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tv   Today  NBC  August 23, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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stations. >> okay, that's good to know. thanks for joining us for today in the bay. our next update is in a half hour at 7:25. >> don't forget to join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. thanks for joining us on this friday eve. enjoy your day. . good morning. tory. president trump now saying he did know about those payments made by his former attorney michael cohen to a playmate and porn star but did he nize they were i will yell. warning the nation. don't even think of impeachment. >> if i ever got impeached, the market would crash and everybody would be poor. breaking overnight. ohio state university head coach urban meyer out for the first three games of the season. he and his boss suspended over their handling of domestic assault claims against a former assistant but is this just a slap on the wrist for one of the
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biggest names in college football? mourning mollie. hundreds gather on the campus of the university of iowa to remember mollie tibbetts. the murdered college student's brother speaking out for the first time. >> what made her so special was she was so outgoing, loving and passionate. her accused killer now lands head back to court. those stories, plus trouble in paradise. a monster hurricane bearing down on hawaii, the biggest storm to hit there in three decades. to the rescue, reports that jennifer garner steps in and brings ex-ben affleck to rehab. the latest on the star's ongoing battle with sobriety. and out of the blue. tourists in alaska who got more than their money's worth courtesy of a giant humped back whale. today, thursday, august 23rd,
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2018. announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to "today," thank you for joining us. that's going to wake you up, that video. >> i know. your whale watching experience might be a little different but that was incredible. >> it seemed like they were looking out to sea and all of a sudden look what came calling. >> we'll show you the video in a little bit. >> we'll begin this morning with the mounting pressure on the president. he is fighting back denying any wrongdoing despite michael cohen directly implicating him and warning americans and congress against impeachment. we have it all covered with kristen welker. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the president seems as defiant as ever, tweeting in all caps after midnight, no collusion, rigged witch hunt but in an interview with fox news struggling to answer questions
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surrounding the legal drama engulfing this white house. this morning with legal pressure mounting president trump is on defense tweeting, the only thing that i have done wrong is to win an election that was expected to be won by crooked hillary clinton. in a new interview on fox news blasting his former attorney michael cohen. >> you can say something bad about donald trump and you'll go down to two years or three years which is the deal he made, in all fairness to him, most people are going to do that and i've seen it many times. i've had many friends involved in this stuff. its called flipping and it almost ought to be illegal. >> reporter: speaking out about those hush money payments by cohen. >> did you know about the payments? >> later on i knew. later on. they didn't come out of the campaign. they came from me. >> reporter: in april, mr. trump telling a different story. >> did you know about $130,000 payment to stormy daniels? do you know where he got the money to make that payment?
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>> i don't know. >> reporter: the president also insisting the payments which cohen pleaded guilty to making at mr. trump's direction were legal. >> they didn't come out of the campaign and that's big, but that's not -- its not even a campaign violation. >> reporter: and when pressed? >> now he's saying that you directed him to make these payments -- >> he made the deals. he made the deals. by the way, he pled to two counts that aren't a crime, which nobody understands. i watched a number of shows, sometimes you get some pretty good information by watching shows, those two counts aren't even a crime. >> reporter: on wednesday the white house repeating the same line of defense. >> he did nothing wrong. he did nothing wrong. there are no charges against him. >> reporter: meanwhile the president also praising his now convicted former campaign chairman paul manafort as a brave man. he was found guilty this week of fraud and financial crimes, but mr. trump dodging a question about whether he'll pardon manafort. >> i would say what he did, some of the charges they threw against him, every consultant,
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every lobbyist in washington probably does. >> reporter: on capitol hill, republicans already fearing they'll lose critical seats in the midterms had mixed reactions. >> i don't think i've witnessed anything like i've witnessed over the last year and a half. >> i don't see any evidence that the president knew they'd committed these crimes. >> reporter: in a swing state of florida, many of the trump faithful standing strong. >> paul manafort isn't donald trump. i mean, he didn't do that for trump. he did for himself. so that doesn't effect me or affect how i feel about trump. >> so far i'm with the president because i think that he's turning things around and i think we're in a better direction. >> reporter: now according to a new "the wall street journal" report, the father of michael cohen urged his son not to protect his former boss, telling cohen he did not survive the holocaust to have his name, quote, sullied by president trump. we reached out to cohen's attorney for comment but so far no response. >> the president was saying a
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lot more in that fox interview just a few moments ago. he also talked about impeachment. what did he have to say about that? >> reporter: while some of the president's allies have privately expressed concerns about impeachment we've rarely heard the president address it. today he weighed in with this remarkable exchange. take a look. >> i guess its something like high crimes and all. i don't know how you can impeach somebody who's done a great job. if i ever got impeached i think the market would crash. i think everybody would be very poor. >> reporter: so a bit of a stern warning there. as we have seen consistently mr. trump support among his base is still steadfast. you saw that with those voters in florida, there. he's planning to campaign in at least 15 states after labor day. >> all right. kristen, thank you. that one-two punch against the president's closest adviser has the democrats thinking about their strategy ahead of the midterms. hallie jackson on that part of
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the story. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you. right here on capitol hill democrats are really focusing on what they call the culture of corruption that republicans have created and making the argument that they should press pause on the confirmation process for the president's pick to be on the supreme court. on capitol hill democrats have plenty to say about those dual convictions for president trump's former advisers, but there's one word some won't say at all. >> will you be pushing for impeachment or will you be waiting to see -- >> too early in the process to be using these words. >> reporter: not pushing for the president to be impeached -- >> i think impeachment talk is something that is not something we should be engaging in right now. >> reporter: but embracing the argument that donald trump's not draining the swamp, just making it worse. >> i believe that the future of our republic is very much in the balance. i believe the future of our democracy is very much in the balance.
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>> reporter: democrats think that's part of a winning message, just two months ahead of the midterms, that the gop is not standing up to corruption and criminality as leader nancy pelosi writes to her colleagues. under president trump she says, washington has become a cesspool of self-enrichment, secret money and edge thinkcal blindness. there's also another tactic on the table. >> the fact that the sitting president is an unindicted co-conspirator in a criminal situation, you know what? i am canceling, i will be canceling my appointment with judge kavanaugh. >> reporter: democrats demanding a delay in the confirmation hearings for president trump's supreme court pick. >> i think we need to push a pause button right now and let this play out just a little bit. >> what i want right now is for us to, when it comes to kavanaugh, is to wait -- wait until this mueller probe is done before we move forward. >> it is unseemly for the president of the united states to be picking a supreme court
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justice who could soon be effectively a juror in a case involving the president himself. >> reporter: the reality check from republicans, not going to happen. >> this is a desperate and pathetic attempt by democrats to obstruct a very highly qualified nominee. the hearing date has been set for september 4th and judge kavanaugh will be there. >> reporter: as for that talk about impeachment you may start to hear more about it after the november midterms if democrats do end up taking back control of the house. right now some more progressive candidates are running partly based on this, but there's a risk that could backfire, that that would fire up republicans just as much if not more so than democrats. >> all right. thank you. we do have a lot more to get to this morning including breaking news overnight out of columbus, ohio where coach urban meyer is waking up to a three game suspension over his handling of domestic abuse charges against a top assistant.
