going in this morning. they've been filing in all morning long for the past several hours. you watch them in amazing dresses. one dress just covered in different flags from around the world. men wearing their kilts and military uniforms. members of charities that are close to harry and megan, also children, school children, members of the royal household will all be inside. they finished filing in just 15 minutes ago. this entrance now shut. i'll tell you what, it's a festive atmosphere just below us as well, just like natalie was saying on the long walk, these people who have been wading out, this is a big moment. the fans are getting leading hip hip hooray cheers as the fans sing "going to the chapel" guys. >> nice to have something to
2:14 am
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well, that's hats. that's one way to look at it. if you look in the mirror every day and you think what am i going to wear today? imagine the pressure today if you were lucky enough to receive an invitation to the royal wedding. it's very specific. ander not encouraged to be inventive or creative. >> and blow up aspects of the dress code, right? >> i love watching these people walk in. everyone had the hat. that's a must. >> yes, that's a must in the
2:17 am
church. you're not allowed to take that off as big as it may be and you're blocking somebody's view. we've seen a lot of hats. many flat tops. >> oh, so this is a -- >> there's kate middleton's family. >> and james middleton has not shaved his beard, there we go, just saying. >> and wilfred frost is officially on beard watch. >> i am. >> and the former head of communications to prince charles. senior aide to prince charles during his rather turbulent '90s. >> pippa in the back there, james matthews, married roughly a year ago. prince george, a trial run at being a page boy this time last year. >> pippa feeling a lot more relaxed. we all remember her big moment in 2011 when she was maid of
2:18 am
honor. >> of course, she's pregnant. she's pregnant and zara phillips, prince harry's cousin. >> and, savannah, other than the must do hat, what else? >> the men in particular. it's morning suit -- >> what's a morning suit? >> morning suit is basically a day equivalent of tops and tails. the jacket and waistcoast for a man is a vest. >> the vest and the tie you can have a little bit of invention yourself. a little bit of color. otherwise, the tailcoat and trousers, pretty smart. >> when they said lounge suit is acceptable, i imagined like flap pants. >> andrew and i are wearing, a
2:19 am
normal suit. and guests from the morning to the evening will go home and change. >> pippa, you said she's pregnant. she doesn't look pregnant. >> no. >> a beautiful dress. >> yes, the low waist, the box sleeves, long sleeves, very elegant. >> trouble-checking, i would assume, but you never know these days. >> yeah, just whip out your selfie stick. >> and with the ring tone is not allowed to ring out in the chapel. we just saw a beautiful shot of some of the flowers. >> yeah. >> we understand it's very ornate and very green and white. >> the florist philippa craddock is known for these flowers.
2:20 am
white peonies but also in there white roses, princess diana's favorite flower. >> pippa looks absolutely beautiful. if i did not know she was pregnant i would not be able to tell. >> a tiny bump. >> tiny. some of us who ate too much last night have the same bump. >> when they run a royal wedding, people don't just roll in and say, whoops, i'm sorry, i'm late. >> it doesn't work like that, does it? >> absolutely, they have to be on the dot. there's absolutely no way to come in on. that's not something to late for. >> if you want to go by the time line, the guests are supposed to be seated by 6:00 a.m. eastern time. they will be in their eseats. >> i love the military precision. 6:40 eastern will be william and harry.
2:21 am
6:42, charles. 6:45, doria ragland. and then 6:52, and then the queen. that is if she decides she wants to come on time. >> she will. >> of course she'll be on time. she's been told 6:57 eastern time, very specific. >> 600 guests here. by royal standards, that's a small wedding. because i think i read that princess diana and prince charles was 3500 guests. >> 3500. >> and william and kate had 1900. so, this is very much intended to be a small wedding. we've had austerity times here in the united kingdom, it wouldn't be proper to have a massive wedding. this is a sensibly sized wedding. >> can we talk about what meghan is going through now. she's with her mom, right? i was reading she was getting makeup done by american friends.
2:22 am
i read that somewhere. set the scene for us. what might be happening there? >> i think the photography of the ladies yesterday spoke volumes. clearly, her mom is with her. she must have breathed a sigh of relief when she arrived in from l.a.x. they're in beautiful surroundings and gave star treatment there. and it obviously helps that she's an actress. she's apparently practiced her vows. she's recorded them. and listening back to them to make sure she doesn't fluff her lines. she's so used to delivering lines. diana fluffed her vows a bit. she got prince charles' names mixed up reciting the vows. >> we haven't talked about the difficult week she had to endure with her father. there was the back and forth whether or not he would be well enough to attend. a palace source indicated that
2:23 am
his heart is directly related to the stress that he's undergone not just in the past week but the past months. once it was disclosed with the paparazzi and photographers have been there. i understand it, it's been incredibly difficult for him. i think she wanted to wait for the last minute before she said someone else would walk her down the aisle. she was hoping her father would do the honors. >> and the prince of wales stepped back and waited for the princess to make the decision together. over a cup of tea. and approached him and said would you be willing to do this. he said he was delighted. there was respectful distance between the announcement that thomas markle wasn't making it and then prince charles. we know they both get on really well. he's met her a number of times. he said she's delightful. he's a future king. and it's the ultimate tribute
2:24 am
for meghan for him to be standing by her side. >> it's such a shame that her father isn't here, that's what she wanted. but here in the morning, it feels like the positives far outweigh the controversy of the week. we moments ago saw a live shot of cliveden house hotel. and she's in regal surroundings getting ready to come in. classic wedding day nerves, no doubt. but very excited. >> she'll be rightiding with he mom. we are going to witness a young woman and young man's life change before our eyes. >> we get to witness that. >> again, we're talking about the dress that we're waiting for, savannah, we still can't get over the fact that everybody at home will know what the dress is, would have googled it. and it's a knockoff before she walks down the aisle and he gets
2:25 am
to see it. >> everyone gets to see it much earlier. as soon as she steps out of that carriage, it will be pen to paper. people will be sketching it and be in stores -- >> what is the impact, she wears something what goes down? >> the mega meghan. she's reportedly worth 1 billion pounds in the fashion industry. it's monumental. she has the palace wear something and it's completely sold out. they have a waiting list. she can wear things in an accessible way. >> will she be even more fashion will be kate middleton now? >> they tell me that she actually will be. kate has a way of dressing a little more conservative. she's seen as this hollywood star. and you've seen her with accessible cool looks. >> yeah. we're about 90 minutes away. you know somewhere meghan markle is watching that clock as well. i have to say as nervous as she
2:26 am
may be -- >> there are the clintons. >> royalty has arrived. >> and i love this color so much. exactly not to be outdone here. almost like -- i'm is not sure what that is. she's recently been wearing quinn, a young british designer. she may have gone with richard again. >> oh, a little train. >> wow, that is beautiful. >> that's a high-waist sheath dress. below the knee. obviously, everything has to hit the knee or fall below. >> amal was a brit. when she marriy eied george clo, that was solidified between the two nations, harry and meghan taking that a bit more. >> oh, well, well --
2:27 am
>> as we see the train that amal has. >> that victoria beckham. >> there's david beckham. >> there they are. >> wearing navy blue. she wore navy to the 2011 wedding. she'll obviously be wearing her own design. i love the idea she's covered herself on the shoulders and got the slip. and a fascinator. stevens jones. >> are they friends with harry? >> they are. and the beckhams have moved and where prince charles has his estate, highgrove. in the gloucester area. interestingly, behind the beckhams, though. beckham is mr. royalty when it comes to english soccer, johnny wilkerson, he's royalty when it
2:28 am
comes to british before you goby which is harry's favorite sport. he adores rugby more than soccer. >> and the patron there of the irish. >> i feel like yellow is one of the colors we're seeing. i'm seeing it popping out. >> yellows and pinks. >> it's because the sun's come out. >> and remember, the folks that are getting to see these celebrities and people walking in. these are members of the public that were invited by harry and meghan to come inside the palace walls. this is the treat they're getting. they're getting to see, of course, the bride and groom. and all of the various folks who have come in to watch the ceremony. these are people who harry and meghan have met. friends, windsor residents and so forth. >> wow, wreef ge've got a lot m cover. more arrivals, fun from windsor, more arrivals, fun from windsor, as we await the guests of honor,
2:29 am
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2:31 am
well, there's some royalty. david beckham, victoria beckham, just among the honored guests this morning, mingling about st. george's chapel where we're about to see a beautiful wedding, harry and meghan tying the knot. a beautiful morning here. 10:30 here in windsor. 5:30 back at home. the door at st. george's opened about 30 minutes ago. >> it's been like a who's who. pop the popcorn. >> amal clooney splendid in
2:32 am
yellow. >> oprah walked in. >> and of course, our correspondents all across the streets, the long walk. we'll bring every second to you live. >> keir simmons is inside, can you tell us who you are seeing? >> reporter: good morning, it's like history meets hollywood meets royalty here. you just saw george and amal clooney arriving. oprah was early. she was here almost as the doors opened. david and victoria beckham walking in too. we've seen tom parker bowles camilla's son. camilla will be here. and an ex-girlfriend or two expected here. we have seen chelsy davy, harry's ex-girlfriend arriving. the guests have to be here in
2:33 am
the next half hour or they won't get in. on the wedding dress, hoda, my lovely and well-connected life is saying amanda wakely. >> that would be a big shock, somebody who handy been rumored. >> we'll get the smelling salts out for you just in case that happened. >> how about the most important guest of all, i'm talking about natalie morales. natalie is there to see miss meghan markle as she passes by on the beautiful long walk. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah, and hoda, yeah, i've got to say as thearrival, behin door. there are screens further down the route of the long walk. there are reports that people
2:34 am
were cheering when she saw george and amal. people have come from all around the world. 75,000 lining the walk. we're expecting the bride to get in her car 40 minutes from now, she and her mom, meghan markle and mother doria, are making their way from cliveden house. what do you think they're talking about along that way? as they make their way, they're going to be greeted by thousands of well-wishers. down that walkway, all the way to the castle to st. george's chapel will the ceremony will then begin. but everybody getting into it, very excited. and once again, it's a global audience right here in windsor. savannah and hoda. >> it is indeed. we have good seats, don't we? >> we have great seats. last night prince harry went out, and prince william went out and shook hands.
2:35 am
they said same-sex marriameghan jealous, she wanted to get out. kelly cobiella is at the gates of windsor castle. >> reporter: we're looking at the gates to windsor castle, and this is that gate where we will see the carriage ride for the very first time on public streets here in windsor. when harry and meghan are husband and wife, they will go through that gate. and i am sure you will hear the louds cheer. there's just a small sliver of sidewalk where we are, but then as they travel down this road, they hit the high street within about a block. and i can just imagine now the roar that will go up at that time. these people have been camping out. some of them since tuesday. waiting for this one moment. they've been practicing their cheers down here. their hip hip hoorays, bobbing, leading along, leading waves and
2:36 am
singing "going to the chapel." we're trying to get them to sing for you, guys. maybe next time. >> we've had the chapel bells. occasionally, the band strikes up. the helicopters. a lot of people have their eyes on it. and us shrinking. >> you know what else is making news? >> what? >> kathie lee and megyn kelly. good morning. >> good morning. one is debbie hoover from amarilla, texas. i made a new friend, the swan. >> she's been in a fowl mood off morning. >> she shared with me. we switched. the bird has a lot to say about it, she's basically giving everybody the bird today. >> tell us swami -- >> swami -- >> let's a quick check of
2:37 am
savannah on the fascinator. >> she wants to talk about that swan. >> that dress. the swan is on loan to me. >> i don't think anyone behind you is going to be happy with that swan. but we think it looks adorable. >> checking the crowds and counting down. so excited, aren't you guys? honestly, when you saw the crowds lined up. we're a few hundred feet away. i'm looking at the church. i got that tinge of nervousness in my stomach, like it was me. you can only imagine what she's feeling. she's got to have the dress on now. getting ready to go in that car. what's her mom going to say to her in the rolls -- i don't know what kind of car they're taking? is it going to be one of those, we can turn this car right now if you don't want to -- >> no. >> no, no.
2:38 am
>> i think she's all in. >> you talked about cliveden, that is the the cliveden hotel where meghan and her mom stayed in last night. quite ornate surroundings. i think they're going to try hard that that's not the first glimpse we get of meghan markle. >> you asked the palace source if there was any real talk about walking her mom down the aisle. he was explaining to us, no, her mom has an important role, it's in that car ride to the church. when you need someone to hold your hand and talk to you. >> we're told it's not a 20-second ride. >> no. >> it's a somewhat lengthy ride. she'll want to spend those moments, of course, with her mom. and it might be anticipated. mom goes on to the chapel. and she will connect with her page boys and bridesmaids.
2:39 am
ten adorable children to rangel. >> yeah, you cannot focus on yourself. >> i want to introduce our esteemed panel. camilla tommy minu tominey. and cnbc's wilfred frost, the son of a legend. if you don't mind me saying. your father david frost. >> no. we saw the parents of the page boys. nicholas van cutsem. the van cutsem family, four boys, a family friend of the
2:40 am
princess. and they grew up together, with their children. >> wow. >> and we're also waiting for serena williams. she's due to come today. her entire castle of "suits" is due to today. we've seen oprah. we've seen the clooneys. the beckhams. there's more on the way. >> i've got a little tribute. >> give it. >> apart from the guests obviously, 1,200 people have been allowed into the palace grounds. they've been chosen by the lord, the queen's representative across the uk. these guys have been given the best goodie bag ever. it's canvas bag with emblazoned with harry and meghan's initials. chocolates, and get this, 20% off at windsor shop. >> not leaving empty-handed.
2:41 am
it's a long morning. >> those snacks will be in high demand, given they're waiting for quite a few hours before her majesty a arrives. >> we're waiting for elton john. we're going to get our first glimpse of meghan markle right here. here. we'll be back with coverage of ♪ i just want you close, ♪ where you can stay forever.
2:42 am
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2:43 am
well, you couldn't have ordered up a better day. >> i can't get over it. >> what a beautiful shot. windsor castle. one of the queen's favorite places. of course, everyone's favorite place as we're about to witness
2:44 am
history. >> the crowds have come out in droves. some of them have been out for days and days. in an hour and 15 minutes there now, it's all happening. al roker has the perfect spot. hey, al? >> reporter: well, i've got to tell you, guys, we've got quite the excited crowd here for the royal wedding. your you from? >> we are from texas. >> reporter: you guys? >> georgia! >> reporter: okay. atlanta? where are you from? maryland. everybody hanging out. we've got a great crowd. over here, more americans. i've got to tell you, this is a day. we're here on the grounds of the windsor parish. they do a lot of great works here. i want to show you something they're selling here. they're selling these for 499 pounds. they're keepsake cards. and all the money goes to the homeless of windsor.
2:45 am
so, some good is being done here, besides having a good time. it's pretty spectacular. everybody's in a festive mood. up and down high street. and, of course, harry and meghan, once the wedding happens, the duke and duchess of sussex will be coming down high street. and these folks are going to have a bird's-eye view of the brand-new couple, and that's very, very exciting, guys. it really is kind of a historic moment. and we're thrilled to be part of it, as all of our new friends here in the uk. back to you. >> thank you, al. >> welcomebac, check out who arrived elton john is in the house. and talking to james blount. >> elton john and his husband have a house near here, don't
2:46 am
they? >> they do. >> now, you know i studied the royal handbook, are you proud. >> and they were married. and prince charles and camillca. >> and we should say he rewrote his song "candle in the wind" and sang it at princess diana's funeral. england's rose. he is expected to sing tonight. after he sang that night "candle in the wind" he promised he would never sing that song again. if he's going to break that promise, tonight would be the night. >> that was harry before he was married. it's kind of fun to see who is mingling with who. you have david beckham chitchatting with folks there. elton and his husband. >> the two boys are rumored as
2:47 am
page boys but they're not. >> according to the schedule, it's rigid, you have 15 minutes to be in there in 15 minutes. >> oprah was one of the first to arrive. she wasn't going to mess with it. she wasn't going to be fashionably late. >> no risk. i'm looking at the process of seeing some aristocratic women running up, too. >> what do we know about the dresses here? >> pippa middleton is wearing a design called the foles. it's fairly inexpensive, around $700. which is not crazy expensive. it's not a crazy luxury design. and stella mccartney on amal in beautiful sunshine yellow with a fantastic disk hat. and also we're talking about maybe what the bride is going to be wearing, no sighting of
2:48 am
stella. remember, we actually saw say are ral buttsarah burton mingli night before in the hotel. >> reporter: good morning, team. is it a beautiful day to get married. let me set the stage to show you where i am. if you look over my shoulder. you can see windsor castle. they also have a big screen. some of these people have been camped out for hours. you can't really see anything there, but they've got that monitor. it's almost like a street festival. the drinks are flowing and people have been cooking all night long. we've got people from all over the world. in fact, where are you guys from? >> indiana. >> reporter: where are you guys from? boston, las vegas. you guys ready to party? i should say, you guys remember, we had our ten lucky "today" show viewers winning a round trip ticket. they're here.
2:49 am
they're so excited. they have their fascinators on. i'll introduce you to them coming up later this morning. you guys handle the official stuff, hoda and savannah, and how about that. >> you're the duchess, sheinelle. >> by the way, serena williams is here. >> she's got a great post. instagram, getting ready for the wedding of a friend. >> there you see her beautiful. and her baby. >> beautiful versace dress, sa met sa m asymmetrical hemline. >> wilfred, we have to ask you here -- >> i don't know. >> more common than hoda and me.
