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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 20, 2018 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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oh, no. >> oh, my gosh. >> breaking overnight, tragedy in missouri. the tour boat capsized killing at least 11 people with several more still missing. the latest in the desperate search for survivors. >> tornadoes tearing trails in iowa as the state braces for more storms. >> war within the white house, growing divide between the west wing and the intelligence community after vladimir putin's invitation to washington. >> a sunday that will scoop out all the money in your wallet." . >> good to be with you this morning. i'm frances rivera. >> and savalas in for
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philliewsovernight, at least 11 people are dead, among them children. after a tourist boat capsized in missouri on table rock lake in branson, it happened as a line of powerful storms and winds topping 60 miles an hour rolled through the area. this storm captured is to blame. >> there were two duck boats in the water but only one of them made it back. we do have video moments before the tragedy, but a warning it may be tough to watch. witness video shows the duck boats struggling to plow through the stormy current. it is not clear which one of the two boats capsized. panic unfolds as witnesses from a nearby boat watch in mohorrors one duck boate?ap i need the bough. >> it sank and everybody on board here is trying to get them out of the water.
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one off-duty sheriff's deputy working security on the duck boat helped rescue some passengers, but five people are still unaccounted for. dive teams will resume searches later this morning. of the 31 people on board, seven of them have been transported to the hospital. just one suffered critical injuries, but is expected to be okay. in a statement the company that owns the duck bode said it was deeply saddened by the accident vowing to assist victims' families and the rescue. >> severe weather swept through the heart land with tornadoes touching down in iowa including this twister that tore through the city of marshall town. the storm downing trees and leveling buildings. it even damaged a hospital forcing evacuation of 43 patients. local authorities say though several people are injured, there are no reported deaths. >> obviously with this kind of damage you're going to have your bumps and bruises from things bouncetion around. we don't have any reports. i spoke to the hospital and they
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don't anybody reporting to them with serious injuries at this point. >> a farm equipment plant was packed for the 70th anniversary celebration. there were a handful of injuries, relatively minor. homes also damaged in the town. the weather service said it won't be able to assess the strength of the tornadoes until later today. to washington where the white house is apparently fuming, the washington post this morning reporting the president and senior aides are in an uproar with the director of national intelligence dan coates after this interview with our own andrea mitchell following this astonishing moment. >> we have some breaking news. the white house has announced on twitter that vladimir putin is coming to the white house in the fall. say that again? [ laughter ] >> vladimir putin coming to -- >> did i hear you?
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>> yeah, yeah. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> that's going to be special.a about a white house visit from vladimir putin himself. the west wing apparently did not tell top administration officials about the invitation. it's a moment that's underscoring the tenuous, perhaps fraying relationship between the president and his top brass. with one senior white house official telling the post, quote, coats has gone rogue. >> believe it or not, that wasn't the only major headline. coming out of aspen, nbc lester holt has more. >> two of president trump's top law enforcement and intel officials with remarkable push back. director of national intelligence dan coats on the president standing with vladimir putin, dismissing intel agency conclusions on russian meddling. >> obviously i wished he had made a different statement. but i think that now that that has been clarified. >> and about that one on one meeting between the president and putin.
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>> if he hadfere way, but that's not my, its what it . >> is there a risk that vladimir putin could have recorded it? >> that risk is always there. >> and hours after, president trump seemed to deny russia was still trying to meddle in u.s. elections. >> is russia still targeting the u.s., mr. president? >> fbi director chris wray telling me -- >> the intelligence community's assessment has not changed. my view has not changed. which is that russia atted to interfere with the last election and that it continues to engage and malign, influence operations to this day. >> aimed at our political considered quitting. >> i'm a low key guy, but that shouldn't be mistaken for what my spine is made out of.