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craig is here with details and some controversy associated with this, hey, craig. >> good morning to you. that independent group leading the investigation says they interviewed 40 witnesses and reviewed more than 60,000 emails and 10,000 text messages. coach meyer and athletic director gene smith were both suspended and the reaction from buckeye nation and beyond, swift. some are saying this is merely a slap on the wrist. >> i know that the impact of the events last three weeks have had on this institution, an institution that i love. and for that i'm deeply sorry. >> reporter: an apologetic urban meyer seen and heard for the first time in nearly a month. >> i want to apologize to buckeye nation. i followed my heart, not my head. i fell short in pursuing full information because i gave zack smith the benefit of the doubt. >> reporter: the coach who's been on paid leave since august 1st now side lined for the first
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three games of the season and will lose six weeks of pay. at the center of the investigation and his suspension, myers handling of domestic assault claims against former assistant coach zack smith in 2015 and his response to a reporters question about the incident last month. >> i was never told about anything. >> reporter: myer later apologized for that answer and did know he did know about the allegations, but quote, always followed proper reporting protocols in wednesday night's news conference he went further. >> my role is to set a good example and i did not live up to the university's standards. >> reporter: the suspension comes after a 14 day investigation into the matter whr officially released highlighting a power of troubling behavior by zack smith, the scandal blew up just weeks ago on august 1st when zack smith's ex-wife courtney told smith assaulted her
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multiple times. she says she shared photos of her injuries with urban meyers's wife shelly. >> she was going to have to tell urban. i said that's fine. you should tell urban. >> reporter: coach myer fired zack smith last month. smith who has never been charged with domestic abuse talked to espn earlier this month. he says he never hit his wife and defended his former boss. >> if he loses his job, its flat wrong. >> reporter: zack smith's attorney released a statement after wednesday night's decision that reads vengeance against krourtthy smith's ex-husband regrettably resulted in collateral damage against urban meyer. many ohio state fans defending the university's decision but others saying the punishment don't go far enough. meyers first game back will be on september 22nd. ohio state ranked number five by "the associated press."
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some are also pointing out that the first half of the buckeye season is not the toughest competition. >> meyer apologized. did he mention the victim at all in his statement? >> he did not not until asked about her report. >> did he say anything about her? >> not until asked about it. >> okay. thank you. we turn now to iowa where a vigil was held for mollie tibbetts. her brother is speaking out publicly for the first time as his sister's murder stokes the flames of the nationwide debate over immigration because the accused is said to be an undocumented immigrant. ron mott is in brooklyn, iowa, with the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the brother of mollie tibbetts said the family is simply trying to get used to their normal life without mollie. she disappeared on an evening jog last month and the man accused of killing her appeared in court for the first time yesterday.
7:14 am
he showed very little emotional as a judge advised him of his right. overnight tears and tributes for 20-year-old mollie tibbetts. her brother jake speaking for the family for the first time publicly since her accused killer's arrest. >> from our family, from her friends, from the community of brooklyn, we thank you from the bottom of our heart. she was incredible. and we -- you know, we're going to miss her dearly. >> reporter: at the university of iowa where mollie would have been a sophomore, a vigil in her memory. >> she can rest easy and know there's so many people out there who love her. >> reporter: prayers in her hometown. >> life has changed for all of us. >> reporter: hours earlier the man accused in her murder in court, 24-year-old immigrant christhian rivera listening to the court proceedings through an interpreter telling the judge he understands the charge against him, first degree murder. his bond $5 million. >> this is shocking. >> reporter: at the small family owned dairy farm where he
7:15 am
worked, they used a government verification system to assess his eligibility and everything checked out. >> what we learned in the last 24 hours is that our employee was not who he said he was. >> reporter: authorities have said rivera was an undocumented immigrant from mexico, something quickly picked up by president trump and his supporters. the president in a new interview. >> mollie is this beautiful young girl. she was killed by a horrible person that came in from mexico, illegally here, found by i.c.e. and without them you might not be sitting here so comfortably right now. >> reporter: rivera said his client is in the u.s. legally. saying it hurts his client's chances for a fair trial. >> we're urging the court to prevent the cameras from coming in here which possibly could show some sort of bias or prejudice and get it into the this political controversy. >> reporter: a young life taken
7:16 am
too soon, now the latest focus of a divisive national debate. now christhian rivera did not waive his right. in the meantime there was an autopsy conducted yesterday but results are pending. back up to you. >> ron, you're there. how does the community feel? obviously they're just in shock and mourning at the loss of mollie, but now its also become part of the political conversation because the accused is an undocumented immigrant, although i know his lawyer says differently now? >> reporter: there's definitely a split here in this community. those who were put off by what the president had to say were adamant about it and quick to voice their displeasure saying they thought it was wrong to inject politics at a time of tragedy for this community. those who support the president's sentiment were a little more shy about it all but said they find it troublesome that there may be people living here who should not be authorized to be here. savannah? >> thank you very much.
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there's growing backlash against verizon this morning. the company has admitted it slowed the wireless data speeds of california firefighters as largest fire in state history. firefighters in santa clara county say they're data was throttled earlier. fire officials said the slowing had a significant impact on their ability to provide emergency services. verizon says it happened because the fire department's plan allowed for limited use of high speed wireless data. the company said it does lift data caps in emergency and, quote, this was a customer support mistake. >> i'll say it was. >> gosh. we are going to switch gears and get the latest on a hurricane bearing down on hawaii. al's got that. >> this one's a strongest one in 30 years. we're looking at lane. you can see the outer bounds just making their way into the big island, 230 miles
7:18 am
south/southwest of kona. its moving northwest at 7 miles per hour. you look at the track, it is moving fairly quickly to the north with 130-mile-per-hour winds by this time tonight. we're looking at it to continue to track to the north but then on friday morning as becomes a category two storm it makes a bit of a turn to the west thanks to the steering current. here are the impacts we're looking at for hurricane lane. even without a direct hit we're talking about flooding rains, isolated rainfall totals of 30 inches or more, overflowing rivers, mudslides and rockslides. we're also talking about damaging winds, structural damage to buildings and homes, downed power outages, peak wind gusts of 75 miles per hour and as far as storm surge that's not going to be that bad, however, we could have up to 20 foot waves along the south shore, the big island. we'll be watching this extremely closely. we've got a team in hawaii and as conditions warrant will bring that to you. we'll get to your local forecast
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coming up in the next 30 seconds. the splashes the lessons the friendships and... the memories oh! here we go again it's a journey and petsmart is with you every step of the way. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. wee see the clouds for a little longer, keeping our temperatures down with highs reaching 79 degrees. this is cooler than normal. we'll also see low 80s for the inland areas with antioch and concord reaching 81. and 79 in napa today. 78 there and also in santa rosa. 69 in oakland today, and san
7:20 am
francisco reaching 64 degrees with some brisk winds. we'll keep the coastal areas cool. and that's your latest coming up, breaking his silence. the young actor who says asia argento sexually assaulted him says why he finally shared his story despite fears. >> back and better than ever. simone biles is back to make history once again. and she's live with an exclusive and she's live with an exclusive inrview just ahead but fteir
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still ahead, still ahead, murdered college student mollie tibbetts, the latest female jogger to be a victim of violence. so many women are wondering, how do i stay safe out there. this morning we have tips on how you can protect yourself. also, to the rescue. reports that ben affleck has entered rehab. the role jennifer fwarner reportedly played in helping get him there.
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to getting a deal on your next trip. aarp is here to help you stretch your dollar further. our furry friends will have their day, but today is all yours. take on today and every day with aarp. firefighters right now are trying to determine if an early morning fire that damaged a c 7:26. i'm laura garcia. firefighters trying to determine if an early morning fire that damaged a cafe in south san jose was set on purpose. it started about 3:00 in the morning at cafe paradise near monterey and tully roads. the cafe owner believes someone targeted him, saying he's been targeted before. arson investigators are there. police looking at surveillance video to tie to solve a stabbing near the warm springs b.a.r.t. station. it happened about 2:30 in the morning near the station's parking lot. train service is not aficted. let's check the forecast now. meteorologist kari hall. >> a cloudy start as we get a look at our high temperatures for today.
7:27 am
we'll see that clearing happening a little faster for the inland areas, but clouds lingering near the coast, in san francisco, expect a high of 64 degrees, and 76 degrees in palo alto. upper 70s for san jose and low 80s for our interior valleys. and that will be what we'll expect as we go into the next couple days. by saturday, just a touch warmer and less cloud cover with our high temperatures heading up to 86 degrees. next week, it's going to start to cool off. by wednesday, in the upper 70s. in san francisco, keeps those 60s in the forecast with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. let's get an update on the commute from mike. >> overall, it's great. but not here. not in san jose. this is 280, jammed up at the 880/17 interchange. look at that, the northbound side of 280 that is jammed up because of a crash in the middle lanesand winchester, just north of the interchange. and now back to the 680/101 interchange, your alternate might be 101 for the time being,
7:28 am
but more traffic will shift there. 85 is a much clearer route just farther to the south. it will still take you extra time. back to you. >> thank you very much. another local news update in half an hour.