2:50 am
but there's kind of a tier here. you have members of the public on the palace grounds. then the 600 invited guests. a smaller list for lunch. and the tiniest 200 guest list for the reception tonight. who makes the cut? >> all 600 going to the service go to lunch afterwards with the queen. that's st. george's hall on the farther side of the castle behind us. and we shouldn't gloss over that, to enjoy a reception in the presence of the sovereignism, it's an an unbelievable honor. the queen has been very generous to her grandsons. the 200 are very much harry's best mates. a smaller group here. his parents here. his older relatives. the older group don't make it to dinner. prince charles hosts that. and it's about ten minutes away. and they can go much later and not keep the queen up.
2:51 am
>> let's go through a time line. in the next ten minutes or so, they're going to close the door and all of the guests have to be seated. 6:25, members of the royal family are going to arrive at the chapel by either foot or in the car. then around 11:30, the bride is supposed to arrive. and she's going to drive down that long walk to the castle. she's going to be in the car with her mom. we were talking about what that conversation is going to be like. >> and prince harry just walking over. >> right. >> right. >> when the queen arrives at 6:52, the queen arrives right? >> that means that all has been set. and that eight crucial minutes. and the royals arrive, you've got the main top flight. the super bowl royals right there. but they are in reverse order. so, you started with less senior royals go in order after the
2:52 am
queen. no one after the queen. >> a good friend there. beautiful. >> abigail spencer. >> that's abigail spencer next to her. another actress and friend. >> it's nice to see in formal attire. >> i think that was gina torres walking by from "suits." >> that's james corden. >> james corden, was that an unexpected guest? >> no. now american royalty, right? >> on cbs, not on nbc. >> we're hearing the ring of the chapel bells. there's music. i'm sure everyone who walks through the palace gates must be the luckiest person to get there. >> it seems quite fine.
2:53 am
fairly late arrivals from them. probably on a bus. far down the long walk, there's a separate entrance and where people wanted to drive there, they could drive there. and there's a bus that manages them up. i imagine it's the last bus that will be coming in. >> it's a royal park and ride. >> it is. >> queen spends her winters here? >> she does. she grew up here. it's a place her parents loved. it's an essential home for them in a real sense, rather than just a palace. >> and, and drerew, it's pretty awesome to be here at the castle which was more than just a home. it was a strategic offense? >> it was a vital strategic offense. it fought off the siege at the time of king john. it was the place where john i
2:54 am
actually stayed. >> correct me if i'm wrong, the queen's father service -- >> the queen's father and mother all buried here. >> and princess margaret as well. >> and where prince philip will be buried. >> it's a joy of happiness where meghan markle and prince harry are just a few moments away from being married. the world is watching. >> that's right. we've got keir simmons with a perfect view of what's going on. who are you seeing, keir? >> reporter: they had five minutes to get in. george and amal clooney. victoria and david beckham. oprah, when the doors open. elden john, joss stone.
2:55 am
once the 600 or so guests inside. then we begin to see the royals arrive from the galilee porch. that's an entrance slightly farther up there. i think you may, you may see, harry and william walk down past this glass here. remember, all of the folks outside of the church here, they are specially invited charity workers and friends. you may see the groom greet them before he goes inside to get married. >> keir, we just saw a shot of serene isn't williams. with her husband. she's been posting all morning, getting ready with her baby girl. and she's wearing versace. >> and an incredible necklace, 14 jewels. >> we've seen the suits. >> and as you'd expect, those "suits" guys looking dapper.
2:56 am
>> yeah, wearing their suits. >> and we're making alterations to a dress this morning. >> it's fun to see these folks walking in. again, they're just just mingling inside the chapel. >> and it's four minutes, they really are cutting it down to the -- >> and once they get in there, again, there's so many highlights to the ceremony, in addition to the children. the music is going to be outstanding, isn't it camilla. >> the music, a real mix, hoda. you've got the tradition, a transatlantic feel with that kingdom gospel choir coming in singing the king's classic "stand by me." and it's going to have that anglo-american flavor that we would expect. >> and the service itself. the vows administered and
2:57 am
service administered by the anglo ministers. >> and michael curry is going to be delivering the address. and i think he's talking about the bringing together of these two different worlds. the archbishop of canterbury was talking about how important meghan and harry are taking the service. >> and there's a lot of algar in the more traditional side. >> and st. george's was the place where just recently, i believe in march, meghan was baptized in the anglican church. and the archbishop administered the vows there. she didn't have to enter the church, andrew, but she chose to. >> well, she's an episcopalian. so there's nothing here that
2:58 am
difficult. it's much easier for all of them to be in the same secretat. >> and we'll get to see the most reverend, he's and the duke of windsor are the ones to escort them to their seat. and back to the music as well. the other song, camilla, which will be the national anthem. >> saved for the end. of course, we'll have to expect as kate did, for meghan to curtsy to the queen, as she turned and sees here in front, she'll curtsy. >> and she'll arrive miss meghan markle but once she says i do, she'll be the duchess of sussex. >> she'll have that. >> once the ceremony starts, we are going to let you enjoy it.
2:59 am
take in the sights and sounds, you wonder hear us. talk about the curtsy which i found interesting. meghan, now will people curtsying to meghan? how does it work? >> you're not forced to curtsy, it's just a decent and old proper thing to do. >> right. >> but, yes, people once she becomes hrh, which she will today, you curtsy to her, and men bow her heads -- she sort of nod. >> i'm interested to see how this dress is going to work with the cutscy. >> if there's a train -- >> it's may be a mermaid or -- >> i know it won't be wedge sandals underneath that dress. the queen does not care for them. >> i don't mean to stress anybody out, but the guests really have 30 seconds. >> i know. >> we're just seeing jason
3:00 am
kanush, he's had a difficult balancing act to do, trying to promote the best sides of the wedding but manage the thomas markle situation. he's out the door. he may be the one turning people away. >> this is cliveden house. >> this is cliveden house. that's the hotel where meghan an her mother spent the night. >> that's right. one of the most gorgeous hotels. it was built as a duke palace in 1865. royals have lived there for years. >> i've read the yelp reviews. they're excellent sflp. >> yes. spectacular. >> i think we saw serena and george clooney exchange some love. >> they did.
3:01 am
>> and she has to arrive separately, because she's divorced. i think if you asked her, she would say she didn't have a perfect marriage, but they have the perfect divorce. they live on just the other side of the copper horse which is at the end of the long walk. not a long journey for them. >> coming in under the wire. >> making an entrance. >> yes. >> and a beautiful dress coat. absolutely stunning in the hatinator. when the hat has a child, bigger than a hat, and fascinator. >> the flowers are said to be stunning. very green, very white. a homage to princess didiana. >> and the white roses. if you remember when we marked
3:02 am
the 20th anniversary of diana's death, it was white roses. it was quite similar to the 2011 wedding where you remember there are trees parked on this side. >> we saw jack brooksbank there, princess eugenie ease f's fianc getting married in october. and john major, one of the 13 prime ministers that have served her majesty the queen. >> princess eugenie is getting married this fall in the same chapel. she'll catch the bouquet today. >> and the tomb of the dead warriors in westminster abbey. but st. george's chapel is the home for what is called the knights of the guard. the highest form of chivalry.
3:03 am
>> it was actually built in order to honor the knights. it was built for the extraordinary honor of chivalry by king henry iii. >> we know prince harry spent ten years in the military. he was a british army captain, a helicopter pilot. many of these represented today have a connection to prince harry in his service. >> he went into the military, not for the status, the uniform. he really wanted to serve his nation. 2007, afghanistan as a soldier, 2011, as a pilot. but it was too much back and forth. too much risk of security for the soldiers. but he had to give it up and he did serve on the front line. amazing for him to do that. >> in a couple minutes, according to the schedule, if we're right, miss meghan is set to be departing.
3:04 am
i can only imagine what's happening on this big day. can you imagine watching your wedding day on? >> do you think you'd have it on? i have chills when you said that. really the wedding is supported to start in an hour from now. >> and diana was watching the buildup on a tiny flat television. and she had a giggle in the carriage. 19 years old. much younger than meghan. a bit of a sfifish out of water. >> i don't know why i remember the black and white detail but that was -- >> this is the first wedding going out live on youtube. not as good as nbc. >> six days after diana and prince charles married, a woman named meghan markle was born.
3:05 am
>> 36 years old, has just the confidence and self-assuredness about her. she's lived a life already. >> she's camera-ready for the last ten years. when she's posing, talking to photographers. every angle, she's acutely aware of how she looks. i think we'll see that in the dress. i don't think she's going to fairy princess, she's going strong, sophisticated. >> that aspect of being came camera-ready, and she was at easy. i think these can be a bit of a your for the royals. i think harry and meghan love them. whether working or not. >> we have lucy kafanov, our correspondent. she's outside of cliffden hotel
3:06 am
where we're expecting meghan markle to depart with her mother doria ragland at anytime. lucy, what do you see that our cameras don't see? >> reporter: good morning, we're all waiting for meghan -- >> oh, lucy, i think -- you know what, i think there may be other cell phones making that same call right now, possibly. >> yeah. >> we don't hear lucy too well. >> reporter: going on her way, right now, we know meghan markle is making those last-minute preparations. obviously, the bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day. we're expecting her to get in a car, her mom as well, make that 15 to 20 minutes to st. george's chapel where meghan will meet her prince. guys. >> what music would you play on that ride? >> what would be on your play
3:07 am
list? >> i'm guessing bruno mars. >> i think it might be a little up-tempo. >> if i was meghan, i might be be listening to the national anthem on repeat to make sure i get it right. >> i think she may be having a zen moment, holding her hand with her mom. >> and the most enormous suite, really big bedroom. and bathroom as well. they'll be able to lay everything out. and the dressing will be very, very professional. >> where will they say tonight? windsor? >> they could stay at froggedmo. there's a thousand bedrooms here. >> how do you picture that evening event? >> to be a fly on the wall. this is the main event we can't have anything to do with.
3:08 am
the press office said you're getting the fill of the day, details of the procession. carriage procession, once they make their last appearance at 7:00 p.m. uk time, that's the last we'll see them. >> and we don't know anything about a honeymoon, right, wilfred? >> no, i hope we don't find out. that's their time to be away from the camera. perhaps botswana or seychelles. where william went. i think it's more on the grounds of windsor park, it's away from access points and they can have a party. >> you don't get privacy like this in iceland in the middle ages. five people and from the court, including one lawyer had to watch the marriage being consummated. >> no, come on. >> can you imagine how awkward that would be? >> including a lawyer.
3:09 am
>> give me a minute here. to get ourselves together. >> look at serena's dress. >> yes. >> wow. >> luckily, things have changed, right, we have a thoroughly modern couple. and there are a lot of modern twists here with the nods to tradition. why doesn't everybody talk about what the queen is going to wear, didn't she wear yellow to kate's wedding? >> the queen comes in her mon o monochromatic look. she wants that to be so people see her. she wants to stand out. she will have on her cape-like hat as we call it. and buttons so it doesn't fly up actually. >> people are taking their seats. someone else is waiting. natalie morales, on the long walk. hey, natalie, what's going on out there? >> reporter: hey, guys, yeah, i
3:10 am
can barely contain my excitement, neither can the crowd. they're awaiting anxiously to see meghan and her mother doria. to make their way down the long walk. as you can see behind me, the bobbies, the police, they have shut off the crosswalks to the crossing gate for through traffic so that the long walk is ready for them to go down the castle to st. george's chapel. but thousands of people. and there are people still coming. they're still lining. trying to find the perfect vantage point. just to catch a glimpse of meghan markle. cliveden house is about a 15 or 20-minute drive soror so, we're waiting to get a glimpse of the bride. my guess is we probably won't see the dress just yet. we are watching, we're waiting. a lot of indictment here. and police and security enforcing everybody to be behind
3:11 am
the barricades at this moment. because we do expect that she will leave the hotel there very shortly and begin her journey here. guys. >> it will be any minute now. >> yes. she's five minutes behind schedule. but that's not saying anything. a bride deserves her time. >> exactly. they can probably break the speed limit and nobody is going to pull them over. look at the papers, the british tabloids have a way with words "i'm getting hareed" in the morning. they're very clever. >> what do you think of this royal family here? >> the brits? >> the brits. >> there's so much goodwill behind harry. he's the third most popular after prince william. actually, he ties with prince william. because meghan is so glamorous and something different, i think essentially the brits are quite happy for the americans to be rewarded. you've watched our royal family for so long.
3:12 am
so closely. you're into the krocrown and yo love "downton abbey." >> and the last american wallace simpson. >> and there's a sense that it actually increases a relationship for americans strong across the pond and closely associated with royalty. and the ready that he's marrying an american seems to be fitting and forward-thinking and modern as well. >> interestingly, the question has been asked do the brits mind that she's a divorcee, and that she's her own working woman. not only do they not mind, but it's a sign of the sitimes, it'a sign of prince william and prince harry, they represent that part. i think everyone adores the fact that she has that background. >> we say we don't want to mention wallace windsor, but actually, this is wallace
3:13 am
windsor's day, nowadays, an american and divorcee can marry. that's one of the reasons it lasts a thousand years, this institution, because it does that. >> what an extraordinary moment to have a woman who has an african-american mother, caucasian father. and. >> i googled meghan markle and confronted by these pictures of this glamorous girl. and the background. actually, the story when we broke it didn't have much of the background. it's 2018. therefore, it's okay. but prince harry was always going to marry for love. he was always going to marry somebody that he connected with. i know they come from very different backgrounds.
3:14 am
they've got similarities in what they've dealt with as their families unfortunately have breakdowns. they've got the same shared interests in aims, same interests, clearly. >> i was going to say, we haven't done enough talking about their relationship, we've had glimpses of them. and they really -- i mean, it does feel like they have a real connection. it was evident in that first interview that they did with the bbc, don't you think? >> 100%, from everyone i know have seen and an close to them. they are inseparable. aas we know, set up on a blind date. >> we're seeing activity at the cliveden house where meghan and her mother stayed last night. >> we see the car. >> it looks like a range rover. >> we shall see.
3:15 am
>> we might get the first glimpse of the dress. >> now, if it's a big train, they might need a bigger car. >> they may be a truck. >> that would be savannah's dream. >> princess diana, and needed two bodyguards to mind the dress. >> we do see some movement. the cliveden house, andrew, you happen to be an expert on this. i was yokie i joking about the reviews, but this is place where someone can stay if they have a lot of money? >> absolutely, they can. the great hall, a beautiful panelled room, it's been connected with scandals in the past. very exciting political scandals. obviously, not today. and it's also got a famous swimming pool.
3:16 am
and it's just the most lovely place. and home to the cliveden mystery festival. i will say that. >> people visiting these types of places, st. george's chapel has three services a day. anyone is welcome. not today, of course. people can get a glimpse of that. >> there's activity going on here. if you're wondering about the relationship between meghan and her mom. she wrote in a blog. she wrote dreadlocks, yoga instructor, social worker, lover of potato chips and lemon tarts and the dj and al green's classic just forget it. she'll swivel her hips to the beat like she's dancing in the womb. you'll smile. you won't be able to help her. you'll look at her and you will feel joy. i'm talking about my mom.
3:17 am
when you think about how she feels, beautiful. >> and this is prince philip. >> and the gentleman there with the beard, looks like the czar of russia. >> and zara, heavily pregnant, due to give birth in the summer. >> and more bringing up the rear, as we say in britain, prince michael of kent, prince michael of kent is the queen's first cousin. >> who do we see here? >> that's peter phillips, that's the queen's eldest grandson and his wife autumn kelly. they have two children, savannah and eyette. >> and they did marry at st. george's chapel. >> these are members of the
3:18 am
royal family, they're allowed to come after -- >> the royals that do not have eye set time. as you say, they're allowed to arrive after the mainstream of guests. >> if indeed meghan and her mom haven't left cliveden house hotel, i would say we're significantly behind schedule, wouldn't you? >> not that far away. it's about 25 minute, i'd suggest. >> and they're off the roads. >> they'll take their time. she may be fashionably late, but usually, these events are on time. >> camilla, in 2011, the service itself was quicker than people expected. >> yes. they said an hour but it was trief minu45 minutes. >> the carriage procession is the one that gives the bride and groom time to come outside on the steps to meet the well-wishers on the vicinity of that.
3:19 am
>> there is prince edward on the right. he also got married here in st. george's chapel. >> his wife there countess of sussex, sophie, their children there. >> and princess anne in the back. >> here we go, a lot of the shots we're waiting for, there's our bride. >> our bride is there in the vintage rolls royce. >> it was a phantom built in 1950 for personally her majesty the queen then still princess elizabeth. >> one of 16 cars built like that. >> we see a veil. >> yes. >> with the tiara. >> and that was it. >> now, we just have to wait. >> don't you wish we could freeze our tv like you get at
3:20 am
home? >> as long long sleeves, looks m is this angle. to be a spencer tiara. >> it's a round next. tell us the significant of the tiara. >> there's as a cardier that belonged to harry's grandmother. and also the spencer tiara that diana. >> what do bet on? >> maybe she got diana's jewels and created a special piece. >> i can only imagine what she's feeling. >> mommy's wearing --
3:21 am
>> what color? >> green. >> is it okay. you know, in the u.s., if you wear anything close to the bride's color, everyone throws a fit. >> it's like a pastel color, but i think that's acceptable. >> that is acceptable. >> that's the destination, right? >> she's setting off earlier than she needs to to arrive. it won't take 35 to 40 minutes to get there. having said moments ago she might be behind time, we're very much on schedule. >> it will be a to the long walk. >> we just borrowed the slo-mo machine from nbc sports to get a good look at miss maeghan markl. i think we just saw princess anne walk in. >> gentlemyes, princess anne. >> we saw the dean of windsor.