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>> so you have -- >> i'll leave it at that. >> okay. and wray weighing in on the idea of a russian offer to allow u.s. prosecutors to travel to moscow to watch questioning of russian agents under u.s. indictment. >> would you ever envision a world in which you would allow suspects to be interviewed by russia and observe? re: well, i never want to say never about anything, but it's certainly not high on our list of investigative techniques. [ laughter ] >> there has also been the suggestion from putin that he would want to come -- have interview americans. is that something that you would support? >> that's probably even lower on our list of investigative ing at the techniques. >> now with those revelations of anti-trump texts from top agent peter strzok which the inspector general said cast a cloud over the fbi, the president intensifying his attack on the russia investigation. >> that was a total witch hunt. >> is there anything that would allow it to be called a witch
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hunt? >> i've been consistent. i get asked this a lot. i do not believe special counsel mueller is on a witch hunt. i think professional investigation conducted by a man that i've known to be a straight shooter in all my interactions with him. >> thanks to lester for that report. >> and it wasn't just the intel and fbi chief speaking out against the president. congress issued a rare bipartisan rebuke unanimously passing a resolution condemning president trump's once touted incredible offer from vladimir putin to interview americans in exchange for those 12 indicted russian hackers. just as a leading republican congressman and former cia official laments the president has been manipulated by putin himself. nbc's hallie jackson has more from the white house. >> reporter: brushing off backlash to his one on one, plans now for part two between donald trump and vladimir putin. >> were you aware of that, just want to clarify, because you seemed to be. >> based on my reaction, i wasn't aware of that. >> reporter: the news surprising
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even the president's own director of national intelligence on stage in aspen. >> would you recommend that there not be a one on one without note takers? >> if i were asked that question, i would look for a different way of doing it. >> reporter: it would be putin's first visit to the u.s. since 2015, and the first since his country interfered in the 2016 election. president trump now on defense after a third straight day of muddled messaging over his posture toward putin. >> look at the sanctions i've put on. look at the diplomats i threw out. look at all of the things that i've done. nobody else did what i've done. obama didn't do it. obama was a patsy for russia. getting along with president putin, getting along with russia is a positive, not a negative. now, with that being said, if that doesn't workout, i'll be the worst enemy he's ever had. >> now, after a week's worth of clean ups, another one. after the art of the deal president didn't reject one from russia fast enough, the deal would have let the special
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counsel question 12 recently indicted russian intelligence officials if and only if russia could then interrogate 11 americans putin has problems with. that includes the former u.s. ambassador to russia, michael mcfaul, and nbc news international affairs analyst. >> what is your message today, right now to donald trump? >> the president of the united states needs to come out and categorically denounce it. >> the white house is not denouncing putin, but is insisting the president won't play ball on this. quote, it is a proposal that was made in sincerity by president putin, but president trump disagrees with it. >> our thanks to hallie for that report. >> we have stunning footage of of a police who rescued the baby who used the baby as a human shield when they tried to a roast letter f arrest her in texas. they ran outside to her car and grabbed the baby. police were able to safely rescue the infant and then
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charge 36-year-old evelyn with child endangerment and robbery. >> also caught on camera, an armed carjacking in broad daylight. he gets out of the impala and points the gun at a victim outside a building. the gunman demands the victim's keys to a 2018 orange bmw x1 and the victim complies. north miami police are offering up to $1,000 for information. >> and in nebraska, shocking dashcam video shows a state trooper maneuvering out of the way of a semi truck. look how close that got. it veered into his lane. authorities say the driver of the 18 wheel era peered to have some kind of medical issue mino injuries according to state patrol. what a vantage point to see that what is i have vehicle coming right at you. terrifying. >> let's turn to michelle grossman with a look at the weekend. and i don't know, we might have to change up some plans outside with these storms, right? >> we definitely will have to. saturday morning looks good pretty much for everyone in the northeast. different story today, thougher in parts of the tennessee
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valley, ohio valley. the storms that came through iowa yesterday now moving off to the east. we're looking at strong storms, chance of isolated tornadoes throughout the afternoon. nashville, louisville, paduka. also watching the chance fore a. we're going to see that over the next several days. the southeast again watching more storms today. and like you said, beautiful today in the northeast, but that will change by tomorrow night. >> we have to milk it while we have it. thank you. >> a puppy loving toddler has become an internet favorite. two-year-old conway in this video shared by his dad as he plays fetch with the retriever next door. he chucks the ball over the fence before dozer the dog catches it and drops it back on the other side. the game kept going until the
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steam pipe explosion unearthing new fears over new york city's aging infrastructure. the blast left a bus-size crater along 5th avenue in manhattan forcing first responders to evacuate more than four dozen buildings in the surrounding area. the explosion also raising health concerns after the site tested positive for asbestos. nbc's rehema ellis has the terrifying moments following the blast. >> reporter: just after sunrise, a billowing cloud of steam exploded out of the ground right at the start of the morning commute. the blast created a shower of debris and grime. >> it felt like an earthquake or something like that. >> reporter: left behind, a hole the size of a city bus in the middle of 5th avenue, one of the busiest streets in mid town manhattan. what did you see or hear? >> i heard a boom and i saw people running. >> reporter: officials say the steam erupted from an 86-year-old pipe, one of thousands of aging pipes that snake beneath the city providing heating and cooling to 2000
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buildings. >> there was asbestos in the steam line casing. that's obviously a real concern to us. >> reporter: the mayor says the air quality is safe, but officials set up decontamination centers advising people caught in the explosion to shower immediately and bag their clothes for tests. the blast comes almost 11 years ago to the day when another steam pipe explosion near grand central terminal killed one person. officials are relieved this latest blast resulted in only minor injuries. rehema ellis, nbc news, new york. little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months, ... with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring.
