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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 28, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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extra work, including coaching, until they reach a settlement. the district says it's been nearly impossible hiring it's a. normally the kind of folks that would providehat kind of support are busy with other schools. >> reporter: their popular back to school nights will be back to school afternoons, because it will have to happen during school hours. teachers say they don't like their stance but feel they have to take it. >> there's so little teachers have control of, one thing they do have some degree of control of is the activities outside of the regular work day. >> reporter: and the coach has been found for the wrestling team and girl's basketball team for the lobos, but no other word on the school district. you can add softball to the list of endangered sports this fall in the evergreen school
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district. damian trujillo. new at 5:00, the state is on the verge of approving a desperate move. safe injection sites where they can legally shoot up under supervision. the state just passed a bill legalizing injection sites. the question is whether governor brown will sign it. it will be under a three-year pilot program. critics say this will condone drug use. earlier this year, our investigative unit traveled to vancouver to see how legal insectii injection sites. click on our featured investigation tab. governor brown signed a bill that makes california the first
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state to eliminate cash bail. they will use a risk assessment system to decide if someone should be released. each county will set its own procedures. critics have long argued that it favors wealthy suspects. the law goes into effect october of 2019. a head less body found stuffed in a fish tank full of chemicals at the home of a missing man. family and friends of the missing man are asking why it took so long to find the body. we are outside the missing man's house with the latest revelations. >> reporter: that's the house behind me. and it was about late may, early june the last time anybody saw him alive. it took more than a month before family and friends began calling
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police to check on his welfare. the question tonight, could it be his body that was found inside that fish tank? neighbors tell me they were used to seeing bryan egg on this street. >> a few people said they'd see him all the time walking his dogs. one of the neighbors knew him pretty will. >> reporter: a former bar tender, brian egg was known to share his place with people needing shelter. but in july people suspected something wrong. >> in late july and again in the first week of august, the department was contacted by the family of brian egg and concerned neighbors who had not seen or heard from mr. egg in some time. >> reporter: officers knocked on the door but no one answered, and that happened several times, even after brian egg's sister filed a missing person's report. >> we don't just knock down people's doors to look for
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people unless there's other information that may determine that a person is dead or other nefarious activity. >> reporter: finally, in mid august, neighbors saw a private crime scene cleanup crew. >> a human torso was located in a fish tank. >> reporter: workers were again inside the house. but this time, they appeared to be with homicide detectives. on august 14th, one suspect was arrested here at the house, and another one was picked up the following day, but no murder charges have yet been filed in this case. coming up at 6:00, we will speak with the neighbor who called 911 when he saw that private crime scene cleanup van. we'll have his story and more coming up at 6:00, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. oakland police are asking for the community's help solving
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20 four killings in two days. police say the murders do not appear to be gang-related but all four started with disputes and ended in gunfire. today a family of one of the victims spoke out, begging for someone to come forward. >> we be don't need to be killing each other. we don't need to be fighting each other. but we need to pull together and look out for each other. >> just last week oakland police reported a drop in violent crime over the past six years, citing an outreach program called cease-fire. they won't let the murders discourage the program or the positive effect on the city. a big accident at a housing project on the peninsula this morning. mineral park firefighters say this truck was care eyeirying a load of lumber.
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it flipped over and almost tumbled into an underground parking area. the driver was able to get out but hurt his back and paramedics took him to the hospital. google and twitter and facebook, they're treading on very, very troubled territory. >> a blunt accusation from president trump aimed at one of silicon valley's most powerful companies. he claims that google altered search results to favor democrats calling the mountain view company rigged. he called for it to be investigated. and some are wondering if government regulations could follow. scott budman joins us, what's google's response? >> reporter: well, the response was brisk and negative as can you imagine as the president said tech companies like google are being unfair, and they might sometime be regulated because
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they're political lly biassed. first he claimed google search results are rigged so that almost all the news about him and the republican party are bad. then in the oval office. >> i think google is taking advantage of a lot of people. it's a very serious thing and very serious charge. >> reporter: president trump took direct aim at google, calling it biassed and favoring liberal views. >> what is the ethical responsibility of companies? >> reporter: she says internet companies like google make an easy target, especially after the scandal over fake stories during the 2016 campaign. >> we used to think that internet companies like google and facebook were simply platforms providing information. but more questions are being raised about the editorial role they play or should play. >> reporter: how much should we
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trust what we see online? >> the president uses language everyone can understand. fake, biassed, bad. when google talks about it, they use language only engineers can understand, like algorithm. >> reporter: the response was search is not used to set a political agenda and we don't bias our search results toward any political ideology. you may remember back in april facebook ceo mark zuckerberg testified in front of congress, come next month it will be twitter's turn. jack dorsey is set to testify on capitol hill. scott budman, nbc bay area news. some candid comments from former san francisco mayor gavin newsom. during an event, he said san francisco can't solve its homeless problem alone, no matter how much money they throw at it.
