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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 30, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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he is at 7-11. where the driver ended up after driving away and getting off the freeway after being shot. what can you tell us about what happened? >> well, good morning to you. we have actually moved to just off 680 at alum rock, the northbound on-ramp which you can see chp has shut down. they have shut down northbound 680 between capitol and berryessa so that officers can get on the road and look for shell casings and any other evidence. take a look at this video new into our newsroom that shows the shutdown taking place. if you're commuting to this area, this area is shut down while chp looks for evidence on 680. they expect to reopen, it could be any time between now and let's say 5:15, 5:30. this is based on our conversations with chp earlier. this is the scene at that 7-eleven off hofstetter where the driver of this black honda accord ended up after he was shot while driving this stretch of freeway around 3:00 this morning. he had a woman passenger in his car. he was driving.
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we counted at least five bullet holes in the car. one shot hit him in the back right shoulder. there was also a shredded front left tire. we're not sure if that was caused by debris in the road or a bullet. this man, when he got to the 7-eleven was able to talk, stand, show his wounds to the chp before he was taken to the hospital. and according to chp officers, he has no idea why he was shot at and there's no description of that suspect vehicle that was shooting at him or the person from the vehicle shooting at him. again, earlier this morning. the eta as far as when 680 northbound here between capitol and berryessa will reopen, we expect it to happen at any time, if not within the next 15 minutes. again, according it our conversation with chp earlier. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, today in the bay. >> a lot going on. thanks for breaking it down for us, bob. >> if that is your route, you need some alternates. mike inouye is monitoring that. >> because traffic is light early in the community, you have options. there's a closure from alum rock
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avenue up to berryessa. that's the full closure. you're forced off the freeway at capitol, just before you get there. bob was talking about folks not being allowed to enter the freeway from alum rock. you can use capitol avenue alongside the freeway or stay clear of all the activities and any of the other -- maybe the easier route would be king to the south. that's between 680 and 101. 101 is also a great option for you, so you have good alternates in the area right now. if they do open by 5:15, that will be pleasant for the rest of the morning commute. if it lasts beyond 5:30, we may have a ripple effect, move nothing to other portions of the commute. the rest of bay looks like an easy drive. we zoom out and see no problems as your travel north. contra costa county, all at speed except for highway 4. early slowing shows up. i'll double check that. i'll make sure there's nothing going on. for now, the forecast with
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vianey. >> we have a little cloud cover out there in san francisco. if you notice, the way the clouds are forming, it's not a thick layer of fog. it's just kind of starting to creep in, that marine layer. but our temperatures are running a little bit warmer. now since we're not seeing such dense fog, our temperature trend is expected to clear up a little earlier today than it did yesterday. yesterday was pretty clear. the day before that it was clearing out slow. by 10:00 a.m., 66. by 12:00, we should have mostly clear skies, especially for inland areas and much better clearing along the coast as well. by 12:00, 69 degrees. our temperatures will once again climb to the 70s and some 80s. back to you. >> thank you very much. it's 5:03. developing story this morning. a shocking one to many parents. a san jose middle school teacher arrested. investigators say he had a gun in his satchel on campus. >> today in the bay's kris sanchez is live at the middle school where this all unfolded. good morning, kris.