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7:30 am
and it's kind of a victory run for simone biles now. >> this is spectacular. power like no one else. >> simone biles, you are amazing. it's 7:30, thursday morning, 23rd of august, 2018. we thought you would just like to see someone who does it the best. she crushed it at the u.s. gymnastics championship in every single event. >> and because of that -- >> beam, check. uneven bars, check, check and check. >> she made hit, as you can see. she's got a powerful message, too, while doing it. we are really excited, because simone biles is going to sit and
7:31 am
chat with us in an exclusive interview. it's coming up a little later in this half hour. >> she took nine months off. >> of course, she did. >> unprecedented, apparently, in gymnastics. looking forward to that conversation. let's start this half hour with a check of today's headlines. the white house insisting that president trump has done nothing wrong in connection with the legal woes of his former personal attorney, michael cohen. cohen pled guilty tuesday to campaign finance violations. in a new interview on fox news, the president said hush money paid to two women who allege extra marital affairs with trump is not a campaign violation, because the money did not come from campaign funds. >> did you know about the payments? >> later on i knew. later on. they didn't come out of the campaign. they came from me. >> in april, you might remember president trump told a different story, telling reporters on air force one, he did not know about those payments. and air force sergeant who gave his life to protect other american service members was honored on wednesday.
7:32 am
president trump awarded a medal of honor posthumously to air force sergeant, john chapman. chapman's widow accepted the medal. the 36-year-old was killed during a firefighter in afghanistan. the battle captured by drone footage. >> in this final act of supreme courage, john gave his life for his fellow warriors. through his extraordinary sacrifice, john helped save more than 20 american service members, some of whom are here today. >> chapman becomes the first air force airman to receive the medal of honor in nearly 50 years. a group of tourists got more than their money's worth during a recent whale watching trip in alaska. take a look. >> oh! >> oh! >> i mean, that's a whale watching trip.
7:33 am
the group was looking for humpback whales and that is what they found. despite being soaked from head to toe, they got to see the mighty mammal up close and personal. >> you don't need binoculars. let's turn now to some new details this morning about those shocking sexual assault allegations against actress asia argento, a harvey weinstein accuser who became one of the outspoken leaders of the #metoo movement. >> this morning a young man who ces says argento assaulted him when he was 17 years old is speaking out who says he feared doing so until now. kristen dahlgren is following this for us. >> a lot of people talking about this one. and this morning is has turned into a he said/she said. this morning, jimmy bennett breaking his silence on his sexual assault claims against asia or gener asia argento saying he was too ashamed to open up until now.
7:34 am
in a statement to nbc news, bennett writes, i was underage when the event took place, and i tried to seek justice in a way that made sense to me at the time. bennett referring to the nearly $400,000 cash settlement he sought from argento as first reported by the "new york times" sunday. >> no! >> reporter: the two first met on the set of a 2004 film, in which bennett played argento's son. their alleged sexual encounter happening nine years later in 2013 at a california hotel. bennett now 22, saying at the time i believed there was still a stigma to being in the situation as a male in our society. i didn't think that people would understand the event that took place from the eyes of a teenaged boy. while argento has denied allegations of a sexual relationship with bennett, she did, however, acknowledge the settlement funded by her then boyfriend, the late anthony bourdain. but these text messages obtained by tmz seemed to tell a
7:35 am
different story. nbc news has not independently obtained or verified the messages which the website says were exchanged by argento and an unidentified friend this week, discussing her relationship with bennett. in one message, argento reportedly writes, i had sex with him. it felt weird. i didn't know he was a minor until the shakedown letter. another text appears to make an attempt to justify the age difference between argento and bennett. the message reading, when i was 17, i was with a 33-year-old man for years. argento has yet to comment on these potentially damning text messages. further flipping the script on the actress who helped lead the way for major change in hollywood and beyond. >> so there were so many developments. she released a statement denying it, and then these text messages and pictures came out. is asia argento saying any further now? >> no new comment from the actress yet. in light of these claims, argento has dropped out of an upcoming appearance, organizers
7:36 am
of a dutch music festival for this november has released a statement saying argento has formally backed out of the event due to the volatile nature of the accusations surrounding her. >> kristen, thank you. we switch gears now and get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> we're watching some strong storms starting to fire up from nebraska into kansas, making their way into missouri and eventually will affect chicago and further east. today we have a risk for damaging winds into the dakotas, into nebraska, large hail threats, can't rule out an isolated tornado. tomorrow that moves to the east, stretching from rochester, minnesota, all the way down to kansas city. damaging winds, isolated tornadoes. look for anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of rain, especially from kansas into missouri and parts of western illinois. the rest of the country for today, lots of sunshine. had some showers this morning in the northeast. those clear off. lower humidity, comfortable temperatures. those severe storms making their way from the plains, monsoonal
7:37 am
moisture in good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're enjoying cooler weather all across the bay area and we will still have clouds staying with us through at least about late morning for the inland areas. we're going to reach up to 81 in antioch today, and 69 in oakland. santa rosa, 78 degrees, and half moon bay, 63 degrees. san jose will be up to 79 degrees. as we go through the forecast, just a touch warmer going into the weekend with less cloud cover and then cooling down again early next week. and that is your latest weather. savannah. >> all right, al. thank you so much. coming up next, more of a good thing. the big sequel to "crazy rich asians" already in the works. and the new pasta that made carb-loading easier and cheaper. >> yay! and some cool back to school products that you will wish you had when you were a kid. but first, simone biles joins us live for an exclusive
7:38 am
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7:43 am
>> yes, she did. simone won the all-around title at the u.s. gymnastics championships, becoming the only woman to win that title five times. amazing. >> and what's more, she has won all four individual events, too. no biggie. anyway, simone joins us from her gym in spring, texas. [ applause ] yay, simone! way to go, girl! first of all -- >> thank you. >> you took nine months off. right? you said you had butterflies, you didn't know if you could calm yourself, and you stepped out on that mat or on that beam and you just nailed it over and over again. how did you prepare for this moment? >> a lot of training in the gym. a lot of pressure sets. so with my coach's help, that's how i did it. >> simone, i want to talk to you about what you're wearing this morning and what you were wearing when you crushed it over the weekend, that color, teal. that is not an accident. that's by design. for folks watching at home, explain why that color is so
7:44 am
significant to you. >> yes. so the color teal is for sexual abuse survivors. and i think it's very special, so i got to wear it this morning, and i also got to wear it the day two of competition for all of us to unite and for me to support all of them. >> well, you wear it well, of course. it's so important. but you also just did so well. i mean, i was reading, actually, an article that the team coordinator said it was shocking. it was actually shocking that you're even better than you were two years ago. and that you won each of these events. and the way i understand it is, usually people are good at one or two. not all four. simone, are you human? i guess that's the question. >> um, i am human, but i get that question all of the time. [ laughter ] but sometimes what i do, i don't feel human. i don't feel normal. but we make it normal. >> yeah. >> well, there were a couple of cool tweets that i loved. first of all, i follow your mom,
7:45 am
nellie, who is always tweeting you. we love her, and let me read her tweet. it says -- where is it? it's so cute. where is it? can you all read it? >> praying that the lord continues to guide you. just be the best simone. >> and then -- your boyfriend tweeted, "i'm not crying. you're crying." >> yes. >> so basically, there's a lot of love for you. talk to us a little bit about this cute man in your life. >> yes. i do have the most amazing boyfriend. we've been dating for over a year now. and he's great. and he actually got to come out to boston to support me. so i couldn't ask for a better boyfriend. >> simone, you're clearly working very hard, and it's paying off. are you having some fun as well? what are you doing in your downtime? how are you kicking back? >> yes. i actually have a lot of fun. and i try not to focus too much of gym whenever i'm outside of the gym. so before boston, we went to the beach. we went to galveston. and i like to hang out with my girlfriends and go out and go
7:46 am
dancing or go to the movies or bowling. so i try to do a lot. and even last night we went to dinner and then had a taco tuesday girls' night. so i like to have a lot of fun outside of gym. >> she is human. >> living her best life. >> do you still have the zac efron cutout? what happened to that? very important. >> okay. so he used to terrify me in my room, because every time i would walk in, i used to think somebody was in my room. so he got hidden in the closet. >> oh! i'm sure stacy is happy about that. >> exactly. tough for zach. just real quick, tokyo, 2020. you're there, right? >> uh-huh. yes. hopefully everything goes as planned. that is the goal. >> there's no hopefully. you'll be there. >> we love you. thanks, simone. congratulations. we'll see you soon, okay? >> okay, thank you guys. >> bye, honey. >> i think she's my favorite olympian. >> awesome. >> she really is. >> she is grounded and normal. >> glad she is having fun, too. coming up, we're going to shift gears. ben affleck reportedly heading
7:47 am
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7:56 am
good thursday morning. right now at 7:56, we're taking a live look outside at sfo with low clouds and fog we're seeing starting out again today. then our high temperatures in san francisco reaching 64 degrees. we'll get a little bit of sunshine today. for the inland areas the sun breaks out faster and high temperatures redding to the 80s. 81 in concord today. san jose, 79. and 78 in santa rosa. our high temperatures going up a few degrees for the inland valleys going into the weekend. saturday, 86 degrees, and the early part of next week, our temperatures will cool off. some of the hotter spots will only reach the upper 70s. san francisco stays in the 60s into the weekend. looks like we'll continue on with cool weather there and brisk westerly winds. let's get an update on the commute from mike.