3:22 am
he actually does officiate the service because this is his chapel, albeit, the archbishop of canterbury will marry them. >> where is harry right now? >> he's with his brother. the two are incredibly, incredibly close. i'm sure they're sitting there waiting. >> do you think they're watching the coverage? >> i would think they are. there's one line that harry said about his brother william that from an interview last year. older brothers are supposedly the cool ones but i'm the younger brother and i'm much cooler. a brotherly relationship. i think today he picked him as his best man, particularly with those speeches. there will be a lot of fun and playfulness, as well as doing the important job. >> he's go to keir simmons, with a prime position, of course, he's inside the palace gates. high, keir. >> reporter: hey, there, a sense of anticipation, i think we're
3:23 am
seeing that wonderful british choreography. everything seems to be running to time. the royals arrived at the further entrance just behind the chapel there behind me. you were mentioning harry and william. i think we will see harry and william anytime now. and i think they will walk, and they may well greet, members of the crowd behind me, especially invited. i think we will see them come down through that door, where the western entrances, those famous stairs where we expect to see harry and meghan come out after they're married. it is -- the royals showing how -- telling you how to do it a little bit. and we haven't even seen the military yet. we just saw, walking down underneath us here, the state trumpeters of the band of the household cavalry take their positions in st. george's chapel. harry, of course, served in the military. is bags knpassionate about the
3:24 am
military, and they have yet to show their presence. so, then, of course in a little while, we'll have the entrance of the queen. and then meghan herself will get to see that wedding dress. >> all right. well, thank you, keir. we're waiting for that moment. that long walk is the place that many have been waiting for that rolls to roll down. natalie is here on the long walk. hey, natalie, they're almost at your location. >> reporter: i know, i can't wait. i don't know about you, but my heart is beating like crazy. everybody here when they saw her get in the car, because they are monitoring and watching the big screens around the long walk. there are cheers that erupted here. people are so excited. they're really just enjoying this moment. they've made an event out of it. everybody is expecting to rolls royce to be here in ten minutes. 7.3 miles from cliveden house. as you saw there, we saw just that little glimpse of the beautiful bride with her veil, you can see her mom with that
3:25 am
beautiful hat, everybody tries to get to the dresses here. but still at this point, we dent really know. when we saw that shot, we were peering at our screens just trying to make out the dress and details of the tiara, as we could here. everyone here so excited and awaiting her arrival. pretty much a couple minutes from now, that car is coming down. and she's going to be making her way down the long walk to meet up with the groom and royal family. very exciting. stand by, because it's happening here soon. >> we are. >> just jump up and down and shout, if you see anything, nat. we're coming back to our panel. we have andrew roberts, british historian, camilla tominey. and wilfred frost.
3:26 am
>> and we saw prince andrew in there with his two daughters, princess eugenie. getting married here in a few months. >> i heard that she's going to speak, is that usual? >> these days brides like to have their own say. i think the royals will welcome that, particularly because thomas markle isn't here to talk on the bride's behalf. >> the only family member coming here on her side is her mom? >> we believe doria, yes. >> no doubt, she'll deliver an expert speech, given her training which will increase the pressure on her. >> lots to know who is sitting
3:27 am
next to whom. >> these empty seats need to be filled by the so-called top royals. prince william and the duchess of corn well with prince charles. and this is why the couple chose windsor, the event to the 92-year-old monarch and her husband who is nearly 97. >> and he was driving a caririae only a month ago. how extraordinary that. >> it has the seats, and the seats there, william and harry's nanny. mark dyer is up there. one of mark dyer's sons jasper is a page boy. and these are former employees but best friends of these boys.
3:28 am
>> we've been looking at a great shot. many members of the public have been excited by harry and meghan on to the palace grounds. boy, what a sight they're going to get. you can see how excited. a lot of them are kids, in some cases, kids that harry and meghan have let over the last few months. they've been given a bag of shortbread, among other things. >> and children are very much a theme of this wedding. the bridesmaids and page boys. a lot of nervous mommies right now. >> can you imagine in your child is one of those? >> i was interested to see that duchess of cambridge hasn't arrived yet. is she doing a little shepherding of children right now, or zhuszhing them? >> and we had a course that said she's got to make sure they make
3:29 am
it down the aisle? >> she did a great job of her helping them in pippa's wedding. we got a great shot of kate going shhh. >> was there anything that stood out to you in that dress? >> we could see a clean neckline. it felt like it had long sleeves. you see a big veil happening there. obviously the beautiful tiara worn a little bit farther back than is actually customary. >> what does that mean? >> well, diana wore it toward the back as well. i am wondering if it's the spencer tiara. if it is, it's the tiara what diana wore from the spencer family. >> i know everyone cares about the dress, but also do we see a beard or not a beard. >> i think we have time to place our bets. >> i'm firmly saying no beard. >> i'm going to go no beard. >> i vote no beard. but i think he's not going to
3:30 am
share f shave for the first time tommy. >> you? >> full facial. >> his great grandmother and great great grandfather all wore beards. >> and she will be expected in his military dress as well? >> yes. >> william as well? >> william as well. >> let's check back on that long walk. natalie, what are you seeing? >> reporter: okay. well, they're doing the wave. lots of cheers. still no sighting of that rolls roy. the and phantom ford. and what a welcome for meghan markle and her mom doria. the crowd erupts every single
3:31 am
time a car comes by. starting to see say first line of policemen moving forward, just trying to contain and control and make sure that the crowd stays where they're supposed to be. but the route has been barricaded off, so that it's very clear and safe. there are police all along. there's security, heavy security presence, every before. people are that the queen has h. and the mother doria, 6:545. and then at 7:00, the bride is expected to exit the car and step up to the chapel. >> on your counter, are we more or less on time? >> i think we are. the only thing that is off. they say the bride arrives here at 6:30 which would have given her a half hour to sit. so we've got wiggle room. >> people are ready. the flags are out. throngs of people.
3:32 am
so many americans. i feel like i've met more people from california and texas and illinois than i have anybody from england. >> yeah, high street right there in front of our hotel was totally packed. al's down there. and they're really getting in touch with everyone there. >> lots of members for the commonwealth of course there as well. gathering of 53 nations. the queen is not just head of state in the uk, but 16 nations in total. a lot of visitors from the likes of canada, australia, and other big members of the commonwealth. >> okay. we're still awaiting the beard or no beard. our bets aren't changing. >> no, this side of the table, camilla and andrew and i, it will not be shaven. >> if the queen has mentioned it, it will be gone. but i think he'll lose it. >> does the queen have -- does she weigh in at all on the wedding dress.
3:33 am
>> wait a minute -- >> the beard is there. >> of course, it is. >> wow. >> mystery solved. >> and what is this uniformy. >> this is the blues, his royal guard uniform. obviously, he's wearing his medals there. head of seas. >> and i love the white gloves as well. >> the white gloves. >> the hat. >> long jacket. >> does he look a little nervous. those who know him for a living? >> they're walking a little faster. they're not pausing to wave. i would say there's nerves there. >> they're chitchatting. >> they're chitchatting. he said i'm looking forward to it and not the best man speech. usually pokes fun at the groom and harry has done the reverse. >> i think the beard is trimmed. i think it's trimmed. it looks a little cleaner.
3:34 am
>> i think it's rich for me to claim victory over the trim. anyway -- >> they're wearing the garter of stars. at least prince william is. this is the chapel of the order of the guards. and the flags of the member of the order are over the pews that they sit in. >> let's take a moment and just watch, as they make this royal entrance. >> of course, they are both now dukes as well, the duke of cambridge on the right and the duke of sussex now. that's harry.
3:35 am
>> and now, where have they just entered? >> well, they're going around the corner of the chapel. >> galilee court. >> and they're going to pass and under, indeed, the great west wing. and which that fabulous, fabulous window there was built between 1503 and 1509. and it's considered the third best gothic perpendicular architecture in the united kingdom. >> only the third? >> yes, there are two even bigger ones. >> all of these people sitting on the lawn, they're the invites guests. that's great that they get that close-up view. >> they'll be the best ones for the kiss that takes place on those steps. the only draw from that open
3:36 am
balcony from that first public kiss. >> that's a great shot of the view of the flowers as the princes ever and greeted by the clergy. >> that's the dean of windsor on the left as we saw earlier is the overall man owe fifficiatin service. >> with that uniform, you're supposed to wear spurs. but they don't wear spurs today, because when he kneels down he doesn't need to have spurs. >> we get it. >> he was the 1,000 -- prince william was the 1,000th member of the order of the guard founds in 1348. >> the guests, of course, have been patiently waiting for the last hour or so. of course, delighted now. >> they've been there the
3:37 am
longest. >> oprah's been there the longest. >> yes, indeed. >> they just made the walk that meghan markle will make. the palace has taken means to point this out in the first point of her walk, she will be by herself. and then when she reaches the gate, she will hook up with prince charles who will do the honors. she asked him to do so after consulting with prince harry after it was clear that her father was not able to do it because of his health and other concerns. prince charles, we've been told they've become rather close and friendly but not give her away. >> that's right, she's a modern woman, she doesn't want to be given away. she's going to be accompanied by prince charles. >> we see them, a shot from our chopper, coming down the long walk. >> and prince charles, the next
3:38 am
expected arrival, of course. and look for meghan's mother, then the queen. and then meghan herself. >> so, pretty soon, one would assume they're going to start encountering the crowds in position there. >> natalie is already jumping up and down, i'm sure. >> we've asked that question so many times, in terms what do the british people think about meghan. we'll get a real clear answer when she goes down the long walk in front of those fans and flags. i'm sure the display will be a resounding we love meghan, no doubt about it. >> of course. next time she makes this then, she'll be a married woman with her prince in a horse-drawn
3:39 am
carriage that will wind its way through after the wedding and proceed. they'll be able to give a real wave. there's that close up. the royal wave. there's the close-up. >> that tiara, we can't make it out for sure yet. but we'll get a closer look as soon as she steps into the chapel. >> this time when she goes down the long walk, she's miss meghan markle. the next time she goes down it, she'll be her royal highness the duchess of sussex. >> natalie. >> reporter: i'm feeling it. the bobbies are doing a wave with the crowd. they've been orchestrating this grand entrance that meghan markle and her mom doria are going to make. the crowd is expected to do a wave as her car comes through. yes, everybody knows. and they're awaiting this, as you see coming into windsor, into the area here.
3:40 am
they are not far from our vantage point. this is the first glimpse, that this crowd. they've been out here early in the morning because the streets have been closed off to secure the area. so, people have been getting here since very, very early this morning. some people have camped out along high street and other vantage points as well. this is the first opportunity to see the bride and the royal entourage of cars coming through here. we're starting to see the first detail here arriving. and then, they will make their way down that long walk. it's 2.6 miles. there are thousands of people all along the route. it's a big party, all along the way. and this is -- you'll have two opportunities, as you all mentioned, to see the bride and you'll see harry, once they're married, make this same sort of procession, once again. taking a tour of wind sosor to greet the well-wishers and as
3:41 am
the newly married couple. here's the car, the phantom, only six made in the world, built for the queen. i believe you already talked about. if you're not a wedding person, maybe you're a car person, so, we can focus on that detail, too. of course, we're all fixated on the tiara. we don't know the details as of yet. but we did catch a glimpse. >> we have the car going against traffic. >> yes. i'm trying to fill in all of details here. because we're definitelial waiting her grand entrance here. any minute now. you know, you talked about the choreography, and it's very clear. it's so tightly choreographed, her entrance here to then of course, the rest of the arrivals, royals and the queen. guys. >> is it just me, or do the
3:42 am
chapel bells sound like they're really getting going? >> yeah, you can feel it coming from that church, too. i'm just wondering if you guys know the geography of this place. how close are they? are they just nearby? >> to be honest, it's difficult from the air, i'm not sure exactly what road. i think they were fit for time. she needs to be at the church in 15 minutes' time. >> meantime, prince charles is due to arrive next, right? >> 42 minutes, either already in. whilst we're looking at this or about to arrive. there's very few people left to arrive. prince charles. meghan's mother, meghan and then the queen. >> we've got the word. the car is here. natalie, are you in position? >> reporter: i'm in position. just look down that stretch. look at those flags waving.
3:43 am
the helicopters are overhead, giving you this perfect shot. doesn't look like that much of a crowd along the street. i can assure you, once that car takes that turn into this section of the long walk, you can expect an eruption of cheers from here. people are so excited for this moment. they've been waiting here a very long time. take a look at that car. around the bend here. we're just minutes away from it happening. not even, seconds. >> and already there are people lining the streets. people just before we even get to you. >> reporter: they've been here for showers. i've got to tell you, again, because the streets were closed off to the public. here we go. we're starting to see the first of the motorcade coming through. the rolls royce. you see them coming through. now, you're going to see them at my spot in a couple of seconds. here we go. you hear the cheers. people welcoming the bride, as
3:44 am
she and her mom make their grand entrance. here along the long walk. hi, meghan! meghan! i'll get into it. they go down the long walk, with the eruption of cheers continue all along the ride. such a fun moment. to take part in that. >> she waved back. we think she saw you, natalie. >> a wave down to you, sweetie, you did us proud there with your wave to meghan. and now, you're joining by a few thousand of your closest friends there waving flags. and we were on this long walk. a couple weeks ago. it is so beautiful. it's breathtaking. imagine how meghan, her heart in her chest beating.
3:45 am
>> when you think about it, she is sort of a regular girl like any of us. we can feel like what it must feel like being plunged in the middle of this. this is your wedding day. >> this is your fairy tail. >> this is your fairy tale. >> it's like most little girls do, dreaming of this. >> a fairy tale couldn't be more applicable. i agree. >> modern day.
3:46 am
>> okay. we were just looking for the location of where she's going to be rolling in from our vantage point up top. and it's where, right over our left shoulder? >> is that windsor's front door? >> it's probably windsor great park. it's 5,700 acres. it's enormous. part of the old saxton park. it's one of the reason it was built here because of the park, because they loved hunting. >> what we're looking at is the north wall of the castle grounds. st. george's hall is to the far left where the reception will be. this is st. george's chapel. >> there we have the groom and his best man as they wait to be a fly on the wall. >> if you're at home wondering,
3:47 am
when is this all happening? it is supposed to all go down in about ten minutes, straight up at 7:00 eastern time. and they say the queen runs on time. the queen herself should be coming in at 6:52 -- not about. at exactly 6:52. in four minutes. >> we haven't seen the duchess of cornwell either. the seat is empty. prince charles will not sit down either yet. >> we think she's busy with bridesmaids. >> i think she may be on mommy duty. >>le y lyes, exactly, she's got little littones making sure. >> ten little kids. >> whose going to be doing the fluffing of the veil.
3:48 am
>> i think meghan is going to do it. maybe mom is going to help her there. >> yeah. >> there's a little bit of banter between the two brothers here. i think william is trying to calm his nerves. having interviewed harry. i would say there's a little bit of nerves there. >> even from william. with spotlights on them. will we go, a little smirk. >> is anyone qualified as a lip reader? >> i have got a lip reader working for the paper. if she feeds it into my mobile phone, you can have the whole thing. >> is that how you get your scoops? >> not all of them. a lip reader is a useful thing on a day like this. >> when the ceremony begins at 7:00, it's supposed to last an hour. you know what's interesting, they released a program this morning, i think it's 1:00 a.m., they release it also online for people. it's an interesting way the palace does business. >> also, they release it early
3:49 am
so the newspapers can have it and they want people to funnel it. and of course, it's relayed outside. we heard the choral music practiced yesterday. they want people to sing along to the hymns. >> and princess diana's sister will do a read. >> lady jane. >> uh-oh, something is happening. >> the religious aspect will be strong. we forget that her majesty the queen reigns by divine right. we haven't had a coronation in 66 years. only because she takes her issue by god. and members of the royal family expected to take their faith seriously. >> when they take their vows in the back ground, you'll see three enormous plates given by the sister to the chapel.
3:50 am
>> here she comes. >> it's a different vehicle. it looks like. it could be prince charles and the duchess of cornwall. lots of rolls royces and land rovers. >> and bentleys. >> it is expected to be the prince of wales and camilla. >> the prince of wales doing double doing. >> i think that's going to be a beautiful moment. >> i think it will be as he welcomes his daughter-in-law meghan markle down the aisle. >> when the service starts, you'll see less of us and hear less of us. we'll let you enjoy the ceremony with everyone. >> the duchess of cornwall can arrive with prince charles. at a time ago, it was more difficult for him. but certainly something that happens these days. >> that's doria. the mother of the bride.
3:51 am
>> of course, meghan markle's mother arriving. doria ragland. >> she looks beautiful. can i just say. >> gorgeous. gorgeous. >> stunning. >> that means the bride is separated from her mom. her mom is going into the church. the bride is assembling. >> ages 2 to 7, right? >> yes. >> sticking to that planned order, that means prince charles and camilla already inside. you missed that arrival until they switched orders slightly. >> let's see. >> i think this is going to be charles and camilla, but where have i heard that before? oh, from myself, 30 seconds ago.
3:52 am
>> and there they are. >> yes. >> wow. >> in the very chapel where their own marriage was blessed a few years back. and, of course, were married in a simple ceremony here in windsor. >> yeah, how would you describe that hat, camilla's? >> i completely missed it. >> oh, the queen's arrived. >> beautiful. i believe the queen is wearing lime green. >> with stewart pollack. and he's worked closely with the queen for many years. in the same lime silk tweed.