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he says it's going to take something more. >> homelessness, housing and transportation have one thing in common. they're regionalized. and the region has to come together across their differences. >> newsom also had harsh words for the dmv calling it, quote, an abomination of institutional incompetence, plagued by decades of neglect. he also suggested repatriated money from tech companies would be key in solving the state's housing problems. his opponent declined to speak to the group. a new poll suggests gavin newsom holds a big lead among likely hispanic voters. 63% said think would vote for newsom. 26% of hispanics polled said they would vote for the republican john cox and 11% said they were undecided. newsom holds a decided lead over cox among hispanic men and
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women. the poll was conducted by telemundo. an unusual and dangerous discovery. a rocket launcher just showed up. and powerful moment as thousands pay their final good-byes. here's a look around the bay area right now. you sigh tee the low clouds aro the sutro tower. it should be comfortably cool for giants baseball tonight. we'll tell you how long the temperatures will last in the forecast when we come right back.
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don't call it a comeback. i've been here for years. rockin' my peers. puttin' suckas in fear. don't you dare stare. you better move. listen to the bass go boom. i'm gonna knock you out. mama said knock you out.
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don't call it a comeback. i've been here for years. hands to their hearts, and saluted in . thousands of aretha franklin's fans threw kisses, held hands to their hearts and saluted to the queen of soul. they came from hundreds of miles away and lined up for hours to pay their final respects to music royalty inside the charles wright museum of african-american history, franklin, surrounded by flowers lay in repose. over the speaker, her gospel recordings played. all of this for the city where her legendary career began. >> she has been a part of the people for more than 60 years, and this is the result. >> franklin lost her battle with pancreatic cancer last friday. a funeral is set for friday at
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the new baptist church. most of us are disappointed when we see trash along the highway, but the latest fine is a concern. it's a weapon, not just any weapon, a rocket launcher. it was found inside a maintenance vehicle. we know it was discovered in orange county. cal transhas not offered any other detail. if you find anything dangerous, you should call the chp. there may soon be help fighting crime in the sky. they are occurring buying a new helicopter for the sheriff's department. the chopper is owned by san bernardino county. they are considering spending $2 million to buy it and refurbish it. it would be an upgrade over the current helicopter. we're blessed in the bay area to have some of the finest art in the world. that is if you can access it.
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michel michelle spitz says throughout her life she's spent her own money to pay for others to see the arts. her true calling is helping people hear the arts. saying someone is all talk isn't normally a compliment. >> on a city street she pulls a wheeled suitcase and carries a camp chair over her shoulder. >> but if more people talk with the purpose and passion of michelle spitz, well, perhaps that would begin to change. >> i'm doing it because there is a community that desperately needs it and wants it and enjoys it. >> michelle is in new york, paying her own way there from her home in san francisco as well as for the studio time. to record the audio description for a soon-to-be-released documentary. michelle's time, money and voice
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will be the difference in making this film accessible to the visually impaired. >> why should we all have the same experience? why should someone be denied it? >> michelle says this calling came later in life. she always loved the arts and movies but made her living in real estate marketing. one day he was talkishe was mak making a documentary, would you be willing to voice it? and i did it. and i walked out of there three and a half hours later. it was like somebody took a big red ribbon and tied it super tight and i knew that's exactly what i was supposed to be doing. >> michelle has gone on to voice more than 50 films. most would still be inaccessible without her support.