7:57 am
>> better news for san jose. northbound 280, that crash did clear just a few minute ago. the arrow shows you the jam on the approach north. 280 jammed up around the bend. the arrow shows you where the break happened. that's a problem. 85, 17 north, and 101 north, also folks had to reroute, get back to the normal route. the rest of the bay shows a nice, easy drive. and there's more traffic, of course, getting over from richmond to san rafael. back to you. >> thank you very much. if you're headed to hawaii, make sure to check your flight status. the big island feeling some of the impacts of hurricane lane. it's possible the island will avoid a direct hit, but it could be hawaii's stronger storm in more than 25 years. head to our twitter feed for the latest. >> b.a.r.t. police investigating an early morning stabbing. it happened right outside the warm springs b.a.r.t. station. train service never affected. on our home page, you can now
7:58 am
link to the full story. another local news update in half an hour. and our midday news too. pride. the changes coming to this year )s festival. and if you have plans this weekend-- we )ve got you covere. meteorologist kari hall is tracking what we can expect weather-wise. join us tomorrow from 4:30 to 7. good morning, it )s 7:26...
7:59 am
8:00 am
coming up, playing def it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, playing defense. president trump not backing down, saying he is not guilty of criminal activity after legal scandals rocked his former attorney and campaign chair. >> but they weren't -- that's not a -- it's not even a campaign violation. >> so, where do republicans and democrats go from here, and what does this mean for the midterm elections? we're live at the white house. ♪ plus, jen to the rescue. ben affleck is reportedly headed back to rehab for the third time with help from his ex, jennifer garner. we'll have details. and crazier and richer. the hit rom com movie of the summer is planning to reunite
8:01 am
for a sequel. who will we see back on the big screen? today, thursday, august 23rd, 2018. ♪ i got that sunshine in my pocket, got that good soul in my feet ♪ >> from grayson, georgia -- >> for my 75th birthday! >> today i'm turning 13. >> celebrating our anniversary from evansville, indiana! ♪ just dance, dance, dance >> we're the jacksons! >> from richmond, virginia. >> family vacation! >> from montgomery, alabama! >> hi to my best friend, lauren, in charleston, south carolina! >> my students in portland, oregon! >> and my mom in minnesota! >> whoo! ♪ >> aw. >> i think we have the best looking crowd. >> yes. >> welcome back to "today." we love you being here with us on a thursday morning, or as we like to call it, friday eve. >> yes, exactly. >> almost here. >> and vacation eve for someone we know. >> someone is packing her bags. >> that's right. >> we are going to get right to your news at 8:00. president trump insisted overnight that he has nothing to fear from the bruising legal takedown of two former
8:02 am
associates. however, he is changing a key part of his story. nbc white house correspondent kristen welker joins us now with the latest on this. hey, kristen, good morning. >> reporter: hey, hoda. good morning to you. despite the shirti ishifting na, the president is tweeting in all caps after midnight, "no collusion, rigged witch hunt." and in a new interview with fox news, weighing in on everything from his former confidantes turned convicts to the possibility of impeachment. this morning, the president is coming out swinging. in a new interview on fox news, blasting his former attorney, michael cohen. >> you could say something bad about donald trump, and you'll go down to two years or three years, which is the deal he made. in all fairness to him, most people are going to do that, and i've seen it many times. i've had many friends involved in this stuff. it's called flipping, and it almost ought to be illegal. >> reporter: speaking out about those hush money payments by cohen. >> did you know about the payments? >> later on i knew.
8:03 am
later on. they didn't come out in the campaign. they came from me. >> reporter: but in april, mr. trump telling a different story. >> did you know about the $130,000 payment to stormy daniels? >> no. >> do you know where he got the money to make that payment? >> no, i don't know. >> reporter: the president also insisting the payments, which cohen pleaded guilty to making at mr. trump's direction, were legal. >> they didn't come out of the campaign, and that's big, but they weren't -- that's not even a campaign violation. >> and when pressed -- >> now he's saying that you directed him to make these payments. did you direct him to make these payments? >> he made the deal. he made the deals. and by the way, he pled to two counts that aren't a crime, which nobody understands. i watched a number of shows. sometimes you get some pretty good information by watching shows. those two counts aren't even a crime. >> reporter: on wednesday, the white house repeating the same line of defense. >> he did nothing wrong. he did nothing wrong. there are no charges against him. >> reporter: meanwhile, the president also praising his
8:04 am
now-convicted former campaign chairman paul manafort as a brave man. he was found guilty this week of fraud and financial crimes, but mr. trump dodging a question about whether he'll pardon manafort. >> and i would say what he did, some of the charges they threw against him, every consultant, every lobbyist in washington probably does. >> reporter: and when asked about the possibility of impeachment, offering this remarkable response -- >> i don't know how you can impeach somebody who's done a great job. i'll tell you what, if i ever got impeached, i think the market would crash, i think everybody would be very poor. >> reporter: a little bit of a warning there from the president. so, what are lawmakers saying about all of this? well, democrats are largely staying away from the topic of impeachment. they're waiting for the legal drama to play out. and republicans are divided. but the president's base remains as strong as ever. in fact, he's planning to campaign in at least 15 states after labor day, hoda. >> all right, kristen welker at the white house. thanks. the trade war between the u.s. and china escalated overnight.