3:53 am
>> i think the citrine is a very big trend today. >> it is. >> handmade lace crystals and pearls. >> the queen always says she wears bright colors. you know why? she said i have to be seen. >> and they're bathed in sunlight. looks like they have the sunroof open in there. prince philip doing well. >> 97 next month. having had that hip operation. rof recovered very well. desperate to be there. very close to prince harry. when he was 8, he would be down the road and come see them for afternoon tea. >> 66 years on the throne since
3:54 am
seated in february 1952. making her the longest lived and reigning british monarch. >> and another connection between prince philip and harry is they've both seen action in war, that's brought them together. as, of course, as prince andrew, a helicopter pilot in the war. >> so, who does that leave? >> i was just thinking that. >> the bride and bridesmaids and page boys? >> absolutely right. >> and that looks very promising. >> we're about to have cuteness overload. bring on the kids. >> oh, wow. >> is that princess charlotte? i'm making a prediction now princess charlotte will steal the show. >> you think so? >> i think so. >> okay. >> she's happy with the crowd. i saw her when prince louis was
3:55 am
born, and she was happy to give that away. >> and it's like a thrill day, don't you think. four minutes before the wedding is due to begin. >> ions once the queen enters, they don't delay. no one dilly dallies. >> no dilly dallies. >> they'll have to commend their time-keeping. they're right on time at this stage. >> everyone rises for her majesty when she comes in. >> let's listen.
3:56 am
♪ >> and now, we're starting to see those darling bridesmaids, page boys and mommies, nervous mommies holding hands and helping them to get there. >> the obvious stars of the show. who are the children? >> prince george and princess charlotte. and the duchess of cambridge with her. she's got two flower girls there. then we have jessica mulroney who is meghan's best friend with
3:57 am
her twin boys and her daughter. we also have -- >> alice van cutsem there. >> and we've got jake warren's wife there. >> jake warren's wife, zoe, she's pregnant. and very sweet. >> and again, we should point out that we're going to see this wedding dress long before harry does. >> the duchess of cambridge, of course, now inside. meaning just one person left. >> we're about to have our moment. >> it's fair to say, she's going to arrive right on time as the block is about to strike. >> this is noon here in windsor, england, where we will have the royal wedding.
3:58 am
>> as miss markle did it, she arrived to the chapel on time. 7:00 a.m. in the east. >> she was four seconds late. early for you, isn't it. >> i think that looks like the mulroney twins that are with meghan there.
3:59 am
>> wow. >> there she is. >> wow. >> the veil. >> she doesn't just look stunning, she looks regal. >> she looks absolutely regal. >> it's claire geller. did i say that correctly. >> zhana draw drop. >> we need to bring the medics. zhana passed out. >> so many different names bantered around about this dress. an incredible british designer. >> and a beautiful train. >> long. >> you need that drama moment on 2 22 steps she is walking up. the train is stunning. the dress is very regal. very simple. the boatneck.
4:00 am
the fitting shape. very, very regal. >> regal, maybe even angelic with the way how sheer that veil is. it's very beautiful. >> claire keller. ♪
4:01 am
♪ ♪
4:02 am
♪ ♪ ♪
4:03 am
♪ ♪ ♪
4:04 am
>> the grace of our lord, jesus christ, the love of god, and the fellowship of the holy spirit, be with you. >> and also with you. >> god is love, and those who live in love live in god, and god lives in them. in the presence of god, father, son, and holy spirit, we have come together to witness the marriage of henry charles albert david and rachel meghan, to pray for god's blessing on them, to
4:05 am
share their joy and to celebrate their love. marriage is a gift of god in creation through which husband and wife may know the grace of god. it is given that as man and woman grow together in love and trust, they shall be united with one another in heart, body and mind, as christ is united with his bride, the church. the gift of marriage brings husband and wife together in the delight and tenderness of sexual union and joyful commitment to the end of their lives. it is given as the foundation of family life in which children are born and nurtured and in which each member of the family in good times and in bad may
4:06 am
find strength, companionship and comfort, and grow to maturity in love. marriage is a way of life made holy by god and blessed by the presence of our lord jesus christ with those celebrating a wedding at cana in galilee. marriage is a sign of unity and loyalty which all should uphold and honor. it enriches society and strengthens community. no one should enter into it lightly or selfishly, but reverently and responsibly, in the sight of almighty god. harry and meghan are now to enter this way of life. they will each give their consent to the other and make solemn vows, and in token of
4:07 am
this, they will each give and receive a ring. we pray with them that the holy spirit will guide and strengthen them, that they may fulfill god's purposes for the whole of their earthly life together. ♪ ♪ lord of all hopefulness lord of all joy ♪ ♪ whose trust ever child-like no cares could destroy ♪ ♪ be there at our waking, and give us, we pray ♪
4:08 am
♪ your bliss in our hearts, lord, at the break of the day ♪ ♪ lord of all eagerness, lord of all faith ♪ ♪ whose strong hands were skilled at the plane and the lathe ♪ ♪ be there at our labours and give us, we pray ♪ ♪ your strength in our hearts, lord, at the noon of the day ♪ ♪ lord of all kindliness, lord of all grace ♪ ♪ your hands swift to welcome, your arms to embrace ♪
4:09 am
♪ be there at our homing and give us, we pray ♪ ♪ your love in our hearts, lord, at the eve of the day ♪ >> first, i am required to ask anyone present who knows a reason why these persons may not lawfully marry, to declare it now. harry and meghan, the vows you are about to take are to be made in the presence of god, who is judge of all and knows all the secrets of our hearts. therefore, if either of you knows a reason why you may not lawfully marry, you must declare
4:10 am
it now. harry, will you take meghan to be your wife? will you love her, comfort her, honor and protect her, and, forsaking all others, be faithful to her as long as you both shall live? >> i will. >> meghan, will you take harry to be your husband? will you love him, comfort him, honor and protect him, and forsaking all others, be faithful to him as long as you both shall live? >> i will. >> and will you, the families
4:11 am
and friends of harry and meghan, support and uphold them in their marriage now and in the years to come? >> we will. >> as we stand, let us pray for harry and meghan. god, our father, from the beginning you have blessed creation with abundant life. pour out your blessings upon harry and meghan, that they may be joined in mutual love and companionship in holiness and commitment to each other. we ask this through our lord jesus christ, your son, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the holy spirit,
4:12 am
one god, now and for ever. amen. >> my beloved speaks and says to me, "arise, my love, my fair one, and come away, for now the winter is past, the rain is over and gone. the flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtle-dove is heard in our land. the fig tree puts forth its figs and the vines are in blossom, they give forth fragrance. arise, my love, my fair one, and come away." set me as a seal upon your
4:13 am
heart, as a seal upon your arm, for love is strong as death, passion fierce as the grave. its flashes are flashes of fire, a raging flame. many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it. if one offered for love all the wealth of one's house, it would be utterly scorned. ♪ if ye love me, keep my commandments, and i will pray
4:14 am
the father ♪ ♪ and he shall give you another comforter ♪ ♪ that he may bide with you forever ♪ ♪ e' en the spirit of truth
4:15 am
♪ ♪ ♪
4:16 am
>> and now in the name of our loving liberating and life giving god, father, son, and holy spirit, amen. from the song of solomon in the bible, set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm, for love is as strong as death, passion, fears as the grave. its flashes are flashes of fire, a raging flame. many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods. drown it out. the late dr. martin luther king once said and i quote, "we must
4:17 am
discover the power of love, the redemptive power of love, and when we do that, we will make of this old world a new world." love is the only way. there's power in love. don't underestimate it. don't even over sentimentalize it. there's power, power in love. if you don't believe me, think about a time when you first fell in love. the whole world seemed to center around you and your beloved. well, there's power, power in love, not just in its romantic forms, but any form, any shape
4:18 am
of love. there's a certain sense in which when you are loved and you know it, when someone cares for you and you know it, when you love and you show it, it actually feels right. there's something right about it. and there's a reason for it. the reason has to do with the source. we were made by a power of love and our lives were meant and are meant to be lived in that love. that's why we are here. ultimately the source of love is god himself. the source of all of our lives. there's an old medieval poem that says, where true love is found, god himself is there. the new testament says it this way, beloved, let us love one
4:19 am
another because love is of god and those who love are born of god and know god, those who do not love do not know god, why? for god is love. there's power in love. there's power in love to help and heal when nothing else can. there's power in love, to lift up and liberate when nothing else will. there's power in love to show us the way to live. set me as a seal on your heart. a seal on your arm. for love, it is strong. but love is not only about a young couple. now the power of love is
4:20 am
demonstrated by the fact that we're all here. two young people fell in love and we all showed up. but it's not just for and about a young couple who we rejoice with. it's more than that. jesus of nazareth on one occasion was asked by a lawyer the sum of the essence of the teachings of moses and he went back and reached back into the hebrew scriptures and jesus said, you shall love the lord, your god, with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength. this is the first and great commandment. and the second is like it. love your neighbor as yourself. and then in mathews' version, he added, he said on these two, love of god and love of neighbor, hang all the law, all the prophets, everything that moses wrote, everything in the holy prophets, everything in the
4:21 am
scriptures, everything that god has been trying to tell the world, love god. love your neighbors. and while you're at it, love yourself. someone once said that jesus began most revolutionary movement in all of human history, a movement grounded in the unconditional love of god for the world. and a movement mandating people to live that love. and in so doing, to change not only their lives but the very life of the world itself. i'm talking about some power, real power, power to change the world. if you don't believe me, well,
4:22 am
there were some old slaves in america's antiblum south who explained the dynamic power of love and why it has the power, they explained it this way, they sang a spiritual, even in the midst of their cavitity, something that can make things right, to make the wounded whole. there is a bomb in gilleyad to heal the soul. they said if you cannot preach like peter and you cannot pray like paul, you just tell the love of jesus how he died to save us all. oh, that's the psalm in gill leead. he didn't die for anything he could get out of it. jesus did not get an honorary
4:23 am
doctorate for dying. he didn't -- he wasn't getting anything out of it. he gave up his life. he sacrificed his life for the good of others, for the good of the other, for the well-being of the world, for us. that's what love is. love is not selfish and self-centered. love can be sacrificial, and in so doing, becomes redemptive. and that way of unselfish sacrificial redemptive love, changes lives and it can change this world. if you don't believe me, just stop and think and imagine, think and imagine, well, think and imagine a world where love is the way. imagine our homes and families
4:24 am
when love is the way. imagine neighborhoods and communities where love is the way. imagine governments and nations where love is the way. imagine business and commerce when love is the way. imagine this tired old world when love is the way. when love is the way, unselfish, sacrificial, redemptive, when love is the way, then no child will go to bed hungry in this world ever again. when love is the way, we will let justice roll down like a mighty stream and righteousness like an ever-flowing brook. when love is the way, poverty will become history. when love is the way, the earth will be a sanctuary.
4:25 am
when love is the way, we will lay down our swords and shields, down by the riverside, to study war no more. when love is the way, there's plenty good room, plenty good room, for all of god's children because when love is the way, we actually treat each other well, like we are actually family. when love is the way, we know that god is the source of us all and we are brothers and sisters, children of god. my brothers and sisters, that's a new heaven, a new earth, a new
4:26 am
world, a new human family. and let me tell you something, old solomon was right in the old testament, there's fire. with this i will sit down. we got to get you all married. the french jesuit was one of the great minds and spirits of the 20th century, a roman catholic priest, scientist, a scholar, a mystic, in some of his writings he said from his scientific background as well as his theological one, some of his writings, he said, as others have, that the discovery or invention or harnessing of fire was one of the great, one of the great scientific and technological discoveries in all
4:27 am
of human history. fire to a great extent made human civilization possible. fire, made it possible to cook food and to provide sanitary ways of eating, which reduced the spread of disease in its time. fire made it possible to heat warm environments and thereby made human migration around the world a possibility, even into colder climates. fire made it possible -- there is no -- there was no bronze age without fire. no iron age without fire. no industrial revolution without fire. the advances of science and technology are greatly dependent on the human ability and capacity to take fire and use it for human good. anybody get here in a car today? an automobile? nod your heads if you did. i'm guessing -- i know there were some carriages. but those of us who came in
4:28 am
cars, fire, the controlled harnessed fire, made that possible. now that the bible says and i believe that jesus walked on the water, but i have to tell you, i didn't walk across the atlantic ocean to get here. controlled fire in that plane got me here. fire makes it possible for us to text and tweet and e-mail and instagram and facebook and socially be dysfunctional with each other. fire makes all of that possible. and he said, fire was one of the greatest discoveries in all of human history. he then went on to say, if humanity ever harnesses the energy of fire again, if humanity ever captures the energy of love, it will be the second time in history that we have discovered fire. dr. king was right.
4:29 am
we must discover love. the redemptive power of love and when we do that, we will make of this old world a new world. my brother, my sister, god love you, god bless you, and my god hold us all in those all mighty hands of love.
4:30 am
♪ when the night has come and the land is dark and the moon is the only light we see ♪ ♪ no, i won't be afraid no, i won't be afraid just as long as you stand, stand by me ♪ ♪ so darling, darling stand by me oh, stand by me ♪ ♪ stand by me, stand by me
4:31 am
♪ stand by me ♪ if the sky that we look upon should tumble and fall, or the mountains should crumble to the sea ♪ ♪ i won't cry, i won't cry no, i won't shed a tear just as long as you stand, stand by me ♪ ♪ so darling, darling stand by me, stand by me ♪ ♪ stand by me, stand by me
4:32 am
♪ stand by me ♪ whenever you're in trouble, won't you stand by me, stand by me ♪ ♪ stand by me, stand by me ♪ stand by me ♪ so darling, darling, stand by me, stand by me ♪ ♪ stand by me, stand by me ♪ stand by me ♪ so darling, darling stand by me, stand by me ♪ ♪ stand by me
4:33 am
♪ stand by me ♪ stand by me ♪ stand by me >> harry and meghan, i now invite you to join hands and make your vows, in the presence of god and his people. i, harry, take you meghan. >> i harry, take you meghan. >> to be my wife. >> to be my wife. >> to have and to hold. >> to have and to hold. >> from this day forward. >> from this day forward. >> for better, for worse. >> for better, for worse. >> for richer, for poorer. >> for richer, for poorer. >> in sickness nand health. >> in sickness and in health. >> to love and to cherish.
4:34 am
>> to love and to cherish. >> till death us do part. >> till death us do part. >> according to god's holy law. >> according to god's holy law. >> in the presence of god. >> in the presence of god. >> i make this vow. >> i make this vow. >> i, meghan, take you harry. >> i, meghan, take you harry. >> to be my husband. >> to be my husband. >> to have and to hold. >> to have and to hold. >> from this day forward. >> from this day forward. >> for better, for worse. >> for better, for worse. >> for richer, for poorer. >> for richer, for poorer. >> in sickness and in health. >> in sickness and in health. >> to love and to cherish. >> to love and to cherish. >> till death do us part. >> till death us do part. >> according to god's holy law. >> according to god's holy law. >> in the presence of god.
4:35 am
>> in the presence of god. >> i make this vow. >> i make this vow. >> heavenly father, by your blessing, let these rings be to harry and meghan a symbol of unending love and faithfulness, to remind them of the vow and covenant which they have made this day, through jesus christ our lord. >> amen.
4:36 am
>> meghan, i give you this ring. >> meghan, i give you this ring. >> as a sign of our marriage. >> as a sign of our marriage. >> with my body i honor you. >> with my body i honor you. >> all that i am i give to you. >> all that i am, i give to you. >> and all that i have. >> and all that i have. >> i share with you. >> i share with you. >> within the love of god. >> within the love of god. >> father, son and holy spirit. >> father, son and holy spirit. >> harry, i give you this ring. >> harry, i give you this ring. >> as a sign of our marriage. >> as a sign of our marriage. >> with my body i honor you. >> with my body i honor you. >> all that i am, i give to you. >> all that i am, i give to you. >> and all that i have. >> and all that i have.
4:37 am
>> i share with you. >> i share with you. >> within the love of god. >> within the love of god. >> the father, the son and holy spirit. >> the father, son, and holy spirit. >> in the presence of god, and before this congregation, harry and meghan have given their consent and made their marriage vows to each other. they have declared their marriage by the joining of hands and by the giving and receiving of rings. i, therefore, proclaim that they are husband and wife.
4:38 am
those whom god has joined together, let no one put asunder. ♪ ♪ the lord bless you and keep you, the lord make his face to shine upon you ♪ ♪ to shine upon you and be gracious unto you ♪ ♪ the lord bless you and keep you ♪ ♪ the lord make his face to shine upon you, to shine upon you and be gracious, and be
4:39 am
gracious unto you ♪ ♪ the lord lift up the light of his countennance upon you ♪ ♪ the lord lift up the light of his countenance upon you ♪ ♪ and give you peace ♪ and give you peace ♪ and give you peace ♪ and give you peace
4:40 am
♪ amen ♪ amen ♪ amen
4:41 am
>> blessed are you, o lord our god, for you have created joy and gladness, pleasure and delight, love, peace and fellowship. pour out the abundance of your blessing upon harry and meghan in their new life together. let their love for each other be a seal upon their hearts and a crown upon their heads. bless them in their work and in their companionship. awake and asleep, in joy and in sorrow, in life and in death. finally, in your mercy, bring them to that banquet where your saints feast for ever in your heavenly home, we ask this through jesus christ your son, our lord, who lives and reigns with you and the holy spirit,
4:42 am
one god, now and for ever. amen. god, the father, god the son, god the holy spirit, bless, preserve, and keep you, the lord mercifully grants you the riches of his grace, that you may please him, both in body and soul, and living together in faith and love, may receive the blessings of eternal life. amen. >> faithful god, holy and eternal, source of life and spring of love, we thank and praise you for bringing harry and meghan to this day, and we
4:43 am
pray for them. lord of life and love. >> hear our prayer. >> may their marriage be life-giving and life-long, enriched by your presence and strengthened by your grace, may they bring comfort and confidence to each other in faithfulness and trust. lord of life and love. >> hear our prayer. >> may the hospitality of their home bring refreshment and joy to all around them. may their love overflow to neighbors in need and embrace
4:44 am
those in distress. lord of life and love. >> hear our prayer. >> may they discern in your word order and purpose for their lives, and may the power of your holy spirit lead them in truth and defend them in adversity. lord of life and love. >> hear our prayer. >> may they nurture their family with devotion, see their children grow in body, mind and spirit, and come at last to the end of their lives with hearts content and in joyful anticipation of heaven. lord of life and love. >> hear our prayer.