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>> good morning to you. this is something that a lot of parents say is frustrating them. they're frustrated they didn't know about this arrest of the teacher and they're also frustrated by ongoing strife because of the teachers contracts. let's start with that arrest yesterday. 35-year-old language arts teacher was arrested here at the middle school. police say he was wanted in a february road rage incident turned strong-arm robbery. san jose police also found a gun in his satchel, as you mention. while the district said he passed a background check, some parents are wondering whether their kids were at risk. >> the school being in session for a week, i don't know how long he's been bringing it to school. he's been in the class where my son is physically sitting in the class. >> as we reported, stubt athletes are also caught up in a labor fight between the district and its teachers. this is on top of that arrest. teachers are refusing to work extra hours until they have a contract. so many sports and other
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after-school activities are canceled. teachers have been protesting their lack of a contract since the last one expired. this video from a protest back in april. the contract talks have been going on for more than a year. parents have been lighting up our newsroom phone lines, telling us they're feeling very frustrated here in this evergreen school district. we'll continue to follow the story for you. kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> all right, thank you so much. it's 5:05. nowhere to be found. we are following a developing story on the peninsula this morning. the search for a mother and her 10-year-old daughter from canada. audrey and emily came to california to camp along the coast. but their whereabouts are unknown. family and friends are worried. the pair arrived at sfo on saturday, went to the car, checked into a hotel for the night. audrey sent her boyfriend a text message on sunday and that's the last anyone has heard from them. it's believed they were headed for the pigeon point hotel along
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the san mateo county coast, but they never arrived. >> still, the fact there's been no communication from them or, you know, anything received, that's what's raising our suspicions. >> the mother had another reservation at a campground in humboldt county for tuesday night. park rangers have not been able to locate them, however. the camp ground staff and staffers thought they saw audrey and emily there. the pair believed to be driving a dark gray ford focus. california license plate 8 din 900. if you spot them or their rental car, call 911. >> a live look in arizona now where today they honor a leader and war hero. memorial services held in phoenix for senator john mccain. today's event is called a celebration of life. mccain's body will depart from arizona state capitol. yesterday, thousands paid their respects there. former vice president joe biden is among today's scheduled
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speakers. also among those attending mccain's longtime friend father edward reese who is scheduled to deliver the invocation. he's president of san francisco's st. ignatius college prep school. >> a bill on its way to governor brown's desk to strengthen consumer protections for wildfire survivors. data in turn is expected to help people who live in high-risk fire areas access insurance information. happening today, we're expecting a big announcement from san francisco mayor london breed on housing. she will be joined by leaders from the building inspection department. the mayor is holding the press conference at 11:00 this morning. and football fans are in heaven. happening today, the kickoff of week one of the college football season. san jose state begins at home tonight. taking on uc davis. stanford begins its season tomorrow against san diego state. and cal hosts north carolina on
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saturday. there are games scheduled each day through monday. 'tis the season. >> we're ending august and creeping into september, and it looks like we're going to let go of summer by going to higher temperatures. san jose temperatures looking quite nice. if you lock to 11:00, 12:00, this gives us a good idea as to how our daytime highs will look. errr topping out in 70s, but today, we're getting more 80s out there for inland areas. even though we're warming up to the 80s by midafternoon, we're still below seasonable. right now in san francisco, temperatures at about 62 degrees. and i do want to point out that, yes, we're still welcoming some of that cloud cover, but if you like yesterday, you'll enjoy the weekend because i look ahead to labor day, and it's looking like a really nice one up ahead. let's send things over to mike. >> we continue with a mostly nice commute, but we have one
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big problem in the south bay. overall, flow is nice, but northbound decision 80 still closed. no update on estimates for reopening. no word from chp on whether it's going to happen. you're forced off the freeway at capitol expressway. capitol avenue is an alternate. north of berryessa, 680 is fine. you can take the freeway. you can also take king road to get around the shooting investigation that bob continues to investigate. as well, getting more details. we're looking over here to highway 84. a little slowing, but 680 and 880, too early for the commute to have started in the area. a great drive throughout the east bay. approaching the bay bridge, no delays. no problems for the east shore freeway. we have a problem for our cameras. back to you. >> thanks a lot. it's 5:09. facebook facing criticism from the lgbtq community.
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the social network is accused of pushing gay conversion therapy ads. its response this morning. >> the california state house passes a bill that would require women on boards. we'll take a look at the issue in business and tech. >> plus, still ahead. as students head back to school, we take a closer look at the stress that lies ahead for many. we're zeroing in on one particular grade where students feel a lot of pressure. can you guess what grade i'm talking about here? i have to guess. i'm going to have the answer for you at 5:25.
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good morning. it is 5:12. as you head out the door this morning, here's a quick check of your fremont temperature trend. we have a combination of a couple clouds out there, temperatures comfortable in the 60s by 10:00 a.m. we'll be at 64 degrees. at 1:00, we'll start climbing to the upper 60s, but we'll be welcoming 80s and 90s, i think, for the weekend. i'll have details coming up. and i know the traffic is moving. do you see this? restored picture for the richmond-san rafael bridge and getting to the north bay is moving smoothly. san rafael, that's seeing more traffic but no problems. still tracking a closure in san jose. good morning. happy thursday to you. the nasdaq and s&p 500 will open at new highs again this morning. amazon hit a new record. you may recall laura and marcus were talking about a new amazon
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video device yesterday. that news pushed shares of the south bay's roku much lower. and the president still giving google a hard time. >> well, i think that google and facebook and twitter, i think they treat conservatives and republicans very unfairly. >> yesterday, the president published a short video on his twitter account showing google promoting live coverage of president obama's state of the union address but not his. google point out president trump's first address to congress in february of 2017 was not a state of the union. and that they did promote his state of the union address in 2018. now, the president says he looks forward to senate hearings next week where representatives from google and facebook and twitter will once again testify. but keep in mind, the hearings aren't about whether silicon valley companies are censoring conservatives. they're supposed to be about what silicon valley companies are doing to block russia and other countries from affecting our midterm elections.