8:05 am
new tariffs on $16 billion worth of imports from each side. the u.s. started charging extra 25% tariffs on chinese imports ranging from chemicals and semiconductors to electric scooters. then china hit back with new tariffs on american fuel, cars, and medical equipment. this dispute between the world's two largest economies has the potential to raise consumer prices and rattle world markets. ohio state university has suspended its legendary head football coach, urban meyer, for the first three games of the upcoming season. he'll also lose six weeks' pay. meyer led the buckeyes to the national title in the 2014 season. his suspension grew out of his handling of domestic violence claims against former assistant coach zach smith. meyer initially denied knowing about the abuse allegations. he later acknowledged that he did know and apologized for not doing more. meyer's boss, athletics director gene smith, was also suspended. >> emergency shelters are open
8:06 am
and supermarkets running low on supplies as hurricane lane bears down on hawaii. this could be the most powerful storm to hit hawaii in more than two decades. heavy rains have already started drenching the big island and winds are picking up overnight. the storm is expected to cause large swells and damaging surf. a team from fema arrived overnight from california. the agency says it is ready to deliver barges full of food and water and other necessities. all right, we've got the news covered. >> yes. >> it's boost o'clock. >> why don't we do it? getting your first big girl's haircut takes a lot of courage, but it does pay off if you like the results as much as this young girl in toronto did. check out what she had to say. >> so, you know what's the great thing about short hair? >> tell me. >> well, when you walk around and you have long hair, it gets caught to something and you have to pull it and it hurts you. but when you have short hair, it doesn't really, like, get all messy and, like, get caught to
8:07 am
something. >> oh, she goes on. she says a new haircut made her feel happy inside, as if she were eating ice cream and popcorn at the movies with her family and friends. >> a good haircut does make you feel good. >> but we did want to ask people at home if you guys have a video that you think might make a cool morning boost, why don't you send it to us? >> crowd-source the boost. >> how about that? go to, and maybe your video will end up right here. >> i like that! >> i like that. >> kind of cool. >> that's a good idea. >> okay. >> i've been saying that about short hair for decades. >> makes you feel good, like ice cream and pizza, yeah. >> much more ahead this morning, including the big hollywood event that actually humbled simon cowell. >> we've got to see that. plus, an important story for all of us female joggers out there. what you need to know to stay safe. jenna will show us how. uh, all the cars? all the cars. old cars? yes. new cars? oh, yeah. sports cars? indeed. a big ol' boat-like car? permission to come aboard! what about a car that's all (makes awkward car noises) hgnnnn-nn-nn-nnnn-ayy-ayyy
8:08 am
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with up to sixty percent off. make back to school shopping easy with buy online, pick up in store. with styles from four, six, and eight dollars, only at old navy. it's a revolution in sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now, from $899, during sleep number's 'biggest sale of the year'. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this. so you wake up ready to put your pedal to the metal. and now, all beds are on sale. save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 24-month financing and free home delivery. ends saturday. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. we are back. 8:10. there are reports that ben affleck has entered rehab once again and his ex, jennifer garner, is reportedly the one who stepped in and brought him
8:11 am
there. >> nbc's kristen dahlgren is following this story. good morning. >> good morning, guys. the hollywood-leading man has already been in and out of rehab on at least two different occasions and now family and friends, including garner are reportedly hoping this time will be his last. a hollywood heavyweight apparently getting help, with multiple reports actor ben affleck has entered rehab for alcohol addiction. an anonymous source telling our sister network, e news, the push to get him to enter a facility coming after jennifer garner was photographed arriving at his home on wednesday. garner reportedly seen visibly shaken after meeting with affleck, just days after his reported breakup from "saturday night live" producer, lindsey shookus. garner, just honored with a star on the hollywood walk of fame, has always been one of affleck's biggest supporters. married in 2005, the couple had three children together before splitting up in 2015. 46-year-old affleck most recently spotted around town with 22-year-old playboy model, shawna sexton.
8:12 am
tmz reporting affleck's situation escalated earlier this week after garner saw a photo of affleck carrying a box from a delivery man, a box reportedly filled with beer and liquor. "people" reporting garner's focus remains on their children. is she happy about him hanging out with a very young playboy model, certainly not, an unnamed source tells "people." but her concern right now is not who he is dating. what she ultimately cares about is his sobriety and whether she can rely on him to co parent. affleck has had a long struggle with alcohol addiction. his first stint in rehab back in 2001. finishing another rehab visit in march 2017, posting on facebook and thanking garner for her help, writing, i'm lucky to have the love of my family and friends, including my co parent jen, who has supported me and cared for our kids as i have done the work i have set out to do. this was the first of many steps being taken towards a positive recovery. this morning with support from garner, affleck is again bravely taking his next step toward a healthier future.
8:13 am
jennifer garner is clearly trying to help her ex. and because ben affleck has said she was so important to his sobriety in the past, we'll see if she will play a critical part of this next chapter on his road to recovery. >> great to hear that he is getting help. >> absolutely. >> we wish them -- >> extraordinary. >> thank you, kristen. now, sheinelle has news. >> at 2:00 p.m. eastern, olive garden's never-ending pasta pass goes on sale. last year, the passes sold out in one second. and this year they are going bigger than ever. the italian chain not only offering their traditional deal, eight weeks of unlimited pasta for $100, there are 23,000 of those. but look at this. new this year is their annual pass. that's 52 weeks of unlimited carb combinations for $300. >> wow. >> that's less than $1 a day for
8:14 am
pasta all year long. there are only 1,000 of the annual passes. and social media users already have their eye on the prize. janette writes, omg, for a whole year? i can't think straight. nicole says, my brain says heck yeah, but my body says no. rochelle says, for the love of your taste buds and digestive system, you don't need the all you can eat pasta pass. we asked on twitter, would you spend $300 for unlimited pasta for a year? look at the results. 79% say no. 21% say yes. i have a feeling you guys are already eating some pasta. >> are you talking, sheinelle? >> i keep hearing forks clanking. at 2:00 today, for those who want to cash in on this -- the pasta pass -- >> look at the bowl! >> jen and i just did the lady and the tramp thing.
8:15 am
>> the scary thing is craig and i did it too. >> what about the garlic bread? what about the all you can eat garlic bread? >> if you like them, i'm sure. but don't you think this is enough? >> this campaign could very well put olive garden out of business. >> could you put this in a big bowl? >> it's unlimited. >> 300 bucks for all the pasta you can eat in a year? >> you also have to go to the restaurant. >> of course. >> the trick is, you have to leave the restaurant. >> now you see why it's a hit. >> it is. >> we're going to start with simon cowell. and they're still eating. get out of my shot. received a star on the hollywood walk of fame yesterday. cowell is the mastermind behind many successful shows, including "american idol." he was known as the harsh judge, never afraid to be brutally honest. kelly clarkson spoke in cowell's honor at the ceremony, and was quick to defend his mean reputation. take a look.
8:16 am
>> now, granted, i was the one he was never mean to. so i'm still waiting. but, no. he was never mean to me. but it was more of the thing that i never found it to be mean, though. i found it to be constructive. and i found -- there's no -- there's no friend in this industry, especially an industry in the spotlight. there's not a friend to you to have a person around you. a friend gives you the truth. and that's the thing that i think everyone can thank you for. >> that was good. after clarkson spoke, cowell gave a speech of his own, showing a softer side when he took the time to recognize his parents and his son, eric. >> one thing i was also thinking about today was who would have got the biggest kick out of this, and it was my mom and dad. and -- [ applause ] and they're not here. but i have a feeling they're looking down. and now i can look over to my son, eric, and say, maybe one
8:17 am
day you'll get one of these, as well. >> wow, that was sweet. >> you know what i meant. >> cowell's 4-year-old son. >> yesterday it was also announced that cowell will be returning as a judge on nbc's "america's got talent" in a multiyear deal. so congratulations to him. up next, the craze around "crazy rich asians" is only growing. it brought in $40 million in ticket sales. and thanks to the movie's success, part two is already in the works. >> of course. >> yesterday warner bros. confirmed they plan to move forward with a sequel, and it will be based on china rich girlfriend, author kevin kwan's second book in the series. no potential release date for the sequel was announced, but all around great news for the history-making film. in other news, our own savannah guthrie and hoda kotb on the cover of -- >> oh! >> look at this. >> we look like, are we in
8:18 am
trouble? >> what did we do? >> they talk about what it's like working with each other. i thought it was interesting. they shared an office more than ten years ago, and she said, quote, we discovered we're both messy and we both love powdered coffee. i also noticed hoda's purse is basically like mine. it was open and lying there with a bottle of coffee mate. to read the full interview, find the issue on newsstands this sunday. >> how cool! >> congratulations! >> will you all sign our copy? >> oh, my gosh. >> it was fun. so neat. >> would you sign my bottle of coffeemate? >> and speaking of -- >> so much coffee mate here. >> thank god. we need it. hoda, you joined al -- >> oh, yes! >> on his new youtube show, "cold cuts." >> what did you make? >> and they talk about other things, too. everything from haylee joy, to being there for each other. you also shared a story about
8:19 am
when you almost gave up on pursuing a television career. let's look at a clip. >> i was in my mom's car driving around, trying to get a job. and i wasn't going to come home until i had something. and on rejection 26, i remembered thinking, like, i had picked the wrong profession. i messed up. it was a mistake. and i looked around, and there was a sign that said, "news center 15." and i said, oh, my god, who could get rejected at news center 15. and say small short guy walks up and says, how are you doing? i'm stan, i was sports director yesterday and i got promoted. and i said my name is hoda. and he said hilda, let's watch your tape. and he watched the worst resume tape in history until the end. and he looked at me and he said, "hilda, i like what i see." i was like crying. i was like, you do? >> what a story! >> and that hair. >> there you go. >> to watch the full episode -- >> al is doing -- you're doing a
8:20 am
great job. >> you were terrific. >> i had some special sauce. mayo, ketchup -- >> what made it was the potato chips on top for the crunch. >> how do we eat cold cusee col >> go to the youtube channel. >> and you can download it today on your mobile device. text today at 66866. it will be there. can i show an adorable photo? >> sure. >> look at this. >> jena, you just shared there sweet photo of you and barbara with your grandfather. how was your trip? >> that's so sweet. we loved it. it was great. i loved it. and i did. i dreamed of being back there. >> anyway -- >> isn't it great we all get to be with our huge -- >> look how huge your family is. >> oh, my goodness. >> i didn't realize -- >> and you were all together. >> we were all together. we played in a pickle ball tournament. i will say, i came in second.