4:45 am
let us pray with confidence as our savior taught us. our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. give us today our daily bread. forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. for the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours, now and for ever. amen. ♪ ♪ guide me o thou great redeemer
4:46 am
pilgrim through this land ♪ ♪ i am weak but thou art mighty ♪ ♪ hold me with thy powerful hand ♪ ♪ bread of heaven bread of heaven feed me till i want no more ♪ ♪ feed me till i want no more ♪ open now the crystal fountain whence the healing stream doth flow ♪ ♪ let the fire and cloudy pillar lead me all my journey through ♪
4:47 am
♪ strong deliverer, strong deliverer, be thou still my strength and shield ♪ ♪ be thou still my strength and shield ♪ ♪ when i tread the verge of jordan, bid my anxious fears subside ♪ ♪ death of death and hell's destruction, land me safe on canaan's side ♪ ♪ songs of praises songs of praises ♪ ♪ i will ever give to thee
4:48 am
♪ i will ever give to thee >> god, the holy trinity, make you strong in faith and love, defend you on every side, and guide you in truth and peace. and the blessing of god yal mighty, the father, the son, and the holy spirit, be among you and remain with you always. amen.
4:49 am
♪ >> so we've just watched history and what a beautiful wedding full of passion, full of amazing looks between the bride and groom. i think we're all just melting, all in a big puddle. what do we expect now? >> well, i'm kind of blown away by the romanticism of her walk down the aisle with the soprano singing. not a dry eye in the house. then prince harry can clearly totally head over heels in love with this girl. when she approached down the aisle and he first saw her, he had a smile on his face, he said, you look amazing. >> you look amazing. >> i think he said, i love you and my heart melted as did yours. >> there were so many moment, we were weeping up here and
4:50 am
watching him lift her veil may have been one of those moments because he finally got the full look on how she was and i saw some tears coming over on this side of the table as well. >> 100%. hoda, i could not -- it was so beautiful, so romantic. i think as well, he looked nervous throughout and i don't think in a bad way, in a wonderful way. it was so clearly such an important, important moment for him, and i think, you know, this was -- he took it all very seriously but in a wonderful way. >> there's a bit of business going on right now as we speak. >> that's right. during this pause in the ceremony, the church goers are still there, they've gone off to sign a registry. >> you have to sign the register during the ceremony and so -- you're not allowed to see that. the cameras are not going to go in there and so this is the point at which you hear beautiful music. >> this is that cellist that they loved so much, we've been waiting to hear. let's listen in for a minute. ♪
4:51 am
♪ ♪ ♪
4:52 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:53 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:54 am
>> just 19 years old, this young man, sheku kanneh-mason. he's a cellist and he described the moment that he got a phone call from harry asking him to perform or from meghan and he said, quote, i was bowled over when miss markle called me, she asked if i could play during the ceremony and i said immediately, yes. ♪ ♪
4:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪
4:56 am
♪ ♪
4:57 am
♪ ♪ >> and the 19-year-old cellist winner of the 2016 bbc young musician award, has captivated the audience inside st. george's chapel. >> he didn't seem nervous at all. he seemed like he was born to be in that place. >> we would say he nailed it. >> yeah. >> i would say so. >> well done.
4:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪
4:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:00 am
♪ [ trumpets sounding ]
5:01 am
♪ ♪
5:02 am
♪ ♪ ♪
5:03 am
♪ ♪ ♪
5:04 am
♪ ♪
5:05 am
♪ ♪
5:06 am
♪ >> well, harry and meghan gave the people what they wanted, a kiss on the steps of the chapel and now the real cinder ella moment. they get in this horse-drawn carriage that will take them through the streets of windsor on the long walk back to windsor castle. >> savannah and i rode part that
5:07 am
have route. it's a beautiful route. when you look at these two love birds, can i say by looking -- when they look at each other, you know that it's real. you really do. >> lots of tears. lots of chills. >> oh, charlotte. >> and there's the little angel. >> we knew she was going to steal a scene or two. >> meghan has to take waving lessons from charlotte. >> very enthusiastic. >> and this is what the crowd has been waiting for. the crowd, as soon as they enter the palace, they've been camped out for days. >> the palace, prince harry had hand picked the flowers and it's very romantic. >> that's royal tradition of having a sprig of myrtle in the bouquet. the bride takes the bouquet, plant a little bit of a sprig in
5:08 am
their own back garden and so this is a longstanding royal tradition of over 150 years. >> prince harry did some flower picking. kelly cobiella is in a prime position. >> my heart is beating so fast. i can't wait for this moment. i'm obviously not the only one. they'll be out here soon. we can actually see some movements just on the other side of the gate, probably a little bit out of the camera view. they will be escorted by the household cavalry regiment, 24 soldiers, two officers on horseback. this is the regiment that harry was part of when he was in the military. in fact, one of the members of the escort was actually his driver when he was serving in afghanistan in 2007. so he will be part of that beautiful mounted escort. these are the ceremonial soldiers that we see in so many of these big events in the uk.
5:09 am
they have spent hours this morning polishing their swords, their boots, their armor, their helmets. everything is sparkling like a diamond. you would not believe it. now you see them in that ascot landau carriage. it sits very high. that's one of the reason they chose that carriage, so that members of the public could see them. people here are anxiously, you kn know, waiting for this moment. they've been waiting for this for days now. they're sort of in a blind spot here because we don't have any big screens and we're sort of out of view of the castle walls. we can't really see n they've been hearing parts of the ceremony and just waiting for this big moment for the carriage to come. if you can see, just over my shoulder there, you can just barely see the household calvary waiting to escort them as they come out.
5:10 am
>> well, when they do come by, kelly, you have the position. you are right there. it will be well worth the wait. >> yes. >> we know it's on its way. we've seen the queen depart and several of the guests we can actually see from over our shoulders. >> this vantage point all of a sudden we have a perfect line view right into the people exiting the church, prince charles, camilla and the rest, all filing out. waiting for the clooneys. >> we'll know them because, of course, is wearing that bright yellow. harry and meghan, i presume, will be the last to arrive because they have a half hour procession through windsor to let the townspeople and those sleeping on the streets for day s have a look. >> it was the most beautiful ceremony, went off without a hitch. >> we're used to traditional
5:11 am
royal services being very anglican, a little bit stuffy but with the introduction of the most reverent michael curry and that gospel music was different than anything we had ever heard before. >> i believe the carriage is about to come into your position, kelly. >> i'm keeping a close eye on the household calvary. i know the second i hear that clippety-clop they're about to come out of that gate. guys, this isn't the first time, obviously, we've seen the carriage right here, edward and sophie, harry's uncle, went on a carriage ride in 1999. it was much shorter. only down the high street and straight to the top of the park. all 2.6 miles of the long walk and we see the household calvary
5:12 am
moving now. you can see them now just coming in to view led by two officers on horseback. and then the 24 soldiers coming up behind, just absolutely stunning. this is the kind of thing that britain does best. they know their pageantry and pomp. you can see their shields shine i ing. the crowds are going crazy, because they know this is their big moment. again, another set of calvary coming up behind them. and everybody below us has their cell phones up high. >> and not a cloud in the sky, kelly. >> it's such a stunning day. you could not have a better picture. and there they are. congratulations your heinesses.
5:13 am
h congratulations. i think we got a wave. >> i think you did. >> kelly, it was worth it. >> they just look so stunning and, you know, to -- i can't stop looking. i need to jump off camera so i can keep watching. and they're about to turn the corner. >> actually she looks a little overwhelmed at all the adulation, doesn't she? yeah, al is -- okay.
5:14 am
>> she's just coming around. >> all right. al is positioned perfectly in the heart of windsor. he has been waiting with a bunch of folks. al, how is it looking from your vantage point? >> they're just coming in. the crowd is starting to go wild as we watch the household calvary go by. and everybody is getting excited. this is the moment they've been waiting for. and there they go! >> come on, al. >> meghan? hey! >> you got them, al. >> there they go. oh, my gosh! that was exciting!
5:15 am
wow! oh, my. unbelievable. >> she saw you. >> i think i got a little wave. >> i think she heard al. a little something. >> i think you did, al. >> that was exciting. wow! and there goes the queen! yea! oh, my gosh. wow, royaltiy just went by. it's very exciting. oh, my gosh. how exciting was that? oh, my gosh. >> i've never seen you get this excited about weather events, a al. >> they're sharing the day with their 600 friends in the service and to see how positive the rest of the nation and people from all over the world are feeling towards them as well must be a wonderful moment. >> harry had a chance to greet
5:16 am
people the night before and meghan was anxious to see the people and thank them for coming and this was her chance as well. >> during the ceremony, they could hear people cheering as well. it was quite something, from inside the church. they loved that, gave them a big smile. >> it was fun being out here. you could hear the crowds yelling at the i dos and all the high moments of the ceremony. >> individually they're both much loved and now we're seeing for the first time how much they're adored as a pair. when you think of the passionate things that they do for charities and what they've achieved for underprivileged people, i think together they'll be even more formidible. >> do you think dress milwaukeers are work iing on th knock-offs of that beautiful, gorgeous gown of hers? >> without a doubt sketches are happening right now, prool be put in production by the end of the day and we'll be seeing them by tomorrow. >> what kind of dress is she wearing? >> by clare wachlt waight
5:17 am
keller, formerly of chloe and pringle. this is elegance personified. so timeless, so classic. this could be from any era. >> her veil is beautiful. >> stunning. the 53 countries of the commonwealth. extremely exist. 16 foot long. >> i just read that the workers who spent hundreds of hours sewing the veil had to watch their hands every 30 minutes to keep the tool and the threads pristine. >> what? >> it's these details -- yeah. whoever got her dressed or helped her get dressed, probably jessica this morning, was wearing white gloves. >> of course.
5:18 am
>> harry, meantime, is wearing a beard he grew himself. >> it's not outshining that diamond tiara on loan by the queen herself. >> i love how they -- the kiss, they did not disappoint. there was a lot of waiting and wondering. >> i thought they had a misachieves glint in their eye. >> didn't they? >> that was clearly the crowds were chanting for a second one. they delivered on the first. >> you were chanting for it. >> we heard you up here. >> big hollywood kiss, a second one. either way, as you all said, fantasti fantastic. >> solid. >> they were married by the grave of king arthur iii. you have where an american is marrying into the family of the
5:19 am
last king of america. >> not a cloud in the sky. you couldn't have imagined a more picturesque setting. >> there were cameras in all the right places at the perfect times. you could not have missed a moment. it's not like i wonder what we're going to get. we knew we would be able to show this entire wedding from the guests arriving to this moment. >> interestingly, hoda, that comes from the top down. the queen wanted her coronation to be televised and ever since -- >> uh-oh, look at sheinelle. you're right in the thick of it. >> al has me excited. we're outside the windsor castle as we wait to see her. so many people have the option to go inside and watch the monitors but chose not to. they wanted to stay here to see
5:20 am
a glimpse of the royal couple with their own eyes. congratulations! >> sheinelle, look! >> congratulations! >> that was it. and done. >> can i tell you something? i talked to so many people who flew from brazil, indiana, and they did not want to go inside because of that 20 seconds -- not even 20 seconds, that four seconds. but do you know what? i think it was worth it. >> glad you didn't miss it, sheinelle. >> they're going to have their little moment and feel just as good as every person we've seen, al, sheinelle, kelly cobiella. your heart leaps as the carriage goes by. >> they'll have a story to tell that they witnessed part of history here in windsor today. >> of course with all this pomp
5:21 am
and circumstance ultimately this was a very sweet family wedding. at all the poignant moments, one that stood out to me was meghan's mother's tears on her cheeks throughout. it was clearly an emotional moment for her and sad that harry's mother can't be here to witness it. >> it's impossible not to be swept up into this especially the moment she entered the chapel and the cutway shot of harry's face. that was love. >> that was everything. >> we have stephanie gosk joining us, too. she's alongside all those onlookers. steph, what are you seeing? >> reporter: hey, guys, i'm at the greatest spot. this is where the procession makes a dramatic turn up the
5:22 am
long walk. you can see the crowds, just seeing the beginning of it right now. it's perfect place for this procession to wind up. such a regal stretch, rich in history, established by king charles ii in the 17th century. this is where this crowd, who has been waiting for hours, will get their glimpse of the newly married couple. you can see -- you can hear the cheers and see them coming down the stretch. we were looking at the tight streets in windsor. not many people could get in and see them there. out here on the long walk, the viewing area just blows up. we expect tens of thousands of people. we spent some time talking to the commander of the security operation here. and one of the interesting things he told us is that the emphasis for the royal family, from prince harry to the queen was that this be an event open to the public, that the public could actually feel that they took part in this wedding in
5:23 am
some way. being here, right now, being able to see this couple in an open-air carriage is their opportunity to do that. honestly, it's ours as well. we're pretty lucky. >> steph, turn around. steph, i think they're behind you. >> give the royal wave, stephani stephanie. >> and there it is. >> that's that long walk. >> and they are not stopping waving at all. they want everyone to have that moment with them. they're keeping it going, which takes some doing. >> and now you're getting the sense of the vantage point. it's a 2 1/2-mile walk, isn't it, to windsor castle? and so much history along that route. >> yeah. the end of the long walk, which is behind harry and meghan now sits a statue with george iii
5:24 am
sitting on top of it. i'm sure these cameras, this view here will be from atop that hill. 2.4 miles, i think it is, down the long walk and up to windsor castle that just looks splendid in this weather with all those fans lining the long walk. distance wise they've probably done half that procession now in order to make that turn back to the castle. >> the tiara she's wearing, the queen mary tiara, queen mary herself decided she wanted to have herself sculpted when her husband died so that when she died, as it was 20 years later, she actually looked like his wife rather than his mother. it was a very impressive piece of forward thinking. >> interesting tidbit, i have to say. >> she borrowed it from the queen's collection. how does that go?
5:25 am
>> funny enough, the crown jewels were kept here in the second world war. it was feared if there was a nazi invasion of london they would be seized by hitler. the queen is very happy to share her jewels. she has always done that for royal brides. this was the ultimate tribute. there was some speculation she would wear the spencer tiara. because meghan isn't a spencer, although marrying half into the spencer family, perhaps more appropriate to have chosen this gem from the collection. >> spencers would be the diana side of the family for nonloyalists. >> exactly. >> we only learned this year the jewels were kept in an old biscuit tin. >> is that right? >> yes, and buried in the grounds of the castle. >> i can't tell if you're kidding. is that real? >> i don't think he kids. >> so after they wrap up this beautiful ride, then it's going to roll into that lunch reception and all the guests at the wedding will, in turn, be at the lunch reception.
5:26 am
there's a special party in the evening that a couple of hundred guests, exclusive ticket to get. >> a third of the guest also stay on, change into new outfits, black tie and evening gowns tonight after 7:00 p.m. and the other guests there at the lunch. they get good innings with the queen and members of the royal family. we don't expect that to finish until about 3:30 our time. that's a good couple of hours eating and having a slice of that amazing cake, the elder flower lemon sponge which i think we can all do with a slice of with some tea later. >> i'm going to have a glass of champagne which we can all do with. >> exactly. >> speeches at both? >> the final one at any british wedding tradition is the best man. they save that one back or at least a chunk of it back for the evening reception for the 200, which would allow prince william
5:27 am
to make a few more risque jokes when his grandmother is not listening. 600 guests at prince george's hall. >> not customary in royal weddings but now in british weddings simply because brides want to have their say. >> one of the greatest buildings in the whole castle. unfortunately in 1993, it burnt -- 1992, it burnt down. they rebuilt it in exactly five years and opened it again on the queen's wedding anniversary. it took 4,000 people to work on it. they saved 7,000 dust bin liners full of bits and pieces from the destruction. >> and st. george, of course, is the patron saint of england, his name in the chapel where they were married, in the name of the hall where they'll be having lunch with the queen any moment
5:28 am
now. >> isn't natalie somewhere along this line? i know she was passing out -- okay. she's moved on to a new location. >> meghan said hi. >> they did a fist bump and then she had to go. >> she wrapped it up. >> this procession, of course, is headed back into -- this is the same entrance she came in by car earlier. now she returns, as a married woman with her prince in a horse-drawn carriage. >> she will be known as -- remind us again. >> the duchess of sussex. >> her royal heinous the duchess of sussex. >> favorite uncle queen victoria, scientist, intellectual and a good man. >> important to point out the fact that even though he was married twice it was not given
5:29 am
the blessing of his father king george iii and therefore they were not legitimate wives and didn't carry the title that. makes meghan the first-ever duchess of sussex. >> and first ever baroness. >> a place in ireland. there was a countess of dumbarton. >> to explain that, he needs a title for england, wales and northern ireland as part of the british isles. also the earl of dumbbarton. >> purely the queen's gift to harry and to meghan. and the other spreks is whether they get a home and money as well.
5:30 am
title very much sweeping gift. >> hi, keir. what have you seen today, anything good? >> just a few things. harry and meghan head back into the castle here. the party is still going. what an incredible service, the moment that in the reading children were mentioned and harry look ed at meghan and smiled at the moment that prince charles appeared to take the hand of doria as they walked to sign the registry, there were cheers out here as the bishop, episcopalian bishop talked about love. there were cheers as the couple said their vows, there were cheers as they were married and for everything. there were cheers for the gospel choir. i want to describe one moment i thought was stunning.