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but by repeatedly attacking google, the president may be able to move the narrative away from russia and towards what he perceives as censorship. >> a bill to require california companies to put women on their boards of directors has passed the state house and will go to the governor's desk. jerry brown has not indicated whether or not he will sign it. california, though, would become the first state to require women onboard. >> just taking a quick look at the makeup of some of the more famous bay area companies. google has two women on its board of 11. twitter has 4. apple has 2 women out of 8 seats. and comcast is not a bay area company, per se, but it is our parent company so i'll throw that in. two women on a board of ten. should women be required to be on boards is something we delved into on my sunday show. we debated it a couple years ago. i tweeted out a link to that debate. you can hear the pros and cons from experts. whether you agree or not that the government should tell business what to do, it is
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undebatable statistics show that the more diverse your board is, the better your profit. so if you're interested in making money, do it. >> i'm on a couple nonprofit board of directors and it's true that diversity, that perspective, although it is tough to find a lot of women leaders as well, because they work, they are trying to balance children. >> there's a pipeline issue as well. good exactly. very interesting. thanks a lot. >> new for you this morning, a staffing crisis in the sky? potential nationwide pilot shortage in the coming years. that could have a huge effect on your upcoming travel plans. where airlines are boosting salaries and benefits to attract new hires. industry experts say a crisis is coming. coming up on the "today" show, a flight instructor explains what makes it difficult for up and coming pilots to enter the industry. >> gay rights groups furious with facebook. they accuse the social media giant of targeting homosexual users with conversion therapy ads.
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the telegraph in britain uncovered the story. lgbtq users were repeatedly seeing ads that promote sexual purity and so-called gay cures. they said the ads were mistakenly shown to users. the ads have since been pulled. questions for you this morning, did you know santa clara has a big farmer community? how about, can you guess what its biggest crop is? my answer was no to both of those. either way, we'll actually find out later today. the agriculture department will announce in a news conference, by the way, farming is a $300 million industry in the south bay. >> a lot of people who have been here a long time say there used to be a lot of workers. >> you have to see this to believe it. look at that catch in maine. a lobster fisherman hauled in the rarest of rare lobsters. so rare you likely have never seen one in your lifetime. this is known as the ghost
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lobster. experts say the albino lobster probably had a genetic condition. experts say the odds of catching an albino lobster are 100 million to 1. isp that interesting? he should buy a lottery ticket. >> because it's so rare, do you just put it back in the ocean? >> i hope so. i don't know. maybe they'll attempt to keep it. we will investigate that. >> all right. a look weather wise. >> if you're going to go fishing or sailing like i know our producer tony likes to do, he's always asking about the wind directions and things like that. right now, the current temperature is 64 in san francisco. 63 in san jose. hayward, 65. and if you notice, yes, we're a little warmer than what we have seen in the past couple days. you might even need a sweater. i walked over here and gauged the weather like marcus does in the morning walking to his car, and i was like, i don't even need a sweater. the 24-hour temperature change
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very noticeable. napa is 11 degrees warmer. even down through the santa cruz mountains, 8 degrees warmer, and yes, cloud cover, but it's not as deep of a marine layer and a little dispersed so that's why we're not seeing that thick layer of fog. i want to talk about air quality because we're expecting for this to get much better into the weekend. we're still expecting moderate air conditions for the north bay and the east bay in through today and into tomorrow. but as we head into your afternoon forecast, you're going to notice it's going to clear out nicely. and our temperatures will remain into the upper 70s for san jose. east san jose at 81 degrees. morgan hill at 82. milpitas at 80. and oakland a high of 69 degrees. we take it further inland, our temperatures do go up into the 80s, but that's not as warm as we're expected to get. headwood city also climbing into the upper 70s. and even in san francisco, we'll notice it will be slightly clearer and we'll keep breezy conditions. over the next seven days even
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san francisco gets a bit of the warmup as we head to saturday and sunday. 68 degrees. overnight lows only drop down to the 50s. that's going to pave the way for a very warm start to the month of september. no, that is not a mistake. yes, that's meant to be a 90 for sunday. let's send things over to mike. >> this is not a mistake either. these are live pictures, northbound 101 just north of 680 and 280, that interchange there, i see a lot more traffic. we typically see this first burst of traffic begin right about now, but this may be worse because of the folks who are avoiding northbound 680. right here is where the camera is. as you head over to oakland road, this is the closure, northbound 680 that continues. yes, it's still closed although chp thought they might have it open by now. their shooting investigation continues on the freeway, closing northbound 680 from capitol expressway. you have to get off on capitol avenue or king road. northbound 101 obviously an option as well, and it does look like more folks are shifting