8:21 am
let's not talk about this. all right, al. take it away. >> all righty. today's weather is brought to you by sleep number. meet the new sleep number 360 smart bed that knows, senses and adjusts to you. experience today only at a sleep number store. the latest on hurricane lane, category 4. 230 miles away from kona. 130-mile-an-hour winds, moving northwest at 7 miles per hour. the track of this system will keep it offshore. but make no mistake, it can still have devastating effects through the weekend for the hawaiian island chain with waves up to 20 feet. rainfall amounts could be up to 30 inches in some spots. the rest of the country, we're looking -- [ laughter ] better call best buy, huh? our prices are insane! we're looking at right
8:22 am
that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> okay. here's a look at our temperatures today, reaching into the low 80s for the inland areas. a little bit warmer tomorrow. we'll reach the peak of our temperatures on saturday. 86 degrees. not bad at all. we cool off early next week. san francisco will be in the low 60s over the next few days. and we'll start out with the clouds and the fog with some clearing during the afternoon hours. but some breezy winds will continue as we head into the weekend and a little cooler early next weeks. >> and that's your latest weather. guys? >> now we move to an important conversation in the wake of the murder of the college student, mollie tibbetts. she disappeared last month while she was out jogging in iowa. >> and unfortunately, it's the latest in a long line of violent crimes that have happened against women out for a run and never returned. that got us thinking, how do you protect yourself if you love running but you obviously want to stay safe. so jenna looked into that for
8:23 am
us. >> running is a great way to stay in shape. the problem is, for many it's a solo sport, often done with headphones on, and sometimes done in unfamiliar places. chandra levy, ali bruger, vanessa marcot and now mollie tibbetts, all women who left for a jog and never returned home. >> she was a phenomenal individual. and so we are saddened for the family. >> their tragic and all too familiar stories have sparked concerns about safety, especially since more than half of runners prefer to jog alone. >> perhaps women are more of a target. but it can happen to anybody. >> 30% of women surveyed by "runners world" in 2016 said they had been followed by someone in a car, on foot or on a bike while running. nearly 60% of women under 30 said they experienced harassment on runs. >> take your hands, put them around the neck of that person -- >> i met up with former secret service agent, evie, to talk running safety. >> people running, going out for
8:24 am
a run, is that something they need to be worried about? >> you shouldn't be worried, but you should be proactive. where am i going for my run? is it somewhere where it's heavily populated, like this area here? is there public there? if it's at night, is the area well lit? >> she says you should always tell someone where you're going and how long you'll be gone. she also recommends tracking apps, like find my friends, to share location information. >> i listen to music. i need music. is that dangerous? >> when you're listening to music, you need to be running and you need to do this. what's going on around me. who is around me? is somebody coming up behind me. >> i asked for some tips about that, too. >> and if you are attacked, i want you to think you want to be quick and fierce and violent when you strike a person. you be my -- >> i'll be your attacker. here we go. i come at you from the front. >> one thing i can do, hands up, break your hold. >> yeah. >> that's one. simple, easy steps. >> another option -- >> in, down, knee strike, bolt. >> run. >> and if someone approaches
8:25 am
from behind -- >> yeah. >> i can use my head to come back and crack you in your face. >> okay. >> so when i strike that, the back of my head is really strong. it's going hit you in your nose and that's going to really, really hurt. >> the same can be done with the rear. >> push you off of me. >> and with the feet. >> striking somebody at the top of the foot. >> some moves are actually counterintuitive. >> let me grab you. >> okay. >> go ahead, what do you want to do? >> go like this. >> all right? how does my grip feel on you. >> tighter. >> now come in, step into me. how is my grip? looser. >> and go. >> the most important tip she emphasizes, situational awareness. >> it's being proactive. we talked about reactive moves right now. but really being safe is everything you do in advance to avoid putting yourself in vulnerable places. you want to minimize the risk. >> so that was obviously a brief lesson in self defense. she suggests everyone take a place so they're prepared if anything happens. pepper spray and personal alarms
8:26 am
are also great safety options. she points out, you can also use your keys to protect yourself. the main thing is, if you feel uncomfortable, if it's dark, nobody is there, don't run. >> useful information. >> jenna, ti )m ... firefighters right now are good morning. it's 8:26. i'm marcus washington. firefighters right now are trying to determine if an early morning fire that damaged a cafe in south san jose was set on purpose. it started at the cafe paradise near monterey and old tol roads. arson investigators are there. well, bart police are looking into surveillance video to try to solve a stabbing near the warm springs bart station. that victim suffered minor injuries. this happened about 2:30 in the morning near the station parking lot. train service is not affected. right now for your morning commute, let's head over to mike inouye. >> a pretty smooth drive. the south bay recovering about a half hour ago.
8:27 am
we had that crash clearing from north 280. that backup did extend. now that's starting to clear for the san jose area and we're seeing more traffic flowing on 880 and starting to clear up there as well, 101 now, pushing up towards sunnyvale. again this last half hour has been a recovery period for silicon valley. meanwhile, the east shore freeway shows a little more slowing as you pass by golden gate field. the rest of the east bay, slow through concord and oakland, typical for 880 and 580. a live look at 880, past the coliseum. there's the jam, right past hiat street.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
morning, everybody. it's 8:30, thursday morning. it's august 23rd, 2018. it's a pretty day out on our plaza. almost feels like fall is in the air. and music will be in the air tomorrow as janelle monáe will put on a concert for us. you know it's going to be a good one. come early. >> she is amazing. do you have a crowd moment? >> my thing just fell out. i'm looking for diana.