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she is even branching out now and doing audio descriptions for museum exhibits. as michelle sees it, she is simply using her voice to speak from the heart. >> it makes me very happy to know that people have access to important stories and to media and the joy of the arts. >> and i learned so much about the process. the voice is just the beginning. what michelle does is so special. she shepherds that audio to make sure it gets on everything, whether it's dvd, itunes, netflix. she's got a big project coming up next year. she's doing the museum, the academy of motion pictures museum. >> you're kidding. >> and she's going to do the voice narration for that where people can, visually impaired people can experience it just like us. let's talk about outside, a
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little warmer today. >> you kind of need a jacket. temperatures cool, low clouds. drizzle at times. if you like the cooler temperatures, good news. you will have another day or two of below average temperatures inland. much better today as the marine air helped pushed a lot of the smokeout. look how much better the view look. we'll take you to the top of the hill, super tower. you can see the golden gate bridge in the distance and the low clouds racing on by. 67 degrees currently. we had the marine air, super sized overnight, above 3,000 feet, that coupled with the sea breeze, which has been an all-day event. temperatures inland only in the 60s. 60s and low 70s across the north bay. morgan hill, the lone spot into the 80s. right now, the wind speeds, 10-20 miles per hour.
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it looks good for most of the central bay except parts of the bay and north bay will siee a chance of shoek comimoke coming in the day. toward the afternoon and evening, light to moderate amounts of smoke could make a comeback around the south bay. so watch out for that for late tomorrow. now tomorrow begins with a lot of low clouds again, and likely misty skies and drizzle. like we saw today, low clouds hanging around. but the onshore breeze will keep temperatures well below average inland, even as the sun breaks out. highs tomorrow around the south bay ought to be in the midd-80s only 70s. we should see 80s in gilroy. look at the spread of temperatures here, 70 in oakland to 75 in pleasanton.
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peninsula numbers in the upper 60s and low 70s. san francisco, low 60s with misty skies to start the morning and 70s for most of the north bay. now the extend the forecast as we get closer to labor day weekend now, beginning to see some changes. we have all that free ocean air conditioning for now. friday, temperatures bump up a little bit and tstay tuned. we could see high pressure building back toward northern california. we're talking monday through wednesday, september 5th could see temperatures rebounding to n more summer-like levels. so the trend is a little warmer toward the end of the week. perhaps warmer toward labor day. temperatures are starting to climb to the mid and upper 80s inland. that could be possible by labor day. i regional seven-day forecast. palo alto in a reasonable range.
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places like livermore, which have been nice and comfortable, you can see the trend that we're building towards. it looks hike tlike the end of labor day weekend will return to some heat. >> you knew we weren't done with summer just yet. up next, too hot to handle? the surprising story of an explosion inside a tv store. ahead tonight, an ex-police officer accused of firing into a car and killing an unarmed teen. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet,
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we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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protect construction workers. not so much from on-the-job injuries activists are calling on south bay leaders to protect
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construction workers for mistreatment by developers. everything from below market becames wages to harassment. the program would be paid for with money from a housing bond. >> when it comes to presenting t -- protecting the worker, there's no importance right now. >> advocates cite one project as an example. a sub contractor forbesed soced work without pay. a new dunkin' donut chain is creating lots of interest, but this store isn't like any other. it doesn't have the traditional dunkin' donuts name on the outside. just called dunkin'.
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there are digital kiosks to order on your own and has iced coffee. it is one of the next generation concept stores in the country. dangers are not normally faced. it exploded on him. in his pants. it happened saturday in anaheim. the video just released. the guy's in an atv outlet store. he was just doing measurements on a tv set when an e-cigarette battery suddenly exploded. he did suffer minor burns down his leg, but as we mentioned, he's okay. >> super scary. coming up, a new flavor to an old stand by. oreo cookies get a spicy makeover. maybe you could save energy by
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weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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why s-f-o says taxi drivers are leaving something other coming up tonight at 6:00. why sfo says taxi drivers are leaving something other than passengers at the airport and why it oreos have been touted a
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milk's favorite cookie. it's a good adeline, b line, bu you pair milk with these flavors? hot chicken wings. >> yuck. >> and wasabi-flavored oreos. right now they only available in china. >> i'm a traditionalist when it comes to the oreo. i just want the original oreo. i will stretch myself to do the birthday cake or the double, but that's it. the birthday cake is good. >> we have nice weather to talk about if you are eating your oreos outside. temperatures staying in the 70s until the end of the upcoming labor d labor day weekend. summer making a bit of a comeback. thank you so much for joining us. savannah guthrie is up next for
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lester holt. breaking news tonight. an ex-police officer found guilty of murder after opening fire on a car full of unarmed teenagers, killing a 15-year-old boy. why the officer's own partner testified against him. a shocking turn a year after hurricane maria, the official death toll raised to nearly 3,000 americans killed, the numbers far higher than even hurricane katrina. a controversial come back for comedian louis ck, telling jokes and the backlash and questions being raised. a mom's plea after her 9-year-old son took hin


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