5:31 am
as the bishop was talking about love out here, the british military, the army, navy represented, air force were gathering in formation, preparing to salute prince harry as he left, an incredible coming together of cultures, an incredible fusion as you heard "god save the queen" and then "amen" as the british royal family walked out of that chapel. what an extraordinary thing prince harry has achieved here. what an incredible way to celebrate the old and the new. how amazing to find this american girl so confident about her history, so proud of who she is, she can walk into the british royal family and be part of a service like that.
5:32 am
how much is being diana's son just saying so clearly in that service this is who we are now, we are a community together. it was like no other royal wedding we've ever seen before in so many ways and so brillian brilliant. >> i have to say, it's stunning. >> the photography on this, on a sunday newspaper so i have to write it up this afternoon. there will be pictures galore. my editor will be having a field day. the color of today, the glamour of meghan, spectacle of geography. >> the chapel was in the southward. this is the northward.
5:33 am
on the left-hand side is where st. george's hall is, where the guests are. some are going in and some are awaiting the arrival of the bride and groom. >> thelma sit down -- >> or stand up for lunch. >> that's right. >> hoda and i were getting geared up on our british etiquette and we understand when the queen stops eating and the plate is cleared, that's it. >> it's over. >> you have to keep your eye on the queen and make sure you eat before she does. >> the hand goes on the table, done. >> is that right? >> yes. also the handbag gets switched to a different hand then the crowds and security will move along. that's a signal i'm done here.
5:34 am
>> that's more something at an official event. i think today she'll be soaking it up. >> can we talk, camilla, about how her life is going to change? starting on this day, now that she's married, describe how her life will be different. >> perhaps her royal heighness. unlike previous royal brides as soon as she had an engagement on her finger, they would plunge her into royal jobs. >> she's been doing it. >> she's traveled the length and bredth of the country. they've done the uk and will continue to do domestic duties. a trip abroad pretty soon.
5:35 am
>> do we know about their honeymoon, any news on that? >> there was suggestions about namibia in the papers this morning. this idea that they're in love with africa, where they've had two holidays together, including one very shortly after they first met and, obviously, harry absolutely loves africa, holidays there a great deal. it's very romantic. we mentioned the seyshelles. >> someone has to be the nosey aunt here. i think we should expect children at some point. they certainly have made no secrets of their desire to have a family. >> fantastic. as soon as possible, please. >> we could give them 37 minutes since they've been married. >> wouldn't it be fabulous if they had a child born in the united states, an american citizen as well? they've taken huge strides between that special relationship.
5:36 am
>> i think we've seen her for the last time. i think she went in. >> yes. >> i think that might be -- >> the last time for what? we'll see them a bit later when they change into their evening gear. they'll pose for one photograph before they go to the evening reception. >> what was your favorite moment of the wedding? >> for me absolutely the moment that he saw her. when he saw her and said you look amazing and then i love you. my god, it was like a royal fairy tale come true. >> i know. we were all sitting here, weeping. >> he picked that veil up off of her eyes and they locked eyes and, yeah, you saw it. what was yours, savannah? >> definitely that moment. i think seeing esteemed british historian andrew roberts in a pile of mush to my right was also a highlight. and i think that cellist, the music was absolutely stunning. and he just nailed it. 19 years old. can you imagine? >> no. >> the biggest of stages and i
5:37 am
thought it was such a lovely moment. >> no one is going to pick the kiss? obviously it's the canis. >> the kiss is a big one. >> so many moments to pick from. >> regal moment. she wowed. >> the raf marching, great regiment from nepal, second world war have just marched past. it's amazing some of the units we're seeing here. >> andrew, how rare is it for there to be a reception of this kind in st. george's hall in the presence of the queen outside of formal state occasions, does it happen? >> i don't think it ever happens, no. that's how rare it is. >> a real treat for the 600 guests in the presence of the queen to be dining there this afternoon. >> an extraordinary honor. >> we could still hear the
5:38 am
music. we can still hear the church bells. they've been ringing nonstop. >> as for the honeymoon, why leave england? look at this weather. >> exactly. >> it's glorious. >> all the little kids who everyone was wondering what kind of organized chaos it would be, they were so well behaved. i'm sorry. i'm kind of blown away by that. >> they were well behaved, holding hands. what i quite liked, it wasn't the formal structure of the last royal wedding. they freestyled a bit, mix of boys and girls together. weren't they adorable? what did i say about princess charlotte? >> as usual she was a scene stealer. >> she gave a wave. it was nice to see that magnificent seven, top flight of royals there on the stairs when they came out to wave them all out, including doria. i looked at her in the ceremony. she looked so proud. i thought what must be going through this lady's mind watching her daughter go through -- i thought she was the picture of elegance, dignity but
5:39 am
also so much love for her daughter shining out from her, i thought, in the pews. >> i'm wondering if there might be a clue to the honeymoon. >> what is that? >> in the presence of the prince and princess of la soto. >> prince harry went after he left school and he is the one with whom he set up the charity center that's called forget me not, the charity in memory of princess diana to help hiv and aids orphans. they're great mates. >> wouldn't it be a nice place to go? >> good place to take meghan, exactly. >> botswana is such a place that he loves. what is it about that spot, why? >> people like me can't get anywhere near him, probably, and photographers. it's completely tranquil. he was taken there when he was 13, shortly after his mother died and he felt it was quite a
5:40 am
restorative experience. that's why he has always associated it with coming out of that grief and making sense of his life. >> they had a date there, if you can call it a date when you travel to another continent. >> holiday. >> yes, glamping, right, glamorous camping. al roker is along the procession route still on a natural high from his encounter of royalty. hey, al. >> hey, guys. it was really very exciting. i don't know that i would call it my joe biden moment but, you know, getting a little wave, a little look. do you know what was really special? along this route when the gospel quire was singing "stand by me" so was the crowd out here. this lady is from washington state. how exciting was that? >> it was phenomenal. >> yeah. >> phenomenal. >> have you ever seen anything like that before? >> no. and it really creates unity among people with positive
5:41 am
notes. i just really admire the english right now. and they have such a wonderful family. and they have been so friendly. everybody. i made so many friends -- i'm on my own. >> not anymore. >> not anymore. i'm moving. >> you're coming to england, all right. it's really been a special moment here. things have cleared out pretty quickly. but i have to tell you, it's a good feeling. this is such a positive note that i think a lot of people felt like they needed right about now. and everybody now cleared out pretty good. i have a feeling that people are going to be really feeling good about this for a while to come. and that's really special. guys? >> i love that woman, al, that she came here on her own, made a bunch of friends and is having the time of her life. that's the way to do it. >> that's what was amazing.
5:42 am
>> i can't tell you how many people we met said -- >> all these people came together. where are you from? columbus, ohio? yeah? did you come here specifically for this? your mom and -- what was your favorite moment? >> the carriage ride. >> what time did you get down here? >> 5:00. >> 5:00 a.m. just about the same time we did. that's pretty cool. we had a band coming down the road. it's still a festival that's going on. we're all basking in it. >> it's so awesome. people all come there because they want to share this cultural moment and so many people at home. don't you have so many friends, i'm going to get up early, make tea, having a royal watch party. >> that theme that al was discussing, an event to unite the nation and everyone outside the uk as well, the fact that the queen is head of state, she's not involved in politics in any way. everyone can put any other
5:43 am
dispute to the side whether it's serious political dispute, which team you're going to support in the soccer final today as well, it puts it aside and unites the nation in a long way. >> i have to say it's nice that there weren't politicians here today. the story would have been a totally different story had that been the case. now it's just about these two. >> it's a luxury that harry has because he's sixth in line to the throne. he didn't have it in a place where you could have legions and legions of people. he didn't have to make those compulsory invitations. >> they call harry unfortunately the spare to the heir. that's how he quite likes it. prince william once said when he grew up he wanted to do x, y and z and prince harry said no, you can't do that, because you have to be king but i can do what i like. he isn't a spare at all. he has carved out a path for himself charitably. >> can we look for just a second? because we have to relive it again. >> smitten.
5:44 am
>> can we comment on how beautiful her makeup is as well? >> so natural. >> daniel martin did her makeup, wonderful makeup artist based in new york, met her many times. jessica alba, the likes of. maybe a few flattery lashes on the side there. very natural. >> meghan has said she would be photographed as an actress on these magazines and air brush the freckles out and she didn't like it. she said i love my freckles. we saw them today. >> yes. beautiful nude lip and lots of smoky eye. >> who was her favorite wedding gown? >> carolyn bissette. >> it was simple and sleek, right? kind of like the one she was wearing today. >> jfk jr.'s bride. >> yes. >> you see elements of that. they got married on an island, so it was more free but this is the royal version of that. extremely well -- that bateau
5:45 am
neckline, simple shape, fit and flare. this is a seminole moment. >> hats off to her mom. her mom stepping into this world and i have to say, wow! she walked in just strong and proud and i can't imagine what it would be like to watch your daughter. >> as you see your daughter, it's this moment. you know that feeling when you say i have to go to a wedding and i don't know anybody? >> yes. >> she truly just met everyone literally this week, the queen yesterday. >> equally, don't you think that the prince of wales here, prince charles, has played quite a role in welcoming doria? >> yes. >> it had been very jolly. they got along really well. i can't help but notice -- obviously charles was there to walk meghan down the aisle. then he accompanied doria around with camilla, a sense of welcoming her in. she really has -- the carpet has been rolled out by the royals for this lady.
5:46 am
why not? she seems very close to her daughter and she should be. >> meghan put her own stamp on this wedding. part of that was when she walked down that aisle. she walked on her own for a little while. charles picked her up halfway down and he didn't give her away. she went on her own. she is a 36-year-old grown woman who has lived a life. you could tell -- i felt that. >> absolutely. assertive and confident. >> look at the bathing of sunlight on her sheer veil. honestly, you couldn't have written it better. the look on harry's face turned all of us into a puddle. >> every girl dreams of having a guy look at her that way, just like that. >> he rubbed his eye once as she approached. one of the bridesmaids, as well, was apparently -- seemed to be crying. >> the little girl, yeah. >> flower girl. she looked, meghan, absolutely
5:47 am
stunning. we use that in a very regal way. >> my dad has a little phrase to describe the look harry gave. >> what's that? >> a kind of look you could pour on a waffle. >> i think toddlers are a big part of the day. >> stephanie gosk down on the parade route. she had her moment as well. royalty pass by. are the crowds still there? has it caught up with anybody? >> we've been talking to people all day. it's such a celebratory mood out here. it has been since we arrived. a lot of people have said to me, in fact, that this wedding is a unifying thing for this country. it's been a difficult time in this country with brexit and other political issues and that
5:48 am
the people felt like they could come together over this celebratory mood and this wedding. i'm also still digesting that comment about a look you could pour over a waffle. there were many waffles consumed here throughout the day and lots of champagne. and everyone here with a smile on their faces. and from all over. that was the other interesting thing. we've been talking about the americans that made this trip. of course, people from all over this country. but all over the british commonwealth, including australia. we ran into a couple of women who flew over for william and kate's wedding and flew over again for this wedding. for them, just so important to see them in person. guys? >> all right. steph, thank you so much. we have sheinelle jones perched right in front of a pub, which is perfect. hey, sheinelle. who do you have with you? >> hi. you remember our contest winners, right? so let me tell you something. these guys are troupers.
5:49 am
was it worth it? >> totally. it was excellent. yes. totally worth it. >> let me tell you something, savannah, hoda, you could hear a pin drop -- first of all when we saw meghan markle's dress, right? >> absolutely gorgeous. >> stunning. >> i looked up, you were crying. >> i was, crying with tears. it was so emotional. especially being here makes it really real. >> you think about it, what were you doing, say, a week ago at this time? >> i was hiding from a thunderstorm. >> and now you have beautiful weather, live at the royal wedding. you started tearing up when you saw meghan's mom. >> yes. she was breathtaking, trying to hold it back, like prince harry was. it was absolutely beautiful and i felt every tear. >> so far what's the one moment you'll remember throughout all of this? when savannah and hoda told you to flip over your tickets and then you all realized you were coming here to windsor. do you remember that moment? >> i do.
5:50 am
i remember hugging hoda and savannah. that was the best part. >> hugging and hoda and savannah was better than seeing meghan markle and prince harry? >> well -- >> no, no. >> in that moment. >> we feel you. we feel you. >> congratulations. they said they hear you and thank you. >> now back to our party in the pub. >> okay. rock on, kids. rock on. >> everyone has their own fairy tale going on today, no question about it. what will the lunch be like -- i imagine you've been to your share of -- maybe not with the queen. >> i've been to a couple of events at george's hall. it was rebuilt in the '90s but you wouldn't be able to tell it was rebuilt in recent years. they did everything right to a tee back to the original time. it's very formal, of course, if you're in the presence of the
5:51 am
head of state but she's made it relaxed. everyone will be standing for this. everybody can mingle. it's not just the two people that get sat next to the prince of wales and others that can talk to them. very modern and able for guests of both sides to be able to mingle, royal, celebrity or whatever. >> when it gets to the evening event, there will there be bands and dancing and all the things we accept at a wedding reception? >> definitely and more, i will say. prince harry is definitely a guy that enjoys a party, as we all do. two of his best mates have run very successful my clubs and still do in london. therefore, i'm sure the djs will be up to speed and i'm sure the -- you know, dance hall and everything. i think that's where they'll let their hair down a bit more. champagne is flowing, but at a much more respectful way as you do when the parents are still around, adults, grandparents and later on things can kick off.
5:52 am
i'm glad that is 10, 15 minutes away from any camera whatsoever and they can enjoy themselves. >> we think dj, not a band? >> ed sheeran. >> there will be a dj. i don't think the spice girls will perform. pretty certain of that. >> james may knock out a tune or two. >> everyone will be changing as well. >> right. >> the dress code is black tie. >> how does that work? do they go back to a hotel and change? >> we were laughing about where everyone is going to go. there isn't a hotel room left in this town. >> somewhere in the castle? >> i know a friend that lives nearby is hosting about 40 people who will get changed. >> are you serious? >> some people have asked to use your -- >> american media has taken every hotel room in the whole town. they'll have a couple of hours to do so and a moment to pause,
5:53 am
reflect on this. and they get to go back to the main event later on as well. black tie. lots of tucks eed oxedos in pla know they've been at the wedding but there were places in the church where you can't see all that much. so that little hiatus they've got is a time to catch up, get reacquainted with their mobile phone. people who have seen them on telly, et cetera. >> you were an invited guest and in the chapel you may not have had a great vantage point. >> the positions where all the royals were, they're facing into the altar. further back you're in rows. some of his closest friends, for instance, mark dyer, he was right on the end and harry gave him a little nod. >> none of them will have seen the kiss because that happened outside. >> you're right. you're very hung up on the kiss.
5:54 am
>> i think you're next. i think you are next. >> nothing brewing but anyway -- i bet they're having a good time, having a drink in their hand and relaxing a little bit. >> the official photographs. >> that happens after everything, right? >> yes. alexi lubomirski official photographer. >> you are plugged in with your source. >> i saw you having a drink with him. >> they were gechts sguests at wedding and they have to hop it over to the location. it's been prelit and literally have 30 minutes to shoot this. >> that's not a lot of time. >> that's the official photographs but there's got to be someone who is doing candid shots. >> absolutely, more voyeuristic ones. >> let's go to kelly cobiella along the long walk -- no, she's at the balcony, i believe. >> hi, kell.
5:55 am
>> hi, guys. are you coming to me? >> yes. we're with you. >> you're on with us. >> yeah. yeah. well, what a moment. this is one of those moments that you just really didn't want to miss. certainly not the people who were sitting down on this sidewalk waiting for three or four days. and not me either, frankly. you guys know i've covered a lot of these royal events and a lot of times you're facing the camera and miss it all. it was just so magical seeing the household calvary, those few moments wondering when you would see that carriage appear and to see harry and meghan roll down -- i'm still looking over the wrong shoulder. roll out of those gates, surrounded by the mounted calvary. all that pomp and ceremony. meghan, this was her first view of the town celebrating with her and us standing on this balcony, yelling and waving and congratulating. i think maybe she might have
5:56 am
been a bit shell shocked, perhaps. we certainly were, standing on the balcony. it was such a magical moment. magical, too, for the people down here waiting. it's amazing how quickly they move along. military parade ready to go for them afterward. crowds here have already disappeared, probably heading for a pub and a nice glass of pims or maybe champagne. guys? >> good job, kelly. you're wearing the color of the morning. you, kelly, a.m.mal and the que >> in very good company. >> absolutely. absolutely. what do you think? i think the guest ds beautifully with their fashion choices. >> when you have 600 people who brought their a game, as we were saying before, the preparation for this. there's been so much surrounding this, how wonderful they all look. the yellows, incredible.
5:57 am
it's a surprising color. it's not the easiest of colors to wear. we've seen it numerous times. victoria beckham in one of her own creations, beautiful dress with little open details. serena williams in this fantastic versace number with this incredible sculpted headpiece as well. priyanka chopra. >> you were pointing out something about the spurs. >> yes, yes. i didn't think they were going to wear spurs. you don't have to even on official occasions. and when you kneel down, spurs can be rather uncomfortable. however on this occasion, both the dukes wore spurs with their uniforms. >> okay. >> inkrcredible. >> it says something about the professionalism of the armed service units.