8:31 am
here she is. you're diana? you are so special. >> oh, wow. >> do you know why? >> well, i think so. >> i think it's because you -- it's your birthday. you were born on the day the "today" show premiered in 1954. >> i did, i did. >> so we actually have a shot of the show. now, you probably weren't watching, because you were just being born. but have you been a viewer of the "today" show, too? >> i have. ever since i can remember. we've always watched the "today" show. >> and you and your sister are from where? >> the st. louis area. >> you're special for a lot of reasons. but this is only a four-hour show, so we can't get into all of them. thank you so much for being here. we really appreciate it. >> so cool. >> we love you! >> thanks for coming to see us. >> that was sweet. coming up, some new products making life a little easier for you and your kids this back to school season. better backpacks, smarter sneakers, lots more. look at that. they're adorable, too. >> cute. then get your girls ready, because chef and author gabby dow kin has two california-style
8:32 am
recipes to help you soak up the final days. >> yes. >> of summer in style. >> yeah, when you've got the grill going on a nice summer day, you might say you're living your best life. we hear that phrase a lot. we say it a lot. what does it really mean to be happy? how do you achieve it? >> we are going to explore that all next week. it's a special series that we are calling "happiness today." and you can help. head to take our happiness quiz and our survey. and we're going to all talk about the results, coming up next week. it's going to be fun. >> my answer is al roker. >> here's two happy people over here. 50 years ago, they got married. what's your name? >> piola and bernell smith. >> nice to see you guys. and you wore your mets jersey for how many days in a row? >> 1,021 consecutive days. >> and the wind is blowing this way, i can attest to it. let's show what's going on right
8:33 am
now. your weekend outlook. gorgeous weather. severe storms through the great lakes tomorrow. monsoonal storms through the southwest. saturday, weekend winter in the northeast and new england. august heat in texas. cool and cloudy in the pacific northwest. sunday, sunday! warming up in the mid mississippi and upper mississippi river valleys. some showers moving into interior pennsylvani that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. we can see the drizzle coming down in san francisco. and that will stay with us for a little while longer. with some clearing during the afternoon hours. cool day for the coast and for the inland areas, we're going to have some comfortable weather. skies clearing. in san jose, expect a high of 79 degrees. 80 in livermore. 81 in concord. in napa and santa rosa, highs of 78 degrees. another repeat of this tomorrow. hey, don't forget.
8:34 am
you can always take us with you when you head out the door. go to "today" siriusxm and you can listen for free in your car or download the app. guys? >> all right, al. thank you so much. now turning to a highly anticipated trip for pope francis. he is heading to ireland later this week. but one of the most devoutly catholic nations in the world may not be the most welcoming place for the pontiff. >> that's right. because he's arriving, of course, in the wake of the bombshell grand jury report out of pennsylvania, which accused priests of abusing thousands of children over seven decades. >> it's only the second time the pope has ever visited ireland, and the world will be closely watch fogging for his message and how that message is received. nbc's anne thompson has a preview. >> reporter: this may be the best metaphor for the catholic church in ireland. a church in ruin. brought to its knees by an inside job of abuse, secrecy and
8:35 am
intolerance. >> trust broken is trust finished. and you'll never restore the trust. >> reporter: brian darcy is a priest and a survivor of clerical sexual abuse. >> people had to make up their own mind about their own moral status. and they discovered that the roof didn't fall in when they did. >> reporter: the church's once ironclad grip on irish society is all but gone, along with the ideas it drilled into people's heads. >> the respectable irish woman was married, reproductive and domestic. if you were outside of that, you were to be punished. >> reporter: here on this site, once stood a home for unwed mothers run by the church. underneath a horrifying discovery, a mass grave of human remains, ranging in age from 35 weeks to 3 years. revelations provoking visceral anger. ever-faithful ireland, now increasingly secular. the world's first nation to
8:36 am
legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote, along with overturning bans on contraception, divorce and just this year abortion. leaving the church behind politically and spiritually. >> for two centuries in ireland, we've had a church that controlled people with the total emphasis on laws and rules. now, we need to get back to the gospel of love. >> reporter: today's ireland is not the nation pope john paul ii saw when he visited in 1979. then more than 90% of catholics went to weekly mass. pope francis comes to a country where it's closer to 35%. in dublin, as low as single digits. bernard burns says it all from his souvenir store. >> they should have the faith, but i think their faith is directed to god now. >> reporter: not the priests. >> not the priests. >> reporter: the faithful still
8:37 am
exist, but they are an aging flock. >> what we need to do as an church is open our arms, show the people we care about them and love them exactly the way they are. >> reporter: to become relevant again is the challenge facing dublin archbishop martin. >> is this a church that must die to be resurrected? >> that's it. that is the basic christian theology. the church in ireland will prosper, but it will be a different church. >> reporter: and not just another relic of ireland's past. for today, anne thompson, nbc news, dublin. >> just the generation of heartbreak and sadness. it's just -- and when you see it's happening in -- it's a global problem. >> not just ireland. it would seem the catholic church is at a crossroads. >> as mentioned, we're going to have live coverage of the pope's trip to ireland. that's tomorrow right here on "today." coming up, we're going to move in a different direction. i keep telling you guys it's almost fall. we've got back to school
8:38 am
products. parents and kids are going to love it. don't you love back to school shopping? we're going to do it. first, this is "today" on nbc. do they have trapper keepers? i hope so.
8:39 am
8:40 am
this morning on better basics today, innovative ideas that will make back to school season run smoother. jen fallic has the scoop on the must-try items for kids of all ages. hi, jen. >> hello. >> okay. we are talking back to school. hate to do it already. >> i know. >> let's start with lunches. this is a big one. and you've got an innovative new lunch box, i guess. >> yes. this is called pack it. a freezable lunch bag, one less thing to remember. that's the theme here. things that make the mornings easier, the days easier. pop it in the freezer, in the morning, take it out, put lunch inside and you're good to go. >> sandwich, milk, everything is fine. you don't have to put a cold pack in there. these are adorable, and you say they're washable. >> washable.
8:41 am
this is so smart. this is from a company called rezip. these are reusable. basically plastic baggies, leak-proof. if you put your strawberries in your bag, it won't leak on your computer. and different colors, so if someone has allergies, you can color-code your snacks. put them in the dishwasher and use them again the next day. >> love. and that's good for grownups at work. so if we want to recycle and don't want plastic or foil, what's another good option? >> i love these. these are beeswax wrapping for sandwiches. anti bacterial and reusable. you put your sandwich inside and wrap it up. >> okay. >> and then when you're going to eat, something else i love, especially for kids that, you know -- at tables. this becomes a place mat. >> adorable! >> sandwich inside. when you're done, bring it home. >> tell your child to bring it home. >> rinse it off with cold water and pack your sandwich the next day. >> if you want to write a cute note to your little one, you have an idea. >> these are lunch box notes that are scratch off.
8:42 am
put a -- >> like a lottery ticket. >> write something there, they scratch it off when they're having their lunch and it's a cute spin on the traditional. >> take us to auour adorable models. who do we have here? >> my daughter alexa and her friend. >> backpacks -- first of all, i know one thing with kids and backpacks, they're heavy. >> they're heavy. i love this company called oliver. they're super lightweight. laptop cases -- what i love, machine washable. that's a big help. and they are super lightweight. so no heavy books are -- it's not like it's weighing you down. >> yes. >> and they've got rfid blocking technology. >> what does that mean? >> if you have a computer in there or something -- for identity theft, it protects this. and customize with patches. >> how fun. >> and you can move them around. if you want to keep them on permanently, blow dry for 30 seconds and they'll stay on. otherwise, move it around. jen, do you like this? what do you think? >> do you want the other one? >> you can have that. the sneakers are adorable, too.
8:43 am
>> these sneakers are amazing. >> tell us about those. >> from a company called play. and they've got sneakers that mold to a child's foot. they're always comfortable. and the styles are really smart. for example, the ones that alexa has on have velcro straps you can switch in and out. and these are the miji style. and the back collapses. so you can wear as a slide or a show and still be able to run around comfortably. they've got great traction. and, again, super comfy. >> the cuteness factor is seriously off the chain. thank you, guys. if we want to diy a couple of things, what can we do? >> if you want to make your notebooks and books feel like your own, we found these on amazon. so inexpensive. a great value. it's decorative tape will little decals. it's almost like a pen on paper. >> okay. yeah. >> and you have these cute little decals. all different themes. >> oh, i see. >> you put it on the border of paper and make stationery, make book covers custom. >> and inexpensive. >> inexpensive.