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over there. we'll continue to, of course, track the investigation and the closure. the rest of your commute may suffer from that ripple, watching the early burst that's seeing some impact. meanwhile, the tri-valley, the east bay, standard flow of traffic. cocoa county, the earlier slowing we saw from pittsburg and bay point cleared up. i think there was just a crew moving slowly through the area. we have a disabled vehicle, it should be cleared from the lanes and i don't see slowing on the sensors. a smooth ride for trains. ace train will have no service on labor day, and b.a.r.t. will have modified sunday service. today, the niners game at levi's stadium, they'll operate 15 minutes earlier. check the schedule and the stations carefully. the rest of the roadways moving. back to you. >> thanks, mike. it is 5:21. coming up, school can be tough, as millions across america head
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back to class. we're taking a closer look at students facing big challenges this year. >> junior year is the most important year of high school. >> stresses of junior year every parent should hear. it's all coming up. >> you might have noticed that kari hasn't been on air. she's at a national weather conference, and it's in st. louis. she's been tweeting and instagramming. i have been following her. you can too. check out her photos. it was rainy outside here. you can follow her. that's @kariweather on instagram. you could generate your own energy,
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police say two women stole the 5:25. new video of a theft in the north bay. this is a business there. police say that the two women stole a tip jar. this is from cartoons in santa rosa. the car stereo store said that jar had about $400 in it, and investigators hope to make an arrest in the next couple days. >> not cool. >> 5:25 right now. what is it about junior year in high school? some say it triggers an unusual amount of stress. the reason in a word is college. by the time you're a senior in high school, your fate is probably sealed. at least when it comes to testing and grades. junior year, meantime, is often a make or break year. that can be nerve-racking. >> junior year, you're trying to
5:26 am
impress all these colleges by doing extracurricular activities and taking a lot of a.p.s. >> that's not to mention juggling things like jobs, sports, volunteering, or anything that might stand out on a college application. psychologists remind parents to be aware of the added stress and try not to add pressure when it comes to college. parents are concerned too. >> 5:26. all new this morning, a brand-new conversation with a san jose man whose tattoo let the mayor issue a challenge. it led them to a challenge for the community. >> yeah, right here is the original digital content on we talked to jake, he said he ran every day block, quarter streets in the city of san jose to celebrate he actually got the city's logo tattooed on his leg. >> always been the type that works better off a challenge. and i thought what an incredible
5:27 am
way to see san jose than on foot. >> okay, so you'll have to go online to find out why he challenged himself to do this. digital video journalist jennifer gonzalez put the story together for us. we mentioned the mayor earlier. he said he would get the same tattoo if he got 1 million retweets. actually just checked. he's pretty safe because he only has about 1800. >> wow. >> far from a million. >> yeah. very far. >> 5:27. coming up next, new this morning, not the wake-up call you want to get. a tree comes crashing down on several cars. the tree that's no more. >> plus, all new, uc santa cruz going to extreme measures to help a student find a place to stay. who the teachers are reaching out to has a lot of people talking. you're watching today in the bay. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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part of a major south bay freeway shut down right now right now, on this thursday morning at 5:30, breaking news. kind of a major south bay freeway shutdown right now after someone was shot on the road while driving in his car. we're at the scene gathering information, tracking the traffic impact as well. live team coverage in just moments. >> first, want to say good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we'll get to the breaking momenmomnews in a moment, but we want to talk with vianey about the warmup
5:31 am
we're expecting. >> we're starting off fairly mild. 65 in concord. that's cloud cover you have going on there. by about 7:00 a.m., we'll keep the temperatures rather comfortable, and eventually, by 12:00, those clouds should clear out nicely and we'll welcome in sunshine and some 80s for today in concord. expect a warmup from here to now of about 15 degrees. >> pleasant weather, getting warmer here. we have a backup that's getting bigger because the metering lights are turned on in the bay bridge, but that's not the biggest news. we know to expect this. the rest of the bay moves smoothly, but look at the south bay, what we have been following since before the show started in the newsroom. the closure of northbound 680 because of a police investigation. stand by for those details. i want to make sure folks know you're forced ought the freeway at capitol expressway. you can get on capitol avenue or king or take 101, but that's seeing the ripple from the closure of northbound 680. that's a big factor early in the community for the south bay and