5:58 am
the way they moved around these corners and there were six different units and they stayed in precise step all the way from the castle to the headquarters of the first battalion. it was really impressive. >> harry, who has always reported throughout his time in the military was much adored by all the regiments. >> stations join in. we reach the top of the hour. nice to have you along with us, we continue our special coverage on "today," saturday afternoon now, the 19th of may, 2018 -- >> did you love today? >> it's beautiful. 9:00 in the morning on the east coast, 6:00 a.m. out west. 2:00 p.m. in windsor, england. we've heard had enough stories to fill a lifetime today. >> we have after a breathtaking wedding ceremony. it happened. it was beautiful and flawless. the newly married duke and duchess of sussex have just
5:59 am
wrapped up their carriage procession. and they are as we speak taking some pictures and then attending a lunch reception. >> in case you are just waking up, especially on the west coast, sleepy heads, we want to take you to the highlights of morning. this has to be up there. the moment that prince harry and meghan exchanged vows. >> i, harry, take you, meghan -- >> i, harry, take you, meghan -- >> to be my wife. >> to be my wife. >> to have and to hold -- >> to have and to hold -- >> from this day forward -- >> from this day forward -- >> for better, for worse -- >> for better, for worse -- >> for richer, for poorer -- >> for richer, for poorer -- >> in sickness and in health -- >> in sickness and in health -- >> to love and to cherish -- >> to love and to cherish -- >> till death us do part -- >> till death us do part. >> according to god's holy law. >> according to god's holy law.
6:00 am
>> in the presence of god -- >> in the presence of god -- >> i make this vow. >> i make this vow. >> i, meghan, take you, harry -- >> i, meghan, take you, harry -- >> to be my husband. >> to be my husband. >> to have and to hold. >> to have and to hold. >> from this day forward -- >> from this day forward -- >> for better, for worse -- >> for better, for worse -- >> for richer, for poorer -- >> for richer, for poorer -- >> in sickness and in health -- >> in sickness and in health -- >> to love and to cherish -- >> to love and to cherish -- >> to death us do part. >> till death us do part. >> according to god's holy law -- >> according to god's holy law -- >> in the presence of god -- >> in the presence of god -- >> i make this vow. >> i make this vow. >> and kleenexs. >> we're melting.
6:01 am
>> by the way, it was just as good the second time. >> it was. >> a beautiful ceremony. keir simmons had a bright spot for the wed -- prime spot for the wedding. inside windsor castle. >> tell us what it's like now. >> reporter: people are just beginning to move away. what an experience -- how about this for a description -- what other day could you see oprah and clooney and elton john, and they're not the stars of the occasion. there was the dress. there was the kiss. there was the moment that harry and meghan seemed to say "i love you" to each other. there was the moment early on when during the service as they often do in weddings, they talked about wedding being the foundation for children. and that harry turned to meghan and smiled. there was that wonderful, wonderful sermon by the episcopalian bishop, mikey curry, as -- michael curry, as
6:02 am
they heard him talking about love and love again. there was the incredible bringing together of cultures. you had the royal family walking out on to the steps while the gospel choir sang "amen." members in the british armed forces were spectacular in their timing and formation. we heard "god save the queen," and the gospel choir singing in the same service. it was breathtaking for anyone who was here. outside were the specially invited people, guests from charities. many people who have been injured during service in the military. it was everything that harry and meghan wanted. you know, the one thought i kept thinking while we were watching this is what a -- a great sadness that diana wasn't here. how proud she would have been to
6:03 am
see her son doing, this marrying this amazing woman. being confident enough to have a service like this, a royal wedding like this. she would have been beside herself at the change you just witnessed in the british royal family. led by her son, prince harry. i am honestly close to tears about what we just saw. what we just saw harry lead, the message he just sends. it was a moment in history. >> it is. >> it is. i think these two young people are literally changing the monarchy without trying. >> yes. >> they are both being exactly who they are, and just by being in love changing things. >> i read an article that said this story could not have been written even a generation ago. there it is, the kiss. >> we are going to have a lot more when we come back. more highlights from the
6:04 am
ceremony in case you're just waking up. we'll talk about where the duke and duchess of sussex, there's new names, when we come back after these messages. "today at the
6:05 am
6:06 am
welcome back, everybody. today is the day. we are back with more on the royal wedding. it happened this morning. if you missed it, don't you worry. at the top of the hour, at 10:00, we will rerack it. we want you to feel what we had fell. it was on earl -- what we felt.
6:07 am
>> it was on early, 7:00 a.m. >> especially for the west coasters. >> the carriage procession was one of the best. >> it was. at the top of the hour, we'll play the whole wedding again so you can see it. here was one of the moments, the exchange of rings. let's roll it. >> meghan, i give you this ring -- >> meghan, i give you this ring -- >> as a sign of our marriage. >> as a sign of our marriage. >> with my body, i honor you. >> with my body, i honor you. >> all that i am, i give you to. >> all that i am, i give to you. >> and all that i have -- >> and all that i have -- >> i share with you. >> i share with you. >> within the love of god. >> within the love of god. >> father, son, and holey spirit. >> father -- and holy spirit. >> father, son, and holy spirit 46789 -- holy spirit.
6:08 am
>> harry, i give you this ring. >> harry, i give you this ring -- >> as a sign of our marriage. >> as a sign of our marriage. >> with my body, i honor you. >> with my body, i honor you. >> all that i am, i give you to. >> all that i am, i give to you. >> and all that i have -- >> and all that i have -- >> i share with you. >> i share with you. >> within the love of god. >> within the love of god. >> father, son, and holy spirit. >> father, son, and holy spirit. >> just one of the big moments that we witnessed a little bit earlier. >> beautiful. >> we have a panel of experts. camilla had to go, she's on deadline. >> she split it -- >> a writer. >> andrew roberts, historian. zana roberts rossi, style contributor. and wolfard frost, what went to school with william and herry. and you serve -- and harry. and you served as the bodyguard
6:09 am
for princess diana and the boys when they were toddlers. >> and great boys -- as i see them today, brought back great memories. so many laughs. as i said on this show, this was a -- he was an entertainer just like his mother. and you know, she had a fantastic day wlom. who wouldn't? >> did you get misty when you saw them exchange vows? >> can i tell you, i did. i never thought that would happen to you. nearly 25 years ago that i was there with this small redheaded guy running around kensington palace, never thinking i'd be here. i remember will saying earlier just how important this is for the modernization of the british royal family because it is. it is something that harry's mother began in the '80s and '90s. here we are now with such an eclectic mix of entertainment in the chap eel -- the band, the
6:10 am
gospel choir, the singing, the cellist. this was extraordinary. how lucky are we? >> yeah. to get to witness it. >> exactly. >> we just had the exchange of rings. and you are a fashion expert -- >> yes. >> the rings was fashioned in a welsh piece of gold. and obviously william carried them down the aisle and handed them to them. the platinum band that harry wore was a textured finish. and obviously they made the exchange, and it's done. >> one of the big other pieces of business that we're excited about is the lunch. and somebody has got the details right in front of them. >> we've got the menu -- >> yes. >> this is exciting. page two has the alcohol. >> start there. >> the guests are getting paul rojer champagne, sir winston churchill's favorite. he could tuck away a glass or two, it was rumored. selection of wines, as well, and a sandringham mocktail made from
6:11 am
elderflower from the trees of sandringh sandringham, the queen's private estate. canapes, psychotscot scottish s. and a croquet windsor lamb -- >> you'll have to translate. >> no hope for us. >> it's got a heavy british theme. the thing that stands out, still bowl food as we know -- a ten-hour slow roast windsor pork belly. >> sounds good. >> no tater tots. >> it says there will be speeches by prince charles, traditional, prince harry, and meghan herself. unusual for a royal wedding. >> which means prince william's best man speech, the jokes and jibes at harry, will be saved for later. >> the real roasting. >> exactly. >> we should point out for people who did miss the beginning of the wedding because it did happen at 7:00 a.m. eastern, we'll play it again. first of all, we want to see it
6:12 am
again. and secondly, it's great for everybody on the west coast. >> and we can say authoritatively it made grown men cry. two of them -- three of them were right here. >> you were counting me as a grown man? i was definitely crying. >> it's one of those things, we talk about it, some people love the royals, and some people, you know, don't care as much. i think everybody was really captivated by that moment. >> the moment republicanism is at the lowest level, anti-monarchism is only 9%, the lowest level since lady diana's death. it is an impressive thing for us. >> that's down largely to william and harry, is it? >> and i think the duchess of cornwall has worked hard, of course, and prince charles, as well. the obvious of queen elizabeth and prince philip. they have worked to get that down to 10% of the population for the first time in8 -- in 80
6:13 am
years. >> it royal family had a menu book. the chef would send up in the menu book recipes for the week. diana used to scroll through the wonderful french menu and put b pb&j and chips and beans for william and harry. >> what do you think diana would have thought of this wonderful day? >> obviously there are similarities, of course. beautiful woman, you know, great clothes, et cetera. but entertaining. everyone loves her. i wish she was here. i'm sure she'd be up with everybody else -- great day. >> absolutely. and her -- i have to say, her gown, what a moment. >> oh. >> and can you tell us, how this might have all gone down over the laugh few months. she -- the last few months. she obviously had her pick of anybody in the world ready to make a dress for her.
6:14 am
how do you begin to start that process? >> the designers were scrambling obviously. so lots of sketches were sent to her. she actually only met clair waite keller in january of this year. they worked closely on the design together. they -- clair traveled in europe to find the perfect bond at that silk is made from. this is the abouty to hemline -- bateau hemline. it framed her shoulders beautifully. >> it was under wraps, and even moments before the wedding, we heard rumors flying, they were wrong. >> ralph & russo, stella mccartney. it was one of the few designers who wasn't listed, jacksonvil
6:15 am
jacksonviljacksonville -- givenchy. >> and there will be a change of outfits. more fun for dancing? >> obviously still black tie. we're thinking made this is the moment. >> it's interesting -- the bride may decide to keep the dress on. they've waited long enough to wear it. >> and there's an element of why would you only wear one when you can wear two? >> exactly. >> what happens to the lovely couple? tomorrow morning, where will they be? where will they reside? do you know? >> they'll obviously be planning to go off on their honeymoon. but there are a few royal events coming up. so it's possible they'll delay that and have a mini moon in the uk, in one of the queen's residencies before a bigger trip. >> they live on the grounds of kensington palace now which is where the boys grew up? >> they're not living -- for the
6:16 am
time being until a larger is -- they live in nottingham cottage which is really a victorian property stuck in the middle of kensington palace. it is extraordinary really, where william and harry played. and william, i know, loves it there. even princess margaret -- he and harry used to escape through the garden gate door and hide in the yew trees at the back. they're sadly gone now, but i remember them walking about. again, the british public thing, that's not the real harry, wouldn't come out through a side door. it's lovely. i love kensington palace, perfect for anyone. >> boys, do they have their clothes laid out and people draw up the bath -- >> we've seen the nappies. >> what goes on? >> they do. the prince of wales allegedly has more than one valet, probably does. whether william and harry carry
6:17 am
on in that tradition, my guess is yes. they're not going to be to laundry or -- >> exactly. >> totally normal. >> i can't imagine for a second that they do. >> no? >> i think maybe generations before them would have done. as we said yesterday, harry is a millennial. william not quite. but they're of that mindset. i think in fact they probably, when it comes to your bedroom or things of that, get out, they would their own space. >> stephanie gosk is along the long walk. >> reporter: hey, guys. it's interesting. people are out here, and certainly some have left. a lot are lingering. it is a gorgeous day. they don't get many gorgeous days, but when they do, you want to celebrate. the people that came out from this country and other places in the world, america, australia, that they're here because i want to embrace the heritage and
6:18 am
tradition of the royal family. it's what they love about the royal family. having gone to william and kate's wedding in london it certainly was regal, it certainly was grand. there is something about there long walk, about this vista to windsor castle that is so striking and historic. on a day like today, it was for so many people the perfect place to watch this wedding. guy guys? >> certainly was. we want to remind you guys at home that if you missed a little of it, don't you worry. 10:00 on the east coast, in about 40 minutes, we'll show it again from the top so you guys can catch all of the action. we'll be right back from windsor with more. ♪ i just want you close, ♪ where you can stay forever.
6:19 am
♪ you can be sure ♪ that it will only get better ♪ you and me together ♪ through the days and nights. ♪ i don't worry 'cause ♪ everything's gonna be all right. ♪ ♪ no one, no one, no one ♪ can get in the way of what i'm feeling. ♪ ♪ no one, no one, no one ♪ can get in the way of what i feel for you. ♪ ♪ you, you ♪ get in the way of what i feel for you. ♪
6:20 am
6:21 am
♪ we're being quiet because we were hoping you were going to read lips along with us. >> our moment right there. >> we all just died a little bit inside when harry just mouthed to her, "you look amazing." then he bit his lip. >> which added to it. >> then it seemed like he said, "i love you." >> look -- look again. ah. >> it's truly so beautiful -- >> she mile head when he smiled. >> that's when i texted my husband, i'm mad at you and i don't know why.
6:22 am
there's been so many beautiful moments this morning. we've just i think, we're pinching ourselves to be along for the ride and celebrate something so beautiful under the sun. not a cloud in the sky. >> i don't think we could have asked you for a better day, a more gorgeous wedding. and i think keir was discussing how the marriage was a blend of two different backgrounds. and you felt it every step of the way. it's not every day that you get to see these things. there was a wonderful gospel choir who was singing "stand by me," which we were singing to. >> and bishop michael kelly, as well, which was such a great theme to have coming through. as we re-watched the wedding vows -- ♪ much better to listen to this than me -- >> let's crank this up for a minute. ♪ and the moon is the only light we see ♪ ♪ no i won't be afraid
6:23 am
no i won't be afraid ♪ ♪ just as long as you stand stand by me ♪ ♪ so darling darling stand by me ooh stand by me ♪ ♪ yes yes stand by me stand by me stand by me ♪ ♪ if the sky that we look upon should tumble and fall or the mountains should crumble to the sea ♪ ♪ i won't cry i won't cry
6:24 am
no i won't shed a tear ♪ ♪ just as long as you stand stand by me ♪ so darling darling stand by me ♪ ♪ ooh stand by me yeah ♪ ♪ stand by me stand by me stand by me ♪ ♪ whenever you're in trouble won't you stand by me ♪ ♪ stand by me ♪ stand by me stand by me stand by me ♪ ♪ darling darling stand by me ♪
6:25 am
♪ stand by me yeah ooh ♪ ♪ stand by me stand by me stand by me ♪ ♪ so darling darling stand by me stand by me ♪ ♪ ooh stand by me stand by me stand by me stand by me ♪ >> tell me you're not a better person after having that. wow, that was beautiful. >> ken whoevatever, princess diana's -- ken wharf, princess diana's bodyguard, said st.
6:26 am
squloerj george's has never seen anything like that before. >> no, and all things -- what better place than a wedding to make the changes? and all of that will be identified by everybody internationally as a real mix of everything that certainly harry and meghan talk about, which everyone, even members of the family are talking about. i talk about changes. you know, i've seen, as we all have here, the changes that the queen, wales, has made, to be more modern. who would have thought ten years ago the prince of wales would have read the weather forecast on national television? he did a few years ago. was fantastic. >> clearly the american themes were strong throughout. "stand by me" was a great moment. for me, the moefst brilliant moment. the vows, to hear meghan's american accent come through after harry's british royal accent, it was a phenomenal moment. for all brits that adore america like i do, it was historic.
6:27 am
>> we were like, is that a los angeles accent? there is no accent. >> it was regular. >> i really think this is going to inaugurate a new era of pro-americanism in this country which is fantastic. we are your closest allies. sometimes france pretends to be, but you haven't had them in a crisis yet. we are your allies, you're ours. this is a fantastic way of personifying that in one beautiful woman. >> we haven't had a crisis -- since the revolution. >> right. >> we have a first look at the cake. kensington palace just tweeted out a picture of the beautiful wedding cake -- >> kensington palace has a twitter which is another awesome thing. >> i love that. >> there it is. >> yeah. >> let's see, this is -- this is a quote, made of elderflower syrup, made at the queen's residence in sandringham from the estate's own elderflower trees as well as light sponge cake uniquely formulated for harry and meghan. >> since you and i are the good chefs, i think we should read
6:28 am
the ingredients. >> yes. >> 200 amalfi lemons. 500 organic eggs from suffolk. 200 kilograms of butter -- >> 20 kilograms. >> i literally just had a heart attack. >> that would have done for all of us. >> would have been another american -- >> what else is in there? >> 20 kilograms of flour, 20 kilograms of sugar, ten bottles of sandringham elderflower cordial. pick it up, i highly recommend it. >> divide everything by ten if you want -- don't want to serve 600. >> the pastry chef, chef claire ptak, she's the one responsible for the beautiful cake recipe that the couple chose themselves. >> chanel is at the pub inside now, i think. hi, chanel. >> reporter: yes, this might be the closest we get to being
6:29 am
inside the windsor castle. it is the windsor castle pub. the party has moved inside. it is packed in here. [ cheers ] . >> reporter: i have a question -- has anybody had any sleep today? >> no! >> reporter: what i love, we're making friends from around the world. this is tracy. tell everybody where you're from. >> i'm from windsor. >> reporter: this is your neighborhood? >> this is our local pub, yes. >> reporter: what does it feel like to have folks from around the world here in your local pub? >> fantastic it. >> reporter: you don't mind us crashing your neighborhood? >> it's been fantastic. >> reporter: can i tell you something, when i introduced you to the "today" show winners, two had to run to the bathroom and missed the moment. this is sam and ryan. >> hey! >> reporter: what are you drinking? >> this is a windsor knot. harry and meghan's honored drink. >> reporter: there you go. you had the best pictures out of all the contestants. >> thank you. >> reporter: that's what love is all about. windsor here. new york city here. [ cheers ] >> reporter: can we do a cheers? >> cheers! >> reporter: isn't this
6:30 am
beautiful? love is in the air. >> thank you, chanel. >> i love chanel. she said it -- >> we are totally in. we're totally in. >> i think someone should open a pub in america and call it the duchess of sussex. >> that's a great idea. >> you just announced that -- >> you gave it away. you should have kept that to yourself. >> if anyone tells the ladies the winners from the "today" show that elton john lives here, he's in big trouble. you know those two will track them down. >> absolutely. what a morning it has been. the lunch is happening now. then there will be the whole costume change. not everyone got the invitation to the lunch, right? it's 600 -- >> lunch. >> to the dinner tonight. the reception. >> 600 for the service, and for the lunch, it will slim down to about 200. there will be a two or three-hour gap. >> a lot of people may be waking up on the west coast going, darn, i missed the wedding. no, you didn't. what we'll do in less than 30 minutes is we are going to
6:31 am
re-rack the wedding basically and let you see it from the top so you can catch those moments. really, it's -- it's beautiful just to watch. we actually stayed out of it the whole time it was on. we didn't say a word so you could enjoy it. we want you to see it again if you want to take a second look -- >> as soon as the tape rewinds, we'll put it in and press play. should be countfun. >> yes, indeed. >> here we are. >> keir is down. he's down -- he moved. he was inside windsorcastle. >> reporter: look at these guys! look at these guys! [ cheers ] >> i was waiting for him to say "so." >> reporter: now i'm in the fun place to be. listen, we have someone from california. >> los angeles. >> reporter: california representing. [ cheers ] what did you think? how did you feel? >> i loved it. i cried.