8:44 am
>> okay. >> now, this is so smart. this is the last notebook you will ever neat need. this is called the rocket book. you take your notebook, write in it, make your notes. >> and then what? >> you can scan it so it goes into the cloud, so you keep your notes organized and then wipe it down. there we go. >> wait a minute. i don't understand. so you write your notes. you take a picture of it? and put it on the cloud? and then you can use it again. >> use it again. so you never need another notebook. it comes with this pen and wipe it down and then also you can organize your notes. so this way you can have different files for each class. whatever it may be. >> and, again, a lot of this stuff is good for grown ups. i know it's good for kids, but wow. >> great for grownups. >> what's the last thing? >> this is so genius. for kids going to college, this is called the laundry egg. >> because who wants to lug around a gallon of tide? >> so this is 720 washes. >> no. >> we found this at the grommet.
8:45 am
so smart. different scents. so instead of lugging to the laundry a big thing of detergent. >> wait, detergent? what is it? >> yes, put it in the wash. 720 -- >> smells really good. is it pricey? >> it's not pricey. $14.99. not pricey at all and it's genius. think about -- i want to use this at home. >> yeah. all right. let's walk back in front of the kids. they're the whole point of this thing. but you guys, thank you so much. that was awesome. jen, thank you. >> good job. to find out more about these products, head to next, we get a taste from the west coast, cooking. california's summer feast. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
back now, 8:47 with today's food. summer is almost over, and that means time with our grill is almost over. so let's use it while we can. gabby dahlkin, "what's gabby
8:48 am
cooking," has her dad's barbecue chicken recipe. sounds delicious. this is your first time on the show. >> thanks! it is! >> thank you for coming in. >> thanks for having me. fun to be here. >> let's start with this chicken. this is from your dad. what's the story behind the chicken? >> we grew up in arizona, and every time my dad would be on a weekend, he would make the barbecued chicken and we were always so pumped and smelled so good. and it reminds me of him. and he learned from my mom's dad. so it's just like now i'm putting my own spin on it. >> it's a family recipe. >> it is. >> let's start with the ingredients. >> here's the deal. a chicken, any chicken from the store. and if you can, you put it on a plate and leave it in the fridge overnight to kind of dry it out. and that way the skin gets really crispy. >> uncovered? >> uncovered. and then when you're done with that, just pat it down and get all the moisture off of it. >> we want that bird as dry as possible. >> yes. and then the next day, magically, we are just going to season it with paprika, garlic salt, salt and pepper and just get it all over the bird. >> that's the secret. can you overseason the bird? >> i mean, use your best
8:49 am
judgment. but i don't think so. i mean, you would just burn the spices -- yeah, perfect. >> do we rub it in or just sprinkle it on top? >> i'll rub it in, because you're not wearing gloves. >> no. >> okay, perfect. that looks great. so we're going to take this over to the grill. and then it's going to go breast side down. >> breast side down. >> let's see if i can do this without messing anything up. perfect. >> how hot is the grill? >> it's about medium, medium-high heat and over indirect heat. >> okay. >> and over here, we just have a bird that we are going to baste with the same seasonings that we had on it, and some melted butter. >> so just add butter to that same spice concoction. >> and this really locks in the flavor. and gets it extra delicious. and then we'll flip it. and then magically -- >> do we flip it more than once or just the one time? >> i like to flip it once after half an hour and then again 15 minutes later so you have a chance to baste both times. >> and constantly basting.
8:50 am
>> start basting after 30 minutes. >> our resident master of chicken, al roker, is down there. what's the verdict? >> very moist. perfect. >> tastes like my childhood. >> so good! your childhood tastes delicious. >> that is fantastic. >> good. and serving with salsa verde. if you're going to carve it, you would cut off the legs first and then carve the breast. >> this is always intimidating, but you make it look so easy. >> thank you. i'm not going to try and carve that. >> the street corn pizza, as well. >> so this is one of my favorite recipes from my cookbook. i grew up in arizona, and we went down to mexico all of the time and would have mexican street corn. >> from arizona! >> u of a. i didn't go to u of a but from tucso tucson. so this -- we're going to olive oil this, and then we want to throw some garlic on there. >> absolutely. how much garlic? >> all of it. yeah. we're not -- >> we're all friends here. >> we're all just going to smell of garlic later. it's fine. and then we'll salt and pepper
8:51 am
it. we're doing this instead of like a red sauce. >> now, with the dough, is this premade dough, or -- >> yeah. i mean, the recipes in the book call for premade dough. you could make it on your own if you wanted to. i'm also not above taking a shortcut from the store. right? >> regular mozzarella? >> regular mozzarella. and you want to put some corn on there? this is sauteed corn, and you could also put roasted corn on. and then this is going to go magically -- it's all done. >> could you put too many ingredients on this -- on a pizza? >> yes. you don't want to load it up and make it too heavy. you want it to be light enough. so we have put a flour or cornmeal under this so you can slide it around. because then this is going to come right over to the grill. the moment of truth. >> and you're using a pizza stone. >> i mean, i'm so proud of myself. >> but do you have to use the stone. >>? >> or directly on the grill. >> here's the deal. if you're going to put the toppings on to start, you have to put it on a pizza stone.
8:52 am
however, if you want to do it just on the grill, you could just put the dough on and par bake it and then take it off, put all the toppings on and finish it on the grill. >> sheinelle jones, what's the certifi verdict down there? >> we can't stop. jen and i said, we'll just take a bite and next thing we know, it's gone. >> not only is it delicious, you did a great job, and i'm not saying that because you're from tucson. come back again. >> thank you. >> we're garnishing it like you would mexican sweet corn so chili powder, red pepper flakes. >> there's more. >> here we go. lime juice. and i'll slice some for you. >> second cookbook. what's it called again? >> "every day cooking california foods foods." >> this is your first time on the show. way to go. head to >> here. this is for you.
8:53 am
>> what do you think? >> i think it's really good. >> would i lie to you? >> this is really good. >> we are back in a moment. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:54 am
8:55 am
i cannot believe how delicious this meal is. >> can't stop eating. by the way, jbh and i are going to be doing the fourth hour. you know we have the cast of the jersey shore. >> oh, my gosh! what else do we have? >> we also have an amazing performance by aj mitchell! >> awesome. first, megyn kelly today is talking all about f
8:56 am
. . . . . . . good morning, it )s 8:56... i )m - -... firefighters right now are tr good morning. it's 8:56. i'm marcus washington. firefighters right now are trying to determine if an early morning fire that damaged a cafe in south san jose was set on purpose. it started about 3:00 in the morning at cafe paradise near monterey and ol sully road. the cafe owner says someone targeted him and he's been targeted before. the murder of mollie tibbetts is sparking new heated debate about immigration.
8:57 am
the suspect, christian rivera, is an undocumented immigrant. his employers say he gave them false identification. in a facebook post, tibbetts' aunt says that, remember, evil comes in every color. president trump has a different take. which he talked about in length in an interview that aired this morning. happening now, our bob riddell is taking a closer look at the debate and will have a live report. including reaction from immigrant supporters. and bart police are investigating an early morning stabbing that happened near the warm springs bart station. the train service was never affected. on our homepage, you can link to the whole story. bay area travelers headed to hawaii want to check ahead. hurricane lane is approaching the islands. a direct hit may be avoided. go to our twitter feed for the latest information. more news for you in an hour. >> stay connected to your world wherever the world takes you. get the nbc bay area app. you could generate your own energy,
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at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. the changes coming to this year )s festival. and if you have plans this weekend-- we )ve got you covere. meteorologist kari hall is tracking what we can expect weather-wise. join us tomorrow from 4:30 to 7. good morning, it )s 7:26...
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♪ good morning, everyone, and welcome to the show. i'm megyn kelly. we have a lot to get to this morning, and here to help me break down what's making the rounds today, nbc's own savannah guthrie and craig melvin! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hi! >> i like that! >> i wanted to do like a thing. hi, guys! >> what do we do? >> you sit there. sit there. >> savannah and i missed our weekly time yesterday -- >> known as -- >> schvanze


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