5:32 am
for what's causing that, i head back to you for breaking news. >> thanks so much, mike. we want to get to today in the bay's bob redell at the shooting investigation on 680. any new information we have since we last reported about 30 minutes ago? >> well, we did expect northbound 680 between alum rock and berryessa or capitol and berryessa to already be reopened. as you can see here, it's still shut down. its are been shut down for at least an hour now. and it could be shut down for a little longer. we did speak with chp. they don't have an eto yet. what they're doing now is they have officers on the freeway walking up and down looking for bullet cases related to the shooting. if they find any bullet casings, they would extend the shutdown on the freeway. if they don't find anything, they'll reopen it. this is in connection to a shooting that took place around 3:00 this morning. involving a man who had been driving this black honda accord. as you can see, it's parked outside a 7-eleven off
5:33 am
hofstetter. i counted five bullet holes in the vehicle plus the front left tire which was shredded. this man and a woman passenger were driving northbound 680 through san jose when someone in another car started shooting at their car between mckie and berryessa. one of the bullets hit the driver in his back right shoulder. he eventually pulled off at 7-eleven where he waited for chp. he was conscious, talking, able to show officers his wound. he tells chp he has no idea why someone was shooting at him. he's now being treated at the hospital. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, today in the bay. >> thanks so much for that update. >> 5:33 now. new information this morning, a rude awakening for an east bay neighborhood overnight. a large tree came crashing down without warning in pleasant hill. that tree landing on several cars right there. >> today in the bay's pete suratos joins us live from the scene. boy, looks like a lot of damage behind you there, pete. >> yeah, good morning to you, laura and marcus. look, at least on the street
5:34 am
here, on hardy circle, but you still see here this heritage oak tree dropping down, completely damaging this car and several other cars here on this block. we got a chance to speak to the homeowner who said this is a 350-year-old heritage oak. it's so old the city dictates when this tree gets cut or anything is done to the tree. she said the tree snapped roughly around 12:00 a.m. 6 1/2 cars damaged, 2 1/2 cars belonging to the woman. here she is explaining what she heard when all this happened. >> we were laying in bed. my husband was asleep. i heard a crash like someone hit a baseball bat, like a wood bat against a ball really hard. then all of a sudden, boom. there was no other thing. just a crack and a big boom. and i jumped up and said oh, my gosh, the tree fell. the tree fell. and my husband and i came out. and the tree fell.
5:35 am
>> now, thankfully, no one was injured through all of this. you can see the tree snapped in that area away from the home. we're showing you this area of the tree because she said she's concerned there are two other limbs that she wants to make sure don't cause any more damage to the neighborhood. she's reaching out to an arborist probably later this morning to get that fixed. we're going to stay on the scene and monitor all of this, and we'll bring you another live report in the next hour. we're live here in pleasant hill. >> what a way to wake up there. thank you, pete. 5:35 right now. following for you now the man arrested in a decade-old cold case is due in court later today for arraignment. authorities arrested shannon fox in central america. now, police say back in 2009, fox was racing another driver in menlo park. that's when he ran a red light and plowed into another car carrying 6-year-old lisa xavier. she died in the crash. her mother was seriously injured and eventually recovered from
5:36 am
her injuries. menlo park police yesterday talked about the long road to an arrest. >> today is about justice and honoring the memory of lisa xavier. i want to offer condolences to lisa's parents who have long suffered unimaginable loss. >> investigators say the fbi tracked down fox when he was arrested in guatemala two years ago. it took that long to arrange an extradition to the bay area, which finally happened on tuesday. 5:36 right now. new this morning, how close do you want your kids to get to their professor? the mercury news is reporting that uc santa cruz is asking faculty to open their homes to students. university guarantees two years of housing to incoming freshman, and this year, it offered housing to more than 9,000 students. the school is trying to build thousands of new housing units. happening today, san jose mayor san liccardo actually hits the streets for a cleanup event. he'll be joined by members of
5:37 am
the homeless community. together, they'll pick up at story road and mclachlan avenue near highway 101. that event starts at noon. also new, morgan hill has some new artwork around town with some powerful messaging. take a look. you can see this is some of the 11 newly painted utility boxes beautifying morgan hill, taking those boxes and making them worth looking at. these are different than the ones in other communities that are on each box. each box was inspired by a specific social message. those including welcome home, never stop learning, and kindness firx, words matter. the volunteer group raised $8500 to hire artists and pay for the supplies. kris sanchez actually posted photos on her facebook page so you can see them for herself. >> i love those projects because we have to have those utilities around. might as well have a message. >> the message for the south bay