6:32 am
she's beautiful. she was amazing. co >> reporter: she's a california girl. >> a california girl. >> reporter: can you believe that she was able to carey that off with such -- carry that off with such confidence? the royal family, the queen, duke of edinborough, prince charles. they were all there, and she looked as if she was born into it. >> amazing. so confident and poised and just a role model for everyone. >> reporter: listen, i think you are english. >> i am. >> reporter: i don't just accidentally recognize english people. i found out earlier that she was english. >> she looks like kate. >> reporter: you do look a little like kate. >> no, i don't. >> reporter: what did you think about the service? enjoy it? >> i thought it was wonderful. absolutely wonderful. and meghan looked beautiful, and her train was gorgeous. >> caller: i loved, loved -- >> reporter: i loved, loved, loved the sermon from the episcop episcop
6:33 am
episcopalian bishop. did you see the look on eugenie and beatrice's faces? they need to be told about love. >> i think the gospel chief was auto -- gospel choir was lovely. a lovely touch to the ceremony. >> reporter: and in back a few more from the u.s. yes, we do! where are you from? >> i'm from new york, new york! >> reporter: new york. how was it? did you enjoy it? >> i loved the wedding. i loved the pastor who came from chicago. everyone was in chicago was treated to the traditional african-american service, and it was beautiful. >> reporter: yeah, we loved it! we loved it! what did you think? >> yeah, it was extraordinary. brought everyone from around the world. love was the key message here. it brought everybody here. >> reporter: if the bishop talked about it once, he talked about it 1,000 times. it was love, it was love. we get it. did you enjoy it? >> it was brilliant. we came down yesterday, were
6:34 am
here overnight frozen. >> reporter: you stayed over? >> stayed overnight. >> reporter: in the cold? will. >> and it was amazing. brilliant. it was contemporary and traditional, as well. and meghan looked fantastic. harry looked so humble. and hello everybody in l.a. my family -- >> reporter: harry looked humble. harry looked nervous, i thought. how about that, guys, for english and american and everyone loved it. [ cheers ] >> a special relationship all over it. thank you very much. we've got a lot more coverage. and top of the hour, we'll re-rack the wedding and play it for you. back with much more on a spectacular day. first, these messages. i have to tell you something incredible. capital one has partnered with to give venture cardholders 10 miles on every dollar they spend
6:35 am
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6:37 am
welcome back, everybody. it is the wedding day. we saw the most beautiful nuptials just a few feet behind us here at st. george's chapel inside windsor castle. welcome to our great cast. we can't stop talking about this dress. so why don't you break it down a little bit for us because it was quick when she walked in. tell us about the dress. >> she is wearing givenchy. i think they threw us off the scent purposely. the ralph & russo rumor started months ago. maybe it was a bluff.
6:38 am
>> maybe. >> it was the most elegant dress, the bateau neck, sleeves, nipped waist. this could have been '40s, ' 50s. this veil was -- this was going obviously 16-feet long. the embroidery is what matters. she wanted to give a nod to the commonwealth countries. all 53 are represented in the flora embroidery on this. >> can you talk about the tiara? >> queen mary's tiara. it is specially loaned from the queen. thank you for that. >> a photo of queen mary wearing the tiara. >> it's made with 11 different parts. the broach in the middle dates back to 1893. but the 1932 crown -- that's detachable as most tiaras -- it's made up of older jewelry
6:39 am
all strung together. this is 11 different parts. >> i don't know if the -- the eagle eyed among us like yourself saw the beautiful bracelet. >> the cartier. >> is that a borrowed jewel from the queen's collection? >> no, this is a new collection. yes, the cartier collection now. if you're in the market for some cartier jewelry, you, too, can own this. >> i remembered diana's dress being so big and poofy. i wonder if diana, did she -- she talked about regretting that choice, didn't she? >> she went very '80s. of the time. the big, poofy shoulders. the 25-foot train. the 10,000 pearls. it was a big dress that almost wore her a little bit. >> yeah. >> and i think meghan is one of those people who absolutely wears the clothes, the clothing never wears her. >> true. >> diana was in st. paul's cathedral, much bigger venue. you had to fill the space. >> this is filling the space in
6:40 am
the perfect most timeless way. there is nothing -- you would absolutely not date this dress in years to come, you will not be able to date this dress. >> all right. we should point out to everybody that at the top of the hour, we'll re-rack the wedding. you'll be able to watch it. we want to talk about some of our favorite parts. >> there were moments, absolutely. first of all, the -- there were so many celeb arrivals. >> yeah. >> when i saw amal clooney, my heart skipped a beat. i don't know about you. she was wearing yellow and was absolutely beautiful. oprah. >> oprah, amal and oprah wearing stella mccartney. interestingly enough. there was a rumor that was circulating for maybe meghan markle. but there we've got victoria and david. victoria in one of her own designs with a steven jones fascinator. >> uh-huh. >> and george clooney was in fact in a lounge suit. he still looked, obviously, epically dapper. ly didn't go through the -- he didn't go through the morning dress. >> didn't wear the tails. >> of anyone who can pull anything off -- >> george clooney can do what george clooney wants to do.
6:41 am
>> sir elton john and his husband, the short journey they had to make. they live very close to here, and i have a feeling they'll be making a short journey later, as well. >> sometimes the fill photos -- still photos capture a moment and go viral. there's one we have to throw up on the screen. >> check out this page boy. >> you see the beautiful bride and the page boy whose mouth is agape. just like, wow. >> this one i think will wind up in a frame somewhere. >> so sweet. >> missing his front teeth. the whole situation is perfect. >> we must give him credit for carrying the veil, as well. that was his job. >> so excited. he cannot wait. >> i think the great part is they did all have a specific job. it wasn't like just walk. they knew what they were doing. that's a perfect frame. >> smart way to corral the little ones. this is your task. stick with it. >> exactly. i think we might all agree that one of the favorite moments of all when was harry lifted the veil. you don't get to gaze into someone's eyes until that moment.
6:42 am
he mouthed the words "you look amazing." let's all be here for one moment. >> it was a crucial moment. he mentioned it the last time we spoke to him, that harry did look quite nervous throughout. but not in a bad way. just because he was clearly such an important moment for him. i think that moment when he lifted the veil, he got a little less nervous, started to enjoy it more. either way, the nerve not a negative. shows how important the day was. >> i agree, they did seem to relax in each other's presence. >> yeah. >> william smiling softly behind. obviously so proud. and a little nervous also maybe. >> when he lifted the veil, what for me was the smile on meghan's face, the support for each other. and immediately they sort of -- the nervousness seemed to drop from his face. >> uh-huh. >> and that's what i found about that. that moment, i'll confess again, wow, this is teary -- it was really beautiful. whether that was script or not, must have. it was done as though i'll do it
6:43 am
anyway. >> yes. >> it was a natural thing to do. >> remember when he first walked in, she first came to the front of the altar, she seemed to say "hi." >> like a normal hi. >> nice to see you here. >> he also, i'd say, when they were there together holding hands, it was very much more meghan's hand across toward harry's lap. it was sort of sense that, you know, i think he does rely on her. it was a support almost from her to him when he was looking nervous. it was very kind of sweet to see that. >> we have one scene stealer to bring up. this another favorite moment. we knew one of the kids was going to stand out. they all did in a way. princess charlotte, i think she gets the award for the best wave. she was -- when it was all over, oh -- omg. >> the backdrop fabulous, as well. the chapel with the 15th century vaulted ceilings and beautifully carved, oak-carved paneling. and the sheer age of that gorgeous, gorgeous --
6:44 am
>> so cute. >> the 1875. it was originally -- >> you know it looked good and sounded good, the acoustics there. the choir, when she walked in, the proses-- processional, it sounded like angels singing. >> it did. >> with the sun coming through the west windows. 1509 they were put in. they looked amazing. >> and princess charlotte i think stole the day on st. louis' birth. on louis' birth. she didn't steal the day today, but she was up there. >> she was wearing givenchy as well, the page boys and flowergirls. >> what was her mother wearing? >> oscar de la renta. in the westwood green that she fell in love with straight away. a wool dress coat. stunning with the beautiful beret-style hat. >> the mother of the bride and queen were wearing this limey greenish auto -- everything's on purpose, but do you think they
6:45 am
would have sorted that out? >> i'm sure they must have before. i think there's probably pictures transferred between their people. it would have been fun to watch them get ready together. >> you don't think they were sending what's happening selfies. i'm going to wear this. >> exactly. >> keir simmons on the streets of windsor with some of his closest friends. what's up? >> reporter: here we are back in the street. this is the fun place to be. outside of the castle walls on the street, the folks who -- hey, everybody. [ cheers ] >> reporter: the us of a is well represented. where are you from? >> florida and -- >> reporter: you're here -- >> i'm from florida. >> and texas. >> live here. >> reporter: florida and texas. what did you think of the service? >> so interesting. i loved it.
6:46 am
yeah. i was at will and kate's -- >> you were at will and kate's? >> that was formal. this was more free. >> reporter: what was your favorite moment? >> i really liked the second speaker when he talked about love and kept talking about love. he kept talking about -- >> talked about love and talked about love. >> and brought it back to love. >> reporter: and if you heard, i was talking about love. did you see the faces of the royal family? >> i did. >> reporter: he was the best, wasn't he? >> yes, yes. entertaining. >> reporter: i love it when the royals feel uncomfortable. where are you from? >> chicago. we're the bishops from. >> reporter: did you love him? >> loved him. i loved when the crowd on the street sang "stand by me" all together. i thought that was amazing. it was amazing. >> reporter: the moment the kiss
6:47 am
happened on the stairs -- >> i didn't see the kiss. i never saw the kiss. >> we were outside. i wasn't the vip inside. >> reporter: we'll show you the kiss. >> i want to see it. >> reporter: can we show the kiss? guys, do we have the kiss? here we go. wow. there you go. >> aw. >> or when she stepped out of car. >> i saw when she stepped out of the car and went to the pub. and the mom. >> reporter: how about the dress? there's the kiss again! >> yes. >> the dress was excellent. >> the dress, her head piece is fantastic. she looked iconic. >> did you see the moment they whispered "i love you" to each other? >> no. >> thanks for coming over. great, great, great, great, great. >> they dvred it.
6:48 am
>> closer to the pub. >> in our hot little hands, thanks to our producer, this is the gift bag that if you were a member of the public invited to the windsor grounds, but 1,900, 2,000 something like that -- >> shall we unpack it? you go first. >> this bag. >> you get this there. >> you've got shortbread. i'm keeping this. >> oh -- >> harry and meghan, a chocolate coin. >> much better than the real. >> cool. >> vodka -- no, it's water. >> what les? >> let's see, the royal wedding, commemrabble magnet -- commemorative magnet. that's a keeper. >> please enjoy the special day, enjoy 3 -- enjoy 20% off your purchase as a wedding guest -- >> you told everyone what the coupon code was. >> you're right. sorry. >> come to windsor, you can get
6:49 am
20% off because hoda read the coupon code. >> stephanie gosk is on -- we're losing it. good morning or afternoon. >> reporter: is there any way you can get me the cookies? i'll even take the chocolate at this point. it's interesting -- in reflecting on the day, you know, in the build-up to the wedding, we talked about the fact that this is such a small town. and a medieval town, narrow streets. as i was walking around a few days ago, i thought to myself, how are they going to make this work? they've got to get thousands and thousands of people in here on -- it's remarkable how smooth it went. obviously the ceremony, arrivals went off with incredible precision. and out on the streets, the funneling of crowds. there are only two small train stations in this town, in this area. they put in extra trains. they made sure people knew where they needed to go and got people to where they needed to be to
6:50 am
see the event. it really is about accessibility. and in a lot of ways, the accessibility of the royal family is what makes them part of the modern world. you need to be accessible. it was something that they wanted. because of how well the logistics were run here, you got the sense that the public felt that they could be a part of this. it was remarkable to see it work so smoothly. back to you. >> thank you very much. panel, have you -- you've taken it in, you've enjoyed the day. your thoughts -- what's your big ta takeaway? >> this feels like a dream. i can only imagine what meghan is feeling now. >> i'd say the pomp and ceremony is one thing. ultimately, this is a wedding of two people who are clearly so -- every time we saw them, happy, smiling throughout. the feelings are infectious for all of us watching. it's been hard not to smile. >> and you're a childhood friend, so you have more insight than rest of us. >> perhaps.
6:51 am
but i think ultimately that is who was celebrating. the royal side, a family two of brothers and their father. and just a very warm moment to celebrate their love. >> all wed regulars memorable. they -- weddings are memorable. they all have their own personalities. what do you think this will be remembered for? >> i think this will be remembered for the joie joie devivre. on this first day they stepped out on exactly the right way. >> and ken wharf, you worked with princess diana and worked with the boys when they were boys, when they were little ones. her memory was very much a part of this, there were little touches. clearly she -- she would have loved to be here and see this day. >> took me back to the fun days when i worked with them. and you know, today was just a -- a recasting of all, you
6:52 am
know, the magic. i feel privileged to have worked with the royal family. i remember going with will and harry, down to his parents' house in new hampshire. it was great back fantastic memories. and to repeat what you said, this tied the bigger knot, not the windsor knot, with the americans. i think this has been an extraordinary couple of days. i'm pleased and honored to be part of it. >> it is. it's good to have something good and lovely to talk about as we covered the royal wedding and enjoyed spending the morning with. we condition be far from our friends and family back home, what's been going on in santa fe, texas. obviously, the community in mourning. the nation's latest school shooting has claimed ten lives there. we want to go to lester holt. we spoke with him earlier this morning. we say good morning to you, and let us know what's going on there, please. >> reporter: yeah.
6:53 am
it's a tough contrast obviously, the joy you're covering and the reality of what has happened here. we can't talk about school shooting without attaching the word "another." it's become so frequent and familiar to a lot of people. we have to remind ourselves it wasn't familiar to the kids if the school -- as the school spilled out to the lawn and parking lot at the sounds of shots. the sense of loss and vulnerability and pain is not lost on them. overnight, friday evening, there was a vigil and march. candles were lit, prayers offered for the ten people who lost their lives, as well as the ten people who were hospitalized, seriously injured in this attack. also late friday, the alleged shooter, dimitrios pagourtzis spoke softly and answered yes to questions they asked. he's accused of wearing a
6:54 am
trenchcoat, going into an art class. he had a pistol according to authorities, as well as a shotgun. the fire alarm was sounding the same time. many kids ran from the school. others hid until the situation was stabilized. one of the injured is a school resource officer who confronted the suspect. he was wounded, another officer was with him. the suspect turned himself in. that despite writings they found in his journal in which he talked about a school attack and talked about taking his own life. in the end, authorities say he didn't have the nerve. beyond those writings that they found in his computer, journal, and cell phone, they say there were no obvious signs that this was someone who was poised to take this kind of an act. that there were no red flags. they continue to examine his social media accounts. he did at one time post a picture wearing a t-shirt that said "born to kill." again, they stress there was no obvious signs that he box office to take this sort -- that he was
6:55 am
about to take this sort of action. there were what looked like improvised explosive devices that the suspect left here. none of them ultimately exploded. it's not clear whether they had the ability to actually go off. they did find those here, and that created more trauma in the immediate aftermath of the shooting and the investigation. one last night. schools here will be closed at least until wednesday as they work out a re-entry plan for the students of the district. we will send it back to you in windsor. >> lester holt doing a solemn duty and an important one in santa fe, texas. a community full of sadness this morning. and as i mentioned many times, our hearts are with you. we will continue to follow it. lester will have much more tonight. from windsor, it has been a contrast, of course. a beautiful morning, a beautiful day. if you didn't say the ceremony, we weren't up early enough to catch it -- >> we'll take care of you.
6:56 am
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we have come together to witness the marriage of henry charles albert david and rachel meghan. >> it is the moment the world has been waiting for. the royal wedding, meghan markle and her prince dazzled the world. and here is a live look for you outside in windsor.
6:59 am
a perfect day for a royal wedding. thanks so much for joining us. and i just need to see meghan one last time before we get a quick look at the weather. we need to talk ab t


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