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a georgia waitress took matters into her own hands and slammed a man to the ground after he groped her at a restaurant. according to police, the moment unfolded at vinny van go-go's pizzeria in savannah. 23-year-old amelia did not hold back when she took down the man who grabbed her rear as he walked past her. she then instructed aiko worker to call the police. they arrested the man on-site once they reviewed the surveillance footage. police later charged 31-year-old ryan sherwinski of palm beach, florida of assault and battery. >> we live in a me too world. we learn about the reunification of migrant families. it has reunited 364 of 2,500 migrant children separated from their parents at the border. that leaves an overwhelming
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majority still split with a week to go before a court order deadline. nbc's tracie potts joins us from washington. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: hi, frances. what happens when they're reunited? the late night report found the 1600 parents, 700 have active deportation orders. aer a hold on those deportations. some of them have asylum claims. we asked the homeland security secretary whether or not keeping kids separated from their parents this long amounts to abuse. >> a lot of child psychologists have said publicly, they say this amounts to child abuse. is this child abuse being imposed, enforced by the american government? >> i think that we have 2000 children who need our care in terms of being reunited with their parents and we are working very hard on doing that. >> the government has just announced a five point plan to get these kids and their parents back together. it includes an in-person interview, ape criminal background check and determining
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to keep your whole house smelling fresh air clean. fabric refresher even works for clothes you want to wear another day. make febreze part of your clean routine president trump [ bleep ] america today. >> i mean, you stood there like a little wet noodle, like a little [ bleep ] boy. >> president putin, i want to thank you again for [ bleep ] me. >> now, if i'm jim mattis or i'm mike pompeo, i'm thinking holy [ bleep ] what do i do now? >> now is a good time to be aroused. now is a good time to be [ bleep ] up.
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>> so much fun right there with the sencensor button. mama mia two up for strong box office weekend. mama mia here we go again is to sacanada. that is according to surveys. it is likely to be enough over the new spot denzel action flick equalizer 2 and last weekend's top dog hotel transylvania vacation. it may be just the thing for families over the weekend. >> it may be especially with the weather. it may be a bit early to start thinking about halloween costumes. to help you get ahead, the hollywood reporter conducted a survey to see who was film's top village. james earl jones came in at number one. he's followed by hannah lecter.
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and nurse ratchet. we can't forget about meryl streep as miranda priestly. and antoncouny for versus somebody who eats people. old the boss i mean, come on, there's no comparison. >> i got you right there. where is linda blain and the exorcist, with the head spinning? >> dr. evil, no dr. evil. >> i love that. almost everyone in life indulges their sweet tooth. this hotel is fancy smancy. it unveiled a opulent $1500 sundae bear extraordinary. this comes in a porcelain bowl with crystal layer in the shape of a bear. the sundae is made of madagascar vanilla ice cream and truffle and served inside a hand painted white chocolate shell. i hope with the price tag you get to keep all that in the crystal and not just gobble up
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the ice >> can i order the bear extraordinaer? thanks for watchingtoday." dm >> i'm frances ad lib live picte
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good morning and thank you for joining us. i )m laura garcia. and i )m marcus washington. startingit
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