5:38 am
is an unfortunate one. this is jammed. 101 northbound. we have a problem. ripple effect from the closure. this is 101 at decision 80. as you travel north to oakland road, things are jamming up because folks are shifting over from northbound 680, which is still closed right now. no update from chp as far as when they're doing to reopen. the closure from capitol expressway all the way up to berryessa, so traffic is jamming up. you see that at the bottom of the screen, north 101 and 680 at the split. the rest of the south bay okay. light traffic right now, just starting to kick in. that's the problem for the morning commute for the silicon valley. meanwhile, nice on the right. couple yellow markers there. reports of debris reported should be clear shortly. >> all right, clear the way to the weekend. we're almost there. >> friday eve. we have been talking about it since monday. the weekend forecast is looking good, too. >> absolutely. i know that a lot of folks are going to plan to be outside with
5:39 am
family and friends. especially because it's labor day weekend. so that means people get extended kind of weekend ahead, which is nice. coast, we'll be in the 60s. bay and inland, remember i have been talking about that warmup on the way? this is when it's expected to really kick up the heat. into saturday, bay, 80 degrees. inland, 85. and look at sunday. talking about 90s for your inland forecast. 70s for the bay and the coast, 68. now, if you have plans to head out to the beach, you might even really want to consider taking an extra umbrella or two because the temperatures are going to be absolutely perfect in santa cruz. we're talking 70s. we'll keep some of the cloud cover in through the afternoon, but we should be seeing some nice clearing into sunday. and yes, let me go ahead into monday. also monday expecting to set us up for a nice bit of a warm start to our september. as you head into this weekend, you're going to need plenty of sunscreen and lots of sunshine to enjoy with family and friends. back to you.
5:40 am
>> thanks lot. 5:39. coming up, a disturbing story out of contra costa county. a golden eagle found seriously hurt. >> the eagle was in really rough shape. we thought had had been hit by a car. >> but it wasn't. what happened to this majestic american bird, shocking many? full details ahead. >> meanwhile, the pentagon this morning confused as to whether or not they're going to hold war games with south korea. we'll take a look at that issue when today in the bay continues.
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it's 5:42. if you're an early riser like us, you may want to check out the morning commute. a nice drive through morgan hill. 59 at 8:00 a.m. then we start to warm up into the 60s, and yes, eventually some 70s. the skies will clear out. we won't see any more cloud cover in the afternoon. i'll break it down for you coming up. >> here's the big problem for the bay. it's in the south bay. northbound 680 continues to be closed for an investigation. overnight shooting. meanwhile, 101 experiencing the ripple as the morning commute kicks in. we'll bring you alternates coming up. >> thanks. new this morning, staffing issues are catching up to the petaluma police department. the chief there sent out e-mails to those residents saying the department is currently 15 officers short of a full staff. he says in large part, this is due to the department's inability to offer competitive
5:44 am
wages. he calls for more funding. the city not commenting but he said the officers may not show up for noncollision accidents. >> if you're a fan of 13 reasons why, you probably know one of the stars is really sonoma county. many scenes are shot on location, including local high schools. tonight starting at 9:00 p.m., traffic will be shut down on the causeway. the show is currently filming its third season. it should air at the start of next season. >> here's a disturbing case of cruelty in the east bay. one that carries a potential felony charge. a golden eagle is recovering after being shot with a pellet gun. someone found her in a field. this is near pittsburg-antioch highway with severely damaged wing. the vets say the wing is shattered in two places. >> it's going to take -- it may
5:45 am
take a really long time before she's completely healed and we can see if she's well enough to get released in the wild. >> the golden eagle is on the federal wildlife watch list. that means anyone caught harming or killing one will be charged with a felony. that shooting likely happened august 21st near rc lane. contact fish and game if you think you saw something. turning up the heat. the democratic opponent of the san diego congressman who was just indicted by a federal grand jury is releasing a new political ad. the campaign paid for the 30-second ad. calls republican congressman duncan hunter an embarrassment to the southern california district. hunter and his wife were charged with using more than $250,000 in campaign funds to illegally finance family trips, golf outings, school tuition, even fast food. they pleaded not guilty. >> all new for you this morning, some customers are threatening to boycott in-n-out over a
5:46 am
public donation. there they showed they donated $25,000 to the california gop. this week. they posted it yesterday. the company has donated to the state republican party in past years, but the sacramento bee reported back in 2014 the company donated to a pac founded by a democrat. we'll have to see if anyone actually boycotts. >> the president, meantime, accusing television networks and silicon county companies of sensoring republicans. >> he says cnn's ratings are bad, although he uses a totally different word we're not going to use on tv. he also says the head of nbc news will be fired and we have no information that is remotely true. the president attacking the networks and continuing his attack on google, claiming google did not promote his state of the union address the way the company did for president obama. we'll talk more about this as we talk business in a half hour, but bottom line is google says
5:47 am
it's gnaw true and they offered proof. google and twitter and facebook go back to capitol hill next week to talk about their efforts to block the russians and other foreign countries from influencing our elections. that's what the hearing is supposed to be about, but the president's complaint could change the narrative. >> there's confusion this morning even at the highest levels of the military about whether or not the u.s. is going to conduct war games or military exercises with the south koreans. just yesterday, the secretary of defense says there's no expectation we would cancel future exercises, but last night, president trump tweeted out a very long thread of tweets that started with, statement from the white house that there was no reason to spend lots of money restarting those exercises. north korea has largely disappointed the president. here we see rudy giuliani, i think we're about one story ahead. we can talk about rudy giuliani, in fact, that would be interesting to do so. rudy giuliani sent a letter to the romanian government a couple
5:48 am
days ago criticizing their attack on corruption in romania. a very strange letter. now, the state department had to ask why are you sending letters to the government of romania? giuliani says he represents the government of romania as part of his consulting business. now, giuliani says he does not represent the u.s. government. that's 100% true. giuliani is the president's personal lawyer. he does not work for the taxpayer. though in the past giuliani has not been shy about commenting on north korea or saying the u.s. is committed to regime change in iran on cable news. those comments led our state department to clarify to other countries, this man is not part of our government. we're continuing to watch what's going on in washington. you can follow me on twitter for the very latest. i'm @scottmcgrew. >> thanks, scott. 5:48 right now. we're still only in the first week of the u.s. open.
5:49 am
and there's already some drama brewing on the court. >> as in family drama. that's because best known sisters in the sport are set to square off. serena and venus williams both won their matches yesterday. that means they'll face each other in the third round tomorrow. serena actually holds a 17-12 lead in matches against her older sister venus. i think more of the pressure goes on the parents because who do you root for? you have to be fair. >> look, they put in the hard work there. i'm sure at this point in their careers whoever wins -- >> as you know a sibling well, you probably know their strengths and weaknesses. >> yeah, that's true. >> things from childhood, too. remember that time when you do this to me? >> all right. a look at the weather. >> yeah, so we have a couple things going on in our weather. and it's not just the gorgeous shot of san francisco if you notice, the marine layer not
5:50 am
really there, but off in the distance, a couple clouds. let's talk about your current temperatures. overall in the 60s. we're a little warmer, 62 in dublin right now. wind speeds at about 6 miles per hour. nice and light. not as breezy, and into the afternoon, we're going to notice those clouds burn off, and by about 12:00, we will see plenty of sunshine. 69 degrees. this is all going to set us up for a bit of a ridge of high pressure that's going to really kick in this weekend, and that's what's going to warm us up. i want to talk about air quality for today. north bay bay and coast, inland east bay, all still dealing with moderate air conditions. south bay, santa clara county, good to go there. a quick check of air quality index as of this morning, if you look at the air quality index heat, it takes you from moderate all the way to dangerous. we still have a couple areas of yellow there, but i do have great news. over the next 24 hours and into the weekend, we are expecting for some of the fire smoke to stay away, and hopefully our north bay, east bay, peninsula, and all the way down to the south bay, air quality will be
5:51 am
all good to go in time for the warmer saturday and sunday ahead. so your microclimate highs for today, san jose, 79. east san jose, 81. milpitas, 80 degrees. take a look at the east bay temperatures. 80 degrees for walnut creek, 81 for antioch, and even along the coast, expect to see nice clearing. especially as you head in towards saturday and sunday. i have a feeling saturday and sunday are probably going to be the warmest days we have seen in august so far. mike. >> all right, we're looking at a very slow drive for the south bay. the rest of the bay is great. i'm going to move out of the way because i'm covering the worst part of the commute. we have metering lights on at the bay bridge. that's to be expected and it's thursday so it's not quite as bad. this is paking things back for the south bay. the continued closure of northbound 680 between capitol expressway, berryessa. where bob redell continues to follow the investigation of the overnight shooting. looking for some sort of casing on the roadway or anything else that would be clues to this.
5:52 am
capitol avenue and king road are your options, but look at this, the traffic shifting over toward northbound 101, rippling over. that's going to mean more traffic on the capitol expressway. i'm talking about capitol, the closure at 680. it curves back around, joins up with 101 here, and connect over to 87. we're seeing more traffic there as well. rippling throughout the south bay. the rest of the bay looks easy. easy drive to the bay bridge. light traffic on the east shore freeway. back to you. >> thanks, mike. still ahead for you on today in the bay, you just heard from scott about google. well, now there's a reason a top senator investigating tech companies and russian election meddling is angry with google this morning. plus -- >> oh, my god. >> an uber driver shoots and kills a man in the middle of the road. why he won't face any charges. and the very heated words from a local sheriff. but first, happening now,
5:53 am
massive flooding in myanmar after a dam fails. rising waters forcing more than 63,000 people from their homes. two people are reported missing. plus, the president jimmy carter is celebrating a huge milestone. he's now worked with habitat for humanity for 35 years. more news for you right after the break. we )re still followinh
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
kari )s adventure in saint loui. she )s there for a co welcome back. we're still following along with kari's adventures in st. louis. she's there for a conference, but she'll be back with us next week. you can follow her on instagram to see other photos she's posted. look at this. >> well, new for you this morning, a follow-up to a story that started years go. a man accused of hacking into hundreds of icloud accounts belonging to some big name hollywood stars is going to jail. george garafono was one of four men arrested in the 2014 case with pictures of actresses made public. the attorney's office says he's been sentenced to eight months in jail. >> another news story we're watching. google's ceo will not go to capitol hill next week. google is making a, quote, mistake, by not sending its ceo.
5:57 am
cnbc reports the company plans to send a lower level executive. jack dorsey and facebook's coo are both expected to attend. new developments in a story out of central florida involving uber. a driver killed a man but will not face any charges. the sheriff there says it's a classic stand your ground case. here's what happened. pickup truck cuts off the uber driver, forcing him to stop. deputies say the truck driver got out and then threatened the uber driver. so then the uber driver shot and killed him. >> i couldn't get away. he came towards me, shouted he's got a pistol. >> here's the message for the hothead of the community. they'll do that stuff. good people carry guns. and they will shoot you a lot. graveyard, dead. >> the family of the man he killed tells nbc news they are angry at the sheriff's handling of the case. they believe the uber driver had
5:58 am
plenty of time to leave the scene. deputies say the man who died had an extensive criminal record and was following the driver because he mistakenly thought his girlfriend was in the car. as for uber, the company says the driver's access to the app is suspended pending an investigation. a follow-up now. millions of cars in need of an airbag replacement still on the road, but it's been nearly a decade since the first recall for potentially deadly takata airbags was issued. the government says millions of people aren't aware their car is on the list. chrysler, honda, ford, and toyota are among automakers with the affected vehicles. >> one more traffic note to tell you about. the american academy of pediatrics just updated recommendations on car seats. >> kids should remain in rear facing seats as long as possible. even past their 2nd birthday. parents should make that switch
5:59 am
when kids reach the highest weight or height allowed by the seat. it's the safest way to ride. >> right now at 6:00, breaking news to tell you about. part of one of the bay area's biggest freeways shut down after a man was shot in his car. we're live with the investigation and the impact on the morning rush hour. >> plus, a rough week. south bay school district dealing with fallout from a teacher arrested on campus. other teachers fight over their contracts. why parents say they're losing confidence. and remembering john mccain. the big speaker to set to honor the late senator this morning. and the bay area connection to today's service. today in the bay continues right now. >> and good morning to you. thanks for starting your thursday morning with us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. let's get a look at the forecast for today. another mild start. >> another mild start, and we are starting to spot some of those clouds out there. the live cams i have been looking, there's no deep marine
6:00 am
layer for san francisco, but it does definitely showcase puffy clouds. here's a fice look right here. if you're driving through palo alto, you're going to notice the cloud cover, mostly cloudy. it's going to linger through 10:00 a.m. the temperatures will go up. you see the temperature trend changing as i'm speaking. about 1:00 p.m., 67 degrees and the clouds will burn off and welcome the sunshine. temperatures climb to the 70s. we're expecting warmer temperatures, but first, let's check in with mike. >> if you're just joining us, breaking news is in the south bay. it's really affecting the drive right now. unexpectedly jammed here, north 101 at 680. let me show you the reason why. overall, we have a lighter commute, but down in the south bay, we continue to have this big problem. it's a closure for northbound 680. traffic is forced off. you see how it jams up at capitol expressway. folks getting off can get off toward capitol avenue or king or what a lot of people are doing is sticking on 101.


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